The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 30, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1892
Page 5
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, lb92. 5. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS(2 -JBINO: I,. Sl'ONSLKH, t • Secretary nml llimlnemi Mn linger. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. BALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods, No, 10 Second Ave. East. Olose Price to Dealers. D OCTOR SCHURR OFFICE NO. 21 N, MAIN. RESIDENCE, 122 SEVENTH E. Night CBIIB given prompt attention. EMERSON CAREY, t M Dealer in r HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Y> fl Yards and office opp. court house. YARD WIDE and finished soft for the needle is the bleached muslin we put on sale Monday morning at the low price of 6£ cents or sixteen yards for the dollar. Quality equal to any 8^ cent muslin sold in thiB market. We have only one case to distribute at this low price. See our Biarritz in Spring colors. Let April shower. Umbrellas from '98c toSlO 00. Make expressly for us in Philadelphia. See our Dent's London made umbrella. See our Hermsdorf, fast black, six pair for Sl.Sfi. Exclusive Dry Goods House. J. S. DUNN, OPTICIAN, 113 North Main St., HDTCIIINSON, : KANSAS. Wc are "Bucking the Pool" ON WALL PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, as we need the room for our DRUG STOCK, And guarantee to make the lowest figures ever quoted in Hutchinson. Midland' Pharmacy J. M. BEAM, Prop. S«e these prices on WALL PAPER. lirowns, 10c to 12Kc per double roll. Whites, lSe per double roll. Oilts, 20c to .10c per double roll. Hirge's specials 50c to SI per double roll Ingrains, 10c to 00c per double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. Experienced hangers furnished. All work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW'S. CITY NEWS. Wanamaker '& fit Guaranteed fits. Brown's. "Our l'ups." tf The Weekly NKWB 50 cents a year. Send it to your friends. Try the American Steam laundry. Try the coCeo and teas at Dupler's. Oo to Colin Campbell's for fruit. 2t You can get cream puffs at the Clarendon HoteL bakery, Try them. The New York Racket is selling gentlemen's sateen shirts cheaper than any other house in the city. 4t Fresh lettuce, onions, radishes, asparagus, etc., at Dupler'B every day. 2t Ileecham's pills cure sick headache. The American Steam Laundry washes rag carpet for 5 cents a yard, Ingrain, 8 cents and Brussels 10 cents. Splendid line of all suits at Wanamaker & Brown's. Ct See Colin Campbell for vegetables. 2t For large returns for money invested advertise in the Daily and Weekly NKWS. Those who patronize the American Steam laundry are satisfied with their work. Do not forget that the band will givo a free concert at the park to-morrow afternoon. Good substantial furniture cheap at Kings'. tf The American cash business. $10! Wo have it arranged. Yo'u can now get all wool suits, plain black, plain blue and choice light styles today at Wanamaker & Brown's for S10, It The American Steam Laundry wash es white dresses. Smoke the Lawrence Barrett cigar, sold at Carroll Briscoe's, If you want your suit by the middle of May, order now at Wanamaker & Brown's. It The Commercial club will meet on Tuesday night. Let every member be present. Pure maple sugar at Dupler's. Try it. 3t g Going into the * V Wall Paper Business. NO OLD PATEENS. NEW GOODS. We are not Experienced selling it at cost, hangers furnished but at a . to put it on fair, living profit. the wall. COBURN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall paper business to stay W. R. & CO. PRECIOUS JEMS, FINE JEWELRY, CUT CRYSTAL, WATCHES, CLOCKS EYE GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES: LDEST JEWELRY HOUSE .IN THE CITY. ESTABLISHED, 1876. 11 NORTH MAIN. - * • - Steam Laundry do a the street car line, running east on Second from the main line. There is need of one also in the northwest part of the city. The county commissioners hold their next regular meeting next Monday, in the county clerk's office. Styles up to the latest hour at Wanamaker & Brown's. It Go to Gahan's for pants. tf. Colin Campbell is the leading grocer St Gentlemen, don't buy your summer shirts until you examine those fine satine" shirts at the New York Racket. 4t Fresh groceries at Colin Campbell's. »|k For good work go to the American Steam laundry. Hutchinson's lady orchestra is fast coming to the front as a first-class niusiiial organization. Reddersen has something now in the way of ladies' Oxfords. Call and see them. It makes no difference to them whether you buy or not; they want to show them to you. St Cunningham's, 13 tWth Mbin, is the best place in the city to buy ice cream. Large or small orders. Attend the band concert at the park to-morrow afternoon. The Chautauqua circle will be addressed by Scott E. Winne on Monday night, on the subject: ''What I Saw in London." The public is invited to attend and liear the lecture "which promises to be of great interest. Ladies, be sure you oall at the New York Racket and examine their handsome Swiss Demi-Flounces. They have twenty-six patterns. Jersey sailor suits for the boys at Wanamaker & Brown's; ()t Something new—never shown before in Hutchinson; also neat and stylish, are the new Oxford shoes, at Redder- sen's. Ladies, you are invited to call and see them. 3t Don't send your money to China by patronizing a Chinaman. Take your dirty linen to the American Steam laundry and keep your money in circulation. Odell Brothers are still at No. 9 Second Avenue west, with a full line of all kinds of coal. • tf PERSONAL. Attorney D. W. Rose of St. John was in court to-day. E. E. Ives, one of the Santa Fe's bashful, good-looking conductors, was registered at the Santa Fe last night. Armour, the man who was adjudged insane in the probate court yesterday, is quieter to-day, although seriously off yet. W. J. Patterson, superintendent of the Kingman schools, was in the city to-day the guest of Superintendent Minnich. Mrs. J. S. Bellamy of Knoxville, Io., who has been visiting her sisters, Mesdames Burns and Sweetser, for some weeks, returned home this morning. W. E. Long, Republican central committeeman from Loda township was the city to-day. He reports crops and Republicanism coming to the front in his county. C. B. Wilfley drove to Nickerson this mornings returning about noon with something near $1.50 worth of real estate on his clothes. He looked pleasant just the same. Professor Will Davis left this morning for Topoka, whore he has scoured a lucretive position. Mr. Davis is a nice gentleman and a fine musician. The NKWS wishes him success. C. P, Dawson- of Abbyville, was in the eity to-day, and made this office a pleasant coll. Mr. Dawson will be. a candidate for county superintendent before the next county convention, and that important official garb could fall upon no more deserving or able shoulders in Reno county. Mrs.' Hancock, tho colored woman, whose crazed condition attracted considerable attention here Thursday night, has been taken to a Missouri asylum. She could not be gotten on the train here until a well known sheriff allowed her to place her arras around his neck. He came near having to go too. Mrs. J. B. Wherful returned this morning from Emporia where she has been in attendance at the department convention of the ladies of the Grand Array of the Republic of Kansas. Mrs, Wherful represented Phil Sheridan Circle of this city at the convention, and was elected.a delegate to the national encampment at Washington which convenes in September. Austin Mcluturjf showed the report er some views this mbrning of the little Topsy Mulky and Burthella Payne, while giving the Delsurto drill, which so pleased the audience u few nights since at the church entertainment. The views are true to life, and reflect great credit on Mr. jMelnturff, as one of the best young artists in the west. A number of these views will be on exhibition in a few days in the gallery case. What Are Wc Doing? It has been said that "Only once in every man's life does an opportunity to achieve greatness present itself." If this be true of men, it is equally true of nations or states. That period seems to have been reached by Kansas. The World's Columbian Exposition promises to be the grandest tiling that this country has ever seen, It is the "llood- tide" for Kansas and we should take advantage of it. The majority of the counties of Kansas are taking advantage of it, and the. reporter often %von- ders "Is Reno couuty properly alive to her duties?" Now is our chance. Let us demonstrate to the world, for it will all be represented there, that central Kansas, with Hutchinson in the very heart of that region, has been seriously misrepresented, by those who would keep their best farmers In the east, and that we propose to give a practical demon stration of what can be done and is being done by the diligent in our midst. The ladies of Hutchinson have began a noble work in this direction, and each lady in the city should lend all the aid in her power to make Reno County's exhibit In the Kansas depart- Where do you buy ice cream? Cunningham, at 13 South Main. Try Carey is still in the eoal business, tf Buy of the business men who advertise. The ozone played rather promiscuously • to-day with the alfalfa of the pedestrian. Go to Cunningham's for your ice cream. Large or small orders filled on short notice. 13 South Main street. The Weekly NEWS, if taken between now and July 1st, for 50 cents a year. Tho largest and cheapest paper in Kansas. Send a copy to your friends in the east. The auditorium is fast nearing completion. ment of the women's building a grand success. Indeed, it now looks very niueh like a success, and the question which the reporter propounded to certain business men to-day, was, *Arc the men doing as much ns the Indies toward securing a creditable display from Reno County." We have the names of two men, «neh of whom have authorized us to use their names to the amount of 850 in connection with a list of cash premiums to be paid for the best displays of certain farm products. Now let each business and professional man send us his name, or hand it to some attache of the NKWS,. together with a statement of the amount of cash which he is willing to pay for the best exhibit of a J certain kind of product, let it be the product of the ground or otherwise, and let the sum be SI or 850, it matters not. and we will publish the list, which will be an extra Incentive to the producer. This will secure the choicest display for a county, state or national exhibit, and accomplish just what we are all ambitious to accomplish, viz: To. demonstrate to the world the wonderful possibilities of Reno county and its lands. Let us have your report by Monday, If possible. ' Turk Concort. The following is the programme of the concert to be given by the Second Regiment band at the park to-morrow. No admission to the park and everybody invited: PAUT t. March—Tar-ra-ra-Booin Dcy-.-i Overture—"Dawn to Twilight" Uennet Meillcr—"Keillv and the 400" nrahura Wall/—"Vlnlons of Paradise" Uennet Bolcnt-'The Fctcnt Madrid" Auulatc • PAHT II. Overture—"Bohemian Girl" nalfe Palonalse—"Mountain Heights" ICeiHHler Solo for Trombone—"The Message".. Urooks fly nruce Taylor Meilley—"C'reine tie ;ia •Creme'Mjaurendeau Walt?.—"Santiago" .... .\ Corbtn Dance—"The Darkies Dream" Lansing NoiiteMilnK New lit Woreentor AVure, On exhibition at China Hall, 204 North Main street, pioneers of low prices. Ilawkcye Condition Powders are the best fur stock of all kinds. Sold and wanvnted liy A. J. Hnuinhardt. Everything new at Mrs. gallery, 19 South Main. Berglofs tf Bring your.magazincs and books to the NEWS bindery and have them neat ly bound.* It is the best way to preserve them. Fresh maeearoons at the Bon Ton. 2t Wanted—At the Santa Fe hotel 1,000 plover at 5 cents each. tf Blanke Bros', famous candies in one„ two and five pound boxes, at the Bon Ton bakery. lit There is talk of another branch of A FEW of the many BARGAINS to be found at " 111 Full standard prints, 5c BeBt indigo blue prints, 6^0 Soft finishd bichd muslin, 6ic Half finish brown inuslin, 5c Outing flannels. 10c to 20c Yard-wide ElPaso challie, 7c 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85c I have a full lino of plain and striped crepon (the latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other late novelties in dress goods. I have the only full line of dress trimmings to be i'ound in the eity, ranging in price from 5c to 8* per yard. S. F. RAFF. Mr. T. Goldberg has just returned from his second trip to the eastern markets. DID HE BRING HOME ANY BARGAINS? He will now offer Men's shirts at $0.20, worth $0.40 Men's shirts at .48, worth .75 Men's shirts at .75, worth 1.25 Men's shirts at .99, worth 1.50 Men's shoes at 1.19, worth 1.60 Men's shoes at 1.25, worth 1.75 Men's shoes at 1.99, worth 3.00 (This 81.911 shoe is a corker.) Men's shoes at 2.75, worth 4.00 Next week we will name some more bargains. The person or persons guessing the exact, or nearest the number of pins in our pin cushion will get Maud S on May 5. s DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. I. GOLDBERG-, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. Attention, Itrotli er ColluellurH. By order of SeniorCouncilor 'if ilutchiiisot 'ottnuil No. 31 U. C. T., I am directed to an uouncc a special meeting, Saturday evening, ;\tay 0, at S o'clock sharp, a full attendance is requested. HKX. (1. KKAN, Scc'y. ICE! ICE! Pure Disid-Water Ice. Our delivery is regular and reliable, and the quality of our ice is beyond comparison. 50 cents per Hundred to Families. We solicit your patronage. Orders received by the drivers, at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanaka's stoic, or you can send your address on a postal card to Union Ice & Salt Co., Successor to Hutchinson Ice Manfg Co. -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OK- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, *7,50t DIRECTORS. JOHN HAM,, Hanker. .Us. (IUTHIUK, Hanker. L, C. WEI/TON, Preident. JNO. J. INOAT.LR, ex-Senator. T. E. BOWMAN, Capitalist. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. C. W. TKMPI.EU, Vice-t'rcs., A. J. HIUI.KV, Insurance N. 0. HOM.ISTKR. Cashier, Kan. Grain & h. S. Co. and Real Estate. CARPETS AND CURTAINS. JUST RECEIVED. Latest Styles. Lowest Prices. A handsome line of Ladies' OXFORD TIES, in the following styles: Lace and Southern Ties, Ozoo Calf and Cloth Tops, Patent Leather Heel Quarter, Patent Leather Tips and Plain Toes. All in tho following laBts: Opera heel, C S and V, C S, C, D and E widths. Sizes 3 to S^Shoes for Children. The celebrated Sussex School Shoe, In pebble goat and kid, with patent leath er, pebble goat and cordovan tips. The best wearing chidren's shoe in the country WM. REDDERSEN, Corner of Main and First. u Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies. Correspondence solicited. Mail orders will receive prompt attention. 406 North Main St. Saturday, March 19, we opened the largest line of these goods ever shown/hi the city, consisting of Lace Curtains, Silk Curtains, China Silk, Embroidrd Muslin. Art Lace, Plushes, And the only line of Hartford and Lowell carpets in city. Onr new illustrated catalogue for 1892 Jwill be about April 1. Send for one. the out P & If f* BAKING IV W. POWDER 25 OZS.FOR 25 < : ABSOLUTELY PDRE • JIOTTRYITI F .r ,iA^UCA * CO. HAM3AS CITV,MO. V

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