Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 4, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1908
Page 8
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#*###*##**##### -"f** Social A pIcfiSHiit time V.HH "pent last Monday fivcnitiK nl, the home nl Mr. :ni'l MTH. Clws. llolfntdii of Citrus avenue, the r;ef!fif inn beiiif/ a hiitpriM: on Mr. HnlHitiati in honor of his liirlliday. The evening WIIH Kpenl. hi foil verbal Ion and music, .after v. hie.h li^ht. lefreshmentH \v<-re sei -ycd. The Intermeiiiatr: League of the Methodist Church hrlrl a "HWfip" .Hueial nl. thn hutne <>)' Mr. unrl Mrw. C. II. Kistler Thurt-day cvciiint;. <)utd'>i>r Dailies wuri! played on (he Jinvn, which was lighted w it h Japanese I'.uit.entH. Kefreshmnuts of fiuitiide <ii,d cake were served. The rnotiUily reunion of the ron- ^tej/atinii f)f /Jfiplinl, Church took jilac.o IMS! Wednesday eveuiriK, "ii ffxtnt Jat'K'! crowd bfsiriK pi'escnt. The Ladies' A if] mot In the afternoon >uid accomplished a j^ood deal of work •with busy arid willing flnt!t;rH. Al. <! p. in. a bountiful basket, Hiipncr was spread mill the 1111:11 nnd children .joined tho company. 'I'ho ovoniiiK V.US Hpfillt, ill HOClal limUSMTUentH Mild H Miii! program wan Kivou. Tim homo of Mr. and Mrfi. \V. J5. IJroadvvell vvaH the scene, of a happy riiiK fin Thiirflflay evonin« when Uroadwe.ll onlortained with a iho hundred parly out o? compliment, In her niof'o, MJHH Klva Hwannorr, The hoiiso was nay with hydrangeas, solan mm and other summer hioHSornH. Pri/oH woro won liy Mr. arid Mix Jlowlaiirl and l.ho hoohy fell to Mr. Cass. Tho refreshments won; tongue 'landwichoH, eako, cofl'co and olivoH. OtherH present, worn Mr. and Mrs. CaHH, Mrs. Jiosa C. Clarke, Mis,s Jieatrice WilltinH, MI-HHI-H. Anderson of Los Au^oles, Pooley and Huller. The Woman's Missionary Hoeiol.y of tho Christian Church mot on Wednesday afternoon, a goodly numbor bt:i»n present, Tho Hiibjcot for di.s •Hussion was, "Kodomnod Lives and tho Mi.HHion Kiold." Mrs. JI. II. Ciny, formerly (jf .Japan, Hpoke of Ilio •work thorn anrl introdiicod a Japanese minister not long in thiH country, who IN working iimntiK his coinpii- triols in LOH An#olcH. Although IIJH .FiiiyliHli IH MB yot impurfoot, he spoke HO earneHtly and olonrly Mint the- ladioN undorHtood him onHily. Minr.H. Hotith and Wyetb siiriK a vncjul tlnot. Kofroahrneiits wurii mtrvud. Tlid Fivo llunrlrnd Club VVHH onlorlained on Monday o sit tho homo of Mr. u i id Mi'H. Win. Crook on Rowland avonuo. Tho JIOIIHO was piy with Hiimmor blooms, .seai'lol, KorauiuniH huiiiK in evidence Jn the dining room and the hydrau- «OHH in tho reception hall. Dainty refreshmontH woro enjoyed, the bos- Loss huiiiK a.Msislod in serving by tho .Misses Sarah Oook and Myra Jlur- .jH'.o. Pri/cs woro carried oil' by Mrs. Prather and Mrn. (iivon. Those prosont, woro Mosul's, and Mmes. Pra- thor, Atwnnd, (iivon, Olapp, Potter, .Klliot.t, Kerckludl, Oriswold, W. II. <ColliiiH, MIB. IJtirpoo and Mr. K. M. The woddinn occurrod last, Friday sit, tho protly little homo of Mr. nnd .Mrs. (iiovor I). Widuey, No. liKJ'J Ilolmrt. boulevard, of Mlsn Mario Widnoy, daiiKhl.or of Mrs. C. T. Wid- noy, to Mr. Ralph O. Simpson of our town. The wedding was a very % quiot, ad'air, only tho immcdiato i;-lu- tivos being present. Tim bride, who -was unattended, looked swooi, and in a handsome blue travelling and oarritid a houquot of pink carnations, tho ^il'l, of the A profusion uf poppies ilocoratod the living room, whoro tho ceremony was performed by tho Hnv. Paul Htovons of Coviua. Shasta •laihios and white martfuoritcH uracod the dining room, where the wedding liroakfast. was son oil and tile bride's table was bright with liny rose buds. •Mr. and Mrs. Simpson left ii u « for an auto trip round the beaulifls and will be "at, home" to their many friends after August, 1st at their home on ('ullage l>rive. Tim bride is a (•.harming youu^ linly who IUIH lituejii three years in our ijiammar school and our children ti'ive mel with a Int-H which they themselves fully reali/e. it will be I hard to inateh her win> tirmiiess and keen I hoiMiij,- hue;.-, in the least item of her duty, and n.M'li . ii!.-.|.|e • if duly. Ill veiny M i-i. Sl;'.!|i-oii is a yicat invnritc ami v^ us t he i eci | i< u! nl I hi ee ' '-ii ,•. el',-. " i i .-ide-, lili lie I oil- lioaul il ul ;.i e-ii n!s. 'J'he <.'. ''i < MI, ii ie : ' i \ i- 'I l\ i n -.1-, | value 1. i I '• •> i li.i --e\ en \i-iii . ;',_•' 1 coin ' <'o|,,lai'e. t..| t hi I.. II.-til . I l.l:- heal! Il, ' t hi 411^11 !!• i .lii N^' Ii 1'i I .-'. I ••'» e )' \\ ho iljok-, .Ii I he -I il A ill 1 1 - -Ul! . I < V \ iii-.i' -i l,..lii'.s ;iir, .\! i . ^-'.i 1 i - ', i • : i, t ii,. 11 i: i I -bij.j.i lit' 1.1, •• 11: ••-•-. l.i II,.' ; i wilt, lit.- r.iU'i-i iila I i' i i, • (•> Mrs. C. H. Unnrflsloy and Mrs. Amos, ontortnii < ii < t, Thiirfiday afternoon with a rhi !rin i, ' faity for the little Kirlf. f)'.i-.ii:v iiiirl Vesta Arn'-s. The childri-n amusr^rl thr-rn- "plvo'i hy hlowlns; K(.ap hiiKhlos and the lawn uns fir roi ;il i-d with hHlloi.iis which thriy to'/U home ti<<! to their wriMa aH hiu huhl/lo-i. Ice cif^irn and fake wf-.rr- verged (infl tv.eniy liltie Kliesl.H were |,|e'-r : lit. Very enjoviihle v a.-! Hie •Mrj.ii^o party (ondorf'd Mr. aiid MrH. \',' \Vorren on '!'hui"'l;iy i!\eniiif li.v thirty of their intirnati iii' Tin; parly {/at In-red :it Ihe M. parHonac'e and v,:is flriven (he hcautiful home of Mr. and Mrn. Wiirre.n on (Jit run avenufr in a hay v.'tiuon provided hy Mr. Hoi/art. Cn'di- ni!in. It v;ns !i fioinidolf: J-ur and Uin IIOIIHO was literally MuniM-d hy the rnorry c r ov. d o f mairied folks who took complete posses-Hloli (jf thfl homo for the ovoniiiK. Kol- lowiiiK parlor «ames r efre.shments of ic<! cream and pako, which had lioon | hroiiKht along, wurn nerved and l.hun : until after tho mirlnight. hour glees i and collogo songs wore the order. | On leaving Mr. and Mrs. Warren extended a tnoHt proving invitation for all tri coiim again. Among the nelf- inviled gueslH were: Kev. anrl Mm, Harry W. While, Mr. and Mrs. Ilohart (Jushman, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hodges, Mrs. W. B. CJl-idfelter of Fresno, Mr. and MI-H. W. W. N'ir/.iim, Mr. and Mrs, .1. M. WhitHol. Mr. and Mrs. K. P, War'ner, Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Kintlor, Mrs. Af-ohonhronnor, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Me A lien, Mr. mid Mrs. IJ. L. Heynold.s, Mrs. J. II. Ulal of Cliltori, Arixona. Camp Rlncon News. Klncon IMIH its Hummer swing on nosv, with Honielhing doing all tho time, hut if you wish i|iiict, the camp is laruu enough HO uiiyouu can got all t.hat they may desire. 'TnoHday ev(!iiing thorn was an interesting game ol live hundred in Ihe iiHHcmhly hall. Tho honors were (tarried off hy Mr.H. Weaver and Mr. Quinn. A. .1. Hull man, wife and son and two daughters are here for an extended stay. Tom Brunjofl and Bessie Swively called for lunch on Sunday. 10. A. Coff'mrin of Irwindalo arrived Tuesday. His family will spend the summer here. MifiseH Clara and Kate Wright of Los Angeles arrived Tuesday from LOH Angeles to spend the summer. W. II. Novin, aftftr a farewell fish last week, rot.urning to camp in good HOIISOII in tho afternoon, left for Mono county. Mrs. iJiiini C. King of A/, with Mrs. K. M. Douglass and Miss Lilian Douglass of Covina, arrived nil tho 'J(Jt.h, Mr. King coming up uvor Sunday. Curl A. Weaver and wife of LOH Angeles (irrived on the 'J7th. C. A. Qiiiun and hrido of Throop hiHtitute are spending t.lieir lionoy- moon at fiuii)), Tho campers are HOO- iug that they are minsing none of the (.'iijoymoiits inuidont to thu oocasion. Miss Martha Pvtua of LOH Angeles, Mi'H. A. B. StophenHon and two children of Blumerton, Wash., WUH among tho eighteen guesta that arrived Saturday. i) lj. Mat.thows, the postmaster of (,'ovina, with Koht. Taylor, made the camp a llymK visit Tuesday. CHARTER OAK. Mr.H. S. A. Stuwoll entertained on U'ednoNihty ul'tnrtiimn from two to live with u children's party t'oi her nephew, John Middleton. The children enjoyed all kinds of ^nme.s out duura ami were I linn Heated nil the shady Inwn where limy uero regaled with HiindwiuheH, ice cream and cake. Tho hnslenH was assisted by Miss Lottie Slnvvct! nnd Mint's. Hall and Albert of .\lliambia. Mrw. II. (!. .Mace i.n seriously ill. S. A. Stiiwi'll iiiul fiunily are join, iiu: in the Fourth testi\ities at On Mi.-y Mar^aiet .M idiili'ton entertain • eii uilh a Ihe huihlred party at her J'OOIIIN, ITlh and Santee .slreulH, l.os Au^eli'h i!ii \Vednesday lust. Ainmi^ the Ktiesl.-i ueru her pari'iil-,, Mr. Mrs. Middlelon of t'harler Dak. Summer lixcursion katss. Summer i'.\i'ui-^i MI rate-, to P.icilic k o.i.-,t \v:l| In- made from Iviitern terri- tor', ti>r coming -,e.i-,»n. w ill .l>e ''in 1 tare rate o! -iNty doll u> ti'om Mi-'-i ".iri K'ivei ; -,iil\ --.even from Si. I.oiii-; seventy t v. o liltv from I'lii.'a^o .'iine t'.i-', lo Sepliiul-er thiitu'tu. 1 : r!-. i •' -» a ' -* i n ie :\i t e ~, \\ ti \ ! u- -->oU 1 Wf.r'.hip at the naptint (Jhurnh: Diblo -'fhrjol !):!.") a.lri. I'lT-aehi ns; ferviees 11 a.m. and 1 :4 ~t j..'ii. h.v the p!i«!'ir. MoiniliK HU bjce.t, ''.\les- ha«e tri Vniitiv! l;hi ist in'.if. " H.V.P.U. 7 p.m.; topic, "Lotmitii/s and Satis factions;" leader, Mr«. S. W. (iii^e. ,\ cordial iuvitalii ii is cxlfinded to all to f hct;e meet ii .\ I tlif; Met hi.dist. ('Lurch tlin v.ill jireiieli I,nth ni'iniiiiK and f:ven- inu The topic at. 11 a.m. will be, ''The (Iniff: uf < led in Kverydny Lifr;:" a;iri at l:\~i p.m., "An Ivxile fturn the fjjiiid uf the AHtroloKers." Hiindiiy-Helinol at !):45; class meeting i turnediatc 1;y morning Interm^diato and Hnnior (J:iri, Von are cordially invited to attend all of thcne HcivicfiH. Hurry W. While, pastor. Kcrvices in the Church of the Holy Trinity, third Sunday nftnr Trinity: Holy Communion 11 a.m.; Hiih.joct, "Tin: fJroatm.'HH of Ibi: Present A«o." OM'e.rtory Hoio hy MJHH Evelyn Flet- rihor. Siinday-fidliuol 0:45 a.m. Kvo/moriK 7 :UO p.m. This will ho « musical Hervie.o of wliie,!) tho order in niii't will be: Aulhem by t.iiu choir, "(J Worship thu Lord: du<;t., "JIark, Hark, My Soul,"Mr. Hprotte und Mr. Marshall; flulo. "O, Love Ui- vine," Mrs. McLau^hlin; solo, "Huvn Me, (J find," Mr. Marshall; Holo, "O JJivinu Kfidee/ner," Miss Kvelyn Fletche.r. Christian Church: Sunday-school !):45. PrcaihiiiK h.V p f ' H tor 11; sul)- ject, "(jlofityiiiH I ho Commonpiacn Life." .Juiiiur '.). Henior Endeavor (J:'irj. Address with .storeopticoii views at 7-.4") by W. H. Hainia, a suecessl'iil missionary of the Christian Church in LUS<>K, I'hilippino Islniids. All are cordially invited. VV. Ci. Ccmlcy, pustiir. ANCIENT RING SEALS. The Sacred Beetle <ind Busts of !•!• or the Pharaohs. Among the rings found Jn ancient Eg^ptldii tombs Mf" mauy which erudite archaeologists Mscrihc fo a period slightly anterior to the deluge. Tlila, however, is ilebutnii't: ground— the deceptive morass of conjecture rather than the solid earth of fact. I'.ut we fot'l the latter beneath our feet when viewing the massive gold Kgyp- lluu signet: rings with revolving cylindrical be/.els of indigo colored povcelalu or the deep bluo porcelain rings bear- Ing a bust of Isis or of one of the pharaohs in full relief. The former represent the primitive seals In use when the Israelites were bondmen and before I lie pyramids were bnilr. The latter \wre the common adornments of tho prototypes of the modern tellahln when Solomon was In his glory. In neither case is (he workmanship meritorious, the "prentice hand" being plainly visible. Skill in design and execution was acquired later and among the Ktniscanw attained a degree of excellence never since equaled. Such of their work as remains Is a silent yet eloquent testimony to their marvelous skill, but the secret that enabled them to manipulate gold "lino drawn as hair" Is one of tho lost arts of the ancients. In the Ktniscan as In tho Egyptian rings the device of the scarabaeiis, or sacred beetle, tlgures prominently, for to both these remarkable races this curious Insect waa au object of profound veneration and as sacred and symbolic In their eyes as the cross IH to the Christian.--Quiver. ABYSS OF OCEAN. Effects of the Fearful Pressure In the Depths of the Sea. More than half the surface of the K'lo In 1 Is hidden beneath water two miles deep; 7,MtK),uuu square miles IU> at n depth of feet or more. Mnn.r places have been found live miles nnd more in depth. The x'l'cate^t depth yet sounded Is ,'il,^(M> feet, near the Island of (inani. If Mount Kve!v j t, the world's hi^li est mniMiUnn. wen> plucked from iis seat and dropped into this spot, Ihe waves u mid slill roll L'.UHl feet above lls ere-.!. I'li-^ !errl!:!i' abyss the water-; pre--s i|'H\-] v.ifh a I'oree of more l':.i:i l-i.i-oo i.o.iiiiN lo the Mjiiare Ineli The staiielu'sl .--li.p e', er built wnr'.d b.- erumhlei! iMi'ler Iliis awful pi-'-^ine IINe an ei^xhell under u steam roller. A pine beam lil'leeu feei lom; whleh he Ii I op ei i (he mom h of :i i raw I niod In miiUiiu .-. east al ,-i depth of more than IS.noil feel was rniihe.l Il;it as if i: had lieeli p:i^M-d be! v\ cell rollers. 'I lie t nl\ ni Ihe man vv h i should attempt in \el\illle tn slieh di'l'lh^ Would be . oiupre.-'-ed in: 1 i] I he tle^b \v ,,s foi'eed ill!-, the i:;lel ^| j, ,-.-, ,,f i | u . („ .]-„., and his ir;:n;, \\ :t , i, , h.r-jer than a lolli i'-:' | in S: 'I!, ihe b.,.|\ \> OMM! reai h the I',.;;•.;,i. fi.; i:ii.. :'iii., r \\ill >!;•;!. i:i a li.ii .'I u ,:!.-, \, ;,l - i.,l x [,, id,. HI t"." . -i - ; . -; l!i> ..i' ;!ie .. -e.i:i I''. I.,.;..- ;"- * * Our Clearance Sale Commences Monday July 6th * # * * # * * -,* •& •* * * * * * * •*• * * * * * # BROADWELL * * About TeetK Mouth germs and acids generated from food cause decay in teeth. The germs can be destroyed with antiseptic oils. The acids can be neutralized with milk of magnesia. Boradent Tooth Paste is made with milk of magnesia as a base; antiseptic oils to destroy germs; aromatics for flavor; precipitated chalk as a polish. Use Boradent and add years to the life of your teeth. At tit drotiiiti, 25 cent* Tr«f Pharaue*! Conpuy Can't Be Beat. The best of all teachers is experience. C. M. Harden, of Silver City, North Carolina, says: "I find Electric Bitters does all that's claimed for it. For Stomach, Liver and Kidney troubles it can't be beat. I have tried it and find it a most excellent medicine." Mr. Harden is right; it's the best of all medicines also for weakness, lame back, and all run down conditions. Mut too for chills and iiKihiria. Sold tinder guarantee at C. F. Clapp's drugstore. 5uc. Notice to Creditors restate of Peter D. Moje, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the last will of Pot or 1>. Moje, deceased, to the creditors o f , and all persons having claims against the suid deceased, to exhibit the «ainc with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the »ald executor, at the office of his attorney, K. (>. | Kuster, at -Ut> f. \V. Hellman Bldg., I Fourth and Main Sts., LOS Angeles, i California. ' Dated this 20th ifa}' of June, A. D., I I'KW. ! <>TT(> A.VDKK'SON, Kxi-cutor of the last will cf Peter I). I Miijt-, deceased. Nntiki'of Itc.m'HE of I'vlilicin for Prubutc ill Will No. l.UiH) lii tin- Superior I'miri "t the State of I'.iii r'i'niia. in aiul fur tl',' I'mmiv uf Li". Aiigok 1 -). \ In tlu 1 matter of the estate of Man K. H'isU'tlcr, deceased. Notice i.-> herebv given lint the petition of lloim-i L. Hosteller for the probate of tlie will of M.iry F, Hosteller, (le«'ea-ed, and lor the i~>u.mee of let tcr- U >!.i me'; t.irs t:,;':e. :) t°> Homer L. Ho^uiler. will !".• n.-.ird .it lo oYK.ek a.m. .'U tlii I'nh il.i\ of.Iulv. l'H.'.s, at the Courtroom of 1 >epart uient _ of the Superior I'oiii t ot LOS Ai.^eic-5 I'oiintv. v '.i . i f. ii ilia. liateil June ::. l"o>. i. . Ii KKVKS. v'.-uiitv CU-rU. r,V \V L. \V. •.;•!-! u. '.'.ep^'.v. to.''. 1 ., >,! i.iler- . alt' i lie \ t \ r pel il ; • • I , e I" . HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLKSOMFC, SWEET, APPETISING Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. WANTED All Kinds of Poultry ALSO Veal Calves and Fat Beef Cattle Send postal to Jas. H. Sanders 6-21 SAN GABRIEL, Wilmar Station BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE 6 to 36 inches in diameter General Cement Work of All Kinds Keinforded Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yard, West Cypress Avenue Telephone 403 s$s$sss^^ Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our ti> vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. • j Citrus Avenue Havinsr recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing" at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Men's newcd half soies 7oc Ladies' sewed half soles 60c Ladies' nailed SUc For Exchange All kinds of residence and Income property, business chances, and city or beach property. Also 5 pet cent yold bonds, and Home Telephone stock. Most of these will pay some cash and assume on YOUR Orange. Walnut and Lemon (irovcs. Alfalfa, Beet and I!.'-rrv Ranches, vacant land, or anything thut is v.urto the moii'.'v. A. J, Reetz Realty Co. Corbett &, Trimbelf Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners PRICES Touring Car with top, $1450.00 Reo Roadster, 20 h. p., $1100.00 Reo Runabout, $700.00 Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-cvlincler and Kisselcar. Get a dc'tnonstration before buying. REO Garage COVINA IK YOU WANT ANY '•AINTING KALSOMIN1NG OR PAPER HANGING me , uu let , our AH kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithiiiy. We manufacture Ridkers, i )ru.uj, r e Hacks i: ,d Uojt Pre«c S Horseshoeing a Specialty home Phone 63 Shop Wesc Badillo St. C^ina All work iruarantefd and prices ' SI. ^ •• w/ » j_* ( H Ii j C T I f* f V » Ift l^t^HvI

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