Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 26, 1968 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1968
Page 11
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1&68 ' THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VW&m. ILLINOIS • FROZEN FOODS "AWAtfC" Breakfast ... HflMM! Orange Drink *'* VCHUN. KING'S" PARTY Egg Rolls "RED.L" Aiiorttd Whirl. Hors D'oeuvres "BAUA'S" D»lux« Parly Pino Pie "ISLAND INN" Whhkty Sour Mix "HICH'S" Whip , Topping Pizza Rolls "Jeno's" 12ct iHi 2 59e HUNTER'S FULLY COOKED READY-TO-EAT AMS lb. "We Reserve the Right to Limit" "NONE SOLD TO DEALERS" VLASIC SWEET Piccalilli SARA LEE FROZEN MAPLE Coffee Ring 69c SARA LEE FROZEN CINNA- Ro||s MON C 69c SHANK PORTION 6 to 7 Lb. Avg. ' Sliced . .. n,. 45c BUTT PORTION 5 «£ 4 .£ 47< KE HAM STEAKS For Frying lb 99 , HAM CHUNKS Boneless Ready to Eat lb. 99 C HAM ROAST Center Cut lb 89 C SPECIAL NOTICE! All Our Stores Will Close at 6 P.M. Tues., Dec. 31 WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY JANUARY 1 st Hunters Ready to Eat £££ 16 to 20 lb. avg. - lb. 55' CORNED BEEF KNEIP'S BONELESS ROUND FOR THOSE NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTIES . . . 3 to 4 lb. pieces lb. C. W. PURE HORSERADISH 5-Oz. Jar Pint Jar 19 43 Hilbergs CONVENIENCE ITEMS ... * BEEF CUBED STEAKS, BREADED VEAL 2 _ 0/ . ft Aft , STEAKS, CHUCKWAGON STEAKS, ^ fl s<, ' ;,ks 94 UU BREADED PORK STEAKS, BREADED 111 or I BEEF DRUMSTICKS—YOUR CHOICE - - - " W Drumsticks • Hunter's Sliced Luncheon MEATS Large Bologna, Pickle Loaf Olive Loaf or lb, Braunschweiger HEADCHEESE Mickleberry Sliced lb, LINK SAUSAGE Mickleberry 1 -lb. pkg. 79* 59* HAM 1 SALAD OUR OWN MAKE lb Jersey Farm All Meat 1 -lb. £Q «f Skinless pkg. Q / EXTRA FANCY 31 TO 42 COUNT SggP FISH STEAKS Breaded COD <|#| 2'A-c*. $|00 IU Steaks I Brick CHILI ^59' Too CERYELAT 5s£ J9* ^WN^ RATH'S PICKLED d»CQ ™*™*? e , drdj AO Fresh Lean "FAMILY PACK" m g± f PIGS FEET " *| Bacon - 1 - *| • Ground Beef '£49' ANACIN 100-ct. s^g 00 botv 1 fee -"BOLD" <r\ giant W ^^Jc PEPTO-BISMOL COLONIAL is CANESUGAR 5-lb. ^ Qc j3l Additional Bag 48c WjSr BIG TOP PEANUT BUTTER 18 " oz - L ^t fee -"BOLD" <r\ giant W ^^Jc Polident Powder Large jr COLONIAL is CANESUGAR 5-lb. ^ Qc j3l Additional Bag 48c WjSr GALA TOWELS JUMBO ROLL 35c 2 '°' !r 46' fee -"BOLD" <r\ giant W ^^Jc VANISH DRAIN CLEANER - 29" COLONIAL is CANESUGAR 5-lb. ^ Qc j3l Additional Bag 48c WjSr ^o-^. ,GROC: GO. •CI I I COUPON I COUPON TRI GROC CO' COUPON WORTH 10# Purchase CHINET LUNCHEON PLATES 40-ct. # Q t pkg. 07 » WITH THIS COUPON Coupon Expiree TUBS ., Dee. 31. Toward WORTH 1 A- Toward j ! IU* Purchase ; • ANY PKG. FROZEN '•• '. I CHEF BOY-AR-DEE ' • WORTH 17« Toward Purchase I WORTH Toward ! 13c PIZZA CHEESE or SAUSAGE I WITH,TH(S COUPON , ', J Coypon Expires Tue'i.! Dec. 131. ' : Jersey Farm BUNS 1 Hot Dog lO-Ct.-Hpmburger 12-Ct. 2 ,'pkgs .4^^ ! WITH THIS COUPON • Coupon-Expiret Tuei„ Dec, 31. -4 I • • • » Purchase > ! DEL MONTE • CATSUP j WITH THIS COUPON ; i Coupon Expiret Tuei., Dec. 31. J SEALTEST EGG NOG Quart Carton ECCO EGG NOG %-Gal. CONVERSATION PIECE tops roof of a house in Browne town, Wis. Keeping watch over Paul Chapman's prop« • erty is a gable dragon, which is said to be an old Norwegian idea for good luck. New Catalyst Type Paint Perks Up Stained Sink; By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY - I want to lell Mre. T. W. H. who has a worn sink that absorbs stains that not only my sink .but. my bathtub were the same way. No cleaner I tried helped them. Finally I heard 'about/the new epoxy paint for sinks, tubs, etc. I bought white and painted both the sink and the tub. At first it looked a bit odd because of the new white but, in a few months, it blended right in. This is expensive but it certainly cheaper than a replacement. It comes in colors, too. One \yord of CAUTION — by all means go STRICTLY by the instructions and be sure to have the windows open. We painted, left the windows open and went out for the day. The fumes are really strong. Be sure and ask your paint dealer for any tips he can give you that are not on the label. —MRS. F.V.R. DEAR READERS — This catalyst - type paint should be used within a six-to- eightrhour period after the two components are mixed. Directions must be followed. The sink should be clean of all traces of soap or cleansing powders or the results will not tie satisfactory. The odor is strong, as Mrs. F. V. R. says. I was advised that the finished job should be allowed to 'cure" for at least four days (five are even better) before using the sink or tub. When proper precautions are followed, this new product should hold up like tile —POLLY DEAR POLLY — Three years ago I had the problem of keeping my sink white. A television commercial for removing die stains from false teeth gave me the "idea for trying one on my s J nk'. It worked. and even left a slight sheen, i put two denture tablets in a little dish with %cup of hot water. When they were dissolved! dipped a piece of paper toweling in the solution and rubbed, the sink with mis for alwut 10 minutes, frequently rewetting - the towel. Gradually it became white and, then I washed^ with clean, soapy water. • Now 1 use one tablet about every two weeks and only have to rub a few minutes. Always be sure ,the. sink is really clean since- the denture solution does not' remove marks and you do not want to contend with grease; —M.M.W. DEAR POLLY - Mine is a Pointer for gardeners whose small tools are stored too far from-the. places they are used. Put a' mailbox or similar container ' in a tree or on a post, whiph ever is handiest You will have a convenient place to keep gloves , diggers, trowels, etc.'. and save yourself lots of steps. MRS. J. C. DEAR POLLY — My Pointer is an easy way to clean the grid of a charcoal grille — a job we all dread. Roll up several newspapers and let them set in a pail of water while' ybti are cooking on the grille. As soon ,as the food is cooked, place the hot grille between several thicknesses of the wet news papers. It will steam the burned on fat and food right off while you are eating. The grid can be rubbed clean with the same *vct newspapers and theri it is u cinch to wash. —MRS. W.L.N. DEAR POLLY — Red candle wax was spilled on my carpet. So far I have not been able to remove it successfully. I kept this a secret by placing a platform rocker over it and am willing to try anything, I. would appreciate suggestions from the readers. —'MRS. C. B. DEAR POLLY — When on a trip to the zoo, I took everything for our picnic lunch except a tablecloth. We did not: even have newspapers to cover the dirty table. As, we were discussing the best way to cope with the situation, our Cub Scout said, "Why not use, some of those road maos in the car?" That worked great. We each ate in a different city of Ohio. Since the maps were printed on slick paper, they could be wiped off and put back in the glove compartment to be used again as maps or tablecloths. If this letter is used, please send the Polly Dollar to our Club. .„•'. DONALD DEAR POLLY — I would like to know the best way to transport my plants when We make an approaching long - distance move. I dearly love mine^ and hate to leave them behind,: especially my violets. ^-iMJ^DGK' DEAR POLLY —While painting our fence, we^disebyeFed an excellent paint container that is easily carried as one goes along. We cut down the side opposite..the handle on a.gallon bleach container. The handle was left for easy handling. It worked so well we plan; to use the idea for any future paint- ir. jobs. The • half- gallon size would be wonderful when one is using a smaller brush. MRS. R.L.O. DEAR POLLY — I want to tell Mrs. G. K. how I keep my fiberglass draperies?'-white. Mine are about 13 years old and I have bleached them ma^ ny times, I have even had to restitch the seams lately^as the cotton thread was breaking and not holding up as well as the fiber in the curtains themselves. Mine are really white e a eh time —MRS. C.D.P. p 1MI it UU. IK \M,t H . US. r .t, Off Y L. _ : »" »—!n : ' ""; »• "'j' Km ^pfV • "Of course, we have a, few less desirable ^PaV^n^Qp^' > ' for people who don'tcarM9Jve„beyji^

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