Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1889
Page 3
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California and Michigan Fruits; Peaches, Pears/Apples, \ r< x r , CcH\die$. , Fijv Dates, feliis.CMiiiils, a Muscatel and Tokay Grapes. Redfield Bananas, &c. _ fill- OC1K in prices on style). COMING! After the lOtholOct. you. can see tooth. •white and. t>la.clc Stoves at LEWIS D. WYNN'S; Alao a fine line of Butcher Knives. Evening Gazette. THB Kvsimro Guam oao toe had »t Ml the newsstands. Price TWO OBBTB. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. To-Night. U. R.KofP. Special. Important ^-Gorgeous autumn has come. —Thanksgiving will be here soon. —John Tuttle of Savanna is here today. —Wm. Manahan's sheds are to be rebuilt. —Miss Belle Manahan is visiting in Chicago. —II. 0. Ward has gone to Qulncy, 111,, on business. —C. W. Redfleld is again home from the northwest to visit his family. - Justice J. N. Balrd, of Morrisou, came np to Sterling this afternoon. —Fred Burgess is in Chicago to visit hia bro her, and also to BOO the exposition. —Mrs. Morton Troutb.of Dixon, was the guest of Mrs. J. M. Martin, over Sunday. —John M. Suavely, J. P , has gone to Toledo, Iowa, to visit hia Brother Frank. —The vacant Farwell Hall store ia being fitted up for J. M. Martin, of Bock Falls. —The ball game at Dixon today drew quite a number of Sterling's base ball enthusiasts. —The cool and frosty mornings of late make a pleasant time for the sewer laborers to work, —Miss Carrie Slade has returned to Chicago. She is stenographer for Wahl Bros., at 238 Randolph street. —Lawrence Bros, are having the —Mrs. F. A. Gregory is quite sick. —Mr. W. II. Whlpplo returned this morning from the west. —A Uidy'consin from Waterloo, Iowa, ia at guest at Dr. M. J. Hill's. —Most of the Knight Templars from this city who went to Washington have returned borne. —The City Normal class meets at the Congregational church this evening at " : 30 o'clock, prompt. —Agent W. II. Fowler, of the Northwestern, has been confined to his home by Ulnesa for several daya. —Dr. M. J. Hill is having an addition built to his house ana other improvements made about his residence. —Miss Jennie Reefer, daughter of Sheriff Keeaer, is very sick at her parent's home in Morrison. She was much better today. —The Moline Republican, of Friday, says: Rev. Oilman Parker, the new pastor of the First Baptist church, welcomed a flne new little daughter at his home this morning. —Ellas Lefever is grandpa of a nice little girl which came to Mr. and Mrs. R. M.O'Neilat Lindon, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs, Lefever will go to Kansas at once to see the little one. Mrs. O'Neil is their daughter, Lottie, —The sewerage from Locust and part of west 3rd street, now finds its way to the river through the new brick sewer. The outlet ia at the foot of Avenue B, under the atone wall, which once formed part of the approach to the toll br'dge. —This is the night for the regular meeting of Will Robinson Post Q. A. R., and it is expected there will be a large turn out on account of the In spectlng officer being present. The boys are requested to turn out and fill the hall. —Manager Clark, of the Whiteside and Carroll county telephone union, last week made extensive repairs on the northern branch of the system. The electrical disturbance, accompanying the storm on Friday night burned out rnoat of the instruments BO he has to go over the whole line again. —The Illinois Stato board of health is now engaged in revising for publication the register of physicians of the State. It is important to medical men to be correctly reported in this register as to residence, etc. as it is accepted as legal evidence.. It la also important that those who. nave no 'Certificates should apply for them, as no physician can lawfully practice in the State without them. —A decision just made by the au preme court of New York is respectfully submitted to the consideration of the lawyers who sometimes try to —An appreciative congregation listened to the sermon of Rev. Isaac Dillon at the Presbyterian church yesterday mornirsr. — Mias Mary Suavely went to Chicago on Saturday in answer to a dispatch stating that her sister. Mm. Lizzie Snavely Wataon, was ill with typhoid fever. —Mike Regan, a bachelor Irishman, who has resided here for many years died very suddenly yesterday morning about 8:30 o'clock, at hi-3 home with his brother in-law, David Connell. He was seized with cram] a on Friday evening, which resulted as above stated He was BG years old and has a large relationship in this city. He owned a comfortable property and lived at leisure. The funeral took place this afternoon. —Rev. Grover C. Clark, the new pastor of 4th street Methodist church, preached his first sermon here yesterday morning, to a large congregation. Hia discourse was an able one and was favorably commented upon by his hearers. He seemed to take well with his congregation. No doubt he will have a pleasant and profitable sojourn here, at any rate he should have, for he comes highly recommended. The Harvard, 111-, Independent, says: "Mr.and Mrs. Clark have made many warm friends in Harvard,*'during their residence here, who will regret exceedingly that they are required to leave this community. Mr. Clark possesses all the attributes of a successful and progressive pastor. He is always a kindhearted, genial gentleman. In the pulpit he is zealous, judicious, eloquent. His Harvard frienda will watch with more than common Interest his career, and will rejoice to learn of his continued health, happiness and prosperity." Health, comfort and happiness abound In homos whero "Garland" Stoves are lined. 2 in the Academy Ad, Fresh cream puffs every Wednesday and Friday at 0. Elsele's bakery. 1 to Correct stylos in fall hats at Getting, er's Double Front Clothing House. r> to How toUct Rich. My success is owing to my liberally In advertising.— Homier Frequent and constant advertising brought me all I own.—A. T. Stewart....Success depends upon a liberal patronage of printing offices—Astor Uow can the world know when a man has a good thing unless ho advertises the possession of itV-Var,derbilt....My son- deal only with men that advertise. You will never loae by it.—Franklin. Marriage Is not a failure in homes where "Garland" Stoves' are used. 210 Do you want a heating stove? The '.Iverside and Gold Coin take the lead. K. W. Bios.noiu tins taken the agency of the "I. C. 1 " tannrl SpPftnclos nnd Eye KlasBes. Those spectacles arc different from ordinary glus=ei, in that the lenses are ground from a Frrwh Tinteil Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyea. Ha sure and try them, see that that trade mark "I. C." ia on^very lens. 70-eUtw I.o«t or Httilrn. Anyone finding the mismated shoes that were taken from the front of Det- weiier & Miller's store on Friday evening will be liberally rewarded by returning them to the firm named above. The latent In millinery and largest assortment In Sterling at Mrs. F. 0. Woodruff's. 5 to sneak a divorce ease through without publicity. The ruling is that divorce cases must be heard in public and not secretly tried. Judge Barrett said the judges had no power to interfere with front of their store and factory building on 3rd street trimmed with paint. •A dispatch says the Commissioner of Pensions has appointed Dr. F. Fitzgerald a member of the Sterling examining board. —Ed. Hazen, of Brainerd, Minn., who has been the guest of Wm. A. McCune.has gone to visit friends at Dixon, his former home. -Sam Stakemiller Is today wearing a new suit of clothes and has purchased a quantity of cigars and fireworks. A ten pound girl was born at his house last night. —J. F. Barrett's three children, Misses Ethel and Blanche, and Master Scott arrived home from Missouri on Saturday, he accompanying them from St. Louis. —J. Frost haa arrived here and will remain during thejseason. Although he has been coming here a good many years, he'does not seem to be any_whUer than usual. —The Northern Illinois Synod of the Lutheran church will convene at Sharon, Wisconsin, this week. Rev. E. Brown and M.C. Miller, lay delegate, will attend. —The Northwestern is hauling many carloads of potatoes eastward the past few weeks, and could load COO cars on the Northwestern division if the empty cars could be secured —Eev. Grover 0. Clark, the new pa8 tor of the 4th street church preached his first sermon here yesterday, which received favorable comments from the congregation. He will remove his family here this week. —The B. C, B. & N. are about to try a new car coupler, the invention of E. H. B. Knowlton, of Watertown, Dakota, If the coupler will accomplish what is claimed for it by the inventor it will prove a boou to railway break men. —The Sterling teachers have return ed from the Northern Illinois Teachers' Association which met at Engle wood. The followtnK officers were elected: President, Frank Ilall, of Aurora; secretary and treasurer, Em ma Jenks, of Kock Island; executive committee, S. S JKltnball. Rock Island; Mrs Mary Foote, Eockford; P. O. Stiv er Stevenson. The Association de clared unanimously ia favor of Chlca go for tbe world's fair. Tbe next meet Ing will be held at Hock Island next spring. the law that prohibits the inspection of the divorce papers by people other than those directly interested. —The merchant who keeps Lia name and business constantly before the public eye la bound to realize the beneficial effects of ao doing. People will feel, In one sense, acquainted with h im, and his name will naturally occur to them when they need bis wtrea. In these busy timea people do not care to hunt up the man who has goods for aale; they prefer, i-ather, to -go where their attention is called, and then if they find the goods aa represented the foundation of their future patronage is laid. —Mr. .E, E. Baraekman, advance agent for Griswold's Uncle Tom's Cab- In Co., with two assistants, has been in this city the past two days, completing arrangements for the appearance of the above company at the Academy of Music next Saturday afternoon, matinee and evening. Mr. Grlswold was one of the very first mea±o_Bee_thelu: ture of this great play, and now ranks as the oldest manager in the "Uncle Tom" business—having had his com-'' pany on the road for over thirty years. A , feature of thin company is their uniformed band of eighteen members—the principal members ot which composed .the famous "Postage Stamp Co's." band last season. Mr. Griswold carries a Company of thirty people and a carload of scenery, which will no doubt make a regular "circus-day" on our streets next Saturday. —At her borne on 2nd avenue, between 8th and 10th streets, occurred the death of Josephine, wife of Augustus N. Mallory, on Saturday night at 10 o'clock. She has been ill, more or less, consumption for three years and, wvrito all that could bo done for her, the end came ou Saturday night releasing her from this world into the more beautiful one beyond. Mrs. Mallory was thirty nine years of age, and was the daughter of Mr. Adams, the we'll- knowB farmer living near Empire. She was a woman of many good and sterling qualities, fulfilling well all her duties aa a wife and mother, friend and neighbor. Although fully devoted to her home her intelligence and kindness of heart made her esteemed by all. She leaves a misband and little daughter 12 years old, besides the relatives mourning. The funeral occurs Tues day morning at 10 o'clock, R«v. Brown offleiating. Answer to Mr «nit. In answer to the difference of opinion about the size of sewer pipe for given purposea, as long as we as a city have never had any general system of sewerage, we have to accept the experience of other cltiea of our size that have been working under eome general system. Take for instance, the engineer's report of the sewerage system of .l.ieksonville, Florida. .Where the general or main sewer entera_lrito the St. John River, something like ours enters into Rock River will give ua a good idea of the defec'a in the syatem. The main trouble met with there was to get the catch basins of the right construction to keep them from filling up with mud and debris £after a big rain storm. They also found it necessary 10 build automatic water tanks at the head of some of the feeders to the main line. In our case we have a 10 inch pipe to carry the water from our buildings and a 10 inch pipe to carry the surfnce water to the catch basin in the same block. The surface drainage haa an independent opening into the main; if that is not enough, give us enough to satisfy each individual. About the writer's conundrums, I don't see what that has to do with the subject under controversy. He might as well .continue and ask why did the N. W. R. R. build a depot with a headgear that is not surpassed and then aiick it down out of sight and spoil the effect of the work. Or, he might inquire whythe architect on city building placed a chimney under the tow«r. It certainly ia no ornament to the building and it appears to me if we wanted to get smoke out of it It would to be done with horse power. Begging pardon for intruding a subject that has been over talked, I will close by admitting to be squelched, but not convinced that a lagrer sewerpipe ia needed at the piint eo much talked about. J. B. 0. We carry the largest and, most complete stock of men's boy's and children's clothing in Northern Illinois, Chicago excepted. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 5-10 Trade at the West Ord street fnrniah- ishlng store, opposite Wallace House. Low rent and small expenses makea goods cheaper than at any other store in Sterling Common and best goods kept in stock. Underwear, full stock; all wool and jeans pants, shirts, hats, caps, boota ahd ahoes, trunka and valises; large stock, I defy all competition. Chas. Hoag. ' 0 10 Charles Windom saya that he has the cheapest baby wagons on earth. 2 tO styles, Miss Stren Uats and bonnets of all shapes and sizes can be found at R. A. Carter's. Pricea to auit everybody. _' .> Reserve Beat tickets for Merchants' Kaleidascope entertainment tb be glv en under the auspices of the Christian church at the Academy of Muaic on Friday evening, the 18th inst., are now on sale at the Cash store, next door to the postofllcp, where a diagram of the building ia to be found. Call early and [secure your choice of seats, aa there ia a great rjish for tickets 612 "Garland" Stoves are often imitated but never equaled. 2 to Happy Indeed are the homes which contain ' Garland" Stoves. ' 210 Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Best German knitting worsteds only 25caakein, usual price 003, at A. L. Heckman's. . 5 to See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. t _ New Catllornlft Frnlt Store. When you want nice fruit, such as peaches, pears, oranges, grapes, etc., and nuts of all kinds, or candies in arge or email quantities; in fact any cinda of fruit or nuts the market affords, call at 119 Eaat Third street and rour wants can be supplied. Oto MICHAEL Couso. ChlUren'B/Uats And misses hata lr/great variety and cheap at Mrs. F. C. V(oodrug'a. 5 to Jacob Klkele Haa received anotner lot of that nice overcoating this jweek. Now la your time to go and^select one before it is picked over, aa Jhe does not have an opportunity to keep the goods On hand a great while. & to Mllle«Utevllle Flour. Equal to the best at $1.25 and 81.30 per sack. New corn and all kinds of feed at Lewis Heitzel'a Feed Store _ 20010 You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & OO.'B, Rock Falls. __ 2tf Finest display of pattern hats in the city, also elegant display of ribbons, including loup edged, ribbons in black and white, for the neck, at Mra. G. W. Elliott's. 2U Cheap So strong their make, They take the cake. We Vteld to None In the durability .and low price of our Men's Shoes. Thelinea ia most complete, embracing aa it does everything desirable, and is sold at prices that paraljze the trade. J. R. BELL & SON. PEOPLE'S COLUMN »-We wlllinsert three lines In this col--«J umn one time lor 10 cents, or for to cents a week. BMh additional line will be B cents a single Insertion, or IB cents a week. WANTKO. I shall be glad to s_ee a large delegation of the Christian, young men of Sterling and Rock Falla attend the State Convention of the Young Men'a Christian Associations of Illinois, to be held at Peoria this week, Oct. 10-20. Particulars may be had of the undersigned, wUirwiH~alao-fnrnish"proper7 credentials. We want to start the work In this city soon. E. LE«OY GALT. People who are going to buy clothes for themselves are invited to call at our store and examine our mammoth stock. Without doubt the finest in the city. J. R. Bell & Son. My (Stock of Hats For Fall and Winter is moat complete, embracing everything ia gentlemen's headwear. The styles are modeled after the moat approved blocks of eading manufacturers. Pricea, like tie hata are correct. W. C. KIKK. We have the "Daisy" line of fancy tlanuel shirts for tall and winter, see them. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. ' 5 "' 8 Fresh butter and eggs at Zimmer's meat marker, 115 First Ave. 3-tf Baby wagons at leas than cost at Wlndom'a. ' 2 ' 16 G. L. Werutz, news dealer, No. 309 Locust street, has the Delineator for November. ' °^ 2 J. E. Phillips & Co. are selling more Riverside cook stoves than ever before. 513 ' Go and see those new styles In chamber suite at Windom'a. 2-tO You can find the "Garland" Stoves at Reynolds' Hardware Store, on First Avenue, south of Davis & Weber's, Sterling, 111.. 210 The-Riverside cook stoves are splendid bakers. 5l3 Only 10 cents for J lines\ under this Heading. W ANTKD—Harness and buggy (or pony, quire at this i.fflce.^ In- W ANTKU-A middle aned.lttdy, or ulrl, to do very light house work, (or i-inu.ll wagis: no washing or bread making. One woman and little girl 111 (um:ly Call at UOfl Locust at. 6-t6« New- t markets, Sacques, Modjes- kas. W ANTED— Men to Insure your homes and .urniture lu.lbe , , Company ol New York. agents. W ANTKD-Furi'lshcd room, tleuiau. ' u' , j young gen- Address Ueo. 1'nsterer, city. 4-tI W ANTED— Two ladles or eontlcmen boarders wanted, by ness portion. Enquire at Gazette o W ANTED-A thoroughly corapetmt girl lor ceneral housework. Oood wapes. Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street aud L> »*" e ' KOIt HAL.K. Dill & Co, Rock Falla, have leading styles in millinery. all the 2tf Only 10 cents for J lines .under this Heading. LilOlt SALE—Two carloads good baled hay, at JP 85 50 per ton, by tun bale or upwards. J. V. Kmmltt. *" IU F OB SALE—A bargain In threo flue residences In 4th waro. Ii Inquire of 1.1. Bush. Bl-U comfortable as a "Garland" Stove. 2 to Domet flannel 8c at A. L. Heckman's, cheap at 12>s?e. . 5 l8 Baby bonnets at MUs U. A. Carter's. OtO How fine they fit! Oh, what a hit! FOB I Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. T7>OB BENT—Housa and barn, December 1st. ^ All the conveniences. • -- •"•—•>•<•' cott, Rock Falls. Windom can eell you new goods cheaper than you can upholster old. 2-10 F OR RENT-Good (arm for rent; under gool cultivation,4 miles troni Rock falls. '»- ulre ol I'Uarlea L. Hawson, Rock falls, III. siviiiB tbe Carpet. In'this city (Norwich, Conn.) dwells an old tirno pedagogue, who is so neat in jerson anil punctilious- in manners that lia deportment really is queer. Ono night the trim old teacher gave a party and hia neighbors camp to it. The roads were muddy, and ho met them in his hall, half a bushel of slippers in his arms, and behind him his wife with as many moro slippers In her arms. "Pleaso remove your boots and substitute these Blippen," said ho, and tho guests al complied with tho request. The host didn't intend to Uuve hia carpet soiled. "Tho excessive neatness of the abode," a guest 6!.i..l afterward, "grated on one's norves."—• Cor. New York Sun. well rut. Flattory merely consists of baviug one's secret opinion or one's self expre-fcod In tha Uuguago of eiuurs.—Troy Time* Dill & Co. have one of the flneat rimmers in their millinery department u the west. Call and see her work. ___________ 2tf Bomethlng Nice. If you want to make money read my •ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CJIAMDELIN. 88-tf Home made hoarhound candies at C. Eisele'a. 1 l8 F OB RKNT-4 houses lo rent and a number ol bouses lor sale by Adam bmltli. 8J-U8 Reynolds Bros, csn upholstei you old furniture much cheaper than you can buy new, and it will last longe than cheap factory work. 5 16 Apply to llerschel 0 t(J* 3-16 T O LEASE—Power and room for manufactur ing purposes, In the bullulng formerly occupied by Cnurcn & Patterson. Address B. 0. aurcfi, Dulutu, Minn. .. F INANCIAL-Money to loan at 8 per cent., oil farm security. I. I. Busl). Itook FaU? L.OST. Only 10 cents for J lines under this. Heading. —y afternoon, Kock Falls, ladle's T OSr—Yestenla ,U Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still sllve and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th at. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. "!8 37tf D. II. MEYEIW, Auct. ae, in St«-Tll»B pi , oc as, ae's leather pocket book, will metal clasp, containing one sllvurdoUar andont tendollHTWll. Kinder will be liberally r«* nUiK same to K. V. Underwood, or leafing it at Hock Kails Poa 6 "' S S TKAW BEDS KILLED-1 nil overyluesdM II you want any filled drop me a postal. \v B. Knimons, Kock Vails. >ttt ,nt to ittsur. want U> Uu M lSOtLLANKOUS-lt you war your I fe, or your home; II you ...... a pla«>, or Bell ow; It you Imve amth u, - - cnsnsfl) u will pay you to call oil trail* W. IA & n-r, Uoorn 'i, Academy oJ Musila «-U The largestajjd cheapest assortmeut of the ^ ifTslf^^E. Third St. Iii Woolen Underwear and Hosiery . * ic,aiilovi aV|l ami $1,50. Ev^ry pi»ir warranted. E- »• « *. O f** a W Our Plusli Cloaks; t all warranted.

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