Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 4, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1908
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:r *»r». H. M .Ffluftfff F. H. •^•3 ELLS— Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils and Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peters' Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutler Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at RABRICK'S HARDWARE A ¥*fc ^"^ R.G VOL 36 Ate COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. JULY 4, 1908. I\IO. PROFESSIONAL P. UPDYJ ••x DENT Over Argus Office Phone 284 p m J. CLINE, —DENT Office hours: 8:: Home PI Office: Bank Blk., ROXIE E. BATES, M.D. Phone 283 D R WILLIAM CAPPS Forenoon Office phone 75 & JENNINGS, PHYSIC! NS j. D. RBED 8-10 a m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m Offices in Reed blk dence of Dr. Reed: . 48; Residence of Dr. Reynolds addition, Phone 299. jyet. j. c. GOODELI, v r'' OSTE Phones; Of Ho First Nat. Bank Bldg. QEO. H. SKIDMORE ARCHITE The Vernon,-Myri Phone, Red 296 Monrovia, Cal. \L CARDS ^ *-V>^W^N-^^y r N^%^~>rf^N^^N-'^^N , D. M. D. FRY Covina, Cal. 284 ST— to 12, 1 to 4. me 47 Coviua, Cal. M.D. :n to treatment of and children. East College St., National Bank to 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Covina, Cal. PPS to 5' p.m. fiven to making r country. t'l Bank, Covina. el Vendome Res. phone 1075 -s, L ND SURGEONS G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m 4-6 p m Phone 40. Resi- Badillo st. Phone r. Jennings on E. Eadillo St. A, CAL. t< -..«. - -'- •* »ATH 175; Res. 23 9-4 r. Covina, Cal E :ECT yrtle. Avenue Pomological Picnic. The members of tho Claremont Pumulogical Society held n very successful picnif. at Pomonn's beautiful park on Monday. The rrogi-Htn W ns of especial interest to fruit growers. Horticultural Commissioner C. E. Bemis of this city, wns present and was listened to with attention as he spoke of the various insect pests with which the citrus growers bnveto deal and ofierod many valuable suggestions of how to deal with them. In the afternoon A. P. Griffith of A /usa spoke on the present bond issue for the neVv highways. His talk was followed by au animated discussion showing the intense -interest which is being manifested in the good roada movement. Tho meeting was presided over by Prof. A. J. Cook, of Claremunt. Fully three hundred partook of lunch which was spread on tables in a shaded nook, which by the park commissioners have been provided for the use of picnickers. Among Covina people present were Col. and Mrs. P. M. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey, Mr. Jacob Maechtlen, Dr. G. D. Jennings, Mr. C. E. Bcmis. The editor was the guest for tho day of Mrs. D. V. LeKoy, secretary ol the society. Real Estate. J. C. Sanders, of the Sanders Eealty Co., has purchased of J. C. Walters, the pretty two story residence recently erected by him on E. Badillo street. The consideration was $3500. cash. It is well located with a frontage of' 75 feet. Clark & Douglas report tbe sale to Mrs. Sarah Matney of lot BIX of .the Wells addition, facing on Badillo street. Consideration 8850, with a building restriction of $2000. Geo. W. Griffiths, Jr., has purchased of the Ruddock estate fifty acres of land immediately west of the B. L. Reynolds Valencia orange grove. He will at once commence to improve tho property and those ujhn Iriinw Mr HrifttthM urn nu'fll'f Automobile Paragraphs. BY B. M. GIVEN. Frank Eishee is just about lappieat man in tho valley t days. To see him looking at triple expansion, quadruple traction White Steamer is \\ walking up to the Coviim (Jin even in the hot sun of midday, speaking of White Steamers, Waterhouse has a now utio that, Jim Dandy. A. R. Davis, the hustling Au agent, is having great luck, avc ing a car sold every day for over weeks; but maybe he doesn't do,' all the orodit ho gives himself, the Auburn pretty nearly sells i and lor a two-cylinder car is bar beat. It proved i*s claim to si iority when it made the run week from San Francisco to LOH geles in 20' hours and 5(5 inin There is only one other car in its equal and every auto owner tell you he has it. And Bert Potter bus an ant bilo! Well! well! Old Dobbi surely passing. The Covina Garage gave up a able trade secret the other day. say that "the greater portion o punctures are due to inadequate llatiou," and the bnsis of this t niont is that a tire is snscentibl injury in proportion to its la resistance. Soft tires are cask puncture than hard ones. Tho ago has a table of pounds pre required for tho different sixes, i ing from 55 pounds for 1%. ino 100 pounds for 5 inch. The mow everyday autoist has no pre gauge, but he can see when his are perfectly nound^'wnder ' » including passengers.. Go nlon street, look at the cars arid find per with bulging tires, ar is safe to say that about ninety cent of the tire trouble comes these rlCty per cent of i in pro inflated tires. Air ia cheaper repair bills. Tho Morgan & Wright tire n faoturers say just about the sari tho Covina Garage. Moigan & W QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Office Argus Block. the theso his ooti- worth rape, And Mr. is a for super- last. An- lt. A. Ilowhmd, tho Mitchell booster and Garago rooster, has gone to Toimiiial Island for a fo\v days. Ho has nutdo so much money in commissions that ho had to go away from home to separate himself from part of his wad. Mountain Camps Hake Big Preparation for Summer Visitors. Tuesday the editor, accompanied by Robt. Taylor, visited Potter's, Follows' and the Kiiicon camps in the San Gabriol. The trip was miido horseback, and despite tho fact that tho scribe is no expert as a horsomnn, lie WHS able to bo around and attend to business on tho following day. Mr. Taylor, who was formerly a forest, ranger in this roservo is acquainted with ovvoy foot of thti trail in the San Gabriel. Never before wore the various camps ao thoroughly equipped to care for tho comforts of thoir patrons. They have prepared for big crowds, and from all indications they will not ho disappointed during tho months Thoy to to com- issure tires lOiid, it B. BIDWELL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home ohone 3164. Glendora, Cal. ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. DR. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office and Res. San Bernardino Koad Phdtie lulfi. Down town office, Reefer's Livery. that ho will not rest until he makes it one of the banner places of the valley. The Sanders Realty Company have moved their offices from the A.O.U. W. block to the room on tho southeast corner of Citrus and Badillo. Seriously III. The wife of Mr. G. C. Kirby was operated upon Thursday afternoon for appendicitis, at their home on tho San Bernardino road. The operation was performed by Dr. J.D. Heed, Dr. G. D. Jennings and Dr. Dikemun of Los Angeles, the family physician. Mrs. Kirby was first taken ill on Sunday, Dr. Reed being called in on Tuesday, who at once pronounced it appendicitis and announced an operation imperative. Mrs. Kirby, however, would not permit it until tho return of her husband, who with J. H. Matthews had left the Hatimh.y previous for the northern part of tho state, where Im IH largely interested in mining. H^; was reached by telegraph mid huMoiii'd (mine at in having tires last; tho garages — well, the garages are in tho repair business and for awhile tho Argus advertising solicitor will ho busy with tho grooeryuien and the hartlwnrernen and will have no timo to call at tho automobile shops. R. O. (Jim) Simpson has been missing for a wook. He wont off in an automobile built for two and if one could only strike tho trail he might be traced by the grains of rice. Tho Marmon agent has had quite a nibble this past mouth and if A. P. Kerckhoff keeps toying with the hook baited with an air-cooled high power touring car, the agent will land him sure. It isn't only tho cost of the auto that keeps A. 1 J . waiting, but if he buys that ho ?riust also dig up for a four-cylinder driving horse; be has had orders to that effect. 11. M. Douglass IH the latest to gc.t the cnr/o and ho got, it bud enough to buy one of I.bow. great big Auburn of July and August, vision has boon made Every pro- for tho enjoyment of tho visitors, tennis and croquet; grounds, swimming pools, and shady nooks, while in tho evening you can dream in hammoiiks or enjoy tho pleasures of tho danco pavilion. All tlio camps raise their own vegetables for tho table ancl tho fruit troes are loadod with peaches, apricots, apples arid nectarines. No one will bo disappointed by spending a few weeks at these popular resorts. Covina Irrigating Company. Minutes of regular meeting of tho directors of the Covina Irrigating Company, hold July 1, 1908. Members present: Messis. Elliott, Housor, Lahcc, Coolmau and Reynolds. Report of secretary showed balance. on hand May 30th, 812888. .14; receipts for month of Juno, 900!)!). 43; total 89527.97; expenditures 87011. 12, leaving a balance in treasurer's Lands of 81(510.85. Report of superintendent showed expense of construction during month 8758.85. I'ipo made, 3(54 foot of 12 inch, .'U4 feot, of 30 inch and 1310 feot of .')(! inch. Mils audited $1218.55. mid ordered paid America's Wonderful Anthem. It is riot known that In Are You a SARDINE eater? When that Sardine hungry r/s itself, you it'i/l not -miss ///>(' trying sonic of our new slock of Sardines. We take pride in o/l'ering von tin's ni'~t' line for ive are positive tltat it ivill please \on. boneless, smoked^ in mustard or in oil. 15, 20, <>r 2S rents. /O, touring cars, have bought u Mont uf mil 1 oiti/ens niie cylinder runabout griidually workeil up to the family t-i'/e, bill Mr. iJouulii'-s lim )<e|il his eves npen mid .smed money by once, the operation being performed immediately upon his arrival, patient in resting easily today strong hopes are expressed I y Fur your property, real ; physicians for her ultimate recovery. i \ • . * * The. and her t \ Sk H v-->tatc ami business ^•*~» fc "'** chances, anything salable. Someone, somewhere wants it at your price. We h:ive tin; tjiiyer or can quickly tinil him. We also want to hear from inventor-.. \Ve can help them market their valuable, practical l l Write us today. LOS ANGELES IXVI'/N'TIO.N' AND IXVKSTMKNT Co. 451-2 Pacific Klec'.ric Hhljf., l>.:pt. C., Lo.-> Angeles , E. WOLFARTH , i Jeweler , . Lar^e and Kc-pairin.,' Citrus complete stock of uvery- nin ill the line. f all kin -. E-'inc v.iitcii Farmers' Cluh. The next meeting of the Farmers' Club will be held July 1H i*t the be.autiful new home of Mr. and Mrs. U. F. Thorpe. The affair will be in the nature of a house warininK »nd a Cordial invitatio/i is extended to all, whether members or not. Mr. Mills of Riverside is oxpected to be one of the speakers. A Quakelet. A few minutes before five oc'lock yrsleidrtv morning iniiny ot our citi /ens wt^iv awakened by a \<-i.v ci.n. ijilcrable quaki:, the tir-.t in this locality for two year-> and a half. spending a bunch right, at, the start. When you we A spi«k and Hjian Kord rniidster painted French gray with Hiarlet rumi'ing gtiiir on the! Htreel, you may know that Prof. , Kit/g(?ialrl is pretty nearly ready for 1 bin trip north, and it you will notice the trunk he haw mmle in place ol the turtle back you may also know that he intends to U> comfortable when away. In the meantime, while , ,, ,, i. the paint, driep, the I'roteHHor walks. II. |J. Ulancharr^, tlie Keo iigenl from I'omona, was in town day bet'oje yesterday, gi inning like a f-'fu-sfiire eat too. lie ban sold u /afl. of Itnos lately and has a i itf.'it to giin if lie wants to. (;. W. ftichaids of (ijen (lorn ssas lucky enough t" «et a toni in(4 car delivered at once, but. S. S. tho city of Covina the HUH of tho author of "My Country 'TlH of Thee" IIIIH made his homo. Mr. 10. U. Smith, who (ujiidudled olio of our drUK stores for it time, is tho son of !)r. Hiimuol Krancis Hmith, who wrote the world- fumoiiH hymn. At the Kpiscopiil Church, at the sonu Hervic.o on Hiinday evenl/iK, the fii'iioiiH nnilody will bo HIUIK with the addition of two verses ndative tr. (.'tilil'urniti mid tho weHfern states, writlon by Dr. Henry Vim I'yko, one of the most famous divines and punts . of this era. In connect ion with thin hymn, which has never heen renderoc with the new words in publld before, will be (i Hpleiulid nroKiiim of H»don, duelH and nnthemH by memlicrs of tin chu ir. A determined effort ban beet made by tho choir muster to proviih an excellent, program for the evening i II. lli'llnmn II. M, lliniMcr .1. O. MllllHIM 1 Miliiy A. I OK1TICWRS W. II. IIOI.I.IDAY, rrcHlili-nt. MAUCO II. IIKIJ.MAM, Vli:« I'rrai. .1. U. KU.IOTT. Vli:« 1'rcn. W. M. fiUISWOI,!), Cimlili'f .1. (!. IIIJTCIIINHON, Aiiril. CnnliUir Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina \Dalley Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. J. II. Klli'iii. DIRECTORS K. Ancli-iw.ii W. II. llollliliiy II. M. llouwr MIIITO II. Ilitllriian A. I'. Kfrrklmir (JKK1C1CRS A. I'. KKIMIKIIOKI 1 ', rri'Hlili-iil, II. M. IKXISKK. Vim I'rrnlilrnl. .1. C. IIIITCIIINHON, CuMlilnr W. M. (iUIHWOl.U, Aiinl. CimMit Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo J; COVINA KKSIDKNCK I'ROl'KRTY IS WOKTJ1 more nionoy than that in many otlutr towns in Southern California. Why i Cement Work. ! am now prepared to cruilriidl. for all kinds of cement, work. CurbiiiK, nidewiilkh iind [lipeH. Many yearn <•'', [lericnce. Vards. (,'ovinit lrri»,'nt in« office, Ka'it ('ollet<i! hlrcel, (,'ovina. JA.MKK JJON Jf.'vM. \Vcll, tliiTf is orir rca >on that may liavi- ocrurn-d to y(jll bflofi: llow. We Have Gas, I am l/oud led v, ill ^ivi cai I: lli.\ (' Th to Uem'M' j- ' ai> e.-.fc'f fji.m in, i ' h .',c-!. (l lacted twenty -.'•(:a^i- i-> i'ei".i [.e'l. whilt- lor his, while S. of Walnut. Center wan so I hai fn: rent to hau lln-*," (,'oi ina ha-t »old all t In ; i ioni:d to l,i-i aii'i i-> nov : r.ii -,t her tov. in foi a .-J<) ' ji',|.u l-il c.aj -,. Ill i .', -it i-i iiiipal ii'iit tor (/iii-. (••.c l i)i y a),| • •; V, ill it V, i II,' II p ! v .,t th- -.1- OrcharU Work Wanted. t hop -uglily ei)uip|.i d is and i/jij.l' in. 111 n lo dn. i need the woik ('i 01 en inl i listed to ,nal attention. M. (:lll.«.'i \'.'.<>. II. l"', W j I h and tin ()•,<: a tit tltioii I" Mon- , per I'-i t , or a-, nrar /u-iiiifTi will make il -r If.'l as ami tin* ( on-iUiin-r-, will lowi-r the [.rii'c my I 1.5 COVINA VALl.LY (iA5 CO. Citrus Avc

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