Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1912
Page 3
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3 ,1- ' ' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRroAY EVENING,! OCTOBER 25.1912. 8 . COATS i -1 $7.50 Coals . .$5.00 1 * $12.50 Coals.... .$10.00 r » .$15.00 O.als. ... $12.50 $17.50 Coals.. .. $15.00 $20.00 Coals.... $17.50 $22.50 Coals. .. . $20.00 'J Make Big Business Extra Special Friday, Saturday and Monday sriTs • ':/12.50 Siiili: .. .. .$10.00 $15.00 Suils .. . $12.50 ,A^$17.50 8uils . . •SI 5.00 $20.00 Sails ... . $17.50 • $22.50 Suils .. . $20.00 $25.00 Suils . .$22.50 $27.50 Suits ... $25.00 Heavy 121 Tennis Flannefs lOc The best Table Oil —all colors— per yard Cloth !5c A woman .said to us the other day: "What is the reason you seem to be doinjr so much business? Whenevei' I come to this store you are always busy." This was <iur answer: "F?i|r Bargains Make Rig lousiness." The fads arc these: We have l(»») nuu*h stock on hand. We are compelled to unload, .\ilhouph llio p)ods are all new and desirable, we have made the prices so low that the good news spreads from 0110 person to another by word of mouth, and be-, cause no one is disappointed when they come to this store. THE CROWDS KEEP COMING AND THE GOODS KEEP GOING! These jirices will look good to you when you read them over, but they will look better still when you see the goods. Price is not the only reason why you can do better here. Quality and style are prominent reasons also. FURS $6.50 Furs $5.00 ' $7.50 Fui-s .$6.00 $10.00 Furs $8.75 i $12.50 Furs 510.00 $15.00 P'urs $12..50 $20.00 Furs $17.50 J BLANKETS From 45c to $7.50 > Artistic Millinery Marked special for Friday, Saturday and Mon- dav. DRESS GOODS All marked special for three days. The best Standard Prints, special yOVf A3f .IRMT BESEHTE. The Above Prices for Friday, Saturday and Monday. Come and See for Yourself RICHARDSON'5 113 £. Madison 113 £. Madison .\fter yoTenibrr 1st, the Enlbtaeat Washington. Oct. 25.—^The first step in the formation of an army resenre has been taken by the LTntt>>d State*; under an amendment to the last army appropriation bill which rhauKedthe |)eriod of enlistment from three years, as at present, to seien years, of which four years are to be active service. This law will go into effect Xovem- Iier iBt and instnictinns now are i)c- ing sent out to recruiting; offic<^rs over till- country. t'nder the present law. when the soldier has foiii|ileted his three years of .service, ho is Bivcii an absolute discharge, lie may re-enlisi. if he so dcslri's • but If he dofs u >.<t v.ish to do so. the goveinincnt has no I'lirfher claim to hitii. I'nder the n«'w law. Iho yeliiior will enlist for st -vt-n years At tli»" i-hd of. the fourth ye -ir «if active s<r\lcf. un-| less tlx' ration Is at w:ir. or w;ir Is' lirrnnt -nt he will be Riven a fmloiiKh ftir three v )ay \W will I"'- frt 'i- in thill tinii- i» as he pleaies. sulijfct only to iccall lo the colors* In the .•v.'lil of wai. llo»..n«l. II liic M >lil !fi- -it) elorts. nay >^»-r\<- ili«> full s.n.n years 01 otiiislnifiit loTiod, niiil. ol >'(nir :4e. li'.ii tf<.nli>t uixMi itlsoli.uK'- .\t the end I 'l *;iiit> yi'ars oi .•>••; \u.- i nuy r-I.H' 1^1 ttiii'.- fi>i;i;lis "I i'-i.". and .•illowaiK "t tlir rank hi- ii<il <l.< on ri-iinu!ciit For County Treasurer • JOHN T. TVLER • Pres. lola Bii?tnc-s Collece. Your Snpp 'M't S'<licilcti (PERSONAL MBWION.] Mr .inil Mrr I K l.oM-land w • nt 'o I'liaiuur liiilav to ra xisit «itli linmls — ll.i\e you tried Hoich.s? Mf!^, K K Urown wor.i to lluiiJiuidt. I<»l ;i.x Uu .1 Msil Willi InilHl:' --Hck-I'.s C.Tnily Hf .Mundis Store MIS t> .\ W.ii-rsin of »'i>iT'\villo, |i<->'n ill xisiiiiR frp'iids \v.. v.: 10 rli iiiuti- loday. t!ir nnr-t cnrnl.v mail" i;,<t Ih.-.r. „: M;in.i!s K K i'l. ink HI rteiUrrs. .\rk . w li» | lia.s^ l«.M>i! hT^ vi.iiiiiic O. 1! Dorst'tl r.iiirii'd lii'ii;.- this af'<rno<ui • • ;•r«.". ti»; r-.".. ILNI ;)-.. j2( r..-,,t I':-.<!iiis at tlio New York Store. • .Mis <"> ('. Caniorori. of Topeka. uh-i ' hi.; li.-i n ixTi^ visitiiiK frii'iids went lo j Huiiil'ohlt t'lis aficrncon. . nr. II. I,. llendrlrUs. Old Courl Does Your Face Hurt? •i'lu'i"' i.< tio iiMHon why it NII.'U'.II whili- wt" aif carrylnR • 1 .: a laiKi' lilli- of K.\l i: AMI Tnil.KT I'KKrAKATMINS i;»••••> iliiitij ymi Meed ran be i !(i:ii our snx'k. It is 'full aiiil • <iMii >Ii't)> and contains all i;.c lal .st - tArt « HKVMS LOTIONS AMI .V' (oMri.Kxiov rowiiKKs \\\T(H OIR WINDOWS Chas.B. Spencers Go. AVall Paper i :ri!s> .\ card from Rev. and Mrs. r-arl .\au. who have been spendlns their two iiinnths viH -ailon in KnRlnnd. sintos that the ywlll arrive In lola November :tl!:t — I -lirs. Hull Jb Hull. Osleopiiths. TrlephoneM ISO, fitSl. Mr an.! Mrs K R. IVCK. of Chanuto. are l;fri> ^i^ltlnK: Mrs. .\ C'. I'ep!; ami fnirlly. - Farm nnd City Loans. R. M. Cunnin;;ham Mi>s .lo.-ii' McCormirk. i-asliler of I ho Moran bank, was a business visitor h<-re this afternoon. ~ My Restaurant nnd l.nnrh Hnnm, I'iiilli. tobfl 'To. eipirs. canned pood.s. 21." South St. Opposite Majestic Tho- •itre. H. I.oYallc.v, Propr .Mrs. R T Harbor, who has been ill for some da.vs is now convalescing nicely. Mrs. n v. Smith, of Carlyle^ was a business lisitor her<» this afternoon. 1, I.. Plnro. who has boen ill for a ffv. (lays, is now in his office again. I i C. or -c TrliiMii'H and i -liililrin. e! Tiilsi. Ok !:i . arti»..| i ;.Tc llii). .if- t .-lio<'ii 1.. iii .ik< tli«ir lioiiic ':i!ii<"s .li>ti-'<. "I Klnl:fi^:'>•I•. Okia . will! has lio «'n li '-rc visittnc fii''nds. re- turnitl hoiu'- this aftrrnoon .1 I. Ilasliy. of Carnctt. wlm ;ias lii».'n 'I'T'' on i.iisiii<v .is, n-Turned home 'this ?.!'i"rnoon i y'v: I,). <• P'liiliiis an.! riau.c!i;.T. of c'oiony. \\<To liu<in »-?s \isitors here] this afternoon. .1 .M fJarn«>r. of O.-aco City, who has U*'cn here visiting friends, returned hoiiK^ this afternoon. Mrs P K Wolib. of Fort Scott, who ;-.a:: bpt»n h '-rp visitinc friends, went to Ottawa this afternoon. !;:'.tn Kusli. of Humboldt. arriv<»d lirrc this aftornoon for a brief visit with iriends. IDK KKNT- Fori; IZnOM IIOI SK Weil and "iiy wat 'T I'all at r.lJ Sortli Kentucky mim AND cmoirF^^ Saturday, One Day You are going to need boith Blankets and Comforts, and ex^ieeMo purchase both soon —why not niakeTOui*^purchases now, while you can save 20 per cent. Cotton Blankets, size 64x78, regular $1.50, at. .$1.20 Cotton Blankets, size 66x78, regular $2.00, at. .$1.60 Wool Finish Blanket, white with blue and pink bor-" der, regular price $2.75, special .$2J20l Wool Finish Blanket, gralv, size 66x78 and 66x80^: regular price $3.50, special $2.80' All Wool Blanket, size 70.x80; extra heavy quality;' regular price $5.00, .special * $4.00' Childi*en's Crib Blankets in blue, pink and white—^ size ^6x50, special price ;... 75c All Comforts will be discounted 20 per cent. T.:i- annual effort to r<'viv.> tiic old .\Ii ^^olI ^i Valley basf hall Inagno will In- ir.aib' this year at Pittsburi:. Kansa.- .A uiei-iinK has IH-PU eallod for Xictulip;- HI -If tlip Ifotol Stilwpll. vihrn repri'sentntivf 'vi ari- ••vp>»''ted from Cartliace. lola. Wrbb City, .lop- lin. f'a'.pna. F: Si-ott. Parsons and Nevada Tiip-o iinrdly any probability that Icda will b>' in on the IPBCUP :irrpc >silion as orpanized l>asebal! his lit".I'rnvid a suco-ssful venture li.-r.' aiii! ron<!ition- arc b-ss fav(>rable nov.- than iboy iiave bcpn whon the 'caaiic was undertaken in years past n .„:M-. CalN answered day nr niphl- . - O.".. $12 3:.. |16 .9r.. $20.9n. $24.9:.. IVi, V.r.n «,nr TO t.u.< .IF- _ con'ainir^ a watch. rivoii on 1)U :u-ss. _ .Mrs. Curtis .^lqck. of Carlyle. was s afternoon. .lust !c«t her hand-ba^. bracplet, rins:, sonip coins and various other artiqles. Big Demonstration of the Wonderful Smokeless Garland Heater Saturday, Oct. 26th Mr? Gcorpe Bailey went to Pitts«M. »• n.> -.,.1 -vtJ ''"'•5^ ^"^''"^ '° a"*'"'^ foneral of T;:^; loss was"ad\eniscd in the col- -llr. .MrMilIen. Plioaes .12 and 23=. 1,,.^ u,,B\y.iuA who recpnrly died in „n,ns of this paper, with the result Afl^'f'PS. -jiat thp hand-l>ap and the owner madp — contiections in a very short time. -! wil! bp ready to delivpr trpps Saturday, fiave all kinds of nurspry r «o lUiiirce Suit* Filed. Tno suits for i!Ivi >rce were filod in tlic district loiirt this :irti 'rnoi )n Knilly Siiialli'y asks t.'-.c court to ili\orce her tio:u .Uihn W Sunilb-y and MyrtIp Ilart !'pn>-p would be frcpd from Clies- icr llarspcnci' .Xbandonmcnt is the uri.iind f..>r action in both cases. ULESRED OF ^nJRDER CHARGE, WILL WED More of the NEW BOOKS "X W.llL OK MO" By Margaret Hill McCartcn -THE H<»LLOW of HER H.WD"- By Geo. Barr McCuteheon.! -A Romance of Billy-Gnat Hill" By Alice lleagan Rice. "SXOKE BELLEW By Jack London. -THE >EW P.XriFlC By Herbert How Bancroft. There are two splendid books: in this lot—if we know books. Kvpry author is good. 8o their books must be. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBE. j .Many Xew Books on Mc Counter- I'HU! Kyl.M- wi tu to Humboldt this ;'.i:-:riiocn. Groceries and Meats THE BEST Ql ALn Y AT THE BEST PKH i;s We Pelivcr to .\n> I'uit i r> R. L HART lie >. \V»sli{n)ttun i'iione m i —Graduate .\urge: terms rcason- .'aT)>-> i;i63 ; F. (' S..ndcrs of Taney was a %isitor ; b"r-' today. ; —Dr. 0. 1.. Vox. Ocnli$(. I .Mr and Mrs F K M.-Xurt. of Toion I <. uhr. b''< II visitiiis .Mr .itid Mrs. j V !. Al .lK .ti III Ga« City urlit to ICIk I K .i !N tilts afternoon. - non't ftiiss the ?n!l .-^.de at the .\' , Y- ik Store Mrr G <• Kobirisoii ot t"li.M'rv\.ilc lais l).<'ii vi>.!tiii>; Iri.-iiils h.-r.- ro- tuitnil lio'ii.- ttriii mornin.c -I-; $ic P.". $ifi .">.•>. $C 'rro. su Prlrc- for Suits at the New York Store MIS .1 !. l.awr.'ncc. of .Wxadii. Mo,, .w)u> b'cii \isittnB iri-iids hi'rc r.'- jturtiMl Moiiip iliis uiornlns Kvcry arEur.-.pnt that Taft and th<' rri.p for sale .\. 11 Brown. .'.13 S. ' neicjblican party sl.oiild bp kppt in Cottonwood. ' po^fr for bii-iinf-ss reasons and to — I iirc'-frvp prosperity, is loudiy je*-rpd Mr. and Mrs. George Kdear and fam by thp K. C. Star. Yet prior to the '..y .110 luovinp to I-twreuee to make Chicago convention the Star pleaded their home They resided in that to nominatp Roospvelt meant an rer.ce several years before coming to immediate prosppritv for the country lo'.a. wbil" to nominatp Taft would b« to — l«>siiH>ne the feelirg of security until -WAKMMJ—I will prosecute: to after the eI°etlon. Which merely the limit any person found trespasslnj; shows that the Star wotiid rather .-.n ..ny of my preinlsps on Hallowe'en hand out bunc than to be sincere. nii:!'.: A I. Townsond. ; ' - ------ - — !~ .••.11 old inan of ninpty years walked ;u •^l :^s to»n to the city hall todny to resister so that he may vole ai the coniinK election He was not strong by any uieans. but was willini; to talk whi!.' he rested on a lipneh. HP declined to state what ticket he pro- |H>scd votini:. . .Si.<;!,(! tor .^aturda) — With pver> j I !iV '..iir-.-l-.a^e cadi perst n will be en- j t t; li to I'liy a pound of Chocolate^ • i"!ir Flowers. r;;rysanthemum5, Droi--; at l"c per p<mnd Palace of i /yellow. wV'te and lavender, at $1 .".o | Swtets ^ l.ati.i per do;;en. Phone 99.".-", : • — .; I'.ikl.; s (^reen ;:ouFP Accordinj: to tirades and demaRO- i — KUts when you lambast the liver out, y\ .J. H. Gcllier ai»d jor.. F A. Go!- Mr< I-, Ma-taft let- this aft-rnoon of a corporation your are virtuously) •^iier of Neosho Falls, w t.o iiave been 'cr Hi=- T; x . •vi-.-r. she wiil v sit mak« a few independently rich peo-j ' " - , -A i .„; „f, . rpi:'iv.- nlc be decent. The Santa Fe railwav. i bere mitin^ friPtids. lei, t:ns afte.- • _ J, , ornora.ion. has .lO.OOO stoekhold^fs • noon .'oV Hoof Mou -i-. '' . w!..'..- . ... ., , _ » they will visit i.-'.ui;.e-' -r .'tiie - !•• i<.;: wan; .t a.ifon-.iblle. and it Is hard to believe thai th.-y are^. •. .MMV.VP:! U M ("uniiiir4:i;:iii. ••H wkk.-d. sraspluR \aiupirps. isn t. MA JESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM Vaudeville and Pictures • HAYKS & HAYKS IN -Buck froro the >orth i'ole" .REELS PUTIHES ;{ -A ronnlrr UlrP -FloV Dheipllne" -HN Vaukir IJirl" SUM; - -SATIRDAY M<;HT" r,c ' v >Y SEAT- 5e ireelcs. the .•»2-nt. ItT The ToiM -ka State Journal says thar'; •'hairtnan Oolley worked hard to pro-^ vide a crowd for the Stubbs meeting, in Topeka, and incduced some 2,oO(f to attpnd. Jackson 's military band played for an hour to draw a crowd. The Bell Telephone company calletj all its subscribers and Informed them .)f the. mectinE. Bristow spoke with Stubbs. Both repudiated President Taft and declared their intention of votiuK for Roosevelt. Stubbs told of his administration. He said his enemies assertedithut his administration ."had been 9s per cent politics and pier rent business." Ho denied this^ Arthur Capper, by the way. in hii^. eampalRn lays preat stress on the facf that If he is elected Governor he wlir attend to stale business and bo In his ortlce durinK working hours, his pledco bcluK universally construed as :i promise to correct existinp evils. (Jeorpe P. Thompson says he is po- ini; to sweep all the counties of the Second di.'^trict next week, for his const in. .ludpp Thompson, who Is running;' for I". S Senator. , Frank Bauer, of .Manhattan, who ha.'j; l»een herp visiiinp friends, returned, hotne yesterday. , Miss Floy Houser is pettinp alonp as well as could be e.xpccted at the hospital and it is hoppd that in a short time she will begin to derive the expected benefil from the operation, but ALL THIS WEteK I United Amosenent Co .'9 . "Company C'^ TABLOID TONIGHT! ADay and aNight 1 2 Reels Best Pictore!|^ Plays Change inghtl^ W.ElNeweonib. - I > GOOD THINGS i' TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Prices Are Right \ our deliveries are rights f3ur groceries are nght^' 1 CaU on Us at present the dressing of the wound is arrcompanied by such excruciating pain that it.leaves her exhausted. Strange Powers Possesi^ by Tbis Remarkable Vogi Phflpsopher Mine I>]uise Perin. the noted i>sy-! . Do you wish to learn the truth, can- cliolopist, wiio is visiting lola for the cernin.p your business, domestic or fir.-i time is proving a genuine scnsa-1 love affairs. Are you undecided, in tirn She is one of the favored per- i doubt, unhappy or in trouble? Is there sons to whom by the gift of liature; any matter of human interest that has been granted the dominance of the ^ perplexe- you? Call on her and she soul-mind. will tell you just exactly that which Through her wonderful ability to yon wish to know_of and advise TOU diaw aside the curtain which hides | to the wltiraate outcome of your pres- the vLsia of the future from our view, ent difficulties; so far as It is In her as well as her ability to read what has been written in the archives of thp she can read your life as the papps of an open book The faculty that the .Madam di»- idays in acompllshinp through her. cwn methods that which seems Impossible to other-., hcs been the talkjl cf tola frr the past few days, and.' power to do she will assift you. Her knowledpe of life Is broad, deep and profound and rombined with her mar- vklous psychic powers and h^r superior knowledge of the occult forces, en- able.s her to not oiily reid your life, past, present and future, but lo also advi-e and assist you Through her mar'veiiis power and MUa FlerMM Bromi^.N and AUUon Wacrvund. UATiac bMa tTMd ot Ui« cban* ot muroiwliui tola wit* a rear aso. AlUaon HaiSarland. ot Newmrk. M. wUl Moa wed MlM Florence Bromlor. t>>» latetnaUoa tor wbom waa attrflrated *M the motive tor tke •Ueced dim*. On'lda flnt trial Mac- Fartaxid waa. tonod suUty ot mur- «er la tte flzst decree, but the verdict waa aet aald*. IfacF^rland'a de- fcnae waa tbat lite wlte bad ooea- nnted aulcld*. Be admitted tbat hie tT.*t««Hi« for Mln Bromley bad hte wUa to tak* ber IU|| matiy who have heretofore been »kep -'ad\tce the separated are brought to- •iial have Kone to Mme Perin to test; gether. foes are made friends, loj>t her powers and all seem eonxincpd property is recovered, the mist Is that she I* all that she claims to be i brualied »way from buslne.4s ventures. ."••or Instance, shf unheslutlngly and ' 'h.i earths surface Is explored, her acutately telU each caller the ,iasf. 5r«"»'"r<?» »re laid bare to hermyster- j pr-sont unA future, and In i>uch a con- perceptive mind, and whUe she I vloc-lng way as to leave no room for Kl*^--= dates; facts and flgurea her vla- doubt. N'o other psychic who ha« vis- "'i dumbf.ouihled at the revela- ' Ite.l this spctlcn ran lay claim to tis makes to them: ! ' many succes-'^ful readings and there - You are advised to call on this re- are many cf our best citizens who can , niarkable woman, who is at present lo- \oueh for such claims. Those who' cated at 212 West Madison sveotie. ba\e heretofore maintained, that there. She Is giving her full life readings for h nothing in clairvoyancy arc ready to I a few days only for the nominal sum acknowledge their Jnistakc acd now nf r.ij cents . She is taking tbl6 ..Iow put the same confidence in what sise i price method of Introdncins herself tells them In regard to the future t^:.t jan! work to the people of thin vtekt- V.i'-y havo been compdleil to shuw '<yr • :,y oiTi.'e li .mrs from '.•:2rt a, m .,~aniMI iter readings In wliat has i >a.>'s .Hl [a \, m "

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