Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 16, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1903
Page 2
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lOLA DAILY REGISTER I TBLBPHONBI KO II. OHAt. P. •COTT. 8UBBCRIPTI0N llATBS: Ono wMk TOT C«nH One Month - • Forty-four Cool* Onoyeft" - rivo Dollorit onfl Twenty •nterad at lola, Kansas. Fontoffloe at Second aaw Matter. Advertislns ratea made known on application. - Member of the Associated Press. The lola Daily Register Is a member of the Associated Press and receives the day telegraph report of that great news organization for ezclnsire afternoon publication in lola. MOIVIE NEWS WHILE AWAY. ""Subscrfbers of the Daily Register away during the summer may have the paper mailed regularly each day to'ahy address at the rate of forty-five cents a month. Address changed as often as desired. While out of town the Daily Register will be to you like a daily letter from home. SIMPLY A CASE OF CONSCIENCE. If you were elected [to public office on a certain issue,, ^oqld you st^nd by it or no:? j That seems to be ttje question that is "up to" the mayor' and council of the city of Tola right now. it will be admitte<^ on all sides, " probably, that the quiestion of licensing the joints was practically the only issae in the spring elebtion. The can> didates on the Citizen^' ticket openly declared themselves iD favor of wide open joints run on the monthly fine plan; The candidatjes" on the Republican ticlret were just as clearly pledged to an opposite policy. When the Republican ticket was elected, there. fore, the jolntists themselves, and probably everybody else expectefl them to pass the Hurrell law and close the joints. The question whether the Hurrell law shall be repealed and the joints invited to resume business on the old plan, seems therefore, in the last analysis, to resolve itself into a question of conscience and good faith. It is certainly no longer a question of mere argnment. The time for argument was last spring when the campaign was on. At that time, with one ticket pledged to an open and another ' pledged to a closed policy, it was very proper to argue the wisdom of one or thd other of these policift-. But when the election was over, the argument closed. If Mr. Ferguson and his colleagues had been elected nobody would have expected a dry town. And so with Mr. Myler and his colleagues elected, it would seem as if nobody should expect a wet town. At any rate, to expect it is most uncomplimentary to the mayor and council, for it implies an expectation that they win violate the pledge on which they were elected. though It might bb for the matter of that), but Congreasrofln C^arleg Lan dlB, of Indiana. And ho ia xearoJ for any kind of Rtiint. wo want to tell yan that. One of those funny typographical cr rors in the Capital yesterday made it appear that "Mr."Charles I^andis is oa the program of the Beloit Chatttauqua. Of course it should have been "Mrs. Landis. Charlie Landis is all right, but he isn't geared up to doing stunts before a Chautauqua crowd.— Topeka Capital. The typographical error wasn't half so funny as this apology for it. The Mr. Charles Landis, is not Charlie Landis, of | Osborne, (al- The powder puff may hdp to hide the ravage^ of time but it avails little to hide the ravages of disease. When the face is disSgtued by eraptions, the treatment must go below the surface to the blood, which is corrupt and impure. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cnres disfiguring eruptions which are caused by impure! blood. It cores scrofulous Jsores, erysipelas, boils, pimples, eczema, salt-rhemn and other eruptive diseases which impure blood breeds and feeds. "I was troabled with eczema from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet," writes Mr*. Ella Quick, of Cass City. Tuscola Co.. Mich. "Conia not walk at times nor wear my shoes. Thought there was no help for me^t least the doctor said there was none. I went to see friends at Christmas .time and there heard of the good that Dr. Pierce's Golden.Medical Discovery had done for them, and- was advised to try it at once. For fear that I mif ht neglect it my friend sent to the village and got a bottle and mate me promise that I would take it. I bad been getting worse all the time. I took thirteen bottles o? the * Golden Medical Discovery' and ten vials of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, and used ' AU-Healing Salve,' which made a complete cure. It was slow, but sure. I was taking the medicine about eight months. . 01 wottld say to all who read this; try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery before waging titne and money.* ; The sole motive for snbstitntion is to; permit the dealer toxnake the little more profit'paM'bythe sale of less metitcnoiia. medicuMia, He gains- yoalbse. There-;' fore ade^ no salpdtBte^ ibi:. <iG<dden Lawrenco Gazette: Down in the county Jail there is lying today a Aan who a month ago was reckoned, a' hero; ai|d ho waa. He risked bis life every hour, and did not hesitate to go where danger and death reigned. Ne water was too swift, no current too strong for him to brave** It in bis frail boat when duty called him. Now he is in jail, 'charged with attempting the worst crime of which man can, be guilty. Capital: You can't keep a good town down. North Topeka presents an altogether different appearance from two weeks ago, not to speak of a month ago, and every day improvta the homelike look of things. The building that is going on proves that North Topeka property owners have the kind of faith that no sort of natural calamity can shake. And this is whit has made every town that was worth making. The full title of the pope as given in Hoffmann's "Catholic Directory," is "His Holiness the Pope Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the . UniversaLJ Church. Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the Temporal Dominions of the Holy Roman Church."—Hutchinson Bee. The Lawrence Gazette quotes a standard medical authority as declaring that a woman does herself more harm every time she eats a dish of ice cream than a man does when he takes a drink of whiskey. But sho-'^oesn't go home afterwards and break the furniture and turn the old man out of doors in his night clothes and beat up the children. Give the devil his due. THE lOLA DAILY REgmEB, THURSDAY, JULY, 16 1908 cent exhibition and recently when two 'young men "went In" ihcy ro- tamed to the bank to And . their i ^otbing gone. They were an./ry of dottrse, but all they could do was ,io iOiiif In until night and,go homo by way of alleys. The lady says they can have ihelf clothing If they will promise not to'go swimming near her front door again. FASHIONS AT SARATOGA. Morning Dresses, Colored and White Linens, Trimmings—A White Voile Costume, Pongees, Laces. Dr. S. W. Williston, who resigned his chair in the University to accept a place on the Faculty of Chicago University, is spending his summer vacation digging for fossils out in Western Kansas. That was all right so long as he belonged to us; but since he has deserted, it looks as if he ought tp be enjoined. Those are our fossils. Capital: Always frail and small of body, the Pope during his illness !s reported weighing less than fifty pounds. How such a frame could carry all.the will and nerve and soul Yorce of Leo XIII is a marvel. A very insignificant part of the Pope will pass away when his feeble body yields up his fierj- spirit. A carefully compiled record of the casualties of the Fourth of July, made by the Chicago Tribune, fixes the number of deaths at 113. and the number of persons injured more or less severely but not fatally at 3,6C5. Obviously we celebrate with more enthusiasm than prudence. The gay throng frequenting Saratoga, represent all classes—the city toiler and the wealthy banker are of ten in close proxsimity, either at the 'springs, on the verandas, in hotel dining rooms or listening to the fine music which helps to while away the hours; and as the former is always well-dressed, one's exact position Is not easily defined. Therefore, a Saratoga acquaintance is usually to be avoided. FIrtations are, however. In the air, and in almost every cosy nook, be it in a park, on a veranda (particu larly on moonlight evenings) or under one of the many magnificent trees for which this place'is. celebrated, one comes upon a pair of lovers "telling the old. old storj." For^ morning nothing is so much worn as linen, plain or fancy, white or colored. Pink linen dresses having insertions of lace in circular shape, with sprays of write braiding around the Insertion,' arc favorites among young ladies and matrons; or a novelty here, are circles of white linen dotted with black and edged by Cluny lace, set in very close together around a flar&, and also on yoke and sleeves. BI};t! linen dresses trimmed with wide insertions of blue Cluny lace are also pretty, or gray linen with wheels cf black and white embroidery. A handsome gray linen gown worn by a Baltimore belle, had wide lace around the skirt, with black velvet run in at both edges, : and squares of oriental embroidery put over the lace at regular spaces. Wouldn't it be funny if it should turn out that General Miles' ninety mile horseback ride was undertaken not to show the President that he ought not to be retired from the army, but to prove to the Democratic National convention that he had plenty of strength left to make a campaign. KANSAS NOTES. LaHarpe is trying to organize a brass band. What's the matter with Kansas? She needs,harvest hands. Arkansas City is to have a band made up of colored players. Rag-time will doubtless be their long suit. The Pardons Herald is probably the only paper in the state which devotes a column every day to the "colored citizens." \ A Conway Springs man has raised a pig with' five feet. This ought to be a desirable breed for the packers of pigs' feet. The county surveyor lof Lyon county after a careful survey! of the germs and other animals infesting the water has decided that the water of Emporia is "fit" to drink. That ought to settle it- If anybody ought to know it Is the county surveyor. The Mormon elders teVio have been working in Kansas this year drifted into Jewell county last week and were very earnestly reqtiested to get Into the harvest field and help with the wheat crop instead of ulking their ."e- liglon. They left. Ge{-rlch-qulck schemes are becoming popular in Kansas. An lodepen- dehce girl, raised a postoffice money order from $1 to $100 and a LaCygne young man i;^lsed a $11 check to $211, But like all other get-rich-qulck schemes bottom was soon struck a^d both of these people were caught Near one of the smelters at Gas City there Is a nice pond and Gas City youths are fo&a>of s&fng' inriminii jDiene A charming design for filmy materials Is illustrated In: white voile and especially prepared by the Delineator, combining bodice No. 6,975 and skirl No. 0,943. The fitted waist lining supports a yoke and a circular bertha is provided. Tucks ornament the back and the tops of the sleeves, which have two-seam linings, and cuffs are included. The skirt, in three pieces and having a pannel front, is made over a seven-gored foundation, and a yoke effect is produced by shirrings or lace insertion, which may appear again at flounce depth. Tucks at each side of the front panel conceal the seams, and the skirt may have a long or medium- sweep. About four yards and one. half is the measurement given the lower edge In the medium sizes. Pongees are a world in themselves, plain or embroidered, either elaborately, or with the simple colored dot. Squares of Persian embroidery trim many pongee dresses worn here, but after all a poijgee should be worn by a graceful person, or it has a flimsy, sloucby appearance. Lace trimmed blue foulards hold their own, and-'hairline striped silks with white lace me^ dallions on yoke, sleeves and some times on skirt, are almost as useful, and less conspicuous. To describe the silk mulls, the chiffons (oftentimes accordion-plaited) the nets, th^. lace dresses that are seen in the evening, would be an endless task. The laVger proportion of lace skirts have chiffon or ibousseline-de-sole bodices, trimmed with lace or fancy embroidery. Independent waists and handsome black skirts are seen here atsall hours. Verona Clarke. A bouselhold necessity. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. Heals bums, cuts, wounds of any sort; cores sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never fi&IlR.. . Last night was. an ideal evening foir the band concert and one of the lairgfist crpiirds of the season ttmied toiil^ttrjtbo^wqa^^ ^fnw .program Cholera Infantum. This has long been regarded as one of the most dangerous and fatal diseases to which infants .'^e subject. It can be cured, however, when properly treated. All that is necessary is to give Chamberlain's Colic. -Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as directed with each bottle, and a cure is certaiii. For sale by all druggists. - TRUE PREVENTATIVE OF HAY FEVER. Hyomei Destroys Germs o' tlie Disease and Keeps People Well. There can be little or no doubt as to hay fever being a germ disease, it is, too, one disease where prevention is much easier than cure. All who are subject to this disagreie- able trouble, should use Hyomei daily for at ^least two or three weeks before the time of their aiiniial attack. In this way the annoying paroxysms of sneezing, running at the nose and watery and smarting eyes can be avoided. This remarkable discovery makep it possible for anyone to breathe air at home which is almost identical with that of the Adirondacks or Whi'.e Mountains or other resorts where hay fever sufferers go to escape their trouble. If, however. Hyomei has not been used until ':he disease has begun, it is necessary to use it more frequently, at least halt a dozen times daily, and Hyomei Ilalm should be rubbed into the nostrils" both morning and night. This treatment will relieve at once and will effect a cure in nearly every case. Chlis. B. Spencer & Co. have a complete line of the Hyomei goods and will soil an outfit of inhaler. Hyomei and rjodicine dropper for $1.00 and will also agree to refund the money If the treatment does not give satisfaction. . Do not try to cure hay fever by dos ing the stomach. 'Breathe Hyomei and in that way the medication will reach the minutest air cells in the noso, throat and. lungs, soothe and heal the irritated mucous membrane, and prevent and cure all hay fever troubles. I ...SEE US FOR... t ? Swell Turnouts and line Novelty Rigs Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Fine Surrey and Driving Harness, Whips, F?iyNets, Dusters, Summer Goods and Lawn Swings. WISWALL KENNEDY & CO. NEXT TO CITV QKS OFFICE No. H7i West Madison Ave. | I NOW FOR GOHFORT .a. • % Dress Goods that are good and beau* tiful, .yet cool anid breeaiy. That is what you are looHing fpr, the kind we are showing. Prices the lowest. Do Not Forget Our QROGERY DEPARTflENT. | No One Undenell5 Us. Dry Goois Shoes, Groceries. i LOOK inYOUR MIRROR Whatwouldyou give to be rid of those piniples and blackheads, that sallow com{ >lexion, those ustreless eyes? No doubt you would give 50 cents to be cured of constipation, liver troubles, indigestion and dyspepsial Get rid of these troubles and your complexion will clear up like an April day after a shower. Take Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Xn. M »rr O. Hkhn. Ko. ttS Hlehicaa AT... ' CUeuo. 111.. wTlsei: "Fortwoyean 1 fi »T »,bMa troabled with bthooaneii eanisa by InMllTltr o( tha Uwr. h«t dicsr aiiatia at t !i»e«. P »1 D« aercMt my bsek » tired, beavy feellns. wltk iotm of mppatJl* and serrooineu. Opr 7 «5BUT phyileian pmeribed tome Urer tablita whiea eertalnly did not help me. In the leut. I look - — ^- Id other—* — Kwaftno IdSided tbtSSct. OaTdwVlIilByw -. ... ^ . bottle did mo»-' Apomnail-- eompkziaii beeaioe more yellowjuid •eatth wone. K« " I decided to clTt . trt.l«id«a.orUdI liad the rti ^t reae^^ tormetban tepdollan'worth of otb^r 1 knew MMco I " I We sell.^ Boilers, Engine*, Brass Castings. Driiiing Tools, Gray Iron Castings,; Belting, Packing, \ lola, Kansas. Manufacturers i^f llactaliierir . ...for;..; Mines, Sme}t^ and BrietFiaots. ' We Oiler... Qood Worienumahlp, Prompt Deliv;^lea, Low Price*, r Oil storage Tanks, Automatic and plain Gas Separators,' Sheet Iron Worf^ Structural Worig Rotary Ors Roastars, ' Smoke Stacks,. : Steel Dump Caip . Mada ioJOrdsr. Fattenis For Csstiogb a Specialty. Esti^tes FiniisieiL Qaick Repair Work 1 WM. LANYON, sr., Prea. J. B. CAS^^Vice-Pre*. A^ B. ROBERTS, Cash Ida State^ank, Capital Sto<ky $50000. DIRECirOR5: Wm.Lanyon, sr., O.Hood. Get S.Nlcbolsotf,! M.iA. Low,' J. A. Robinson, J. B. Cue H. L. Henderson, Frank BIddle, A. B. Roberts. STOCKHOLDERS; J. B. Case, Wm. Lanyon, sr., Geo. E. Nlcholso^. J. A. Hoblnson, Frank Riddle, A. L. Taylor W. 9. Hendricks, H. L. Henderson. X.. L/Ponslec^H- KlaaDia:^, J. W. Coutant, DftTldEwart, E. P. SoheU, A. Bevfngton; J^S. Walker, Calvin Hood, M. A.LOW, H.A.EwIn?, A. Howlandt , J. W. Edw*rd«,- B.H.Bennett, Brans Bros., A. B; Roberts. Wiley Potter Has moved from the'81006 bam on East Madi- ;; son avenne to ^ - ^ I- \ The5tai|Ba^n on Weajb street, "wher^ he will coiitiniie to; buy' : yeiu; hgrseii imd muIjB^ pajix^ At all timeii •

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