The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 30, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1898. Farm Loans. Wc take pleasure in informing nur many patrons that wo. are better prepared than ever before to negotiate farm loans. We make our own examinations draw our ewe papers and are prepared to close loans without delay. We Make the ordinury loan and also ncgo tiate as heretofore the ineorapara blc combination life insurance loan. We arc always ready to give full information on either plan The Insurance-Loan Bugle fives much valuable information on the subject, In a personal in torvicw we can sometimes give you more. Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE MO. 20. CORNER AVENUE A AND MAIK Hutchinson, Kan. ON TON BAKERY A YORKER'S VIEWS. HIS FIRST TRIP TO THE LAND OF STORMS, CYCLONES AND DROUTHS. next Saturday for the purpose of examining those who propose to apply for positions in our city schools. Let all such teachers take notice and be governed accordingly. Fresh BREAD Every Day. CREAM, HOMEMADE, GRAHAM AND RYE. Fresh Every Day- Special attention given to orders for fine cakes for parties. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No, 1.1 North Main Slreet. Chmicu to Mako Money. One of Hutchinson's most prosperous institutions is the American Steam Laundry. They have brought about their prosperity by close attention to business and turning out of good work. They are doing the laundry business in every town on the Santa Pe from here to Harden City. The American Steum Laundry have lately added to their machinery and are prepared to do more and better work than ever. They want agents in every town in Kansas. Let one basket of their work go to a town and after that it is easy sailing for an agent. Let enterprising men who read this article in the different towns in Kansas where the American steum laundry of Hutchinson has not already an agency, write to the laundry for the agency and they will soon realize they can make a handsome sum without much extra work every week, by acting as their agents. Their work always gives satisfaction. There arc a number of traveling men making the slate of Kansas, who send thcii work to the laundry in this city, no matter whut part of the state they are in, when such work becomes needful to them, and a local ugent might as well receive the benelit of this work. Write for an agency. Charming people, these exceptional people! Here's a medicine—Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, for instance, jmd it has cured hundreds, thousands that are known, and thousands that are unknown, and yet yours is an exceptional case! Do you think that that bit of human nature which you call "1" is different from the other parcels of human nature? "Hut you don't know my ease." (lood friend, in ninety-nine out of hundred cases the cuses are the same-- impure blood—und that is why liolden Medical Discovery' cures ninety-nine out of every hundred. You may be the exception. And you may not. Hut would you rather bo the exception or would you rutlivr be well? If you're the exception it costs you nothing, you get your money back— but suppose it cures you? Let the "Golden Medical Discovery" take the risk. I. W. lloylr, Om* of Now York*. Lcltilliiff Hold Men on a JMoaHuro And Ofoworviv tlou Tour—He T«H» tlio ltoporter what lie Krpccteri, nn<l ContrimU It With What He Seen—Our Gardening Indus trie* nn Compared With Long Inland Productions. .1. W. Hoyle and wife arc in the city with headquarters at the Santa I'"e hotel. The reporter ran across Mr. Boyle last night and engaged the gentleman in conversation on various topics. Mr. Boyle soon informed the reporter L that he is not very well acquainted in Kansas, as this is the first time that he was ever west of Chicago. Said he: "1 had often heard of the horrors and abominations of Kansas, as depicted by our eastern newspapers who want to keep the people in the east, and was prepared to sec something pretty tough, with possibly aldlfferent looking and acting class of people from that which we have in York state, but I want to say that 1 was not prepared to see what [ have been brought face to face with. I find here one of the most beautiful cities that 1 have ever beheld—broad streets and driveways, beautifully shaded lanes, verdant grassy lawns, palatial homes, fine horses and carriages, a contented, happy, prosper ous people. After what I had read in eastern papers concerning yonr state I hesitated about bringing my wife with me lest one of those traditional storms which scperatc man and wife, making one a resident of Oklahoma and carrying the other into Missouri should overtake us but I see nothing of the kind. I have taken a few drives into the connti y, and in place of the barren, sandy, fruitless waist which I expected to find. I see plesant, prosperous looking homes, with green fields of growing grain, good buildings, first class machinery, nice horses and sleek cows, all betokening prosperity I see gardening going onataratc which almost takes my breath. "I have been in the hotel business all my life, and have had occasion to buy fruits and vegetables of all kinds and in large quantities, and ought to bo able to recognize nice garden pro- duets When I see them, and I will say to you that when I saw the gardens around Hutchinson, and got out of the buggy and walked among the growing vegetables, as 1 did at the gardens of Mr. Dirth, who lives out north of your city, and beheld as fine a growth and as good qualities of vegetables as we buy from oil Land Island, the garden of the world, 1 was amazed. 1 shall tell my brethren in the east that the most rjroinising, happy-looking country that 1 ever beheld in my life is to bo found in central Kansas, with the city of Hutchinson in its very midst." COUNCIL MEETINC, Ap- Oir for Nlokernoit. A large number of the members of the Degree of Honor went to Nickerson this evening to assist In tho organization of ft lodge of the order there. Quito a large list of names have been attached to the charter, and the auxiliary starts oil very promising. Wideawake Kepuhllciiint. A large number of enthusiastic lte 5 publicans met at the court house last night for the purpose of perfecting arrangements for the entertainment of the Republican state convention which meets here next week. The meeting was organized by electing •!. P. Greenlee, chairman and J. E Eaton, secretary, after which followed a general discussion of the numerous details neecssaryofor the final completion and decoration of the Auditorium, entertainment, etc. The following committees were appointed, with instruction to get a move on them: Executive: II. Whiteside, Judge P L. Martin, Gen. T. T. Taylor, T. ,1 Templar and J. B. Brown. Finance: .1. P. Greenlee, Dr. Colla- duy, A. J. Lusk, II. Miskimen und E, L. Meyer. Tickets and Printing: .1. B. Vincent 11. W. Gleason and A. J. lliglcy. Decoration: I!. A. Campbell, It. P Lacy, G. II. .lone, W. W. Payne, D Galllgher and John M. Kinkel. Ilroke dull Aputii. Jack Sprugue, the notorious jail breaker, and Noah Hasfelt, broke jail at Mel'hcrson last night and skipped Sprugue has broke jail a number of times, and is still keeping up his repu tation. It would be cheaper fir Me Vhcrsou county to pay Sprague's hotel bill at the Hotel de Jones in this city than to pay so many rowurds and incident expenses in the recapture of this daring cuss. Sprague can't break the Hutchinson jail for money, marbles or chalk. The Kmauou Hull. The Kmanou club gave one of their popular balls last night at the Armory. The crowd wus not too large—just large enough for pleasure and comfort. The inorry dancers kept time to the gay music until a late hour, and no more pleasant time hus been experienced at any ball during tho season. The balls by the Emaitan began last falf, and have been given regularly ever since, and each has seemed more ploasant than the other. County Kxuiuluuttou. There was an examination held hero to-day to examine the tenckors of the oouuty, who propose touching in Reno county next year. There will be another examination Tho Mayor HcndH In HI* Committee polhtmentK. There was a special meeting of the city council yesterday, for the purpose of hearing the report of the committees on council rooms and a safe for the city. The committee on rooms recommended three rooms in the Penny building, corner Avenue A and Main street. The recommendation was favorably received, and the committee instructed to contract for the rooms. The committee appointed for the purpose of securing a safe for the reception of the city's books, reported a number of propositions, but made no recommendation. The agent of the Hall Safe and Lock company of Cincinnati was present, and presented to the council a description of the safe which his proposition referred to. The council accepted his proposition and purchased a safe which is listed at 82!J0 for $200. It will be delivered here, free of charge, subject to the approval of tho council before accepting it. The butchers of the city handed in a petition asking for an ordinance closing the meat markets on Sunday. The petition was granted and the ordinance drawn. The mayor sent in the following ap pointments: Committee on Streets and Alleys— McKee, Myers, McCurdy and Norman Committee on Sewers—Brown, Holaday, Norman and McCurdy. Ordinance Committee—Miskirnens, Winslow,- Brown and Holaday. Fire Committee—Meyers, McKee, McCurdy and Norman. Finance Committee—Winslow, Mis­ kirnens, Brown and Holaday. The council adjourned to meet next Wednesday at 4 o'clock, at which time Mayor Vincent hopes to be able to be present, and by which time they expect to be in their new apartments. Tuesday's NEWS will contain a notice of the place of meeting, whether in the old or new quarters. Ilroko the Kecord. The Hutchinson and Southern road shipped out a train of sixteen cars of cattle, from Kingman a few days since which broke all former records for time. They took the train from Kingman to Kansas City in* twelve hours, and from Kingman to Chicago in thirty-six hours, beating any time ever before made, either by a freight .or passenger train. Telegraph und Telephone. Through the kindness and endeavors of Messrs. Carswall, manager of the Western Union office, and Allen, superintendent of the telephone company, we now have a telegraph instrument and a telephone in the auditorium. This is a move in the right direction, and will be highly appreciated by all. A Tree is Known by its Frufy 16V PATENT^" —BHWOBIE KA1 Try King of KansaB Flour, $1.25 a sack. Price List of | JUST RECEIVED IN OUR BOY DEPARTMENT 300 child's suits, $0.50, worth all of $1 .00 .75, worth fully 1 .25 1 .00, new colors, worth 1 .75 1 .50, all wool, worth 2.35 1 ..75, beauties, worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 2.50, hummers, worth 4.00 200 child's suits, 300 child's suits, 400 child's suits, 350 child's suits, 500 child's suits, 650 child's suits, Wo have a handsome line of fine I Prices low and correct. IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. See our S3.00 suits, worth 84.00 ' THE CASH GROCERS. I 21 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated 81.00 21 lbs Light Brown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbuckle .A 8 .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java • 33% CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes. 8 .10 3 lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 2 lb can String Beans... ' lb can Lima Beans 4.00 r..»o 0.50 8.00 10.00 12.00 5.50 7.50 _ 10.00 12.00 15,00 18.00 boys' suits. Jerseys, 3-piece suits, etc. BOYS' SHIRT WAIST DEPARTMENT 500 dozen at lBc each, worth 25 800 dozen, sateen, at 25c, worth 50 KNEE PANTS FOR BOYS., 500 dozen at 10c pair, worth 20 •150 " - . 20c " 35 350 " 25c •' 45 250 " 35c " 50 Our 5()c, 75c & 81 pants are well known .10 .10 .08%. lb can Succotash 08% | 2 lb can Peas 0&H 2 lb can Blackberries '10 3 1b can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Oooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 3 lb can Peaches 15 2% lb can California Peaches... .20 2% lb can California Apricots..: .20 2ii lb can California Greon Gage .20 2% lb can California Egg Plums .20 2J< lb can California Pears 25 2% lb can California Quinces 20 'iii lb can California Cherries 20 Gallon can Califor nia Peaches.. .40 Gallon can Cali fornla Currants.. .40 Gallon can California Gooseber's .40 Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon 15 1 lb can Oysters 10 2 lb can Oysters 17% SUNDRIBS. 5 lbs Beans 8 3 lbs Rice 25 0 lbs Oat Meal 25 5 lbs Bulk Starch 2! Sour Pickles, per gallon 2! Hams 11 Breakfast Bacon , .11 Lard ..:. .10 Commercial Club. The commercial club will hold a very important meeting, on Tuesday night. It,is desired that every member be present. It is now thought that the new quarters of the club will be ready for occupancy by that time. If not, Tuesday's NKWB will contain such : telligeuce. Chief Production. ' U tah's chief production," is the title of a picture-which Dr. J. S. May has in his possession, sent him by a friend from thejand of Mormons, and which he invites his friends to come and see. " Legal Notice. First Publication, April 25, 1802. To H. P. Iloadley, II. M. Bcardsley, II. c. Gilbert. The Jarvfs-Conklln Mortgage Trust company, J arris, Conklln & Company: You and each of you will take notice that The Bristol Savings Bank, as plaintiff. haB heretofore filed Its petition in the district court within and for the county of Reno and stale of Kansas, against 11. P. Hoadlev, H. M. Bcardsley, 11. C. UUbert, The Western Investment company of the county of King man, Kansas, The Jarvis-Conklln Mortgage Trust compand, J arvls, Conklln & Company. The Muscatine Mortgage and Trust com: pany, John T. Easley, L. L. Jackson and Laura 1). Jackson, his wife, as defendants, and that you ami each of you must answer said petition on or before the 8th day of June, 181)2, or said petition will be taken as true, and aiudgraent tendered accordingly '"* — "" defendants, vacat- ugalnst each and all the lug and setting aside gainst the said Bristol having!) Dank, the certain judgment rendered In and by said court on or about the 1,1th day of September, 188U, In action pending in said court whe said II. P. Iloadley was plaintiff and William J. Uowen, The Bristol Savings Bank, and others, were defendants; also the certain other Judgment of said court in the same action rendered on or about the 30th dav of September, lSIIO^said judgments being for IK tor mortgage given by one William J. Bowen and wife to Jarvls the foreclosure of a certafi Conklln & Company.'upon the real estate described below, and barring and foreclosing the said Bristol Savings bank from all right and Intel est In said premises after sale made In pursuance of such Judgments; and a further Judgment vacating*!'" sheriff's sale made in pursuance of such previous Judgments, and the sheriff's deed made in pursuance of such sale to the defendant's Beardsley and Gilbert, and adjudging that the plaintiff, notwithstanding such prior Judgments and sale has a valid and subslst- lutrlie" by virtue of Its mortgage set forth In Bald petition on the said real estate, towit: .The southeast nuarter of section twenty nine (20), township twenty-six (SO), range ten (10). west of the sixth principal maridlan containing 1U0 acres more or lesH. Also a further judgment herein determln lug the amount due upon tho said prior mortgage given by William J, Bowen and wife to Jarvls, Conk lln and company, and determining the right* and Interest of the several de fendants In said real estate, aud that plaintiff be allowed to redeem from such prior mortgage, and determining the amount necessary to be paid on such redemption and that after such payment the said de fendants, and each and all of them, be barred and forclosed of all right, title aud interest, In or to said preuilaeB, ana for such other and further relief as may be Just and equitable. W1UTK3U1K £ GUaASON, 13. A. MUMATH. Attorneys for Plaintiff. An' BUT : p, p. ADAMB, Clerk of District Court. m-at THE Hutchinson: Music COMPANY. Above are the best values we ever had for the money. We say they arc- worth more money—wc know they are worth more—but wc always give our trade the benefit. Remember we are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Hats. I Remember our stock is the largest clothing stock in Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we can say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33% inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height. Come nnd get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1802. ^ LEADERS £®U OF LOW MS. PRICES IN CLOTHING-, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS HEALERS IN Pianos and Organs. General agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz, PIANO$. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. D.I. LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams and the finest funeral ear and-white hearse i a the state. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. | ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. H. F 1 . PLATE, The Grocer and Baker,^ Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of TeaB, and a full | line of Groceries. , •NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Hutchioson Dndertaking Co. F. S. MITCHELL, y Funeral Director and Embahnoi|.„ Opeu Day and Xlimt. 10 South Malu. Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, Are as flexible and dainty as the finest turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting asa cushion'to the foot. Are the most healthful Bhoes made, as cork Is a non-conductor of heat and cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear | cold, damp or rough walks. Theoorkiaseouredin apockot, which, is sewed in with the seam, holdiug it I firmly in place, and is guaranteed not | to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. 1 OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated -tfolk seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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