Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1889
Page 4
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po in inR I bELICATEJL Hotels <m B iTfn AO EAJt"*-*tij^i^jje- rt jj^-ji^»r»ja^*» B i 1 erraanent posi- AfllTLU lions guaranteed. Salary and Kxpcn.e. F»ld. I J ocu- liar advaumROs to beginners. Stock complete, with ffuit-(sontn(?iip«clftItleB. OUTFIT FKRK. We guarantee what vie advertise. Write 11KOWJV HROTUEKS, Nnrncrymen. Chlcniro, 111. (This honno In reliable.) T *s IE T it i il'v I IPs J illn ! r e s n ii iform in i *i n \ t rnp <o c tivixm'y iollrmmsr p o f 1 ill' 1 hey a™ ad^pt^d to both ndnlts an'fl children with perfect palely. \V c ijHarsintee th^y have no equal in the cure of pick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as nn appe ti/.er, they excel any other preparation. .Sarah Bernhardt is at work on a bunt of her late husband. Rnoklcn'n Arnlon HalTP. Trw best salve in tho world for Cats, Bruises, yores, Ulcers, S5alt Kheuro, Fever.Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corps, and nil Skin Eruptions, and pogtively cures Piles, or no pay required. Jt ia guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Fries y, cents per box. For sale by D. H. Striokler. Mrs. .T.KeddinR, editor of The Art Journal, is an expert bicycle rider. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Terry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Koch Falls. The new Duchess of Marlborough has gone in extensively for dog raising. WILL YOU cough when Shin, B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts., and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Mme. Louise Leclaise recently climb- Mount Pelvoux, in the French Alps. SHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For Bale by Perry, the dniKgist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls Mrs. E. L. Davenport, once a star actress, Is now teaching pupils for the stage at Boston. JACOB EISELE, f THE LEADING asMQaale erctat JJIa now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits and overcoats for fall and -winter. Now in stock all kinds of cloths, cas- simere and overcoatings and the finost. stock, of ..pants goods, ever eUv._.._ Leave, your orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get ^he benefit. The woman who sits In a rocking- chair and picks out crochet patterns all doy may not enforce any new laws, but she is also the woman who will never break anyr The American IMseanc. No people in the world are BO subject to nervous diseases, such as nervous exhaustion, physical or mental overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americans. Every part of the body is controlled by its nerves, and when they are weakened by overwork or disease the part is also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Restorative Her- virj' 1 - :l. (V)"rfi?i,t.r;>tfi<l IM'ryft food ftl" iTiedicilifV is liio beat remedy In Hie world for these diseases. Ask for a trial bottle at A. R. Hendricks' or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. A Woman's IMspovery. "Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too^by a lady in this country. Disease fastened its clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at D. B. Strickler's Drug Store. H, ^ r i i b- i ' ' m t \ 'ins; of the R d „„[ g. m v f v— t> ey c fly n p "id fhun for thr r n tc p-li rh they took overland. The factory allows no visitors excepting on Saturday afternoon. The company is putting up a new buiUMner which they calcuHte is of large enough capacity to take all the milk from this section. "We notices by the minutes of the seventh district annual convention of the W. C. T. U., held lately at Morrison that Mrs. Kate Worman Krumona, of this town, was re.-electea to the ofiice of financial secretary. Mr. Herman Boughtman and bride intend to move to Dixon to spend the winter with Mr, B's mother, and in the spring they will go west and purchase a farm, if any can be found desirable. Aa Mr. Leroy McWborter is attending school in Sterling, and intends to until he finishes, his mother and sister, Lou, will move thither this winter and become town folks. This will make it much nicer for Lee than boarding. George and Clara Babcock, children of the late T. S. Babcock, of Weasing- ton, South Dakota, have arrived in our town to pass tbo winter with their Bister, Jlrs. Louise Talmer, and also to go to school. Some contemptible cur, in the form of a man, recently entered eur cellar and abstracted therefrom about fifteen pounds of lard (all we had), a few poands of butter, and sixteen quarts of canned blackberries. Just let hiin try it again I we are now fixed up for such. The fastest threshing which has been reported to us is that of Mr. Myron Bu«h and Walter Elmendorf; their machine actually threshing a load of fifty- one bushels, by measure, in Just four minutes; though incredible it nevertheless is so and was done at Mr. Brant's. Their machine is the largest one around these parts and its capacity is simply enormous. Now .let us hear from some one else. — \ V. > I 1 t y ' - ii 1 1 r " ' V \r' ht '-"u George Sands' daughter, Solage, widow of the sculptor, Clessinger, is still living near Nohant. 'SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. lc cures consumption.' For Bale by Perry,* tho rtrnggrmfc, and J r M:Btr.kford FIRST POINT You should reatlTm'.CmcA- c,o DAILY NEWS bcc;.n^e /A''-'-' ranee is txpcnsi-.'f. Vuu mint read sontf Prub..l>ly you've always had • weekly— you can now afford a d.iily. Tun CHICAGO UMLV NKWS costs but one cent per copy— it's so cheap you can't uflor J 10 lose time waiting for a weekly. You ought to know about things when they happen—not a week later. You live in the nineteenth century, in the greatest section of the greatest country on the earth, and you can't :il- ford to be left behind. jffff^tr Its circulation is 320,000 a day—ovci a million a week—and it costs by mail 25 as. a month, four raouthsfr.oo,— vnicentaduy t one* •Itabllah la in all parti. * lirlnff out mutt * (txxu wbert tlw p«upia „ .._ them. W* will MDd I ret! to on* bjHTioo ta cacb locality .tin. t try * boat Mwtaf-machiiM mad* to !b* world,with oil tbfl attachmenta. Wa will alao aand free a complct* Ha* of oar caatly and valuable art nplea. In return w» aak Ibat yon tow wbat we Mild, to I&OM who f call at your bomc.lad after 9 >cth*a!tahatl baeome your own wrty. Tbl* erand daeblne II la after tba maper patent*, which bar* ran oat;wfore patent* k ran cratlteold for tfOSI. with lb* :hments, ud now Mill for 9. Beit, fttrontvit, moe! UM- •fnlm.cbln. ra lh. world. All Ii «#*«. No capital required. Plain, tri*f Imxractlon* rl**n. ThoM who wrlifl to a* at once can M- *nr* ft>«*3 tb* Deal lewinf-maehlne lo tb* world, and th* beat nnec'worktotbJirh art«vrr fhown lorvtberln America. ~ "JO.. J&02C 74O. Auau«ta« Maine. FEMALE. , MENSTRUATION • OK MONTH LV SICKNESS New York ia having as much trouble In finding a fair site us Pennsylvania did in losing a dam site. Startling; Facts. Physiologists state that with each contraction the heart exerts fifty ibs. of force. This amounts to 5,000 a minute, 210,000 an hour, and the enormous number of 5,184,000 pounds m a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead.. If exercise makes you short or breath ; if you have fluttering, pain in side, faint or hungry spells, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr, Miles' New Cure. Sold at A. E. Hendricks' or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. • . _ . The man who is stopped by a sentinel does not necessarily come to a bad end; even though he comes to a halter. A Lady In Texas Writes : My case is <tf long stanning; has baffled many physicians;, have tried every remedy 1 could hear of, but .Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write The Bradtleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. There is a grave social objection to electric street railways. It is almost impossible to keep their conductors from sparking. _ Ladlea Slave Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother'a Friend," and would not be without for many times its coat. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. Jl. A. Payne, druggist, Greenville, Ala. "Write Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. By all druggists. — The breaking of the consor-in pork simply means that circumstances have prevented a combination of speculators from making hogs of themselves. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Mrs. Mona Caird, who started the "Is Marriage a Failure?" business, has been studying Buddhism. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYKR, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHLLOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M.Uickf ord, Rock Falls. Mrs. Jane O. Austin has written a New England novel, which she calls 1 Standish of Standish." Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar, way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Golds does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it H sample bottle free that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and $1.00; We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. 2a Jean Ingelow has written some recollections of her childhood, which she- thinks of States. publishing in the United BLUE LINE. R UNNING THREE WAGONS. All goods promptly delivered to any part of U» city. Specialty of removing household goods and pianos. [inhlSyl] B. B. WIUDASIN The Drst Fall clothing was a leaf out of nature's book. Natalie's reception of Belgrade Is only another example of a queen beat- lag a king. Vuiuat Taxation. It ia unjust to tax the stomach with burdana that it cannot bear. Many sUly people thus tyrannize that faith- lal servitor until it rebels and punishes them as they deserve. Dyspepsia is usually the child of gastronomic folly, but whether this or the natural associate of inherent feebleness from childhood, It is surely and pleasantly rein- salable with Hosteller's Stomach Bitte«, the Uaest and nioat highly sanctioned gastric toaie in existence. As ti iteault oi the tone Imparted to the stomash, and th« increased activity of It* digestive sad assimilative action, iiMBirid by th« persistent us*s of this l»B!|rB larigorant, gsiasrai stamina is augsastted, Uie umvtsa esmigthoaetl , ftitd » t<in4siii."v to la- ccii THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J, M. Bickford, Rock Falls • Cigars are much like Dead Sea f ruita —they turn to ashea on the lips. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh'a Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock FallB." Like many a young man, nature begins her Fall by painting things red. A Sew Uiseovery. "Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs" and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. R. Heu- drick'a or J. M. Bickford's. From a Lady ot Clarence, Iowa. RHEUMATIC SYKUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For ten years I have been greatly afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism and indigestion. My hands, arms and limbs were badly swollen, and, at times, I could not wear my shoes. Upon advice I began usiug Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. Two bottles cured me. It is a wonderful medicine, acting upon the stomach and digestive organs as it does, eradicates the poison from the blood and purities the whole system. It affords me pleasure to recommend this remedy. Mus. M. K. H. REID. Mrs.Reid is well known and her statement can be relied upon. Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup is a. medicine of great merit. The potato crop Is now being harvested and the yield is much larger than it has been for several years. Nature "Overdid" itself in a hill of potatoes of Mr. Frank Russell's; his man, Curb Smitb, dug from that hill just ninety- four potatoes j of course, it ain't expected that they were all six Inches long. Anyhow that many tubers grew in one bill; we know tbat can't be beaten. A regular thoroughbred tramp has been doing up the town the past ten .days.....He is no chump, as he has a tent witii all "the"n<.'«'r-ii tremer. t» of cooking utousllsrand a hammock - in which he sleeps. He tramps about the neighborhood begging all kinds of groceries and provisions which he carries to his tent and cooks to his own taste. His garb is a sight well worth seeing and would be a good attraction to a dime museum. It goes without Baying that the oat crop was an unusually large one, yet the best yield we have heard of IB that of Mr. Jason Bean, which panned out at the rate of eighty bushels per acre. Surely a good yield. Mr. Charles Hubbard expects soon to take a tiip to Algona, Iowa, in the near vicinity of which be and Mr. John Abrens, of Sterling, own a large f arm"Doc."Boynton IB being visited by his ouly living uncle. He lives in one of the northern States and expects to remain here shveral weeks. Mrs. Palmer Collins, of east Coloma, had another rag bee last Friday, which about thirty ladles participated In. The sowing is paid for at so much per pound. Themdney goes to the Mite Society of the Congregational church. 1'he next one will be held at Mrs. Ed. Nlms.on Dixon Avenue, Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 9. Miss Bella Allison has^returned from a trip of Beveral months, near Feoria, at her two Bisters, who live there. A large number of the ladies of the Foreign Missionary society of the Bock Falls Methodist church attended the regular meeting out at Mrs. Fred You- ard's last Friday. A lively time was had as well aa an interesting meeting. At the Excelsior Sunday school last Sabbath it was decided to discontinue. Tho Q gravel (rum is at work at tho pit hero and repairing track at Don- rock. A horse r:\ee fit rrophPtstrnvh on. Saturday between G. )!. Cady's broirn [illy anil Clare Straw's mare. For a small parse the Lyndon sports arc backing Cady's filly and feel confident in her ability to win the trot, There have been a series of petty theft committed of late on parties attending church and social gatherings. Eubon Hicks lost a lap robe, A. Schweitzfeger a lap robe aiafl a halter cut in pieces, Milt BlnUall an overcoat and others lost bugpy whips and various articles from their rigs. Straw is coming to the paper mill at the rate of 35 to 40 loads per day. The roads are so good that tho Co. are taking advantage and getting a good supply on hand. C. C. Paddock has a potato, tbat weighs one and throe-fourths pounds. Geo. Parmenter made a flying trip to Chicago last week. Bert Parkhurst run seventy-live yards at Prophetstown lastSaturday in the fast time of eight seconds. He will try to beat that time on Saturday at the Prophetstown track. Ira Shenwood has moved hia shoe shop to Lrie, so there is an opening for a good repairer. E. Wolford has sold his place to Frank McFalls. Price not stated. Rock River Is lower than usual. A number forded it during the past two weeks. Mrs. Elizabeth Gould died Oct. 9, aged CO years. She has been a great sufferer with cancer of tho tongue for a long time. . LYND. Two charming little girls were danc Ing "the racket" in the streets. "What makes you so happy V n gentleman asked "Oh! our mas have thrown away all our horrid igedicine, and we have only to take Dr. Bull's Cough Sy- Tpicy Avm-menis in a Chicanp Divorce Suit. WOrtJL MATRiMOMAL INFELIOITT. ift l.-r •Inin-l • r.l!" .l.v Husliiin.l Who Will 1 ii,,, <-,.|,.|u:ltp.l S-.utllll''P — A lair rx-Wlilmv'* :i i.f ?.I:i -rillliu- Cm-Ill Tw tlm MO.-I.N i.f M lii'-li M" I" ,-ol;» nf Horn 1 Wcl n Sln- Thnlr .Toy (?) . A.Hiwu J. Hp'ivk--,. , .l.'nnri'l.'il t if.Tu.l:;9 r:Uon r"*'.mining i'H •n rl->nyi!i-» him ml-.. Tlio j.|iJ,2i! set tho s morning. Dr. mu flivorco c'-iurt, ilifl bill chnrzins Mrs. THC rup, and that ain't bad at all." From Hound tfrove. • "' Oct. 0— Fine October weather is the blessing we are enjoying here at present which all are Improving either in preparing for the winter cold or in riding about on business or pleasure intent. A family party at Mrs. Jennie Kings at the Bend was the occasion of a number of our folks enjoying a very pleasant ride there and an entertaining reunion of frlwI.B frnm <li«tont !<Y'n.h»:!"r. An elder brother of lemon FoUown, Mr. Michael Fellows; of Manitowac, Wisconsin, has been visiting him. He celebrated his 79th birthday yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hessling, east of Sterling, visited friends here last • Sunday. Mrs. Mary Stokes joined the last of the harvest excursion to Denlson, Iowa, C. E. SMITH, Druggist, Clarence, Iowa. ttbs Miss Isabella Bird, tbe dauntless English traveler in out-of-the-way countries, was recently married to a bishop. forced to Leave Home. • Over GO people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for a/ree trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your bloed is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fail to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grand remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 60 cents. 2 Mile Catani, the newly appointed professor of general pathology m Bologna, has begun a course of free lectures on bacteriology. The money now In the treasury" is to be given to the Bible society, while the singing books are to remain in the school house for the use of-any kind of meetings held there in the future, unless a Union Sunday school is established in the town, when all the books of whatsoever kind are to be given, to that school. Mr. Hermon Tenney Is building a granary, corn crib, stable and carriage house. Mr. W. M. Dillon ia putting up a commodious and fancy hog bouse of large dimensions. When done it will be a very nandsome affair. MACK this afternoon. Mrs.George W.Chamberlin, of Leola, Dakota, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Henry Wiltzer. She was called suddenly by the illness of her father, who is suffering from a stroke of paralysis Mrs. Emma Seeley is spending some time with a cousin in Harmon. Mr James Ribble, ot St. Thdmas, Canada, is stopping for a time with E. H. Gilroy. . Mammoth potatoes and pumpkins are on exhibition at the store. SEMI-OCCASIONAL. One Illaek Drop. Byron was wise when he wrote "A drop of ink may make a million think." This is indeed true when the black fluid la used to enlighten the world on the merits of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Let consumptives everywhere hear the glad tidings. Try it all, who breathe with pain and toss in fever through the long night hours. You will find the cough gone and sleep aa balmy as a child's will visit your pillow. i r ou will thank the drop of ink that brought the message of mercy to you. $500 REWARD. So confident are thn manufacturers of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy in their ability to cure- chronic nasal catarrh, no matter how bad or of how long standing, that they offer, in good faith, the above reward for a case which they AppIlriiUun — Fiv<> VT rnti'.vio, CM, 10. —I): Tnlry y.:--'i--'r.Iny nn inj'i' vif», Mti E. Sj.:u-l;-!, fr-i nn>Mon to 1;U mvii !iou-- matter for a h' 1 !! ing tlii Mra. Ppnvks nro in th» doctor lmv!n^ filial a Hpai-ks with rrtii'lty, nnl sho lmvin;j; repli'-'! with nn nnswer (k'nyinK liis rhnrgi's, nml o cross bill frir 'iopnrato nmintt.'imn'-'r 1 , nllcgiiiK that Hlio fs livitiR Bpnrtfroiu him without h(«r fnult Dr. Ri>-u-k!i owin tlm chief <lr!ii? storo in Kensington, nnJ Is sfii<l by his wifo to hnvo inforinoil lu-r thut his rve'ipt* wcro ?40() n month, of which M) per cent, it clear profit, nnd tlmt his fortune ia *Hi,()30. A Short Softson of BlllaR(T) Tlio innrriod life oC tho oouplo wna one Ulontli nnd ono dny, nnd it hurt crowded into it n drtcndo of domr'stic inharmonic*. Tlio domestic troubles ot tho Sparks fnmi ly •are tho talk oT nil Kensington n-i-t the »••>- cinl sDiisntion of tint rni!?mnnt of Hytlo Pnrk. Dr. P«rk» inrtrrio.-l MM Ma E. D?s- preaux, widow', njed !l"i. nt Kinknkp-^, July 3, nnd Aug. i they had ceu-^d living together, Dr. fpnrks clnimin^ thnt his wifo nnd sister-in-law hA-1 r-intMl him out of tho house, nnJ Mrs. Rparki insiating vh.-it tha doctor hurt trio 1 to cvt hor to 1-jave, anJ, whan she would -not RO, ho left. Tlie Blnpli Ahll*e<1 ISoclor. Tho doctor s-iys thtii his wifo struck him twice in tho fnco with her fists, hit him in tho (melt of tho In-art with n looklng-glnss, cnllml dim names which would put« nNhwifo to shnnio, mid to cap iho climax t ^l'>Krnphod for her sister-in-law, nnl with hor aid boat tho defenseless drup;c:ist with a cuspllor nnd lire-poker. Wh'.'ii tho doctor gathered bis wits tind shut.crod iiisrvus tofjotlur ho cnllo.l lustily for the polU-o; the wife mid sistor-in- 'nw .wero arrested, nn 1 JiHliej Q linn fined them taSnnrt ?10, rt'8|ioetively. Other Hiiln nt tlm Storv. All of which Mr* Spiirks avers is totnl'y fnlso, nnd sho giv.-s her sido of tho story. 8ho "snya thut _ immodintely _nfter tho" mnrfiiiSfo""D'fT. "" tfiiurSs," wlib 'was a crusty old ' bachelor, nml: boliov.;rt that -women should bo trained with strait-jackets nnrt pln^ter ca<t-<, nnnouncad cnhnly nnd dispassionntely that hu proposed to break- her in or break liar nock. Ho thought $3.i>p was too much for making a dress, nnd made her tnko back a whit-elUn for which sIio hud paid 18 cents, because it was exorbitant. He ho-isted of tho ladies ho knew nnd corresponded with, nnl Mrs. Spnrks all-.'ges that hu did everything to in- duco her to go awny from him, and wht-n slio wouldn't K" ''o w.-mt, nnl sent John C. Trainor, his lawyer, to her,' who offered hor *10 if she wunlrt K fi i ii'iilk'nrcj, iina'iironiisod in Riicli evriit 11) b« !:;-•.:• r.l!i;ri'ifj'. Hint II,.hU llu> I r ort. Mr. Bpnrln'hen came In nnd added his entreaties to those of Trainor nnd tried I o get her to s'en some snrt of nn njrocment. tiho ordered Trainor from h-'r h.msa,^nnd when ho rofus'd to go shi' pick '<! un tha cuspidor to enforce obedio.u'o of hur command. Whoroupon Dr. (Spurki yelled "police!" nnd Trnlnor deinn .d •<! h'«r arrest foP murder. Sho wnsfiiK-tl, but npp.-a|..Ml, nnd this ia her version of. Dr. Sparks' inelnr.choly story of the onslaught .with poker nn.l cinpidor. Mrs. Bparks holds th« fort in .tin d ctor's mnnsion, and Jiul % -o Tnl-'V will M.iy-to-day whether thed'Wtor can b.' allo.vid to go In, if it is only to cli-nr.;i \\'n limn. p ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Live t-tock -"'! ^" :;: ' ; Nov '' -''s .liinnary. "i l,ai-!'. W.T.- i.ri.- l.m ; ut fairly B<-!lv... wlih thrht Bi-H.l.". {:i.!i>"- f,,l(H- mixed lot-., and BhliM'Intt lot-. to chiiic- steady, l 411); lnr.-rl'ird:ili, S-.'.MI'/.'I.-'-.: rows Barkers and f.-,-,k-rs, $\W.. Jlnrket good Ht-ady to ptrons, inferioi- Iciwt-r, $ i/l rt/l.'A wr-t <fr4.1.->: "' oi.u-h i-ackln;, j.l..'.. .'M.4': heavy iiackmn -('.:!•.. l'-}"^^"* . t. >-.-.; medium, ? !.•> ••••: .-'-.: rows. ?l.i" ^.'....: $\W..m * h.-e,,- s-UKv,,,l. .*); lamhi, Sl.Oi.,.,VJO. lluttiT— Kancy Kliiin criNimrry. -H (T^-.c ni-r II): dairy, av^i.'c: imckim; fitook. 7t<Wf'.jc Ks-irs-Strlctly frcsli, Ktw.iMT l-er doVlce hoiia-, IV.Sl.'i'*':. rouHrs'-Uve hiins cannot cure. Remedy sold-by drug- giats at 50 cents. Not even the bookbinder can tell whether a new book is bound to be popular. •Tbe Verdict 1J unuiuiouH. W. I). Salt, Druggist, IMppua, Ind, testitiea "I can recommend Electric Hitters aa the very beat remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief ia every case. Ono ruaa took six bottles and was cured o( llht'uuiatisin of 10 yoars' sUuuUug." Al)fei5jam Uaro, Uruggint. H« tUilli-, Ohio, <ti f irniij " 1 ha be at »a!5- i' g wt4i« u.f 1 h.uu evar Uaodle-d m J«SB &f my tff»" t'ttilf <> ' c*jH»n«-»«', ia Bit- Uis* that r*** ft- -A i l {!->-• V' ' }i»U«rs **,- k 4 if.'f tils' Auiilcaro Cipriani. The most striking figure, physically speaking, at llio recent workiugmcii's congress in I'ariB was that of Ainilcaro Cipriwii. Cipriani was born at Rimini in 1844. Nominally ho ia a journalist; actually ho is a fighter. A Socialist since he was 15 years x olJ, ho has for thirty yeara fought and suffered. Twico ho has been condemned to death; onco to New Caledonia for lifjo—actually ten years; to tweiity-fivo ytKira' Uai'.l labor In Italy—actually eight (chained to a log). Ho was di-liveroi from tliia last by the •'persistence of tho Italian people, who nine times elvi'ti'J him deputy. To dc- ftiul his people ug.iinist the tripto al- li;nu-e of iJu^i-ia, (ji'nu;my, Au-t.ria i/u tliy 0:10 li;iii'l, ami >.i;;aiiu>t l.vitilitligi^jtl OH ttir> oth'/r, Cipdaiii has »tin u-.l u ujti- ver.-al fnli-r..'.;i..n ..f UK- pt (>(.!..'- ;i inovi.- n 11 .ilr> uh ;tu , i v\ i t U I'l . •- "i. >i ' ' 1'. n ', .1 H. An intelligent person when hurt will at once procure a bottle of Salvation Oil. It Is the best thing to cure swellings, burns, or wounda. All druggists sell it at twenty-five cents a bottle. laent !• ily, n * >; nt <> *, ,ir i It ti ' UM u-l From JLyudon. Oct. 0.—Mr. Thomas Roe has been very aiek for several days, with paralysis of the left side, but is a little better now. Mrs. Olive Greealee, wife of A. W. Greenlee, is dangerously ill at her home, A little non of John Creighton in jumping off a shed roof last Saturday fell and broke hla left arm in two places. Quite a scattering among the faithful this week aa follows: John Shepard to Iowa; Jessie Sastou and wife to 8L Louis; Mra, M. J, Stuart to Chicago; Ulyasdrt Funk to Diioti ami Chicago, ^ws 54»y Uacklpy to her homo In !}*fetK«, Hill B*!4wm tu Ct'it^u K<J. MriUiftn u> ChJMjfo iuisJ A i; i'^r ts> itoyui."tifc> il* itc* Vt f<tllmac-«l I) ' !?-»• f IftC *ift%^4S^> »»f I, t ts.1 .. i'. ' From HuzalUnrBt. Jasper Shoemaker is in Iowa hunting. Clayton Chronisterhas returned from Montana. Mrs. Samuel Lester, who has been seriously ill with billiouB colic, is some better. Mrs. Henry Bchryver, David Ports, Carley Webster and iSert Ports, are on the sick list. Lewis Reynolds has returned from France. He took in the Paris siposi- tion and brought three fine horses home with him. Public sales are very numerous in this part of the country. A great many farmers are shipping corn and oats from the station. Nathan Crary, of Shickahinny, Pa., ifl here looking after his farm and buying potatoes. George McElhaney met with a serious accident last Monday while prying itp a corner of a house; the bar slipped and he fell about two feet, breaking both bonus above the ankle joint so they protruded through the flesh. . HAZEL. From Mahntuuaii. Miss Nelils McMannla, of Sterling, was home last week, viaiting her parents. Billio McCiiba, of Sheffield, wiw visiting at John McCabd'a a few days thia week. Drew vmlted friends iu An epidemic of typhoid fever prevails at Auroni, W. Vn Oyster denlers in Maryland nro getting ready to increase tho price of the luscious lii- valve. Frost wan ono of tho sights at New Orleans, La., Sunday, Monday nnd Tm-sdny nights. ' The wheat growers ot tho Mississippi vnl- loy will hold a convention nt St. Louis Out !5J. ' W. A. Robinson & Co., oil refiners, of Providenc •, U 1., Unvu failed. Liabilities, $250,000 to S*JO,000. A local stock company has bought the Anton Mayer brewery ut ToriM H:iulo, Iiid., paying therefor «HJO,0.'JJ. Bt Cloud, Minn., is. in Imminent dang-r from prutrio liros. Heavy loswa havo b.-i wrought already iu that vicinity. Tho comptroller of th? currency has ir.i- tuorized tho Fir^t Nation:d bink of Dunlop, Iu , to begin IHHIIU-S^ with a capital of $50,000. M. K. Billings, the alleged slayer of At torney Kingsley, at U'nverly, Ii., win taken to the state p-'.-mttmtinry at Aiminosa Wednesday. Hugo Lioman, tb-j White H.iuso steward, is going back to Chicago, tnving been offered $1,000 moro salary tu r'tin the.ll.clieliou hotel cuisine. lira. Goorgo 1'VinuU Train, Jr., nn absolute divorco from her buibaiid, tho Bon of Ooorgo Francis Train. Flro started Wedne*lay in tha east wins of the Michigan «lat.ns] prison at Jackson and destroyed a budding uso.l for a high school and library. I/MS, S.'0,0()f). Tho city of L-mdon ia going to spend $7,000,000 in opening a ue\v htruot from tho Strand to Uolbtirn, and this is only tho bo- ginning of a vast system of street improvo- inout Articles of iucorporaticn have been fllod at Indiuniipolis fur the Chicago, Oroonlleld and Cincinnati railway, to extend from Kusavillo to Nobli-svillf. Capital stoalc, $1,000,000. Two cotton presses, the Tyler and Lower bydraulio pivsso.-i, Qvo cotton warehouses, and 4,800 bales of cotton wero turned at Ba- vannah, Oa., Wednesday, 'i'ho loss is esti- ijiatod at £-iOJ,GOi). Groat i>reparations are making in B?rlin to welcome thu ciar of Hnssia, who will be in tha! city Friday. Also to prevent his sudden tnkiug olFnt tho hands of somo dosporato nihilist. ISji-iin is aiivo with troops and policemen At Auburn, N. Y., Tuesday, Judge Bavey decided that the electrical execution law ia constitutioun! and remanded Keruuiler, the murderer who is alr-.-ady under sontouoo of death by electricity, to tho custody of tho warden of tho Auburn prhon. I Cuuto:n3 Inspector Bhitichlev, at El Paso, Tex, was flred U[>oii by a -Mexican smuggler whom ho ordere 1 to ha!t a fovvnight« ago. He returned thu lire, critically wound- M per bbl. t 1 runbc'iTU'3-S*.i>U3. s . ; ' lP t>er bbl. Nuw York. XKW YOBK. Oct. D. Wheat—No: 2 red winter cash, WSlc; do October, iWic; do November, Hi«".; do Dej ct-mber. ftV'hc. Corn-No. ^ inixe 1 cash. . ;7d Coldc- do Uctohnr, MV; do Novumbiir, dW 4 c; do Decomber. 4(P B c. Outs-Diill; No. S mixed cash. -'.-.K^-tlihc: do October, ur.fiic: do No- vi-mh-r '»'"•; 'I" I>»<'<-mli<T. a> : '-ic. Hye—Dull. Barley—Nominal. Pork—Dull; mess, SK.-Kfi 1-.75 for in-pected. Lard—Steady; November, 5U.«; December. JILiK; JuiHinry, Srt.SU. Livof'toc;: Cuttle —Prinio cattle, ttrrn; Inferior to fnirly tto»d steers fstremely! dull and lower; poor l.i prime, mitive steers, SUX)2i 4.H1 ]>or .1*1 ll.s; extra d' $4.7. fe 1.8 l; Texas nnd Col.jnulo do, ?:Ui>'iV.1.;r>; bnlln, »tnt;a and dry C'OWH, J-.K""'. .^i. Hhci-ii and Lamb-i-tiood offerings, llnner nud liiuln-r: (ommon to prime sheep «.i.:V.'.<- )i.'i- Ib cDinmon to extru Iamh». 5!-Wi,7!4c'. flots.s-Stuady; ilvr ho^, Sl.riKio.iW per ll«> Ibs. Tho I*Blh of Tnino. Perhaps, we nmy safely say that tho maid of every great man is shadowed _ by uieliinclibly. Greatness ris not an easy triumph; toil, Buffering- and fear darken tho path which leads to fame; tho final victory searoo componsatea for that whicli waa endured in achieving it; tho recollection of Oi\rly trial saddeim and Boftena later suci-ess; often tho most ardent .spirit would hesitate, and turn back wero it not for tho consuming de- siro to excel which impels tho toiler onward and never pernnta hia weavy brain to more than briefly (lag in' iU task. Melancholy is not-pessimism. Tlie'pessi- .tiils.tsiifo.tliiiHO vvhu hnvo never Blrivcn nnd succeeded. A..t.uuch of mulnnsM . tiiigen tho minilH of I lie Ki', tho wisest and the best, Tru'y fin-at men aro rare. Extraordinary coiubinationii of circumstances alono produce, them; there must bo a meeting of tho miiu and the event; l>oth the- mind and tho occasion, must bo ready, nnd when tho time cornea tho great soul, taught patience, courage and sagacity, leaps to its opportunity ' and tho flood of enthusiasm nnd ardor avenvhehns all obstacles;' without tho , severe discipline of waiting it could not liavo succeeded, but in the hour of triumph the melancholy of past failure cannot wholly disappear. Perhaps it ia best that great men Kiiould be subject to melancholy. The recollection of their own disappointments gives them moro sympathy for human suffering, and they can judge, with tenderness, our follies nnd our frailties. A few lofty and far seeing intellects lead, though their influence may for the time bo unfelt, and wheuthey teach wisdom and mercy tho lesson -will not be lost.—Louisvillo Courier-Journal. A grand fete out of compliment to . "America and Corsica," the latter as the most formidable claimant to being the birthplituo of Columbus, will bo given on 'Oct. 12 in Paris for tho celebration of "tho !597th anniveivary of the discovery of the New World." There will bo n procession of delegates from all the American states and from the West Indies.—New York Sun. Scenery for tile rus»loii 1'lay. Tho Oburaramorguu PaKsion plays are fast becoming modernized. Hormaun Burghurdt, of Vicuna, has received ml order to paint thu Bcenery for tho new- stage, and cull bulls will bo introduced. Tho sci'iiery is taken for tho most part from tho old mastcre—"Tho Last^5uj> j~per" ljTT"iH>Tiarilo,"~aiTil"' T 'TlicrCr ion," after Ruplmul, etc. Two drop scones, which nro painted upon wood, are also being prepared, and will bo shifted biiuIkWiU'd and forward'by means of rollers. The utnge receives all its light from .above, being .covered by a' glass roof.—London Graphic. :- *' TO DEAL ALL BT.OOD CONTAGIOir. WOULD. l>cst ing the Mt talk of X10J111. !;mz it Mrs. Joha ilU'^gO llMt MHS Ji.lrt rliuds IU bi." ilu« iU'i'-., r (*„ t'l Ni'.if btt<n v;sl!lug ttutboritied :i lilt- i irttiirml mnitor. Ohio Ivlvnf Canul. ., O,/t. II). —In pursu- u i-m p;i^.-*i by tiio!«^- f n^.p >into I u cviru- l-fali!!u> 111-} ftt.L->i l)l!- Kr.n uthl tho Ohio Tm: BEiT 1:1 Illilulc r.wirt'o t^i>cciiic 1.) th hi t'.ic ^'itrlil. 1 luivo l;iio\v:i iMo jniiko some wonderful can.a of j>aticn'. \ \v!io m-ro considered incural'-l^, j). !.[. GmYsoH.C'rowvlllc, Lit. on I^(HKl and f ; k TUB BWIFT Sirvcino Co., Drawers, Atlanta, Cist A CHANGE. Ut, 1 ', -anJt.ii.ii.*, i-i 1 "A • 1 O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATION

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