The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 30, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1892
Page 8
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1892. THE MARKETS, MONKV ASIrHTOCKH. NKW YOKK, April 20.— [Stock letter furnished by the Kansas drain and Live Sloch company. | •—The stock marltet closed so strong ttnd with such an improved tone that the bear clement hardly put in an appearance at the Windsor last nipht. The main tenor of the *toelt jrnsslp was bullish. Never hefnre bus there been such a stronp and upward movement in the market for stock. 'Forty-one anil a luilf million of gold has been engaged for Europe and the shipment seemed to be entirely discounted in its effect. Sixteen" of the city batiks show In their statements of the clearing house this morning a nci. increase, of SI,707,000 with every probability of n large increase in reserves as shown In the hank statement at noon to-day. Atchison, Tnpefca am! Santa Fe. .'t.">. MlRnourl l'aclllc MiV rtOCll J.Hl.lllll. H4. SI. fail), 7HV Union 1'aclllr. 4'!', W'exlcrn Union. ».1V The Official Report of Gen. Hurst, Ohio Food Commissioner, shows ROYAL the purest Baking Powder. Every other Baking Powder tested contained impurities -— from i o.i 8 per cent, to 86.23 per cent, of their entire weight. SWEET POTATOES - IJUHIICI. HA V—Haled, *3.0lX*?,.-r ner ton. - Wcnty. S1.00 per "id; louse. M>©4.00 Clilengn. CliiiiAno. April III)—[Special advices received by tiic Kansas Grain and J\1TC Stock company]—WIIKAT—The milder weather and easier cables induced some selling early. Then for it couple of hours there was moderate trading within it U cent range. Toward noon 11 lending commission house bought July freely for a prominent local trader and a receiving house bought largely of May, reducing the July premium from H cent to M cent. I'ar- ilridge. wlm is believed to have hough t a bum :;,ooii,noil bushels under STcenls within tiie last two or three days, wjis a inodcnilc seller on the. 'bulge near the close, ({eecipts at primary markets for the week have been about lino,(i(KI bushels less than for the previous week, and the Atlantic sea- hoard clearances sTii).(iOi) more, indiifit- ing nnovht-r ennsiilcnilili* tlcerensc in the visible. It is expected that May deliverances on Monday will be light. COIIN AMI O.vrs—Corn is gaining Jriends. and it looks as if it would do to buy for u turn on soft spots. The trade in oats was good early but prices show little change. The weather is hurting the growing crop.—The increasing nreceipts of hogs arc paralyzing trade, it scions impossible to hold any advance. The following I* the riiil^ til prices for actlTc luttm.-; WIIKAT—No. '. soft <l"e; hard i> OOllN-'-'Kc. It YE—So. 'J H.'n:', N". II HOC OATH-lMc. tlrnlti. soft 7.V: hard t ».">i:: So. II " CATTLK-SU-aciv S'J.'2r«>.:i.:!I fal cows and heifers j 'J.OOSir.'.UO: fat steers 8:1.00® feeders in ileiuatHl a.fiw. 1IOCS-steadv, w;i|;on«, S:i.lHWM.0ti. SIIKKI'—In demand; Sa.7r.riS4.00. Wl»^3 .t:.; car iOjien'e WIIKAT. May.... July March COIIN. July.... Mar.ii May ... OATS. July.... May ... Ma nil. roHK. May... July.... LAUD May... July... HI US. May.... July... Ml", S(H( sj 40'; ;u -iiii 11 mi li •:<> I! .ill HlKh't. SI 1 Hl» 411?, i u;, .1 n 4.-. Clos'p. HOJ;I :«oJ • :m i 4 ("il 1117 i (id 1 70 Mil"* •10 a •js w ii arc, I 'lMlltry HIHl Wild (illlllC. OH1CKKNS-Clllckeiw Sll.miff.J.'ai per iloz: chli:kc»s "ii.ic per poumV. hens (li 1 per pound; roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7c per pot) ml. fiAMK—Wild ducks In demand Jl.Onift' per do/.; pl^t-on.s IndeiiKunl St .00 per iloz.; pcttsv Sl.llWl.-">0 per do/., liDSSlI'. Wheat receipts in the northwest: Ihtliith, 1SD curs; Minneapolis, "JOU ears. Chicago reports grain out of store; Wheat, lon.liilll bushels; corn, III!),000: oats, none: rye. II.(100. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat II', out of IKi: spring wheat ri4 out of ft',: corn, I.", out of t".J4: oats 111) out of 3HD: new corn U7H: new, No. 2, li!rt: new, No. I), I'JM. HALF A MILLION IN GIFTS. i «'-Hi teudy: cash N J'., May leady; cash •tO«440>ic: April •; .Mine :ill),c; July stead v. cash ''JHViCg'JBKc. : July'•-'«/;:.'«Mr. -Cash s ».37lj; MayS» :i7H(7i tiWi WHEAT -No K)i.,c; Julv sl'.i UoltN -No. ••-1 •tO'fic; Mav to;;. OA'l'S-So. Mar SHUtfWSc irfuss I'ORK JIl.-IO; Jnlv Jli.f liARD-lVaHh Vi:inv,. NIIOJIT Hlll.S-Cash j.i.n'. July s.-».7()(r !,o .7Ji s . •RYK-Steailv; No. 70c. HAIU.KV~l>fo. nominal, l-'l.AX SEKI)-No. 1,117c. rKlME TIMOTHY SKKIV IIUT'l'KK—Steaclv. KllllS—Steady. KutiAun titty. KAKSAS CITY, April ;i There wan noihlns' done In wheat and i this nioriilio;. t:oi(N-Ai>ri) sold at line. IIUVrBfl—Steady at Itiaa.'lc. KC.CS-Firm at lie. May ,80.1714; July i; May S.VIISK; -liasy; tl.a .'i Si. 1 -tiuls. ST. l^ouis, April .ill. WHEAT—Cash lower; s:i«c; options higher; May K4U> ; July 7li>«S67li«ic; August 711. COIMI-Klrnr. ca»h use • ' IIIISjc; Septeiuber :I7',J. OATH—Easier,- cash July U7i,ie. I'OniC-Dull; jobbing, IjAnn —Womjiial. $u.«r. May July -'; Way •-ii'ic SIO.'-T.. foreign drain Alurket. l.ivKiii'ooi.. April 110.—Spot opening and red winter wheat Id lower and In poor demand; futures generally lifTt^d lower: spot corn uiRiiaufccd and In moderate demand; fuiurca generally 'iWjd lower and In llni Hed demand: provisions steady and uu changed, moderate demand. I.IVI: STOCK. St. touU. ST. IAIIMS, April 110 CATTbK— Kecetpts I100: dull. HtXiS -Kci -elpts 1.000: lower; lair choice heavv »4.4Ufc>,4.r,r.; mixed J4.005i4.o vorker»(M .<0®*.60. " SHKKV—None. Chleitlfcl. OiiiOAoo, April ao Tlic Evening Journal reports: CATTLE - ItecelptM 'J7,0()(); ' shliiiuents l.oOO. Carried over 'J.OOO inakluj; 4, i00 on sale, far too large a number lor Saturday after a week's receipt of 711,000; trade slow prices lOffSlflc lower. llOUS-Kecelpts 'J1 .000; alitpmcnu 10,000 o.OOO carried over making WI .000 ou sale Uulk of salea slow; 5c lower, but everything sold out early. A blKrun expected Monday Hough and common 1.50(fA4 .2u; uilxed and packers 41. ;i ,ViC4. as: jirttue heavy butchers' weights 81.r>r,(ir.l.il0; right J4.5O04.U5. SUKKl'-llccellits 4 ,000; of wlilcli 3 ,000 were TexaiiH. The few saies showed no tlcular ehaiige lint the inaket closed with '-.(HHi Tesans carried ovur. ) pal d u KUIIMUH Oil y. KANSASCnv, April .'10. OATl 'IiK- HeccU't ».-.',700; shlpuiental.llOO steers were active and strong, 3H .70GM ,!;7H cows weak, $i .7H .V,C4o; stockers and feec *rs Itf .ri0@3 ,fi0. HO0S--Uee,eij>ts 8,000; shipments 4,1)00, 5(f8l0c lower; all grade« sa.ti»fit4. .:<!>; bulk $i. 300:4. Il'-'li. < 8MBE1'—Hcrcliils 4,000, shlpincnts 701) quiet and steady. IICTCHINSIW MAIIKICT. I'roduee. of" ,40; second WiOtl K—Highest patent patent, fi.SO: extra tine J;.',0i, HUTTBU—In demand. Creamery lluest dairy, -'Oc; line dairy, 15c; cutuiuun Hie. KV30S—1" demand, He. i'OTATOES—Choice, i>0©U5c. A Wbl'IS—Sl.OUffil.I.'o per bushel ONlONS-lu fair demand, tied, 76c \K busliel; home grown, Spanish, fl.Mi per busliel, CAIHIAOK -I'alr, 4c per pound. TUItNII'S-In demand, UOc px-r busliel, IIBETS-Steady, UOc per buslitd. i r' _ ..^ ....... MURDER OF A PHYSICIAN. TUe Daughter uf Cotlou . KlnK mid a ltnukcr** Sou the l.ueky Hr.eltilents Nr.w V'OIIK, April ','S.—'J'lu^ marriage of Miss Klorinc Uunger, daughter of Solomon Hanger, the cotton king, to Maurice S. Wormser, which took place this afternoon in the Temple Kinunuel, was one of the most elaborated weddings of the. season. The gifts received by the bride are numerous and of great value. An estimate of their worth makes the aggregate value of the gifts reach the sum of luilf a million dollars. Among them is a large engrossed envelope containing saolijilK) in railroad and government bonds, the gift of he. bridegroom's father. Anther envelope containing 5100,000 n railroad Vionds from the bridegroom's uncle, Isidore. Wormser. There tire besides over two hundred other wedding presents, including a superb dinner service of .Sevres and llohemiiiTi crystal, a large diamond sun, a diamond necklace, the gift of ;ie bridegroom; a brooch of diamonds, silver dinner service, a'nd many oth- • valuable gifts. Yellowstone J*i*rk l.eitnes. WAHlil.NOToK, April .10.—The question of the Yellowstone park leases was again investigated by the house public lands committee this morning, Mr. B. C. Waters, of Montana, for four years manager of the Yellow stone. I'arlc association, testifying The witness said that .1,000 of the as sociation stock was set apart for ItnRsel Harrison, hut that he (Harrison) knew nothing lihout it. Mr. Waters further said that lie hud never promised Uusse.ll Harrison stock for his influence and when he was told of St. llnrrisoii appeared much embarrassed and said lie would not have hud. it done for anything. ;H 11 CI 1 to See a Valient tit Night ami Cnine Hotmi liylug. WILMINGTON, l)el.. April 21).—Dr. lohn II. Ulll. brotherof Walter S. Hill, a commission merchant of New York city, was murdered iu Kent county, Md., just across the Delaware line, last night, by a gang of negro desperadoes. Since the acquittal of a white man in Kent county, who was charged with murdering one. of their race, the gang has been bent on murder. Dr. Hill was called to the bedside of Mrs. .las. Shaw, who lives near Mttssey's Station, live miles from Millington, vheiv the physician lived. He responded to the very urgent summons at 10 o'clock Saturday night, but did not reach his destination. He told his wife he would not be gone, long, and she waited up for his return. At t o'clock she heard the noise of the dog cart as it rolled up tho lane to her home. The vehicle stopped, but her husband did not appear. Jlecomingalarmed .Mrs. Hill wentout to see if there was any trouble. Prone upon his face in the dog cart lay her husband. Calling to him he gave no inswer. Her neighbor, J[. 1'. Ahren. responded to her call for help, and they carried the unconscious man into his home. It was found that his throat «ns cut from ear to ear. His bead was crushed and one foot was gone. Doctors were summoned, but Or. Hill died at 3:4ft o'clock yesterday afternoon without regaining consciousness. velous. Elegant book on. eases free. Heart Dis- 4 at The Presbyterian Oimenil AsucmMy Portland, Mfky, 18913. Vor the accommodation of those desiring to visit at points in tho vicinity or at Portland, during May, the Union I'aclBc will sell tickets at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale May 0th to 14th inclusive, limited to ninety days from date of style. Vor tickets or additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. 3-5-14 T)in Popuhitlou of Hutchinson Is about 10,000, and we would say at least one-half is troubled with some affection of the throat and lungs, as these complaints are, according to statistics, more numerous than others. We would advise all our readers not to neglect the. opportunity to call on their druggist and get a bottle of Kemp's lialsnm for the Throat and Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottles 50e and SI. Sold by all druggists. l'ortliiuil HIKI Heturn—On« Fare for the Kound Trip, For the accommodation of those desiring to visit at points in the vicinity of or at Portland in Slay during the session of the Presbyterian General Assembly, the Union Pacific will sell tickets to Portland and return at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale May 9 to 11 inclusive, limited to ninety days from date of sale. For any additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. 30-5-14 Court >*oteB. There were thirty cases disposed of in court to-day, judgments rendered and sale ordered, etc. The most im portant, and the one which occupied the most time was that where a change of venue had been tuken from Edwards county to lleno county, in which W. D. Duncun was plaintiff and .1. H. Arthur, Kinsley Mercury Real Estate company, defendants. Fneneh .and Smith of Larned, were the attorneys iu the ease. At the hour of going to n conclusion of the case has not been reached. Hotel Arrivals. llllVNSWlCK. C. M. Cline, Kansas City; Martin Arthur, Chicago; II. C. Louer, Abilene.; .!. VI, Shinn. Galesberg; G. E. Robinson, Kansas City: M. Kingsbaker, Qnincy, 111.; T. ,1. Sueatt, Kacine; E. J. llauhaur, Chicago; F. S. Winslovv, Chicago; W. 11, French, Kinsley; L. B. Noble, "Wichita; ,1. L. Clark. Wichita; S. K. Hobn. St. LonispJ. C. Durland, Kansas City: E. M. Whitcomb, Chicago; D. H. Durlingcr, St. Joseph. RAW AS BEEF-STEAK Baby's Fearful. Suffering from SkAu Disease Covering Entire Body Cored t>y Cuticura. My fcaby via taken Terr ilck when he tu three month* old* And In a. few diyt began breaking ovu. Wo employed both of the home doctors, and they I will sell my stock of Shoes FOR i i 70 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR i I Mean just what I Advertise. Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. I am going to do not want to We are going to give away a handsome dinner set of dishes to someone, Coine. in and see them. The Golden Eagle Clothing House. No- 4 South Main. A. MINCER, PROP. Mild do DDUitajr for blm. i .-H doctor la Smton Raplda, Mich., ftnd ho doc. tored nlm for two week*, ftod he gol voriii all tho time; and then 1 took him to Jatibaon, to a doctor who att«Ddfl enpeclull; to akin dlsc&aea, and then ba ROtworflcthan ovor. Tbon I told my huiband wohod better try the CuTIccu.i KKKKUUIS any *ay. did not have any idea they would d0 good, hutin lese than two monthe from tho t, me «« began giving them to him he vae entirely v.-ell, and not a apot on him. Bta hair began (.'rowing right oS, and iro thought he irould ahvnya be bald.beaded. There \rai not a epot on MB whole body, face, and head, only hla noee and uvce, but -what wai aa raw aa becf-ateak. Bo poor there tvaa not anything bnt bonce, and ao weak he could ralie neither hand nor head. Uu. FRANK BAJUlKTX.WlnfleW.Mteh. Awful Nlre. Those fresh strawberries at 111 North Main, at Lovelace's. Uuv some. Pom* CIiui)|>le. Undo Jed—La, Httldy, do look at th' poro young man with his pants all rolled up! Aunt Huldy—What a laiy woman his mu nuist hoi When your ptvntsgoto Elnathan I alius cut 'om down t' fit him. —Truth. Entirely gntlefnutory. "I can rent you a room on tho fourth Boor," said tho agent of tho building, "for about one-half what these rooms will cost yon. The elevator doesn't ran beyond the third floor on Account of an unfortunate blunder in tho construction of tho building." "Aro there any rooms for ront still higher upV" "None that would suit you. There is a little cubbyhole just under tho roof, away up at tho to [i of a long dark stairway, hard to nud, mid" "What will you runt it for?" "Most any price—say three dollars i month—but of course you don't" "Retirod pluco, isn't iff" "Uetirod? liroat Scott! It's simply out of tho world." "H'inl If 1 was in the—or—collecting business and was after u muu to collect a—to collect a bill, and ho had that room, I think 1—I'd find it somehow." "Yon couldn't Und it if you had hundred bills aud un execution and a search warrant, rfo man with u bill has ever"— "I'll take it!" Biiid young Ardup gerly.—Chicago Tribune. flucklcn 'H Arnloi Niilvo, The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, .Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price, 2.1 cents per box. For sale by C. B. Sidlinger, Little Judith, the 8-year-old daugh tor of Mr. JiTullmcanx, of the Inland Christian Advocate, lies Moines, Iowa, on luurning that her special playmate, a child of tier own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over and said: ' You must take this medicine; it will do you good. Mr, Mnllineaux was cu nous as to the result and on making Inquiry learned tluit the little neighbor, who had been unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysmB were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. Tho cough, under tho genial action of this admirable remedy, was loosened The medicine liquefies the mucus and enables the sufferer to throw it off. j Tho attack in tho beginning gave every I evidence of being a severe nttuck of whooping cough. Indeed it was a genuine caso; but this preparation, while perhaps it may not bo a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly able to alleviate it. If it does not cure it, it will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Far sale, by C. B. WIJJSI.OW, Druggist IS S. Main St. WILL YOU SUFFER with dyspepsia and liver complaint? Whiloh B Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. Sleep ou l.uft Hide. Many persons are unable to sleep on their loft side. The cause has long been a puzzle to physicians. Metropolitan papers speak with great interest of Dr. Franklin Miles, the eminent Indiana specialist in nervous and heart diseases, who has proven that this habit arises from a diseased heart. lie has examined and kept on record thousands of cases. Ills New Heart Cure, a wonderful remedy, is sold at A. & A. DrugCo.'s. Thousands testify to its value as a cure for Heart Diseases. Mrs. Chas. Benoy, Loveland, Col., says its effects, ou lior were mar Cuticura Resolvent The new blood ud SklD Purifier, Mid gTeat*it «| Humor Hemedlw, claftniea Ibe blood of »11 impurl- us and poUonoui • lament*, mad thnf remove* tho IUBO, while CuTid/fu, tbe great tkla cure, end LrjTicrjEU.&a4.p, an exqulilte «kla beautt&cr, clear i 'ie flkin and icalji, and restore tho hnlr, Thu» tho CUTICURA RBHXDIM care every upcclei of itcbiug, burning, acaly, pjmply, and blotchy skin, aoalp.umi Muod diaeaaoi, from pimple* to scrofula, from .fancy to age, when th* bvtt phyataliiu lalU AN HONEST MAN'S OPINION. Mor.tNE. Kan,. April H. 1S»'.'. New York ami London Electric Association. Kan«as City, Mo. GKNTI.KMEN: YOU ask my hottest opinion ot r»ur treatment. I JMM I f""l liclleve tl tone all you claim for li, ami one of Hie mos ons il MI u the age of progress, beeauae my aillicteil eye. that was to be cut °,V.,Vi ,>M,, v,,iir fanv Sr ljAap. has been entirely free from pain » ncc 1 BHIUHCI ^, c «'"», illKl 1 . offlce two months ago, ami 1B bcluc slowly restored to Its natural »Ue anrt aniiiar ance. The sight of the other eve fi better than for years past. I have use I AU1- n*" for Catarrh awl Hronchlltf with most satisfactory results. Sty wife ''rok- en up several attacks of the asthma with 11. llei;. Isaac HU1 bought-one of t ie ai«l with It perfectly relieved his eyes from pain and lungs from soreness His v. . lfc, toy three weeks' experimenting, completely removed from Her eye in atmormoal K rowth which an occullst or W 'h repute told her must be removed by the knife Through these wonderful.resultn of -Actiiia ne\. Hill se of *^(> lioupht of me a full suit of your MrKneto-Conservatlve Garments and In three days said to me: --Their intluence is as marvelous as that of the 'Actlna. 1 1 wake up in the morning feeling like a new man In a new world.'' William Klstun, Inventor of ttie "Elstun Truss." said: '"Actlna" astonishes me. 1 have paid hundreds of dollars to have my Catarrh treated by specialists in St. Louts and elsewhere, but 'Actlna' has done tor me In a weeks more than all." Mr. Calvert Is satlsiled with his --Actlna." and will soon order Garments. Many others have used --Actlna" with like satisfactory- results. If desire to publish this oranv part of it vo'u are at liberty to do so. Yours, etc " W. C. GOODWIN. Hold enrywhu*. Frtea.CCTtcuw., 60c.: BOAT, ; KisoLrlxr, (I. Prapwad by th* Ponaa i 'mm XHD Caimoil, fiojtrouTrox, Boitnn. 4f~ Bend tot " How to Our* Blood Dlaeaaea." DIDV'C Skin ud Bcalp purlird and beautified DAD I O by Ctrrimnu Boar. Abtolatab/puro. 4b. m In on« fW\ Pain PI / IKV *tlca, hip / ^fP^pabuaad RHEUHMTIO PAIN8 In one minute the Ontloara Ant U Pain Piaster ralievei rheumatlo acl. atlca, hip, ktdiMy, cheat, aud muacnlar id waakBMaaa. rtloa .isa. ItKl'EKENCES TAKEN KIIOM lit. Rev. Louis M. Kink. (). S. U.. Kansas City: Kan. Bishop Ussher, lteformed Episcopal chureh. City. Benjamin F. Holmes, ex-Mayor, Kansas City, Mo. Judge Henry 1*. White, Criminal Court, Kansas City, Mo. Seott Harrison, P. O., Kansas City. Lon V. Stevens, State Treasurer, .Jell'erson City, Mo. Kev. M. J. 0. Dtvyer, Kansas City. Sisters of St. .loseph, flU-i Tracy, Kansas City, Mo. Charles Baird, .Manager Midlaud Hotel, City. I will give 81,000 to any physiuian who will produee such references. Listen to your uloetor and die, Wcuv Magnetic-Conservative Garments and live. AMONU TENS OP THOUSANDS. Dr. Lewis, City, Physician. Charles Moore, Bullene, Mo«re, Emery it Co., City. Col. h. B. Irwin, Irwin X- Eaton Crockery Co., City. 1. P. Randall, M. D.,831 Orvillestreet Kansas City, Kan. ,1. J. Helm, Helm Brewing Co., City. llev. P. Maurer, Church of the Sacred Heart, Salina, Kan. L. E. Downs, Gage, Downs Co.. Chicago. .1. \J. Rcdfcrn, Uniyen,.ty Club, Washington, D. C. Dr. L. S. Skinner, 41 Bourbon street, New Orleans, La. A VALUABLE BOOK FREE On application. Contains treatise on the human system, its disease aud cure, and thousands of references and testimonials. New York ail London Electric Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON. Every MAN who would know the GRAND TUUTH8, tho Plain Facta, tho Old Bflorota and tho Now Discoveries of MedicM Science as applied to Married 1.1 fe, vhnutd write for our wonderful little book, culled "A TItHATIBiS FOU MEN ONI>Y." To any earnest muu we will mall ono 60py Kikilrely Vrvei In plain sealed covor. "A rotutfo from tho quacks/' THE ERIE MEDICAL CO.* BUFFALO) H. V. HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES, Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Be H. W. WILLITT. OorneKMain and Ayenue A.

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