Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 26, 1968 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1968
Page 13
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THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY. DECEMBER Vr,^&5S ] Doctor's Mailbag Drugs Should Be Taken Only Under Supervision HIS AND HERS robes show a new flamboyance for men with this floor-length silk model called the "sheik." Don't Worry ... I'm Insured !BY Will Bernard Suppose a neighbor's child, playing in your back yard, falls from a swing and suffers serious injury. Later, when you are talking with his parents, you may offer a few consoling words: "Don't worry. . .—I'm insured." But are you really? Under the popular Comprehensive Personal Liability policy, you are covered only in case you are legally liable. If this was a pure ac- 5i% INTEREST PER ANNUM On 6 Month Saving Certificate* %\ $10,000 «r Mart. 4%% Interest Paid en Pass-Boole Savings Accounts. Put Your Money "Where Thousands Save Millions." MT. VERNON LOAN AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION Accounts Insured Up to $15,000 by FSLIC 12th and Broadway Phone 244-1400 Mt. Vernon, Ifflnol* cident, in no way your fault, you are not legally liable — and the insurance company has no obligation to pay off. True, you may have a "medical payments" clause in your policy which applies even if you are not legally liable, ut the medical payments coverage is usually modest, not much help in case of serious injury. In thise circumstances, you might be tempted to side with the injured victim against your own insurance company — perhaps out of sympathy for the victim, perhaps on the thoery that "the insurance company can afford it." -o- -o- -o- But whatever your, inclination, you have no right to weight the scales against the company, just to help the victim collect. On the contrary, you are obliged by the "Cooperation clause in your policy to give the company all reasonable cooperation in its defense against the claim. This means you must sign papers, make court appearances, and do whatever else is necessary to help the company legitimately make its case. And, of course, you must tell the truth. \ -o- -o- -o- In one case, a man named in a damage, claim told his insurance company* that he was in 1 no way to blame for the accident. But just before the. trial, he suddenly reversed his story, quite obviously to help the victim collect. The court accordingly ruled that the man had violated the cooperation clause, thereby releasing the insurance company from its obligation. "The insured must tell his insurer the complete truth con- concerning the accident," said the court, "and he must stick to this truthful version throughout the proceedings. He must not blow hot and cold to suit his personal convenience." SWISS STEAK 95 with potatoes, vegetables, roll and butter Top quality steak simmered in its own good gravy. Teamed up with garden-fresh vegetables, roll and dairy-rich butter. Delectable, Jcfibox cream ... CHEESE CAKE aaean cheese^ mix^i 'aSSi &Sdi. Generous portion. V* 16. lean beet ... •MUMI run Choice beef cooked to your order. Served with french fgriest, tomato* ffoprant Open Doily 'Til 8:30 P.M. V;-%feP f Fr *> Parking 9:30 To 9 By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D. Q. Is there "any difference between tranquilizers and nerve pills? How do these drugs affect a person? A. "Nerve pill" is a vague term that may be applied to tranquilizers and antidepressants. The former reduce nervous tension without inducing sleep and the latter tend to elevate the mood of depressed persons. The two types are often used in combinal ion. . Q. If I took a heavy dose of tranquilizer daily for two years, would it cause my stomach to bloat? A. Bloating is not caused by tranquilizers. It is more likely to be caused by the nervous tension for which the tranquilizer is taken since this tension may interfere with the complete digestion of the sugars and starches in your diet. Q. What is Compazine used for? Is it a mixture of different drugs? Would it cause a bed reaction if taken with San- sert for migraine? A. Compazine is a brand of prochlorperazine, a major tranquilizer. It is not a combination of drugs. You can get a bad reaction from taking too large a dose of either of the drugs mentioned , or from their prolonged use, but I know of no reason why they can't be taken together. Q. How' safe is Equanil? Is it habit forming? What side effects does it cause? A. This minor tranquilizer may be habit forming. It is safe when taken under medical supervision. The chief side effect is drowsiness. Q. I am recovering from a nervous breakdown. When I was released 1 from the hospital I was given Prolixin an Akineton. Could these drugs account for my rapid gain in weight? A. Prolixin is a major tranquilizer and Akineton is given to relieve the symptoms of Par* WAYNE CITY The Christmas program was well attended Saturday night at the Olive Branch church. The Ellis Mound Christmas program will be Monday night. Bro. Vernard He the pastor. Mrs. Pauline Bruner spent a few days in St. Louis, Mo. with relatives and friends. Mrs. Hazel Buchanan of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Buchanan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Trotter and family and Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Trotter kinson's disease. Your gain in i weight is caused by taking in more calories than you use up as energy. Q. In this day of wide use of stimulants and tranquilizers, are the two ever used in combination? Is mix vomica a stim- ! ulant? I A. Stimulants and tranquili- ' zers are not usually given together. Nux vomica is a dangerous stimulant that has no place in the modern practice of medicine' Q. What is Mellaril? Does it have any bad side effects? A. This major tranquilizer in large doses may cause drowsiness and headache. visited at the home of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Trotter Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bruner of St. Louis, Mo. visited his parr ents Mr. and Mrs. Bell Bruner Sunday. Mr. Bruner is improving. Chaney Draper entered the Fairfield Memorial hospital last Monday and is seriously ill. Oliver Bailey who has been in a Mt. Vernon hospital is slowly improving. He is at home. Walter Evans visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Templeman Sunday evening. Mrs. Dorothy James called at the home of Mrs. Gladys Thomason Thursday evening. The party at Mrs. Deloris' Heddin was well attended Thursday evening. Mrs. Jessie Draper is visiting a few days at the home of her sister Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bruner. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Webber and son David of near Dahlgren attended church at Olive Branch Sunday. Leroy Rawls the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rawls has been discharged from the army after two years of service. He has employment at Paxton, 111. He is a former resident south of Wayne City. Mrs. Gladys Thomason, Cor. "CAPTURED" drifting downstream, this dragon boat is examined by Marine. isi Li. Holland A. Schmilten of Cashmere, Wash., a security officer stationed in Vietnam. When it was learned the boat was part of a religious ceremony honoring departed ancestors, it was returned to the river and relaunched. HARRY'S SUPER MARK 1010 Newbv Ave. Plenty FREE Parking We Food Sfan "» Phone 242-2340 Store Hours: 8 A.M. Till 6 P.M. Except Friday 8 A.M. Till 8 P.M. 'THIS AO EFFECTIVE FROM DEC 26, 1968 THROUGH DEC. 31, 1968 — HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE Reg. Size Box TIDE 29= 2-Lb. Bag Poppin' Good POPCORN 22c jj£ 4'/ 2 -Lb. Can SORGUM $1 15 16-Oz. Loaves Butternut BREAD 5 0 *l 00 5-Lb. Bag Pillsbury's FLOUR 5 ! off Ea9 Campbell's — Can BEAN SOUP 2 F ° 25* Del Monte—303 Size Whole GREEN BEANS 4° OYSTERS STANDARDS l-Lb. Pkg. Hurst's Cello BLACK EYE PEAS 15* 4 Roll Pkg. — Charmin TOILET T3SSUE Assorted Colors 39* '/i-Lb. Round Parties SWEET ROSE OLEO 3 0 29* Sealtest EGG NOG Quart 59* Va -Gal. Midwest ICE CREAM 69* Perfect Twin Pack POTATO CHIPS 39* CARROTS . Cello Pkg. 10* HEAD LETTUCE 25* YELLOW ONIONS 3 For 29* RED POTATOES 20-Lb. Bag 69* Tokay RED GRAPES Nabisco Party Crackers—Chicken-in-Basket—Sociables BACON THINS 2 0 49* 0H '' 39? HERE'S WHERE YOU GET QUALITY, SELECTION & SAVINGS BLUE BELL M PICKLE LOAF - 59* FRESHLY MADE HAM SALAD 49* BLUE BELL i WIENERS * 1 L V k f 59< CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS FRESH SLICED SIDE PORK 2 - 89< FRESH BEEF LIVER BONELESS BEEF ROAST ROLLED RUMP or SIRLOIN TIP Lb . 99* FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS - 59< FRESH PORK CUTLETS - 69* FRESH PORK LIVER FRESH PORK SHOULDER STEAK ^ 49< TENDER BEEF RIB STEAKS u. 79' KREY SEMI-BONELESS COOKED SPICED PIGS FEFT 1 $179 REND LAKE BOLOGNA BLUE BELL SLICED BACON Ends & Pieces 5 •» $ 1 15 SOUTHERN GOLD OLEO V 15» TENDER BRISKET BOILING BEEF 29* EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON

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