Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1908
Page 5
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local Events, Guaranteed piano tuning. L. T]. j Sheets, Pomona, tf. Mr. and Mrs. H. ,7. Walton spent Tuesday of this week iti Hedondo. Chester Fairly left this work for ; Tallnc, Lake Tnhoe, to spend the; summer. 11. H. Kirkpatrick of Riverside visited at tho Carnahan homo over Sunday. Miss Minnie Hutchison left jester- day to spend the Fourth with relatives in Ventura. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Clizbc are the proud possessors of n baby boy, born j Sunday, June 26. Mr. .and Mrs. L/. Bran ham and daughter Bertha have removed to Rodeo, New Mexico. Miss Ettft Davvsoii, who has been visiting for several weeks with the home folks, has returned to Los Angeles. Miss Hattie Nye left Thursday for Camp Rincon, where she will fill the position of pianist in the orchestra during the summer. About thirty of the young people from the Brethren Sunday-sobool are picnicking in the San Dimas canyon today. Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Overholtzer and daughter Cora of L.oug Beach .were visiting relatives in Covina over last Sunday. J. S. Eekl'eg and daughter, Mrs. Carl Warner, spent Thursday at Redondo, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ecklos. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stautou and daughter, Miss Fern, of Chi no, were visiting relatives and friends in Covina over last, Sunday. Elmer Ebersole and Miss Mabel Brenneman of Lordsburg spent Sunday in Covina, guests of Miss Rose Ilepuer, Mrs. N. D. Mussey is entertaining this week n dear old lady of Los Angeles, Mrs. Helen Stead, who went to school with her in Michigan years ago, when they were little tots. The Misses Josephine and Doris Rosenthal of Los Angeles were guests this week of their sisier, Mrs. F. J. CJiue. Miss Josephine is remaining a week in Covina. Mrs. F. Bacon and daughters, the Misses Regiua and Winnifred, of Los Angeles, were guests on Tuesday and -.Wednesday of Mrs. W. B. Broadwell, the former young lady having remained for a short visit. W. H. Hanna, a returned missionary from the Philippine Islands, will lecture on his work there on Sunday evening in the Christian Church, illustrating his talk with stereopticon views. Mr. and Mrs H. Temple and family are spending the summer at Cataliua. For the past several years this family always spent the summer mouths at their cottage at, Ocean Park. E. U. Smith, who recently disposed of his drug business, the Covina Pbarrmu-y, to W. W. Nash, haa accepted a responsible position with the Brunswick Drug Co., wholesalers, of Los Angeles. Robert Philleo is spending the summer at Camp Rincon. This gifted violinist and Miss Hattie Nye, pianist, will entertain the camp guests with music during the summer evenings. The Sunday-school of Holy Trinity Church enjoyed a pleasant picnic on Wednesday hist in big Dalton canyon. A bountiful lunch with hot tea and coffee was spread under tho shade trees t\ud the day WHS passed quickly climbing the trails, wading and gathering flowers and ferns. Mrs. J. L. Berry Jof Los Angeles, with her little daughter Mildred, drove over from Los Angeles yesterday rriurning to the home of her parents, Mr. ami Mrs. N. I). Mussey. Here they were joined in the evening by Mr. Berry and the whole party are enjoying a picnic today in the San Gabriel canyon. Miss Constance F, Manning left, this week for her home in PUSH Rubles. .Manning, who hits taught for the pust three years in the Ctivina High Svhoul, 1ms accepted H position in the Alhambra High School for next year. This popular teacher will be micsed in school tuid social circles. Lewis vV Hcsicliine., barbers, have leased the premises at pie.ieiit occupied Ly U'. U'. ,\:iih':j ding store They will Mare IK; «•>.pin'-.e in fitting H]> the l,iii!'l)iiL' H^ a ih-it class bar I IT shop. '.'• i:h iio'll.-. ill count Clion, moving i;;'.. their IH-'A < JIIH> U-! ••> .VIM- tuiA- iluiii.'_' August. .Mi. Na-.h will luoir his lii uj_' nloifc in r o the corner i ,,,11, • I :.'.!• A.n.r. ( .V. I.I ck. which i,- no'.v bi-iiij.' lUlt.-ii i;j- I • '.' Us, MM u j.-uut. W. M. Griswold and family aro taking an auto trip to Long Beadi today. Mr?. \V. Gladfeltcr of Fresno arrived on Tuesday to spend a month at tho home of Mrs. Wesley Hodges. Miss Adele Smith of Los Angeles is visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Lahee. Miss Phjflis Bruujes has been spending two weeks at the homo of her grandmother, Mrs. Jacob JJrunjcs. Clyde Bouiis of Hollywood is visiting at the home of his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bomis. Josephine \Viduey was the guest on Wednesday and Thursday of Mrs. W. G. Con ley, Miss Collins, who taught the seventh grade in the grammar school last year, has gone to her home in Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Geo.' E. Gresham, who recently sold their orange ranch to W. W. C. White, have moved to Glendora to reside. Dr. and Mrs. I 1 '. J. Cline are mov- iii» into a house across the road from their former residence on Cottage Drive. Wauted—Work. Will take in washing or will do it at' tho house; houseclenniug, sweeping, etc. First house oast of Episcopal Church. Mrs. McA, Itp Mr, and Mrs. K. 0. Simpson have returned from their auto wedding trip and are moving into their property on Cottage Drive, lately vacated by Dr. and Mrs. Cline. Mrs. I. I. Cook and Miss Vyvyeiino Faulder left ou Wednesday for San Francisco where they will be the guests of the former's niece, Mrs. Steams. P. S. Dotts and family have vacated the ranch property on Cienega avenue lately sold by them and have moved into the old Mo.xley home ou East Sau Bernardino road. The Musical .Revival Crusaders, who have been making the town lively with music and serviced in the big tent back of tho Club House, left on Tuesday for pastures new. Miss Minerva Punk', Miss Verda Funk, Miss Rosa Funk and T. V. Curl, who have been making Covina their home for several months, have removed to Glendora. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. C. White, purchasers of the Gresham grove, have moved onto their property this week. The Argus extends to them a hearty welcome. The Ladies Aid of the M. E. Churc.h will give an ice cream and strawberry social at the church Tuesday, July 14. Will servo from 3 to 10 p.m. It Prof, and Mrs. Fitzgerald were guests and participants in a miisicale given in Los Angele." on Wednesday evening at the homo of Attorney tuid Mrs. .Joseph Call. Miss Kathorine Vundervort, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Vandervort, a student at the, University of California, has won a. scholarship. Miss Vandervort will graduate next year, Mr. and Mrs. Prather have sold their old residence to Mrs. Cook, who will remove it onto one of her lots on Italia street. They will build a handsome new residence at once. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Huff and little son Chauncey left yesterday to spend tho .summer in Long Beach. Upon their return they will build a hand- home residence, probably on Italia street, wer-t. of that, of Kev. Oonley. Mr. and Mrs. Jv H. Lahee entertained on Thursday evening with an ! excellently appointed dinner parly, thfcir guests being Mr. and Mrs. Holder of Los Angeles and tint Misses Bouriand of Chicago and Stevens of Ht. Paul. Col. and Mrs. F. M. Chapman will entertain a large family party at Pal motto ranch today. It will include Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Chapman and family, .Vr. and Mis. H. J. Chapiu.-in and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Columbus C. Chapman and family. The stork visited the home of G. W. Lee on Wednesday and left three babii-.-i. However, the youngsterB proved to no of a bucolic nature and Mr?. Lt-e is n-.'.s the j.rmitl possi-hsor of (bite eahes. all doing Wi II. Tl.e .Junior ( 'hrisiian Kndeav.r of the. Pn-si.\'i-rian ('iiiiieh had a |,!i ri- ant i'liiiir n on .''londay evening, in it,i- ->fi,il J,;:li. : ; !iii_e number li-in,,' |,ie.-ent. inclij'!:::i.' home gne-.r-. Ofuiii-.- a/id music i ecupiMl !(,» i >eu ins/, tfie tiii ,n. !.'(:/].t-n;s being in li.e biiiula 01 Mir. S. .). Walton. I,-,.- cft-au. a.'.d eak.- ... i.- .-...-rvi-ri. OUR Warner, Wlitsel & (n. Brown & Bohri Sanitary Laundry For Sale -Voiing piga. G. T. Brown, Irwindnlo. Tol. IH. 7-lSp i M "s. Chulker of Long Moac'li WHH a gues; this week of Mrs. S. A. King. B.'L. Reynolds ivud family i\ro »M>- joyii.g an Hutu picnic to Pumnini today. , A family reunion will rnjoy firecrackers and ici 1 cream at the homo of Mrs. Rosa C. Cbirke. IRWINDALE. Mrs. Dun Rdichai'd has spoilt sovor- nl days tliis week in Hollywood helping to nurse her son, DeForoat, who has been seriously ill with blood poisoning, caused by tho pulling of ;i wisdom tooth. Mr. and Mrs. G. N, Lunn aro visiting relatives in Tropico. W. Wfitorhoiiso ia tho proud possessor of a scvoti passenger While Stoainor <oiirlng cur, the finest machine in tho valley. Miss Mny Trout enjoyed n pienh at Urbita Springs on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Thompson and | daughter. Marie, have returned to their former home in Ventura, Born to Mr, and Mrs. Marl ion Harris of Double avenue, July 1, a bouncing boy. About twenty of Iho young people of the Christian Church are enjoying a .picnic in S:in Dimns canyon today. Mr. and Mrs. Philleo aro entertaining this afternoon with a liiwu party. Thirty-three nnmes have been added to the Argus list dining the past two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. G, N. Atwood and Mrs. H. M. Faulder are spending the Fourth at Long Bench. Mrs. Mary Lenhriok and sou Sam left yesterday to cpeiid a week with relatives at San Diego. Mrs. J. H. Dial of Clifton. Ariz., is visiting at the home of Dr. and Mrs Aschenbrcnner. The choir of Holy Trinity Church, about twenty-five in number, aro enjoying a jolly picnic in Fish canyon today. The Misses May and Mattie Trout spent several days this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Arnold of Pomona. For Sale — Apricots, 81. SO percwt. Gco. Williamson ranch, Irwindnle avenue, .'-a rnilo south of car line. 7 lip Charliu Smith of Giirdimii is spending the week with his aunts, Mrs. Anna Finch and the Misses Breakey, at their home ou W. Badillo street. A fraction over eighty-seven per cent of tho families of Covina take the Argus. This is a record of which we feel justly proud. Edward Goodnight, has sold his pool room and cigar stand in the Covina House to Hennessee and Uoodell of Long Beach. The new proprietors will take hold ou Monday. Miss Zora Miner of Upland is tho guest of her aunt, Mrs. W. Wyeth. The Intter's sister, Mrs. J. L. Miner, spent several days with her this week. They are spending today at Venice. Mr. and Mrs. B. K. HoHseltino of E. Italia street aro entertaining at their pretty new home the hitter's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. U. Mouuder of Sau Diego. Mr. and Mrs. Gco. Anderson and family and Mr. and Mrs, B. L. King and family left Wednesday for the Sun Antonio Canyon on a camping trip. They expect to 1m absent thirty days. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Crawford returned on Sunday from an aulo trip to SHU Francisco. They went by way of Bakersfltdd, returning by the coast route. They report, a most enjoyable trip. B. H. Allen has "leased the Pico Garage from H. D. iUanehard and will put in extra machinery for repair work in about a month. Ho will curry u full lino of tiro sundries, dl, grease and extras. .\l«o handle tho lieo and Kisfiolkar. A great, halo of flowers from 1 dc. bunch and up. Alt trimmed lialH at 'JH per cent oil'. See tho as/iortnient of trimmed and nntrinimi d hats for Ijl.lii). Black and white sailors at I Ode. Everything reduced in Miss Kcekard'H millinery parlors on North Citrus avenue. 1 | Mr. and Mrs. J'\ W. Gail with 1 their son and daughter n.ovcd out .from Pasadena thin week and have, 'moved onto their twenty five acre I grove on Puerile Htrcot which th';y recently purchased ftom the Kiiddoc.k estate. They will reside temporarily : in their now barn until the completion of their residence. This family !will prove a pleasing acquisition to I Covina. Tho daughter has jiisS. gia duated and the son has completed bis tlji'd year in high tchool and will i iinisli in the f'ovina hcbo-,1 next. year. | . . . . ... Announcement. 1 *'.",()'ju. : |J| '••'•'H lain Ca|.|.s 'A i 11 K-.-i--.od J,,,, V on, ,.i..,,.-, i j, .. v.jlh OH foi ''•<•" 11" "' ril -V '•' <"<"»!/.,' dining , ;ij( . ,,, to IH. Al v, |. I u, k.c,v. y,,ui ""' '••"•"-'•" '' '•>»•'' '-'"V. "Hire Y.a,,t, and ,>e ,f ...... c:,n,c,l Hi H .lv •'"•' lls } "' '" «'•"'• <Jlfi '-" ' Al:l ' ' •'•'' the,,,. Monev ;,, i .an. National Bunk, Co-.iiia. l:<-sid. nee, , ,,.,„., ,,.„,,., l) , M . ( . fl;/ . r . ;|l . I ' '•'••'•'' 1 '' ' •'• . ( :),,, k , v Jjouglas. 51 THE B* $ Covina Peoples Store a %y H ti J*j (iN-coKi'oKATun) v^ J*i OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMIL^i fa We have the a go in'v for the celebrated Without doubt the tmst r.uicli shoo on (be market. Ask tho man ••vho we.irs tlicm h-. 1 knows. S" £j lNopo=Q=Tein Shoos IJ * ^ • i * * IllafU or Tan. Itlneher Cut. Mellow Tongue. KKimlyko F ( yelots. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Sale - Seed potatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Coviuu, Ciil. tt Rooms to rent Seo Mva. W. C. Hibscb, Cottage Drive. Gunther's sweets aro pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'om. Motorcycle- for milo cheap. Covina Koalty Co. For Sale Seed notatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Covina, Cal. tf For Sale Wheat hay, 815.. Call 1087.- W. H. DaiiioK 7-1 1. Get. Busy Use your phono, blackberries aro ripening. Our phone number in '1128. tf FOR SAL 10 A wall tent, complete and whole. Used part of one Hummer. S. P. Jnnni.snn. tf. Cement blocks, 8x1(1 inches, for sale by 13. E. Stitos, tho cement, man. Pricas the lowest. FOR SALE—Sweet, potato plants. M. E* Zug, Irwindalo. Phono 3117. tf For Sale — Comfortable, flvo. room residence in fine section 'of town, 81800. J, H. Matthews. Buggies repainted aurj rovarnishod from 85.00 up. Surrwyw «<>. 00 up. Autos 810.00 up. (J. W. Marsh. For Sale -Potatoes and poultry to order. Also first olass cow. H. C. Casad, Homo phono ll'JH, Covina. tf Have your rubber tiron sol, by Wilson'H rubber tiro Hotter, tho only one of its kind in the valley. tf. Place your spare cash in UioCovhm Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at '1 per cent,. Japanese man wants position as gardenei. Can do much work, drivo team and prune trees. K. Amabala, }'.(). box rjii, Covina, Cal., 7--lp The Oovina Valley Savings Bank • offers you a sal'e investment for your I idle funds. We pay 1 per ccul. | Start an account today. I | For Sale, 'jr/00 Billion galviini/- | ed iron tiink and i'ure'- pump at a bar igain. Otto Anderson, Kasl, iJoiiblo avr<nno. 7 I I p Tnlan- land raiwcs o/'an^'cH, all of fruits and vegetables to |i(-rfecl ion. Oome up with us on •Friday and HOO them, J. II. Mat -thews, Covina. Pbune ,'iUOH. ; I''OK KALI'l Id UCK-H of 1-J year ; old navels, Good house and other i improvement s. A/usa water right, • III) hhari'H. Will take c,nllai/<i In Covinfi. Price # 1 ii, OHO. Ton/in. .\iiHlin Warner. For Sain Two well broken '.pans of work mules. .MMI splendid young team of heavy Purr.heron- four year olds. Weight 1'jdO II,s each; well broki-n. Malt (,'lnllon. Telephone 1:10. ti I-'OH SAI.K Two of ibe finest lots in t he ci!y c.beap. ii room bouse and '_' lots, I lid, 1 -. 175, "jd oiange l/«^es, close in, pi n e % 'J i > ( i ( i . Best (•'.Tin r in the cilv' for invcs-.i * * * >** ********************** For Prevention or Cure During Your Summer Outing ami after your return, you M'/'// require FACE CREAMS ', To pi'olccl VOID' (\»n/>/t'.\'/'i>H, run' Sn>i/>t/ni< or Ju'inovc ///>' Tan or /'/vr/'A'.s /nun your >/•///. We hove your nbl finoritc nnd snmo new BRASS mm M MAQH SHOP MANUFACTURERS or Irrpon GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and Office opposite S. I'. llnne I'hom: 2H 1 ) Cov'ui.i, Good Leather skilled wurkinansliij) ;uid modi rti madiiiicry arc jirctty sun: to iirodticc ;i styli-,h, scrvii^rablc.- shoe. Tlicrc is all this in Hanan Shoes ami more. U'-yoiid tiic rjuality rcjircsi-ntcd, is a proper 'olciid- iti|^ of sty)'-, jfo'iil taste and alc.olutc comfort. "Ilauan individuality" be--,1 dcsi ribcs it V'oii iici'd but wear a pair to appreciate it. We've Jfanaii Shoe-, in all the popular styles. The pnYes are low for Hanan',. BROAPWI'Ll Covina, Cal.

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