Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 12, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1889
Page 3
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'"W "\ When you arc around town looking for Please call In at the EkST 3rd STREET HARDWARE STORE And look at my BUTCHER KNIVES They cut keen and hold their edge well. PRICES AliWAVB BIGHT. Yours Respectfully, Eight side up, LEWIS D.WYNN. —Most of UIOM who -went to St. Louis to attend the exposition have fe- turnrij. —Mrs. Hamilton Martin and dangh tor, of Omaha, are guests at M. L. Green's. —Jt is claimed that onts and corn were seld lower in Chicago this week than they have be fore for sixteen years. —The Sterling Cornet Band had a nice social time at their invitation dance in Wallaco Opera House last night. —Messrs. W. A. McCune, D. L. Miller and Charles A. Clark have returned from Washington. They had a line time of large proportions. —This is the season of the year for sneak thieves, and as the police can't be everywheru, It would be well for citizens and merchants to take extra precautions. —The Sterling Cornet Band will give a dance in Warner's Hall at Prophetstown on Saturday evening, Oct. 20. They will give a street parade in the afternoon. -Tbe State Board of Equalization has Evening Gazette. — L. II. Dillon's residence has recently bpen decorated very hanrfwmely on the exterior, "MiB9 AliceTdaughter of ,1. H. Howland Rare a birthday p;»rty last evening to a score of her schoolmates. —Mrs. J. .T. Miller, who heen at II ah- naroan Menical College in Chicago for treatment, has returned, with her health nearly restored. —Thomas McGulre, last evening, fell from the hay loft tn the bsrn at C. J. Johnson's residence, where ha keeps hla horses, and had his right leg broken near the knee. HH laid on the floor until this morning, when one of the Gait House employes found him there. Dr. Gordon set the broken leg. —Ed. C. Brown, the photogripher, this afternoon took a picture of the old city lockup and surroundings of •, fence, weeds, etc., and with five officers, Deputy Sheriff Drake, Chief of Police Fitzgerald and officers Slmltz, Howard and Woodyatt. If the officers cannot longer have the dear old building near by they will have a photograph of it to renew fond recollections of it. s ad. of E. E. Sheet?, at bottom 4 (2 Nolle 1 of page. Notice. All' persons knowing themselves to bo indebted to me are requested to remit as I am in need of the money to rebuild and purchase winter stock. Respectfully yours, WM. MANAHAN, Jr. Just arrived; a big lot of Ladies line shoes at low prices. 1'. J. Unkel. Special sale of 100 trimmed hats, for one week from to-day, at Mrs. (it-mile \V. Elliott's. .- 2U Health, comfort and abound in homes where Stoves are used. TH» BvMtnra GAJBTTB o*n t>e had »t all the newutands. Price TWO owns. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —Mrs. S. A.Detwejler, mother of. J. 8. Detweller, is quite aick. —A Driving Park Association has been organized at Tamplco. —Miss Nellie Overholser has returned from a trip to St. Louis. —Dr. J. B; Robinson and family left this morning for Lament, 111. —Potatoes are jelling at .from 10 to If. f.<—*- r ^"" l '" ( !vi T)nv*>«riATh fnwa. ; "— The totarreceipt«~~of the"CarfoU County Fair, at Mt. Carroll, were »2,600. —A new college building Is to be erected at Mt. Morris. It will coat about $40,000. —This morning Mr. G. T. Landls and Miss H. B. Beamesderfer, music teacher, left for Chicago to visit friends and relatives. . —The'^Rev. Dr. Dillon, of Seattle, Washington, will occupy the pulpit of the Presbyterian church tomorrow at the morning service. —Hal Green, of Morrison, and Miss Vallie Sholes, formerly of Morrison, were united in marriage Thursday, October 10th, at the" residence of the brlde'B parents, at Lincoln, Neb. -—Fred Marsh,'United States Marshal, Is moving his family from Oregon jto Chicago. He don't expect to have the marshalahiplright along, but expects to go into business there. —Fulton Journal: Ed. Johnson haa a run as express messenger on the C. B. &Q For a time he will run between Rock Island and Sterling and then will run between Rock Island and Savanna. —Pioneer Camp No. 1, M. W. A., of Lyons, the first one of the order, has recently passed resolutions expressing their implicit confidence in the honea- ty, integrity and honor o£ Head Consul J.C.Root. made a deduction of 13 per cent, in the assessed valuation of Whiteside county personal property, lands and town and town and city lots. —On the first page of this paper will be seen a cut of the largest flouring mill in the world, the Imperial mill of Dulutb, of which Mr. B. C. Church, formerly of this city, is general manager. —A special American Press Association dispatch from Chicago at 2:15 p. m., aays: The prosecuting attorneys in the Cronm trial claim the discovery of an an attempt to pack the jury. The police have two men under arrest. Interesting developments are promised. —The Sterling wheel riders returned last night from their jaunt. Yesterday taujf wbssJfid from OmievaJ^ake, Wla., to Turner, IllTand eame home on the Sterling passenger. On the trip they saw some grand scenery and fine country, and were well treated at nearly all places. •The snrvlvord of the old 7Gth Illi happiness "Garland" 2 W It you want a nice shoe for little can get it best at 1'. J. Uu- kol's. _ Child's velvet and plush caps, very cheap at 81.00 and very pretty at Mra. G. W. Elliotfa. 2t4 Fresh cream puffa every Wednesday and Friday at C. Eiaele'a bakery. ItO Do you want a heating stove? Th» nivfrnule and Gold Coin ta*?.R tho lrn-1. 51 r; ___ _______ E. W. Blossom 1ms tr.ks-n the P.Rpncy of the "I. C." hrand Spectacles Htm Eye glasses. These- spectacles iuy different from ordinary phwse=>, in that the lenses are ground from a Frew-h TinttJ Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat raya of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. J!e snre nnd try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is oa every lens. lO-d&w The In millinery and largest assortment Sterling at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. r, to in —Two young crooks from Clinton got in some of their work here last evening. A pair of boots was stolen fromm front of P. J. Tinkers shoe atore, twoshoea.'unmated, worth 85.00 and a pair of gloves , were taken from in front of Petweiler & Mueller's, several grain sacks were stolen from in front of a feed store, and various other thefts were committed. One of the thieves, who gave Ibis name aa Fred Phillips, was arrested by Marshal Fitzgerald last evening, and placed in the city jail. ' This morning he confessed he had stolen the glovea and boots. Ills partner haa skipped. —A fair sized audience greeted Helen Hooker, the niece of General Joseph Hooker, at tho, Congregational- church last fivpnino;.•• A-riehr programme of music interspersed the elocutionary efforts of Mias Hooker, and each part of the evening's entertainment was received with unfeigned pleasure which often burat forth in applause. Miss Hooker recelved.a hearty encore, after Correct styles in Fall hats at Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 5 tO Nothing makes home BO bright and comfortable as a "Garland" Stove. . 2 to at Mrs. 214 ilats and bonnets of all styles, shapes and sizes can be found at Miss H. A. Carter's. Prices to suit everybody. Call at E. W. HloBsom'a and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Onr Clothing For men, boys and children is made from honest, servicable fabrics, cut fashionably, fittinsc perfectly, and put together by firat-claas tailoring. They are the highest style of workmanship. Our men's business suits are the marvel of all who see them. They are made for service, of stylish patterns of cheviots, casaimerea and worsteds. 3t,i J. R. BELL & SON. Children's school hats cheap Connie W.lElliott'a. Marriage is not a failure. in homes where "Garland" Stoves are used. 2 to —iiie Burvivuia «»•""" »••>» •»-— — Hooker received a nearly euuuiu, aii<oi nbis regiment, and in fact all members reclting "Ouster's Last Charge," and ofG.A. B. in this vicinity, will be gave ano ther selection which revived pleased to learn that after a hard fought Ljj emor i ea ln the minds of the veterans battle. T. Q. Steadman, of Tampico, resent Tne following is the pro- . iit__«_ « n ]«t«i AM t- f\ t V/lfltK- " _ . ..m i t_ /"-I _&!_.*. !» —The city authorities of Clinton had the alleys of the city cleaned up, and charged the expense to the property owners beaefltted. They also thia fa!l built a number of sidewalks and charged the coat to the respective property owners. —The electric light men complain that boys throw stones at the electric light lamps in the western part of the city, and break the porcelain shade. A sound whipping or a short time in the city jail will cure the boys ot that sport. The, first boy caught will be punished. —In tae__game_of_M8e__ball to be played at Maple Park, Dixon, next londay, between the Chicago and Dlxon clubs the following players will onstitute the Chicago team: Ily an of VanHaltua If; Duffy rf; Anson lb- Pfeffer2b; Williamson ss; Burns 3b; ?arrellc; Tenet p. Hutchinson and Darling will be the battery for Dixon. —Jake Helaler, a mason tender employed on the new achool house In Wallace district, yesterday afternoon had a bad fall and was badly injured. He stepped from the wall to an elevator, at a time when the elevator was not hitched to the horse, and he was let down to the ground very rapidly and received bad cuts about his face. —The Milwaukee road nas beea in dieted by the United States grand jury for'violations" of the inter-state com has secured the appointment of Post- maater of that village. Mr. Steadinan'a record as a soldier is unquestionable. —There are several wooden buildings on 3rd street, along the line of the street railway, which are not as attractive and useful as thuy would be in a wood pile. Furthermore, their appearance does not have a tendency to favorably impress strangers with the town. There are several buildlnga of this class In the neighborhood of the Boston. House, which should bo torn down, as they have outlived their usefulness, as buildings. —A Book ford despatch says: "Never before within the memory of the oldest inhabitant haa Hook river been so low as it is now. No water flows over the dam and most of the factories have had to shut down or run by steam. If the stream continues to dry up for a day or two longer the water will be BO low lu the race that not a wheel will be able to turn." It is not near so bad aa that here, but if It over should be.taere la one reaourse to remedy the defect— another dam. present. The following is the pro gramme: Trio, "Wanderer's Greeting," Mesdames Clark, Hursh and Mallory. "Flower Scene, from Ingomar", Miss Helen Hooker. Solo, ''The Heart Bowed Down," Mr. Horace E. Diller. "Aunt Jemima's Courtship," Miss IlelenjHooker. Quartette'. "Happy and Light," Meadamea Utley and Hurah, Messrs. Diller and'Haberer. "Balcony Scene," Miss Helen Hooker. "Forest Hymn," Meadames Clark, Hurah and Mallory. Cuater'a Last Charge," Miss Helen Hooker. "WhistlingIn Heaven," Miss Helen Hooker. —General regret Is felt by the friends of Bev. Dr. Mandeville, in this city, ;hat he declined tUe appointment offered him, of presiding elder, of the Dixon district, as it is feared it will have a disastrous effect on his future •career, putting him out of the line of M. E. polity. It is always belter for a soldier to obey orders, even when the officer In command Bends his subordinate to positions not desired by him. But Dr. Mandeville is a man of exceptional energy, and many believe may yet retrieve himself.—Bockford Gazette. ..Tha latest thing in churcfr enter- Next Wednesday evening, October 10th, the music-loving people of Sterling can hear the celebrated English Organiat. Mr. Frederic Archer, in a recital at the Preaby terian church in thia city. One of the prlme.cauaea for Mr. Archer's celebrity is the fact that ha haa always recognized the importance of popularizing the organ, as he Is fully aware that programmes made up exclusively of heavy scholastic worka prove wearisome and unlntereatlng to the general public and musicians alike so he has elevated it to the rank of a concert instrument, and adapted it to the requirements of orchestral compo sitionB of a mote generally intelligent character, .freely introducing those familiar to a mlxod audience. On the other hand he does not discard classl cal music, but judiciously intersperst it with lighter productions, which thu become additionally attractive by con trast. Mr. Archer has also viron for himself an accepted position, both as an author and composer, his mualcal eaaays and numerous compositions enjoying a wide reputation. His press notices are very flattering and em' B We carry the largest andj moat complete stock of men'a boy'a>nd children's clothing in Northern Illinois, Chicago excapted. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. &-10 Splendid stove poliab, — •' Burnlahliig for nickifv, ::; No. 1 mica, at 92-tf L. L. JonKsoN's. "Garland" Stovea are'of ten imitated, but never equaled. 2 t6 Happy indeed are the homes which contain ' Garland" Stoves. 2 to We have the "Daiay" line of fancy Ilanuel ahirta for tall and winter, aee them. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. Fresh butter and eggs at Zimmer's meat markec, 115 First Ave. 8-tf Charles Windom says that he haa the cheapoat baby wagons on earth. _- 2 to Baby wagons at leaa than coat at Windom's. 2 ' 16 J. E. Phillips & Co. are selling more Riverside cook stoves than ever before. nts '.;> • The Royal Worcester coraeta are atamped on the inaide band "Royar' Worceater." Be aure and get the gen uine (as there are imitationa In the market). We are the sole agents for Best German knitting worsteds only 25c a skein, usual price 30j, at A. L. Heck mail's. __ 5 t° See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. Ladles Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest In missea and children's hats at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 88 to Cheap- And misses hats iu great variety and cheap at Mrn.-r.-0. Woodruff's.. 0 16 Jacob Elsele Has received another lot of that nice overcoating this week. Now is your ticce to go and select one before it is picked over, as Ihe does not have an opportunity .to keep the goods on hand a great while . 5 10 so strong their make, 'hey take the .cake:__ Flour. Equal to the beat at ®1.25 and SI. 30 per sack. New corn and_^ all kinds of feed at Lewis R'eltzel's Feed Store . --/'" 200 tO You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'a, Rock Falls. ' _ - 2tf Finest display of pattern hats in the city, also elegant display of ribbons, including loup edged ribbons in black and white, for the neck, at.Mrs. .G. W. Elliott's. ' . ' ' 2t4 New- markets, Sacques, PEOPLE'S COLUMN w- We will Insert three lines In this col- _. Sinn one time for 10 cents, or for 40 cents ft week marKeu VY o mo mo °«>° » H v,u~. »~. , Rach additional line will be 6 cents a single m- this city; 25 styles to select from. War- .ertion.or 10cent, aweek. Duplex, - ' --i-r==== WANTKU. Only 10 cents for 3 lin es \under this Heading. W ANTED—Men to Insure your homes am luralture la the Agricultural lusuranc I Company ot New York agents. W. K. Mangaa Si Bro 5-tI W ANTED-l'osltlon ai bookkeeper, for general olnce work, or as. salesman. ».M-.«. H, Gazette otllce. Address 3tS* tainmente IB a "cap social," one or which was recently held in a neighboring city. The principal amusement is the haphazard way of ascertaining one's partner t or the eyenlng, which la aa follows; A large assortment of paper caps is provided, containing two oapaofeach different design, and the ladles secure beforehand one of each pair, leaving the gentlemen to go to it blindly in their selection for a partner. Of course the caps are well concealed, so that it is absolutely impossible for one to know beforehand the Identity of the vision of female loveliness that chance chooses for a companion for the evening's entertainment. —In the great Masonic parade at Washington last Tuesday the Sterling Cdmnfandery, No 57, made a fine show- as well aa those of Hew York, Boston, Chicago and all of ttm large cities of the U.S. ner's Health, Duplex, Madam Foy, Queen Besa, Balls, French P. D. We sell more corseta than all others com-1 bined. N. Carpenter & Co. You can find th,e "Garland" Stoves atlleynolda' Hardware Store, on Firat Avenue, south of Davis & Weber's, Sterling, 111. 2 to , __ '—~ i llir ANTED—1'urnlshed room, bj youne gen- ThO Riverside COOk StOVea are aplen- \\ tlenmo. Address Geo. l-llsterer, city. 4-tt dldbakera. ^ 5t8 Dill & Co, Rock Falla, have all the leading styles in millinery. 2tf Lost. A light plaid lap robe loat between Renrose and Sterling on the Center road. Theflnder will be suitably re- the GAZETTE P. WILSON. 412 Domet flannel So at A. L. Heckman's, cheap at I2^c. 5 Go and see those new styles in chamber suits at Windom's. W ANTED—Two ladles or gentlemen boarders wanted, by private family, near bus; ness portion. Enquire at Gazette oluce. ^00-tO* m, ».,J—Girl for 902 W. 3rd street. housework. AP !>?t' ^^ T-ANTED-A thoroughly competent gin for 2 tO Windom can sell you new goods cheaper than you can upholater old. ~ for Violations OI Hue laiot-Btaio uuui- i \JUUILUUUUOI;, J.AUUI, ^.~..-— mercelawand the trial of the cause ing, and their banner attracted marked _ _ ... . JL.-A. I ,. *._ • mu A Tll(vt/\ia Wr»{t»hf«TYinrf v h- (latest style). will be of the greatest importance, testing, as it will, the right of railroads to attention. The Illinois Knights marched in the eighth diviaion, and the Ster- The Wash- charge higher rates to the Interior ling's in the 3rd battalion towns than to St. Paul and Minneapo- ington Post says in a very compllmen- V u •» — i r»n_ _ «„_*»,„«. nf 4-liA tAiirrtillftn Us. There is also involved ia the iasue the queation of hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to the railroads. —The Benedict Shoe Company of Chicago offers to locate at Princeton f that oity will build them a faotory jOxiOO, three storiea high. Let our Bus neas Men's Association invite them to Sterling. A building and tary way: The feature of the battalion was the handsome banner carried by Sterling Commandery No. 57. It was presented to them by the lady friends of the Commandery, and the members believe it to be the handsomest banner in the United States. It is entirely needle work wid a pretty shield of pur- It an embossed caatle Reynolds Bros, can upholstei your old furniture much cheaper than you can buy new, and it will last longer than cheap factory work. B to '.Charlie Clark Wants To know if you're supplied with fixings V By fixings he means shirts, underwear, hosiery, suspenders, handkerchiefs, etc, etc. You would be surprised to know what cartloada of such goods he is selling. Right prices and the right kind of merchandise does it. Call* for Heavier Underwear Bring ourstock-to-lha-froat-ia. grand tyle and invites to warmth and com. iort, and our prices are an interesting tudy to prospective buyers. We want a large underwear tradir^is fall and have gone about getting^ with a ''long Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. LrtOIl SAUC--TWO car loads !?ood baled hay, Jb «S GO per ton, by the bale or upwards. J. EminiU. M How fine they fit! Oh, what a hit! HJK SALK-A bftrealn In three line residences In 4th ward. Inquire of I. L Busli^ Dill & Co. have one of the finest trimmers in their millinery department in the weat. Call and see her work. ; 2tf L. something Mice. If you want to make money read my , , torri)ilt . uuder - B ood ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and ^cultivation. 1 ~{U trom Keck Kails, m- tandard GEO. W. CHAMBBUN. qnlre of Charles L. Kawson. Rock Falls, 111. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. other way by the Aurora plan of selling lots to raise the funds. Dozens of Chicago factories could be located here if the proper eitort were made. over it. and the gold bullion which fringed its sides made It additionally heavy to the kuightly standard bearer. pole," for, as a Southern proverb goes 'the longeat pole geta thepersimmona.' W. C. KIKR, Hatter and Gents' Furniaher Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctlonee still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. HeiSlrick's Dru Store or lit my residence on 13th ave- nua north of 4th at. Charges reasoua We. Give ma a call. 78-;VZtf D. H, MKYKKS*, A.uct, 83-tf Home made C. Eisele's. hoarhound candies at Ite F 01J RENT-4 houses to rent and a n«"' l3 «';. 0 ' houses lor sale by Adiuii Smith. US-US Of Forty-nve Years' Standing. mo LKA8K—Power and room lor manutactur JL Ing purposes, tn the bullulng formerly oocu- pled by Church & i'atterson. Address B. C. thurch, Duluth, Minn. iW ' t Gents: For forty-five years I have been afflicted with blood poison, liver and rheumatic diffloultiea. Part of the | time confined to iny bed. My blood was badly diseased. Six bottles of Ilibbard'a Rheumatic Syrup did me more good than all the other medicines I have taken. My friends have used it and in every case it has proven a wonderful remedy. I have known of some! wonderful cures of dyspepsia aad neuralgia. Mus. MARY BIDU Hlbbard'a Rheumatic Syrup Plasters are remedies of great merit. I believe they have no equal in the cure of rheumatism and alt blood diseaa ea. Du. H. UEICHARD, .Druggist, MitehiUville, Iowa. O. C. LOST. Only to cents for J lines under, this Heading. Our Plush Cloaks; all warranted. T OST—Yesterday afternoon, ' Kock Falls, ladle's ateruoou, •« ««*.-••.•(• ~alls, lade's leather pocket book, wllh Vtasi) oontalnlng one silver dollar a»d oue tn do!u?falir Tinder will be liberally MWAM- edbymur "ingsame to K- C. UudBrwood- t;*U House bio.*, or leuvlug U at KocU * alls lust tJTKAW liiUW Kit*^ ill ymi »»ut any u B. Kiiiinoiw. KuvK t-»Us. rui) mo a poMAl. i FaHIJ^^ear forLadieTaid.Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merino, and Jersey (RibbedX in Wool and Cotton. Called Examine Betore Buying. A. Full Line of Dry CnxxK uiid Notions

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