Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1912
Page 2
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Wall THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 26.1912. Paper You WUl Like the New Patterns -AT- .^iM^IIexaU Store Will Thi'w bp Tlniol - When man has harncssj-d ligliining to bis will. And spuniifd tho oroans breadth witli bows of siwl; Wben be has made the univf-rsfi bis • mill. And set iho winds to work to drive bis ' whe*"!; When he has scaled the skies with ghostly mirth, To rob the s' ol their stupendous powers: When, he has prob<d the bowels of tbi' earth. And gathered uii ilie breath of all the flowers: Will he then pause a while to count the dead, k Wlioili 'poverty and Et"'«-1 have ground !j todust? • Win he then heed the ehildreii's cry for bread? I Or hear the mother's wall for what is Just? WUl he then square himself with Obd and man? Will be repudiate the vice and crime That have endured sinoe^lx'inK Mlrat began? (Sod! Can he do all Ibis? Will there 1;p time? —Belle FlUolman. in The Survey. .Miss Ionise Hyde entertained at six o'.elock dinner last night for the mem bers of her Sunday Fchool class. Covers wet« laid for eiphi and the hour following the dinner was spent in fortune telling. J .> ^ + The members of the Vhilalbea class of the Christian church have been pre paring for a liazaar which they will give on the twenty-second and twenty third of next month. Home made candies and useful and fancy articles will be on sale. ' The ladies Aid sori''ty will very likely serve dinner in connection With the bazaar. * • * Mrs. W. T. Watson. COS East Mnd- Ison will be hostess to the members of the P. K. O. Chapter iiexi Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. • * • On Monday night there will be a card party at the Clinker Club rooms for members of the club. • * « The social committee of the Klks club has issued invitations for a danc ing and card party to be given on Hjil- lowe'en. Thi&Js to be the opening of the social season of the club and all HIks and their ladies are expected 'o be In attendance. * • • .Miss Cloone Siebbins, .Miss Vila Ray, Miss Wilburta Renner and Miss Uuth Renner spent today nutting on the Renner farm north of town. MiM Helen Cauiplfell, MiBS Helen Murdock, ,JlIiu. M(|ry..Mcllhaney. an<d Mr. Harris Hllactier went to Colony this afternoon to Uke'partfin the annual recital which the piano pupils of Miss Pattl'Metcalf will give this evening. ' - , * • * It was announced on good authority ip tills coIunut'.p^Jit Miss Ida Cross of Fort Scott .had been married to Mr. Van MonCcRBwrjr.of Collinsvllle. A letter this mOming fro mthe supposed bride states that it is untrue, and this correction of the error is ali apology also., * • * Tomorrow Is Rally Day at the Baptist church and a program suitable for Ihe occasion has been arranged, which win be given in the evening at half past seven. The program is Interesting and Includes all Sunday school workers from (he primary department to Ihe Bible classes. • * • The girls' five hundre<l club met last night with Miss I»ul8e Heylmun. The club game occupied the Hrst part of the evening after which the memlH-rs danced for a short time. At the close of (he evening the hostess served daln ty refreshments to the members, who are: Misses Anna SmKb. i .uccne Spen- <er, Cilennis and Bernlce Harlles. Ul- liati .Noribrup. Helen Anderson. Jessie Fry and.Helen Ci'mpliell, and the club »:ucsts. Miss Adelyn l.ynns and Miss Uuth Thompson. "tr + • Miss Carrie Melviii, daughter of .Mrs Etta Melvin. of this city and Mr. Claiiiie Roe of Falls, City. Neb., were tnarried October 14 at the home of Rev. and Mrs. O. C. Moomaw. The wedding was a very quiet affair and was not announced until today when the bride and groom l<'tt for their new home in Falls City. • * * • Mrs. Wrifflit. of Carrollon. Mo.. Is expected to arrive this evening for a visit with ln^r brother. F. V. Crouch. <• • • Kugen<' Crouch came In frotn Pen' i-r last night for i few days visit with his iiareiils .Mr. and .Mrs. F. V. t'rouch. « •> C Miss l.uella Varner. who has been'iidini; s" veral wei'ks In Mountain tlrove. Mo., returned homo last nicht. On li'T way home she spent a week in Spriiii^rn id and Caboul. 4- •:• • Mrs. Belva Ann lAJckwood. a noted champion of woman's rights, who was the presidential candidate of the Equal Rights party in 1SS4 and the first woman to be admitted to the bar of the s'lpreme court, yesterday celebrated her eighty-second birthday at her 'Kline in Washington. She received I be good wishes am! congratulr.tions of admirers all over the country. * * * Mrs. 1.. T. BIship was hostess to the members of the Violet club yesterday afternoon for the regular' tnceting. Those in attendance were: Mesdames Craig, WoodrulT, .Malotv, Howman. llolTner. yonewell, Brownfield, Moyi-r, l-rastwood. Ammerman, llurnside, llun. . an, Alexander, Mnndon and Kemmer- •r. Mrs. Bishop served luncheon and was assisted in serving by .Mrs. Hone"•••11, .Mrs. Bowman and .Mrs. .\mmer- ii:au. The guests of the club wwre Mrs. Van Neman and .Mrs. f)onnell who pavi' several piano solos and duets. • •:• + .Mrs. F. .1, I'ribotb, who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. W. J. Ev- aiij:. fo rthe past month returned this niorninp to her home In Mi-Alester, Okla. She was accompanied by her >;randdaughter. Miss Mable Di-ivler. •>•!•-> About tnenty members of .the Plumbs liad Planes classes of Little Builders Chapel had a supper af d social good time in the Sundav ichool room last evening after they had silent the afternoon at work for the Sunday school. -:• * <Th" choir of the christian church gave selections fronijlhe oratorios at tlie concert whiMi they have be«^n pre- uaring under the direction of Mr. A. U. Boatright. The chorus work in the selection, "The Heavens are TelHns," was esnecially good. There were sev- oral musicians from. Humboldt who look part. A ladies quartette, Mrs. O. C. Payne. :Mrs. L. W. .McKeever. Mrs. .1. V. Ijidmer. .-ind Mrs. H. W. Webb, sang, "List Ye Cherubic Hosts." ac- eomiianled by a solo bv Mr. McKeever, and this" numl>er was grcitly enjoyed by the audience. The program was too long to give each number deserved credit. Later in the season Skovguaard. a viclinist almost as famous as ,Ian Kiibellk. will give a recital -iiidi-r the auspices of this chorus and the mem'oeis hoping tc inakf a success of the undertaking. SlIOrLD UO.\OK XK. KJSl.EX. K. U. Lecturer. Died Preaching White Plagnr Pmvention. Kansaii- Churches that hold special Tuberculosis Day services tomorrow should, offer up prayer for Dr. C. Si Eniley. lecturer of the University of Kansas, who died this month in Kansas City as a result of the figbt to free the gt:.:. i.-om the great Wbife' Plague, i'or tro years Dr. Emley crossed ar'1 recrossed Kansas carrying bis cui:it.:.Ign to the most distant community, so that as a result of his work the number of deaths from tlie disease greatly decreased. Although never sick a single day before, the hardships of bis ceaseless travels cost him his life. But not until he had placed In the hands of every Kansas citizen the weapon for but­ tling t.gainst tub<>rculosls. "If this siatfwlde survey of Dr. Emley's which saved the lives of so many Kansas citizens could be foltowtnl itp" declares Chancellor Frank Strong. "I am confident that tuberculosis could be ''radicated entirely from the state. He told how to prevent it. His advice was proiHir ventilation, suflic- ienl clothing. Siitiple food, shunning excesses, nieanini; up Ihe town, and plenty of exorcise in the open air." The Cniversity sent out Dr. Kmb'v at the request of tlie state board of health and let him devote his entire time for two ye,irs to the great work. If is to perform such missions as this that the university should be provided with proper^funds by the Legislature. It is estini.ited that Dr. Eniley traveled l(lO.t)rti) miles In making bis survey. KilOSKVKl.T .\>i) IHS.ISTJ:it Kdiloriul in ^Ontlook Tells What He .Vnth'limtrs. From all over the country the evidence multiplies that the only effect of any considerable vote for Roosevelt will mean tiie defeat of Taft and the election of Wilson, it Is even chargfil that this Is alLthe colonel hopes for this year. V<'t he declares be loves his peopli- and wants them to prosioT In an editorial in the Outlook of .Tulv 27. 1912. ho said: j "If Dr. Wilson were elected, ihe would have to eltlier repudiate the promises he bas'imide about th<' tjir- Iff In the Democratic plutfonn or else bring e.vcr.T fnduNlr.v lit ihe run ill ry to u crash which would make ull pluc.^ I 's In our past history seem like child's plaj in C(i::i";:rlson. In short wen Dr. Wilwi f-' ••ted on this platforn' be would be obllgml at the very outset of. his udmlnlstrtition to face thi- alternative of dishonesty or dlsn^lcr. the alternative of refusing to carry out the expressed pledges of the platform, or else of causing such disaster to every worker in the country as would mean .naiion-wide niln!" Just Received Another Mhtpment of ^ JOCKEY BOOTS. .'. to 8. priced at ftJIS Sl-.:es S'v t<i M. priced at .-*f..i<» Sizes liu. io :;, priced at •I.".*! Sizes 1' to .1. priced at iFiSi TURKEY TO CLOSE STflMIS \\\n KEVliK.SF.S .M.'V STOP THK SillPME.NT OF ."HO Price Went I'p <»• American .Market Todiij—Ho • I»r«p "» t» Ki Cents on . arket. TIGERS nn\ IN OKLAHO.MA. Big Ben helps run the farm on time Is It hard for you to get the farm hands out on time? Is it hard for you to get thepi tip in the morning? If so, why not let ]}lg Ben do It lotryou? Big Ben is a truth telling and reliable alarm clock, . It's his business to get people up in the world. And he'll do it every day at any time yon say. Next time you drive to town, walk over to the store and take a look at bim. We keep him in the window Where everyone can see bim. .Missouri Hefeaied H<«a>ler Teniu b) Score «f li Jo Ot Norman. Okla. Oct L'.">.- ()niplay«>l in every dfpartment of th<. game tli» Oklahoma'Sooners went down to a H to <• defeat at the hands of the .Missouri Tigers today, the worst d>'f''at in two years. The Oklahoma line was torn up time after time for steady gains. Missouri had the ball two-thirds of tlw time. Only in punting did Oklahoma excel; Rt-eds out kicked Shepard an average of eight yards. Reeds for Oklahoma was a star. An lidependence pap«'r notes tli< issuii'" 'f a marriag<- licens.- to Roy C. Coi:!*y. of lola. and Maltie .Morgan, of Tulsa. Okla. Ml--. C. W Halt. v\!iii tsas liei-n h«'re viKiiliig fr!i;<ndi',-returned to ht-r lioine In Fronteniic i!:!>; al'teriioon. .Mr-: \V A Illi'l<>-, whii li:iK lioi-n here vMiltiu frlenilH, letiirniil home to Fre- Uonln this afternoon. Accordln.c to th" Regi.<ter's Gas City (orresponiient, Tom .Anderson, the well known r.-,ncher nf the Ariilerson-Fin- ley ranch north of tha; city, will soon :nove with his family to lola and reside at .723 East .Iack.<on, so that the children may enjoy the lola schools. .\nii :he-c are few families that lola would v.-elroine more cordially. ,. CATARRH SUFFERERS ASTONISHED HnaJli's HVO.MEI, the Soolhinp, Heal- inc. tlerm Destroyini; Air Uives Instant Relief. If you already own a HVO.MEI hard rubber inlialer you can get a bottle of UVn.Mftl for only .".I'c The complete outfit, which includes inhaler, is. and l.s sold by C. 15 .Spencer on nio^ey back plan. With every Imttle of HVOMEl coines n small bonklet. This book tells ijow easy and simple It Is to kill Catarrh germs an dend Cdtarrli by Just breath ing Into the lungs <iver the (?atarrh infected meiubrane the powerful vet lileasani antiseptic air of EiicalypiU-- ifiun the Inland forecits of AiiBtralla This hook tells nliont Ihe IIVOMKI vapor Irenlment for stubborn Catarrh, i'nmt», lit'avy Cold* and Soro Throat, ami other luterii>itln»r facts. $2.50 PM, Soft Tii^'vU X X. A ti ITMak taONfm. Flowers Flowers Fall Pot Plants Ponipon Chrysanthemums in White, Pink, YelloWi and Red, 15c, two for 25c Pot Carnations at 2oc Boston and Asparagus Ferns at 25c Cut Flowers—Chrysanthemums—in white, ., pink, yellow, at, per dozen $1^0 to $2.00 Peckler's Greenhouse Phone 995-5- 1 ISv Ih'- .\s.Hii.i;ll. I ;"r.- Chicago, Oct. I'l'..—Fear tiiat the r'-- poi'ted success oi the lialkan allies would cause Tiirki-y to elci .si- ilie J»,ir- ilaiielb K made wheat advance today. The bulls were also lielpe<l by a ile- clslou by tilt! Hoaitl of Trade that p sample of Duliith .No. ^ was not up ru Ilie Chicago standard Thn openin.-; .\as 'v to 'aC higher •. lle<-einbfi .•started at »:tU to 4c. i< iicli.-r 'it',ic and rose to S:i'•!>fi •\c. WllK.VT—Close: He.. •X:\1i\i-; .May I'Sc. . CORN—Clo.-!-': .Inly liV^r; Dec. .".:ll-^TI.".:!^>j,: .May :<2^iv. O.VTS—Clo.«e: Di'c. .'li"..-; .May .-Jtij Kansas City tiraiii.^ City Oct. '-Ji;.- (a.-li Whiat, iisukfl iini:liaiiu<-d. .\o. lianl. N7'i.; Ml. :i, NT;II;II»; .\O. :; red f I.iil'ii 1.117':;: ::, '.ei'ti i.iir.. ciosi- i>••••. .sT'j; vlay COU.N—.Mark"i. new unchanged, old c lowir. .No. mixed, old .">!», new rn\i. 5| •'«!•; N.« :i. old .'.(i; new fit;; .No. v.lllti', old r.Kti 1,11. new .".7?/'>N; NO. :! wid .•.7'j </.'.S'<.. n.'W .".<;. Close—.hily i>i~u: D'c. t;i'...: .May i'.>\'i!,V.i'^. 0.\TS—.Marki't iinehailged. .No. i: vhlte. 'A:,. SO. _' mixed, iill'^c. Ifet«-lpt.- c1 wheal. IS.', cars Kall^as (it) Livestock. Kansas City. Oct. 2>;.—CATThK. r.- l.iiiio .Market, ."it.-ndy. .Nativi iliMTs $ri.7.">'fi 10.7.".; cows anil iii'ifers- $:i.4P')j 7 .''O; slock.Ts ami l-rdpis f4..".i 1 7 •••<>; bulls $::.7.'.ir1'.".; calves $."..IMI llOt;S -K.c.ipts :.'ti(iii. .Market it li'c louer. Ill'ivy Js i; s I'l; pai-K • •IS and liiiti-li .Ts $s t.'i'i; s :!.'.; light J, •.•••.••IS I'.'.. I liic.ieo i.iieslork. Chicago. (Jet. L'l; —('.XT'I'I.E. re eipts .'.HO .Market sl.'ady. ISefvet f.'i.ltt'ii 1 l.u.".; slot'kers and tfedeis >-».:i."i''<; 7..'.il: cow.-i and heifers $2.Tr.*i noes—H ipts 1I.IHI.I .Market lull. .". to Hic lou.r. Light $7.S(iii .S.-.o; viixed $7.!I"I'{I.M;II; heavy J7 .'.».".if .s i;ii; "igs I'.'.^ii 7.7.'.. Kansas rilj I'roduce. Kansas- Citv. (ht. - DfTTEIt- 'rramery I 'Si-: fir.<ts I'li; s-conds lit; •acking sleek -'.'.r I'.C'CiS —Extias ::.">'/-j'fi 2t!c; firsts L'^: ecimds ISiv ll.W—.M;!ikit. sfady. Choice lim ithy .$lL'..".u</1.; iiiij choice prairie $12- •:-ri i::2.'.. HUOOM CORN—$r.o to IHID per ton Lead and SjM-llrr. St. Ixjiiis. Oct. L't;.—U-;iiI. iiiark<-l daily at !fl.!>ii; spel:«r niarki i •ifady at $7.4". Local .Markets; (Prodtice quofr.tions furnish.^d daily •iv Coghill Commission Company). ni'TTEU-L'lc per pound. KflOS --Mc per dozen. I'OI'I.TRY-llenK. l(»c; cr.cks. -Ic; -prings. K'c: ducks. lOc; geese, .".c; iirkevs. It'c; guineas. 2iic each. HORSE HIDES—$L> 00 to $2.7.=>. REEF HIDES—Itic. —Mr. Jas. V. Churchill. 90 Wall St \uburn. .N. V.. has b>en bothered wit' jcrlous kidney and bladder trouble •ver since he left the army, and savs.^ •| decided to try Foley Kidney iilli IS th«y had cured so many peop'*" ^ soon found they were Just the thlnp. My kidneys and bladder are again Ii 1 111 altliy condition. I gladly reco -i iiend them." For sale at IJurroll'f irug Store First .MetliodM l':|ilsrii|iul ( hurrh. .\l eleVfii o'clock Ihi- patiloi's »er noil llieliie will be. "CItlxenHllIp In II llrllUllllc." ThlH S.rillOII tOUclK'S till \lial Ini'iieii nl tin' day. Evi-ry votei dioiild hear n ilUcusKlon of ililx iia !ure at this lime of iinHesi. In Ihe evening the thitiie will be .:1 equal Importance and the pastor will preach, Sitndny School at !•:»:. a. m. Kpworlh League ut 6:30 p. m. Clav.i iiii-ethig at 12 tii. .Mr. Criim- l.-y leader. IJ. M. POWELIA Pastor. Serond Kaptist Cbureh. You are cordially invited to attend th<' following servic:es: Sunday School at 10 a. m. .Mrs. .1 •>V. Gordon, Supt. Preaching at II a ni. on-i S n by Rev. James Stovall. of Humboldt •rev. Stovall is an able speaker and those who fail to bear him will miss a treat. On Thursday ev»-ning. Octol)er 31 the ladies of th** Setond Baptist church will give a Hallowe'en entertainment at the G. .\. R. ball Prizes will be given to the neatest and tackiest dressed persons J. W. GORDO.N. Pastor. ' • Mrs. T. tt. Maxwell of Oklahoma Cit.v, Okla.. who, has been here visiting .Mrs. A. E. Irving friends, returned home today. PrenbylMlan Cbureh. FIRST CHURCH—Rev. S. S. flil- Scher. pastor, will preach morning and evening. The evening sermon will be the next in the series on The Revelation, the subject being '.\ Scene in Heaven." Read the fourth and fifth chapters and hear ihe sermon. A ladies quartette will sing In the evening. "In Heavenly Lore Abiding." .Young people's meeting at B:30 p. m. and Sundav Scliool at !l:45 a. in. LITTLE BlILDERS' CHAPEL.— Mrs. B. N. .Tones superintendent. Sabbatb school ai 2 p. ni. Young people's nie«-ting at C>:30 p. m. BASSETT CHAPEL —Sabbath school at 10 a. m. First ItHiilist Chnrrh. Sunday school rally day '.1:45 a. m. Jas. Rowden, Kujx^rintendent. Home Department. Mrs. A. D. Will- !am.son suiierlntendenr.. Cradle Roll, .Mrs. J. H: McMurray superintendent Organized classis: Philath'a. Mis? Jaiiiiit.i U'ri-, Piesid'Ht. I'.araca, .Mr. Howard Ritchie, l'r.-sld<-nt. A short program will be rendered fo rthf Ix-netlt of tin- Home Department at th*- close of flK- Sunday school The Rallv dav program will b" given at 7:30. Sermon II a. m. Theme, "The Islan' of .America or .Mormanism," by Dr Bruce McKinni'v. B Y. P. y. fi:30 .. Rally Day Proeram. Sone by the School. Pra.ver by the Pastor. Recitation —Lucile Williamson. Song by Booster Quarliiti' "Thi Mtlle Brown Church in the Vale ' Recitation—Elma Irwin. Recitation—Verna BurnsidfK. SoiiL'.- Choir Violin Solo-Mr W.lch. Baraca (iuartelte.—"Ji-.-iuH S:ivioui Pilot M.-." Recitation—Lois Irwin. DialogiH'.—Thri-.' Little Cirl-Booster Qiiarti'tti—"Son of .My Soul." Recitation—Marg.-ry .Malli.r-H-al. rice .Mc.Murriy. Recitation—Jewell Davis. Song by School R.cilatlon—Margery Mather. Booster Quartett-—"The W.iysidi Crosi:." Recitation-Bbnda Smiili. OffiTin:; for Honii' .Mission.!. Song—Choir. Addriss—Dr. Bruce McKiniM-y. Booster On.nrtetle —"We Catlui America - - Con greg.i t Ion. I'i'iii'dietii.n. Dr. Shadwick. LAIIAUPE CIirRCH- Sund.iy scbcol 2 p. m. Seriiioii :! II ni. Dr. Bruce .McKinnev will nil th.' pu' pit Pr.-i.ver s.-rvicc Tliursdav 7-311 p. ni • !. W. SHEPARD, I'astor First A. M. E. Chnrrh- Preaching at 11 a. m. by Pastor subject "Swelling of the Jordan." Class Meeting 12:30 p. in. Sunday sibool 3 p. m. Evi-ning si-rvices at 7:3U p. m. Sons- service and pri-aching at S-}i) p. m.. Subject, "Divine Tuition." I..i't al v.'lio will come and worship with us. We arc liuildine a n «'W church am tiivd all 111.' help you can givv. - C. A WOODS, Pastor. rrlnlty H. E. Church. (East lola). S'Tiices will \h- !i<-ld tomorrow at follows: Sunday school 9:t.'> a. m. Morning service 11 a m. Junior League 2 p. m. Ladles meeting at 3 p. m. Epwnrih L.-ague '>:'•'•*) p. in. ?:vangellstic services at 7:30 j.. m At the morning service the pastoi ivill dir-ct our thoughts to 'hat very mportant (iiiestion directed by I'aul to the disciples at Ephesus, "Have Y« -eceivod the Holv Ghost since ve believed?" The ladies meeting in the afternoon wU iie led by Mrs. Sampson. All iht vounc ladies as well as the older or.»»s '.re urged to :ittend. Questions ot •5.i<ecial importance to motliers will b^ discussi d. ' The ri'vival meeting which have been in progress during the'past week liave been well attended and the interest is deepening. The meetings wli: be continued throughout Ihe coming week. Rev. H J. .Morton, of l..'iHarpe wM be «lth us to assist. .-Vll :;re cord ially Invliiii to attend. Afternoon servlci s will be herd at the cll'trclr ne.Xt week I'Xrept (III .Moii- ilav and Su'iirilay It l.s our aim lu make the>.' aft •rnoon ineeilUKN i-s- piM-lally lii'i'fiil to ihoiii' who ib-slri' n richer r«'lli;loiiH e\perl..nce and Clirld- tian people from all OVIT town an- Itivlted t'.i ir,.<i with us. A sermon will he pri'liclied each afternoon and It Is iinp.-d our p"ople will urrniig" th'dr liiisitieiir. so as to attend. A L, SAMPSON, I'aslor. I 'nited Rrefhren Church. Sunday school :<:4.'> n. ni. Christian Endeavor Junior and Senior •;:30 p. m. All members are requested to be present at all these services. Friends and strangers come and receive a hearty welcoine. .No preaching serv- Rheumatism Is A Constitutional Disease. Tt manlfe.'ts Itself !n local aches am? pains,—Inflamed Joinjs and stiff rr.u--- elejs.—^but it cannot be cured by ICK:applications. 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Cotton Blankets, size 64x78, regular $1.50, at. .81.20 Cotton Blankets, size 66x78, riegiilar $2.00, at. .$J.60 Wool Finish Blanket, white with blue ami pink border, regular price $2.75, special $2.20 Wool Finish' Blanket, gray, size 66x78 and 66x80— regular price $3.50, special ..... .... $2.80 All Wool Blanket, size 70x80;^ extra heavy quality; regular price $5.00, special ' $4^00 Children's Crib Bl^kets in blue, pink and wlnte-^ - size 36x50, special price • 75c All Comforts willhe discounted 20 per cent. Ices on aicoiiiit of annual confiTi'nce. El.I SHAItl'K. St. Tinioth}*'* Kpisriitial Cliiircli. Sunday School '.i:4.'. a rii. Evening si -riiiMn 7 ::i'i p. iii. KEV. K U. TOIdv I'l lest in < liiii V,''. li t-i. Free >letliiiili>>l Cliiircl Regular .-••iv ic rs ^Jumlav. Sunday Sihiuii In :i. m. I'ri-acliiug II a in and T t' (.'lass iiei'tiiii; 'I'IK-^II^H i :M | i.i I'rayi-r iitfftin;; riiiirsd:i.v ; ;.ii ji .u First di.strUl qiiarli riy IIK-.-:m.: i-i the Eiitpoiia ilislri'i. l-'jc- .'i'. lIH-.KJI I'hurili. will be b'-l'l ;>< 'li'- \ \-• .sU-iU oilist i-liiirili ill lola. Kriii: I i viV' iiing Thurbiiay i'vcii!!.i; (III.I1.M- ::I,I, lasting over Siiiiilay. ihi- Inl <>\ .\ >\ UUO. DCC. DIslrl. I Kl.i r al ChrMiau ChHrcli. Sermons both iiioriiiiig .mil e\ by the jiastor. Dtlio .Moomaw A live Itibli' Siliiiol assi-iiiiil. :i::{o a. in Young l'eopl>'>^ iiiiftiii;; p m Uirge chorus and in-plring iinis:i it these si-rvlos. InvitMii.n lo aH First Church uf (bri-t Scientist. Sunday .S'IIHKII at I" a !ii Chuii-li servici-s at II :i iii an! 1 III Silhjeit "i'r»\t::y\ni, \'t>r Ui-ath ' Testiiiioiiial Sfriiii- \Vi'i|ni->day N \> II Si-rx ill's art- hi-lil in the ilii'irrli liiilil ng riiiner o;' K:ist aiiii S>ca!iiiiri- ^ts. !'he reading inoni adjoining tin- i iiiiri:!i s open from 2 to 4 p. m. each week lay. .A cordial invitatiim Is extended o the public to attend services and to isit the reading room. « : W. E. Newcomb COOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Phone 161 Oiu' Prices Are Right our (leliveries are right, our groceries are right Call on Us I Onp Cau.sf of Had ('oni|ilexi»ii Ihe (me iFni'm Family I 'liy.^'iiiaii i •'Look at a .-••ction i .f skin iinil<-r the nicroscope and you will n-adlly iimiiT- •land why co.-nieiics gi -iK ^rally injure coinp!e.\ion." say.-; Dr. II. Kohert Mackenzie. 'The skin, smooth as it iooks to the naked i-yis under t he •lass exiiiliits a la^-ework of tiny hol«>.«. mouths of myriads of little glands. To 'rtec ptho skin healthy tlie.^e holes mii.-*t iie unobstructed, that the pre.-jiiraiion ind natural oil can liavp free outlet. Should the gland.-t be lili .ekf.l up with Irritating, gritty particles, a common result of uslDi; powders and <-i -eams. .Vatiire retaliaTr-s by causing salinw- ie=s. roughness. blotch"s or pimplifS. .•ecommend ordinary nierc.>li/.<d wa.x. ".^s a substitute for all osmetics I It not only doe.s what the various fane preparations are supjiosed to accoai- lilish, but its peculiar absorbent ac*ion frees the pore.'; from the d-ai'.y ac- .'timulation of impurities, also ab.'--f,rb- ing the devitalized particles of surface skin. This produces a natural. he:il- thy, youthful comiilexion One oiitiie of this wax, to be had at any drug ;tore, iisiiall.v snffi-rs to rejuv<n:it'- he poorest coin|>lexii/n. It is put on lightly liki- rold rrt-aiii and waslici! off •iiornlngs." It. .M. I'.urgit uf Uillariie v^i-ni i 'Iiiiiiholilt tills afti'rnoon fur a \: with friends. Train toy goes through Wich- iia. Hiilchin.son. Sterling' and Lyons i onii'Tting at Oeneseo witii tliroiigli si -rvirr to Pacific ('nasi. Train 4 (i '7. li -aviiiK lola 4:46 p. HI . t ;ii .-s !lir<Mij;:i to Wii-bita niak ing ci .'iiii'ittiiii at Wichita for ('<iluradi> and tin- I'acific coast. Train 41" iias through, firsts clas.s coafh and st:indard sleep- iT to St. I .oiijs. making ^ood loiineetions with all lines at St. 1/ouis. Tiaiii 4iiS ruaki -s eonnectibn at Kirh Hill for .North East and Siniih»-rn .Mi:isiiari jioints. LLMUNGER AGENT. Groceries and Meats J . LBB -aeBMBBBgag TJIK BK.Vr QUALITY AT TIIE BK.ST rniCK.s W 'l- Dellur to Anyi'art of CMy R. L HART ll« N. trHNhiuKtott Vhonr 4im iYBEMISEMBLE mm FEVER A Simple, Safe Remedy Gives Instant Relief, Even in The Worst Cases Thousaml.s of fx-ople are miserable two or three montlis every Summer with Hay FeVer und Rose Cold. They CO around gneezinir. blowing the nose and wiping their eyes, and at night they are so choked up theyj can hardly breathe. There is no need'of this. Ely's Cream Balm will relieve/all these distressing' symptoms in less than five minutes' time. Hay Fever is die to air over sensitive condition of the n embrane lining of the nose and throat. Ely's. Cream Balm soothes, heals and strengthens this delicate inside skin, so that yoa not only get instant relief bat are protected agninst a return of the trouble. 4)bn't be«tatd because yoa have been disappointed with other remedies. Get «^ fifty cent'bottle oi Ely'a Cream Balm tram your druggist, and if yoa are not satisfied after • fair trial, get your money back. All druggists sell and recommend it. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell. Electric Wiring! Done by ex|M>rl<inci)d inun, , I'ricca reiunonablo. Canfietd &«Thomp8on with the L. II. WIsbard lldw, Pbone 89. Au Exrfptlonnlly Iteuollful Line of Dinner Ware ami all sold in open .<<lork. .Start a Set Today. CH(CHplR SPILLS

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