Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 11, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntercrl at the Postoffice Covina, Gal., as ftecond-cbiss matter. Published every Saturday by the Co vina Argus Publishing Company, fnc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance - - : Six Months Three Months ... Single Copies - - ADVKRTISI'.MKNTS: T)i«play advertisement at reasonable I'atcs. Prices fin application. Changes made as per contract. Liners ,sc per line each insertion. Legal notices Sl.OO per inch first insertion, .SO cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. July 11. 1008. The Hverlastlng One. (J)i, Hrynn run for J'rcNitlcnt In f!iKtit<-r>n nml.y-Hix; Played ullvcr for n winner, hut, McKitiloy look tho trlckn. In nineteen hniulrfd t.riod iiniiiri To ho the ProHidorit Uut, went. tho Hfirrio old Hall,y ront.o Where formerly tie went,. In nineteen oi^M, ii^'iin lie, trioH Hill, whin tho bnttlo never, And losing (jut, OHSfiyn Korovor and forever. Vote for the hi^h Hchool hoiifln. TlioHO who nre inlorr.'Htofl in growth find proHpority of (,'nviriu vote for l.he hitfli nc.hool bonds. Activity In Church Circles. In spito of the arrival of tho long delayed summer weather, there is no diminution of religioiin ardor in our town. At tho Christ inn Church fin Hun day evening the house WHH crowded to Iho fjfiors to hear Iho hitor'e.-:t)H(/ lecture given by tho Hov. Hanrm, who IIIIH lately rot.nrnofl from tho Philippinos and tho nnrnbnr of beau tiftil storoupticon views were much appreciated. A I. Holy Trinity Ohureh there was n special miiHiowl service at which nolofl wore sung by Miss Fletcher, Mrs. Mc.Laiighlin arid Mr. Marshall. Othor numbers included a dnot by Messrs. Hpn.'tl.o and Marshall JIM I Hnfhotn by tho choir. Mr. Henry j Marshall has succeeded Mrs. .bilin Hrnn.jes as musical director. Tho Presbyterian Church oonsocrat- od HOVOM now members lust Hnnday. At tho MotliodiHt (irifl Jiaptist f/'hiirchoH tho, tiHtial oiirni^t anrl ntir- ring Hf'rrrifjriH woro fiold, with tho addition of tho goofl niUHif, for which (Joviriu in famous. ft wtiiild HOern that, t.lioro must Vjf; noithor energy nor money for further ventures, yet, the MiiHieiil Revival (/'niHiiflorn hnv(! jiiHt cornpleterl a very HiicccHHful Morion of meetings, leaving H(tvor(il odiivortn uiifl many warm friends bohinrl. On l''ridny last, they moved to A/.usa anrl and Monday and Tuesday evenings ot this wook a wagon load of friends went, over frorn here to holfi them. The Rev. Matlliow.s hijH siH'.eooded thorn rind is lirilding rrKtetingH in a tent, fjn the | north side of Hudillo street, wr.-t ol' (he i (/'itrus. Buggies, Bain Wagons Better get an umbrella for your buggy or wagon. If you haven't a buggy let'us show you what we have at almost cost. Now is the time to get a wagon. TWOMEY & DILLER Home Phone 29 j Opposite S. P. Depot COVINA will in N< i.s ilnomod l,o vombor, dodlnroH JohiiHon. Thore ! "'• ll<;r ll() ""-' (!V(;I '.V firo a grout immy H<HH\ men ihoHJrloH "* 10:.!()!i rn, Johnson who nr(3 of tho urimo inn. The l-'lrst Church of Christ Scientist Is rapidly bcin^ or^ani/ed under the leadership of Mrs. McLaiiKhlin. and HiUiday-school are held Sunday morning Oplll- Wit.h the agitation in tho eastern slates for a revision of Iho present Inriff it will liu to tho interests of orange growers, and all UIOHO iritor- osted directly or indirectly, to see that tlio rlologutnH to bo voted upon at tho Congressional primaries on Monday, July '20, are favorable to tho i'0-noiiiination of Congressm-iii MoLachlan, who ' is considered by party loaders tho Htrongost; champion of tho tarill' In tho HOIIHO. Grunge urov/ora, mnko this your bushioHH, for it menus, in plain words, your financial miocesa or ruin. Illustrated Lecture on London. Mr. Robert .). liuchanan, of Trenton, N. .1. anrl Han JVranoiHco, will an exceedingly IntoroHtiiiK illustrated lecture on "London, thodroa! Metropolis; with filimpsus of England T.'^rough Despondency Attempts Suicide. In a fit of temporary dONponderioy, duo to ill health und brooding over reoont llnarioial ICIHHOH nt Jjong Ueaoh, (loo. W. Mullondoro, fcjr tho pant twenty yearn one of the rnoHt extensive berry growlers in this valley, made a determined iittompt to (torn- in it, Hiiioido Thursday morning hy butting his head thrice against a large, square cement Hlandpipo on Irwindale avenuo near the residence of Mr. and Mrs. K, P. HaldoHsor. Every time he Ntniek the cement pipe lie Indicted long and ugly scalp wounds and did not desist, until he WHH restrained by Mr. (ieo. Chem berlen, a neiir neighbor. He WIIH t/ik"n at once to tho residence of his brolher-in law, Mr. [<\ p. JliildosHer, with wliorn he had been slaying for several \v ks, and medical aid at once Mimniomul. Lutoi in tho da;, he fully recovered his reason and appeared to have m> knowledge of his rash net. liy years of application tn hiiiunoNH, berry growing, Mullendore had amassed a very comfnrlable competency, b( twei'ii forty and llt'ty tlum • dollars. A little nver a year he sold the greater purl ion uf his real CHtalo intercstH hcie and nmved with his family to Long licach, investing in real estate in that ril.y. He also put considcrahh' money into the Long lleach Onlrich l-'arm. This lattir investment it is believed will lie a heavy IOHH. Jirooding ovor these Iliianoial Irniibb'H ninl l.i<ing in a inn- and Sc.oilinid. down ciindition in undoubtedly tht cause of his dcspiindi'iicy, \\hieh has the inosi striking ami inleni.sting lea- I<| the family ami !ures ot the world's i-apital, and Decision Against Ruddock Company. In an opinion handed down Judge Hull.on snslfiins the claim of I height (if way committee of Coviria against the Ruddock company, a contributor to tho ri^ht <if way fund, which hod been assigned to the i^irst, National I'mil^nf Coviria for collection. AH its share of tho fund the Ruddock company K"vo two notes, one for 8:1,01)7.70 and the other for 82,^77.00. Collection of the notes was resisted largely on tho ground that they had boon tflvon in anticipation of the extension of tho Pacific Electric company's line to Covina, urid that in fact It was a line of the Los Anglos Internrban oonipany which WUH built to Coviriii. The court hold that, this difference existed only in name. This decision also vindicates tho members of the committee against, the charge of fraud which was also alleged by the attorneys for the Ruddock company, in this and a previous suit, which they also lost. Spring Tooth Harrows $18 » CHAS. H. MORRIS A/usa, Cal. Vote for In other words Mr. Buchanan will select for this lecture ima been nol ict'iilil friends I'm- n-vcml who know slule that JD'eselil luris-e.s he i still IIIIH a tency and his ruin \UIH hugely Binary. No one stood higher in this com munity tor business integrity and llirifl lhan(i(-i. Miillendore and he ami his t'u:nil\ hii\r ih ( > sympathy ot all in ihi-ir u •uiible. His lull rei'.,v ery to health uill mil\ I c a mailer of a few weeks. Good Roads and buy your DRUGS of W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling 1 and Furniture Moving-. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SEKVICBf. PRICES RIGHT. Office on citrus Ave. CoviM, Cdl. Home Phone 1108 tew Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Howdl & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. FRUIT JARS The Schram Fruit Jar will keep fruit from souring or moulding. It has the large neck so that the fruit can easily be removed. The rubber ring is attached to the top and is not damaged when the jar is opened. It is easily opened and sealed. Sells for 25c less than any similar jar. We also carry a large stock of Ball's Mason Jars which we are selling at popular prices, considering the present wholesale cost. New "American Beauty" and "Arap" can rubbers, 3 do'/., at 25c. Brown & Bohri Phone 43 Covina, Cal. A Guarantee of Good Management The manag-emprjt of the First National Batik of Covina is conservative. Its officers are faithful and competent. The board of directors is composed of successful and careful business men, who give personal attention to the bank's affairs. Your account, subject to your check, is respectfully solicited. .co_v i N A Capital $50,000 Surplus $30,000 Money to Loan on real estate, privilege to pay $100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paying date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and first mortgages. At Argus office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Puente St., except Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 3259. OSCAR MILLER. Phone Home 1170 IIK NKW IRambler Aet'lis. Those Inuoh ii|)on some of the charactei' ic even with hiti .scenes in iho twu Hrititih coiintrius named. At'er giving his lecture at the San .lose Normal School, President Uai ley, said: "Mr. .Uuohanau has a very Mm 1 collection of Ktervnpticmi j views and is -in inleicsting talUi'r. " To be given nest Wednesday evening at the Woman* Club House t<>! llie lieiii-Mt of the organ fund ot the l-!pi.-ci i ,il Church. Hotter than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \Ve can ''show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN S.iO S. liroadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California Q. W. MARSH Practical CARRIAGE AND AUTO Ipainkr Shop opposite Postofiuv COVINA Financial Representative Wanted. A I'olitc Rei|UL-st. ll U.c UM. Ian .stills thai ; 1 '»»"»-" h - j " ""• • ilni- simp last Satunla\ i I'or Sale having \< r A I. an I' •II ul Ki Isoy \ i I |e, ii.v hnii-.eho|i| An^elci C'iirp,>ratiiiii pursue! ivfi! [HL: I v sale and proi t t.ilile ] di niri'S ,1 local i'i'[ii'i'-.i'n l.i i i ve • f standing ami ability !•• act as its : •pi c.-.i'iita! i ve in sivurin.L; ^uli~, i ip- |II |||,MM uill, ||M. ! I ', H.M:.' sin, I, mil i 11,11-' I, r ,li-, ( ,,.,, ,i --alarit-i! j.. ,i; i. .11-,^ ,, ,1,,-tl,,, „.,. l,. r j,.l ai pit.,,,. M.I,- l-iu,,-,, .,,.« ,„„! 'VlKN K Y" \i' J M'.'1 > Si-t.iiinm .v iiarris. iu-\l\. ,1. Ji. 1..\ When we put a pair of Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Work Shoes on your feet and tell you to come ag-ain, we know you will come back for another pair. Why do we know it? Because Menx,-"Ease" Elk Skin work shoes are made of g-enuine Elk ProcessTannaye that will never get hard nor stiff, no matter how many times you get them wet and dry them out: • Because you will find a genuine Menz—"Ease" the easiest shoe you ever had on your feet: Because a genuine Menz—"Ease" will wear longer than any two pairs of shoes you ever wore. Aren't those three reasons sufficiently strong to induce you to ask us for a pair of Menz-"Ease" the next time your feet need reshoeing? The genuine Menx-"Ease" shoe is the only shoe you can buy that is made of genuine Menz-"Ease" Elk process tannage. We advise you not to listen to the claim made by any other shoe man in this town: "This is an Elk Skin shoe and it is •just as good' as the Menz-"Ease"." I want to tell you, and I'm backed by the makers of the Menz-"Ease" shoe in this statement, that there is no work shoe made that is "just as good" as the Menz-"Ease". Give us Fifteen minutes of your time and we will show you why. Find the name Men/.-"Ease" on the sole and on the yellow silk label put there for your protection. Broad well Store Covina, California

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