Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 17, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1903
Page 3
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g -I ^.^t'jSSpV'tJ^iJtigt^' , ^, • I It is the best Oil Stock to buy. ^ There is nothing on the market to equal it. Let us tell you why? It is only capitalized at $200,000 while neirly every company in the field is capitalized at $1,000,000 therefore one share of the McKinley CRUDE *8']^0eK is worth five^ shares of the Million Dollar Company's Stfck or twb and one half shares of the hatf million Company's stock. Stock selling in a million dpUar company'at 10 cents per share would be equal to McKinley Crude kt 50 cents per share Every $2000. will pay a One, Cent Dividend on the McKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling. Stari^af'd Oil Company pipe line goes right by our wells. We believe these two wells will pump 50 barrels per day or $1500 per month jor $1^.000 per year, or 9 per cent on par value of the stock, or 36 per cent on the price of our stock today, if we can do this from two wells now in, what can we pay our shareholders when ;we get ten i wells. = f M For a few,days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 cents per scare, par value $100. This is only equal to 5 cents, per share in a Million Dollar Compaiiy. Buy stock whei« there is oil where is now an established market waitiog you. In order to buy a Pumping Plant 20,000 shares will be sold, th^ prices go up. Honest careful and ;<3PiaservatiYe mamigement. We invite your inspection of our property. Subscriptions received by .1 F. S. BENNETT, Prest, GEO. McKINLEY, Ttes't JOE McKINLPY, Sec^y lola^ Kansas. HflmboIdt^Kansas. l'- I lola,;Kansas. OR THE ALI^N COUNTY INVESTMENT CO., lola, Kansas. Promoters of this Company Ground JFIooi" Bartels Buildibg. BUSH & UEFFLER, Watchmakers and Opticians. Vj^atches, Clocks, Jewelry, Musical an(^iKodak Supplies. Spectacles 23c to il.OO. WatCiU repairing a specialty. West Side, lola, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. A. V. LODGE," Physician and Surgeon. ' Chronic diseases successfully treated. Office over "Our Way" restaurant Phone 461. Res. 901 East St. Office Phone 147. D. W. Reid. *'ja&.f."'Reid. REID & REID, Physicians and Surgeons, i^e. Bar, Nose and Throat Speciil attaitlou 'given to surgery and all chronic diseases. Office, room 14, Norfhrup Building. Pifcne 357. A Batighter suiis Sioux 3^ GEN. CHAKLES KING. And so with H«»jjan, lantern bearing', .\xnother and daug-hter had fol- luwcd the sergeant's wife acro^is the broad, snow-corered parjule; had passed without comment, though cuch was thinking of the new inmate. OopTrtgiU, mi, by Xb. Botart Coopaar. the brightly-lighted hospital building on the edge of the plateau, and descended the winding pathway to the humble qutfrtera of the married soldiers, nestling in the sheltered flats between the garrison proper and the bold bluiTs that again close bordered the rushing stream. And hero at Bergt. Poster's doorway Esther parted from the elders, and was welcomed by shrieks of joy from three sturdy little cherubs—the sergeant 's olive braache.<;. and here, an the last notes of tattoo went echoing away under the vast and t^pangled sky, one by one her charges closed their drooping lids and dropped to sleep and left their gentle frieiMl and reader to her own reflections. There was a soldier dance that , night, in one of ,the vacant mess- rooms. Flint's tv.-o companies were making the best of their isolation, and found, as Is not utterly nncom- DR. B. E. JONES, Head Physician IVI. W. A. F«male Diseases and Obstretrics a SpeQlalty. Office over Barclay-Shields Clo.'Co., Phone390. Residence 502 S. WaAington, phone 389. DR.,A. N. MINEAR, OSTEOPATH. Chronic and Nervous diseases a specialty. Office over "Our Way" restaurant Office phone 147. Residence piione 454. ^' F. ANDERSON, I Practical Architect. Plans, Specifications and Elstimates o!a i^l classes of buildings. Special attention given to modem improvements i mon, quite a few maids and matrons and: superintending. Office, room 17, second floor Northrup Building. C. C. GLYNN, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. OfRce IniNew York Store Bui.'d'"fl' ^ i DR.,McMILLEN, Office Phone 32. ^ Special attention given to the treatment of all CHRpNIC DISEASES and DisMses of Children. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg. West Madison. Residence 219 So. Walnut. Re^denee Phone 232. x See Our Biggies and Surreys Before Bu3fing: among the households of the absent soldiery quite willing to be consoled and comforted. There were bright lights, therefore, further along the edge of tie steep, beyond those of the hospital, and the squeak of flddio } and.droncvof 'cello, mingled with the plaintive piping of the flute, were heard at; inlervnls tlirouj^h Uic silence of the wintry night. Xo tramp o£ sentry: broke th« iuish about the little rlfV between the height«—the major holding that none wan necessary where there were so many dog.s —most of the soldiers' families gone to the dance; all of the younger ; garri children were asleep; ed-en the dogs gable end ana the porcn oi tnc nis- pital lay some 50 yjirds of open space, and through this gap now gleamed a spangled section of - the western heavens. Along the bluff, just under the crest, ran a pathway that circled the southeastward corner, and led away to the trader's store, south ol the post.' Tradition had it that the track was worn by night raiders, bearing contraband fluids f-rom store to barracks in the days before such traiBc 'vyas killed b3' that commen- sense prdmoter of temperance—soberness and chastity—the iwst exchange. Along thut blurt line, from the storehouse toward the hospital, kn^sible, doubtless, from either bnik^ iiig or frx>ni the blut? itself. |but thrown in sharp relief against that rectongtilar inlet of starry eky, two black flgures, crouching and bearing Borne long, flat object between them,, swift ana noiseless -^vere spet3din9 toward the hospital The next instant they were lost in the black background of Qiat building. Then,, as suddenly and a moment later, one: of them rea^jpeared, just for n moment, uguin.^ the brightly lighted windovv—the southommost window on the eastward side—the window of tjie room that had been Beverly Field's—tlie wiu<low i >i the room now cry dlea in nor throat, and, trembling with dread n-nd excitement, she clung to the door post and crouched and listened, for stifled niutterings could be hoard, a curse or two In vigorous English, a stamping of Impatient ponies, a warning In a woman's t<ine. Then, thank Oodl ,Up •at the storehouse corner a light cn'nie dancing Into view. In iKmest sohller tonics lioomed out the query "What's the matter, Si.\V" and then, fwllov.ed by .1 scurry of hoofs, a mad Inshlng j)f qnirts and .«;cranible and rush of friglilcnciL steeds,^ cursing of furious tongues, her own brave young voice rang out on the night. "This waj', sergeant I Help—Quick!" Black forms of mounts and riders sped desperately awaj"; and then with nil the wiry, sinewy strength of her lithe and slender form, Esther hurled herself upon another slender figure, speeding after -these, atoot. Despernt.ely she clung to it In spite of savage blows and strainings. And BO they foimd her, as forth they came —a rush of shrieking, startled, candle-bearing women—of bewildered and unoonsciously blasphemous men of the guard—her arms locked firmly about a girl In semi-savage garb. The villain of the drama hod been whisked away, leaving the woman who sought to savo him to the mercy of the foe. J. C. HESS Conilr4ctor in Pai»t. I .1 For all kinds of first iclasi Painting, Paper hang-! J i ? ing. Decorating and finisMng call on Ko. II S. Jefferson l'hONE7S J. O. Only First Class Painters, finisheri" and decorators employed, ^ iptr bedside and stlood under the starlight, the murniur of the Platte was , _ , , . the onlv sound ^hat reached her ears . heights, and despite the low, cautious , atarli?ht, gouth^vest tones, Esther heard the foremost* i rider's muttered angering words. '• "Dam fool! Crazy! Heap Crazy! CHAPTER XXIL In the whirl and excitement following the startHng outory. from the flats, all Fort Frayne was, speedily involved. Tiie guard came rushing through the night. Corporal Shannon stumbling; over a prostrate form— me sentry on Numoer Six, gaggtra and iKiuud. The steu'ard shouted from tlie hospital porch that. £<igl^ Wing, the prisoner i)atiCH|t, had escaped through the rear window, despite Its height above the sloping ground. A little ladder, borrowed from the quartermaster's oorrul, was found a moment later. An Indian pony, saddled Sioux fashion, was caught running, riderless, toward till! trader's back gate his horsehair bridle torn half way from his shaggy lieud. Sergeant Crabb, waiting fnt» no orders from the major, no sooner heard thut Moreau was gone than he rushed his stable guard to the saddleroom, and in 13 minutes had, not only his own squad, but half a dozen "casual" troopers circling till' pD.-At in search of the trsil, and in less tlian half an hour was hot in chase . of two fleeing 9B MASON S BALM \ K CUA 1 RA«TCEI>^^C 5^ . CO.,^OPUN, MOii given over t<* Engle Wing, the Sioux. —the captive for whoge safe keeping a special sentry within the bullckng, land this Htraiigely silent Number Six vdthout, were >ilntly respi>n8lble. l*hen that sllhouftted liptiro was blntt4vl fn-m her sight in general darkuess. fur the lights «-ithrn as smldenly wi-nt out. And at that very niauicnt a sound smote up /ni the ear, unaeeonutable li^fX jat that hour and at that side of tho tfTfT ! garri.son—hmifIje.Tts swiftly coming down in the Indlow from the cast- were still. and,!«(0. when at ten o'clock iward bluff—hoon >eats and low, ex- Esther tiptoed from the children's ' c'**^ voices. Foster's Uttle house was southernmost of the. settlement. The ; pound was open between it and the ! h,.,rsemen. dimly seen Thcad "through across the snowy wastes. That snowfall was the Pioux's undoing. W'ithout it tho trail wouhl have been innsible at were start. terul Sioux. ' J^rccious time hod been lost in cir- And then in an instant it dawned cling far out south of the post|before upon the girl that here was new making for the ford whither Crabb's crime, new bloodshed, perhaps, and ^ Instinot sent him at once to the end a plot to free a villainous ceptive. .that he and two of his': fellows Her first thought was to scream f OF Iplougheil through the foaming nld, bnt what aid could she summon? waters barely 500 yards behind the Not a man was within hail except . chase and as they rode vehemently these, tho merciless haters of her 'onward through the at(,rligh1^ race and name. To scream would bo • Etroinlng every nerve, they to invite their reedy knives to her I ^thirig of the happenings until away over at the gate the night guards long-drawn heralding began the of the hour. Ten o'clock arid airs well" it went ! Too much hurry. Ought t' let him call j njg],t ^^-jtj, the pursued rom post to pofst along the west and " first!" Then an answer in gut- | well-nigh hopeless from the s from i)ost to pojst along northward froct, bnt when Number Six, at the qi artermastcr'a storehouse near the southeast corner, 6 .flouId hape taken up the cry whero itjWas dropped by Number Fh-e, afar over.nljar tho flagstatr, there wais unaccountable silence. Six did nolJ ut|ter a sound. Looking up from the level of "Suds- town^" as it had earlier been named, .Bsther could see the Wack hulk of •' heard abo\it the storehouse close to the edge of i hoort—to the heart of any woman the FosterSs doonvay, where by this • who might rush to her. soocor. The time 'post conunandor, post a*^" tho plateau. BcUveen its westwaxd gebn, Tpost quartermaster and act; ing post adjutant, post ordnance;, quartermaster and commissary sergeants, many of the post gaar(| and most of the post laundresses had gathered—some silent, anxioii^ and bewildered, some excited!^ babbling; while, within the serf geont's domicile, Esther Dade, very pale and somewhat out • of breath^ was trying with quiet self x >os6essio4 to answer the myriad question^ poured at her, while Dr. Waller yma ministering to the dazed and moan^ tng sentry, and. in an adjoining tenement, a Uttle group had gather^ ed.about an unconscious form. S OIIH» one had sent for Mrs. Hay, who wa^ silently, tearfully chafing the limp and almost lifoless hands of a girl 1^ Indixm garb.. The cloak and ^Irt^ of cl\ilizati6n had been found b^ neath the window of the deserted room, and were exhibited as a mean* of bringing to his senses a muc|i bewildered major, wliose first won^ on entering the hut gave rise t^ wonderment In the cj'es of most ol his hearers, and to an Impulsive r^- ply from the Hps of Xfrs. Hay, "I %varncd tho general that gir.l would play us pome Indian triclt, but ho onleml her release," salU Flhit, and ^ with wrathful emphaste came the answ<#. (To Be CoDtlaued.} Very Remarkable Cure of Diarroea. "About six ycafs ago for tho first time In my life I had a sudden an<d severe attack of dtarrhcfa," says Mrs. Alice Miller, of Morgan. Texas. ' '{I got temporary relief, but It cam© bac3t again and again, and for six long yeags I have suffered more misery and agoqy tliau I can tell. .It was worse thali .death. My husband spent hiindretfe of dollars for physicians' prescripflods and treatment without avail. Finally we moved to Bosgue county, our present home, and one day I happeaaed tb see an advertiseme»t of Chamberiain'% Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy with* a testimonial of a man who had been cured by it. The case was so similar to my own that I concluded t& try the remedy. The result was wonderful. I could hardly realize that i well again, or believe it could be so after having suffered so long, buX that one bottle of medicine, costing but a few cents, cured me." For sal^ by all druggists. Notice. ^ Customers may drive into our yar^ from the west side, near Standard Oil Co. warehouse, while Madison avenutt is closed for paving. ^ Northrup Lumber Co. t I? PHONE I • i? 479 479 .;. j For Vopr ? Gas Ffttirigand I iE.S. EAKllNll I I»2S.IeiilflckyJ : Agency For tl^e. At 4 Other Makes Cfekneci and Repaired Tiirfler's Dye Works! -When you want your - Cloth^ag :X;ieaoed aod Pressed in good liyle :brlng it to ? | TURNER'S DYE WORKS^ 309 West StreetJ TBEMONT LUNCH mUk t Anything la the EsUiir; U M Stgaks, Chops. CuUets. Sandwltebes.' ChOU Etci': Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit, Cak^ Etc aiVB USA CALL. : W. B. Kell^y, THE OlD-TIMB • ' » TRANnrER MAN • fully e<ialpp(>d with HeaVr <: prtngdraya. Office In Model'Qio- c eery. Orders received by '^boae. IB OiBe* Pbose. BeiUeBee noB»lTi Whea You Want a First-CI«88 Job of TIN ORi CORNICE WORK 5ee Joe, The Tinner ADDITION TO MELR05E PLACE. A biftotifttl site for a home on tbe Electric R. R., ^bin a few inlfiates ride of LaHarpe, G|s Cit;^, or Idbu Qose td tbe Smelters, and new Cement plant, it has the advantrses of Iresh air, healthfal location^ stieet car fac^<i^ and natvtai gajS. No place better for a home in Allen coiiaty. Lots 50x150. PRICE, $75 to $100. Small Monthly Payments. Title Guarantted. Office at Terfff'^us Elecjlric line

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