Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1889
Page 4
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issold by all <- .(JEN£UU!*SA-K Salary and Kxpcrnrn Paid. liaraUTOmasc* tobc'elnners. BtocScomplete, Tu,-m,n-wav OUTFIT FREE. W« yuarantee what it* rulverUst. Write ISKOWN BROTHERS, Mar.errmen. Chicago. III. (This Bouse l» reliable.) polite U>iY R man's fnce. " <'nr<! of Thanhw. If the proprietor of K«mp's Halaam nhouifl publish a rfird of thanks, containing expressions of grtititudo which como to him daily from those who buve been cured of severe throat and lunp; troubles \>y tlio nne of Kemp's iialsaro, it would till u fiiir-siied book. How raucti bettor to invite all to call on any druggist arid get a snmplo bottle that you may fpst for yourself its power. Large bottles r,0c nnd SI 00. 4a rieazure iz like a hornet—generally ends with a sting 1 . CA.TAUKH CUKE1), health and sweet breiith secured, by .^hiloh'a Catarrh Kempdy. Price GO ^enta. Jsaaal Injector free. For salo by Ferry, the druggist, and J. M. JMckford, llocfe Falls. Natural Gas Again Doo? Friehtful Work. JACOB E1SELE, Queen Victoria has a beautiful touch on the piano.} Dry good3 are worshipped more in this world than the Lord iz. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shin, B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 00 eta., and SI For sale by Perry, the druggiot, and J M. Bickford, Itock Falls. The devil owes most of hi?, suckcesa tew the fafet that he iz alwus on hand. SHILOH'S CURE will immediate!) relieve Croup. Whooping Cough and bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls ^ A learned phool iz one who haz read everything and simply remembered It. A Woman's IHneovery. 1d"Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady in this country. Disease fastened • UK clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest teats, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W.C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at D. B. Stickler's Drug Store. • , There iz no good substita for wia dum, but silence iz the best tbat haz been discovered yet. ^~ HOUSE TIRED A.HD FOUE OR rlr.«".l Oats— ;;•; Ue- Mny.' ::.''•-:<•. Turk- October, ."yt; Novrmbc-r. (iprlH-rl I; Jnnunry. ojn'TH'-l i' 1 .ii-'i,>l—Oi'tolM-r. ci|icn«'l Jti.r.'U,, I'nlon opened nrn (it ,*f> "' rlillili- Onro Mii "CATCH-PENNY" SOAPS. A nything that is fjie best of its kind is sure to be imitated, and A ^e fact that an article is counterfeited, is the best possible evidence of its value. There are scores of imitations of the Ivory Soap which grocers are persuaded to buy because they pay more profit than the "Ivory" will. On account of this extra profit, the grocer represent them to be "just as good as the ;Ivory';" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and ms is t upon netting it. i * Copyright 1880, by Procter 4 Gambia. The American = FadHffliiIfe -fchaau 1 ] 1 ! i — i Ut, • * *Is now prepared to tftke ordoio for gentlemen's suits and overcoats for fall and winter. Now in.stock all kinds of cloths, cas- simere^and overcoatings and the .finest stock of pants goods ever Bhown in this city. Leave yonr orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get ^he benefit. A CHANGE. No people in the world are so subject to nervous diseases, such as nervous exhaustion, physical or mental overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia, sleeplesBnusa.-dizzineas^ nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, ana iustuutj. P.S: the Americans. Every part of tho body iu .controlled by its nerves, and when they are woukr.ncd. by overwork or disease the part ia also affected. Now it' is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Restorative Ner- vine, a concentrated nerve food and medicine, is the beat remedy in the world for these diseases. Ask for a trial bottle at A. R. Hendricks' or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. The czar of all the Ruaaias plays a handsome silver cornet. Startling: Fnct». Physiologists state that with each contraction the heart exerts fifty Ibs. of force. This amounts to 8,000 a minute, 210,000 an hour, and the enormous number of 5,184,000 pounds in a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead. If exercise makes you short of breath; if you have fluttering, pain in aide, faint or hungry spells, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr, Miles' New Cure. Sold at A. 11. Hendricks'or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, ol Bourbon, Ind.. aaya : "Both myself and wife »we our fives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. _ "J^zInesB ix a good deal like money— the : more a man haz or it the SP?rns tew want. ftoi'k — Knllowln ; wore (h ptork 5-iinls pric."<: Ilc»,'« Murkot fairly nMlv. nti-r now slow ruirt hravy lots Vk; lower: llulit. Ki-acln-, $:'."•!')'•*">: r»'.iKli imc:k- inix.vl )«itl, i.l.lfi1i4.4J; heavy pnckinB nnil Hliipiiinit lot->. J4 10<4(-V>. Cnt- — Marliot weak; xmn\ to prime nntivca, I; .\m,r to fnlr stock, g-l.i»V{!iU«>! cows.. 'i; Klorkora nnil fefJcrs. fM.iKVrs'-'.""'; Toxivs Hti'i'M. J-'.Oi.jfit 1 . Slipcp— Native mut- tnns, SlI.d-.Tot.W); Toxain and west Tin, ?!.'>' S4.15: lnnilH. St.'l'KIoVTri. I'niiliirc: Huttcr— Fancy ElRln crenmory, 24 liil'.'.c per Ib; \<mt dairy, -i>3>"c: packing Block, ;.UW>H',(ic. KK«9-Slrlclly fresh, lOKfflUT per do-.; IrohoiiDi, l.VjJl">'-(is. Poultry— Ltvo liens. (ic por 11>; rixHtors. an; turkoys. Ule: duc't B, Ki *JVii ! ': Kccse, S*UXt[urt.:VJ p;>r do?.. Potatoes— '£>% Sue per bu on track: sweet potatoes, SI.T-".(fitf.»i per bbl. Apples— (iood lo faney, ?1.5"<a3.00 per bbl. Craiiburrltf«--SJ.lXljy).l)U por bbl. Now York. JS'KW YOIIK, Oct. 11. Wheat— No. 2 red winter cash, tW4<': do October, tfiifr; do November, 87!4c; do December, SUHc. Corn— No. !! inlxe.l October, IWc; .do N<ivelnber, 4(le; do December, 41e. Outs— Dull: No.' 1 - mtxcil,., rush, Ki;ii''J;Slc: do October, -T>;|fe do November, 'Jle; .lu December, iV'ic. . llyc Drill. -- Burlcy-r-Nomlnnl.. Pork— Dull; mi-HS, $1-'. StW.~ : > for In.pectcd. Lard— Dull; October, SU.iO, November, SU/H; December, $11.^1. Live Btock: Cattle-t'ht Ico, fteady and firm; Inferior, common nnd even fair cattle, extremely dull and low.r, native ulcers, &UXJ ®4.6"l per I'm llis; Texas and Colorado cattle, JSi.ttXai;*!: native bu 1', 8M.i.l)iW.7.i. Sbeepand Lamba— Dull and wcalc; Bhuep. j:].S>5!A:W per 100 Ibi; lambs 4.Tr»®fl.W. Hniri-Kull: lire hogs, g4.gVDi1.7') por lin llw. __ Tlircn Al!">r tlie Thfllr town—M nrmllT "I.lve" YVI Aoriou* Ilitilivny Arrli1«n»i. BnAliroiiP, I'n., Oct. 10.— At Pnvi",' Switch, a small viiln-- thirt.cfm mn«s from this pl'ifo, the dwtflliiiR of J';itri'A I'ailr wo* burned nnd his vrlfo nnd three snm. a^c<l IS, H nnd 0, ri".|Keliv,'ly, wci o ronsS. ; 1 In tho flames. At 0 o'clock TuuniiUy rik-ii;, while tho family vrero at supper, the fnllicr stopped to tho cook-st.ivo to turn utT jmrt cf the gas. He unlntontlonnlly shut this thi-nttle tight, and on turning it on nsnin the liousci wan filled with go*. An oxnl'Mlim followed, nnd in nil Instiint tho entire housn wns in flumes. Tlio threo boys nnd the mother fell prostrate on flip 11 mr, ovorcnm i by tlio hrat and flurnra. Mr. Daily rush-oil out of tho house to call assistance, but nil offjrU to sivetho unforUUMta inm:vti.'s wnro futilu. The house wns entirely consnnind in a few moments. Conilltlnn of the Corpipi. Thn charred nnd b.' bidir-sof thn four victim!) jiresontil o slckontnx sljlit. Mrs. Daily's limlsi were burned from hor bixiy and her Intestines exposed to view. Hor H'.'sti wna cooki' tlio boun. The threo sons «ere not so lmrrlbly burned us the mother, but their blao'tenol Ixidiu? could not bo idouUfiod until placed side by side. Tno gns piessurj "us very ulr'iiii, thn gas pipe running direct from n iiHghboring oil well to the cooking stove Mr. I>iily is severely; hut not fatally, burn : I a I) nit J,he hand and fuo, and is almost e nz • I with grief. r I A HARVEST HYMN. ..- ' ^ R. GRAHAM HAR Two THE TYPH'OID ATjIOHNSTOWN. Iliinilrnif I'« o|il« III wltli VnVi-m — \r>4 Flooil. 1).— Peatilonco hns from a. Ijiidy «l Clarence, Joiva. RHEUM ATioSvnur Co,, Jackson, Mich, Gents: For ten years I have been greatly afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism and indigestion. My hands, anna and limbs were badly swollen, aad, at times, I could not wear my shoes Upon advice I began using Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. Two bot- tlea cured me. It is a wonderful medicine, acting upon the stomach and digestive organs as It does, eradicates the poison from the blood and purilles the whole system. It affords me pleasure to recommend this remedy. Mns. M. K. H. REID. Mrs. Reid is well known and her statement can be relied upon. Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup ia a medicine of great merit. .C. E. SMITH, ttha Druggist, Clarence, Iowa. £ EY. mf 1. Heap high 3. We bet • TENOR, mf the ter farm-er's love tho win- try liar - dv hoard, Heap high ill gift Our rug - gcd moon- lit eyes, Its liar • vest - time has come ; We cart B - way tlio ^~j^I^^^=-2^ ^^IJj^—r^EprrfFl^g^^^ 8. Ahtl noWpwiiliijuutuinn'B moon- lit eyes, SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. __ ._ _ teMtttnaofworkto *£SLVS. A CO l«bilih i All part*, by our machine* m tb* p«cpl« cat wiis teud free toon* OTMEI in each JocaUtj.ihtTery >*at MwbtK-DUebbia ro»dc in vorld,wltb all the attaebmenti. wllliiUo MnilflrcO compleU of onr cMllf «JfKl vilntblfl^rt pic*. Innturn wnub tb*r you » what wt ifl&d« to Uiote wtio 11 «t your borne, nnd after 3 3*llituM b«com» your own K . TfaU jrraod nucbfnc It or tb* Slnser patent*, a b«r« run oat: befort p»ienu oat It wld for Stt», wiib tbt ichoenU, «nd now *elU for ». BMt,PtrpDg«*t,n»ii CM. _.btn« in tin worid. Alt U No eapiul required. Plain, 'bo writ* to a* at one* can ••-. tehin* la tb* world, and tb» hfgb wt«r«T Bbown together in Amoriea. Jftox 140, * -.—-.-- Queen Marguerite happy at the piano. makes herself Thare iz no auch thing az inheriting virtew; money and titles and fever sores kan be inherited. nn - tnmn pour"d From out her lav - lah horn. In oth -. er lands ex - ult - Ing Klettm The Btormg shall drift Our har - ve«t- fields with snow. Thro' vales of grass and moads of How'rs Our gold - en Hheavea, And bear tho troas - uro home. Slill let tho good old crop a - dorn The THIRD You should read the CHICAGO DAILY News because k's an incfe- ffnitfttt ttnvtpaper. There are two sidcstoevery noliticul question, and THE DAILY NEWS gives them both with equal fairness. A party organ magnibcs one side and dwarfs the •other. No sensible man wants to be trilled with in tins fashion. The lime has gone by when American citiiens expect to inherit their po- littcalopinions. They wact t6make thcirown—and to do this they want" a paper to tell them the truth* regardless of their own personal preferences. If you are an honest man,inde^ndent and self-reliant in thought, read an honest and independent newspaper—read The CHICAGO DAILY NKWS. Ita .circulation is 220,000 a day—over » million a week—and it custs by mail 33 cts. a month, four months $i,<x) t --Qne cent a day. 8f?.M!flELD'S A liady la Texn* Writes: My -case is of long stanning; has baffled many physicians; have tried every remedy 1 could hear of, but Brad- Ueld'a Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write The Bradlleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggiats. The beautiful empress of Austria plays splendidly on the zither. Ladles Have Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend," and would not be without for many times ita cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, druggist, Greenville, Ala. Write BradOeld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. By all druggists. The empress of Japan is proficient on the "Koto," the national instrument. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure ia the remedy for you; For sale by Terry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Ttnpk Valla R UNNING THKEB WAGONS. Al! geotia vnvniiitl; d«liverw! tt> auy part of twutnlng iiuu»fj«ii i>lau*5!j. (uthUtjrll JB. U. WILUASIH Queen Elizabeth, of Eoumanis, plays with skill on the harp and piano. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. For Bale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls Queen Louise, of Denmark, recently celebrated her -72d birthday anniversary. ..." CBOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh'a Curp. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Kock Falte. Prince Henry, of Prussia, is a composer and a performer on the violin and piano. A. New IHscovery. '•Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be -acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pilla cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc, by a new method. Samples free at A. It. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. forced to Jbeave Home. Over 60 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for a/res trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 60 cents. 2 Life iz like a mountain—after climbing up one side and sliding down the other, put up the sled. Always YOBDZ. Why is my wife so precious in my sight V Is it because her eyes are always bright, And grace aad modesty are in her air f Neither, believe me, though she's very fair, ' - She-says, and says it with an* earnest diction: "Thii growing old, I find, is all a llction, Since fortune sent me 'Favorite Prescription.'" Dr. Pieree'aJ'amaus remedy of that Ti5ine~is7InaeedV a perfect Bpeclnc for "female weakness, and kindred ailments. By druggists. Cleanse the liver, stomach, bowels and whole system by using Dr. Pierce's Pellets. 11 op - pl° from the pine, The or ploughs their f ur-rowB made. While on ange from Its the hills the glos - sy Bun and rail.. green, Tho clus - ter Bnow'rs Of fit - ful raU.. from A - I. tho pril vine, played. hilla our fa- there trod; Still let us for the gold-en corn Send up our thanks to. God. W E are showing the Finest and Largest Assortment of Ladies Black Jersey Walking Jackets in plain Tailor made Vest fronts and Directoire Style—also in braided, and also a full line of Berlin Twills, Wide Wale Diagpnal &c., in Cloth Newmarkets. The most Elegant Styles In the city from $5.00 up. In Plush 7 " Garments we hare the finest atock ever brought to tho city and can save yon $5.00 on every 1 lush Sack above $25.00.. We are selling them at 10 per cent above wholesale prices. Crayon portrait free • The imost dangerous characters in the world are thoze who live in the eubburbs ov virtew—they are rotten ice. The King of Italy recently visited the tomb of Garibaldi and placed upon it a wreath. SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure ia sold by us on a guarantee. U cures consumption. For sale by I'srry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford Eock Falls _ King George, of Greece, plays all kinds of tunes on hand bells and wiise glaaaea o f different tuapea . The beat salv* In the world for Cuta, Brui»ea, Sores, Ulcer«. halt Ilhuuiu, Fever Horws, Tetter, Chapjujd Haads, Chilblains, 0<sru8, jind all Skin JKE-up, anil poativciy c«r«>8 Hl««, or no pay <ti<juir*a. 10 la guAjrauteed to gi»» ai" wouey refund- Uu)u«t Taxation. It is unjust to tax the stomach with burdens that it cannot bear. Many silly people thus tyrannize that faithful uervitor until it rebels and punishes them aa they deserve. Dyspepsia is usually the child of gastronomic folly, but whether this or the natural associate of inherent feebleness from childhood, It is surely and pleasantly remediable with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, the tlnest and most highly sanctioned gastric tonic in existence. As a result of the tone imparted to the stomach, and the increased activity of its digestive and assimilative action, insured by the persistent usa of this benign invigorant, general stamina is augmented, the nerves strengthened and trauquilized, and a tendency to insomnia and hypochondriasis defeated. Biliousness, chills and fever, rheumatism ank kidney trouble are conquered by this admirable medicine. tths Illueu of Jamei Whltcouib Rilejr. AKUON, O. , Oct. 12. —Three thousand people gathered at Columbia rink lost night to TmfinJain5ir~\Vtrttcoinb— RilfTrtlM — Hoo»Ier- The Soundnneae ware made in Bohemia continues to and favor with ita bottles, juga and vases, fashioned after the Japanese gourd bottloa. bTtte Verdict U W. 1). Hull, Druggist, Bippus, Ind, teatijlea "1 can recemmocsd Electric Bitters RS the very beat remedy. Every bottle sold baa given relief iri every ciise. O:se man took BIX bottlea aisa waa cured of lUieum&tlum of H) yeara' " Abmhaia Hare, druggist, Ohio, aftlrsns; "The tawt »<tU- iw I have ovor kandted in Hit- poet, open a lecture course. Riley was prostrated at his hotel lost evening, however, and could not appear. His doctor says he is suffering from a very bad case of nervous prostration, and serious consequences may follow. He will be obliged to cancel lecture dates indefinitely. New Yoik Vital Statlstlci. NEW YoiiK,'Oct 13.— Dr. Tracy, register of records of the health departmant, hat issued in pamphlet form a report of the deaths which occurred in this city during the year 1888. Tho report shows that the total number of deaths for the year was 40, 175, and that the death rate waa 2(1.33, with nn estl- mated population of 1,520,081. The Weather We Mny Kxpect. WASHINOTON CITV, Oct. 12.— Tho following are the weuthor Indications t or the thlrty- filx hours from 8 p. in, y^Bterday: For Iowa — Falrwc-:ither, prbcoded by llfcht rains; slightly cooler; northerly winds.' For Uppjr Mlchl- -jron — Fair we«th«r r {olluwei Saturday by light rain; allithtly warmer; varlab e windy. For Indiana, Illinois, Lower Michigan, and ..Wisconsin— Fair weather, followed in Wisconsin by light rain; slightly coolur, except stationary temperature in southern Indiana and I1H- inoU; southerly winds. A Missouri Cuil|il« Culabrutn Tlielr Wed. (line Day by n Fatal Spree. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Oct. 12.—On Oct. 1' Mr. ami Mm. Ridiaul AinlirosH (inmint-nmii -|: celebrating their fc-nth wedding anniversary. Tfraralay Mrs. Ambrose died from excessive, use of whisky and starvation, while hoi husband is in a critical condition and not expected to live. They commenced drinking on the date mentioned and kept it up ever since, having locked themselves in the house. The husband was removed to the hospital and doi'8 not yet know of his wife'i death. Both Ambrose and his wife were addicted to drink, and went on similar sprees every two or threo montna. Mrs. Ambrose was one of the most band' aotno women in tho e!ty, and it was not Ron eraljjr known that she ever drank anything. When found she was so emaciated that her most intimate friends were unable to recognize her. • DRIVEN TO SUICIDE. Pathetic I/Httni- Found on the Bank oi Goat Inland. NIAQA.JIA. FALLS, N. Y., Oct 13.— Mrs, Louis Petecbkv, of liult*lo, -aims here yesterday with tho evident in tout I on of committing suicide, and to all appearance has tucceedod in so doing. Bhe has in all probability pasjeJ over th> falls. At 3 o'clock yesterday ufturnoon a black straw hat, trimmed with lace nnd white fljwers, a hand-sachel and a silk umbrella were round on the bank of Goat island, with tua following letter, which explains the motive forth* deed: DEAU FHKOOIE;—You have driven rno to this. I forgive you' more than 11 thousand ttiue», hut I can »tan 1 it no uior •. Jilsvy Ood forgive you a* 1 forgive you, I die loving you. YOUB Wis-u. P. 8.—Farewell forever. llibuard'a Bheamatlo and Liver Fllln These Pills are scientifically com- ounded, uniform In action. Kb grip JOHNSTOWN, F»., Oct. followed thu flood in tho nnd the borrurs of typhoid fever now confront tho'slrick'jn.pnop'o... As near as can be estimated 203 persons ara sick with tho terrible disease and klndro I fevers, while about twenty deaths are triiconble to its cause during the past month." Tho cause of the spread of .the disonso is duo, according to tho , _______ statement of Dr. Matthews, local member of tho state board of health, to the debilitated condition of the residents of the valley, and the poor shclu-r afforded by the temporary structures that are inhabited. '1 "Live" Wlio and Done] IJnemnn. ' NEW YOKK, Oct. '12.— John Weeks, a Western Union telegraph lineman, was killed yesterday by coming In contact with a "live" .. electric light wire. When tho body was taken to tho station It was found that the right thumb had bonn almost burnt oft nnd tho palm of tho Imnd wns roasted to the bone. Tho left cheek, from tho "bottom of the car to the corner of tho mouth, was burnt to tho jaw-tan, mid the wlrn which, hud nomoin ..... eiintmn with tlio tin-out laid liuniuJ- 1U *••>". ' clear back to the vertebrae. The solo of the right foot was also burnod. ~ Sovlom Wreck oil the Vandalln. ' "^ | INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. rj.— Pnssengoroon tha Vandalia lino report a serious wreck this side of .Terro Haute at an early hour yoster- ; day morning. Tl:o trnin went through an open Hwitcli and ilia engine nnd two cars were wrecked. Kngineor Edward Miller j wns thrown under tin 1 «»b and injurod internally, from tho cll'ucis (if which he may not recover. The fireman saved himself by , jumping. Several valuable horses, eu routa from tho racos at Torre Huute to th« tracks at Lexington, Ky., were futally injurod. ,| Thrre Freight Triilns In tt I'llo. . S MANHVI'KLD, O., Oct. 12.-- -A collision bo- j twecn two freight trains on the Baltimore ] and Ohio/ailrni el at Ki'udcrlcktowii yesterday nftfrnoort causo.l a bad wreck. Twenty cars and two engines wnrj thrown from tho track. Another f reighl dashed into thn rear of i the first south-bound train before a flrignian ! could bo sent back, unking thruo trains in | al. Uiat were v recked All thu train men jumped, and some of them are reported seriously injured. Tlio lo.« is estimated at 'about f^O.OOO. ." • .. . _ _' fi Children Iltttfii l>y Dogs. 1 CLEVELAND, O., O^t. lit — A Loader Rpoc lal from Lima says: Two children ware bitten by mad dogs yester.liiy nftornoon. Both dogs were captured by tins polio; anil killed. Frank Bagart, a boy of H yoarc*, was the first victim, and bo is now sufTirliii; Inlomsly. The other was a 2 year-old chill of John Ijlnde- man. It was not' bndly hurt. Killed by nn Inlurlntoil Bull. -. CAHLIBLE, I'n., Oct. 13 — An ihfumtod bull yesterday gored to . iloath the 13-year- old daughter of Hr. Itndebaugh, living near this oily, and severely. Iniured another child. Appointed to tho tltulu ISuncli. WASHINGTON CITY, O-'t. I'i — Tho president late yesterday afternuo.i appointed John W. Blackburn, of Utah, nmociato just-' Ice of tho supreme court of the territory of Utah. , ing Tt) flEALALL BI,i>Ol> CONTAU1OJI t VOKU3, l»:»t l The recent cyclones in the South and West have done terrible dbtnage to life Bud property, but there's one comfort luft—the people cUiinor for t>r. Bull's Cough By nip. Voui.e Ciir! llulallj' A««jii<Iteil. BMAKII., lud., Oct 18, —An unknown man w&ylaid L<->uUa Wttrmjr, tt^o*i 15 yenn*, on her way housu from »eh«ol at c:Uy City y«*t*rttay, kivockin! b« down sod br l«sr. use of Pilla. They are adapted to both adults and-children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, aa an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Futled. The Hiuiiles used by children are often so-flavored by delicious honesty that they become anything but complimentary to those to whom they are applied. ',*A lady, somewhere in'the thirties, jiud on enthusiastic admirer in n little boy of 10. Uo followed her about with un- wearying devotion, and made her many a pretty speech, bashful but fervent. One evening she came down stairs ready I'or a walk, with a fleecy white shawl thrown over her head. Its soft folds proved very becoming to the face, bringing out its best characteristics, and softening iireipient-wrinUlea.—Tlie-little- boy waa waiting at tho loot of the stairs, •mil when his friend appeared he started forward to meet her. "Oil, Miss Helen," ho cried, clasping his hands, "you look like an angel!" Then, aa aha advanced still further, and the bright light of the chandelier disclosed thu fact that she had by no tuearm the aspect of immortal youth, the child added, innocently, "A worn out angell"—Youth's Companion.. • Aa a borae and cattle lotion Ski vat ion Oil ha« proven itself an infalliote remedy, It has received the hearty enuors* 1 - inoBta of many old and well-known horsemen. Price 'Z'> cents a bottle. Cfli'fio C, pun halt *i uiiiu ul Jdi'o n > oark Friduy in -4H second* Tint Nur hwMlurn Ifcukvep.-tV association is in annual saw.iou at tbi- Cviraniert-inl hot.'!, SKINS ON FIRE. of i^K-'^t'ti rt'lidVd! th«j }t&-i*.'tt; i Ho train, nsar N-wuvk, O, on a ni In Htra*.)* oaguty, Uu-viiUu<xf, «>tth lMU»-,t an , -.burning and bleed- ig Ktxtmn In tta worm. Htigei*. A raw Born from head to feet. IIa!j- gone. l>oetortt and hospitals fall. 1-rle* everything. l'ure«J by the i!u- tleura Kcmedles lor »«. Cured by Cuticura I nm cured of a loathsome disease, eczema, In Its worst stage. I tried diHerent doctors and ueen through the hospital, but nil to no Tna disease covered my whole booy f run the top of my head to the soles o! my feet. My hair all came out, leaving me a complete raw sore. Attar trying everything I heard of your OUTICKHA lUcMKDiKB, and after using thrtw botuoa of Oc- TICDBA KESOLVKHT, with CUTICUUA nnd Uuri- OOBA BOAV, I nnd myself cured at tho cost of about »8. I would not bo without the Uimoun A. KKMKiiiF-s in my house, as I ttnd them useful In many cases, and 1 think they are tho only sklu and blood medicines. ISAAC H. GEKMAN, Wurtsboro, N. Y. Burning and Itching —I wasslclc in the f all oflS8& with a burning and _ Itching BO bad that In three weeks I was covered with arasl). and could not sleep nights or work days. Borne doctors thought it might be Kalt rheum (eczema), and said taey had never seen anything like It before. I received no help from any of them, or from any medicine that 1 could net hold of until I tried your CimouiiA UKMB- DIES. After three weeks' uso I was able to work, and kept getting bolter, uutll I am now entirely cured. I recommend them to all*«tffring with aKlu diseases. 0. E. OSMEa,Ta!tsvlllo. Vt. Most Intenan Itoliiog I have used the CuTior/uA HKMEDIKS successfully for my baby, who was atllluted with ec/^)nja, auu had auch Intense ftchlug that ho gotno ro^it day or night The ItchliiK la gone, and my baby Is cured, and Is uow a htalttiy, rosy-chueked boy. MAMV KKLl.KltUAN, llelolt, Kau. Cuticara Hesolvent The new Blood I'urlner and purest and hest of Humor Curea, (utrmally, nnd CDTICUKA, the tirtsat Skin Osre, and CUTICUUA SOAV. aiiestiul- slt« Hkln B*autl!l>*r, exterually, tnatantly ruliovo mid spotidily suid porniaufcutiy cui^ tha most ajjonlzlug, uchtuti, Inunlng, bleeding, »u,tl.v, (.•ru»tf(i ivud pimply Ulwasi'S and hiiinura ui lli« sklu, scalp, «i!ti blood, with los* of hair, Irout pi mplea to scrofula. everywhAre. Fricu, ('UTICUMA, W.; aso.: HEMOt.vaST, si. l*n')>iinHl liy ttu> m OttlJU AKD'C'ltKIllOAL t)01U-UH,VHii>(, l»~»»>nil fur "flow (o Cure Hblu lilw.ucs.'HU i, aiitHUO Slt.i'.lnioli! i!s

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