Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 17, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1903
Page 4
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is the Day We Sell the Qlass\vare Two'toays Only, SatiirdaSy, July i8, and flpn^ay, r t July! 20. We w^^nt you all to have a fair chance. vBuy SI or more and you get your choice for o cents. First cobe first served. THE PEOPLE'S STORE iVr- [DC 1 s it* * t Ik tk Or * tk Ik ik Ji; Ik Ik Ik Ik Ik: «k Ik «k Ik Ik Ik I I- ?n <»« •»» i» MALT and HOP TONIC LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter, Dentist. J. E I Chastain, Dentist ' Dr. b. II. Bushnold, Dentist. Kodaks and siiiiplics at Miller's. I'mfi Ctwcn si)cnl yostcnlny a( Oi I a W.I. i itdlliiKor went to I-'llv City oil bii.sint'sa. \V. .]•:. .liinKl*' rt'tiirni'd It) lii^' ill Collcyville. S. I l\aii;;;i: Mr. liiinic ON fCE AT CRABB'S I DRUG STORE. Ik kk • m f II m i> f 1* a* ''^jaaii^a 5333^525 Wl *e Buy your Groceries of us diirinp Julyn We will niaku it jiroliiiiijle for you. Wo constantly endeavor to give our e.uslomers tlie very best service possible. A salislied c>i.s- tonier is .the best kind (A an ad- vortisemetit. Kuowinji this make your interests ours. we WE OFFER TO-DAY: 2pkps Cero-Fruto ..2.'c 2 pkRS ICsre-O -Seo.. 20c 2 jikfjs Korn l\risii 2flc 7 bars D. C. Soaj) 2;')c 10 hv. i)kR Our Navy Soda..... .O.So 20 o;: pkp Onr Navy Soda 0.'»c ill), ill), and 1 lb "cans F. Bros. Baking I'owder T), 10 and l">c Phone 308 . 2 Wijgt Jackion| D. A. HOUSER Expert Machinest Repairs Your liype writer. Sewing flachines, Bicycles, La^vn flowers, Gas Engines, Door Lock's, IZtc. ^- ' : at •\ i • . _ • 'supplied to the Trade , I Dircrt at the factory or from our delivery ^agooB. All delivery wagons have Qor name on them. iflalce&ColdS^oraseCo. l ^^fpUNK RIOOLfi, Slcr. ' Mv.-y. Anna IU kkj went to Crenola f(ir a, few days' visit. Xo. i 1 lOaat Madl.son, upstalrd. Ilen- der.soii &. I'dwell's o'^llcc. Ginni .Spe.TiK rciurned to his home ml in t'lianute iliis nftr^rnnnv. IJoseoc IV)ll(>r relurne<l lo liii? home in I'illsldir;^ Ihi.'i afternoon. Ilibl)on r-ale at Min.s l'ril )Olh'^•.. Tlnirsiiay, Friday and Sal unlay. Mr.''. I?. Dariiall roturno<l to lier lionii^ in Clicrryvalc llii;; :ifternnon. Ma.JKe I 'owtT .sock relumed to liVt home In Monii-tt. Mo., iliis afternonn Dr. TIerschel Hendricks is liomo rcidy to attend old and new patients Mi.sR Ktliel Reilor went to Chaniito for a few. days" visit willi lier parents Mrs. fJciiri'iu Harinan, of Kansas City, went to Chanule for a few days visit. j. Attend the rildion sale at I'riliotir;^ -TInir.';day. Friday and Saturday. Mr. W. II. Savai ;e left ihi.-^ aflei'iioon for Clinniitc for a few days' visit wiih h\r, sister, -.J* /f J3;g|>ftj ?5ft Fred llanuy returned this mornin.rr from r;urlin.i?ion wliere he has hecn Mrs. McCarty and Mi.-^. Dr. I'a/ue. <>f visited friends in the eiiy today. .hdin L. Watrou.-;. of Ihirliii.nton. in lernal revenue collicior, was in tlie city ilii;; afternoon. Cliar'ry Junes roiurned home yesterday fi'ini Cliaiiuie when- lie ha.< Iji-ea atlo.ulins tiie races. .\Ils.s lielk- McCro::i. k-ft iliis mora- ini; for ICureka, for a few .lays' vieil witli friv.nds and relatives. K. R. Stevon.=;on has for rent rooms ."• and 1! in the Stevenson, iHiilding just at the head of the stairs. .f. Ihiiler haiil(^l ihree wa.^on hiad.- of liojrs into town last wetk from liis larm and £<ild tliem for ?:; T 7.:!2. Mi.-s IZlliel lienter came in this iiioriiinK from .Driiver. tor a visit willi lier sistcr-in-Iaw, Mtrv. Thnerm. Oni- huiidit d and ihirly eonversionf are ri-jiorieil a.s .'i re.^iilt of the Oliver rinival nieeiin.i;?. at Y^tes Center last Wf( k. , T. A. .Miiiie leturneil this niornin? from Kansas City where he had l)een anendiii.t; the ?.iissouri Valley League iiieiiing. Mr. .James Sla!t-r. an old sohlier o5 I'ort Seoit. came over to lola lhir= niorniiiu on business .ind lo visit hif in .'ldK '\v. Mr. n. K. Taylor. Mrs. C;. W. Moore and dau.t;hter .Mablc. left this morning for Moran for a ft'W days' visit with friends and relaiive.r. Misses Laura and Sarah Freeze^ who liave bei-n liere visit iii^: friend.s reftirned to their home in Nicke^son. Kan.' this monninj?. Cheap money on city property. T.,oans made at once il title la perfect Smith & Travis; room 3, Northrup National Dank biillding. Mr. Henry Sfe^V'r returm^l last ev- eidnv' from Ottawa where hi- iNid Mrs Si>y(r liavi- lieca upemlini; sor.'je very Jika.-^an; days at tlu> Assembly. Yi-ars of F-.ilT<'rinK relieved in n nij'.lit. llelii'.iK piles yield at onoc to the.eiirativr> properties of Doan's Ointment. Nevtr fails. At any drup; store, r.O cents. Lost—DisoIiarKe from Co. A. 2.>th V. S. Infantry, and from Troop D, 10th U. a. Cavalry. Finder please leave at Re.qistor oftice, or send to Enocl> Johnson. Iloliiaay, Kansas. Ji.m Corhin. who works at the whole sale packinf^ honw?. hurt his back quite severely Sunday morning vihile j lifting a hog. Since that.tlme he has been confined to his hied, but is re ported much r better today. ^ ^ CITY COUNCIL TABLED THE OC CUPATION TAX PETITION. / • ^ X MiE NEW SEWER DISTO Granted Requests and Referred Pet tlons to City Engineer For Detailed Drawings—Action on Old Soldier Petition Deferred—A Large Number of Bills Allowed— Other Business. Tht! city council met last nisht in regidar session and about the usual routine of huniness carried out The bonds of A.- E. \Vri;j;ht as city assi'ssor for $lfiO and C. I'. Henislier;, for $l ,tM)it as city''clerk were approved The tnayor then administered the oath of olllce tr) K. C. Uomsberg and he al once assumed his duties. llaxter MeClaiu ])rcs(;nled a petition sii^ned by .'a number of merchants in favor of repealin.g the occupation tax- He also jire.^^eiited one for the rein statement of old soldier.', to posiiions from whicji they have been removed Former motifui lai-1 on I ho table. Ac lion on latjer deferreil until next regu lar meeting. Pel it ions of TJickford, I. F. Patter son, .T. A. Robinson and others creat ng three new sewer districts read and {^ranted. Motion carried io refer above j>eti lions to city engineer for detailed drawings, etc. Application of ,\. ,1. Servey for reliirn of occupalinn tax or an extension .if lime on same referred tn committer <m licen:;e. By moiion the city weighnmsler was onlered to collect all fees for weigh ing while load is on tlie scales. , Re])()ri of water superintendent on riiy gas well received and siipOrin tendent orden'd to have well ch;an<;d and properly tubed. Aiipraisment for paving Washin.g ton. West Madison and West streets presented ami by mniion tlje council decided Jo mf>ct in special session at .S o'clock, .July 21 111 for the purpose ()f listening to olij(ctions of property owners. Report of city engineer upon lower ing grade of si reet raihv.ay on East Madison received ; and a.lopled. Motion carried orderin.g an . ordinance drawn in harmony with sami". The following bills were allowed: \V. H. Lay ton, interest ». $ DO.OO I S. T. Rolen, labor h Plioeniz Glass Co., globes Rryan Marsh, globes K. C. Plumbing Co., material.. D. M. Gregg, labor , 'E. E. McCarty. .1. E. Thorp, weigh fees lola Lumber Co.. water saTes .. .7. E. Junes, material..., J. Thorp, water sales ....... K. C. Plumbing Co., labor ... Crane Co., pipe ». r.)..">o n.os 7.C4 4.0s 1^.50 24.05 R.7r, S3 11 .75 2.2 'i .14.10 21..57 5.00 ."i2 .:;o ,1.00 M. A. Lahr. labor If. R. Wortliiiigton, water mtrs Howard & Douglas, liwry F. J. Ilorton, labor and material for ga.'\ well at i)nv,er house. .1210.. ',(1 \V. M. Knapp, city expi-nse... 1.2S J. E. .Tones, material «.<•> A. J. Griflin. witness fees I .."i0 X. Swigarl. witness fees.. 4.."0 D. M. Gregg, witness fees 4.r)n Jesse Riggs, labor ..^ 7.."i0 W. D.-.Jackson. ial>or I.2.". E. W. Lcmasters. lalior 4..".0 Guy Miller, witness "fees -^.M, Lee, witness fees .. 4..10 Aaron Lash-y. witness fees... '..'lO S. C. Rrewsler, court fees 7.10 S. C. Rrewsler, court fees ol.2.") S. C. Rrewster, court fees ... ."51.2.") CENTER GROVE. July 15.—Joe Reynolds' luAiso was s!ruck by lightning Saturday evening. It did considerable damage to the kitchen. ' Mr.s.l Mary Ransing, who has been slaying al her father's, Mv. Kionzle.i went to Barton county, Knjnsas, Tuesday, where her husband is at work. Mrs. Hall, of niimholdt. is visiting in this vicinity this week. Clint Kellar went to Chalnutc Saturday afa-rnoon; G. M. Reynolds and family, of Fair View, visited relatives in this vicinity this week. .Mr. and Mrs. Jewell spout. Saturday night and Stmday at Mrs. Hall's in Humboldt - Public Sale. Font can of bngglefl and carriageLL^ two cars of Stndebaker waj ,-on8 /P^ % half car of harness,-farm Implemeats ^' and fanii,iiuiehlnei7. Olda.Mioblles.^ pairs a,special^. James Campbell Slaat and JefferiBoii. ^ ^ I And on every article of SeasonaVlo Goods iii the house we can make you a big savin}?. Wc want especially to call your aMention to . A LOT OF ODD PANTS ' " That have accumulated from selling coats and vests of Suits. There is about 7.5 pair of them. They are black Worsteds, Fancy Worsteds and Cassimercs, and they sold regularly at 82.50, 82,7.') and 8:{.oO. SALE PRICE $2.00 BARCLAY'SHIELDS CLOTHING COMPANY f.:..:..x..x..x..:«:..x.<~H«:^:.<..:..:..:..:-x..:..:"i.<^:..^^^^^^ .Mr. J. .A. Robinson, who is Interest- el in a eoiiipany i.s prospectipg Carlyle n< i.uliborhood fyr (dl or .nas had !i card from William Vezie this morning ri'porling that the ilrill struck a strong How of gas al 400 feet. Of course the well, which is on Mr Vezie'.s farm six miles due north of lola, will be driven on down, and everybody will hojie that at the regn- laiion deplii a gusher may ho struck This is eiitireiy new lerrilory, the niare;t well being at Carlylo station about three mile>s .<-(mtheast. PRAIRIE DELL. July II.—Waller Lam cut oats r .)r Ir.i Stone ami Chas. Ford last week. Mr.^. Wood. Ruby. Riilhie and Nedera spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Ford.. Mrs. Boring and Bessie called en Mrs. Trico. 1 Ira Stone bought a horse of Ed. Ellin last week. j Cliff Isaac and wife spent Friday' I'veidiig with Ira Stone and wife. The rain Satur.lay afternoon delay- — e>I threshing for the rest of the day at Howard Moore's .and Mrs. Harvey's. Ollie Miller threshed his wheat Saturday forenooti. Most of I he farmers arc plowing j Ih'idr corn the last time. Corn is rowing line. Mr. and Mr.-,. Chas. Bacon spent Sunday evening al Mr. Boring's. Mr. Tice went lo Bourbon county to see his brother. Mr. Ellin cut Mr. Woods' oats Monlay. Grandma Railey has been quite poor- l.v, hut is a little better. Mrs. Ethel J)avis aml'Melvin visited home folks Monday. Plastico ::A Perfect Wall Coating^ Comblnos Cloanlfness and Durability Any ono can brush It on No ono can rub it off Plf.s'ilca is a pure, permanent and porous wall coating, and docs not require taking oflto rcnewas doall kalsomincs. It is a dry powder, ready for use by adding cold water and can be cnsily bnished on by any one. M.ade in white and fourteen fashionable lints. ANTI-KALSOMIHE CO. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ^ For full particulars and sample card ask EVANS BROS ..Largest Line.. Refrigerators Ice Cream Freezers at • \- Wanted—A dining room girl at the Pennsylvania. SILVER LEAF. July 10.—!\lrs. Eastwood has return cd from her Rourhon county, visit. We can hear the sound of the ham mor from Concreto and wo feci as if we are in town. Mr. IJeniik has!purchased a liew top buggy. Mr. Jesse Lust has purchased the Olien farm from Mr. Fidmer, of Junc- li<m Cit.v. Colo, and Mr. Fidmer has hou.ght a farm near Neosho Falls. Mr. Trowbridge was in this vicfaiP.y selling goods, and we feci thankfirJ tc Dr. Watkiiis for sen.ling out such good medicine-, extracts, etc. Valuable Time Saved. • Slight injuries often disable a man and causB several days' loss of time and wlion blood poison develops, someiimbs result in the loss of a hand or limb. Chamberlain's Pain Balm ds an anlisepiic liniment. When,applied to cuts, bruises and burnrs it causes them to heal quickly and without maturation, and prevents an.v danger of blood poison. For sale /jy all druggists. ' HAMMOXKS The Finest Liae in th3 City NOffTH SrOE HARatVAff Wanted^Girl at IheiEndicott Wanted , Rooms—Two or three rooms for light housekeeping. Call r.r address 307 West Jackson. J. B. Bcxwles. . i A niiddlo aged woman wanted at the "Our-Way" to opjcrato dishwash- iiTg machine. Wanted-.—Ex per iemcod giil for general housework. Good wa.gcs, small family. Apply 20.1 South Stale strot For Sale—two horses, .suiTcy, big spring wagon, harness and a lot of chickens. Lincoln. A. L. Harmon, 704 East To Rent—Five room nearly new; identy of living water. Inquire at SO.! SouUi Walnut street.. For Rent—Four nicely uriftcrni.sJied rooms close in. Call at Room 9, Bartels' buihling. Six horse power g.-.s engine for sale J. E. Jones, 221 Sotith street. ¥or Rent—A well fufnishod ror.m, bath room on the same; floor, gentleman preferred. 201 S; Cottonwood. For Sale or E::change—New grocery ^t9ck and building. Call at R*oom 9. BaijtS^ls' building. J, L. Adamson, two miles north, and one mile we'st of Santa Fn depot, lias timothy hay for sale in tho field, $r> a Ion. THE LUCCOOK SioraKe and Trantfer l.lne. Union line, 1)«>oh (Joniruet Work, (if nor* Transfer wurU, Houso. ,«:ifi :itirt I'lano M<>viitr TrnnkH ;ind !ti/ir:mo lt:iiilfd,li<iuN{r)iold C ooilit I'.ickcd, Smrcil nml sl><l'('Cil. Omcc and': U)re Itooiu 114 Wctii MadlN^m Avccuc. l'lioa).<er b lola, Kansas. Is to Read ONLY Wiley Potteir 1 ' Has moved from th& stone bAih on Kast Madison avenue to IChe Star Bain on West stroe^t, where he will continue to buy y<>ur horees fgad mules paying at .all times the ' highest markj it price. ' Inthe 4^ Mi

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