Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 4, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1908
Page 4
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H> The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntered at the Postoflicc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published ovcry Saturday by tin; Co Vina Ar^us Publishing Company, Iri' 1 .. SIIHSCKII'TIONH: 3F1.5U One Year in advance Six Months .7S Three Mouths ... - .50 Sitiflc Copies .... .().-, ADVKRTISKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application, Changes made as jter contract. er.-t Sc per line each insertion. notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. July -I. 1'KIK. The I ourth of 1908. It, is gratifying to note from reports that there is a more g tendency f.o ohserve the eo of the Fourth of July this year than there has been for twelve years lire- ceding. The preparation is general, especially in tho West and Middle Went, There is not so much demonstrative regard Hhown for the nation's natal day along the Atlantic const, especially in the great centers Jiko New Vork, Philadelphia, JJoston iin.l J'ali.imoro, whom the alien element predominates and where money in the place of manhood is the essential standard of life. ft is gal.ifying tn note tho revival ot inte.retd, in Independence Oay, for it, IH the iNation's Forefathers' JJuy, JOvory- ono, except those of anarchistic tendencies, will pause long enough to take a thoughtful glimpse at the record of how this republic, happened. It i.s in the intelligent observance of the day that tho interest, In tho nation's story is, alive. Let us continue for tho sake of POH- j teril.y to stand by the traditions of its observance in the simplest, old fashioned forms, with flag and drum, and song culogium and prayer. Blessed ho the day, whatever might have inspired It. The Alhambnm. Taft anil Sherman. Since the foundation of tho government no man has come to the presidential ofHco so adequately prepared by experience and training for its duties IIH William Howard Taft. Me IH Hfty-otU! years of ugo and in the very prime of his powers, He ip both a sclioJiir and one acquainted with buHinese affniru. Uy the time ho was forty yearn of ago h« had won success at the bar IIH a practicing lawyer and Inter, had distinguished himself as a judge. In his more recent career as an administrator lie has been for a considerable period in each post, tho governing head of two essentially foreign countries (Juba and the Philippine Islands and tho head of one of the great departments of our mitlnnal udmifdra- tion. In the character of special envoy he has visited the principal countries of the world and como into direct personal re!ations with their foremost men. It, may lie said of Mr. Tuft, recalling his experieucon at, home and abroad, that his acquaintance with the governing forces of the world today in iimro comprehensive Hum that of any other man, certainly than that of any other man of similar responsibilities and pros peels. ,James H. Sherman ol Utica, New York, named by the Republican party as its candidate for the vice presidency, while a lesser llgure than Mr. Tuft, is none lh» less of n man of character and pni'.itiacl cainibilil.y. Like Mr. Tall, he in of the old American slock, one whose mind and character stand upon the back ground of a long line »t' wholesome American breeding. He is the sou of a judge and himsell a lawyer, though for nearly twenty years bis energies have been given to public son ice as a member of CoiigresH. Mi 1 , Sherman is by temperament u follower rather than .1 leader; lie has been in recent years a strict ml in in ihtrution man, that is, one dependably on the Hide of the President in all his act ivil ies. The Argonaut. Safeguard Your Interests. That, the. tariff is to be revised very soon in the future has been fully derided, and there in f:\i-ry indienti-in i hat the will come op before the next ('oii(/re>"S, which will in sill probability be convened in extra sr-s- sion enrlv in I!)!, 1 ;, 1 . The (Jtilifornia fruit indu'dri(:S aro esfiecially inler ested in this niHtter and it. is exceedingly Important, that those cnpni/ed therein shall immediately tfi\e the tariff mattf r ;itl(nl ion and be ready to initiate f-teps to present in piop- er manner fai't. mid Jir^iiirient emeriti^ their ijitciests to the Ways and Means (,' of the House ot Representative':, which has been aut.hoi i/ed to take leslimony and be^in prr-pHcation for the revision of the tariff, California fruit, interests want the present tariff schedules maintained on all products and in order to hav this so there must he harmonious effort and cooperation with all who are endeavoring t.o secure effective action to prevent any tarnperni« with tariff's relating t.o California fruit products. Jl, will be remembered that the present tariff on citrus fruit was secured largely through the persistent, and unwavering efforts of Congressman MeLachlan, and it again behooves the orange growers of Honth- ern California t.o nee that he is again returned to Congress to safeguard their interests. Covina not Satisfied with Commission's Report. Intense intercut, is being manifested in the forthcoming election for the bonding of I/os Angeles county for 81!,.000,000 for the construction of .'SOU mile.s of permanent highways. No improvement can be attempted that will do more for tho rapid development of the county than a complete system of g )od roads. It is, however', essential that when thi-i debt is being incurred that the roads should be constructed where the tax fiayers, those who as-sumo tho obligation, will receive the greatest benefit. In this particular we believe a mistake has been made by tho highway commission, and a serious one, iri not adopting the report submitted to them by the Covina committee asking that, the highway connecting this city with Los Angeles be constructed along tho Han 'Ucriiiirdino road and thence west through Hnvan- nah arid Alharubra, making a direct and the only direct highway from "Loa Angeles through tho Bun Gabriel Valley. Huoh n highway would bn- coine tho groat commercial road of this valley. It would reduce tho distance between (Jlendora and Ax.usa to LOH Angeles many miles over the foothill boulevard. It would mean that thousands would travel this road where hundreds would use tho road through i'Jl Monte along the south side of the right of way of the Pacific Electric. The oili/ons of Covina do not ask that the Kl Monte survey be abandoned but tho line as recommended by the Covina c'ommit- tou be included in the grind, system of highways proposed. Our citi/ens should get busy and potitiun the Ho aid of Supervisors to have the report so amended, for it, is incon- ccdvable to believe that any law was deliberately framed, providing for such vest expenditures of money, that would deny to tho taxpayer tho right of protest or hearing as to where this money should be expended. (Jlelidale em respondent^ 1 in l.os Angeles Times : J. (\ Slierer, editor of the News, announced llii.s ulleriiooii that he bud purchased the Valley hub-pen dent and plant. The latter \\as es tablistled oil lililllil h|i||lc\iil'd t W o years ago last February. Kvenls Jui\(* hluiVMi that there is room here for one pa|IT only. Ciiliimelit umicccsr-ai \, except to state Iliiil the Independent had a uell i ipupi id ollice and published a good i a Mr UMBRELLAS For Your Buggy arid Surrey. Also Handsome Adjustable Sun- Sh'acles to Keep Out the hot Sun in the Afternoon. We Put Them on For You. TWOMEY & DILLER Home Phone 2<> Opposite S, P. Depot COVINA K -mriiil cr llic Ar^us j^ |-t iid by nearly cv.iy luiuilx In lie salU-y. 'I'll i.s nip .illd In- I'unsidi-l'cil by liii'l rhaiils -,',l,i;i iiliii-in^ thcii a,l\ ci'l i." How Did You Taku It? l>id you tiicklc Hit' troublo Unit, cami' your wny With ii ri'holnlc licurl and cheerful \)r hidu your I'liun from tlui li^'ht. of ilny Wilh a craven .soul and feiiifulV A t rouble's ii ton or u Iroulile's an ounce Or a trouble i.s uliat you make it. It'a not su much (hut ynii'i't* hurt that ci mils liul only how did you take it, You are bt'litell to earth, well what's thill? ('uini' up wilh a smiling facu. II'H nothing ii^ainsl you to fall down Ihit lint lo lie there, tliul'n displace, The harder you're llnoun lht> higher you'll bounce lie proud of your Nnckrned eyi>; It's not tin) fact that you'll lickrd that counts Hut how did you lliihl, and ',\h.v. And tbo you bo dune to the death, \\ lull 's lhafr It you battled 1 he he*! yen Could, ill you played your part in the worM ol Illell I'be ^r»-al ('lit ic will call it ^ood. l>calll i'i:liie~. \\itli a | ounce or collies u it h a crawl Mut \\ bet her he's -,lm\ or -.pi \, tt'~ no', tlic lael (bat vuii'ie dead thiil eoiints Mut i nl.\ I:" u ' I i' I y o 11 ,1 i. •': V. <.'. !.'>, H iK. Spring Tooth Harrows $1$ r CHAS. H. MORRIS A/usa, Cal. You Just Have to Visit Our Store to see how thoroughly well prepared we are to fill your wants in drugs, stationery and toilet articles. We arc filling the shelves and cases with the best lines of clean, fresh goods. "Experience has taught us how to provide best to serve you. We cater to the trade of particular people—wish to gain your confidence, and then hold it. W. W. NASH FVescriptfon Druggist (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling' and Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PfolCKS RIGHT. Office on Citrus Ave. (ovina, Cal. Home Phone 1108 lt«s, and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery "Wag-on through valley daily. FRUIT JARS The Schram Fruit Jar will keep fruit from souring or moulding-. It has the large neck so that the fruit can easily be removed. The rubber ring- is attached to the top and is not damaged when the jar is opened. It is easily opened and sealed. Sells for 25c less than any similar jar. We also carry a large stock of Ball's Mason Jars which we are selling at popular prices, considering the present wholesale cost. New "American Beauty" and "Arap" can rubbers, 3 doz. at 25c. Brown & Bohri Phone 43 Covina, Cal. The Creed of Success I belive in saving a portion of every earned dollar, because it brings thrift and prosperity. I believe in regular deposits in the Bank, for this is the surest and safest way to build up a strong reserve fund. I believe in practicing these principles, and will open an account with the Covina Valley Savings Bank, where I am sure of safety, good service and liberal interest. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of SI and up received. Covina tDilley Saving Sank Covina, California Money to +j on real estate, privilege to pay $100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paying date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and first mortgages. At Argus office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Puente St., except Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 3250. OSCAR MILLER. Phone Home 1170 If You Don't Expect To Live a 3*ear longer, don't buj- a pair of THIC MOW IRamblet* Hotter than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \Vc can "S|KMV you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN S. Broadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California Covina French Hand Laundry Ferran iV l\>., Props. AI.I, WOKK DON'K MY HAND L.tee curtails, tine Milks, ilaiiuels ami lace g'ond*, our specialty. AH \\ork called for and ilclivcrcd. Satisfaction i-, guaranteed. If you give u.s a fair trial you will not regret it. Financial Representative Wanted. Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Work Shoes There will be so much good wear and solid comfort left in them even after a year ot service that you wou't feel like leaving- them behind. For a man who is on his feet all day long we never saw a shoe to equal the genuine Men/5-' l Eease" for service and comfort. In a way Menx- "Ease" shoes hurt our business—it takes a man too long to wear them out. While wearing a pair of Menz-"Ease" he would wear out two and sometimes three pairs of the ordinary kind'of work shoes that you buy at other places in this town. We want to sell as many shoes as we can, but we figure we are more apt to keep your trade if we sell you a shoe that will give you extraordinarily long service instead of a shoe that gives you only the ordinary service you are used to. The little yellow silk label and name Menx-"Ease on :,ole are easy to find; -put there for your protection. ; % . A LOS Augelc-, Corporation pursue I W tm ^ -^ ^ -^ f^[ i i:;, 1 ;,:, 1 .,"',,':':;::'; 1 :,;;;'',;i';;;:.",";:;. 1 ,'!;';: > IJ *+r\ €* f\ vi Tf± 11 W • f\ 1*£* ;;!;;;±^,;'"'\';'';;-;,,;;;/iL,:i:.,;;;;< OFfJdCI WClf OlAJI C I ti m~, tor it-- c.ipit.ii ->tocK, payable .it . ^T ! one ti ue oi -in moiilhiv uaynienls. N,.t : 9 _ ^^_ Covina, California t iih'e^- • •!' call u pi 'il I'.NIVV M. M, I). !•:•-•>. ' '.ai'; .1. -a A n:;e'.e> A .1'.

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