The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 2, 1892 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1892
Page 7
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, MAY 2, 1892. ON THE WAR PATH! i 9000 Indians on the War Path.—Get There! We want 9000 boys, youths and children to call at the American Clothing House, No. 7 North Main street, promptly on the following dates: Saturday, April 30, May 2, 3, 6,7, 9, 10,13, U, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30 and 31. On these dates we will make special sales on boys', youths 1 and children's clothing. This is our second invoice for the season, and we will make wholesale prices on 7600 suits, 168 dozen pants and 200 dozen children's waists. These are the best goods on the market, and will be sold at from 75c a suit up---all new, neat, nobby and in the latest style. These sales will be SPECIAL SALES, and goods will go at special wholesale prices to all. To our would-be competitors and to country merchants: Avail yourselves of this opportunity. Our facilities are such we can furnish good clothing at a great saving to you and your customers. It behooves you to attend our special sales. May 5 we commence our special siraw goods sale, for 30 days only. We- do ..not offer prizes, ranches and live stock, fakes and unscrupulous schemes Ho run you in our store. We do not have any kind of a lottery connected with the American Clothing House; no guessing; no put-up jobs to deceive you; no jim-crow, hob-goblin guess business nonsense; no misrepresent, cheap, out-of-style, Adam-and-Eve, moth-eaten, shelf-worn, prize- offering, goods; no pets or friends to draw the winning number." Who pays for all these lottery prizes, etc? You who deal at such places. Do not be humbugged, but come where the stock is all bran new; where nothing but honest, gilt edge, stylish, and the only one price, only real stock of clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, furnishings and neckwear are sold—the center of fashion, the only absolutely pure and unadulterated clothing stock in the city. The good and reliable Voorhees & Miller clothing, American all through and over. We are exclusive agents f< the Broadway silk hats, the JDunlap hats. We carry a full line of E. W. collars. Remember the dates of our special saies and come early. 1 00 ;to oo l oo i oo C. W. DUNAWAY. PROPRIETOR t Dr, (iimu 'K Onion Hyruj>. This .remedy is a stare euro, fur all diseases of the Throat arid Tilings, caused by hiking cold. Tt will stop a eough in one night, no matter how severe. It is just what its name implies; an onion syrup, compound in such manner us to do away with the unpleasant taste and odor of the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price SO cents. Sold by C. H. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 Pilesl Piles!! Piles!!! Try Beggs' famous German Halve. It relieves at once. Sold and warranted by A. ,). Baumharnt. ' French Tansy Wafers. . These wafers are for the relief and euro of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cttl., and for Bale at A. & A. Drug Co. 100 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan, Early Risers, Early Risers, Early Risers, the famous little pills for constipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and nervousness. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health, one must have pure, rich and abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of De Witt's Sarsaparilla. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. l r ine l'layinir Cnrris. Send (10) cents In stamps to ,Tohn Sebastain, general ticket and passen ger agent, Chicago, Rock Island uud Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever saw. Just the thing for High Five pasties. For a 50c express money order or postal note will send you five packs. If dull, spiritless and stupid; if your blood is thick and sluggish; if your appetite is capricious and uncertain, you need a Sarsaparillu. For best results take De Witt's. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. For a lame back there is nothing better than to saturate a flannel cloth with Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and bind it on the affected parts. Try it, and you will be surprised at the prompt relief it affords, The same treatment will cure rheumatism. For sale by C. B. Winslow, druggist, 15 South Main street. Oregon, Washington and the Northwest Paclllo Coast. The constant demand of the traveling public to the far west for a comfortable and at the same time an economical mode of traveling, has led to the establishment of what is known as Pullman Colonist Sleepers. These ears are built on the same geu- eral plan as the regular first clasB Pullman Sleeper, the only difference being is that they are not upholstered. They are furnished complete with good comfortable hair matresses, warm blankets, snow white linen curtains, plenty of towels, combs, brushes, etc., which secure to the occupantof a berth as much privuey as is to be had in first- class sleepers. There are also separate toilet rooms for ladies and gentlemen, and smoking is absolutely prohibited. For full information send for Pullman Colonist Sleeper Leaflet, general passenger and Omaha, Neb. E. L. Lomax, ticket agent, 5-31 It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose that performs the cure is the best. De Witt's Little Early Risers are the smallest pills, will perform the cure and are the best. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. The Handsomest Lady In Hutchinson Remarked to a friend the other day that she knew that Kemp's Balsam for the throat was a superior remedy, as it had stopped her cough instantly when other cough remedies had no effect whatever. So to prove this and convince you of its merit, any drugist will give you a sample bottle FREE. Large sive 50c and $1. Xeumlfrla Cured In 15 Minutes;; Mr. J. S. Sturtevant, editor of the Waupaco (Wis.) Post, says: "Last night Chamberlain's Pain Balm cured my wife of neuralgia of the face ami tooth in fifteen minutes. We would not be without it." 50 cent bottles for sale by C. B. Winslow, 15 South Main, Spring Medicine. Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills, on account of their mild action are especially adapted for correcting spring disorders, such as impure blood, tired brain and aching and worn out body. They act promptly on the liver and kidneys; drive out all impurities from the blood, and malaria from the system. Only one pill for a dose. Try them this spring. Sold at 25 cents a box by C. B. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 The ropulatlon of Hutchinson Is about 10,000, and wo would say at least one-half is troubled with some affection of the throat and lungs, as these complaints are, according to statistics, more numerous than others. We would advise all our readers not to neglect the opportunity to call on their druggist and get a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottles 00c and $1. by all druggists. Sold A gentleman in Union County, Mo. who is too modest a man to have his name mentioned in the newspapers, was cured of rheumatism by Chamberlain's Pain Bulm after trying other medicines and treatment for thirteen years. For sale by C. B. Winslow, druggist, 15, South Main street. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by A; & A. Drug Co. Republican National Convention. Minneapolis, Minn., June 7th, 1892. For the above named occasion the Missouri Pacific railway company will sell tickets to Minneapolis and return at one lowest first class fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold June 1st to 5th, inclusive, limited for return to and including June 25th. Further information cheerfully furnished. P. J. LF.IMHACU, Agent. Mrs L. R. Patton, Rockford, 111., writes; "From personal experience I can recommend De Witt'sSarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. liTioTinT'irsiTstH k«; Mothers frequently make a mistake in neglecting the Cough of a child. A Fort Wayne, Ind., lady writes; My little daughter 0 years old had a severe eough but as it was nothing unusual I thought nothing of it. and allowed it to run on for four or five weeks, when it became so obstinate she began losing flesh. 1 called in a physician who treated her three weeks without benefit. A neighbor insisted upon my trying Ballard's llorehound Syrup; it re lieved her from tho first dose aud she began gaining flesh rapidly, when we had used two bottles her cough had en tirely disappeared. I would not be without it. It does not constipate my children. Ballard's Horehound Syrup is free from Opiates. It's the best Throat and Lung medicine in the world. Price, 50c. and SI.00. Sold by all druggists. _ Clminberlain's Kye and Skin Ointment, A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Salt Rhem, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples, and Piles. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been curod by it after" all other treatment had failed It is put up in 25 and 50 cent boxes. For sale by C. B. Winslow. A Sound Liver Makes a Well Man. Are you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in buck and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.? If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your oblood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. Renl Estate Transfers. Below we give the real estate transfers for to-day. They are furnished by Chus. E. Hall, the abstractor; office in the First National bank building: Warranty deeds when not otherwise stated William II Bicknell et ux to .Joseph Beal e hf lot in • Brown >fc Digger's addition A Ileal et ux to Boston Safe Deposit and Trust company o hf lot 19 Brown Itigger's oddition quit claim deed I (Ioldberg et ux to Herman Goldberg und hf int lot 22 blk 1 Irving Place add.... Safyer et ux to Herman (Ioldberg und hf int lot 22 blk 1 Irving Place add James llathie et ux to I E Hinsliaw se qr 29-23-0 1,900 00 United States to Joseph S Bennett sw qr sec 33-25 -8. . Patent Amanda M Carpenter et ux to Thos. A. Oney lots 23, 25. 27, 29, ave G west Riverside add 1,000 00 State of Kansas to J W Jones hf sec 3(1-25-10 patent 1,030 00 L .1 Potter et ux to Dora A Wallace lots 21 and 22 blk 3 Turon W S F.verett to Fannie Minturn, lot 11 blk 52, Nickerson, quit c d Fanuic Minturn et ux to Mary J Maloney, lot tl blk 54, Nickerson, J 11 D Rosan et ux to Alfred Allen, ne qr22-24-0 United States to Claes A Ekdahl, w hf nw qr 21 and n hf ne qr 20-24-10 United States to Erastus E llanan, W hf nw qr and w hf sw qr 10-24-10 Baroline R Salmon et ux to John R Atherton, lot 47 Itigger st east, Handy's add 1,800 00 Laura F Atkinson et ux to E S Handy, lots 1S-20 blk 1, Handy's add Daniel W Stehman et ux to Win J Townsend et al, sw qr 32-32-4, quit c d Elizabeth Poo et ux to Mrs Minnie Imlay, tract in se qr 14-23-0 R It Wilson to John Chapman lot 28 blk 1, Quiring & Cio- erz's add I!. W. Doremyre et ux to Lloyd A. Pocock lots 1. 2, -1. 5. blk 1; Odell's First addition. Arlington 1,200 oo United States to Albert Wagner ne qr 25-24-10 United States to Gustav Wagoner se qr 25-24-10 Sioux Investment company to 'Sarah M. Taylor, se qr 28, und w hi' se qr 211-25-10. .. . .lames Turkic et ux to Harvey Miskimen, undivided half interest in tracts 4, ami that part of tract 5 ly- in^ east of the Mo. 1'. II. It. in Valentine's addition to Hutchinson, also undivided hf interest in lots 1 and 2, blk 21, and lots 1, 2, 4, 5, and H. blk 22, Miskimen's sub-division of tracts20, 21, and 22 of Valentine's addition to Hutchinson Patrick Uollund et ux to - Thos. .1. Holland, lots 9,10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, blk 2, Jackson's addition Abraham Mincer et ux to El­ lis.I. Linder. ne qr. 18-^410 K. Wilder et ux to Thomas llindmau, 40 acres oil' east side nw qr 3-22-10 Joseph Borntreger et ux to Levi (iarver, e hf ne qr 23:;l-17 Luther W. Page to E. M. Elliott e hf sw qr 32-22-7.... 20 00 100 00 200 00 3,400 00 Patent Patent 500 00 105 80 50 00 500 00 Patent. Patent. 1 no certed plans, gathering. Be prepared for a large Sylvia. Chus. Gray will return from tho new territory and oceupy his old position in the depot. Mrs. Cray is visiting her parents in Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. James Roberts is quite sick. James Burtleson and wife have returned from a year's visit to their old home in Denmark, well satisfied with Kansas and glad to get back. Wm. Thompson is expecting his family home from Louisville, Ky. They will be accompanied by Miss Eva Ives and Mrs. Hardupee. Mrs. J. A. Frickert has been on the sick list. The church going people are well satisfied with the new preacher, ltev. Swan. Miss. Mamie Bond left for her home in Wisconsin, after having spent six weeksvisiting Mrs. McLalnand others. Mr. Dcgglngor is remodeling the college building and will move in the near future. Miss Eva Ball will attend Professor Minnich's school for six weeks in Hutchinson. We are organizing a band here which will be composed of considerable talent. The Republicans here feel confident of success this year. Kntertalniuent. Owing to the fact that a large number of people will be in our city during the Republican convention, and the probability that all the available sleeping accommodations will be needed, we desire each citizen that can furnish sleeping accommodations for one or more, please leave notice at once at the olllcc of L. F. Cain, the secretary of the committee, at Winne & Winne's office. We only ask for sleeping room ns boarding arrangements are ample for all. Lot every citizen appoint himself a committee of one to do all he can and report same at once. 11. W. UI.KAHOX, F. W. VoiiNd, O. E. (.'o.MS'iocii. N. (J. IlOI. I.ISTKIl. L. F. CAIN, Committee. BENNETT & BLAKE, THE BOTTLERS, Manufacturers of all carbonated drinks such lis IUrcli Heer, Dinger AU\ Champa#u<3 and Orangr Cider, and all kinds of Pop. HOP TEA and B. B. Also sole agents for A SPARKLING-. DELICIOUS, REFRESHING- Summer or Winter DRINK. Mail orders solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Office and Works, 122 Avenue A West. StorkhoUlers' Meeting. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson and Southern Railroad company at the company's office in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tuesday, May 13, 1802, at 10 a. m. II. A. CHHINTV, President. CHAS. J[. DAVIS, Secretary. April 13, 1802. tf 1,500 00 1,200 00 1,001! 00 50 00 1,000 00 MOO 00 One Thousand Dollars Reward.—To any one who will furnish us a receipt that will cure a cough, cold or any disease of tho throat or lungs sooner or more effectually than.Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. Sold and warranted by A. J. Baumhardt. Itnllarit's Snow l.inlitient. This liniment is different in composition from any other liniment on the market. It is a scientific discovery, which results in its being tht> most penetrating liniment ever known. There are numerous white imitations, which may be recommended because they pay the seller a greater profit. Beware of these und demand Ballard's Snow Liniment. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts, Sprains, Bruises, Wounds, Sciatic and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds, Sore Feet, Contracted Muscle, Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain in Back, Barb Wire Cots, Sore Chest or Throat and especially beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by all druggists. '•Late to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your home in the skies." But early to bed and a '-Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. Beam's Midland Phurmacy; Keller Call. EOITOK NKWS: Will you please accept a few words from the Second (Colored) Baptist church of the city of Hutchinson: Our new pastor, Rev. J. T. Oliye, of Dayton, Ohio, will call on you in a few days to ask you for assistance and sympathy in raising 8150 on our ehurch, which must be raised by first Sunday in September. Any amount that any one may give will be cheerfully received. You know the Bible says: •'Blessed is the cheerful giver." Done by order of the church this 30th iy of April, 1802. GJIANT IIlSQlNS, Tosi THOMAS, S. (JAIII.IXG, R. McQi'AitY, TiKWlH liKAHIlV, Church Officers. Winter Excursions. Salt Lake and Ogden—Round trip £51.50. Tickets good for ninety days. Las Vegas and Hot Springs and re- \ turn—Mound trip tickets, good for ninety days, 825. On sale every day in the year, Pacific Coust Points—§80 for round trip tickets good for six months, with choice of all routes. Helena, Butte and Melrose, Mont., round trip ?00; tickets good ninety days. Rates to the following Texas points are now in effect. Tickets good returning until June 1, with transit limit of thirty days in each direction: Austin, Texas $24.85 El Paso. Texas 37.05 Demiug, New Mexico 37.05 Houston, Texas 28.40 Lampasas, Texas 24.10 New Orleans, Louisiana 44.80 J. W, TKHKOIII), Agent. To Old Soldiers. I shall ox ^en in a few days a real estate, locating engineer's aud surveyor's office at the new town which will be located at Red Rock, mi the Santa Fe, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have J. O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of that land in my employ. 1 will locate claims, re-establish corners, do thu necessary improvement ami tiling for $25 apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and 1 will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with filing papers. Send check for $25 with power of attorney to me at Winfiuld, Kan., until the strip is opened. f 'APT. J AS . W. HAMILTON. A Mure Cur*i for I 'ilcM. Itching piles are known by moisture, like perspiration, causing intense itching when warm. This form as well as blind, bleeding or protruding, yield at once to Dr. Itosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts directly on the parts alleet- ed, absorbs tumors, allays itching and effects a permanent cure. 50 cents. Druggists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. liosanko, 32'J A reft slreet Philadelphia, Pa. Sold l>y C B. Winslow, druggist. 3-11-02 IVORY SOAP 99* Pure. THE BEST fOR EVUY ftlRrOIE. Dcamess Can't lie Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inilamcd condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inilamcd you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed, deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will he destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by cartarrh, which is nothing but an infiammed condition of tho mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundrend Dollars for any cusc of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that we cannot cure by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. P. J. CHBXKY & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by all druggists. For lame back side or ehest, us. Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents For sale by A, A. Drug Co. lie Prepared. Owing to the fact that the street car people will have more than they can possibly do to accommodate the crowds going to and from the auditorium during the convention, it will be well for the liverymen and hackmen all to be prepared to furnish transportation for the people. There should be system about this, that none can complain of inability to get to and from the park It might not be amiss to have a meeting of ail those interested in the matter to talk over matters aud lay con H ERE YOU ARE! First-class G-as Range at the low price of $17 The Dangler No. 501 Gas Range has four burners on top, two ovens—one for broiling aud roasting, the other for baking—and will do the work that any ooal range will do, and do it better. The average gas bills last summer for 22 gas ranges used in the houses of our best families was 1,414 feet per month, whicL-.»^^^.|pa^tlliAaB&nd amounted to $2.12 per month. You qaafa'xvfo ft*ooal range for twice the money! Call at thq^miplAlrkB office and see them.

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