Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 17, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1903
Page 2
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One year Five ppUan i ^^^»=? ^pmi^ss ^m^^rn:;^ •t lola. :E^ii^ FostofflM u ; Mtmber of thq Atsoclated P^est. TfTe "lola Daily Re^ster is a' mem ^ber of the ABsocIated Preag anfl rft celves the day telegntfh report oflhat great news orgjanizatlpn for exciosire afternoon publication In lola. HOME NEWS WHILE AWAY. '"TStiAMribers of the Daily Register away 'duHng the' summer may liave tlie paper mailed regularly each day to any address at the rate of forty-five centa a month. Address changed as oftM) as desirsd. While;Out of town the bally Reg ster will be to you like a dally letter from home. JOHN MITCHELL ON LABOR. "One" of-the calmest, most clear­ sighted, ratiqnal and patriotic speech es ever-made by any labor leader, so far as has. come under our notice was taade by John Mitchell at the Pittsburg miners' convention the other day. Modestly announcing :n the beginning that he had no cure- all to offer the solution for all time to come, of the labor question lio continued: "I don't believe wo will over ho able to corrept wronRS by donovinclnK someone else. I don't believe in dc nouncing capital f^r tlio wrongs of la bor. I don 't boliovc that capital Is altogether to binmc for all of labnr'a wronRH. Nbho of lis iro poor bocnuso wo want too bo. there is not ono of us biit who'would i)c willing to nrcu mulatc wealth and become a capital isi, If we could do ao honorably. So Instead of denouncing those who have money what we ought to do Is to or ganize our forces to cause a fairer dls tributlon of wealth among those who produce it. , I believe all men are In herently good, whether rich of poor and that the majority of men wouKl rather do right than wrong. I bej iieve in the people and In America the majority of the people-always do rlgilt." It is a sane mind a^d^a sqi^d^ea out of whIeh-eoraeK -Bueh —woFds, a those. And repelling the charge tha trades' unionism is lawless and un American, he said: "If I believed that trades' unionism depended on acts of lawlessness and violence to be successful, I would ahandon It forthwith. I am, a bejttef Amierican than I am a trades' union' ist,land I would not stay with a move; meAt that depended on lawlessness. But the statement Is not true. Th<? great trades' union movement In thl.^ pdunti^y with Its several million Ameri can citizens is not an un-Amerlcar movement." And then note the good sense of these; paragraphs: "On next Monday we meet with oui employers. We will meet as buslnesr ' men with them, sit down at their tab les with them, and talk our matter.' over to man. We will take them by the arm without prejudice or passion, and instqad of fighting wiP link arms with th^m and walk on If discuss our aflCaIrs in peace. ' "We will tell him that we will takr care of his interests, and we will asl; him to do what ke can to better our intlerests. W^ won 't ask a large share of his wealth, but, I believe that a? snij;e as I am herejthat when the con verit^oh and confofencc adjoumr -wagejs wil be higher and conditIon.<^ wUl be much improved in the south •west '"There are many misconceptlonf about, the. relations of capital and la bor.' ^flfme men who own mines think tha€ they own the men too. And somf miners who. work in the mijnes think that they iawn them. Both aire wrong ^e- mines' belong to the owners. Tou belong to yoiirselves. While the tradies' union asks the highest possi ble wages, and insists on the payment of the last peiiny. they must returr faitbfnl service. In the trades' union And'in the industrial movement, men have obligations as well as privileges We'have a duty to perform. , If we re celve'good pay, we must give good work. They ar^ the -best trades' un ionjtt^ who ohierve agreements. It Bhoilia be a sonrce of pride and pleasure to bothj.operator and miners to |SeB bow faitbfuliy and rigidly we obserre our: contracts." ^cii$^ ftr ^goingi are sample para* prafgrapfas talceii-from a speech which froBifbestonlng^to end. breathes the 8pli It- ^fi!eoooui^on. of fair play and ^^iKkad'laoM^ patrfotisnt There ni>t Ih It anywhere an pippeal to Twenty Ott | ^heyo^^realfew yekrs igd. and showed Ja^Se L. W. Keplinger, -who former. them that the way to g^t better things 1^ llve4in Allen county, hais^been serv- tin the Mure was the ^'ay of ^ace ^ «»e JOnsas City, Kansas, rellif and patrioUsm. committee, and It seems to have . What a contrast all this is to the him much grief At least he rantlngs of a Most or a Goldnlan. of - « ^ ?^ " . ^"""^ the average political dU ^gue or }^^^°^ this dream: DECAY OF COHFI^CIAmsiL "I was tired and took a few-^ minutes, this afternoon to rest and; recuperate myself before coming to this meeting. Tlay down and 'fell asleep and I dreamed a dream. I dreamed ^ that the day of Judgment bad come generally is that It may put at the ^ was, conspicuously present, front and keep there such sound-heart brought before the invesUgaUon ed. lei^el-headed. patriotic leaders as ^^^^i^^^^^ ^hl^h sat before great agitator. Surely the United Mlneil iWorkers of America have been most fortunate In their choice of a presi dent. And the best wish that anyone can have for the cause of united labor John Mitchell. books, such as they have in abstract The: condition of the public health | o^ces and the character of the public conduct at Lawrence may be judged 'ly (ho fact that the doctors have chal iengcd the lawyers to a base ball game. It looks as if the doctors were Imposing rather hard conditions, how over, as they exclude from the game any lawyer "who has over batted or ilrank a high ball," who has "ever con 'luctcd a case against a docfor or opened a case when a doctor was not present," "who cannot show scars foi vaccination and operation for appon- .licitis." if Dr. Oray. of Garden- City, who Is on trial for murder, looks like the newspaper picturj^s ot him, all the :)rosecuiing attorney would need; to dr in order to secure a verdict of guilty would bo to mark him "Exhibit A"i ind submit him to the jury. Olobo-Domocrat: Cuba's loan of| $.15,000,000 will go to natives suppos >d to have assisted In Iho work of IIU iraling the island. Uncle Sam, who ircompllHhcd the job, paid his own ex xnw 'B anil has no claim to enter. "'Look up' his record,' somebody said. They looked mo up and madq out a corllflcate which entitled me to admission to a room over the principal furnace. I was put In charge of a bailiff and sent to the other place, where^ was brought before the general manager of the establishment. lie stared at the ccrtiflcate in a surprised way. . " 'Keplingor, Kcplinger,' - ho said. 'Are you the/ Kcplinger that was on the Armourdalo relief committee?' "I admitted with a dofercnlial n'r that I was the .same Keplinger. "'Well, you take this back. We've got to draw tfio lino somewhere OP fbi.<; punishment business. You've had hell enough already.' "I stepped aside, and, gontlomon—I would toll it only to my frionds, be-l cause others might not believe it of the old fellow'—the manager removed his asbestos framed spectacles, looked at mo. commlBcrailngly and wiped away n fear. "Then I woke up and saw that I had just time to got to the nie <'tln^ of this conunlttee." , ^refM' observers in China ^ar^ nb- tic^g the'gradual decay of Confucianism. Its sway over the minds of the 'Cidnem literat* iB.bynp .mcaiiB what it ,va8 even a» recently as. 20. or 30 years ago, seya the Nprtix China Herald; It '.ia tme that.there is apparently- no marked diminution in. the num- ;ber of ancestral halls, the' existeooe 'of which all over the land-serves as an indication of'the vitality of the state religion; yet, nevertheWs, the more the country is permeated with weaV- em knowledge^ the more are tlie minds of the educated ciiiss becoming allen- ^ped from the teachings to which before unquestioning obedience was accorded. The reason for this state of things it is not diiBcuIt to compreheiyl. It is gradually da>vnlng upon the educated young men of Chiiia that a knowledge of' the Copfudan classics is no longer what it Was from a commercial point Of. view. And the comprehension of this fact is^^uflicient to acco-unt for the diminishing interest that is being taken in the acquisition of Confucian learning. It must nlso be admitted ihdt, as the broader and deeper knowledge introduced and inculcated by western, scholars i5| being assimilated, there is an ever-^increasing realizatir.Ti of: how, Juiodequate Confucianism is, notwitliitanding its merits, to meet the requirements of the present day. Attte mmit. To the people of lo^ 4ndtef^^ Cofmty: ^ The tmdefsigfte^ hxtmhet/jCotn^^x^ hs^ opfBsei 0p a; yard on^ nodth Jefiierson ayen&e, a^- folaing the M. K. &, % ^^t^ wherf^Yoo w0 find a oomplete stock oa han^at all times, ai^ fof a shafe of yout t^e and hope to merit the same by fair pficea and ^good matertal Come and m us and get priceslhefofe yott h^y. Yotffs'^espectffifly, • THE CENTRIFUGAL RAILWAY. ^iMovtnts the I^oop" Ifot Snch a Modern Contrivance an la Generally Sapposed. Notica to Bidden. Col. Dryan says that the success of •he Cleveland movement will result n a tragedy. Which moans that the 'Joloncl foresees his fate. KANSAS NOTES. Oscar Spoon has resigned his posl- ion as city editor of the Winfleld Courier and will go spooning after led at lola, Kansas, in said county, in / Sealed proposals will bo received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kansas, at the office ot the county clerk. lola. Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1903, for all the labor and material requir-ad In the erection of ia court housd locat- -iome other kind of work. The Lyndon Record this week con ;ains a column discussion as to who n the family should milk thb cow The oldest son, of course. The postofflce inspector must be accordance with the plans, details and specifications furhished by J. C. Holland & Squires, architects, Topeka, Kansas, and now on file at the office of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be required to furnish a certified m awful partlculair fellow. He has check with their bid In the sum of two lad the Lamed postmaster removed per cent (2) of the amoimt of said bid and payable to the county treasurer, to be held as a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter into contract and iumlsh satisfactory bond within „ ten days after award of contract Said )itions citizen is going after them andj. . , , , , , . . „ , , " " T. I check tc be forfeited to the county in •ust because he was |700 short. Neodesha Is big enough to become a ity of the second class but the coun- ;il is slow to recognize it and an am nake them. A base ball game between the Win Icld and Floral nines resulted In a icore of 17 to 1 In fafor of Winfleld Of course the WInfield papers claim hat It was a good game. It must lave been. The old fashioned woman who ties ler money Ii/the corner of her hand icrchiof lives at Parsons. But by the vay, did you ever hear of the old 'ashioned lady losing any of her hange? the event of sale contractor failing to sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond In accordance with said bid. Bidders will be required to make out their bids on a uniform b ank,. furnished by the county clerk. Same to be enclosed In envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lols, Kansas, I and marked, proposal for coirt house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's office, also at office of the architects. The county commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. By The feat of "looping the loop," as It is now called, isj not quite such a new thing: as many persons supjiot-e, and tJie ceutrifu^'-ul railway at the Crystal jjalacc, in which visitors have thf opportunity of rapid trunalt on n car which nt one Htiigc of Its course is lit- cruiljr upsldu dowm is by no mciuis the firitt of it» kind. Lu <iNuture, ' the t'rciich Kvlentlllc journal, r<!pr(id.uovii a wuudcut which appeared in the your 184«, »ihowIn|< how th» Idt-a w«u4curln?d nut at that time in the JardUm do Frasculi nt Hnvri', and it tiUfori* very little from the modern appliance. The . car starts from a hiffh tower down an inclined plane, where It gains sufllcient impetus to carry It round a loop, after which it runs up another incline to a similar tower,"where the passengers disembark. ? To the best of our belief a centrifugal railway on the isame principle was shoWn at a place of en tertalnment iu London about the same period. To our American cousins is due the idea of replacing the railway by a bicycle track, therebj- adding to the excitement, hut introducing an element of danger which, did not exist when a car on gulderails W'os the moving object. A household necessity. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Heals burns, cuts, wounds of any sort; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never fails. •.x..;-x-:.:~x~x --:~;"X-:-X"HK-:-:^^^^ I ...SEe ^USiFOR... If it's all the same to tSe LaCj-gne order of the county commissioners, Tournal thoy may stop' one of the Allen county, Kansas. •opics pf that paper coming to this )ffice. It is a good ijaper but the ex hange man hasn't time to read only )no copy a week. Labor Comniissionei' Johnson is laving trouble with Neosho county of Icials because they have been work ng more than eight hours. They J. W. KELSO, County Clerk. Attention Odd Fellows. All members of lola lodge and also Encampment members are requested to meet at Odd Fellows' hall promptly at 9:30 a. m. Saturday, July 18th, to attend the funeral of Bro. Mm. Yca- ger. Services will be held at the U. B. .ught to be pgod up as freaks. Think I ^j-jO , ^,^,,^^3 if county officials working over hourS! i will meet at the hall this, Friday, even- Cholera Infantum. This has long been regarded as one of the most dangerous and fatal diseases to which infants are subject. It can be cured, however, when properly treated. All that is necessary'is to give Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as directed with each bottle, and a cure Is certain. For- sale by all druggists. Pyramids Notice. All members will meet at the G. A R. hall at 9:30 sharp tomorrow morn Ing to attend tlie funeral of Wm. Yae- gaer. Services will be held In the U B. church. Fred Heilman, Scribe. J.! H. Walters, N. P. . I V I 1 Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Fine Surr ^jl' and Driving Harness, Wfiipfli,Pl£Nets, Dusters, Summer Goods and Lawn Swings. WISWALL, NEXT TO CnV QKS OHFICB No. ii 17,; West Madison Ave. x PRESIDENT Says of the RoosEVEi;r All Druggists Will Buy it Back. ' . ——— You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ rhoea Remedy. All druggists pill re^ fund your money if you are not satisfied after using it. ILis everywhere admitted to be the most .successful remedy in use for bowel complaint's and the only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliaPle. "Keep it for your cpliitdreny and yoiir cMl- dren's ckildren, and all IwJio coiie after jbiit, as one ol the great sights for Ameridaa&td see." 1 : The President was, grea^tly impressed with th^ grandeur and beauty of earth's gi-eatlst scenic wonder when he recsently visited the Grand Can^pn of Arizona, fhe sentence above quoted is from Kis speech on that occasion. If you have hot yet seei^ this titan id chasm, why not go there this summer ? Low rates on the Santi Fe to Grand, Canyon and California.- Free book, -'Tiitan of Chasms," for the asking. ;= W. E. RALSTON, iAgent| lola, Kansas. • SANTA FE ALL THE WAY. The county attorney of Montgomery jng at 8 p. m. to make necessary ar- 'ounty who started <>ut to make things Vangements. By order of N. G. L. L. Ponsler, Sec'y. Excursion lola to Kansas City. . The Santa Fe will run an excursion ^tra in to Kansas City and return Sun[day. August 2, 1903. Rate $1.50 for the round trip. W. E. Ralston, Agent. Wo Want to Figure That PLUMBINQJOB For Von, Satisfaction Ottaranteed. f^OfffH SID£ HARD^Affe A wet RC&fon of repehtence followed, ,and the l^ttens were; not drowned." | f IS dry as a salt car ran up against several snags. All the witnesses he subpoenaed had defective memories and when they were on the stand they wouldn't Just exactly remember anything. Abbreviated story of Coffoyville ragedy: "They quarreled about a litter of newly bom kittens—whether hey should be drowned or not The husband contended they should, the •wife, that they shouldn't The wife said her husband was cruel; he said he guessed not, that he had let her live. She said she wouldn't care tc live any longer If he talked like that He inUmaited that it was immat)erial to him what she did. She cried, he swore. "Then she reached.for the laud-. num bottle calling out "goodbye" to,,. ^- ^ _ . ^ . Her husbaid and drank the dontents || DO Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTflENT. ^But there I wasn 't' enough In the >ot t^Ie to drive away a fly and a prompt ] administration, of soapy water sayed j the young jwife from a horrible deatri^ J )ef Goods Sioesy Gfoceefeft . • -• • • ^ I .... . III 111 HI i i f 1 1 1 n f 11 i I.I 11 i.i'ii 11 mil till 111 < If I' I • •Hit > II I I.I l.l II I Wi 'IH I |c»'l' IIWI"I;II n ilH 111 111't'l I ill !• Iff J NOW FOR eoriFORT Dress Goods that are good and beau- tifiil, yet cool and breezy. That is what you are looking for^ the kind we are showing. Prices tire h>west. |4o Oae ilnderMlU Us. /THE} OASII, Ofoss <S» T&yl&jr > OFFipEfeS :? KG . A. Boj*i.iis, I'rest MRS. W. H . QAaniA^T, Vlce^Prcst :A. H. OAurBKLL, Attorney. THDs; H. BowLins Oashl .;.ivi.'"'-v i Transacts a Generk^i BinMnf BosmiB^. Exchange on Kansas City, Chicago- and New^ Yojk. Makes collections in all partis of the United States. Ne- :gotiates first mortgage loans on j well improved farms. Correspondence solicited. ^ ,| WcaelL. Braw.Castlnga, brlllinii Toolv Gray iron CasUnsSf Baiting, Packing, lola, Kdnsas^ MMMtectanra of lUchU^y Brick mi% ^ aoo4 W.oHcmaiiabj^' Oil storaga Tairii^ y Automatto and Flalii Ota CNfparatoriii 8he«t;.iffiil.Worfc, Structural Worji, Siifelta'atttdtoif * iltMHOtmp ^'Caira Ifaaaft OHiar.

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