Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1912
Page 8
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. THE lOIA" DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 25,1912. Shoes! Shoes! You'll Save Money Buyin^r Your Shoes at Ramsays. Assortments Are Large and Our Prices Are the Lowest—Quality Considered Velvet Shoes, priced at. .-. $4.50 Patent Leather Shoes, priced at. $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 Tan^Shoes, low and high heel, priced at. $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 Gun metal Shoes, button or lace, loWor high heel, at. .$2.50, $2.75, $3, $3.50, $4 Kid Leather Shoes, button or lace, low or high heels, at. .$1.50, $1.75, $2 to $3.50 The "RED GOOSE" Kind—the best to be had! .Girls' Shoes in patent, tan, velvet, gun metal and kid.leather, at. ;.^1.25 to $2.25 Jockev Boots, priced at .$L50, $1.75, $2.00 and $2.50 Bovs' School Shoes, pricedat $1.50, $1^75, $2.00 and $2.25 NEW PAeinC FREI6HT DEPOT »-F00T BRICK HUILDIXU TO BE KBECTEDAT OXE. Structure »ede4 and Will Xot. »i> Held Back B^HMP of the »n I 'asisen^er Depot Talk. TO DEFEm TUFT' "TAB FAKTY" NOT WOMEV. It Is expected that the Missouri Pu-j ciflc will build u new freight house; at once, the west end of same to be I about fifteen feet east of the present; passenKer station. The building will be about 85 feet In length, to be built i of brick and will be modern in every respect. There will be no platforms on either side of the house, the sides of the freight house being in metal sections on rollers. On llie east end of the freight h(»»se there will be a platform and Incline. The space between the freight and passenger sta- lloi) is to be paved and a roof b.itit over sanu'. which will permit the protection of e.\press and V. i^. uuill j wagons. The building of the new freight depot Is neither against nor in.favor of n new passenger station, but I K a necessity and should conditlniis war- I rant a new passenger station, the pri KO<» OM.Y rO.SSIULE «"A.M1'AH.'X HESn.T. Ohio (.-rand Jury Indicts Scvcu .Men j sent station would make a valuable for Attack on (Jlrl. • addition to the freight lioux-. whirli * ' will no doubt be needed la lime. The .Missouri I'aiilU- was scriuusb I lie building of a new ... «. . , Nwwalk. Ohio, Oct. 24 —Six men . fsonl condition of unlver- ! were arrested today at West t'larks- j considering tl !0 coming election, so far as national iiolltics Is conc"rne«l, and that is "Taft :<r Wilson?" Mo they want Taft and i!ie Hepubllcan parly, or Wilson and ;lie DenuKiatic party? Ho tJiey want a continuation of the policies under which th(^ present condition of unlver-. . _ , sal prosperity lias been attained.: Held, on Indictments charging them i stat.on nearly two year.s ; which %vouId call for no business re- ; with riotous conspiracy In connction •MiM I'oll S Out ui Every 10 Itepult- I adjustment, and tiierefcre- would re-' with the recent farring or painting of licau Votes lo Land lllniself in j.-uli in no bulness derangement: or do i .Minnie UiValley, a young woman of White House. jiiMy want new and different policies, , tiiat v^illage. A seventh Uian was ar- i ihe'result of wliich nobody could fore- j rested on an indictment charging i»ere.-. whii'h therefore wtiuld forci? up-hury in conm-ctlon with lils testimony nil t!ie country a period of uncer-j I'ofore the grand juiy investigation of tainty and waiting, Inevltalily inviting ;he cvcurrence. sl .T ^nation, distress and disaster? Do Keginald Tlioma.', constable, was they want to exchange an assured j among those charg<d with the attack odd for a nearly certain evil? Tliey I on tlie girl.Otljers arrested for alleged . ".Mr, I{ooscv<'It is not running for jilie presidency. lU- is running tor \Vil.^^on r<V president."—Kansas City 'Journal. ; .All that is needed to demonstrate . beyond cavil that the foregoing state- nienl i.s true is to spend a few minutes Willi a lead pencil and a slieet cf ^^T'^inOS the popular vote for Uryan 1 SlS'"ni* ff'"°"vv,?''''' •was -MaS-lOJ, and that for. Taft 7.-| ,^ '•'^ ^''^^ .;:S .!.0S. Assuming That the relative , Roi.ublican party or the Uem- . s-trength of the parties in this election t I'art.v- It is a certain good or .-will remain the same, .Mr. Roosevelt "" equally certam evil, 'would have to get the vote of eiglit ' out of every ten Republicans in the j !igo birc was aslced Ut lio'.il the matter in abi.yance until It could l><' learned if t !iE Katy would J(dn in a joint passenger station. .After some tiionilis liad •.'lapsed, the latter iiiad<? an adverse reply. FIETEK.X VEAH.S Ol.ll, TIIA.VKS. Today of the have prbsperity now; do they want to I participation were .lo.^eph Cuminlngs, risk losing it? I.Joseph and Carl Sly, Harlow and Krn- Tliat is the onlv que.stion, and the j est Wekli. men well known ll^ West wliole ipiestion, in this national cam- i (Marksfield. They range in ages between 20 and 40 years. The seven arrested are to bo arraigned here tomorrow. .Minnie LaValley was seized on a THIEVE.** IX A COKX FIELD. nation in order to be elected. Does lany one believe he can do this? It will not do to answer he will get a ;large proiwrtion of the Democratic . v»te, for every one knows that is not true. -The Infonhation coming in to national head<|uarters \n that for ev- • ery l)t>mocratlc vote going to Roosevelt four or five will go to Taft. Mr. Itoosevelt will have to depend upon the votes of those who •were Repub- .ll<-ans in IStOS, and he must have prac- .llcally* all of tliem in order to stand any show iif ele<'tion. Isn't it perfectly apparent tliat ho cannot get them? SXODtJHASS EXPLAIX.S .VIITF. street of tlie village tlie night of .\u- ^ust SO, divested of clothing and Miieari 'd with tar or paint. It was al- j !eaod at the time that women, dressed I Were .Seen Filling Sacks With Anollior ; as men. had taken part in the affair. Man's t'rop. i This the finding of tlie grand jury I denied. , Henry Drossier who lives at 710 Kast Vine street, has a fine field of corn <m the Whipple land southeast ef town. .\ few jiiornings ago, a man | who works nights at one of the fac- : lories, when returning home from his ' work saw three men in the field with jacks taking .Mr .Dresslers corn. It was too dark to fully recognize the lllchcers, but the une.>;pocted witness to the stealing made out who the cul- "Frozcn tti tlio .Marrow," Outfielder. 1 .0.1 ..Vngeies. Oct. 24.- Fred Snod- (-•rass. Center fielder of the New York (iiants, whose muff of a fly ball in the tenth inning of the last game allied ^(^ston Rod Sox in winning the world's championship, arrived here to- lllinols Roosevelt must got seven out iif every ten Republicans, with the 'same percentage in Iowa. .North Da- Is tlie Anniversary Keglsttr's Birth. Today is the Register'.s birtliday fifteen yearns old. if you plear'-, a'ld feeling lusty and clieerful and hopeful and tliankfiil. The l)irthd:i',' ivfeis to tlie Dally Register wliicli was launched upon the troubi.-:'. sea of journalism on October J.''. l.S.»7. The old Weekly Register was es::!l)li.<hcJ In 18(57. In slipping past another mile.s-, «ii,\ the Register liiid:^ little ixcu.^e for anything but pleiisaiit tlioiights.. .\t !.'> <ine Is old enough to appreciate life but not old enough lo have lost opv '3 illusions. At lifteeii yon have shed •' some of your foolish ideaslind <JX) e( I iations. but have not become a pes- ; simist. The Register iiuiy have modi- Siivs tJIant • its expectations, liiii i; coiiteiii- ! plates tile future with unwavering ' contldence that lola and Allen couniy are lirmly established on the load to steady, substantia prosperity and progress, which being true the Register will get its Just share. Tlie past year itO)»!* enjoyed generous pai roii- iige by subscribers and ailvertisers. and on its birthday it wislies lo return tliaiiks. T' Great New Stock of the Latest Styles for Men and Young Men Yoli men in lola who are particular about the clothes you wear now have an oppor- tunitv to get the kind of clothes vou want at tlie price you want to pay. ] Hart, Scliaffner & Marx, Stein-Bloek and Society Brand • . j : ' . clothe.^ were never better than this fall: the linest weaves, the best l;;ih)ring, the smartest styles ever shown. Young men's special styles, lively patterns, snai)]>y new models, some very smart iiL'W idciis in cut ami finish in all the new : IKUICS and ••ojors. Prices as low as usual. Siiils Overcoat.s.. $18.00 to $27..'J0 . $16.50 to $25.00 Other (iood Makes, Suits and Overcoats $10.00 to $15.00 •vlll keep a lookout for these parties ' il'<' winter. • Snodgrnss said that hi or any others caught trespassing on i!u Whipple land or In the timber was "frozen to the marrow" when Ills fatal misplay occurred. I didn't seem to be able to hold kota ami .\ew York. In MIs.oouri he "CPk" thnfi'n through | I d dn t seem to be .-ible o hold would have to have nine out of every I l''"*''^- ',' "'I """I'l'.'"; ten. In Pennsylvania and Oregon six ' 'V" >^l?)y^ *"»^ ^^"^ »" Oregon out of evi ?ry ten Republicans must Atite 'for Roosevelt in order for him to i^irry tlie state. Is there a human being who believes that this proportion iif Republicans in each state will vote for Roosevelt? . liut. while it is mathematically ini- HEATH OF (JEOKtJE BAd.EV. i Fnrnirr Sniclternian Died in Los An• geles, Cnllf.,.Yesterday. Word was received here tlils morning by Mrs. George Bailey of the death cf her husband, which occurred yes- Viossible for Roosevelt to be elected, it terday in Ixjs .\ngele?. California. Mr. Iiere was to it. He said he was more sorry on Mn- liewson's account than his own. 'is possible, nnfortunately. for Wilson •u win. because of Republican votes cast for Roosevelt. In the country at :arge, it would require but IC Repub- ilcaii votes out of every hundred to be cast for Roosevelt to give Wilson a • iiopular majority. In Kansas if lf5 out of every 100 Republicans vote for ftoosevelt, Wilson will carry the state. . U-follows, therefore, that the only '.Aay to defeat Wilson in the nation is To vote for Taft. The only way to Iceep Wilson, from carrying any state, and thus contributing materially to his election, is to vote for Taft. A rote far Roosevelt helps Wilson: It can!not by any |tossIhiiIty elect Booserelt. - The voters of Kansas, therefore, . Iiave but one question to answer at 'alley left lola about two weeks ago fnr California for his health, and since time his condition has so varied. I A STATE WHITES IX-SIBAXCE. Life KIsks \ot Excee^Ihiir ^.'lOO Will Be Assnmeil by Wisrnnsln. ilndlson. Wis., Oct. 24.—The state of Wisconsin formally went Into the insurance business today, establishing hat at times it was thought that he! v «„irf v<,o„v«r nonth H„» <o t Citizens have heretofore been taken 1 would recover. Death was due to heart trouble. The body of Mr. P.alley is now enroute to Pittsburg, Kas.. where burial will be made. For many years Mr. Bailey was a smelterman of this city. His father-in-law, Martin £chott, was also a smelterman here but now resides in Pittsburg.' Mr. Ralley leaves a wife and four chll- ilren, who at present reside in this fity. .St'HtlOL I'LAYOBtll XD.S STAIt'l'. WushhigtdU School Leuds in the New ttutduor Sports. All the playthings that tlic tcachcn: and pupils of Washington School could think of having been establislie.l on tiie iila.vgrounds. the school board was invited to the grounds this morning to watch tlie apparatus In ';;.e!"i- tion. The board |ielievcs this i.s cii«' of the best ideiis •ver iiiaiigiira'i'ii in Mrs. A. L. North, of Kansas City, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. as Insurance risks by the state in which they live. Herman JJ. Kkern. state insurance j commissioner, opened his office today for applications in accordance with an act of the last legislature. Policies of $500 up will be written, p.iyments to be made yearly, semi-yearly, quarterly or monthly. Any policy liolder may be his own agent under the new plan j and any healthy resident of Wisconsin ' betweon the ages of 20 and 50 is eligible. Sierret Oil Burner FOR COOKING, HEATING, HOT AIR, STEAM AND HOT WATER FURNACES ^- No odor or smoke—burns like gas—controlled like gas by turning a valve. Can be installed in any stove. This Oil Burner is no experiment. We investigated . before taking the agency and found the SIERRET OIL BURNER working for three and four years in ^ some of the best homes and buildings in this state. ^1 Wiil not stop up or burn out and is not complicated. .Will burn three to four hours on one gallon of distillate oil, at 4c per gallon, del^ivered at your door. 1| Mr.Marr has the Sierret Oil Burner installed in his ovens and heating stoves at his bakery, and uses it for cooking at home. !f See it burning at our store and get \n ices ami information. DEVELOPIXG THE VEXl.SES. K. C Plumbipg and Supply Co. PHONE 65 lOLA, KANS. ll'nlversItT t.'vm Aids the Olrls to At. lain "Good Form." Freshmen girls are learning this year in just what resjwts they are deficient physically and how to correct them. A percentile chart is being used by which measurements are taken and each girl may see where .she differs from the average girl. She is then given advice and a prescription of exercises to correct her difficulties. Two hundred freshmen and 150 ."^ophomores are enrolled In the gjm- naslum department and each Is required to have a physical examination before taking up any of the work.— K. r. Kansan. At one of President TaCi'a trust- busting trials yesterdav, it was shown that the McCormicks. (whose heir. Mcdill McCormIck is today so active for Roosevelt) agreed with .1. P. Morgan (whoso man George Perkins Is today so active for Rposevcit) that if Morgan should put over the Harvester merger he should have 105,000 shares of stock. Morgan put it over In 1902 wh'n Roosevelt was president, and the stock is worth $13,500,000 today, when Taft's administration is- going after the concern.- Medill McCormIck, G'^orge IVrklPs. with Crane who talked too much to hold down a job as ambassador to China, and Dan Hanna whom Taft prosecuted, are seeking for "Industrial liberty," the "rights of man," and better times for workingmen, because they "have children." To Insty» Improv^l industrial conditions they fight Taft bitterly, using | their millions In the fight, and support Roosevelt ardently, with word and money. It remains to be seen whether the honest, patriotic voters will give more weight to the fine phrases of promise, backed by no accomplish- roent, and negaUvc<I by their records, or to quiet, efficient law enforcement. It Is the old, old flght of Truth versus Demagogy. tlie city schools, for the ivi'.-oii tli.\t it gives development to the ;;l; Tiaitire of the child as well us tli.' mental. Whether the pupils l <;i ,-k ;'t the playthings from this standpoint or not. tiiey certainly believe in taking advantage for whole-some play and fun. The other schools liave n-jv (ik-n up the idea, and at Li!icc:'.ii s.-hool two or three "slides" ar«' in course of construction, aside fnr .i niinicious "teeters." etc. A complete line of the latest styles in Furnishings, Shoes, Hats and Caps for men and boys. New Location in the Famous Building. WE PAY CAR FARE I.,awrence Gazette: The Gazette is in favor of forming a newspaper trust, the object being to suppress the name of (lie colored brute wiio has disgraced humanity in general and his own race In particular. In an effort to jiut him down for the co-int tlie newspapers are the "White Hope" of the country. ALWAYS THE BEST! Feature Reels—3 including the world famous PATHE WEEKLY! Spotlight Songs by Miss 1M\S Taggaii. EXTRA! That Good EXTRA! Vaudeville Comedian Ray Proctor late of the Bailey-Lock wood Stock Company in Monologue, Songs, and Buck & Wing Dancing Pianist, Miss Ruble 5c—ANY S EAT—sc CHAXCE .HAV I'LAV FIBSr. IleiMised Leader Willing to Slun With IMIIS- ("liirago. Ort. 24 —Frank I'liance. after declaring last night lUat .lohnny Kvers liad his very best wishes a.=; minai;er <;f the Cliicago .Vatlnnal l.<'igiie teniii. maiti- the surprising .-tatement that he would attach hi.-; sig narure to any kind of a cniilrait Presi- ilent .Miirpiiy would offer him. even tl'.oii;:!) it calb-il for no more tliaii ll.'ioi". and tliat he would n-piirt to ihc ciul> and try for a place on l<>am. "i ihm't care al.oni the money." .uaidl ('hanc>'. "I am siving my word that if ' .Murpi'v offers me a enntract outside tliat (if manat.'r I will sign it. I will ionie back, go on the training trip and work as hard as any rav.- recruit to i;ain a place on the team. 1 say that I will sign a $l,2i'0 contract, although , risiit at the present time I am turn- : ing down tin offer for SIS.OOO next season which hinges on the condition that I get my release from Murphy. "if .Murphy does not ciTer me a contract at all. 1 understand I will be a free agent by March 1. That, of course, vrill be to(.- late to sign with any club as manapor. so T guess-Ije has the say as to whether I play ball next year. "I !;avo more money, now tlian I f'ver thought was in "the world for me when i began playing ball. I have «1! I med for the rest of my life and for that r<-ascn I can afford to play for the fii:ure I say." I'OI.ITICAI. ADVKltTISI.XC. K I- 1. K U i. t. , N > K ). f. I- I- {- {- U-^. i. PROGRESSIVE PARTY POLITICAL NEWS I ri:is <(.n>e ha? b-en p-t'ha.-.eil by the Rooseveltj-for-{'resident it i'la will finin r;ni.- |.( time s-t furtlilits vii-ws and ail:.-, pnliiici.ilv Tlic Ri gl^nr is iii.i rispo;i.>il.lf f4r the articles ai'l'•aiitii; in llii.-; •i <|i ;!riii;enr i ! Ill K ). K {- I. }. j- {- u u 1. u T'l 0 \i- Rtiri.-ft'-r: fomiiK nis on 'lie ariicii- s <t !iii.' forih th- aims of llie Allen roiinty RooS '-vfli for I'ri'sidcni club sc '.'T .i to makf it incumbent on th.;t ouaniza'.ion to answer your c'iars <'S. .X-i -o ih.' statement that Roosevelt stood in tlie way of tip' con vention nominatins Hadiey or . som*- r that was paired branch, of • the for congress last y ov ihi> ProL-rcESiv part>. If the Tnft delegates at Chicjago were so can iiiUy "hand picked" ihat they could have been delivered to any other candidate: or ii they were so completely i:nder control that they ilher compromise car.did:rte. Dave could be h«-Id to him when any other Mulv::ne. whom cv<:^y Taft supporter who cares to inform" "Tiimsr^lf. will agree knows what were the inner workini'.s of thr Taft organization at rhii -:;c;o. published a stalr-mcnt shortly aftir the convention in which be said there never was a tinrie when anybody except Taft could have b'-en nominated in that convrmion Do you m»;in to h .-'v** us thinii that .Mnlvane cannot be bt-lifved? If that is the: man could h:ivr been named as a cora- !!ror«ise candidate tc unlie the party factions, lh«^n the charge that the Tafr f'jrcra wep" dominated by bosses is admitted Here comes Mr I). I. Observer and says: "If <h- Roosevelt followers prov.; fraud against Taft and the Taf- faclioa shows fraud against Roosevelt, then the whole party is saturated with fraud and ought to be defeated." Vour comment seems to say that the WtlMEX HAVE AI»VAXTA<;E. case thm we are .iustifiad In the view we tike of tli'^ action of the Chicago Taft faction does not propose to* voto •coiivenlion the Republican state ticket. It was Your cry of fraud in the selection ; nominated at the same primary by the of .Mr. Guver .i.s t!ie R<:)ublican nom-! same Republicans who nominated the ;!:>;-<• last fall is noi. supported by any county ticket. If one is the ticket, so Csin'l lie (Quizzed as to How They'll IVvidei.c". Tl'.- faction of the Repub- is the other. Why not support the , Vote on I'n'sldenl.' lie.iii t>;-rty your pap^r <-hampions did state ticket as well as the county it would be a very interesting thing no'. inK -nU lo siiiipori any candidate i ticket? to learn how the womrii who are-can- _ didates for office in Kansas this y»ar ~ . " ' ' : stand on the suflrage <iuestion, Th'^re' i,.r ritiendins; a suffrage meciing in and election, but was not certain that is one mighty powerful reason why pj Scott last night. She is very op'ti- he can be secured for lola. they are mighty glad 'hey are not vot- , mistic as to the prospect for tin- sue-! reply to Scott Brady said he was for { crs this year. Candidates on (ho R^-: cess of th,- suffrage amendment ^ Roosevelt and asked him to notify publican ticket have in many places , ;,t comma election. She slated : him as to the date the letter would been asked to declare whetli'r they ;,hat if is hoped to-hav*- Billy Morgan ! appoi^r in the Register, so he could w ill vote fofi Taft or Roosevelt, th" ' „ fti,,. Hu*cbinfon News, wl-.o is mak- • pu!»li.<h it the same day in his own - . speeches for the suffrag.' cause.!-japer. the l-iwrence .Ic-jrnal-World, booked for a date liere between now : Ft .Scott Tribune. answer, either way, being hurtful. .Vow the women candidates -are immune from such annoyances, for they cannot vote. County candidates here have recently be«.'u quizzed by ilie Humboldt Taft club, but .Miss Wilson and Mrs. Myler serenely and unhesitatingly ignored the summons, if otc was sent. UKAHV IS A MtJOSFB. At Least He Instlx He Is lo His .Mooser Friends. In one '.f thi- .Main street stores to- liay. Senator Brady. Republican can.- dldate for Congress, met a couple of genilonien ami one of them asked him liow he stood on wwnan suffrag". H>replied that In- favored suffrage; that he had publicly expressed himself on every Issue before the people, be<' lie believed they have a right to know where a man stands. This led to hi:; telling of having received a letti.'r from ex -Congressman Scott, In which Mr .Scott said he wanted to get out and help him, but must first be assured that he (Brady) intends to vote for Taft. Mr. Scott warned Mr. Brady In bis letter that his reply would be published in the lola Register. In XOBGA> XAT .SPEAK QEBE. Mrs. Genevieve Chalkley, of Lawrence, was here today between trains enroute to her home In Lawrence af- SATURDAY SPECIAL! 9 A. M. 50c, 7Sc and $L00 Jardinieres • I

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