Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 25, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1912
Page 2
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~* ^ ^ • • . ........ >._^:.^:^^'-\\^ THE lOI^BAniY REGKTJR^^ ' Finc'iQualii^ •'-In tb^ old days God sent his angels oft LTO bieniin threshing floors, to wometf -;.~With dally task; they came to tent aiid croft. T -And whiBpered words of blessing afnd .. jB.f;re8t .. w. " •" Not guess what shapes those . .jgieels, wore Kor tell what voice they spoke, nor with what grace, I Tbey brought the dear love down that evermore Makes lowliest souls Us best abiding place. But In these days 1 know my angels •veil; They brush my garments on the com mon way, rThey take my hand and very softly teU, Some bit of comfor| for my weary day. ..And, though their angel names, I do , .upt ken . Though in their faces human love I read. They are God-given to this world of men God sent to bless it in its hour of need. Child, mother, wife, brave hearts that take The rough and bitter cross and help us bear Its heavy weight when strength is - , like to break- God blees you all. our angels una- . ^ —Margaret E. Sangster. The-many friends of Mr. and Mrs. : Ivloyd Coe isril! be very sorry to learn : that Mr. Coe is very ill at their home ; at. Electric park. + * * The memt >erR of the Xadies Aid society at the Methodistc hurch will • serre supper tomorrow night at the V. M. C. A. * • * —^Yon will lose money If you don't :.' buy your Suit from the New York . St«»re. Mrs. J. A Malone, who was called | to Coffeyvllle by the serious illness of ber niece has returned home. • • + The choir of St Timothy's church will meet tonight at half past seven at the church. « « <k The meeting of the Missionary society, of the Presbyterian church, which ' was held yesterday afternoon at the - residence of. Mrs. Joshua Butler, was especially interesting on account of thevpreaence of Miss Dilley. the sUte ' secretary of the Freedman's society. Miss Dilley, who is visiting her broth• cr here- b^ore returning to her work, : nT«.alinnst the same report that she gave at Chanute at the Synodical so- cfetjr meeting and it proved rery In- t^eetins. »The members of the local society ^ho went to Chanut^ last •• we^ «lgp gave reports of the convention. After, the business meeting Mrs. BatleT4 '^a8sisted by Mrs. E. S. Davis :»dn Mrs. Stewart served delicious re- •freabmoits. + * + About twenty members of the Senior Philathea add Loyal Sons classes of the Christian Sunday. school went to .Mineral Well park last night for a "wejner!' roast. This is a very popular sort of amusement and it is needless to say that everyon e enjoyed themselves. ! * + + —Suits at »12.95, worth 125.00. You will admit that the New. York Store - • • « The first meeting of the Chi Omega ' society,'was held yesterday afternoon in (the (high school auditorium. The prqgrajh was an unusually good one especially a current *evenu paper in tbe form >of -ar parody on Julius Caesar-^ by Howard Ritchey. The other numbers <on the program were: .&bwiC—Bessie Billbe and Mildred Lawyer.. Recitation—Lillian Northrup. . Recitation—Esther Jones. -AT- STOKE Tke Bcxall'Stwe Music—Grace Gates. Recitation—Mae Brown. • * • Mrs. Price, of Baldwin, came In this afternoon to spend a week with her daughter. Miss Ruth Price. * + *: The Thursday whist club held the regular weekly meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. F. J Horton. « » • —Every one is talking about the Bargain Suit Sale at the "New York Store. + + * Sixteen members of the Yates Center Embroidery club were guests yesterday of Mrs. L. H. Wishard, who belonged to the club before her return to this city. The ladies came over on the morning trairf and spent a very enjoyable day returning home late in the afternoon. • • + —Remarks made by Bvery one; how can the New York Store sell ladies' nnd misses' Suits at prices less than half usually sold for. • * * Miss Adeiie Lyons and Miss Ruth Thompson have issued invitations for a Hallowe'en party. • + +' —Handsome Cutaway Suits worth jr.S.OO, on sale at the New York Storr for $16.9B. • • * Miss Mable Vezie, who has been spending a two weeks' vacation here will return to her work in Denver tomorrow. * * * —Wonderful bargains in Ladies' and Misses SuiU at the New YorV Store. « « • \ bridge w^hist club is to be organized soon. Mrs. T. F. Zcigler. Mrs. E X. Weekly and Mrs. R C. Reynolds met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. E D. Robertson to make plans for it * • <• There will be no meeting of the Friday card club this week. • * * Imagine a baby twenty-six months old weighing one hundred and twenty seven pounds! J. "P. BuAe. in thf Novemlier Strand describes Just such a child and another one in the same family, fourtct^n months old and weigh Ing fifty-seven pounds. The children are sons of French parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bres, who are very--)nuch attached to their babies and resent the attempts of speculators to exhibit them for gain. Both babies were entirely normal at birth but began to grow to such proportions after their first birthdays.; John, the older child eats most of the time and every night before bed time drinks three pints of milk l >e6ides taking a pint of water during the night. He is thirty-four 'Uches tall and can walk only wl '.h assistance on account of his great weight, but a wheel barrow fitted with pillows and comforts makes a very good substitute for a go-cart. • * • Mrs. K. N. Horwitz, of St. I >ouis is here to spend a week visiting her sister-in-law. Miss Belle Horwitz. Mr Horwitz is here assisting in tho direction of the New York store for ^ week. • + •> —Special for Saturday: With every IQc purchase each per .son will be entitled to buy a pound of Chocolate Drops at 10c i>er i>ound. Palace ol Sweets. • • * -qnlre' represditatlon. Third—^There'are women who do| not :want the;.pnlIraKe aii4. would not. tin itt if khey 'liad it; UiAi^ore. it should not b^'^ven to tboae; who do *Mitit: i - Fourth—If woman went into poll-, tics, she would l>« brought into contJt<4 with men. It is necessary for men tV smoke, drink, nwf.-ir and spit. Wi* tnSn's pi'escuco might embarrass ths" {tamers cf our laws Jwd'^gorernmeiiC Inthc dischRrtre of these^dnties; then* fore, for pity's sakeH* l ^sep her awan Fifth-If woman mixed with men i» the polltican scramble what about hefj sweet feminine purity and grac«(| She would soon be ho better than me Heaven forbid!, S«xtl>—Some women would undoul edly sell their votes for a'.new hat t a box of candy. It costs only a drinW or a cigar to buy a man's vote, whicn is more economical to the state. Seventh—Women know nothing of politieal alfairs. Why, if women had^ the chance they would want to do a regular spring houseclcaning Job for the whole country. It wouldn't seem.- like home here any more.—Mabel C.t De Vbna in November Nautilus. >'ORTH PIQUA. . (LiUie Parks) October 25.—^the-farmers arc mak- Ing use o fthis fine weather by getting their fall work done. Rev. and Mrs ..lohnson who were iere attending conference at. Neosbo Falls called at C. P. Dlverls Tuesday. Mrs. Frank Parks, of 161a, visited relatives here Sunday and Monday. Quite a numer from here attended the Caylor sale north of Neosho Falls Monday. C. H. Goodell helped Harry .lackFon nil his silo Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. .las. Elam spent Sunday in lola at the home of, Geo Cuppy. Ruby Anderson was sick with a sore throat the last of the week. Rev. and Mrs. Johnson and .Mr. and Mrs. Harris, of Neosho Falls, visited It the Parks home Tuesday. Mr .and Mrs. Jim Heffron, and family, spent Sunday at Joe Heffron's. W. C. Novak moved his house and •)arij the first of last week to the north »ide o.f his farm where he had a well trilled recently. Mrs. .Ta.s. Riley anil daughter, Mrs. B. F. Sicka, arrived home Wednesday rom an extended visit with relatives n Michigan and Indiana. R. C. Parks delivered a car load of •lay to Q. W. Purcell, of Piqua. laFt Teek. B. P rh-nN^- • made a business trip :o Chanute :.;onday. W. E. Skinner, of Republic. Kas.. was here last week visitlni; rri <-nds ind looking after the intere!-t of his 'arm . Ed DIebold is making quite an !m- )rovement on his house by adding a lew room and two new porches. Protracte<I meeting is In progress it the, M. E. church In Plqua and will ontinue during the week. R.W ON TOP Rl'OGIKS. REMiMBEp. .THEfBIG TOMORROW The Greatest Suit Values ever offered you at this reason of the year and • you are sure to iind w;hat you want in this beautiful lot of Suits. Tlie^e \ Suits would sell regular up to $25.00, your choice of (Dj t i QO the lot Tomorrow for - - - - - - iJPXx.l^O P DOGS WORRY IHEBHRS MIT WHK.VT HAUKKT IS KEPT |»0W> HV BHJ HKi'ElI'TiS. ! seconiis 18. HAY—-Market, stcail.v. Choice tim- ; ithv %n.T,OfpyiM; cholde prairie , 7.-.W1S.2.-.. ' I .BltOO.M COR.V—$-"0 ti> $10 (1 per ton. iicad and Spelter. •ft. 2.'>.—liCad. market, market. St .Louis, Of ' -t "-;iily at ?!.?'•; spcj'.tcr, .-tcadv at $7.-10. Cattle Market Today Slow Hilt SJeady Local -Markpls. -Hoes .\re :• to HI Lower- Product quotations riirn.sli-d daily Buttrr Gohig I'p. Iiy Cogliill Commission Company: ; , BUTTEil—21e per poiind. , EGGS— 22c per dozen. . , ,. I POrLTKY— Mens, lOiAc; cocks. 4c; ,1.;. Vr .'^o'-"'''i'' , ,..'.i^ir iii...r-il springs 10 '/.c; durks, 10c: ge-se, 5c; uorld|its tended tn lo«'•^ ^"^n^n^^J HinES2 ^ wheat prices today. Continued big re- "9"^''„ ' celpis from the northwest acted ai^o ' "^^^^^ HliJh.b- -10c. as a hindrance to the bulls. The open :n£r was a -sliado lower to a shade up. December started at to 03'.i.c and lecllned to l»2-'jfec. WHE.\T—Dec. '.t.IiTi l':{'.^c: .Mav 'jT^i. COn.\— .July fi4V4; Dec r.:i\^: -Mav 0.\TS—liec. .'52-"S,c; May :54^'(i Uc. Kunsiis City (irafn. Kansas Cit.v. Oct. 2.'>.—Cash Wheat, i.iarkpt iinelianRed to 'v-c iiiRher. .\o. OCT. 27 "TrBKRC^llOSIS D.W." j (iovemor Stubhs Wants Public In- foniicd to Cure of I)lsea!<e. Wbfle all Old Sores are not cancerous in ttefr natnre, erety'alowr healing nicer sbows a degenerated condition of the blood. Virulent impurities in the circulation produce angry, disdiaxging ulcers, while milder and more inert germs are usually manifested in the form of indolent sores; or dry, scabby places.- Efforts to heal an old sore with external appUca- tions always result in failure because such treatment does not reach ' • ' • blood, and the nicer trill continue to eat deeperinto the surrounding flesh as long as a polluted fiicola- tion discharges its impurities into it. S.S.Si. haals old sores of every nature by purif j-ing. the Uo«d. It/goes to the fountain-head of the Wouble and drives out the germ-prodncing poisons and noriitd impurities which prevent the place from lualvif. Then a stream of rich, nourishing blood, 'w^^ S. S. S. creates, causes a perfect and natural' l^ut- ting together of all flesh fibres, making a thoRNI^ 2 hard, n05i!<2e; .\o. ST; .\o. 2 reil. |I I 'Ui l.»7>-..: .\o. :?. •Jl'^Tl\^''<. l'los.»— HIT. ST >I NT'S ; .Mav '.Ck COHN—.Market .-^trady. No. 2 mixed.! old tJO@C(i>-j, new .'T'»;; .Vo. old .'•Tra new ."."i^; .\<i. 2 uiiite. old .'.i^fJ 1 )1. new ." M;'...; .\O . :'.. old .".T ''i-">S; now n .r.-e - .Iiil.v 4S"-,flTi; Dec. 495^; May i^:\tn OAT.S-.Mark-et uneliansed. .\"<i 2 Topeka, Oct. 24.—Sijnday. O.toher C7. was designated today by Governor \V. i! Stnblis as "TiibJTCuIo.^is Hay" in Kans.T;. Tlie. governor issued the . • fnllr 'win.e proclamation ! A "Fi-Ilowins up the precedent of last vf-ar, anil tiie "year liefore. wliich re' >-iiIi«><l In such incaieulable good in the , liiffuj-'ion ef knowlerf.i;e recanlinir one ] tJ:r tr.oft fatal of hunum di.sease.-;. 1, 1 W. K. Stu!>lis. sovernor of Kansas, do lierili.v ili'<iL-n:itf Sundiy. OctobiT 27. •''.n2. :i.s "Tiiberrulosisl day." and re- and perinanent cure. The sore ^'^jy^ back»'^«S:S.S .hasimiSracnre ^^^^^ ^TT^^*^ TBE SWm SPECmCCO^ ATLAKTA.GA, WICHIT.V B.VXKER TI>D1CATED. Fi-derai Court of -Viipeals Reversed the Verdkt. Wichita, Kas., Oct., 24.—In a decision handed down in the I'nited States Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul tod.iy, the verdict in the federal — ---^ - -J ;- , court here against Levi S. Xaftzcer, 1 fofaier president of the Fourth Xa' ' ~ tional Bank of Wichita, was ordered grounds that it was not proven that the stamps were stolen. The cirenit court not only reversed the caae.but ordered it remanded and .8trick«n from the docket. 'tran!>on .Miijr Order .^11 Tops Lowered k /' in the Evenlaic. The city ^ads of Bronson have been ^riously considering the advisability f passing an ordinance prohibiting -oung couples from going riding after 7 o'clock in the evening in buggie.^^ AThich have tops. .\lso. they have been •onsidering the advisability of causing he same ordinance to prohibit young leople. 21 years of age and under— from being on the streets of Bronson later than' 7 o'clock of winter even- ugs, r;:d later than 9 o'clock of summer erc:iingsVThere—the cat is out it thfc 'aag. ji will be too bad for Cu- lid if he reads the newspapers.—Ft. ;cott Tribune. Mrs. I. N. Somers, of Kansas City, who has been here and in LaHsrpe visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. ' ittflfC- white. :;4'<i:r.; No, 2 mixed :;2-\ ^riiriU- Heceipt!-- of wlient, 210 ears. Kansas Citj Ute-slock. Kansas City. Oet. 2."..—CATTI. ioipis 2 ,tiOi.. .Markei, stc.idy. : .-•teiTs $t ;.7 .')'<no .7.">; cows and heifers • $; ?i7 .-.O; stoekers and feeders $4.-".»i ^i7.r.O; bulls $:{.7-".?l; ealves i -Vim I <» 9.00. ! HOGS—Receipts 3.r.<io. Market .". : •.T 10c lower. Heavy $S.3.'>^/8.4.1; pack-' ers and butchers $S.2 :.r 'i S .4.'.; light $S.«'OCJ 8.30. Chirngo LiTeslorfe. ChieaRO. Oct. 2.-..—CATTLE, re- -eipts 2..">U<». .Market slow but steady, r .eeves $."..4(>'R 11.0.".; stotkers and feed ers $4.2.'/(fi 7..'.0; eows an dhcifers $2.7.'> HOGS—Receipts 1.-..000. Market is .veak to .">c lower. Light $S.0OjiS .6i»; .nixed $8.10!fi8.70: heavy ?S.lrtfiS.7o; i>lgs V^.2h'ii7.6:,. Kansas City Produce- Kansas City. Oct. 2 .'i. —BUTTER— 'roainery 28c; firsts 2»>; seconds 24; lacking stock 23. KGGS—K.xtras 2.".',--'fi 2rtc: firsts 24: well :w iilfieers cf fraternal orsanlza- tionsi an-l social and eHRinus socle- tie-, do exerythlnp real^onable. within t'!\e!r power to ¥ee reversed. Mr. Xaftzger was convicted reasonable, implication in the disposition of that public atten-._, „_ • iMeir power i« iimi «... - : stolen stamps in connection wii ' ti.:n is kept alive to th.] ravages of the ^ g g^^^ Callahan gang. . dii-rase and t!:e prevention and eure of , ^.^^ convicted in March 1911 and Nati\c ; ,i:e sane "• • enced to Jive years in the federal Mr. and Mrs. T II. CI alkie.v. of Uiw- ro:i;-e. who have been Here visiting .Mr. md Mr.-;. W C. Thraslii'r, and Mr. and stolen stamps in connection with F He ....„ . ^_ „ sentenced to five years in the federal ix-n- itentlary and a fine. The case was appealed to the circuit court oh the Not satisfied with the "three thousand subscriptions" which were handpicked and paid-in-adrance as a bonus to induce editor Borin to locate a Bull Moose pap^r in Woodson county, nounces this week that numerous cop ies of his paper, which is practically all politics of his favorite brand, are being sent into .\llen county. Hon. Rorin has certainly attached to a barrel- that is deep and easy of access, but he still refuses to say whether it is a Stubbs or a Jackson barrel. .Mrs. R. n. Stevenson, his afternoon, i returned home Secret olSriatbeniBeaot]^ \ dazzling complexion made and kepi, |by' the harmless^ oftv smooth and clear beautifle Wflson's FRECKLE Cream t will positively remove freckles, ^n.. unburn and clear the vour money back, rell's Drug Store. Iskin. or we giv^ Try it. now. Bur- XDEKI^'i^ itUSH TO THE BA™ FROjn^EfejO PK^ *^T^nSM iS^A^ON OF DETERMINED FORCES OF ALLIES jRlidJSOver Wedding Gifts bv reason of their substantial dignity a n d verj' practical nature, f ai*e the peei-s of gifts— and our silver, by rea-' son of its recognized su-f periority of beauty and worth, gives, the great-j^j est pride of possession. Seekers of exclusive^ pieces will find them ini^ our new stock. The usual meeting of the Mothers" club was held In the chapel Wednesday afternoon. There was no business of imiKirtance except the decision to change the date of the all-day meeting which was announced for Friday to the regular ineetiuK day. Wednesday of next week. The ineatbera •'!o {r :the Plumbs and Planes ^^Oim of tho Little Bullderf Chaiiel «r« meeting this afternoon In the Sunday,SchAol room.' .After work hours the jjctrls will prepare supper and the eveaiiig will bo *|k>nt In a social w«T- • + • • The members of St. .lohn's Altar Society bave, det^idcd that they will not have the apron sale in connection with the e1ectioii:dayjdlnnet''i^d supper which are to be ktrin In th« Bragc I and Dildine building on 'Novenibcr T> I The fair Is to be iftven later in the eea- I too. ,•'*.•*• • Mrs. .1. (^man. who has been vielt- jlng in Kanzas.City for several days, returned home la£t evening. of a Location BUT EquI ^Snllrajgre^pwtxaent. Seren .tr^tuicnls Anlnst it FJrtt-^Wtmiah-fc'glorf** -mfMion is to rock ,tbe cradle. ."The foot .that rock»,the cradle rocks the world," If woman had the suffrage ahe wdoid (icr force be^olAiBed to- mndve her foot from ttM>«if<Mlle': for'at leakt 'tw*pty mittute« three or; four times a year. The won^ would' then cease to rdjCk. and where -Wo'ii^d we al] beat, I'd.Mke to know? Sec6nd-:7Woman is represented in politlca. by.jher.Jawful lord .«rid husband.- If Phe has none such' she should be compelled to proride her- Bolf with one, unless she lie |ioor or bomeiy, in which case she has no rights and does not deserve sor re- Not Out of Business We wiU Open Tomorrow IQornliigl '9 in the Hobart Building .Turkish soltflcrs (•avlno' Coidtantmo- pla for tiM front. Thousands of Turkish soldlera are leavlnr Constantinople for the - Ba]Ican frontier, whither they were preceded by other thousands of Moslem flghtlntr men. The Ottoman gov- •mment appreciates the fact that thU is «. fight to retain lU foothold in BXirope and ererr man who can flgfat Is being pressed into service- Xbt accompanying picture* were Uk«a In Constantinople and show Tur- 'ktab Mldlera being burrlea to the 17 East Madison with a delayed shipment of goods! I that arrived this morning and some special samples. Everything new and up-to-now. Let show you o samples. The fit of the suitisguar-| I anteed. Wm. A. Daniels 17 East Ma4ison Geo. W.- Jon^, Manatfei •. i • . . - -1^..-. I.. • ^ttS^rn

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