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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 11, 1889
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r- VOLUME 8. STERLING. ILLINOIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 1889. NUMBER 204. IffiE NAYASSA RIOT. two Accounts of the Trouble On the Island. . SIX OF THE WHITES ARRIVE HOME. To. & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOISO KABT. AHantlcBi »:42 a. m Sterling Pass...a:W a, m Limited Fass. 8:52 a. m. (Illuton Denver 1 :Bo p. m ' OOINO WBBT, I'aclflc Kl 2:22 a.m. Sterling Pass. 8:00 p. m. Limited Pass. 4:04 p. rn. OllntonPRSs Denver 1:13 p. m. 8:53 - FBHIOHTTBAINBTIJAT OABBT PA8B«NaKB«. aOIKO HAST. OOIJJO V7KET. No jo. , 8.18 p. m.lNO. 88 -7:40 a. m. Sai w 0:50 ». ra. No. IT ..10-JS2 a, tn. l"h«lr NnrrntlvB of tho AnsnnH hy th« ninclo—noniie by It. M. 8. Forward nnd Itnynl Ticntmsint by tho Brlt!«!ior» —A N«*isro Luborer Tuts Mutters In n Different I.lnl't, Somowlmt—The Men Urutolly Trontcd tTntH Th«T RoToItcd— Whiten I>o tile Flrnt Shootlnff. PmLADKi.PHiA, Oct. It—The British ttoarnship D irian, which has just nrrivod here from Kingston, Jamaica, brings six of the officers of the Navassn Phosphate company, who were recently attacked by negro bmployes on tho island of Navassa. They Irero token off the island by. the British man- of-war Forward and taken to Kingston, Vvhere they were transferred to the Dorian.. their names are C, D. Smith, M. D.; C. W. Roby, R A. Jones, H. N. Vail, John b'Rourko and John Jncobson. They have With thorn three negroes who were friendly and who helped save their lives. A Very Hani Crew* Mr. Roby was tho flrst man attacked by the riotorx, and ho was terribly beaten. His recovery is duo to his remarkably strong physique. Mr. Jones was also nearly clubbed CHICMOBPPGM&PKCYB.B. """".• (10IHO KABT. I OOINO WKBT. t-B—Faflsenger 0:30 B.m.|3G— Passenger 4:20 p.m. Vfl-FrelRlit «:*B p.m.141—Freight BK»a.m. ARRIVE FROM KABT. TO -Passenger...!! :00p.m. 77-FreigBt. 8r»oa.m AIIBIVK FROM WI8T. S5—Pasaeni;erlO:3«a,ni. 42-Freight. 6:80 p.m. K er No. 86 connects with trains eaat anf west on Clinton Branch: with 0. B. I & P. B. B. »t Bock Island eaat and west; with main line - fur uoluts west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City and points beyond. It is generally conceded by city and country people that SELLS MOKK for the money, as a whole, for the money, than any grocer in Sterling. ••-.- ALSO Tinware, Stovepipe, Coal Hocls, Stove BoardF, at the way down price of 15c per bu. for oats. Prove me and oblige. :L, i^. JOHNSON. ISUCCESSOIIS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and,W all Paper. THE AND RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and V/yominf , penetrates tha Agricultural Mining and commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Una embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pu!lar»n Sleepers, Superb day Coachas and FAST VEST9BIREQ TRAINS .Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bl'uffs end Omaha, connecting for Postliinil, Denver, San Francisco and ail Pacific Cojst Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BUCK HILLS A fa I 'IC t>f Si* to death. Dr. Smith says they had no warn Ing of the outbronk. Tho 137 negrtH'S employed in the phosphate mines wero all sent from Baltimore. Many of them wore ship who had been arrested for dusortion other oirensos, and instead of boinR put la Jail wero sent to Navnssa by the United Btatea shipping coinmis^ionor. Thoy wero a liord set, always up to mischief. , nambnrdoil with Dynamite Dr. Smith Boys: "The building we took t-ofuge in was a mere shell, affording no pro- toetion,-nnd tha . only ^ reason .._we_ wero ;. _iipt killed by tho dynamite bombs is that the missiles fell on the plazzi instead of under us. There wero eleven of us whites.' When we had to abandon the shelter for fear of bo- ing blown up wo ma'ie a rush. Homo of bad beim badly injured. As we ran tho blacks closed in on 113, using knives, clubs, and revolvers. Thomas N. Foster, Josnpli .Falon, and William Shea were struck down and butchered. Fcs'.or was tho_ suporin tendent Tho rest of us reached n smal house, where we hid for safety. Meanwhile the negroes pillaged tho superintendent's house, where wo had first taken refuge. •' •.-:-.:"_-.:-" A >tton<l!h!i.:t;- U-:-.- •"Tha shooliiiK of Jamcf) Mahono -won ono of the most bloodthirsty acts of the day. Tho negroes camo to our hiding place and promised us safety from attack it we came to supper. We .camo out and found that some of the darkles were disposed to inter- oedo for us. We marched along In Indian filed, when o e of the villainous blacks. Icn&wn as George H. Key, stopped and fired a revolver within six inches of Mahono's 'face, the ball going through his cheok. As he fell tbo (lend fired another bullot into Mnhono's back, which pierced the heart iWith tho smoke curling from tho weapon, Key then stopped up to Jones nnd sold: 'I settled that - - .' Jones felt that his time bad come, but if it had been the no- gro's intention to shoot Jones something caused him to hesitate and the man's life was •pared. Sarod uy nn English Urlf;. "The English brig Armqrette was lying off tho coast, but heavy storms were prevailing, and we had no means of communicating with her. I, however, got a note to the captain, and ho sailed to Jamaica and sent tho British man-of-war to our assistance. When tho vessel camo to the island tho negroes were thoroughly frightened. A part of them wore still thirsting to finish tbo job by killing those who had survived. , H. M. S, Forward Talks Itunliiesi. "Th8 captain ot the Forward got his Gatling guns ready for service, and .threatened to shell the Island un ess overy man of us was turned over in safety. Wa were taken on board tho vessel on Thursday after boing In imminent peril of our lives since tho pre- yious Saturday, when the insurrection took place. As we ascended the stops up tho side of the Vessel tho officers paid us the compliment of hanging the American flag ovor tb» Side. ' . • ' ' ' Tho Dnfonopatet Koy»lly Treated. "We were treated royally by tho officers of the man-of-war. They tools us to to Kingston, whoro wo. wore taken to a club houso and entertained as if we were distinguished people, arid put safely on board the steamer Dorian, destined for this port. We> have been treated like princes from the moment of our rescue, by tho English cruiser. There was only one sad accident to mar the joy of pur rescui?._Biiniu6l March^pnp of our men whoTiad his bead frightfully cuTand bruised, died on the Forward on the way to Jamaica." •STATEMENT OF THE OTHER SIDE. One of tlie Negroes Tells the Cunao of the Klol — Mahone's Oruolty. BAI/riMOttE, Md., Oct. 11.— The steamer Pirott arrived bore yesterday afternoon from Kingston, Jamaica, bringing with her a copy of Tho Jamaica Post of Oct. 1, which publishes a full story of tho riot recently on Navassa island. The Post contains a statement from Chnrles Davenport, ono of the negroes on the island, which puts an entirely different face on the trouble. He says that tho man James Mohone, who was shot, came to tho island as a car boss, and from timo to timo he considerably ill-treated the mon. After Superintendent Tir.ton dieJ on Sopt. 6, Mahono punished four or five men daily. This demoralized the men, and be had neither method nor dUclplioe. Ho punishod them by placing thorn in stocks, haudculBng them, »ud hanging them up by tho hands. Do» aiithcme'a Hmtullty. Davenport goes on to tell about the cruelty practiced by Mahone against a man who had been in the hospital for twenty days. When tho sick man wag disclim-j^l from the hospital Mahono put him (it^for which his condition was not lit. Ho oTijoctod and Mahone took him by Iho neck, shook him Baveroly aud took him b:iek to juil, when Jones triced him up. About 1 1 :3U the doctor lot him down, but Maiioini trli-ed him up again and took away th<i keys ot iho handcuff*. But Dr. Smith hud him tukon down again and bud lliti haml-cutT, rut "ft. Dr. Bmlth wus gimi-rally ru-Mju * > I by tho men its supariutou'.imt, but, in !m:r, everybody was boiw, for tlio unm h:ul onlur* writiou by Hoby and Or. tiniitb au-1 i>th»rs in su(wrln- tomleDl, The Luburom Quit Work. Nfit :no:inn^ li .>) u '••mrtirt with two iimu uunini i'iiiilun nnd Kram.-^. t'lf- toeit utiuuttti Af[<;r that l'i-< iiti-n cuiiti ' jindn the m"ii i;o to thtir (]u;u tors ul thw oint of n gnu. H;ilf ttn hour biter all .tin? vhito m<Mi Im I th"ir r.'vo'vn nil'! guns in hoir Imii'U. They c:vli(xl on tbo men to camo ip. .Tom's was foromiiHf.nuil Iho mnn fl!* 1 '! out, .nd cnnio over, mi'l they \voro r il!'* 1 ntr, mnn iy mnn. Dr. fc-'mi 'n wns th" i--"!-"™' spnkes- nnn, nnd he nnd th-.'y had c eked revolvers ind gun<i, As eurli man file. 1 pnst ho wns wkwl: "An? you willing to w.irk?" "Yes '' 'Then puss on." nutlirxnk of tho UIoL "When .Tnnies Phillip*! cnnie nlong lie paid: 'Ye<=, if I am properly trcatoil' 1 Mr. Jones Immediately jumped out at him nirl put a listol to his bond. "Pon't mov-V' ho Raid, I'll blow your brains out." He shot with tho last "word, nnd Phillip-i fell, shot through tho jnw. Well, there was about n •lozen guns, find immediately they were fired HimultnneousJly. Tho men—about 100 in all —then picked up stonex from tho rond nnd throw nt tho ofllcrr*. Tho latter retreated nnd got undi'r cover, while tlio laborers picked up tho pistols tlml fell. Tho white men begnn tiring upon tlio men again. About a o'clock they c.'nsn I firing- Dr. Smith then cam ' out nud said: "lion, there is a vessel in the hnrbor. You can go to Kingston or Ei slnml in it. \Vo won't exer- erciso any further control ovor you." The men said: "No, wo want all the ammunition BO you can't harm in any more. 1 ' Stones began to bo thrown" ngiin, and HOIUS ran toward tho dymimito lions". Tho Mnrilnr of Iho YClilto*. "What orenrri'd then I don't know, for I went to my shanty. That wns nbout 4 o'clock, nnd ab.iut 5 I hoard dynamite ox- plosions, -and from eonn of tho men who cnmo up I learned that tho officers had surrendered. After., tho ofllcors..surrendered throe of them were murdered. Foster wns killed by Henry Jones, and Mahone and Fnles wero also shot, bul I did not see these deeds, if would have gone hard with the remainder hnd. not Hi-nson nnd I stood guard over them. Thoy got proper treatment, but. because of this action of ours.nnd the feeling of dislike the men took to us in consequence, wo thought it best to conio away from the Uland, knowing wa would not bo suro ot our lives if wo remained." KNW1I.TLY HONORS Paid to the Widow of John A. Logan. Gen. OPEN HOUSE AT CALUMET PLACE. UTrw. I*opnn> Homo Throned 'vith Templar* Come to Ori-e-t Tlielr Grinit Tlrotli- or's Wife—The DlrtnnrlM Hull nncl Iti Collection cif JlMIc* of Mto General—A Hnrrel of Vlnltini; Cut-ill Lnft nt thn Dooi—Novel ami Numerous Souvenirs— The Conclitva. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. II.—Mrs. L->-. gun's reception last night to the sir knights ond their Indies at Calumet Plncc won oni) of *ho great events of conclave we-ek, nn 1 th<< occasion nnd Ratherinn;, in point of -numbers and brilliancy, excelled all expectations. Perhaps 10,000 people benicR*- 1 '! the mansion from 7 o'clock until mmr midnight. Tho reception wns hold In Memorial hall, th-> annex to tho mansion, erected by Mrs. Logan in memory of her lato husband, and in which nre preserved tlio rolics ot tho (load senator, Holdier and Knight Templar. Elulmratft nnd Beautiful Decr.riltlonm. The decnrations of tho liousn and ground* for th? occasion wero elpih:ir;it.o and boauti- ful. Potted plant* and flowers adorned tho Interior Liim.i of Japanese LEGISLATION FOR THE CHURCH. titnl ns in -ittlon I on. 11. — A in ";-v^> from ccivpil in Urn K : >H':.>pil '^tonbiy nnn'iunrim; a An "REBUKED-BY-JUDGE TULEYr---- tlie Sparkn tJnrmvm-y AnMiivIt In JMvorco CUHO. CHICAGO,Dot. 11.—Tho .Sparks' divorce case camo up boforo Juilga Tuley yesterday, and resulted in n sensation that mado tho lady'a attorneys feel mihincholy. Uoth sides presented amende I bills supported by afll.lavita, that of. the doctor decl'iring that his wifoV visits to his drug Btoro nnd conduct whilo thorn • had forced him to close it and threatened him with bankruptcy, while Mv4. ^pnrhg deuio 1 tiw-.o nl!o- fciliilulib m-Ujtt.'.- iil'l: iluiiinvit ihi.ll v>v,i-v vit to quota allowed roiilurkVof tho 3ouioF charging her with a disposition to unduo familiarity with tho judjo and taunting her with the imputation that perhaps Judgo Tuloy or E. F. Runynn, her nttornoy at ouo time, was the father of hor child. Tho language used was even more expressive than this. Jiulgo Tuley Indignant. As tho rending reached this point Judgo Tuloy looked iu though it would be very warm for the attorney who had such bail taste as to insert such a refl iction in his affidavit Tho counsel for Sparks referred to it in tho affidavit they road us a fabrication in shameful bad taste, nnd when tho reading was done tho judgo askod Mrs. Sparks' attorneys why thoy bad incorporated such a thing in their affldavit. They replied that of course they did not bolievo it, but had put it in to show up the doctor. Tho judgo siid ho did not know why ho should not rule them in contempt, but as the matter was personal he would simply striko the wholo afll lavit off the flics. Ho gave tha attorneys a scathing rebuke ond then an injunction restraining Mrs. Sparks from entering hor husband's store was granted. The erring attorneys mado a personal apology to tho jnd^o.' * 1 THE RESULT OF PARSIMONY. Carbomlale, Pa, f*rncluliuoil' 09 a Dlph- therlu-Strlckon City. ] CABBONDALE, Pa,, Oct. 11.—The state board of health has issued a proclamation declaring diphtheria to bo epidemic in j this city, nnd Mayor Kelly has issued his' edict calling upon the citizoiu to at onco their properties ina healthy condition. Sofne of the undertakers have refused to fnrtheren- danger tholives of-their families by handling the bodies of tho dead. Already the cnsos have proved fearfully fatal, and there are now over sixty cases under treatment. Tho city has always been parsimonious in the matter of public Improvements, and this year has taken tho first steps) toward a system of^sew- erngo. ••'-., -... , ! Overruled it Spurkn Decision. WASHINGTON CITY,, pet 11.—Secretary Noble yesterday^verruled tho decision of ~~~ lanterns ami of nil ili'RcriptloiH flxtnnilivl from Un- roof of tho mansion to tho grounl, and every treo and shrub on thospncious gruiiu Is wns alivo with colored lights. Calcium lights flushed thoir rays ovor tho roadway appponcliing the mansion, making it ns bright as day. On tho lawn a large tent wn.s orected, whoro refreshments wore served, (ml two smaller ones near by served as rloak rooms for tho guests. The Receiving Line. Mrs. LigUn was assiatol by her son, Mr. John A. Logan, and bis wife, tho members of the Chevalier Bnyard commamlory, of Chicago, of which commandory Gen. Logan was a member, nnd a number of her Masonic frionds of"" Washington— City.—Marshal- M.- M. Parker made tho Introductions. Two score ladies wero in lino with the hostess They made n brilliant half circle from tin' reception .room to tho memorial hall. Mrs. Mnj. Tucker. Mrs. Logan's daughter, stoo I at tho widow'* right. Below hor wore Mr* Gen. Conger, of Ohio; Mrs. John W. Vrooman, of Now York; Mrs. M. M. I'arker, Mrs. Harrison Dingmnn, nnd tho wives of the members of the Chevalier Bayard post, of Chicago. In tUo Memorial Hull. hall, whoro all -Hint oin recall tho nfuuiory" of a great general is displayed. The stained- glass window bearing an excellent likenes.-i of the general wa s illuminated, as was also the roof of mnny-colorod glass. Tho spacious' grounds wero thrown open to the. throng and refreshments were served. Arrangements In tli.e Garden. The Marine band played on tho front lawn, and garden chairs bunched in convenient twos and threes wero found cosily placed in all tho nooks and corners of thu garden, so that everybody could rost iind listen to the music. Calcium lights kept tho house and grounds in a porfect blaza of light. Snuvonlm of the General. Tho rooms, overy foot of which is covered with souvenirs of tho general, invaluable to his family, wore intensely interesting to the strangers, many of whom knew of every article in thorn by reading, and wero now seeing thorn for tho flrst time. On a sottoe near tho frontdoor was n barrel artistically decorated with autumn leaves, and boforo thoivening. was over it was filled with tho various vistiting cards of tho guests. ... A Collection of nudges and Modal*. All tho cornnmndories mado a point bo- foro leaving of presenting Mrs. Logan with their badges, souvenirs, medals, etc., and her collection, which kept -growing larger by each now arrival, will be a valuable one. Tho Golden Gate commandery presented hor *rith tho live boar that thoy brought all tho way from California, and who was the delight of tho small boys at tho parade. DrcBfles olf the IJadlefl. ^"MrsT Logan received in the front drawing room, and, as usual, was the life and spirit of the whole affair. She looked very hand- fhfl F.pI'M.M'pnl fiH-v If on ul C'onnr.l -^I/ NEW Yonic, Oct. tlrr> bish'>p*i «n<t re house of deputies yi- number of c'l'in^'-s in the IJ >ulc of C'Tnm<m Prnyor. Tlii> funding cnnimilt-n on prnycr l>ook r»portnd that tho "Nuuc Di.'viiUis" hnd li.'en loyally nildo.l to t ho prny-r book, end that tile in^'^'tion of tho Atlintiasiau creed WHS Inrxpcdinnt, A coru'.litnMonal nmonrlmont requiring a majority of both houses of two general conventions to revino the prnyer boo'.c, wns adopted. Tho judicial nystom then cnmo np, but no progress was mado and at 12:35 tho house adjourned for tho day in order to lunch with tho missionary society and attend a miHsion- nry meeting at tho Academy of Music, .The Academy was crowded at tho meeting and addresses wero nindo by Dr. Phillips Brooks, of Boston; Bivhop Courtney, of Nova Scotia, nnd Biaiiop Talbot, of Wyoming. Dr. Brooks s|H)ko on tho subject of foreign missions. Tho essential point in foreign missionary !al;or, ho declared, was simplicity. "Let our religious system be adapted to the laud of Its mission," lie concluded, "and not to the metaphysical creed adapted to our own country and our own mannor of life." ProcfrdlngH of the Cimgregntionalliita. WoncBSTETi. Mass., Oct 11. — In the Congregational council yesterday the Georgia case c:ime up on tho report of tho committee to whom it was referral. Tho troubly is thii usual ono south — tho rnco issue. There are two Congregational bodies, ono whlto and tho other colored. Tho committoo say that tho white organization, through its delegates, asks to b.) permitted to ignore tho ecclesiastical fellowship which is part of the common lore of Congregationalism until timo brings them up to tho unrnml method. •• Tho lion presout i d is whether proper fellowship shall bo .'inMstx ' upon now-or tho proposition ibovo outline 1 l>« riccfpted. This question Iho comm.ttoo declines to givo an opinion upon, and refers It to tha council I*utlieruii KvungaliritlH In Conference. PlTTSDUllU,_ Pu.^_O^L_lL— For-tha flrst time in twenty-one years tho general council of tho Lutheran Evangelical Church of North America met in this city yesterday. The council watches over tho welfare of l.I'i- 000 worshipers nnd controls 4,. r )Ul) mlni>in>rs and h,000 congregations. About 100 visiting clergymen from all parts of tho United Sates 1 , are present Reports wero submiturl and tho subject of foreign missions was iliscu^s The evening session wns devoted to tha consecration of Dr. EmnntK'l E.linnnsons, of lYin.-olO'), ~\' : '. ... '"Lr t.-_ " ii i,_.. u .i • i.ui k - HI liidin.i;._"A diHi.'iissinn -of—the qirR^i'm "K mil Lutheran Miuinisters Qi Permitted to Preach in tho Pulpits of Other Denominations" will bo had during tho council .'anil promises especial int?rest. Tho English speaking riiiiii&cvs favor the idua, whlio tho Gorman olomout ilo not. I ri!i MCW Y. -•• iiivli. a very ill. t •T p:iy ini rite S. S. (.'.ix. Mayor Crrril. <! • K.I-'Govern,if II .g.'r A. Pry "I •ll-lcnown ci.iz in 'inr-ii-y m •':lt Ck'V.'i A. S. II • U A. DIIHI, ; * nmonr the i tbo pl.ilf.inn. an !, itt, nnd mny Ex- Picsi.l-'iit. ('lev .1'i'nl ruid Proctor Knott wero nmong 111" principal sp-'fiker* ilr. Olove- and dwelt, upon thn purity nud uns-Oflsanom of Mr. C»x'.s public life, nnd «ai 1 it WHS well ^o inquire whether tho tinif-i nro such as to tnake these qualiti-'fl in thorns >lvn$ a causo of distinction; and if so, whether such a stata of affairs bodtn well for tho public welfare. Mr. KntiH's Bpccch was tho warm tribute of a personal friend. An Oconn I.lnor Aground. NEW YORK, Oct, II.—The steamship City of Now York, while making this port Wednnesday morning, ran aground n little northeast of electric buoy NX 5J-i, an;l llos thoro yet, stuck in thn mud. Tha accident was caused by tho pilot, who in keeping out. of the way of a pilot boat which was running across his bow, made n miscalculation. There were nbout 700 p.'ople aboard, ami they bavo nil been taken on* an.-l brought to the city in a very bod humor, espcciAlIy with the pilot All attempts to movo the vessel with tugs havo failed, nnd if tho tldi does not float her off her cargo will have ^ be lightered. , ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS- iomo in a black silk gown, richly trimmed WORLD'S FAIR LOCATION. Clilcngo ll:n SO,01)0,001) Suhncrlbocl nnd gi:i,0(IO,OUO Jlora In Sight. CHICAGO, O>-t, 11.—At a meeting of tho finance cpmmitteo of tho World's exposition yesterday reports wore received showigu that $11,000,000 have been actually subscribed, with about $3,000,000 more in sight, Tho subscriptions by the wage workers, vj'ho "Wednesday celebrated thu anniversary of tho big flru by contriouting to tho fund, ag- grata nearly fiiSO.OOU and will probably reach. fcVJO.OOl). William H. Morrell, n wealthy capitalist, who has been interested in Now York real estate for twenty five years, wns in this city yesterday, nnd didn't put much faith iu tho report that W. W. Astor would give S'M,- 000,000 to the New York fair fund. Ho said the feeling in Nuw York about tho fair was ono of uncertainty. Tho site Bi-li_'cled was rocky nnd uneven, iind would c^st an enormous sum of money, besides being very unpopular on account of including part of Con : tral park. C • • • New York Raining Money, Too, NEW YORK, Oct. 11.—At tho meeting of tho word's fair committees yesterday the legislative committee recommended that, as the exposition wns to be iniernationa', the flrst step was to petition congress to incorporate the fair company, and to that end it was necessary to present to congress . tho plan proposed as completely as it con be stated. The New York Union League club has indorsed tho Blair e.lncatlonal bill j Ell wood T. Hanco has boon appointed postmaster at Detroit by President Harrlf son. i On the track at West Chester, N. Y., Thursday BIuo Rock ran % mile in 59Jf sac- onds.' - - Tho latest man mentioned f«r tho pension commissionership is or-Congressman Steole, of Indiana. i Tho Carnival association of St Paul, Minn., 'has decided to build another Ice palace tho coming winter. ( A cpmpany baa beon organized in Mississippi to sell 0,uOO acres of land" owned liy Jefl! Davis in Arkansas. • j Tho czar arrived at Klol, Germany, Thursday, and was closely guarded until be was Bate in a special train for Berlin. : ; Ex-State Senator L. D. Whiting, a promi nent figure in Illinois politics for forty years, died ot his home in Tlskilwa, Thursday morning. • . • .: The conference of the German aid association* of the United StaUw; '"'V"K. -.::., , t w -__.» uoiu u.1 i'.iilwttnkoo Oct K), has jon postponed until spring of next year, t The latest expression of reverence for aw and order given in the United States •was the lynching at Way Cross, Ga., of ft negro because he threw a stone atR.whita man. J Tho Tomahawk club, of Chicago, of which i. H. Cowdrey, late a presidential candidate, president, gives notice of seven plafiks that must be in the platform of the man ,hey voto for, one of which is an eight-hpnr ilank s ^Ih't 111 tn--> tof.k th-' hiy f.i lisa in th» iiov and tavo him <i Rev. T. J. K'-i;h. n BnptUt. rniniitir of Vincc-nni"', In I., ^'bo dpcli.rps thst iifl i» nctilli-il, «-ax d wroih «t tho conn I.;f fftir ussocintion li«' mis > n of ciitUo WA^ union-led niu! driv-n to thsj fair gr&tHH$» on a Sutiflay, nn-l pfl! liciy prnye<i that ?h« whole fair we?k mi^ht !><;• rsiny. " 1'lie pray- era of tho righti-cm nvaiSeLh tnucb,^ fcl'it fair w.:n:: was hively we^itijei'. LEAVENING POWER Of the varicras Baking Powders trated from actual tests. BOYAL(Pu« 6HAnTS«(Alum)...J (fresh)...i HASFORD'S (»h«n fresh) / , ,.._ r ------------ , , with dull jet, as she met each of her guests It was also recommencloJ that, tho governors with a 'hearty hand-shake and welcome. Mrs. Tucker wore black net and moire ; Mrs. A. I*. Conger, of Akron, O., silver gray silk and brocade; Mrs. Diston, of Quincy, Ills., black faillo and jot; Mrs. W. B. Molish, of Cincinnati, wife of the deputy graud commander of Ohio, black point d',Esperil, draped over lavender satin, with diamond ornaments. Doings of the Conclave. t. S!, BS'KMAM, 2. -'. VV ft t. til UiftlV, i requiring the Central Pacific Railroad company to fllo with its lists of lands selected under its grant thu usual non-minorni afll- davit in use in agricultural eiases geuorully. Similar ruling.-) wore made in the cas/s ol the Southern nnd Atlantic nnd Pacific Hail- road companies. This decision \vill release from suspension and puss to patent upward of 0,000,000ncres of land within these grants. Secretary Noblo says that as tho rtquire- ments in voguo at the date of solsction;—18S5 and 1BSO—wero complied with no restrictive rule should now bo applied. Not 1'«t Gone luto Llquldatlou. •BOSTON, Oct. 1L— At tho Boston ofDco of the Anthony Loan aud Trust company yesterday tho statement that the company had gone into liquidation was deniod, thqugh it was admitted that such a courso might bo adopted Intor. The company has not done a very big business, aud most its furm [mortgages havo been taken by personal friends of the ofllo:rs. It had b.'on decided, it was said, not to do any more busineis. ConIK deuce wus expressed that not u dollar would be lost by mortgage holdora A Training: School (or MUflloiluries. SPIUNGFIKLD, Mass., Oct. H.—Too.indus- trial and technological school corporation in this city will open'on Jan. 1 anew institution for tli8 training for manual school teachers, skilled artisans', and mechanical missionaries. In tho luttor feature tho plan has the indorsement of various missionary Bocistlos, who hope in this . w?iy to accomplish work in fornign lands similar to that done by modio il mis.sii.)tmrios. Thu Woumu't Congren ut UeuTer. DENVKK, Col., Oct. H. — Tbo woiann'scoa- grosij yi'SU-niuy eUicto I Julia U'tird Howu, pruiidi-ul; Kiil'-lle Ho«l.'iuit, of Now York, socreUiry; ll.jiiri.jlttt W,iU\nt, of Ma.i.K»uliu- autta, tre.niu-er; S.iplii i H.ilf.una, of Now York, nnd (.' i'wrc.-, of J'uansyl- vtmin, <iu.iit,>i». Vuv pnj.-,i>l<!iits warx H At •« Million -• i'«i" «»;it!'*i;a"-' ,, a:«.!!,.i-ol .-!»:.•!...; of tho various -.states- bs invited to co-operate. It wns also decided to raisa $'JOO,000 for immediatd requirements, aud the members of tho committoo in a few minutes subscribed $281,000, of which John Claflin put up JIOO.OOO, William Stoinwny and Henry Hilton $50,000 each, and Roswell P. Flowei $25,000. The subscriptions wore then stopped by Judgo Hilton, who said mnay presen wore willing 'to subscribe, but had been taken unawares. slon of the conclave yesterday J. P. B. Gobin, of Pennsylvania, waa elected grand master, and Hugh McCurdy, of Michigan, deputy grand master. D_>nvor, Colo., was selected as the plnco, nnd the second, Tuesday in August, J8U3; as the time of • the next triennial meeting. There was a contest over location between Cincinnati, Louisville, and Denver on the flrst ballot, after which Cincinnati was withdrawn, nnd Denver, on the second ballot, was selected by a good majority. Tbq encampment thon adjourned for the day. A Griitiil Army Po»t Resolves. NEW YORK, Oct. 11.— Farnhain post, GK A. R., of this city, Wednesday night passed resolutions declaring that the pensions talk of certain "popularity-seeking legislators, notably Senator Ingalls' U ill-considered, declaring for pensions only to disabled veterans, and rebuking any veteran who accepts a pension on any other grounds, and condemning any attempt to make tho order an engine for tha dissipation of the surplus, or apolitical force, Two Freshmen llozetl. SYKACUSE, N. Y., Dot 11.— Henry Hoar, of Ansonia, Conn., aud L. D. Vanarnam, of Gloversville, N. Y., members of tho freshman class of Byracuoo university, wero bound and taken to a swamp three miles east of the city by a party of sophomores Wednesday night. Iloar'o mustacho and hair were cut, and tho two men ware compelled to walk back to the city. Will Agree to Shorter Houra. LONDON, O^'t, 11. — To the demand of their man for shorter hours thadifferent tramway eouipiinios of north London huvo &t>nt a n>ply in which they oiler to r~uU«ee tlui number of working houia to twelve for a day's work, H is vip^ctu J that tho oUivr companion will toll i-v thU IJA I, mid that ;tn tmueai- lilu ut will )«.' it-urhij'-l i.n'tMs lusi*. (Alum Powder) ..• and 0. K.« (Ahun)8 CkJJVEUBD'S PWBEER {Swi rranc«co) 1 (24B i Oft PRICE'S SHOW FUKE (Groff-i) » COKGRESS HICRER'S SUETS HJUITORD'S (None SuctiJ, wliTa not frtii. ,S PURL(Aadrewz & Co.) ..IB9HBBB aUHirOP.p'S • (Phosphate), when not (nib.. .S3BSBB fleports of Governmant Chemkta. " The Royal Baking Powder is couipo!<*l of ^Tlfe and wholesome ingredients. It does not contain either alum or phosphates, or other In •rorious substances.-EDWAKD G, LOVE. 1 tj.e pui-c6t nnd most reliable baiting cihircd to the public. : , „-• i ,,. " HBHBY A. MOTT, M. D., Ph. D," " : "The Royal Baking Powder is purest in qua!' it> and highest in strength of any baking pewter of which I have knowledge. «• .' i " WM. McMuRTRiE, Ph. D.'' • * AH Alum baking powders, no matter how Mgh their strength, are to be avoided ns dan-. »*rous. Phosphate powders liberate their gas .00 freely, or under climatic changes suffer de* enoration. :;:.,. 4 We are now prepared to do First-Class in all the latest styles.Q Give us a call, one anl all, and if p have aoy io do we will attend to - : it Conilltlou .of Vnrious Crop>). WASHINGTON CITY', Oct. 11.— The dopar't- mentof agriculture returns of Od. I report genernl percentage of condition of corn nt 91.7, against 1O.1) a month ago, and IO for the crop of 188SS on Oct. 1. Condition "of potatoes, T7.y, against blJ.H last October; of buckwheat, 00, ugninstO'J. 1 lust year; of tobacco, 80.7, against 85.7 In ISSi Tho preliminary estimate of yield por ncre is li.S for wheat, 119 for rye, and '^.2 for barley. Upon threshers' measurement tho average yield of wheat In tho principal states is li8 bushels in Now York; in Pennsylvania, TJ.3; Ohio, 14.0; Michigan, 14.7; Indiana, 14 7; Illinois, ,14; Wisconsin, 14.2; Minnesota. )4.0; Iowa, 13.1; Missouri, 13; Kniiaus, 1H.4; NobrasUa, 12; Dakota, S.3; California, 15. Gulnf; to lioom Texii» Induotrlei. BOSTON, Mass., OoL 11.—A party of capitalists will leave bore Saturday for Donison, To*., toeiamiuo the advantages clulmed by that section for investment^n manufactures. It is proposed, if tho result is favorable, to erect a '£>, 000-spindle cotton mill at Denl- soii, to cost,S500,OOi). Tlu Djniaou Cotton Manufacturing company wus orgnniz.'d at Lowell last week; c:ipiul, 8cor«n on tho llnli Field. CIIICAOO, Oct. 11.—Yesterday 1 j scores by American association bust) ball rlubs were as follows:'At B.illtnioro— Brooklyn 7, Balti more'J—eight innings, ciurUivss; ut Cincin- nati—Cmciuniiti 8, RniHaa City '2; nt Co- luinbus—ColuiiibiiH 5, Atlil.itic D; «t Iio vilio—LouUvilU. 1, St. L'tiin'J. .r Uitnlitnllv \Vlf.--Kil«or. IUlU. V.i. O t. 11— (I'oi-g MoaS, a uuu-Utiu<f, shot :ii^ «UM i nho wiwtxit-n; »u thyn nh:>! him,..-! ftll.l Will |UVU:l! k%uk-- 1 on I- ill . i y iltt.'. >:n j i !, I l-t i Vj il:l ; i I tl:Il .'- Ill r'l. Hi ll.ld J.IS-. ll -.V'J -iX' l.»vJ li:\ W. I rti- xiai ClV from .f tho llb!« M.t>! .VI H :i ', WKSTKIV1> FCBS1TBBK 8TOBE, 8TKBMHW. ILI.SSOI5. GUESS YES A1VOTHLER. L.OT OF 1 Graham Brae.'' Fancy TniM Snapa Juat in, to be aold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A Can now give you a fine flavored Grt-eu Jap Tea, 4 S.s. for SI. Au elegant FROG CHOP U. O, usually sold. at 05c for 60o. . ill Maple Star Now Everything in our stock has b»eu selected with car*-—fresh »a«t neat. AHOTHIR CAB LOIB OF IL8H at u rwduceii price. Get our yr!e«a befora buysag. it a Ir. ; },< ' ^

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