Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 17, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1903
Page 1
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vf -Pl-.-^-'-^'^- VOL. Yl NO 228. WHOLE MUIBEI^. lOLA, KANSAS, JULY t7, J903—FRIDAY. SIX PAGES 1 PRICE FIVE CENTS YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE ANY OTHER PAPER TO GET TH . ' r— E A^SbCIATEE ) fPRESS NEWS ( SEEMS TO BE LITTLE CHANGE IN CONDITION OF HIS HOLINESS. NO OPERATION FOR Liquid in Pleura Has Not Continued to Gather and Danger From This Source is Past for the Immediate Present—Pontiff is Very Ema ciated, and When Asleep He Ap pears to Be Dead. - lilL[ KENTUCKY REPUBIIGIINS COMPLETE THEIR WORK Ronif. July 17, 0:1.'. )). m—Dr. I-ap poni. Kuys: "I cannot, say that the pnPr is lirttt'p. I)iii In:- if. no worse. His conJitioii colliitiui'f. Kr .TV(^ l>ut ho ni.av linger somo linio." . Ronii'. .Inly 17. 2:lt) p m.—At. thi:? hour no chanso |ins hroiv roportcd In the comlitioh of tho popo. jio niomHnl.irily frnn] liril and : onlivl him s^'lf in an arm cluiir. Calm prevails throuj;h'>'i' il>«' Vatican. Romt>, .Inly 17.—The pope's con tlition tlii:; aftorn').in .^hovcs r-nme amelioration. Tlu» Jiqnid in the plenra has not coniintierl to and the doctors have d< cidod to ftin her por,lpon<' the operation. Durlni; the nh)'ht. as well as Ihron^hont the morn inp.jthe pope continued calmer, and hi ^i hi'cathlnR war. ,hi>tter. He has taken fn ipient .sips of meat hrnth, allernatnl with half a spodnfnll of chicken pchi- tini». When asl<;ep th(^ pontilT appeaf.<5 to 1)0 dead. His check.*; arc sunken: his eyes are hollow and his jaws "ex- cepfion.njly prominent, the .«;kin bcin-j: li.E!htly drawn over the hones. Wh(*n .awake the pope usually re- lain life, only in his hriHi.inf liLaok eyes thou.£;h he recovered the luciilHy of his minil this mnrninR." The pope nijderstands the gravity of his condition and says he is ready to die but does notlrealize the Ihtininence of iiis dansxer as was demonstrated when Iiis cniifp.ssor a.=ked to sec him. The l>on- liflf informed of this request, replied, soniewhal petuantly. "Not now, tell him r sjiall not die wiffiout calling for him.V The doctors really think that, unless complications arise, that the pofpp may live for days, and oven weelis" lon.s^or. THIS .IS GONICING . j : ALL RICHT, ULL RICliT jc Poor Man Lived to Be Only Eighty-nine Result of Excessive • Use of Tobacco. I 'I K.ilnmazoo. .Mich., .July 17.—Win. (I m <TKon, aned la (had ns a rf:-.ul< of the e\cfs-.lve tire of icd)a('co. Th'" dealer from "whom he houcht exclusively, says thai for tv.elve year.^ I'al-. had smoked more l.hnn 4S,00rt cipar.^. which cost him ?4,sn(). He also osHniated that in the last twenty years Patterson smoke.1 100,000 of hi.-? favorite brand at a cost of $10,000. 75,000 MEN TO GO'TO WORK, Great Strike in New Yiork Building Trades Has Been Finally Settled. New York. July 17.—Tjio sipning '^f i ' the arbitration plan of ; the ^builders and an agrement on a wage scale for anotheryear by the brick layers' union, insures the return to work llfon- day pf 75.00(» men and the end of the building trades tie-up. BATTLE WIT HOUTLAWS. News of a Pending Struggle in the. In . dian Territory—Fifty Officers Engaged. Guthrie, O. T., July 17.-^Tho United States marshal's office here was not I fied today of a pending battle with out - Jaws in the Indian reserve plidture on the Red river. A posse of fifty of fleers is closing in on the otitlaws wjio are located on Uttle Bear creelfe- Of fleers' are enroute from all portIpi\|| oi JQue territprjr to parU<!l^pate. THE WEATHER ChicaRo, July 17.—Missouri— ThrcafoniuK 'toni.t;ht and Saturday, with local thunderstorms, cooler in west portion: fresh .southerly winds. Kansas—Partly cloudy with prob abb; fhunderstorm<? this afternoon or tonight; cooler in eastern portion Sal urday; generally fair Saturday; '.south to west winds. Belknap Was Nominated for Governor and Roosevelt Was Endorsed For 1904. Louisville. Ky.. July 17.—A second day of piciuresque political maneu vers in. the ptat<> couv<Mition of the Kentucky Republicans failetl io culminate in the final gran.l r.f a winnin.:; dark hor.^e. whose comlu^T had been hinted at ami whose folio*- er.^ durinsc yeslenbly's Ke ?;.':ions set th« political managers to guessing. Col onf I Morris U. Reiknap. of Loninville a v.holf.'ale merchant, wiibly known throughout the c<iuu!ry. received the nomination for governor on the lirst ballot. His delegatv^:^. contrary to pr.^diction.-?, stuck to him. though how much of their trnacity cm he charg ed to the annouuciunent by formiT Clovernor William O. T.raille.v that he was not a candidate can only be, con Jeenired. Mr. l{<'Iknap was noniititaed afi< r an enlhirsrastie rupporter of Mr Rradley had placed the former gover nor in nominnticui and the fcdlowors of Augustus E. Wil.son had tacitly with drawn the man supposeil to be Mr RelknapV. nearest d-ompeiitor by fall ing to prerent his name. The threatened st.impode to ley was nuelled by an emphatic decla ration that he would not be a candi dale, but for sonn» tmknown reason tlie convention 'olTicials called hi- name during the ballot and he receiv Oil a greater mmiher of votes than Clifton J. Pratt, who made an active cauva.'-s. The resolutions say coiieeruin.g Pre:;ideut Roosevelt: "Wc express highest aiipreciatiou ef the record that President Roosevelt has made in continuing the great worl" begun by William McKinle.v and hie self in dealing with the new problems that he had to solve, and we heartily and enthusiastically {iro for his nonii nation to the pre.=;iiienoy in 190}. PILLAGE IN ARMENIA. News of Destruction by Kurds—Num ber of Monks Injured—Two Villages Abandoned. Constantinople. July 17.—New.-, ha" reached here JBat lh(> Armenian mon aslery at Sinrpagop. Turkish Arnieiiln has bi<eu jdllag''"! by the Kurdfi. A number of iiuuiks wrre lujun'd ainl all portable properly carried off by the robliir^-. The affair nn'aled a panic in the district. Three villagi-s havi- air* a ly been abandoned. HEART FAILURE DUE TO OVER EMOTION Chief Arthur, of Brotherhood of Loco motive Engineers, Died While Making a Speech. RUSSIA WON'T RECEIVE PETI TION OF B'NAI B'RITH. NOTHINCTO REDONE ABOUTIT ROOSEVEL Correspondence With the American Charge at St. Petersburg is Made Public-'-B'Nai B'Rith Informed of. Russia's Action—Occasions no Surprise, as Result Was Foretasted Several Weeks Ago. Winnipeg. July 17.—Heart failure duo to over emotion was the causf as>;igned by physicians for thp. death P. M. Arthur, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. "Out of full ness of the heirt the mouth speaks' were the opening words of the last pccch Chief Arthur will ever deliver The .speaker then paused slightly .eemingly in an effort to control his feelings. The chairman had just prp sented him with a beautiful floral en gjne. As the venerable leader bogar the sentence "I want to say a few things as it may be my parting words many of you," his emotion seemed be getting beyond cbntrol. i HI F voice Io\vcrod slightly but wifhoui losinjB its clearness, ho; continued: We are here tonight, no one can tell when—"at this point five minutes af j .ter midnight, the speaker fell. An af jifectlne sceoe followed. The remains will be- taken to Cleveland, Ohio. to to Wa-shltlgton. July 17.—it is !<laled by the secret.nry of state that the iu- eidf^nl createil by the fpie.^liiin of tin- Jewish petition Jo Russia is closed The .state department today ntade i)ui' lie the eorrospondence that has taken place re.'^pecting the. petition. Its sul<- sfanco has been forhraslod In pfcr.s di.'^rwitches. The eorresponileuer cnnsi5is of instructions to Mr. Riddle the United State:- elL -irg^^ at St. Peter.-^burg. reciting tlie pel it ion in .letail and directing him to pre .;ejit the sam<^ to'th" foreign oJllce if it were williu-.r to receive it. It is stat-d l.>y Mr Ridiilr> that the foreign office would not receive it und<'r any circiinistan ces- and Srentnry Hay so infunued the n'.N'nl P'Rlih eonimitt"^ in a brl-f I 'legraiu. W.n.shlngton, July 17.—It is b'arneil lh;»t Hie state dep-arliuent has r^celv ed a ri'plj' from Russia .'•.taiiug thai il neither woiil I riceiv(> nor consider I I K matter of the Jewish petitimi oti tb- siiluoct of the Ki'^hineff incident. This information came jn the form of a eoblesram from Mr. Ri^blle, the Ameri can charge at St. Peler^b:irg, to W I KUV was committed the dedicate task '.f inqi iriug of the Russian goveriime:it as to its attitude with respect to tlie EH HANEEO WHIPPED HER SEVEN YEAR OLD DAUGI^FER UNTIL SHE DIED. He W JS Twice Interviewed in Her Be h.-.lf, and Rcfuccd to Interfere Saying: "If That Woman Was IVIcan Enough to Do a Thing Like That She Ought to Have Nerve To Meet Her Punishment." pre.'i liev and by till- eutatiou of the petifiiui. If is bo- •d tl '.at this will cud the m:iitii that no further steps wi!! lie taken this govirunKMit to liriu;-' views of the petitioners to the a- teutlion of Russia, .nltlioimb as yei i\' oon.'jideniliou has beou.givi-n by tin presideni- to the cour."e to be i)ut 'sui 'd in <he light of Russia's response ii our Incpiiry. The reply that Russia would make to ail suggestions on the siilijecf of the KishiuefT massacre forecaslcil very clearly by the Associated Pres.- <ome wcM ^ks ago in an authorized statement when tl;e public w.i;^ definitely informed that Russia regard id the affair as an iulerual matter tn which she. in the exercise of her own sovendgnty. must refuse to receive •:uj;Ke .-;iion.'; from any oilier govt ru m^iit or outsidi' siuirce. WANTS FINANCIAL LAW. President Wantr. Congrccc to Do Somcthli<g in This Direction at the Extra Session.' Oyster Ray, July 17.—I'<leui Ro ;)si 'vclt is deepl.v inteA:sted in pro l)o.s«sl financial legislati<^t\. As a str. lent of affairs he has noted for a long iimo the necessity of financial legisia tion of a remedial character and to lay ho cxjiresscd to Senator Lodge, of Mas.sachusctts, his desire that early iction upon the .subject should br taken by congress along the lines of his recent mcss.ago and speeches. In- loed, it can be said ho hopos action will bo intiatod at the e.vtra session of congress which he will call on Mon day, November 9. i^ow.h .M.Ali .-ler. I T.. July 17.-Hora Wri.i;lit wa.-. liati ^^e t lu-re tndn;. for till' uiiirdiT i .f Anna Williami'.. a sevt-n year old "ill. She mouuled the sc-irfoM wiiliout .1 Irenuu'. Por .T Wrii;iit. the fir.-^t woiiian rvr hun:^ in ilii; se'iiui vva.' eonvirted ef v.Iiipp.'iig .'^•even jcar old Anna William;; until s !i" died of her injurif Tlif f'vid-ace showed that th.-> lilt I'' s::irl had !i <-eu lienti u severely f >ir ni.nny nionilis as tiu^re were old scars on her. Some of these indicat (<d thai !lie i;irl li .Td bf^"n tortured with a red hill polar. The corpse had lie-'u niiitiliied after the murder to qive! niippnrt to livv (Aplrilnai ion advau'-i 'd i !»>• thi- woman tl !:ii <\v liad iiiinishi 'd H ID child for her relaiimis with .••oiii'^ while nicii. v.-ho;:<' n.iun.s she did int knov.-. Phy.dcirius testified thai Hie wouni." di" Igunl to iiniieati' siie'i r- • i.-itioiKi li :ul I HMU itillicird after the diMth of I the little t-.irl. Thf criiU'^ w;i:; coiuniit'ei' ;it Willuirton, February 2. I 'lu:!. All partji's wen? ue:;roe.-. Her aiiorney twice interviewed Presi-l dciil Roos'^veli in her behalf. The! president replied: "If that woman j was metiu enough lo do a thing li !:ej that, she to Inve tin-nerve !i> j meet her piuii^-limcn;." Clinrie.-; Parreif. a.g; il 22 years, liautred for the murder of Jidin Hen-• uessey. an aui .-il miser, whom Ilarrett I slifit froiii aiiiliusli. Kidilier.v was lUn motive. Parritt .lied gannly, suuiked a cigareitf anil .ioki d will', his e .sec 'i- tinurr.s a few minutes before the tr:ii) w .1.5 V-imiug. THE MARKETS RY TELEGRAPH City, July 17.—CaMIe—1,."> IMI. steady to strou.g. • Native steers. $:j..'>ii <J7u.20: cows and iieilers, Sl.751M.2r,;: storkeis and fei'ders, $2 ..'iO 'r/ i.;jO; bul!-^ ?2 'rr. •;.:;.-,: calves, fL'fr.'.i.". IIoRs—7 ,0(10. steady. Heavy, no tf?-">.o7V{:: packer.-:, $T,.:',i)^trt.:]1\^; me dium, $r..:;.V !r/ .J. 10 : light. $o.^iy'i'>Ar>: yorkcrs. §5. lOTr.".. 15; pigs, $.">.10Tr.",. I.T. Sheep—I.f 10(1. strong. Muttons, (fM.'.tr.; Iambs, ^.'.:'J>'ii •;. ,. Whe:it—Sei)t.. 'IT; l>ee,. CS'i: ca.-;ii No. 2. hard. 72Ij; No. C'M'i llVr. No. 1. i;t;: r(>ji-cied. twffO-f; .\o. 2. red 7.1^71: ..No. ::. 71'.j. Ciirn—Sept.. »."••";: Dee.. 4:;Vj: cash No. 2. mixed. IX'^T; !0: white. r.O';r.M.,-;—No. 2, vviiii.', :;sTi;:9: Xo. 2 mixed. 2.'IVJ. Ryi-—No. 2. .-,2; Hay—Choice liinothy. choicc prairif. Jlt^riI..-0. I'.uiter^Creamery P'.'.i .'i; is',-!;: .lairy fancy, l'".. ' Kggs—Fresh. 12. PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES PRt^MQ. 'TION OF MAJOR GENERAti Y0UN6. 'f m TO REM AUGUST The Advancement of General Y _oung . is Coincic.fcnt V^'fth Other Promo , . tions—Leonard S. Wood is tp Be Major General —President .j Has 6ivcn Directions to' Have pom- \ ' iTiiEsions Prepared., ^ Chie:ig.). July 17.—Caille. ;;.0OO. N.i- tivi> stci r.--.. $K!."...'.0; stoelci-rs and fi '.-der.^. .?2..'.i)?r/ i.'A); cnw^: an.! heifej^ Jl.r.OTrj.T.'.. Hog--.—lo.t 'Oo. T<>|i. $.'..70: liulk ?.-, ::r.^i r ,.(;f>. Hutier—(3ri'ame.-y, ITi 'iTpO; dairy l .T .^TTl P<j. F.ijgs—KI'^ n'.{;. WlK'n!—July. Tf.", ; (dd. TC.''-: SiMil.- 77'',: obi. 77''':; Di^c. TTTr'/,: old. TTii: May. TO'-;. Corn—Inly. I!i"^;: S.-id . .'lO '.s'Ji V 'l: l )ifc. !;i%: May. -Ifi oai:-—.Inly. Si-pt.. : Pie.. :;:-': .\!ay. I 'l .rk^Jiily. $1 l,::o: Sci.t . $] i jl.ard—.Itily. :«7.'t2'i.; s..-iii , $.S.I2',-j o,:t.. ?7.77iL.. NSPIRACY AGAINST KING OF PORTUGAL A Numfjcr of Army Officers Under Ar­ rest—Surpicion of it For Some Time. . Mnliii. .Inly 17.— A ili .-.iiatfli tiuiti l .i .sliim .;ay:: :i nuuiiier iil ollicirs el' ilif Fifth l'oriii .-e;-;i' lulatiliy havi' In 1 II arii '-.led on :t eliai;;,' of eontjpir iiig ii;;.!lii -.1 Kin.;; (liiaiies. Tlii-y will hr irii 'd hy court lutirilal. Sii:ipie |ciii.i of a will'- '!prr:id enii .-.p |r ;(fy n-jtiii' I till' il.^ii.i )y .li .'iM l .'ci'U 4 't :if'r ;ahr'I itiiiic liiU'-. the lur.i i ;:ators; li;'iiig of fn er.; ulio wi;ri' eitsliiereo some lim SI. Loui;-., .Inly 17.—Cat.i!<•. 2 .".oo I'.eef .steers. .'..H'; ptock-'r^ nnd feedrrs. 32.70(77.^.7 <i: cow;- and heifer-; ?2 .2r,(r,-J .2.'.. Hogs—n .OliO. Pig.-, linlit-^. $l ..sOTi) ^>..<^^l: I '.a'-lcir::. %'>.'.W!~i'>.'•<); butchers. ri'.K; "..CO. Receipts id' wheat 72 cars. Wheat—No. 2. rod. cash (•b-vaior TT^.i; track, sol':SI!^; July. 77!-jj SejU.. 77',^fr7s: No. 2. hard. 7.ST/ SO. Co :ii—No 2. eas 'i. IS 'i; track. bS'.i ifTl!); July. 10; Sept.. IfiV',. Oats—No. 2. cash. :!•:: track, '.ic,7i li: S pt.. :;2':: IVc-; ::i%; .No. 2 v.-hite. 11. Piirk-^?! I.To: lar.I. $7.::.". ' Lead—"Strong, $l .r2l4. Spelter- Finn, S ."...".it. Washingti .iii. .Inly 17.—The prer .i i |:'!it has ;;iviMi (iirectious to propare eMiiiijiis;-: ions lor Ihc. foilowin.g prflmo- t-Jili!.: ill I hi' army: '" Major Cle .'M -al Youn.g to be lioiiten •nil gi-u!.i.\!, viei' Lieut! n .Tiit General -Miles, who riiiie.-^ August .Sth. ; Prig .iiiie.' flciu'i.ii S. S. Sumner, tc. he inaj -'ir I ' vice Major Gofleril Havisi. to iie rciired July 2"». •; Prigadier'Geueral Leonard S. Wood ip.lic." iiiajnr s;i noi'al, vice Gone'r.Tl Voung. to be proinoled. Young v.a.; iii )p(iint'''d chief of• staff .June I'y his ;ippi»intment today he rji'io r. ecivi -A the liiie of 'v'lieral. ;ili Imii/li lli'> fild jinsitio:! li*-iiieiiar.i iM'jii 'ial ei)ii :nian.Iing the aiiiiv ha--. !n" i\ nlmli. bed. - DAY'S DOINGS. Brief Bits of News. I Throe indictments wore returned y'osterday by the federal jury in Brook lyn.: "Two are believed to have dire ?f bearing on the postofice department automatic cash irgistcr sc.indal. President Roosorolt has issued an order eliminating old S^KP as a disqualification for eligibility to appointment as laborers in the go^-crnmont .=!ervice. ;Thc physical qualifications, however, must be met. SMrotary Moody intends that e.v haustive exiperiments shall bo made with all the .submarine Iwats that the govornmenti has on its hands as soon la the summer maneuvers are over If hot found satisfactory he will recommend t^ congrcsiS that no more money be appropriated for this class of craft. LONGEVITY OF QUAKERS. K N I lni:irf*<I Ilnriillon iif llii. .4vprnKr I-'rIi-iiil 'H I,Iff (ilvrn SIH Klfty- Kluht l'i*ui -K. The liiiiiri 'vjty iif (^il.-iki rs was dis- ciiiM 'd liy .'I )ri"'>op of Pliihiili-liiliinris llir litliir <l;iy. :avi tin- I'iiil .-nlrlplila lli 'i-ioil. .\ pli vr .|i 'i:i II Iif ipniikiM' di'- H'l'iii -s -iiil: "li nielniiliti'illy trjir tlljit l''l irlilN (iri- llllliil:!^ llic liiUlfi '-.t livfil pi I 'Miii:,. ill Mill'' world. StlltlH- tir«. I;ilii>ili>ii'lv :iiid .icciiriitidy c 'd- Iri-|i-.l. jiT 'iNo til!- rliTirly. Tlif vfa- li.-iliis wen- «'i.iiipilcd lii ;re in I'liil- .'ii|i Iphi.'i ill IniiO. Ihi'V showed the till- ;ivi.r.igc Fricud'.s a-.;o. (Jiiier rej;inieiits are r^aid to be I f'o'-'"'"" "f ••n-.T.igi •iffecteii i lili" til 111- .'i'- yc:irs. 'riierc \ver<! liv- A $5,000,C00 RAILROAD. Charter Granted for the Chickasaw & Northwestern, 125 Miles in Length. GuMirie. O. T.. July 17.—The Chicic & Norihwostern railroad was ciinncred hero today. The new road will extend from Chickasha through Chicka.saw. Seminole and, Chock N-i tion.=!. traversing the .soutlicrn portion of Oklahoma to Holdcnvillo. I. T. The length of the road is 123 miles; capi 1.1,1 stock .?.5.000,000. ii!r iit tli :!T time in this city :iO J-'rieiids wiio W.TC ovi -r -"^S years 'dri, and there weiv ."() other Friends whose vi -ar.s ai.'gn'gnted Thest- jiersmi?-, tint is to .•^:iy. were, mi the average, .s.'j .v,ears id <l. .Marked lMn<r- C'.'ity .•imong <iur ptioplo prov«'s hi <\v whole.-ojne ;iud beiieiicial our! riib-s of livii;g are. The" abstejniousiie.-;:<, the e;;rly hours, flic UMiidahce of worldly e.vcite;nenf—these were the t'.ings that nniltii)Iied so remarkably oiir f<ireffithers' year.s .V ABNER M'KINLEY ILL. Brother of the Late Presiden'. in Dan gerous Condition, a Result of Paralysis. • Johnstown, Pa., July 17.—Abner Mi Kinloy ia reported (jangerously ill at Somerset with 'paralj'sis. The K. C. Plumbing & Suplply Co.. located at the norfhea .'Jt corner of the square, will give .a nfckle plated .soap tray to' every purchaser of 50 feet of hose. «We carry a biR .•Ifisortmeht of hose, nozzles, apriycra and water supplies. Phone 05. An'advertlsemlmt in the homo is on the bigliway. worth a hundred WOMEN WHO WEAR TROUSERS. Squuil-of Keiulnlne UnrdcnerN in Ke »T I GardeuH \V<>rl£ In Dtfurratcd UnriufUtN. At Kew garc!l•iJ^^, in London, a small, ! iRt»'111g«ut, • capable and ntiljc j gqiiiiil of iiraetieal woiiif.i gardeners j is cui[iloyi 'd. Th»y l.-ibor in ttie pot-! ting slierii^. wU-ld the pruiiing^ EhearB, ' study fertill/x-rs and «ear trousers. In summer their nether bifurcated ; garineuts are of dark bine linen or brown, a.-; the wearer prefers. They have ndorittri Uuip bneehes, strajiped clo.=e to the leg below the knees and about the ankles to permit unimpeded stepping in and out ainung^ close-set plants. A blue smuckid frock loosely gathered in by a broad heft at the wai.-it forms the-remainder of their ¥«rji .'•ens-ihle uniform. The public vhvii vlsifinp the famous gardoav easily catches n plimpse of iboiu. , I lMtcr<<«;tliiir 8tatlNtt««. The deatji rate of thn. glpbe is ostl' [iBifrted ai oa A niUnute/ 97,0?'IJ^ dojr«!'^ ' --• "I l•^ • - I 1 li ivi' jii!ieli ;i:"d the liaiisfer line I.f W. It. K- ll.y and will be pleased to li .iM- .lii II!" Ills III. I eiisioiners call on we a! lit Wi'si ..-trei't. C. C. Luccock,^ I^hone ."..'ii^ " Caii you ini.i.giin the feeling of Fred Hornaday oi Fort Scott now that the ijresf.'ni season of the Missouri Valley L' •:I-jyi'^ qvej -^^'i^^t^-. ilTrir TrlTn' • fini.'ihed .-Vbi ad of Fort Scott? "I owe my whole Iif<' to Burdock IJIood P.iiters. Ser(ffulous sores covered illy body. I seemed beyond cure. I'.. I!, ii. has made mo a perfectly well woman.' Mrs. Charles Hulton, Ber- yille, Mich. . : • ;• Scald head is an eczema of the .scalp -^very severe .sonu .'times, but dt can bo ciirrd. Doan's Ointment, quiiik and poimanenl in its results. At any drug .=5 _toro; ;")() cents. " ; A sivar Iiaigain. For sale or trade, twenty-live tlioii.'^.and shares of oil riU)c-k in a splendid comp.any. Chance to make Iiig mom-y and big income. «:iii%-ili> thi.; at once. C. M. iL, lV).v (.27, lola. ll .'ilry V, Wood's cig.'jr .store has jiisi opened up Willi a new lino of Oi .£^;ir}; .I'ld ioli;ieeo ;iud expect to h.tvo llie III .^1 liiii- i.r r l ;.ar:i :itid tolijieco it} l)ie city. C .ili ami sew me at 10 Ka«tt .M .'iiilsou avi'iiue. • .MaVy Wal'iil l.ft tlili aft"rnoon I'iir lit-r liKiiir ;it Lnijitop. Mn. ialie ha^ Iji'i-h iviill iPK for Voiiie tiilie wjth h.T fioii;iji, .Mr... W. Stanneld, and re- ^eivcil .a teleph.-ine me.^ragc? this mom- ing that her nioihfr was seriously ill. [ Tho e:ise of liie City of lola v=? Frank Nin;<riek. who is charged w'ith .'idling inioxieaiiiig liipior .s, is being tried this afttrnoon before Police Judge CuUi .-ijn. The case dates back ti> the bf Mr. Nimorick and his h'arteridor on May 2r >th. V Mr. F. O. IJeamer, whjo is engaged fjitiie /O.Ntensively in th<^ small fruK Ijiisinoss on his "K»nch"jin East Tola, Ijroiiglit t.o tJ-.e Register ^iTice some of .t .he lai" idacklierrios jwo cvbr s ^w. They-are of a now viirioiy and Mr ^leamor thinks ilio one bush he has will yield a bushel. > ^ i Mr. Crouch rocoivod word thi^ mom- ihg tli|; the rails for thio Wasjiingtoa ^venuo line had been shipped. As s-iibn as they arrive and a survey can ^;e mddo work on the extensEon w-Ul o'ommfence. Py the .samp mall ;he iseeeived word that the 51- ^ot c^rs had been paced ^on the tracks-at Sr. Louis and would "be here m a iey,' days. ^- • .: Mr. and Mr.s. A. H. Newton and the hxtter'l mother. -Mrs. 'Taylor, came d 'ow^n from Burlingamo yesterdaj* and ^ro visiting Mr. Newton 's father and mother-. Mrs. Rosa Nowton Maddo .x, ' of Oeitvci, i .s hero also, and tbji ftmily reunlo^ ha.=t been very dclighaiiL^Mr. JV. 11. 'Nuwiim w.ill bo located:} III Pea*: hody 9c)t year as superintendent cC , ihO Cl^ schools. S

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