Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1912
Page 6
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t- THE lOLA DAILY EEGI8TER. FRmAY EVENING. OCTOBER 25.1912. ^.l^dy's Comment , On Medicine and Religion [i , i Thfi foUowliiE Iwtpr ie from a Uily 1^. "wii^i^e namn 1 not 'at liberty to l ^i :ihc!iv"ould be Viuown by,''ai'-l every - Trailer. She writow Jn fX- tit'J$ B HartmaarX^loTt,; ut. Ohio: r 4 rVour article VnfSUea'^It^lciiie ami Itelteion' has. boeu r.^id'and re-road 1)K^e many times It seems to bn thhtv the article contains the sub' «tan,^e of all that has be^ aaid about "^CbijEBtiaii Science, new thought, sug- fs^ilye thcraiMsuUcs and other forms ' of niental healing:. 4' i"l 'am very much pla-ised to observe ' tlmtjyou are pntting out Into the world sricii, useful literature. It will do un- -toid.good, n-ithout ^oubt; iiot only for GUMK who take medicine, but for those TirhO :,try to get along without taking , V me^ine. Vour article Is terse, to the p4tu(, and "Will be read by thousands. fHedlclne'and religion have always j-~*«!!e«»very closely associated. Only in V iverr^ recent years have the two been ' ^e^dNl as separate professions. I ! 'xtmf;lai you brought this out so riy.' -^The tendency of today Is strongly ' ip^tlie dlrectfon -of medicine and relig­ ion i<omlns; Imok together again. With yuur Immense faallltles for apfAadlng useful tufdmi\ilnn 1 am' sure yon -will greatly as-sist rlie progress of the times In sending out broadcast such articles. I want you to know that your efforts are appreciated. * ' "As to Peruna, I have nothing to say. I very seldom make use of,any medicine. But I assure you that your article has so enthused me with the good advice it contains ttiat if I taaTe any need for medicine I slAll certainly buy a bottle of Peruna. I shall not neglect to recommend it to others also." Pc-ru-ii.i, i Man-n-lln and La-cu-pla manufactured by the Pe-ru-na Company, Columbus, Oslo. Sold at all drug stores. SPECI.4L KOTICE:—Many persons inquire for The Old-time Peruna. They want the I>cruna that their Fathers and Mothers used to take.n The olc Peruna Is now called Katarno. If your dealer does not keep It i'or sale write tlu! Katarno t'oiupany, Columbus, Ohio, and tlicy will tell you all about It j Mls-s Olive Vezie, of I.acygne. visited . o!<l friends in Carlyle tiiis week, i Airs, .ManinJIulger and son. Kusseli, I visited relatives in Cherryvale a few ; (Inys last week. ' I .Mrs. l.yilia Davis, of iola, and a sis' ti;r from Colorado, attended church at ' Carlyle Sunday. .Mr. Harvpy l>elepiain threshed al- sroxY roi.NT. (S. D. Brandenburg) • pctober 22,—Wallace Hall who hat • falfa for .Mr. Fred Dudley and .Mr. Ben " teen very poorly all summer paasedi Wright tills weeis. " kmff Monday evening at half past! Floyd Newton, the four-y<'ar-old son eig^t o'clock. Funeral will be held at' of .Mr. and yira. Perry .Wwion. met thtt-Baptlst church at Bronson Thurs- witli a serious accident Friday after' <lay,. at eleven, llev. Frank Jennings noon wliile playing: in the old druj: %itr officiate and the 1. O. O. P. will store Imilding. jumping from one coun . Bate charge of the funeral. The re- ter to anotiier h<' fell and bit his : mains will bo laid to rest in the Bron- eoA.-cemetery. The friends and nolgh iofa of the- community extend tliuir ieirtfelt sympathy to the bon'av*.^! •wife, children, father and brother and ai^rs. iirs Ivy Harlan and children of PriJlt county^ arrived here last Monday week for an extended visit with : J»er: parents arid other relatives. Bert Hamiltcm and family spent Sunday with Albert Burriss and wife. 'Sl«B. Frances Parsone, of (Soodrlch ar- xireA at her brother's just a little ' wttiUe before Wallace passed away. • We had quite a little scurry of •»Viid and rain Monday evening. ' ' ' M .F. Brandenburg made a busineBs , j trip to' Iola Tuesday. [ Ed Ooodno and family, John Connor an^ wife, of Bronson, Grandma Harlan and George Bomner and Mrs. Guy Qarlan and son, Chester, of Pratt oounty. were the guests of Paul llar- b4 ^i^d family Sunday. ~ Wit>- KitzmiUer and wife and son of '.. Pq^tt county, and Mra Ullle Tillery, of jTurou, arrived at S. D. Brandenburg's Monday at one o'clock in .Mr. ' kl|iiniller '8 auto Theyfcame by way ofiEmporia and Burlington, a little 0%-^ 300 miles In a day and a half. ' Tlfey win visit relatives here a week CJritwo before returning. :*i XEXIA. . • :' (Opal Townsley) Octol>er 22.-^uite a number attended; the Republican meeting at Xenla Tlmrsaay night . Mr. Soili Camp and wife were in _nr &Tj ''on \\>dnes<iny Bf'rt Towm^li I av.-i v > -v'-l Tliiirs day with IJoy r''vnsl«.- ,i ' Tamilv. Mrs. Mosc W'liiK .inii \.cut ou an rxtrnsiv*', V rui -lay to KInsle.v, K^nsss. to vi>ii h^r daughter, Mrs. .^%ud' Broadbock. ilr. McKlijIcy .lohnpon spent Sunday with his s^ister. Mrs. Mae Gregg. ijtoy'.Guaer Ik improving very well •fr«iin tjie typhoid fever at this writing. Mr. and .Mrs. Whlngton is visiting ' relatives In Kansas City this month. atr. Charles Whltcomb and family are getting ready to move to his now ' koine near Kincaid. Lawrence Long spent Thursday at Brbpson with relatives. itiie county superintendent. Miss Mliinie Steward, hae been visiting the «<pKK )ls In this vicinity this week. The X^a school Thursday and the Rokey Pisittt school Fildat. • yi. M. Davis went to Fort St>ott Tues d«y. ' ?^'^l •Whitcomb is working In Mll- ' dr^ this week building a delivery •bam- ' . :Sllss I .i7.7ie Low spent part of the •werfc with W. B. Stafford and family. , rilr. and Mrs. Joe eharlc^ spent Friday^ *rith Theo. Guder and family. iSarl Melfnrd. Roy Townsley and Lawrrence Lonsr have been hauling ' bi^ed hay for Olive Camp. TARLYLE. (Jessie Caldwell) October 23.—Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Cbristian Trout wine Tuesdav, October M ; a boy. tousue aluiost in two. .\ idiysiclan was failed' and liud to Uike several stlloh'fs to rlosf tlic wound, lie is getting nioug nicely at iliis wrilinjj. Mrs. J. 11. Dunlap died at lu-r liome near Carlyle Tuesday. Ootolier l.'>. after An Illness of two weeks with pneu- iu<mia and complications. Funerai services wore held from_the church Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock with Rev. 0. H. Ticknor officlaUng. Mrs. Dunlap was an earnest, conscientious Christian and her influence will long be felt in this community. She leaves a husband and four step-sons besides a host of friends to mourn her loss. The remaii)s were taken to her old home at Oswego for burial. ENTERPRISE. (Helen Clark) October 24.—We all appreciate this fine sunslilny weather. Several in this neighborhood intend to attend the Preston sale Thursday. ..Mr. and .Mrs. (Juy Healy returned home from tiielr trii» to Missotirj Monday, liaxiiiK been absent two weeks. Mr Greens liave iMire .hased u new wagon. .Mr. and Mrs Ixmie Zink and sons at tended chur< li at Piqua Sunday and took dinner with Mrs. Zink's mother. Mrs. Fisher, of that place. Mrs. CastatoT was at .Mrs. Kd Osborn's the first of the week. Mr. B. F. Clark left Monday for Richmond. Kas., to visit a ; nephew tiicre before going to Trenton^ Mo., on Wednesday to attend an old soldiers' retmion at that place. He will stop at Kansas City on his return. Mr. .nnd .Mrs. Wlieatly, of Iluuiboldf. visiloil .Mr. and Mrs Kd bsb»>rn Sunday. Mr and .Mr.-: ii. y, Clark and s<m attended Sunday .<ehool at l nion Sunday. Revival >:ervici's are being lield at the Me!llodi^it oliuri'li at I'iqua rOTT .VGK GROVE. (K Johnson). Oct. S."!.—Mrs. Kate .\igh. of Chanute vi8it <H] last Friday with Mrs. Ira Noyes. Rev. Sioit Irwin, of Chanute preached Sunday night In place ol Hev. McKw«ver and opened the series of meetings which are being held here. Mr. an-l Mrs. Uurghart visitwl Sunday with their son. H. R. Burghart Mr. Rhinehardt and family were aisc visitors at the Burghart home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Johnson who has been confined to her room for over a month received a visit Friday from her'cous- in. Mrs. Matsler of Chanute. who f-ime up. on the plug and spent th- day. Tbe Ladies* Aid made over $13 a; tlH» sale Monday. M. Stewart returned from Colorado last week where he has been visiting his dangbter and son. .Mr. and Mrs. Spencer have gone to Iowa where they will xislt for two weeks. D. W. Matsler and a man from Cha- rDiSQRDEREMERVES j^^ometiines ^tar t from mental strain !W ii^digestion, but more often from general weakness, and .lead to i^palling conditions unless checked. Treat the cause, not the effect* SCOTT'S EMULSION •ovqrcoines nervousness in a wonderful, permanent way by making life-susfcuning blood corpuscles; it nourishes the nerve centres and acts as a bracing tonic to build you up. Scott's Emnluon does not stupefy— it feeds them in Nature's way. SCOTT a BOWKE. WooiBfcM. N. J. 12-96 rarnn llittraaajr. Mr. and Mrs. Cloud.enterUlned on MoBdsr «r«BlaS' la' honor o( their dauihter Zola's eighteenth birthday. Th« youav folks report a most enjoyable time: . Mrs. Pugh visited Monday afternoon with Mrs. Johmon. Mrs. Booe spent Thursday in Humboldt visiting her mother Mrs. Duncan and her skiter. Miss Bertha. Mr. and Mrs. Will Puckett and family visited In Humlioldt Sunday. Mrs. Will Stewart called Friday afternoon at Mrs. Noyes and Mrs. Johnsons. Mildred Noyea visited last Friday with Mrs. .Hawley Brancher In Humboldt. H.VRM»>'Y. (Mrs. C. Cloud). Oct. 23.—We ar«» having beautiful weather at present. A. O. Cornell, of Liberty, visited his brother Dan Cornell and other relatives here and at Cottage Grove the last of the week. Frank Booe Is blasting his well in an effort to get stock water. Ovel and Hlldred Hamilton. .Jack Cornell. Vergie and 2ola Cloud ate supper with the Bockover young folks and attended church at Cottage Grove Sunday evening. Jack Cornell went to Western Kansas Tuesday to shuck corn. He has a three months' Job. l.awson Bockover is working for Lex Booe. Mra. I .iex Booe spent Thursday with Mrs. Cary Cloud. Mrs. L. .1. Booe is <iiiite poorly at this writing. Asa McGUffey spent' Sunday with Donglas Booe. l.awson Bockover hauled a load of ceniint chat from Chanute to thj» l.^- aitna remetery for Lex Booe Sunday. George McKaska spent- Sati'irdny "venlng with the Stvvenson young folks. Dan Cornell Jr., and wife gave a dance Saturday evening. Jack Cornell hi'inn the guest of honor, before going to Western Kansas. Friends and telutlVKs from east ot Iola s |)ent tb» week end ot Bockover's. C iry Cloud w as kicked by a mule Wednesday belw-ecn the e.ves. making an ugly but not a dangerous gash. Dr. Hlndman of Humboldt, dressed th wound. Those who are compelled to haul water would certainly appreciate u good soaking rain. Rev. McKeever is holding a revival at Cottage Grove and would be glad to see a good attendance from Harmony. nuto-sws oat tot^a^^rthe"'Do1«S-]«i^e '%roi6a- a ^ul^^ parttershtpT ' —— . ^ buying and aeUIng stock. They arto now collecting a bunch of cattle at the Hlnzle' yards, west of towa, whifih they will feed until they can tarn ]them at a fair profit Mr. and RJrs. Bowman's son, who llv^s St Fort Scott came over to do the carpenter work on F. B. Shults' new house. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Heath came down from N'eosho FSlla the first of the week, and spent a day or two at Oscar Heath's and John Slack's. Mr. and i,\ra. S. T; Enfleld. of Iola. spent Saturday and Sunday at George Bums'. • Bert Cleaver and fniuily visited at Gas City Sunday. EI «ie Dickey bought Clarence Lut?.' driving pony. Otto and Charley Hilllirant have been sawing frame timber for a new house for W.. A. Dawson, and lumber and timbers for other Improvements that are needed on his piece of land that hitherto bar, tiad no buildings on it. John Goshorn and his lady friend and Miss i^izzip Tiptou spent Sunday at the J. W IJale home. .1. B. Sinitli has sold liis eighty acre farm, but we have not learned wlio the purchaser was. We imderstand that Mr. Sniitii lias nut fully decided whether he will remain in these parts or seek his fortune elspTvhere. Miss Verli-y ileatii wlio spent a couple of weeks wirli her grandparents at .Neosho Falls, is now at luuhe again. W. A. Dawson and wife attended the funeral of J. W. Arnett Wednesday. The McCoy brotIu>rs luive built nearly double tln» amount of rock road during the |)ast week that they liave built In the same length of time since they began on this contract here. Hunters liave aguin liegun to intrude on the riglils ot tarnjers. and it Is believed that tliere Imve been some quails shut. Those having in ciiarge tlie work of moving the liig gas pipe to .loin for shipment, tliat the Kansas .Natural recently liad taken uii, aii^> giving lilp prices as an lisduceinent for n>aui work, it will probably take another week to gel tile pipe all removed from the west side. We write too early to give an account of Netghljor Preston's sale tinii Is l)elng held today. Ice formed on small bodies of water one or two luornings this week which shows that winter lias begun a successful niarcli on summer influences. CUERKT GROVE. (Leota M. Wilson). Oct. 24.—few of the fanners have begun husking and cribbing corn. Mr. C. C. Peak and Mr, Harley ry returned from Arkansas City where they went as delegates to the .\ H. T. A. meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Adams and Glenn. .Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wilson. Irene anil Harold Wilson spent Sunday at J. J. Townsenda. Mr -and Mrs. Harley Wright am! daughters returned lioiiie .Monday after a few days visit In Kansas City and points In Nebraska. Mrs. C. C. Peak liad as guests Sunday, Mrs. Harley Lumry and boys and Miss Bertha Montgomery. Mr. and Mrs. A. Baker were Humboldt guests Sunday. .Miss Bertha Montgomery visited at R. B. Wilson's Sunday evening. The M. B. S. met with Mfs. J. C. Uornbergh Thursdav afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kndicott. Miss Dora Kndicott and Mr. Knimett Kndi- .Tott spent Sunday with R. B. Wilson's. .Mr. Hiid .Mrs. Joliu Floyd and daugh 'er MildriHl returned to their home in • 'offeyvill*- Tuesday after a visit here with Mrs. Floyd's sistnrs Mrs. Orin Adaius and Mrs. Chas. Klliott and Brotaer Mr. I.cwi8 McFarland. Miss Bertha Montgomery and Mr. Krnest Peak si>ent Sunday evening at the J. J. Townsend home. Mrs. Chas. Elliott. Mrs. John Floyd and baby called on-Mrs C C. Peak Monday afternoon. .Mi»i.s Alta McFarland visited with Miss LInnie Deaton Sunday. SI-,-.- 'fi-: 'V*^.. NKOSlur V.VLLEY. tC. I.- Arnold > Oct. 1*4.—^\'erley Heath has been vis- ting her gra1kdi>arents. Mr. and Mrs 1. Heath at N'eosho Falls, for a week or two i«st. Those who Insist that thp correspondent should give his views, in the Tuake-up of his correspondence, on natters bearing on politics, do not realize that he would be taking his own life, as a news gatherer by so doing, and furthe.r, that such items would never get beyond the waste i-asket Mr. Johnston, who has l>een working on the rock road here returned to Ills home, southeast of Humboldt, the first of the week. Mr. Wetzel, who owns the farm on which A. J. McCarley lives, arrived here from Illinois last week and has :.ocated in Iola. F. B. Butler has an atfcount of oyer %-.')»0 against the Ray property that is now In the hands of a receiver. Mr. Bowman's son. whose home is It Fort Scoit, came over to build F. U. Shulti' new house. Miss Flossy Miller Is visiting her sister. Mrs. Earl Golden, In Oklahoma. Miss Rose Butler, whose shoulder was dislocated recently, is again able *o go to school. After nuking a visit to his brothers Carl and Olln, who live at Melvcrn and Wllllanisburg. respecUvely. Ardeu Williams returned to his home at I.ien- .tpah Okla., one day last week. Just previous to this he had visited his parents here. A pleasant social evening was spent in connecUon with, the oyster sapper at W. B. Bolin's last Friday evening. Th« net income from the supper which -rill be paid on church expenses, was $9.45. Mr: Bowman and his wife. Rev. Mrs. Bowman, left for the U. B. annual coh- ference. at CoffeyviUe. on the early morning train. Thursday. . Mr. and Mrs. Glenroy Flake were on the west side Sunday. Com gathering is engaging the attention of manyfarmers Just nov/. UEEK CREEK. tMrs. .McKinney) October 23.—.Miss Delna Grieve vls- it «Ml Saturday night and Sunday with her brother. .Mr.'Ben Grieve, and fam- ll.v. of Diamond neighborhood. Miss Rosa Smart assisted Mrs. (Jeorge Grieve with her house cleaning last week. tieorge Jones spent Sunday with his sister anil faiiiiiv, .Mis Fred Eppley. of Wise. .'Vgnes Jones spent Sunday witli .Mi.'-s Cii.sta James. .Mr. McKinney and Mr Falls made a business trip to Iola Wednesday. Mr. AVthur Holllngshead made a Diislnefis trip to Garnett Wednesday. Revival iiKietings commence at Pii<asant Vaili-y church .Monday ulglit. .\1 lare welcome to attend. The. people of Wise neighborhood argauized literary at Wise Friday night and they will have literary three weeks from, the time organized. Ail ire invited to attend. ROCK CREEK. (George .Marks I Oclolier 2" —We had ipiite a frost Tiie<-<iay night. Mrs Huuhes returned luiiiie from a Iirtef visit witii her cliildren in Kansas •ity I'raiik Marks is busy biiildinp a lieii house Fred l {i >es is delivering mail on route three while .Mr Woods is takinj; vacation. Mr. Wilson sold a bunch of cattle •o Glenroy Flake Tuestlny \ye understami .Mr Weaver is going to have ii, public sale at his place l>c- •olier 2lt. >lrs. Wedokin called on Mrs Marks one day last week. Karl Marple started to ?r ;i .>>l at Ki>ek CoH 'k Monday Mrs. Chauncey Hees .—. > ••.':.<•-[ •ire vt.<itlng with Mi an.i .Mrs Kre! ttees at prejient. Mr and Mrs. Charley Foster, of Iola, visited with Mr. and .Mrs. .Marks and children Sunday. .Mr. Ramsyrie hauled a load of ai>- iiles from bis place in Woodson county. Mrs. Wilson rcturneil home from a visit at Blue Mound. Mrs. Hanshaw called at Dr. Howell's one day last week. (Mrs. Smith.) October 23.—Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hocketts are the proud parents of a fine boy. Mrs. Ted Penland who has been spending the pa.-st few weeks In Missouri visiting relatives, returned home the last of the week. Mrs. J. .N Vickers and Mrs. John Shroyer attended the district conference at Neosho Falls last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss and daughter Beraiee. are visiting Mrs. Bliss' parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Penland, this week. Charlie Meyers of l^s Angeles, Calif., who formerly lived In this section of the country, was calling on friends In this vicinity last week. The Ladies' Aid Society gave an oyster supper last Saturday evening in honor of the men who so kindly donated work toward building the new cement platform and walks at the church. The social was heldlat the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sprague and the invitation extended to all the neighborhood. About seventy-five in all were present, and the evening was spent in a very sociable and pleasant way. Mrs. Sprague having been president of the society for the past year, was presented with a beautiful quilt i by the members of the organization. Mr. snd'Hrs. Mont ff liter and mother spent Sunday evening -^Ith Mrs. A. C. Best The miuionary ladles met with Mrs. George Warren Wednesday to transact' business. Mrs. Bad McGee. and Mrs. Bogan spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. E. O. Worden. Miss Emma Huffman of Bayard and Mr.! Roy Harmon of Kingman, Kas., w«re married at Iola Tuesday by Probate Judge Smith. ^ Mrs. Dick Hickman was calling on Mrs. Ed Shlvely Tuesday. Miss Wanda Keith the Glendale teacher spent Wednesday night with Mra. Bud McGee. Miss Sophia Page, who has been working at Will Talley's is at home this week. Several from this locality attended league at Mildred Sunday evening. Ewin^'s Sale! I willViell at Public Andlon on my farm 2 mlle« past and U4 miles sonlb of Iola, or lU miles south ef the Electric R. R. Power House, on Wednesday, October SOth, 1912 Beginnhig at 10 o'riock a. m., the following described properlj: FOR .1 BAD .STOMACH PAPE'S niAPEP.SIX. Time II! In Five Minnies You Will Wonder What Heranie «f the Gnu, Mouraess and indigestion. Sour, gassy, unset stomach, indiges- Uon. heartburn, dyspepsia; when the food you' eat ferments into gases and stubborn lumps; your head aclies and you feel sick and miserable, that's when you realize the magic in Rape's Diapepsin. it makes such misery vanish in five minutes; if your stomach is in a continuous revolt—if you can't get it regulated, please, for your sake, try Diapepsin. it's so needless to have a bad stomach —make your next meal a favorite food meal, then take .-i little Diapepsin. .There will not be any distress?—eat without fear. It 's becau.^e Pape's Dia­ pepsin "really does " ' regulate weak, out-of -order stomachs that gives it it 's niilllotis of Kales annually. Get a large fifty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any drug store . it is the quickest, surest stomach relief and cure known It acts almost like magic—It is a scientific, bariiiless and pleasant pre|iarution wlticli truly be- in every home. PLEASANT VALI-EV UliJ,. (.Nettie Osborn) October 2'J.—Tliere wilP be a pie supper at the Pleasant Valley school house next Saturday night. October 2ti Proceed.-- to go for the purchase of new song books for school, Sunday school or church. Kverybody invited. Rev.. Talley exi>ects to bt'gin a series of revival meetings at Pleasant Valley school house Monday night. October 2S. W. B. .McKinney bought a hog at Ottawa which was shipped to him last Saturday. He says it is tlie best one he has ever owned. .Master Jim McKinney was slightly under the weather this week. Scarcely able to shock corn or kafflr. Mrs. Helle Kes.'^Ier and Mrs. Kate Rinard. of Iola. came out to stay with their sister. Mrs. i-:. Uaird. this week .Mrs. Sadie ilrovvn is. expecting Iht liarents from (California some time this fail or winter. Grandnm OslKirn is the very proud recipient of ii nice can of lovely honey -i !nl her a -i a iiresent from California .She will elijijy it with liirt pancakes all winter, ii lias already causeil her to repeat seieral times a iKieiii she learneil when she was a-iiltle girl. She is now !tt years old. Tiie ipoejn is: "How tloth the little bee Improve each shining hour? .'^he :;atliers lioney al) Die day from every opening flower. How skillfully she builds her cell. How neat she spnMids her wax. She labors hard to store it welt; OIi. thi' swei 't fiHid she makes In works of'Ialior of skill. I should l )e busy toot For .^aian rinds .some iiiiscliief still, for Idle hands ti> do M\KES PIMIM.E.S Gt). Rriimrkalile linw Zemo Clears the i Fare of I'lmpIeK iind All Other RlenilKhrs. With the finger tips apply a little Zeiiio lo thi> skin, then .-ee the pim- -,>Ies and blackheads vanish. Zelno is a li<iuld. not smear, leaves no trace, lust <im|)ly sinks in and does the work Voii will be. astonished to find how (julckly (xzema. rash, dandruff, itch, liver spots, salt rheum and all other skin dlse.tses are cured. Zemo is put up by the K. W Rose Medicine Co. St. l-ouis. .Mo., and is' regularly sold by all druggists at Jl for tS;e lar^ bottles, but you can get a libenil size trial bottle for enly renl.s. And this trial liottle is guaranteed. You surely will find Zemo a wonder. Get a bottle now from Morris * Howards Drug Store. \AFTZGER FREED OF CHARGE. C'nnvirted of BuTlnir Stolen Stamps. Terdirt Reversed. FIVE HEAD HOR.SE.S A>D MILE.S, 1 7-year-old bay horse, wt. 12i'0; 1 7-year-old brown mule, wt. 1150; 1 12- year-old bay mule. wt. lO.IO; l 12-year- old bay mare, wt l (>."iO; 1 bav mare, wt. 12"0. 1.1 HEAD FI>E HULSTEI.\ CATTLE. This is the ri^lit kind of dairy .stock for the farmer One pure bred yearling bull, with papers': 1 .S-year-old grade row. giving miik; 4 4-yeiir-old pure bred cows, giving milk; 2 coming 2 year old ))iire bred heifers with calf: 3 coming 2-year-old grade heifers with calf; 1 lO-nionths old pure bred heifer calf: 1 4 -nionths-oid pure lired bull calf. .None of tlie above pure bred cattle an- registered except the imil- 2« HEAD OF .SELECT YOl.XG SHROP SHIRE SHEEI'. .Nine iireeiiing ewes, coming :{ years old; 8 ewe laiiib.s; 3 wether fainbs. . rUICKEN.S, TFRKEVS A>D DICKS. Eighty-five pure bred White Rock chickens; !.'« mixed <-hickens: 4" Bronze turkeys, old and young; 3 pure bred Pekin dticks. VEHICLES AND IJIPLK.MENTS. One spring wagon; 1 .single hu.s;gy: I higli wlieele<l vv.igon; 1 handy farm truck: 1 Galloway manure sjireader; 1 Moline gang plow; I walking ida-.v: I ."'.-sectIon harVo.w; 1 cutter: I disk cultivator: I ti-shovel cultivator: I (V )rii idauter with Si> rods check wire: I hay rake: 2 hay frames: 2 old carriage frames: 2 junk mowers and I junk Ueerinp Idnder: 1 waiton or stock dcales; several hundred good wainiit iiosts: :;<i(i-|i(iiind platform scales. HAItXESS, ETC. Two sots double work harness: 1 set single drivinij harness: 2 saeidles and bridles: extra collars, straps, etc. HOISEHOLD. DAIRY A>D OTHER ARTHLES. Olie Majestic »;-hnle steel range; 1 large ice 5ox: ! iiarre! churn: 1 wash inp machine; 1 .No. 4 Sliarpless sepalatnr: 1 4 -lio;tle l!abc/>i-k milk test witli aciii and sample btPttles, com- fdete; 1 .S-gailon milk can: I 4 -gallon milk can: 1 24P -egg ("iphers incubator. 1 Ciphers brooder: 1 fireless brooder; :; wire feeding crate?; i 2 -horse power rienisler gas engine; 1 block and tackle and T.'> feet -"i-incii rij-]ie: 4 hay slings: 17."> feet %-inch hay rope; 17.")Ib. dinner hell: 2 feed troughs; 1 sickle grinder: 1 appie purer; 1 fof)t-pow- er !;rind stone: 2."> gallons vinegar in barrel: 1 hoir crate: 1 wa^on hoi; crate 1 hog shute; 1 large iron-covered feed l)Ox: wood, lumber, ladder, woven wire fi -ncins: 7' Mi feet and 1 and^-incb iron liipe; iron bitcli post.« and raiil.ngi: = tools; oil; paint: 20 -gal!on i -opper bettie: gi-ain sacks: uiail-bo.x; clamps for stretching woven wire fence, rope an'l pulley: wire stretcher and many other ti.-eful articles. BEE .MATERIAL. .Aliout $2u worth of A. i Kool's tt-u material, includin.i: dove ,tailed hives, supers, liiii- stand--. f«-<vler'-. -rrames. FEED. HAY AND (JRAIN. r .Hii hales (-lover hay: 2eii ha'es al- lalia iiay: I">o bales cow-pea hay; 20 I itis cane in big shccks: 2."ii> bushels corn in fieM: li" sinM-ks corn: about 4 acr'-; siaiuiin^ alfalfa to be cut fourth time. TERMS OF S\LE--.\I1 smns of $lii.'/il and under. <;i.-!i ;ii Land All sums i ;ver $I0 .O"J. a credit of 12 moiiihs will be given, P'.' m lias.-r Hivii!>; lurie with approved security. Iifiaring t;', interest from dal- if j .aid wb-n .h:- If not paid when due to draw lo-; from date of sale i'• discoiml i ash on credit .sales. No properly to be removed until settbd ft,r COL. (HAS. RiSIIOl*. AucHoncer, J. IL CA.>II'BELL, Clerk. WALUS EWING LU.NCII ON Till'-: »:i!OINIlS Public Salef I will sell ill Public Auction. «t wlial is kno«n as the I'urt Fitrii!, Pi miles east and I mile south of Iola. en Monday, October 28, 1912 Beginning at 10 oVInrfc, a. m„ (he fulloviing dcscrliiiti |(i.:ieri%: FAIMIIM ; nn'LEMK.NT .S. «! HEAD HORSES AND >ll LES. I span live year obi niuies. aiioiit U:< o eood wi.l- liie wagons 1 almost hands bigb; I bay 7 years old i . , „,,^„ |,ui;gv. a1Pi -)St new; 1 old wl. 120^1 lbs.: 1 Idaek horse. U) yeais 1,,,^,;,^: i LiKhtniiig iiav pres.s; 1 Mc- dd. v.t ll«hi ll.s : I bay horse I": (•„r„ijck i;.r.-.ver. « ft ; 1 .McCormick .-eiirs old. \it luiio 11,!;.; I orrel poMv. | ,^, ,, . , ,„„.,j v H-ineh walkiiii; plows: 1 lUitrl, Ciide t;-shov- ;el ciillivator; 1 harrow: Z fiat racks; I sets iIouMe work liarness. S sets al- I'-* years old. IIEVD OF ( \TTLE. ;; 4 -ye:iT-o|ii cows, giving milk, will Miost new; 1 .".-barrel water tank; 1 l)e fresh 1st of .March; 1 cow 'J years .uadd!'-: 1 ten HxlC. t ;-foot wails; 1 lid. giving milk, will he fresh .March 'I 'th: 1 i ;-year-olil cow. will lie fresh l>y date of sale; 3 calves. HOG.S. 1 .sow and 4 shouts. riiui.^tone; 1.-, acres kafflr corn in slirxk: 3 (>'i sliocks corn fodder; 100 iiti.-iieis com in crib: aliOiif 100 tons ;:'iotl liaied bay in barn; some loose 'lay; 1 rirk. bo.iiid kiiffir; some cblck- ps aiid some oi! .-r zuiicles. TER.MS OF SALE All sums of $iinni and umier. ci;.;; in ii.'ad. All suma over Jiui'O. a credit of IL" mouilis will be given, pli:,ila^.•l f;i. iiiK note with approved security, bearing t!'; interest from dale il v. Ii .>u due. if. not paid when «liie to dKiw lir. from dale of .s;ile. 4' discount for cash on credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. i'OK V. .S. KISIIOP. Aurdoueer. J. II. C A.M PRE LI., Clerk. LUNCH ON TIIK GROl'NDS Albert Gray PUBLIC SALE! This farm haiinr been sold, we will ^ell at Public Aarlion. I mile north i>nd 1 mile east <ii' (he I'nited iron Wwrks. :!-inile<( «i laia, I mile 4-asl and I miles M>uth of Carljle, un the oM iloliart farm, on Tuesday, October 29, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock, a. m., (he following descrilicd properly; .-. HEAD H<»RSES A.ND MILES Consisting of 1 sorrel ."• years old.. WT. lltio lbs.; 1 sorrel mare. 12 Good Knough sulky plow, been used one stflson. 1 Dt-ering binder. 1 16-inch riding sulky plow. 2 16-lnch walking years old. wt. llOo lbs.; 1 bay mare .; stirring pb .vs 2 riding culiirators. 4 vears old. wt. lOWi lbs., in foal l>y Staf- cultivators. 1 disc cultivator. 1 walk- fords Bay Prince stailion. 2 spring jng cultivKtor. 2 riding plows. 1 walk- inule ^""=5- . .. '18 cultivator. 1 disc harro-?.-. 2 2-sec- 19 HEAD OF CATTLt. ii,,n steel harrows. 1 Kmerson stand- Consisting of niillt cows, all giving ard mowing machine. 1 mowing ma- milk, ail will iK? fresh in -spring; 2 2- ,.hine. i harrow 1 C. .S. corn planter, year-old heifers 3 yearlings. S spring n hand corn planter. 1 set double farm calves; 1 2-year-old purhaui bull. harness. I le-barrel galvanized water 62 HE.tD <JF HOtJS. tank. Consisting of 1 sow with 7 i>igs i »y -side; 1 sow with .'> pig.s; 7 brood .sows. About acres good corn in field, one will have pigs bv side bv dav of acres kaffir corn in shock, 12 tons sale, most all bred and will pig soon; timothy and clover hay in stack. 400 1 Pol.tnd China Uiar: 4" beat of shoats l )U .-bels corn in crib. 'J ilozen chickens, ranging in size from 2.'. to l.-.O lbs. !ioi:<el,old an.l kitchen furniture, and F\R.H IMPLE.MENT.S, ETC. other articles too numerous to inen- 1 spring wagon, itracticaily new. 1 •''^'n \\1chita, Kas.. Oct. 24.—Banker I>>v! S. Xaftzger, formerly president of the Fourth .National bank of this city, was today freed of the charge of buying and selling stolen postage stamps. Xaftzger was convicted before Judge Pollock of the federal court. In March 1311. He was charged with buying e^aml>s that had been stolen by John Callahan. leader of a gang of bank arid postofflce robbers. • Frank ; S. Burt, former chief of police of Wichita. sold the stamps to Naftzger. He con-' : ^.r • ~ fessed as being the fence. j TFR.VS OF SALE—All sums of Jle <>0 and under. <5ish in hand. Ail sums Naftzger. who was sentenced to pay •. ever $10.00. a credit of 12 months v.iil be giiven. iiunbaser giving note with a fine and serve five years In federal i approved security, bearing •'. pT c(-m from date ir i>aid when due. prison, appealed on the ground that It i If not paid when due to draw lo per cent from date oi' sale 4 per, cent dls- was not nroved that the stamps were! count for casii on credit sr.l<s .No prop.-ny to t.e removed until settled stolen. The circuit court not only reversed the verdict, but remanded tlie case with instructions that It be strick from the docket. j (Ol- C. S. BISHOP, Anrlioneer. RELIEVE INDIGESTION i^* "* BOMLIS tierk. ^^^^^^ GROUNDS. ALMOST INSTANTLY' A.C. Weaver Albert Colirane hr^iih!'In'l ^lr; "'"^/'digestif has! we,wiU^^v^ Rummage™ale at 214 ' I•™.'i^^LI"!l'!?L'?il!^*° W .Mkdlson street on Friday and .Sat- OSAGE TALLET. (Miss Beula W. Best). Oct. 23.—Jack Frost made everything white Tueeday night. We are sorry to report that .Mrs E Wallace Bale and Frank Nlinerick O. Worden is still quite ill. their own statements are proof. Two (or three tablets after meals or when suffering stops fermentation, prevents distress, relieves indigestion and almost instantly cures dyspepsia. Brown's Digestit is sold with tbe distinct understanding that your money will lie refunded If you want it .".Oi- Burrell's Drug Store. urday. .All kinds of clothes. Come I and we will help you. The Commanding Officer. LIEUT. A. PEDKKSO.N. Assent Delos Clark. —Call ISO for Fire Insurance; also Farm I»ans. .Mrs. Nannie li Armstrong, 9 1-2 W. Madison. Electric Wiring! Done by experienced men. ' Prices reasonable. Canf ield &«Thonip8on With the L H. Wlshard Hdw. Phone S9.

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