Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 14, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1889
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STERLING. ILLmOIS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 1889. NUMBER 208. Go-I, I/ r -t^ G-OUDg FLOAT INC, • SOAP* 'RAPPERS (Ul!<>£ 3IZE) 2 PLOTTEKS FOILED. Villainy's Hand Still Busy the Cronin Case. in ATTEMPTED BRIBEKT OF A JTJBOR. [0, & N. W. TIME TABLE, OHIO KABT. oKx 2:<! Sterling Pa8S..J OOIHOWKST, Pacific Kx .2:22 a.m. SterliuePass.8:00 p. m. T ^mitf-fi ?««"*. 4^Hp. m. ...I!" U. .U. ljIK[U~'-'i -- ,_ ,_ * .^ 1:66 p. m CllntonPass 1:18p. rri. 8:40a.m.'|Denver " 8:58 Sterling 1 Liralteu ] Clinton Denver FanoHTTBAWB THAT CABBY PASBXBOBBS. OOIHQBA8T. OOINGWJtBT, NO. 18.. No. 46.. '. ......8.18 p. m.lNO. 85.... 6*) a.m. No. 17.... ,_7:40 a. m. ' ' OOINQ BAST. • (8-Passenger 6:30 *">• -70-lTroighL..«»:«5 p,m GOING WKST. »BMVB FBOM KABT. 79 -Pafl56nger...B :00p.m, 77-FrelgBt.— »:40a.m A.BBIVB FBOM WEST. 3»—Passenger 10 •*> a.m. 42-Freight. 8:80 p.m. HPassenger No. S6 eonnecwwith train" 6 !g»* *^ west on Clinton Branch: with 0. B. I & P._»•£ •i Rock Island east and .went; with main line ?or Mints westf council Blujs, Omaha and be- yondand lor Kansas City and points beyond. It ie generally conceded by city and country peoplo that BKIX8 MOHK A Bather Bnngllntf Effort to S«cur« a Man Who Would Hand the .Tury In- ttfntl of the Accmod—Two Court flall- Irni In tli« Schnnip, Which I» Ilctrayitd by thn Man TIi«y Trl^rt to CorrOpt— The Tooli All In the Tolln, Hut the Blaster Scoundrel Yet Uniler Cover. CBIOAOO, Oct. H.—Tho matter that was considered BO important as to call for an ad-- Journmont oC ths Cronin munler trial Friday was- the most sensational occurrence since tho discovery of murder cottnge. It wan, in short, tho discovery of an attempt to Becuro a juryman who would Aland out against conviction under any and all circumstances, and tho offor of $5.000 to a voniro- bien if ho would agree to go into tho schema For this crime tho following men were in- dietod Saturday night, tha indictments being produced in court nt 10 o'clo-k oy n special grnnd jury appointed Saturday by Judge Hor- Ion,and of which ex-Mayor John A. llocba was the foreman: Alexander U Hanks, Mark Salomon, Frederick W. Smith, Thomas (Kovanaugh, Jeremiah O'Donnell, Joseph Konon. Identity of the Cnlprltn.v: Hanks and Salomon ore bailiffs.- Hank* has been on tho sheriff's pay-roll for a number of years, but Salomon was appointed bnly nycaf ago,._. Neither ot them has snm- inoned any juror* in tbo Uronln' case, but both have'been engaged in loo'.ting, attor tho ; dofendants while in court Smith is an agent, anda dissolute character hailing from Oshkosb, Wis. Kavanaugh Is a staamfltter Ind prominent Chicago business man. O'Donnell is a gauger in t'uo employ of the U. B. internal rovenuo. Konen is a fruit dealer. Story of the Attempted R»»cullty. One of tbe leading assistant* to the stato's attorney gave to a United Press reporter the following story ot tho attempted bribsry: "During the Thursday afternoon session a personal friond ot the state's attorney came into tho court-room,. and, calling mo aside, snld: 'I have something to tell you.' 'manufacturer on the west nido. Ho said that tho foreman of his establishment, who had boon summoifed as a venireraan, bad been offered a bribe to hang the jury. I went with him at once to BOO the young man In question, who, I should say, boars an exceedingly high reputation for integrity. "- * T- tir r<.>o<.'.mmon<!;) tinn pmnrmtur^ frnm X.37- Itna'ngh or nny »l tbo othr.-r i'on<pirators. n»Ti)!» nnit Smith Arc IJnmri. \ Nothing ;if iniportflnco 1ms developed In tho cn=o since Kutui-dny night, Hinks raid Bmilli av; both nn closo-I-mouthed as is p"S- BiWo to o->nri>ivi>. They vrill sny nothing; px- opt to (It c!ar<-> their innocence. Hanks wns confronted with Salomon Saturday night, nnd with tho conk-fit effrontery declared that ho did not know him. A monitor of tho special grand jury snys there aro blggor fish to catch yot, but tho ovicotiro before thorn wns too vague to bnso an indictment upon. They, of conrso, refused to nay who the big fish ari». ERASTUS WIMAN'S HOBBY. It for the money, as a whole, than any grocer in Sterling. - -ALSO He consented to tell what he knew, notwlth- He Kmbrrtoon nn Opportunity to Pat Before the South American*. Ni AGAJH* FALLS, H. Y., Oct 14.—The delegates from Chili, the Argentine Republic and Nicaragua joined tha South American tourists at Albany, nnd later tho j;>ur- ney was resumed to this "point. Between Albany and Buffalo tho train made tbo marvelous speed acros* tbo Batavia meadows of over a mile a minute. The visitors arrived here at 9:30 Saturday ni*ht, and tho reception oommittea mat them and cscortel thorn to tbo Cataract hous\ Yesterday the roun-1 of the falls wns made, arid lastnight Erastus Wlman' gav« n banq'.'ut. No Ohjcrtlon to n Tariff Walt. gpoochdii wcrh mndn and poems raid by the South Americans, nnd Mr. Wlman dwelt warmly on his pot idea of commercial union with Cimiiln. "Put a tarift wall nround this new lunl and keep out the world it you will," said he, referring to bis favorite topic, "but let this hemisphere remain ono and undivided." Professor Goldwin Smith, who was present, responded to tho sentiment, "The Three Americas," proposed by tho last speaker. Congressman Bakur, b.'irig introduced by Mr. Wimnn, happily combined the day nnd the occasion- by dimply saying:—"Gentle- there ara many nations, but only ono ruler." The singing ot "God Bave tho Q ioen,"nnd three choera for Mr. Wlman cone ndod the festivities. Tho speeches were all Informal. 1'his morning the visitors left for Buffalo. THEY HISSED_^Ot-D GLORY." |L Sunday Performance of the Soclall«t« nf Chicago. CHICAGO, Oct. 14.—When the stars and stripes wore ralsud nt tho Socialist mass- meeting In Voorwaert's Turner hall yesterday afternoon, the. fltg was greeted with hisses, which wore succeeded' by a burst of applause when thn red dug wns unfurled nnd fasl-si-ja c£-'r- : r^;;-!'.• i!-'~":' H:rV!^'^^" After this deiu>iustrat ion Martin Schmied- ingei-, chairman of the meeting, introduced Bergius E. Shevitcb, of Now York, who poses as the leader of tho radical, Simon- pure Socialists of America. He spoko in. German, and secured tho sympathy of his auditors at the start by declaring tho hang- EtfBEK-SANJ) ASHES All That Is Left of Talmage's Tabernacle. ^ _ i't'^ THE GREAT PREAOHEE ASKS HELP. Rl» Beautiful Hnuso <if \Vor«)>lp Lreld low by Flro—The Cnprlolnin Klncti-lc Light Wire the Probnbln Inrnmllary— Fifty Million Foot of X.nral>Rr unit a Town In Ontario, Canada, G:> Up In Smokr —A Kentucky Vlllatro Swept Away—Other Fires. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Oct. 14.—The famous Brooklyn tabernacle, ot which the Rev Dr. T. Bo Witt Talma_e is pastor, has for the Kcond.tima in Its history receive I it5 baptism of fire, and for a aoconil timo been .totally destroyed. Tho fire was discovered nt 2:45 yesterday morning by a policeman. The •'-- -'- TALMAGB'S-TAHKIltfACLE. Barnes bad gained such headway however that the firemen were almost helpless, and turned their attention to saving the a 1 joining buildings. The church was a flno edifice, and tho organ was one of the finest in the country. Tho Electric light Wlro'« Work. It was at flrst supposed that tho flames originated in a defective- flue, the statement being made that the firo had bsen start-d in tho I urtiaco Saturday night to heat the building for yesterday morning's services. Tho soiton, however, denies that there wns any' firo in the furnace. Workmen had been putting electric light wires In tho building nil day Saturday,, tui'l-it i". now- tBOV.fjIit. t!mt- A CONSTANT DEADLY PERIL. The 1'* ol KiKi-trli! Light Wlr«n—No Wiiy ot Mnkln^ Thorn Huff. | NEW'YoRK. O-.-t. 14.—In on inti-rview with a Unitod Pro-is reporter Mr. E lison said that tl»> killing nt Lineman Fi-i'ks was peculiarly horrible, b\it that !ln sub-way matter will not solve the probn-hj. "There Is no insulation," he t'ni I, "which will make an electric wire anfj. \Vhnn untk-r ground thn high tension wires will burn out the tubos, tho dangr-roin current will c-rpop into your bousw, and will c.vno up tho man • holes. There is oni way, nnd only ono, in my o'pinion—that is to re._-i:!nto tho tension under similar police regulations to thnso governing the pressure- on sto.-nn boilers. F(ir example, one slnsjlo • sliocik of a -.VHJ volt pressure'would hardly affect a man closing the current bot.wooti two dangerous wires. Might Stand SOI) Volt*.' "You can increase fie tension to 800 volts with accommodation blocks at flvo volts between, nnd while such a pressure might injure, it would not kill. It would probably give simply a strong nervoui shock. But as for Insulation, there is no insulation in th« world which will remove tho danger. Tbe greatest caution cannot prevent a human being from occasionally closing tho current. Perhaps Friday the wires crossed at Harlem. A portor" sweeping out s-)ino I'fuci can form a connecting link which will leave him dead." Muyor Grant Fo'Heil. Jtnyor Grant and tlie electrical board Saturday passed "nn order to cut the wires of two of the electric light companies whore they'were found improperly insulated, but ss the officials wore proceeding to carry these orders into exwutlon they ran up against nn 'injunction issued by the supremo court, restraining them from going ahead. Help for tho Do ail «.lneman'« Widow. NEW YOUK, Oct. 14.—A contribution box has been" srectod on "the fatal pols~whero Lineman Fooks mot his death Frid-iy, and a largo sum will probibly be collected for tho benefit of the poor man's wife. WHY THINGS ARE THUS. nrtio:] in (tin"d ninirvt i of ! '>" re- Mo-l.M-at,^ in ' with Stovepipe, Oool Hods, Stove Boards, &.C., &.C. • at the way down price of '. [15c per bn. for oats. •, Prove me and oblige. •I, k. JOHNSON. A CHANGE. 'standing it would be a betrayal ot a friend. An InfamouV Proposition. "He said that he was summoned last Wed- Hesday morning,'and shortly after entering Ihe waiting room was accosted by a bailiff whom he had known for years. Tho bailiff •invited him out to have a cigar,, aud the two went to a neighboring saloon. Aftor a few words tho bailiff informed tho vonireman that if ho would agrjo to vote steadily for 'on acquittal ot tho suspects ho would bo paid $1,000. Continuing, the bailiff said that tha deal would bo put through by his wife and the wife of tho veniroman, and in order that the latter might know that the money had 'been paid, the wife of the vonireman would anpear in court on a certain day wearing a 'particular dress. If the money was not paid, she would wear another dress. The Venireman' repulsed the bailiff, and said bo 'would have nothing to do with his offer. This was in the morning. At the beginning ot the afternoon session the veniroman was called Into the jury box, where ho remained until 4:30, when he was excused by the defense for causa. hfipernte Men Bid HlgM. ' >, "He left the room, and when he reached the sidewalk was overtaken by the bailiff, who exclaimed! "'In God's ilamo wbero were you this noon! I hunted for you everywhere, and wa« instructed to offer you «5,OJO if you 'would agree to voto for acquittal, and that 'it you would not do it for that much, why, j— it, I was told to give you anything, so (long as I got you.' "The voniremau said ho had boon excused, and that ended the talk between them; but upon reaching. tha manufactory tho young 'man wont to bti employar and told him everything. His employer came to the court Itba next afternoon (Ttiurslay). and told me. Friday noon tho venireman told us the story, •and to pursue it we had court adjourned. T ing of tho Anarchists to be tho gravoat crime ever perpetrated in America. This statement and every statement ot tha sort that ho uttered was loudly applauded. Ha said he was proud of the city in which that execution oc- .ciirred, becauso he felt that one day it would ha the Paris—the city of revolution—of America. Philip Rippaport, ot Indianapolis, was tha next speaker. Ho spoko in British, and confined himself to tho exposition of Socialist ideas. . Dnrke Still W40O.OOO Short. NEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 14. —Two write of sequestration were sued out Saturday by Attorney General Rogers, one against Mau- rioa J. Hart and the other against Laura Gaines, sistor of Mrs. E. A. Burke, both to recover certain bonds .which, as alleged, wero transferred to the partias by State Treasurer Burke. These baud* complete the $45,000 new Louisiana 4'^ that have been taken fro:n tho treasury. There are still outstanding JWJ.OOO of bo '.da, which disappeared during Burk^'a term of office, and which were used by Burke as collateral After deducting 'he recovered bonds from Burke's deficit he is still about S4JO,000 short. SUCCESSOES TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONEKY and^Wall Paper. THE AND RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of stae! track In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND HOBTHWEST, The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, Now Wagner and Pulls»n jfileepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBUiED TBA!t*S Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Council Bluff 4 and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Darner, S*n Francisco and all Pacific Coist Points. OHIYUNETOTHE8UCKHIUS tfvir Tlxk« '&*ci*, K*P*, THt'.s T*t*tea SJv-I f «-i Uft-rtnUiiim, »;«!/ti» *u» ^_**< ll ...- 4 ,*« J>t '.T, ** • )Late in Hie 8on«im for Yellow Jaok. KEY WEST, Fla., Oct 14.—In an editorial The Daily Equator says: "The city has been thrown into an Intense state of excltemunt by the announcement that tho Rev. Mr. Householder, of the First M. K. church, had a well developed caso of yollow fever. The announcement was made by J. Y, Porter Thursday evening, and officially declared. Quarantine.wns immediately put on between this city and Tampa, an 1 the outgo of pas- gengern prohibited. There is tho usual conflict of diagnoses, other physicians declaring the case not yellowfover. Koy Westhasnot had acasa of yellow jnck up to tha present ime since the close ot tbe war.; fluring-a-thundnr storm (M tho niglik lightning surcharged tho wires and cauaed some ot tbe woodwork ot the interior to ignite. At a meeting of the trustees ot the church yesterday Fira Marshal Lewis, wbo WBJ present,, stated his belief that the Ore was caused by an electric light wire. The Ix»ieB and Innurance. The trustees recalled tho fact that tho in- •urance companies bad settled their poboio s immediately in the case of the burning of tho Roman, Catholic cathedral last spring, _and expressed tho hope that similar promptness •would bo shown in this case. The insurance amounts to J129.4W), In American nnd English companies. Tho building cost $US,000; organ, $20,000; furniture, 120,000; improvements, $87,000; ornamentation, $I,OOU; car- pots, $2,000. ' '; Talmnge Appeals for Aid. Dr. Talmago has issued an address to tho public appealing for aid. He says the church has never confined its work to its own locality. It has tiever been -largo enough to accommodate all who camo. "It Is now desired to build something worthy of our city and of the causa of God. We want $100,000, which, added to, the insurance, will build what is needed. I maka on appeal to all our friends throughout Christendom, to all denominations, to all creeds, and those of no creed at all, to come to our assistance. I ask all readers of my sormons tha world over to contribute. What we do as a church depends upon the immediate response to this call." Tbe HolyXand Trip Postponed. Dr. Talmnge adds that he will postpone his trip to the Holy Land on account of tbe flre. The trustees adopted resolutions to erect a sufficiently commodious structura, its size, locality and stylo to depend uponjthe amount of contributions received. A letter waa received from Dr. Lyman Abbott, offering the use of Plymouth church for evening services. Tho trustees have necured tha Academy of Music as a temporary place of worship, .Chairman Cooler Si-eki Information and Chairman Flnley Has It oil Tap. CHICAGO. Oct. 14 —Tho tendency of railway lines- to consolidate, which has been shown recently, has attracted tho attention of Judge Cooley, of tha inter-st-ite cbmmorco commission, and about two weeks ago he wrote a letter to Chairman Finley, of the Trans-Missouri association, asking him for B n ctplnnnf.lon. Mr. Finlwy's reply is to the effect that before tha -day* of tbo interstate commoroa law subst.intlally Uiil- form rates word obtained by pooling. Tho law prohibits this latter, and the weaker roads are now compelled to earn their maintenance! from traffic originating with them. Ill ordur to hold this traRlc they find tlia:n- selves o'.llg«l to raJucii tha rates, thu i da- moralizing businem. Tho consequence is that tha Htrongor railways, looking about for some ineaiH whereby they may -remedy this evil can 'discover buton^.anl thit U toa bsorb the weaker ones, and by this menin bring about that uniformity and reasonableness of rates which the law contemplates and tho relative adjustments which are commercially equitable. Glvu Mob L-ifT Its Due. T»i« RrpilMlr S!l»nli! l-' PAIUH, O.i;. 14 —Tin- f'jns-r have di-o.dod upon n plan of chamber f'f d.>put.ict. Tln-.v nrmmm'>ii«ly nrr.->!n*t. ri-cogiiiiio i of public, lint will support th,; Mo-l. the advaiicnrivnt ot informs rompati monnrohical pnni'ipl'"i. Tlir<-e Klllnl l"y «" Kiplo'l"". NEW OUT.KANS. Oct. 14. — Tho Tim-is- Democrat, tin-en «o:> I, Miss., s|icchl says: Nowi htts just rnach'jd hove of the ili-nth ot Mr. McMillan by thn piplfHioii of a steam bpilcr on his place nt Shell I'rairic, In Klore county. Two negroes wero also killed by tho explosion, ' Bcnntor V»nt III with B Cold. BEDALIA, Mo., OcL 14.— Senator Vest i« very ill bure at the houRo of bis sister, and has cancolli'd all hin cnEapornunts to speak at tho tariff reform picnics, a nories ot which is being given in Missouri. His complaint is a bad cold, distressius cough and painful neuralgia in tho bond, Tho Kalnor nnd C*»r. BEIILIN, Oct. 14.— Tho Czar of Russia wan various entertained yesterdayby tho Kaiser, and took his departure nt 4 o'clock for LuJswIglustt rnstlo where ha will visit the Grand Duka of Mecklenburg. The two mon- arcbs embraced repeatedly when thoy separated at the station. _ ^^ ntutium Ball* for England, NEW YORK, Oat 14.— Among the saloon passengers on the steamship Etruria, which tailed for Liverpool Saturday, wero P. T. Barnum, Mrs. Barnuin, and their grandson nnd probable successor to Mr. Binuim, C. liaruum Beeloy. TUB City of New York Aflnat, NKW YORK, Oct. 14 — Tne steamship City of Now York was Qoic;d off at 10 m Saturday night, and was at her doc'c yesterday. morning; — A dl?erToporls ho damage to her bottom. ' _ . Admiral Porter Much Better. NEWPORT, R. I, Oct. 14.— Admiral Porter Is much better. Ha was able to cnt breakfast with his family 8 iturday. Ho propose* to return to Washington Thursday. Y'-rk track Il nt CO^H-h-- 1 ^ nir! .--nr 1 ' 1 -' i;i^ ! ini; !bt- rails. 1 n-- :r.-i mill's an li-Mir, nmi thin brnvi'ly sti' km; t'i hi-i rnr;n'* P!'-^ '''''>' thnro vif.'r^ 'J »i) ] ' •'!>"..' ing Kiralfy'-i lii'-u'./ wan soriou'lv hurt. cil tninp-. ud- vly ?« T iv tec A Si'lillors" Mrmnrlitl llullillnj. YORK, Got, 1 1. — Lafayafte post 14U, G. A. R, h«s iniilr.t-il n nnif the erection in tliw oily of n sold IM-S' isiomor- ial buildins. All m nulwrs of tli • O. A. R, will be invit-d to all in tho o.uorfiri-n. It. it not yet fnlly d-pi.lml Just whiit form s.h» building shnll n-sntm>. A commltteo of omi- nont veterans ar« working out Urn details. -, ! A Pap«l Minister for WiwlililRton. ROMS, Ojt. ^4 —Moniignor Satolli, will leave hare on tho 20lh inst. for Washington City, to repr.'smt tln« popo in that capital. FarSn KxpmlMan to, Clono November 0. PARIS,'Oct. 14.—At a mooting of tho cab-. Inet Saturday it was decided to close the exhibition on November 0 'LEAVENING-POWER \ Of tho varicras BaMng Powders illtuv' trated from stctual tests. i ROYAL (Pur, CBAHrS*(Ahim)....a ROHFORD'S- (fresh*... HABFORirc (when fresh) I CHARM • (Alum Powder). .• D&VIS 1 • and 0. K.* (Alum)l OEVELANfi'S P10HEEH (San Francbco) • UAR. OH..lPmCE'S. SHOW FLAKE (Grors). COSCEESS KICKER'S.... Giturrs ....... (UHFORD'S (None Such), when not fndi.'.l PSARL (Andrew! 5t Co.) ••••»_ HUHFORD'S • (Phosphate), when not fresh.. .SSBMi Reports of Government Chemists, •• The Royal Baking Powder is composed of jure and wholesome ingredients. H.does not contain cither alum or phosphates, or other in ,ovs, Ph:T>" Joy Gould hohls 000,000 of capital Union. $20,400,000 ot tho 8UO,- stock ot tho Western ' Tlie Weather Wo M»y Kinect. WASIIISOTON CITY, Oct 1*.—Tho following are the weather indications for tho thirty- Blx hours from S p. m, yesterday; For Indiana and Illinois—Fair weather; stall'itary temperature; northerly winds. For Mich'Kim and Wiscnn«ln-Fnlr, slightly warmer weather) stationary temperature Jn southern purtions; variable winds. For Iowa—Light nUiii preceded b>- fuir weather; slightly warmer; vari- blo winds. ' ' U;e purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. " HENRY A. MOTT, M. D., Ph. D." "The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and highest in strength of any baking pow- Jer of which Lhavc knowledge. v 1 •' \VM. McMlIRTRIE, I'h. D. ' •All Alum baking powders, no matter how nigh their strength, are to be avoided as dangerous. Phosphate powders liberate their gas ioo freely, or under climatic changes suffer de, uanoration. • . i "We immediately sent for tho bailiff incul- 'pated, and he, in the presence of tho counsel for the state, confessed the wholo affair — 'who his employers wero, and everything ho •had done in their Interest since tha beginning 'of tbo case. * * * As the result of his confession thera have bo^'rt savors! otuor con- Ifossions, tho sum of which disclosas tho 'worst conspiracy ever known in this country—a conspiracy which for Its ramification, audaraty and tho largo number of men embraced is without an equal. Several arrests havo been made, and several more will be, and persons ot prominence are among there. The Exposera of tbe Plot. The name of the gentleman who informed thsprosfcutionot the attempted bribary la Pago of the Pago Lord Reflnlug company, 44 Erie street, this city. Tbo man upon whom tho attempt to bribe was made is George Tscbappat, foreman for Mr. Page. Salomon, it appears, wan an old friend of Tschappnt, and their wives wore intimate friends before thoir marriage. Thomas Kav- auaugif isTiuirevuit Kr- be the head-nntHront of the conspiracy, the other five men being piid tools in bis employ. Bailiff Salomon was the one who ottared tha largo bribe to tho vonireman, although he was only uctmg os a go-between for Hanks. Knvanaiiuh Accutes Forrest. Among tbe statement made by Kavanaugh Saturday was one tr> tho effect that Lawyer Forrest, of the defense, waa implicated in the villainy. When tuo mattor was reported in court SaturJay all tha lawyers for tbo defon»3 repuilifttcd any connection with it, and tho prosecution readily dis- ollniid any intention to connect them with tha crime, rind expressed thoir coiilk!»nce that they bad nothing to do with it. But attor Kavanaugb had minis Ilia accusation it was reported that ttie prosecution were induced to withdraw thoir loquitur; SM far as Forrost WHS coinvnu>'i. FuvifUl'x Kmplmtle Dosilnl. Attorney Forrest umpliatifally >u>'l Uatly coutradicla tha niuteni 'lit nwl.> liy Kuv- anauga. U viw aunni' by t.:i.; iwwyor'd fi'winl» when thuv r.w.l Uivm ihw ftfllow iin.;bl u who w.ira »;ouil m LAMBING,-Mich., Oct. 14.—Shortly after noon yesterday while a wrecking force of tho Michigan Central railroad 'were attempting to raise n disabled engine here, tho arm or crano of tho wrecking apparatus broke and a portion of it fell on the men working beneath, instantly killing two of tho forca and no badly injuring another that he died thirty minut-js after tho accident The names of the victims aro: George Ruby, machinist, of Jackson; Puter Quinn, conductor, of West Bay City, ami John Tauble- viob, brakemati, of Bay City. The Episcopal Convention. HBWYOBK, CK-'c. H.— Tha question of revision of tha prayer boot was again the bone of contention in tho Episcopal general convention Saturday. Ono party favors continuing tbo revision, whila the other wants to stop. A minority report in opposition, to furthor revision was read Saturday, and then a long discussion took place, but -no-action—-nui3_ taken, ; _ Dr. Leonard was consecrated a bishop aV'Bt Thoinas'churcb Saturday morning with the impressive ritual of the church, Bishop Williams, the presiding bishop, being the consecrntor. Wind Storm In Southern Illta ol«. .CAIRO, Ills., Oct. K—A torriao wind, rain and electric storm swept over this section of the country Saturday evening. Be- rious damage wns done at Mounds Junction. Bevaral houses word blown down, among them tho new depot of the Illinois Central company, a large, substantial frame structure, which was nearly flnisbad. A number of trees - were blown across the track, nnd it took till midnight t« clear away tho obstruction. No one was hurt. FLAMES DESTROY LUMBER, Fifty Million Foot Burned at Serpent Klrer, Ontario. BAULTSTB. MARIE. Mich., Oct 14.—Word reached here yesterday afternoon that the f^rpnnt hlvor. located about nlne- nisiit that |X>i!lU*."S MS* > bvji. no on-.* * that Mr. i' liuvo uu la n Fliid« ut John»towii Bridge- JOHNSTOWN, P«., O- :t - 14.—The state work of removing tbo wwckago and debris from tho streats and^iitraaiiu ot water cuasod Saturday. Tbo men ecnpluyo-l wore paid off and dteoharg-d. Foroinan Camay, who has lwun wwrkiiijj iti tl» d*brU ut thu trldga (iwing 5U« j*»C watft, ru|«rts that evory low ijoarsi a f«ot, ariu, lug, eftuil, or s«n)a othor portion of a hum-in iw ly «a* found boiiginf to U»a VO«M of tr«a ami t.'thor ilubi'ia UraggeU out' ty miles from bore, in Ontario, was on flre. Tho flames originated in. Cook Bros.' extensive lumber yard during the prevalence of a brisk northwesterly .wind, which blow the Jiro directly to the village and docks, A special train with flro apparatus left yesterday afternoon, and dispatches received since their arrival there show that the town is almost entirely swept away. The People Without Shelter. Over 800 people are left without shelter. The Canadian Paoiflo has sent a special train to the scene. The Cook Bros.' mill, waro- uousas, and docks were destroyed, and tho total loss is given at about {303,000; partially insured. Fifty million feet of lumber of this year's cut has been consumed, not a board being saved. Tho vicinity is strown with household goods and homeless families for acres. _______' A VHlase Swept Away. BosumSBT, Kj>., Oct. 14.—Tho village of Norwood, four miles north of here, was destroyed by flra Baturday night. -^-Qnly—one house is left Two persons are missing. The fire startod from an explosion of a keg ot gunpowder. Tho loss is not yot known. Three Men Burned to Death. DESVEB, Colo., Oct. 14.—A Republican special from Rico, Colo., says: "i'ira here Saturday morning destroyed the St Jam hotel and other buildings. John Plullipt, Cash Carpenter and one other' 1 ' man wore burned to death." Another Big Lumbar Fire. HOKTON Cinr, Pa., Oct. 14— Firo whiob started in the board yard of Cartwi-ight a tuill Saturday did SJ75,aW worth ot damage, chiefly 'o property of Mr. Cartwright and tho Hiilsuway Lumber company.^ SAVANNAH, Ui., Out. 14.—William Moore, the train band reports 1 lynched at Way Cross, Oa.. Thursday, was accidentally killed. On Wodnwlny ho struck n man with a brick as hiB train passed through Jesiup, and T(i urs- day whon the train returned from Jacksonville, fearing arrest if the train stppod at Jessup, ho 8om>tcd himself on tlie top of a box-cur. The trnin did not stop there, and Moore, thinking only of his osuapa, wa-i later on, while wnlkin; on tho box-oir, struck hy ibo East Tt-nnissoo bridge just out of town, knocked oft the car, and Instantly .killed.- The Coiigr»tloliill Council. WORCESTEB, Mas-"., Oct. 14.—A memorial from Connecticut was presented in the Congregational council SiturJay urging- the bringing of tho c'liurcb societies more under the control of tti i church. The mern- orial was indorsed and a committee of thirteen appointed to consider the subject. Tbe report of the American missionary .society showed thirty-nine churches in China, a gain of eleven during tho past year. The expenditures of the society during the last three years wero $l,OOS,liOO. Republican Claiming Montunn. HELENA, Mont., O,-t. U —Col. Saligman, chairman of tho Republican central committee, claims that tho Republicans certainly havo'the legislature, either by one or three majority. Tbe official returns from Beaver Head county elect Jam « P. Bjnnott (Ron.) to the lower house, and Honry Blair (Il'sp.) jg^wni-ilmi a soat from D-'er Lolg-j by a majority of four. We are now prepared to do First-Class in all the latest styles.D Give DS a call, ooe and, all, anil if yon toe Re-ilolsterii to io we will it Both theaj have heretofore b3on eou'it'jl forth2 Dim>- crats. Tliere are alUi;a-l irregnlin-itios , In Silver Bow county which fio R-puhlicans are tatcing ndvantaga of, and if Iho decision is as thoy cxpjct it to '_b'a, two morj Djmo- crats will low thjir sea's, ^ • A Whltoy-Briiwn KomllHCO. LONDON, Oct. U—O.-org3 \V. Williams, of Worcester, Mass., colored IfcUnvr nn-1 author of the "History of the ColmoJ Rico in tho United States," has becomo involved in;a romance, Williams arrived in Lmdon a week or two ago, having met on Ihs steamer an HiiglUh girl, trailing with hw brother and sistor, The young negro and girl Tell m lova with each other, and with tha consent of bur family thoy bavo become vu^ugulto be married. Tbe name ot tbo. lady is not kuowii: ' Wuk«d by Her Uylos Soi-o:»n»«. Nsw YORK, O,tt H.—Mi-H. Lucy Eldy, -npiit-80i~«fflii«itUvl-suicidn_ycsJ!rday. .by swallowing carbolic a-jiJ. Su h-id bam married only a yo»r to Juhn Eldy, a iship carpenter. Tha ymn; c-ouplo hid a faw words yesterday. E nfli-rward lay'down for a n:v> un 1 wai u*al:»n ;d by tho tcreaini of his wife, wli<i die 1 a few minutes htar. 1'jit Kitleil In Great Luck. ^ ,0t, Minn., Oci. 14 —Pu Killu i has I n lottc-r Jrom his ntt- riu-y in Philadelphia, in which lie in inform.) I U.:it a i-o-i- U-s >>d will of O'IB of Ills anc-alor.-i lia< ju^t bean si-ttlwl hi hi.-t favor. Tii-j nm Hint tuat J'at «ill iiH'eivo is in iho noighbjoi-hooii of $17,OUO to H8.IO). Reynolds Bros., WKHTKXO F«BWITVKK STOBB, STKKfclWG, LOT Graham Bras.' Fancy Toilet Bnape Just in,-to be sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A BT. tli« Kuiployo* N. It, ployed of I/jwi'll's iron not bwm paid ''« ainn> •ttanhinvnt!) i>n sncli pix dad Krt work*, ha anJ A- H. - Iu fumi- In tho Lar*li. Out. U— The em- foundry, who hav« B.-pH'iubar, plaood iiwi ty us thajr could IA>WI-||, fi.:ent ot tho , nn I i' la sup|K»oU 0,:!. U.— n.-jfro, Kx-Mnyol Low Acct-jit* ltt« Ho:ior. NEW YORK, ()<^t, 14.— Kx-Muyor of Itrouk lyn Sith Ix)w, wm> was recently i'loi-t.-il president of' Columbia tvlli'gc, lins a^ the olllo 1 , but will nut luku bold uiitil Ft-bruury. _____ ___________ r _ •Jivm.M Whll«uiul> Kllcji'i IlliiB* AKHON, O., O,t. 1 1.— Jamt« Whitromb Iti'tfj'i illness i< «h--t ri-«ult of wout ami ily.-.i*i)-iin, t-mi-^-l by Imi'.l work. His phymi-uu Biys thn» nb-i'lntfl rrstj* iw<v A ttilwuiiVa* l.snaber U*aler Mvo Oct, li.--Uu-,U>!pa ir.mUv iif&'mf ••>'. tut rivs Can now give you a Qne flavored Green Jan Tea. 4 »>s. for $1. An elegant FKOG CHOP U. C , usually Bold at 65C lor 600. Everytbiug iu our stock has been selected with care—fresh and ao*t A?OTHEE CiB LfliD OF -HiVAKA . at a reduced price. Get our prSeew before buying

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