Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 16, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1903
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Y«L YI RO 221. WHOLE PMBEIIW- lOLA, KANSAS, JULY J 6, J903-THURSDAY. SIX PAGES PRICE FIVE C YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE ANY bXHER PAPER TO GET T^E ASSOCIATED j>RESS NEl^S V DC PTC TP THE WEATHER I 11 pTnny • A ' • J U I rhU-a;,'o, July It;—Missouri—Throat- |T I J , | POPE REMEMBERS IT IS THE FETE OF CARMELITE. MADONNA. UNflTIEIIOPEraKPllOBUBLE WILL BE DEFERRED AS LONG AS POSSIBLE OWING TO HIS. WEAKNESS. Feared That the Enfeebled Condition of Patient May Be Taxed Beyond the Limit. Ronio. July V'l. —TJio popo's comJi- tion i<i<iay aiiaiti assunioil a pravo a.^port. Hisiiits a ootitiniiancc of the pontiffs cxircnic wcakuess the {lectors iiiiiictao.i an (iniinous prospect of another op. ration for iho removal cf plotiratic liqiiid. The {vjpe continue J restless. Hho tlnciors arc iinaUlc to anounco ilotlnitoiy when th»^ next operation will lio performed. They fear it may liocome noce.<sar>- this cven- inp or tomorrow morninjr. h\n are ile- torminefi to ileft.-r it until it is impoiw- tivo. fearin;: the cnfecbletl' comlitio.i of the paiient r.iay ra.xcil boyouJ the filial limit. Rome. July l'"- P ni.—The pope\-j prostration i.- im r.asinR. The liifTi- cully he ixiiorier.;>'3 in breathing ha-^ irrown nion^ .•Jvriifii.-; ami is accompanied by S '.'vrie bnmchial wheezins. TO iippEHL mi WITHjICTIM'S MONEy VAN V/ORMER BOYS MURDERED THEIR FATHER AND ARE AWAITING DEATH. ' Ivnnu\ .Iiiiy ]'•.—The fateful day of Carmelite Mmlnmiaon on which the pope had a premonition that he wotild die. arrived. Early this morning his hulin >-ss a '.voke and immediately began repealing prayers to the Ma;_ donna. spi ^nKing v .jih :;nch fear thai. his vale;. Centra, hurried from a-j- joinirig n!om. Leo. hearing Centra's .voiee. said; "Ah. Tio, our task is marly done. Today i,- the fete uf the Carnielite Ma-ionnan on which the the ?.inie'i'lt.a in mind the popej asked fur one of his private secretaries. *.•;' have bini s .iy ina.^s in the chapel next his bedroom, with the door betweeu the two aparrnionis opcn.^ During the ma -ss the IU>IK- recfived communion like one wlio reaily saw visions of ciuning bliss. Doctor Lanp'mi iias not left the Vatican today i 'ecause tlie pope's con>liti'jn is consid'. red worse. When Doctor }>{a.7.7.a:\i visited tlie pontiff'this niort.-- ing tiic lAtUT said that last night h -id bet'n one uf thi- worst that had beiu t '.xpo! !.'[H> d. II.- f.!t b.iier. hovvev. r. aft'T Ih." .•• l.l.raiiui of iuas<. and ll'.c di"-iors pi-i -,-.-.'d. .1 wirh ;i tl -.orough i-x- aiuiiiaii "U. Th'y fuund •hf liquid in till' ph lira aiuu!^ Ill- d iutt'uot gath.r- • •d in sui li i|u.iii; ii !• s as to I 'udan.g^r 111" ,pati.'ii ''s lif<- l ^y prodiieing i)r<.-^ surt» .>n ~tb.- V.>,ivt. On account uf the < \fr' iin- wciKii. >,< (if ih.< jioii.^ no op-.'- ratiOir frif i -Mraei ii;:; the liip'id will b.- p« rfi'rni .il i :n :il i; is absoluti'Iy'in- <lij^i<'-tiyai.;-. It-ir an oporaiioij might • \»- p .|rfiT::i. d t"nig;i; n.- tomorrow in- .I'-peudont 1)1 the fact that the liquiii in its pr. >• Tit (pniiti'y dot\- n'l; im- medi .at .'ly threaten the pope's lit!'*. The dfx -tors -he-ita -e a.caiu: to drain the pleura fearing the effect of thi operation itself micht be fatal. In the I>oggia Raphael, whfre sheets of paper are !>!ared for callers to sign their names, one was found, this morning with the fidiowiiig curious inscription; "A young atheist Wishes a serene death to the old pontiff." This cause.l eonsidcrabi.^ scandal amongst . the pious Vatican attendants. The sheet was imniediat._-ly withdrawn. PLACE FOR PHILIP ELLIOTT. Former Manager, of . K. It. Football Team Made Consul at Puerto _ Sierra. Spanish HondurasJ Lawrence. Kan.. July 17.— Word has been received here of the appointment of Philip S. Elliott, of ihis. city, as United States .Consular Agent r.t Puerto Sierra Spanish Houviuras. Elliott Was a student here, managed ihe football team of the I'niversity of Kansas one year and is no*- manager of a large plantation owned by & Lawrence company in Spanish. Honduras. For tony years Dr. Fowler's Extl^ict of Wild Strawberry has been curing mauaer compUdat, dysenterj, aiu- rbpfiiii ^Utody fltu,; pain in! the atitta- M/tb^MX^ ithMS nWer yet taSkaittui^ IgSi^n^ pt._tt. Chicago, July It)—Missouri—Threatening with probably .local thunder- storniK tonight and Friday; variable wiud.**. Kansas—Partly cloudy tpni.ght and Friday with probabio local thumlor- storms; variable winds. DEATH OF WIFE MURDERER. Alfred A. Knapp, of Hamilton, Ohio, Miist Die in the Electric Chair, Says the Jury. - m,— Alfred A. Hamilton, C. July Knapn was convicted in the tlrst de- grc for wife munier today. To the suriui.-e of everybody there was no recommendation at mercy and Knapp must go to the electric chair. KAW IS RISING. Some Apprehension is Felt at Topeka Over the Condition of the River This Morning. Topeka. July l'!.—Some alarm is f.dt over another flood as the waters of the Kaw are slowly rising. witU heavy rains reported west. COMMITTEE ON CREDENTIALS FAVORS SEATING HIS LOUISVILLE DELEGATION. ssy THEy miE NOT IIPPEO BT REIHEST OF THE CONSOLS WILSON FORCES DETERMINED TO CARRY FIGHT TO FLOOR OF CONVENTION. They Take Renewed Hope at Demonstration Accorded Governor Bradley—^Roosevelt and Yerkcs. They Now Come in For a Share of His Estate, Which fAay Enable Them to Fight Sentence. Kinderliook. X. V.. July lii.—It is probable that the three Van Wormer boys. Willis. IJurion an.i Frederick, now awaiting death at Dannciuor.i. will comt. in for a share of the estate )f their late uncle. IVtir A. Hailea- beck. whom th< y nr.ird .T.''} a year aw. Hallenb.'ck .lied intestate. Mrs. H.".!- lenbeek. the w:d.,f. dif.i week and it has been found l .^f' tii will. T!i.^ Van Wormer I'oys. his neplf'ws, wiii have a claim on the estate. Th.-y a.-e likely to secure an appeal if funds a.-"? at hand. Louisville. Ky.. July fh.. s. on.l day 's st ;ssio!i of the Republlc:'.:i state c.'iivention op -.Tted wlih a pr .is- ]iect <'f funht.r exciti-meat furnished by the r. port of th>- c:)mmlttee en rr>;- deniials. The cinnmitteo sat until midnighr last nigh', hearing evidence in the contcs: wag.'.l hy the nelknap and \Vilsi>n f.;rct .'S over the Louisville del.gation. Tlie tlna! vote resulted 7 to 3 in fav .ir <<i s.-ating the Belknap di le .cat'^s. Kn^-ourac'-d by C-overn 'T Bradl.y's personal pnpul.iriry and th ' si 'iui-stampedf yi -sr-T 'lay :he WiH.iii fiu -res have carry i -i .c light over tii.- Louisville d.dcgaiIon to thi> iloor of iho ciuiv._n;i .in. There was a i.'«^:i<-ral sliif• lag <3f Hn .s snscK IS CIUDAD BOLIVAR HAS NOT BEEN ASSAULTED BY GOVERNMENT TROOPS. AMERICAN AND GERMAN OFFICIALS ASKED CASTRO TO V.'AIT AWHILE. Castro Will Not Open Fire on Ciudad Bo'ivar if Not Attacked, Simply Besieging the City. s,d'' V'Mi'\;nL-Ia. July 1'^—Tlie .;!:i!n'i--.:i l- uncLar^tc 1. Tin; attack 'ti C;; r.'div .Tr ly ih-,^ ^'^ nszti-Ian governnif.u .'r.V)ii.-. w"hi.-h app-arc! imtuineiir y. - rd;iy m •rr.iiij:. iuis 'fci-n d.ferred at -he r-wjiic -r cf the rnir-d States ci>nsul. lb ii.lrr^.'n: tV.e f^cr- ni;in coniu; •.-.•.ul rii.- iu-ii >p. wiio 'rans- nsirted to Presi'-'ent Ca.^rro. through (b'r!'-ral ilnm .'Z. c;imi:i:uid. r of tiie g:)v- eiiini'n- f(irr.\~. a long tel.'gram asking him to !.o niagnauircous and .e s';o-,v Hirrcy lu a'.' ii" tii.-^ rvv«>luiiouisis .~'.;rr."n<Kr. Th pr''.-i '!t 'at answ.'re'i: •y s. f'.r cv. ry ..'!• ic traitor F- :T';a. aurl: r .-o n;:i:r;.- tvar.- and • Lo causv fif tin . ;] so many or- tdian:: •' T-;" t;!;:;! p'Tlod (f delay las; ni:rht. th-^ Wil-^fln and Pratt m-u i-iv, i; iy (i .-i -ai <;or;i.- U>r d-lin:t.' taking renowe-l .^oura--.- ar ye -=:..rd-,> "l av.-^'-r hi.^ r-.-.j.....t f..r the surrvn- af^'Ttio.Ui's Bru'lii'y d-.:iu>ir.stra:in:i. C: U '.T ;*! K'.luu i.i aiL-l his follow- Whil... the d--lea-.iN.-s were waPIu:.'. C -v-i-"- 'wlay b-it. at vhe last r.un- '•.•I Pr.tit C .i-irn wishing m save W .IS glV' titi .usiasi.c BOTH W AVE MAKE CONCESSIONS THE MINERS AND OPERATORS WILL EACH HAVE TO REVISE THEIR SCALES. Greatest Objection Comes From Companies Owned or Controlled by Railroads. Pittsburg. Kan.. July —T!i.' (i[n'r.»- lors have .-.uluniitid the ir .-<\iU- t>» the joint ••lUifer .iic.' in prjiiifd l'..rin atil it is. now biiii;; i !iscuss..d. X<i d'lubt I 'Xtsis biir tl'.ai lioiii scaks w:H Iv s 'lmt what revised ii-Tor.' a lina! decision is re ,K -ii'.1 b;.- ti:e ivui.f -re!i<<'. Till" gr.'ai.'st idij.inMii CMITI -s rn 'tn th-- conipaiii-.s owu'd i>r cDUtroilrd by the railmads c >mi>ani.'S which ilo a commercial business having: r .\"r,:irse by raising the s-dling price i'> tii^> public. Nothing important transpired today. '••:n<-r Hr.i ib .v >Lt.-rei! an a;; i .v;>:;-'n : c iTv . !y !. ss tliaii tli'' "tie ye.-rerday. The eotiveniiou was called to or.b.r at JO ./ bu.t as li:.- oinniii le-s I ••i'-'(•".en,-al Cune/. not to op-n Were n-'t ready to re!>'<rt an adjournment was tak. n until 1 > ternoon. The cnnv.-.'ti.jn wii!' Roos.^-; i-"" vvtr for 1."') and .b.t:i; \V. V--rke?. u j Kentucky, f 'lr vice pr.'ri.ient. ;l ,e iivl.s :;ili .t !.i ^aiits lU Ciudad -.'..•.' au'! ;.i av.;i.; th..- horrtjrs. which VAi.-' i'-'.hiv: 'h' of the city. it h.' is not attacked but t'l biinpl.\ riiv. The rovoIutiMnists. .\-...ok this af- j ^i'--' ' 1 ;;a\ li > i)r.>visions. cannot resist than ten days. ' VENEZUELA PAYS IT ALL. OR! SUPHEliE COOHT FEELS INSyiTEB: Allied Powers Have Received Last Installment of Indemnity as Provided in Protocol. C.-rac ::s. Jtil> BRINGS PROCEEDINGS FOR CON-: g TEMPT AGAINST TWO EDITORS. 1']. —The Veneztielan .Tt:!!!- n: yes'' niay i'aid the' reprc- i.'itivis of the allied powers th'" ia'--:i •.ii'.:;v tit ,ii in iemnity as stipu- ••• ;I.e protncol. J. M. Shepherd. Warrensburg Hei-ald.'; and John B. Cundiff. Scdalia Capi- | taf. Criticized a Decision. l Brief Bits of News. Jeir.T.--.:i Ci-y. Juiy —In i- 1. lif I'f th.' s .ii-r. tr .e c.itir". uf .Mi< .\:- tnriii> (J.'uera! ('r <iw.-'.y •un::^:- r.,:..i pn ,c.', -lira's f-c C '.!;:eii;n: \i:aiti-: .J. M. SJi. ;i lieish. r -It !!> H'.;;.- dar ! lb rail.. Warr. iisburir! ai.d J^dti i i!. fuii'Iii:". ,ii;'.di.~r. r nf i^e hiT i Capital. • The ;i .-'i,i;n aik,'^- 'i.-,- t!i..-.-. twi) iiap .Ts ia .-f i.-l. puidi.-li'li ; 1 • t'l. i -ditorial,- nn decisi«>ns "f if. •' cr .urt in the c;..-- 'if H* H. 'liri-iy T;: .1 rhutui' rstorn; liii'-iiuiug I .Mr.- r^t- pi;. :isri:i a:\.i in r :.'-year: r.ii. iltiught-r iti ;i iie-t lb :d tw> •.v.-.-i .,r V .'.:!d 'in. C"I. ar:nien; l.a.- disai' J>V- '.liii '11 a:! fJ 'li. .\iu"ricans at t; • r o!' -Mtuiii:;. bv s i.irh ii -^el-.- :i!::e-..' ;i: airainst tie" Missouri PaciTie r; i-iiargl:;.; t!--- i-^ ipr.-ni'- O 'lr; .if: ' iie .1 .)Ui; till fra'i •n ;t :i .-r b-- f.r.< at'.d • i v.:sii •V.IV. , EPWORT INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OPENS THIS AFTERNOON AT DETROIT. It is Estimated That 15,0t)0 Leaguers Are in the City—Three Great Meietings Held Today. Detroit. July li;. —Ev.ry inciming train through the night brought in Its quota to swell the hosts of the K[>worth Leaguers and hundre.Is more arrived on the morninfg trains until, when the sixth international convention opened this afternoon, it is estimated that 15 .000.leagTJers will be m the city. The convention was ojieEOd at 2 ;30 this afte.^noon with three g:»|a: meetings. Each meeting was followed by i.lenticaiiy the same program. ij. rs therc'd' with bri.'" ry ;ii;d cicri i tin:; a-i 1 that said eii'-'rlais .;• tain •' .!(-rraie 1 and i!isuIt^(; th <-i>-yi. ci .urt are r- t 'nr-.' \:\ ('.>!.' v.. :iri.>': in i:-'" J:::c;; •.li-.-. :!:• ;'.i,l-r ..f 'h. i;iir;:;.v .it Kurt I.. . T.L;I Vi'.-'i i '-:en -."i; i'.-.);n iie -1 Ci 'y. has :.>-en recai)- •.ir-d. U-;..- .Vdrnira! T..rry l;as been order•e t .'i c'uuniand ti;..- naval station at .. 1 iJurioiuiu and Riar .A.liniral .Miller has AMEIIiKANS IN fiOSSIAN JBJWf;-::.'"";-'"^^^^ i .\n • ffnr: wiil b.-. nia ie i,y the .Ameri DOOMED TO LONG TERMS OF IM -!f;in F. .;• rati.,n a' Imiianap i PRISONMENT FOR NOTHING ! - r., :iri:..nize the plant of D. M. Chief Justice, RrV-dnson i-su- d th" <•?-] der citing Sheppard. and CundiiT ;<i appear before the court hero July ; AT ALL. arr:- .Vr. i ^irry has been very ho-. • '-iie -nwar'. ail or;--ani::ed labor. For Months They Have. Been Shut off; ^ ^.^^^ Mi.= s..uri Pacific oc- From Any Appeal-Government | ^ ^ ^. Do.iswn. near City Will Be Asked to Act. "ac-;: night. The wiieel.- on the tender San R.iira.^. C\x\.. July M-; , _ .,_„^,.^„ ^ ramish. ^-"^-^%Ji2#*^^^;;- j Three pe-.pie wore slightly hurt. Ca writt.n them from a ft^iftn pris^m! at Vladisvosto-k app-:^»ling for help, j The :u --T>,!-i .Iican river at Junction Although the letter was written at: i C:ty is rapbily rising. Yesterday the mail^.l six weeks ago it has just reae ed here. Mi .'Camish and. two oth-.r American? sailed YnWohania w :"h the pvrmission of rh-.- e^ivfrnnn'iii ' t Japan to hunt fur animal:] in the Kurrie islands. They wire caught in - bdtfresscs of weico|e, resiwnses andlgaje and .=wepr towa.'-d the Russian i-^- j-,. .j,, xf^.^ican i-orts. < the key note address. A large c'norujj jands where they eventually ^^'i-Morner wa.s dischar'-e was at eAch auditorium. The greatest floods ever known in the district of Troppau. Auairiaa Silesia, have occurred. Uumcrous villages have been inundated, causiDg the eollapse of many houjses. Railway copmanieatioa "bza been Laterrupte<| « large number of j bridges have atihore to get water an.l other snppli.;-, "The Russbans 5uspf -<;ed them ot rtoi!- ing and threw them iiito jail. Tht-ro they have sia<:e remaine.l. half starved and shut off from any appeal to the representatives of their government, doomed to long terms of im- prisooment. An effort will be made to hare the aithoritieniat Wasblngioa •4 to tHe nitter. ^^*ii..'^m^.. r.v-r ri.seu four f.-et anii had gon many c-iacnds tfp th- river which w. re ciit out by the big fiood in May. Orily shrcf' cases vtllow fever i.ave ^-ntered Havana harbor this Of the three, all of whom came . one died and an <! yesterday a? cur. d. U is ainnounced that a subcommis .= ion of the royal commission on Lon .Ion striei traffic will come to the L'nifod States in the autumn to study the street railway systems uf the principal cities. . , The BblomoD river Is oo a rampag'e THEIRKETS BY TELECRAPH Kansas Ci'y. Jufy 10.—Cattle—:!.ooo, strong. .Vative steers. T-.-J'??''.P1; cows an.I heifers. Sl.-'jOft I.."."; stocke;-.s and feeders, J.'Ti 1.10: bulls. ;j..-,.); calves. Jl.T.^'o Hogs—lii.uiiiV. 10 to 1,"> higher. Htavy. %o.27.'^i :,::,:>: luckers. %:>.:)*)^i medium. .J.4'L - light, ?:i.:;2'o'^5.4n; yorlters, $5.:]T'ig:i.4o: $.-}.40iI5.47Vi. Sheep—1.000, strong. Mttttons. \.':>'>: lambs. Jp.iOTitj. Wheat—Sept.. CG's: Dec. t>.S: cash .\'<t. 2. hard. 72^7 Sn. tJlifiTI: Xo. K Oo-ritM: rejecte.I. Gni/'V-j: No. 1', i-ed. 7;i; No. :;. 71'?/ Corn—Sep.t.. 4-3"Si 17-"^i: Dec, 43 V.; cash. Xo. -J. mixed. 4S'ij V::'. No. 2. white. .•;o;X.>. :J, 4S'^( 411. Oats —:»'(). L'. white, :Ut; A'o. 2, mi.v .1. '' R.v..—..o. 2. r.2. May—Choice timothy. $1"; choice i .-airie. $11'i ll.."o. Duller—Cre:ui!e.'-.v l''.!^^!^!^; dair>- >;.—Fresli. 12. ' Ileceiins of wheat, S.S:cars. TBIllMPH EOR OURIDtPLOMItCr RUSSIA HAS GIVEN FORMAL JAS- SURANCE THAT IT WiLL NOT Chicago. July lO.^Cattle—7 .0^0. Native S1 "7.')..'.'):: siockers and fee.Jers. S2.r,ii'^.' co\\^ and heifers. SL -vi-Tf 4.''>. Hogs—17.''"''1. Top. J J.l.SO; bulk. ^.•;.:^-.<7 o; 15i :-|er—Cr.:am<"f.v. 'l.">'f;20: dairy. rP-.'q ii-.i.:.. i:i^l }U. Wheat—July. 7':':: oM. 7r,\-L: Sept.. »'",: oM. 77'i; Dec. "i'^-l: old. 77; .May. 7S-.:: Tf C'irn—July. 4^.'',: Sopf.. •'•1'^; Pec. »:'"s: May. 4ft':. Oats—July. ::>^;;: Sept., ^I^^IIK: D.;-c. May. PIU-'K —July. JU.l.".; S.'pt.. $14 .40. Lar-i—July. $7.s.:.: Sept.. f7..S-2i.-j; (5ct . i7.72'i. W.ishingion. July Iff.—The Min- c!i;ir|aii "luestion has been settled isat- isf;u-t(iriiy to this gi:>vernincnt. As'r surahc <-S haVe been received from the Cluni:se government that it will in tao iic^r future open, as treaty p<jrts sev- eriji ports now close.l to the WOT d's tra'le. The Russian government has conveyed a formal assurance to .Xinerican government that it will in .any way oppose such an opcnl The ^tate ikpariment is highly griati- tied at this outcome, feeling th'aii it has 'secure.l not only for Ameri 'ai^ copiriierce but the commerce of ,hu' world at large a very substantial gain. St. Louis. July p;.—Cattle-^3,r.n.i. liwi >tti r.-. $'•'..''•'^1 '•.2\>; stoekers and iVei; $2.7.".'r; {; cows and heifer-. 42 Ji ^Tt 4.2:5. lbi .rs— t:.-.r. P!:-.. li-h-s. $$.-.10f? .•..>•>: packers. ?.-..2.', e .-..s."; butchers. Wle at—No. 2. re.I. ca.-h elevator, 77";: r.-ack. >i:'t^2: July. 77-i; Sepf.. 77".: Dec. 7. N^,: NO . 2. hanl. 7*;ft SO. Corn—No. 2. .-ash. 4»; track. 45; Jiily. 4'j; Sept.. i:-':,. Oa's—No. 2. cash. H';; track. .Sept.. :)2'-j; De.'.. '-V^^^: No. 2, white. 4 IT; 42. Pork—Jt l,.-.r.. Lird—17.".". L. atl—*4.1o'5 (.!2>u: Spelter—Finn. ?."..'o. hour-^ it has ris .-n t .'U f-ct at Minne.i- p..lis a:;il is still rising. This is due !.> the v.ry heavy rains in 'he ni >rih- w> -:. .\; :i tu'-iiui; "f :In! excuiLvc com- 'ui';. e>f t!:^- I'llgrims" club in 1/on • i'.:i la.-: :iii-lif a coiiiniittee was ap • lit'd tM giv.' ..{Tcct to the recent - i;;;i:e [ i- in ju . r; ct a statue,to Ge-org; Wtu-iiiagt -iti in I.<uid "in. It was decid- •;! tlia' ih'"' subscriptiiuis should be e!i;ir.-!y c-.nrme! to P.riiish subjects. Fr .Hi!; Vv'o:.d. i .f the Trolley Men's • i.'i;:>;i la.-:' ni^-ht ofhcially deciare.l oft" •!ie .-'rii\f lif the employes of the Cui:i'. ncut Railway and Lighting Company, of Bridgeport. Conn., which w*as ina;!,gurdt"d two months ago. The strikers ar.^ given the privilege by th.- union .of ajiplyin.^ in-iividiiaily f.jr work at the office of the company. Dem.iraii/.ation ruled in the New Y.jr'ii stock market yesterday, making it up to 'he lirne of closing rally, one of the rjiost disastrous days since the memorable panic of May 9. I'jol. New iov,- records for the year were made in The trading on a heavy of busi aess. Some of the declines in high irraile investment stocks for the day ran ail the way from 4 to 2o points. The borrowing of jl 'i .eou .iitiu t»y the L'nion Pacific had a bad effect. Many other coriKirations need money, which makes the market tight. A report was current in the English youse of Commons night to the effect that United States warship's had planted the flag on a er <)Tip of islands belonging to Grc-at P.ritain. The r-> State department at Washington port caused much discussion. The claims to know nothing of the matter but explains that the rumor may have arisen from the fact that some United States vessels may have hoisted the flag over Islands near the coast of Borneo which were purchased by the United States from Spain under the treaty of Paris and sorerelgnty over which has never before been formally lice and the strikers of the Kellogg prodgliaed. DE EN S ASSURE THE- MANCHURIAN QUESTIONS SETTLED TO WASHINGTON'S. SATISFACTION. OPPOSE IT. Chinese Government Pron^ises That ' Will in Near Future Open the New Treaty Ports. it the not ing'. OLIBE CHABOED STRIKE SyMPATHlZEBS 3.000 PERSONS HAD GATHEF^ED IN VICINITY OF KELLOGG | FACTORY. \ Their Object Was to Prevent Handling of Freight—Police Dis-} persed Them With Clubs. ithc Chicai: >. July Itl.—A crowd ifur- ri !un<led tlie Kellogg Company's |ac- liVy ii:id increased until more tlian :.!")o: pLr.-')tis gathered, the greater mimiier being sirikers and'.sympatjiiz'- •rs intent upon preventing the moving >f ;freig!it frem the factory. Inspc<jtor Shia wi'.li fifty policj-niCn charged in- lo -ih^ crowil. which they routed by th^j t'rve iis.i .if their clubs. One police^ man ^vas struck by a brick and seri' J 'isly;; injun^ I. Several other polic^^ men were hurt. The rioting was genf ral. .Desperate figiiting between the po- !i(r.;- ami the strikers of the Kellogg Swifcliboanl Conit>any took place this ifiernirm and evening lu Chicagu' v.ii.ii th'- company attempted to sen.l fr'igbt to suui.- of the railroad ci-- I 'its.In <ifie instatice the jK ^Iico opeu- *<I tire with revolvers. Although the fiLsiliade was continued fur sevcraC miti 'M.. s. nob."iy was injured. Later tlwre w;is a fight in which no revol- i>>>s ;Were us .-d. ail"! the police laitP )in a number of men. some of whom were ieft in the strojt until their fr^'.uds ram' back and pi-.-ked them up' LOCAL NEWS. Mrs. S"l Leavy left yesterday for lowai where she will visit for several wccle. cMiSs Eliza ReimCri went to Ottaw,^ this morning to spend a few days at the Assembly. -GeOrge McDuffy and S. F. Chanj- bqrlain of Wavcrly. visited frifcnds in this ',citv today. .^^r '3. Raker, of Topeka.- is the guest of: h«i" hiislian.l in this city. Mr. Baker is inrcharge of the stre<?r work for J. D 1 Hiinley. ' . The second tmll nine of Moran came over this afternoon and are crossing fjats :^with Eugene Crouch's club oh the commons in front of Crouch-s hrimf;. / • Mr;: ami Mrs. John Shumaker went lo': loia Tuesday where Mr. Shumaker e.^peets to work. * • » .Sir. and Mrs. John-Creed returned to their home'u Io}a : Tuesday after atteriding, their daughter's funeral.—Burlington Jef- foirsohian. Real Estate Transfers. 3. W. Edwards et al to Dora E. Adams.^ fI2j. lot o, block 4. Lincoln Park add. -to lola. .Iota Town an.I Improvement Co. |r> J.Hv. O'Connor. $225, lot 10. block 11. H(sliiand Place. lola. ' ^ Jaiie Cresenberry to, A. P. Slack. %6ppfshi nw *4 nw % ^of 22-23-19.! 1 ivvillis E. Henderson' to Cora B. Ppp^ llOO, lot 6. block 11, Overatroet a^Lftp-paa-.CItjr.

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