Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SAtURDAY EVENING. 0 CTOBER 26.1912. 9 This fiirm havlngr been sold, we will sell at PnWIt Anrtlon, 1 mHe north nnd 1 iii!ii> e:ist of the rnitcd Iron Works. 3 miles northeast of lola, 1 mile , east nnd 4 miles sontli of Ciiriyle, «u the old HolMrt farm, on Tuesday, October 29,1912 Beginning at 10 o'clorls, a. m, the foilowin? described property: . 5 HEAD IIOKSKS AM) MII.ES Oousistiiig of 1 sorrel horse, years •old, •«£. lWU\lbs.; 1 sorr*'! , mare, 12 years old, wi. ^KiO lbs.; 1 bay niaro 7 years old. \vt. l«i>0 lbs., in foal by Stafford's Hay Prince stallion,. 2 spring uiule oolts. 1!» lIKAi) OF ( ATil.K. Consisting of .". irilk rows, all Riving Good Enough sulky plow, been used one season, 1 Dcering binder. 1 16-incb riding sulky plow, 2 19-inch walking stirring plows 2 riding ^cultivators, 4 cultivators, 1 disc cultivator. 1 walking cultivator. 2 riding plows. 1 walking cultivator. 1 disc harrow, 2 2-section steel harrows. 1 Kiuerson standard mowing machine, 1 mowing ma- milk. all will l.f fr.-sh in .spriuK: 2 2-i j-hine, 1 harrow 1 V. S. corn planter, year-old heifers :! yearlitigc.. .s sprinKji iiand corn planter. 1 set double farm calves; 1 Durliani bull. i harness, 1 10-barrel galvanized water 62 liKAI) OF IKH'.S Itank. Consisting of 1 sow wiili .7 liy: side; 1 sow with IUK' S: 7 brooii sows,' About 3o acres good corn in neld. .«ne will have ).ii;s liv i-Uh- bv .lav of I'l acres kaffir corn in sho«-k, 12 tons sale, most all bnd ami x^ill s.ion: tiivotliy and clover hay in stack. 4i»0 1 Poland Chin.-i Inar: I 'l b-:u o! slioat.« '"'•''•'•''s corn in crib, » dozen chickenp, ranging in size from i>. 1.'." lbs. household and kitchen furniture, and FAIJ.V .i.MI'i.K.MKN TS. KTCl iotlif»r articles too numerous to men- 1 sifring waiion. iiraciically mw, 1 tion. TEi{.VS OF SAl.i:- Slims ..f $l<i.(in and tinder, cash in hand. Ail sums ever $10.<ii). a c-n-dii 'if 1- nicmilis will be i;iven, purchasi-r giving note with approved .security, bi-aiii'; >; i-inl interest from dale it paid when due. If not iiaid whi-ii ti. liraw IiH^-r -^'H ^froiii diile of sale 4 per cent discount for ca^:ll ^^u iitili' sali"- • No propi'rty to be removed until settled for. COL. (\ S. inSHOr. Anclioneer, U. ft BOWLIS, (ierk. I.I.'.VCII ON' TIIK GKOUXDS. A. C. Weaver Albert Colirane Public SBIBI I nill sell at I 'lililic liiclioM. !«<( ami IhrJc-fourlhs miles «e«il «f Carlyle. five nille^ uurth and une and thn-e-i'<>urths miles »esi oi lola, uu nhal h Icnpwu as the old *;earle fariii, on Thursday, October 31, 1912 lieginuintr at Id (>Vlock a. nu the fiillnwiug de>crilted proper!}: FOIK UKAO Ol" IHIIl.'iKS. One'. li'-year-o!d miir-. wi about 1400 lbs.; one r.-year-obl ii;are. wt about lir>o lbs; ruining L'-yeav- old colt: one yearliiii: ci'lt. TK\ SIIOATS \V'-is;!iin}; about Ci' lbs. each; ;-ow wi:s:liinj; iibniit 17." pounds. one Ifi HKAII OF Sev.'u '.iii'.rii cows. I", sti-ers, on>' SIIKM spring ealv.-s. t \ni.F. ? .'aviiiii; buli. live H.\Y—.V'.tmi 4'! ton-: bay. TFI5MS t»F SVI.K- \i; s;:!us ov .T $1" .< « r. witli aiM''>'*<'»' •• '> i<.i;-; tiit.'. It Ufi isiii' « • Uu-' to I nil- oi $iiMMt alui utul .r. fu.<h in hand. All V !i.»'iitl .-^ will 1" i;i\i-if. pa:cl :as <r giving note !s- i: c.-r >-i;! iit.iv.t Ironi »l;.Te il paid wUeli !ri« t" iH <<^it 'lo 'ia da!.- of sale: 4 per cetit IS No jiioiiiu ;>> l.e reiiiov<-»l until settled for fOL. (. S. UISIHIP. Vurtieu .tr. H. H0« US, tlerk. J. A. Bauman i.iN.n ON TIIK t;uorxf>s. For County Treasurer JOHN T. TYLER Pres. lola Busine.=s College. Your Support Solicited W. S. Ham Weill to IJronsou tlli* nuirniiiK on business. —Dr. 0. L. (ox. Oculist D. A. Jones, of Wichita, who Irj.~ been here visiting friends w.-ni to Ft Scon this morning. —Graduate Xurse; able Phone i::«3. terms rcason- A. Boatrigbt went lo Moran tbi.- morning on business. —Dr. McMillen, Fhone.s 82 and Mrs. H. L. Oliver of Arkansas Ci'y. who has be«.'n here visiting friends, went to Vates Center this morning. —Tlie l >-etiire Course ticjtets ar<I fi>r sale at .1. V. Merc-hani's. Louis Munger. vvho has been attent'- K.-iuper .Military academy a' Ikioiievjlle. Mo., will spend Sunday with his parents .here. ' Mrs Jack Bishop fent to WidiltK this morning for a visit witli friends.' —Farm and Citr Loans: jR. H. Cuor ninsbam. . . Mrs. D. W. Sanders, of Ft:. Scott, was a visitor here yesterday.' • „ . —JLj Restanrant and-Liinek BOOB, chilli, tobacco, cigars, canned ^soodsl. 215 South St. Opposite Majestic The^ atre. H. LeValley, Propr • Mrs. .M. J. Powell of Parsons who has beei! here visiting friends went to Eureka this morning. ' —Extra low prices Ion new and used Gas and Coal Stoves. Ed Henninger West Madison. Mrs. D. C. Webster of Canoy, who has been here visiting frliinds, went to Fort Scott this morning. X. 1^ Watt.s of Kansas Cfty was s business visitor here this afternoon. —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, .at $1.50 and $2.00 per dozen. Phone 995-5 Peckler's Greenhonse. .AUorney J. F. Cyler went to Yates CenTer yesterday and tried a low suit. Mrs. .\. \V. Simpson of Cherryvale, who lias been here visiting friendsr went to Topeka this morning. C. C. Holme.a of Yates Center, w^ho lias been here on business, was a business visitor in Humboldt yesterday. .—The first number of the Lecture Course will be held . at the Opera House Thursday October 31. Tickets oil sale at .Merchants .leweiry Co. Tuesday morning 9 a. m. Mrs. C. H. DeSaIle.<:, Miss Fronk Miss Ix)is Talbot, and .Tohn Papin drove to Humboldt yesterday evening lo see the HumlKildl-.Midgets football irani". Mike Slick also drove Miss Bell llorwitz. Mrs Kent Horw^itz of St Ixini.'^ and -Miss Paddock to see the game. R. M. Cunningliam has gone to Kansas City to secure a Maxwell auto, which Mr. Cunningham will drove home. —I win he ready to deliver trees Saturday. Have all kinds of nursery crop for .sale. A. H. Brown, iil") S Cottonwood. The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J H. Smith, of North Oak street, died !ast night after an illness of several days. —WARXIXt;— 1 will prosecute to the limit any person found trespassing on any of my premises on Hallowe'eii aight. A. Lu Townsend. Mrs. K M. Culllson has gone to Hbvimneld. Ind.. for an extendi>d visit with hev «noth«>f and ifriend^. Thi was formerly M'r<. f^illison's* hwue haxin-.: r.v»>il there the jrreaier |>art of 'ler life, before moving to Kansas. Th.^ Harris Ijroihem, l.nther and Carl have rent.>d the lower west halt of )he V M, r. A. bulldlnK and *ill install a rufe ther<> on Monday morn ing The rootn has b«»en unoccnpkMl for th.. past y«^4ir. and Its <Kcupancy will put a moi>' live fact? on th* Y M C. A. building. Mrs A K. JoniM! of Cherryvale. who 'las been here visiting friends, return •i! home this .afternoon. Mrs. l.vdia Oavi? of IjiHarpe and Mrs H. .1. Ross of Manitou. Colo., wha '.las been visiting the former, went to Altoona this afternoon to visit their sisf.r over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs C. K. Siiurgeon of Bur<i>n, wlio have been here visiting on ' returned home this afternoon Mrs .\. J. Preston, who has been :iere visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ad- aiason. returned*!© her home in Pittsburg this afternoon. Stringed Orchestra will play from 7:30 to 10:30 tonight. Good music and good drinks. Hlorris & Howard's W^-stSlde Sq. Free Delivery Th^ Hassats. , —The Hussar?, one of the numl>en on our lectnre aaA ^ntiertaioment icourse this winter,- are- a good )>undri 'pt "fellows" nrho oaoi, sing. , .Thafa;: saying a good deaC but it's not enoul^.^ It's the "ciaasi^" bunch of Its Idnd; This organisatiaa is known as the singing band.. They are ineetlng two demands of the iKresent day Lyceum; a demand for ^iiiury splendod and action, and a demand for the roUcking spirit and dash of the college glee clubj Their coming will be nothing less than an evoit of wonderful interest among lovers of spirited mtisic. In male choruses as well as brass band, they are simply fine. They are representing Arthur Potte's Hiawatha's Farewell, In which they not only sing all the solo and chorus parts, j^ut as a band play the introduction, the interlude and finale. It's a great number. Their instrumentation is flute, two clarinets, cornet, two French horns, trombone, double bell euphonium and tuba. What an aggregation! In male chorus work ther arc two on each part and one man at (he piano —nine In all. That's the story of the Hussars. Every man of them Is a finished musician. Every raa'h can sing as well as piay. It is a gathering together of stars from a dozen great companies. .Many of these men have studied mus ic abroad. There Is- not one but that ha.s done Bot Blast Combiniation Coal Heaters Combination Wood Heaters Wood Stoves, Oil Stoves Copper Reflectors It is the What is rarer than a day in June." jame years ago, will step this way, he will get an answer. An October day in Kansas is abont as rare a bit of cli-' big things in music, mate as the world can produce. , October Slst is their date. ~ i first number on the list. M. Collins, of Ottawa, who has been You'll want to be there that night. hero visiting friends returned liouie! this afternoon. i H- J- Powell, who owns and oper- \ ja:es the Cherryvale Republican to his A. D. Collins, of Carlyle was a vis- !'*° "«»»n<^ia» ani the town's advertis- Itor here this afternoon • '"^ Ix-nefii. was here today on business iior nere mis aiiernoon. ^ Republican friends _ ' . ^. , Betting along at the fag end of Dan Servey went to Kansas City j streniious campalgii. More oi the NEW BOOKS "A AVAI.1, OK .MKX- lly .M«rgarei Hill M.^'aner. "TIIK HOI =1.0W of 11 Kit HAMr \\iy Gi-o. Harr Mi-l'iiteiieon. "A Kumunre <•( Killy.l.'oal Ilill" Hy Alice Heugan Itiv . "SMOKK nKLi.K\V Py Jack l..omloii. -TIIK XKW I'VCIHt- lly Herbert. How Paucroft There an- two siiKtuiid books- in this lot—if \>e know books. Every aiitlior is good, so tlieir . books must be. Evans Bros. BOOKS-FOKE. Many Xew Bookti on Stic Conuter' —Call ISO for Fire insurance; also Farm I.«ans. Mr.?. .N'annie U. Arm- etrong, a 1-2 W. Madison. —The for sale l.,ecture Course tickets ar.' at J. V. Merchant's. .Mrs W T. Palmer, of Yates Center, visited .Mrs. K. E. Mungei yesterday. —Dr. If. L. Ilendrirk!). Old ConH House. Culls answered day or nigfat W. M. Williams went to Wichita, this morning for a visit with friends —Have you tried Belchs? Mrs C. 0 Wilson, of Topeka, who liys b«-<ti visiting friends here went to rt. Scott this morning. —neichs Candy at Mundls Store. A. J. Ix-sh, of Arkansas Citv. who h:is been here on business went to Ft .^cott this morning. —IJeiclis. the finest candy made. Get them at Mundis. Mr.<^. .T. J. Terrill and Miss llalsy Tor rill of Holden, Mo., who have been in the city visiting Mrs A. D. Terrill returned home this morning. —If you want a real automobile, buy a Maxwell. R. M. Cunnlngtam. th? agent. M-p. O L. AYard of Hutchinson who has been here and in Humboldt visiting friends, returned home this mom ing. —Dnt. DnII k Hnll. Osleopalli!i. Telephones 120. ML Mrs. Elizabeth E. Welsh of Chanute. who has been her and in Fort Scott visiting friends, returned home this -.itternoon. .Mrs. H. L Donaldson of Cherryvale, who has been her and in Yates Center visiting friends, returned home thig afternoon. Mrs W. W. Sprague went to Hum- !)oldt this afternoon for a visit with friends. .After her visit there, .she will proceed to Walbian, Tex., to make her lionie. \ .Mrs, 0. E. Townsend went to Hum- iKiliit this afternoon to spend Sunday with her daughter. Miss Ruby Heller. .Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Danforth of Cof- fcyville, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Stansbury of LaHarpe, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. I.uclnda Osburn of Garnett, who lias been here visiting her son, Chas. Osburn, returned home this afternoon 'f that worthy and Inquisitive gentleman who propounded the question. MA JESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM THE WKECKERS Imp. T.lXtiLCP KELATJV^S ' • Gem. FHIt'E or .SACRIFICE Eclair. DUET—"I Like to Live In LotelaDd Wm a tilri Like YOB" £ari Sifertil Clui«. Blskop 5^ -AXT SEAT- i this afternoon on business. .Mrs. D. E. Strom of Kansas City, who has been here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. Mr. Ulssell ,of tiie lola Portland and Te.xas Portland, was here today on business. Mrs. J. G. Hill of Caiiey, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this morning. Charles Taggart of I^allarpe went to Chanute this, afternoon for a brief visit with friends. Mrs. A. F. Snell of Kansas City, who has been here visiting friends, went to Wichita this morning. Mrs. Roy Mitchell went to Carlyle this afternoon for a visit with friends. M. M. Hrown. of Colony, who has been here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. .Mrs. A. Waters of tMtawa. who has b.en here visiting friends r»tunu-d home this aft<-rnoou. Mrs. P. W. Marks, of Carlyle, was ic the city this afternoon. J, .\, tSaindorf of Kansas City, who has IvH 'n visitinx friends here n«turned hiuntt* this afternoon. C «H »rK» Edgar w«'ni to Carlyle this afternoon on business Mrs. Chas. K. l .eahl of Chanute, arrived here this afternoon for a visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Havenhill. of Cha nute will spend Sunday visiting with friends in lola. Mrs. Arch Piper and Mrs. Lucy Berry, of l-X Scott, who have been here vlsitlr.g Jfrs. .Mary McCain, went to Colony this afternoon. Clarence Smith, who has just returned from a visit in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, can see only Wilson as a pres idential possibility. Smith is a Democrat and says he tries not to let his preference influence his judgement, but he found what he thinks was evidence that his ]>olitical dreams are coming true. R. E. Red fern Is back from Raton, .\ew Mexico, where he was called some 'ime ago by news of the sudden deatli from pneumonia of his father. G. M Redfern. Mr. annd Mrs. G. M. Redfern bad gone to Katon to visit a son when the old gentleman was taken sick and died suddenly. The funeral was held there and burial made in the Raton cemetery. Mrs. Redferm will make her home with her son at Rat- 'in for the present. Word come from Chanute that D. H Fisher, who is some speciilator and some regular Republican, Is giving the opposition a run for their money and is covering bets that Roosevelt will carry Kansas. Fisher has a reputation as a lucky plunger and when he wagers that the Colonel will not get •he Kansas electorial vote, there are those who feel superstitious about It Father—^"Upon my word, you ch'ld- ren are getting loo dainty for anything. Jam and butter on the same piece of bread, indeed! Why. when 1 was your age I was glad enough to get enough dry bread to eat." HohbV—"Vou ha\e a much better time living with us. don 't you. fath­ er'"—Novi-mber National Monthly IF THE PAPER BOY FAH-S TO ieliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a paper by a special carrier the same evening. A Lop on the Track —of the fast express means serlojis trouble ahead if not reiroved, so does loss of appetite. It means.lack of vi *ality, loss of strength and nerve weak less. If appetite fails, take Electric Bitters quickly to overcome the cause tty toning up the stomach and curing (he indigestion. Michael Hessbeimer of Lincoln, Neb., had been sick over three.years, but six bottles of Elec trie Bitters put him right on his feet igain. They have helped thousands They give pure blood, strong nerves good digestion. Only Tif^ cents at all druggists. —Xearly 200 papers have commented favorably on the remarkable showing made hy Arthur f^pper. the Republican nominee for Governor, at the .A .ugHst primary and have discussed the andidacy editorially with laudatory -omments upon his personality, his business ability and his position in Kansas politics. The press comments show firm confidence on the part of the writers in Mr..Capper's eminent Utness for the office of chief executive of Kansas. Out of more than 350 Republican newspapers In Kansas, less than half a dozen are unfriendly to he candidacy of the Topeka publisher—.Advertisement. T^. J. Torbett and Earl Johnson both of Carlyle were in the city today. $3^0 RECIPE FREE FOR WEAK KIDNEYS BELIKTES BBISART ASD KIDXEl TKOUBLES, BACKACHE. STRAUJ. ISG. SWELLUitt, «TC Stsps Fate I> tke Bla44cr, KMsers. «•« Back. Wouldn 't It be ntc* wtUila a week •Mr. two to begin to say goodby* lius 4V «r to the scalding. drlbbUag. ttralB- ing or too frequent passage of urine; 'Jte torekead and t&e back of tbe head 4ckes; the stitches and pains in tke bade; the growlDg muscle weakness; spoU betora the eyes; yellow skin; ^ugglsh kowels; swollen eyelids .or ankles: leg cramps; unnatural skbrt !>reath; sleeplessnasa and the despondency? I I have a receipei for Uiese trouble.' that you can depend upon, and if you want to make a qaick rec «Tcry« you jught to write and get a copy of it Many a doctor would charge you |3.SG just for writing this prescription, but I have it and will be glad to send it CO you entirely free. Just drop me a !ine like this: Dr. A. E. Robinson, S932 Luck Building. DeUoit. Michi- and I will send it by return mat* n a plain envelope! As you will sec when you get it, this recipe contalnt inly pure, harmless remedies, but it .ms great healing and pain conquer- ng powers. It will quickly show its power once ton use it. so I think yoc had better see what it is without delay. I will lend you a copy free—you can use M tnd cure yourself at home. ALL THIS WEEK United Amu.sement Co.'s "Cpmpany C IX ' TABLOID • « <• LIYESTOCK REVIEW. • • >> • • <• • <• <• • • • •;• • •:• • •:• •:• •> •:• * Kansas City Stock Yards, Oct. 2."i.— Cattle received here this week 83,400, last week 74,300; same week last year, 84,40t>. There has been a free outlet for everything all week, though dealers have complained of a lack of demand ,for stock cattle on one or two days. Cows and heifers have sold strong all week, and the liberal receipts of Colorado beef steers have found ready sale, at $5.75 to $7.50. odd head up to $9. A train of Judge Word steers, two year olds from Amarillo, Tex.,-sold at $7.15 Tuesday, weighing 90S pounds. Quarantine receipts have' been fairly good and the market satisfactory, steers at $4.25 to $6, cows $3.65 to $5. Range cattle are running more freely than heretofore and offset the flagging receipts of native grass and short fed cattle. A year ago next week cattle receipts took a drop of 20,000 head, where the run remained practically all through November. Coihmission men say there will be a good run this week and possible next and thereafter. Kansas usually does her heaviest buying In November, hence a satisfactory market Is anticipated. Hogs received here this week .=;2.S00. last week 4r ..S00. same week last year t>9.4ti. Prices broke badly the first of the week, but the decline was arrested temporarily Wed nesday and sales were stronger yes- | ^^^^^MHHBH I^^^^^^^ M terday The situation got away from ! the sellers again today, and prices are j . . J . off 3 to 10 cents, top $s 45. bulk $s K., Catarrh Cannot Be Ct^ to $S 4t». lowest rangp since the break I ^ ^«"Tn wonnoi DC WUrea set i}» Low-^r prices ar»^ logical tn . ,j itR- JBW . i^tum t> • uu«i w view «f increasing receipts, notwiih-. »»''"^«^ »UM»»I.» s'-ndiM-.; the run is far b»-low normal. !!;!S?J,^^w.^^2J •-—— — w >k» <vuBifT K <r nw* «*<!«• a rrmbriMMtrttilk*. A Marvelens Escape. '• " ««i «P«ra inr«»« ivowt kMm. - - TONIGHT! "Hai ot the Hills" AXD 2 Reels Best Pictures Plays Gbange Ni^fly — "Mv .>scajwv" writes P. .F I<a$tlani8 Prtnc* Albert. Cape of Good Hopei "It occurred ' In the middle of the: night. He got a very severe attack of croup. .\s luck wolud have it. 1 i "lad a large bottle of cnaroberlain's i little boy had a ntarvelo,..,. of — ~ • s.^-t hT t>r>ocet»«!>. pMr* rv, lua > r>ua>ay inu* tur raimUitlnii They Make Yea Feel tSoeiL • The pleasant purgative effect Cough Remedy in the house. After • produced hy Chamberlain's Tablets following the directions for an hour >and twenty minutes he was through all danger." Sold by all dealers. and the healfhy condition of body and mind which they create make one feel Joyful. For sale by all dealers. The Woman of IS CREATING MUCH TALK AND GREAT PRAISE. General Meretaaiidise KA.-^T AM» KE.NTl'fKV STS. Crowds &re Calling on the Veiled Propbet The store building at the corner of East and Kentucky streets is being repaired and painted for 1^ K. Foster who recently bought the R. N .\orto:i | stock .and will be located there soon. Mr. Foster solicits th.v patro-..'age of all his old friends. SOME MORE WANTS WANTED—GIRI. FOR GE.N'ERAL housework. Phone 415. A. Y. Funk- houi^er. FOR SALE OR TRADE—FOR farms In Eastern Kansas. 261 acre farm In Texas county. Missouri. 160 acres in Kimball county. Nebraska. Two modem da.illing houses in lola. Kansas. James Newell, 614 S. Wal- aut St , lola, Kansas. CAI-L S37 FOR PRIDE-FLOURl lola Feed Store. Delivered anywhere in t.he city for $1.23 per sack._ Every saclj guaranteed. WKVNTED—niRL FOR GENERAI- Phone 415. A. V. Punk- housework^ houser. WANTED—\N AUTOMOBILE IN exchange for an Invention patented. Call 320 .\o. 2nd. FOR SALE—ONE FH'E ROOil bouse, comer Douglas and Locust sts.. on lot seven, b^ock 23. lola. Kansas. Clear. Price $200.00. E. Demo, Prague, Okla. WANTED—PANTRY Kelley Hotel. GIRL AT FOR SALE—PUMPKINS Hallowe'en; 1300 East Madison. FOR iVhiKie Manelons Cisilrvojant Powens Penetivtiug Insight and. Unerring tcciiracT Completely Baffles Scientific Investigation—The :ararve1oB.<i Te !<»«i Shf Ha* Performed ln= the Few Day* Prote the Magnftiide of Her Stranw and Vlonderfnl Fower-i.She l>oes Such Things That Callers Look T'piin Her as a Visitor from an UndlsroTrred World.' .Mme. I^oulse Perin, the noted psy- Uo you wish to learn the truth, cbn- chologist, who is visiting lola foi; thejcerning your businesis. domestic or fir.-!t time is; proving a genuine scnsa- love affairs. Are you undecided. In tion She Is one of the favored per- ' doubt, unhappy or in trouble? Is therei' sons to wh <)m hy the gift of nature j any matter of human Interest that has been granted the dominance of the, perplexes you? Call on her and she Eoul -mind. ; will tell you just exactly that which Through her wonderful ability to - you wish to know of and advise you draw aside the curtain which hides ; to the ultimate outcome of your pres- the vista of the future frpm our view, i ent difficulties; so far as it » in her as well as her ability to read what has I power to do she will assi.'-t youi Her been wTitten in the" archives of the j knowledge of life Is broad, deep and l) she can read your life as the; profound and combined with her mar- pages of an open book. ; velous psychic powers and her super- The faculty that tbe .Madam dis- 'O*; Hno'''^Re of the occult forces., en- plays in accomplishing through her | • - own methods that which seems Im- l>ossiblc to others, has been the talk of lola for the past few days, apd ] ables her to not only read your life, past, present and futijre, but to also advi.-^e and assist you. ' Through her marvelus power and many who have heretofore been skep-' advice the separated are brought to- tical have gone to Mme. Perin to test I gether, foes are made friends, lost her powers and all seem convinced property is recovered, the mist ia that she is all that she claims to be brushed away Trom business ventures. For instance, she unhesitatingly and the earth's stirface is explored, her accurately tells each caller the past.; treasures are laid bare to her myster- present and future, and in such a con- ; '""s perceptive mind, and while she vincing way as to leave no room for I P'^^s dates, facta and figures her Vis- doubt No other psychic who has vis-' '^f""" sit dumbfounded at the revela- Ited this section can lay claim to as , tlons she makes them, many successful readings and there' You are advised to call <ta this re- are many of our best citizens who can j markabie woman, who ia at present lo- vouch for such claims. Those who cated at 212 -West Madison avenue, have heretofore maintained, that there She U giving her iull life readings for is nothing In clairvoyancy are ready to a few days only for the nomiiialanm acknowledge their mistake and now < of 50 cent's . She is taking this low put the same confidence in what siie price method of introducing herself tell's them in regard to the future that and work to the people of this vicin- they have been compelled to show for I ity. Office hours from 9:30 a! m. until her readings in what has passed. i 8 p. m.

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