Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 27, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1908
Page 5
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. *-— —==^&> a *>== (local Events. V: ' <^»«-Vi==:-— Purity Firoless Cookers at Fa- brJck's Hardware. Mrs. Anna Finch is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. A. Smith of Gavdeua. Mrs. Smith of Oakland was the guest on Monday and Tuesday of her cousin, Mrs. A, Warner. Miss Henrietta Burton of San Bernardino is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Scofleld. Dr. J. Radebaugh of Pasadena was a week end and Rubie. guest of Messrs. Ralli Miss Inez Smith, who is suffering from diptberia, is out of danger and recovering rapidly. The Misses Ethel and May Casey take part in Prof. Franklin's recital in Pomona today. Mrs. Thos. Finch was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Geo. Browning of Compton, over last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilhite of Lordeburg, were dinner guests at the home of their nephew, C. H. Stanton on last Sunday. Mr Wilhite expects soon to leave ou a trip to his old home at Adrian, Mo. Mrs. Owuby of Gardena, who has been spending a week with her daughter, Mrs. McLaughlin, left on Wednesday for her home. An article of merit, Gilmore Grater. Used by Mrs. Wheelock. For sale at Fabrick's Hardware Store. Price 15c. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass and daughter, Miss Lilian, and Mrs. Dana King left yesterday for Camp Rincoo, where they will spend ten days. Miss Tillie Schuster of Los Angeles was the guest ou Saturday and Sunday of her cousin, Mrs. F. E. Dudderar. Prof. Echevery of Berkeley was^the guest last Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr. R. Elliott. and Mrs. J. Rev. W. G. Conley and Miss Marie Thompson were among Covina people who attended the commencement exercises this week at Pomona college. Miss Leta Wilson, who has been spending a week at the home of Mrs. G. N. Atwood, left yesterday for her home in Los Angeles. •:•: The Rev. and Mrs. -Harry White attended a banquet given in Los Angeles on Monday evening in honor of Bishop and Mrs. Mclntyre. Mr. Roscoe Conkling of Kansas City, Mo., arrives today to make a visit at the home of Mrs. G. J. Reynolds. Miss Grace Inwood of University, Los Angeles, is spending two weeks at the home of her aunt, Mrs. E. P. Warner. Clay Jeans and sister, Vallio, leave tomorrow for their old home in Missouri, where they will spend three months. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Casey last week were Mr. Gaebel of Chicago and his brother of San Diego and Miss Bessie Madison of Pomona. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Reynolds with Dr. and Mrs. Shoemaker as guests went by auto to Pasadena and spent the day in that beautiful city ou Thursday last. H. W. Snodgrasd and family left yesterday for San Pedro, where they will spend the summer. During their absence their house will be Guaranteed piano tuning. L. E. Sheets, Pomona, tf. Misa Clara Amon visited friends at Rowland during the past week. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Stanton, on Sunday, June 14, a daughter. Alba Hibsch visited the past week with his cousin, Cortis Overton, at Redoudo. The Misses Anna and SteJla Clark of Norwalk are guests of their aunt, Mrs. J. R. Elliott. Mr. Killian of El Monte was the guest last Sunday of his college friend, Merton Elliott. Silas, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Overboltzer, has been ill all the week with a severe attack of the mumps. Upon the close of] school n Miss Belle Williams, teacher, left for her home in Pasadena. Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Webb and family of Los Angeles have removed to 820 W. 2nd street. Miss Adela Lunds, who has been visiting her uncle and aunt, Prof, and Mrs. C. J. Flatt, has returned to her home in Los Angeles. Japanese man wants position as gardener. Can do ranch work, drive team and prune trees. K. Amabata, P.O. box 420, Coviua, Cal., 7-4p Mrs. T. Gooch of Rivera, with her little daughter Fay, was the guest several days this week of her dauhgter, Mrs. Louis Harris. Mr. and Mrs J. F. Hall have be- ome permanent residents of Reedley, Cal., where Mr. Hall is engaged in the cement business. R. C. Casad wishes his friends to know that his wife presented him with a nine pound girl ou Sunday night, June 21st. Miss Charlotte Leland of Los Angeles and E. R. Kuns were dinner guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mrs. E. P. Warner spent last Tuesday in Pasadena with a lady who is visiting relatives there, Mrs. Hawl ey Taylor, formerly Miss Harriet Nichols of the Covina High School. F. M. Perry, who has been visiting for several weeks at the home of his parents, Rev. and Mrs. M. H. Perry, ou San Bernardino road, has returned to Los Angeles. Miss Louise Pomeroy, who spends the greater portion of tbe year in Covina at the winter borne ot her sister, Mrs. J. A. Ennis, bas removed to Riverside for tbe summer. Miss Esther Rothwell, who was a guest of Mr. and Mrs.- Helwick, at OUR AGENTS: Warner, Wfiitsel & (o. Brown & Bonn Pomona Sanitary Laundry Baptist Sunday-School Picnic. Tho superintendent of the Baptist Sunday-school, \V. (). Custer, took | about 7") of his school up to Dalt.on lanyun last Tuesday for n day's ont- ng. Ho also took with thorn thn Musical Revival Crusaders, who furnished music for the occasion. Tho adies had furnished n nice lunnh fot .he occasion. All report n good Juio. their ranch home east for several weeks, ,has Ontario, of the city returned to left All business houses will he closed lu Covina on Saturday next, July 4. Holiday hours at the postofflce' on July 4th. Chns. Gable has removed to Monrovia. Enoch Overbolt/er is down from Modesto, harvesting his potato crop. Clarence Hewitt has removed to Long Beach. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hickeuloopor report their safe arrival at Lillian, Idaho. Miss Ida Hawes, high school teacher, will spend her vacation in Pasadena. Miss Margaret Brandt has been ill this week with a severe attack of measles. The Ladies' Guild of Holy Trinity Church met this week at the home of Mrs. I. I. Cook. Miss Florence MoLood has been ill this week with a severe attack of la grippe. Mis. Smith of Oakland WHS th« guest on Monday and Tuesday of her cousin, Mrs. A. Warner. Mrs. Frank Chalker and mother of Long Beach are visiting this week at the home of Mrs. A. M. Seeley. Mrs. H. W. Allen of Hollywood, with her little daughter, is spending a week at the homo of her friend, I,Irs. C. E. Bemis. Miss Gladys Katekin is visiting relatives at Lordsburg and will attend the graduation of her cousin, Loren Ratekin, at Bouita High School. The ladies of Holy Trinity Church will hold a sale of cakes, pies, frijoles and home cookery this afternoon in McLeod's restaurant. B. L. King and family and Cieo. Anderson and family leave next Wednesday for a camping trip'to San Antonio Canyon where they will spend the summer. -Mrs. Louis Harris entertained on Friday afternoon with a thimble party in honor of her mother, Mrs. T. Gooob of Rivera. Daiiuty refreshments were served. L. Didier will make extensive Mrs. E. S. Preston and Mr. Goo. K. Lieehrick of Chula Vista pleasantly snrpriFcd Mrs. M. Leebrick and fa in- ly Wednesday by paying them a hort visit. They returned this morning accompanied by Miss Mary •eebrick and Prof. Carl C. Leebrick, vho wHl spend the summer with them at Neraryo Ranch. Prof. G. W. Hursey and wife immediately on the close of the schools for Uplands, which city they will make their .headquarters during the vacation season. The Rev. Harry White delivered a lecture on Tuesday evening in Pico Heights Church , which he built five years ago. Jle received a warm welcome from his eld friends. Leon Ostrander left Tuesday for Corcoran, where he has contracted the erection of a handsome bungalow for Mr. Alex Hutchinson, formerly of lr- wiudale. On Monday Wm. H. and sou Sam started on a trip over- laud to Coaohellu, where they own extensive ranch interests. Sam expects to remain fur the summer. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Smith of Los Angeles, with Miss Elsie Smith, who is society editor of the Los Angeles provements in his store room rented by Grouse. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miss Clara Custer of Pasadena was calling ou old friends in Covina the first of the week. She will leave soon for Princeton where she expects to spend the summer with her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Melvin Custer. .Times, am the home of week end guests at their daughter, Mrs. Harry White. On the close uf the high school Mrs. M. W. Johnson and daughters, the Misses Isola and Mareia, reluriie 1 to their home in Tustin, (,'al. They will make Covina their home again as soon as schoo! reopens after the sum- Guests at the honif of Mr. and Mrs. mer holidays. F. K. Dudderar on Sunday, last I Rev. (i. F. Chemberlen returned were the parents of the latter, Mr and . Sunday night from Des Moines, Iowa, Mrs. P. J. Dreher of Pomona, and ! w , 18ro lie l)H(1 nf . ei , Hftllt HH delegate to her cousins, Mrs. M. Orhun and j the allliua | conference uf the Brethren daughters, the Misses Corino and i church. He reports a pleasant, time, •but return" more satisfied with Co ivitiii. While absent he also visited im- this fall including a flue new front and increased floor space for Mr. Broadwell's USB. Miss Rea Elliott left yesterday for the Yosernito, whore she will stay three weeks with a party of college friends, who are *ili engaged in teaching. Mrs. L. M. Joffcries, who lias been Htaying at Hotel Vendome for the past month, removed Thursday t< Long Beach, where she will make t brief stay before going toCatalina foi the summer. For Sale Two well broken spans of work mules. Also splendid younj, team of heavy Peroheron four year olds. Weight 1000 Ibs each; well broken. Matt Chilton. Telephone •l.'iO. tf Mrs. Bowen of Goldfleld is the guest of her sistor, Mrs. iMcLaughlin. Jarnes Elliston, of (iardena, nephew of the latter, who is visiting here for the benefit of his health, is greatly improved by tho salubrious climate of ('ovina. Sylvester Warner of Outline. Okla.. who is a In other o< Austin Warner and Mrs. Fairly, has left for his home. Ha is so charmed with Southern California in general and Co- A Free Lecture. Dr. William Capps will lecture in he Baptist Church Tuesday evening, June 30th at 8 o'clock. Subject, 'The Fallacies of Chtistinn Science. " k cordial invitation is extended to all. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Salo—Seed potatoes. Inquire if Austin Warner, Covina, Cal. tl Rooms to rent—See Mrs. W. C. Hibsch, Cottage Drive. Gunthor's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Motorcycle for sale cheap. Covina Realty Co. For Sale Seed potatoes. Inquire of Austin Warner, Covina, Cal. tf For Sale Wheat hay, 815. 1097. W. H. Daniels. 7-11 Call Get Busy—Use your phono, blackberries are ripening. Our phone number in HI28. tf FOR SALE—A 'wall tout, complete and \\"< o!o. Used part of one summer. S, P. JenniHon. tf. Cement blocks, 8x16 inches, for sale by D. E. Stites, the cement man. Prices the lowest. ' FOR SALE—-Sweet potato plants. M. E. Zug, Irwindale, Phono 31 It. tf THE Covina Peoples Store (INCORl'OKATKI)) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHDLE FAMILY We have the agency for the celebrated Without doubt the best much shoe on the market, who wears them --he knows. Ask the man IMiick or Tan. Hhtcher Cut. Mellow Tongue. Kloudyko Kyelets. THE GLORIOUS FOURTH Fireworks That Work Crackers That Crack Fresh New? Stock C. F. CLAHP BRASS FOUNDRY and MA01I SHOP V, For Sale—Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, 81800. J. H. Matthews. Buggies repainted and revarnlHhod fiom 85.00 up. SurreyH 80.00 up. Autos 810.00 up. (J. W. Mai-wli. For Salo—-Potntoiss and poultry to order. Also fh'Ht cliiHH cow. K. C. CaHad, Homo phono 1128, Covina. tf Have your rubber tireH net by Wilson's rubber Urn Hotter, tho only one of itw kind in the valley. tf. Place, your Hparc cimh in the, Covina Valley Savings Bank, a wife invoHt- rnent at 4 pur cent. Tho Covina Valley Savings Bank off'crH you a naf'c inveHtrncnt for your idln I'undH. V\'e pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. We have a limited amount of baled barley hay for Hale at the presH. Cut and baled at the proper time. Phono 1 111. Kiggins Farm and Ranch. For Sale UfiOO gallon galvani/- c:d iron tank and force pump a tit bar gain. Otto Anderson, Hast Doublo avenue. 7 1 1 p Tularc laud mines oraugeH, all kiiirln of fruits and vegetables to perfection. ('omit up with IIH on 1'Yiday and nee them. .J. M. Mai. thewH, Covina. Phone .OOOH. WH ('AX (XJLLKCT yur nlow and doubtful accoiintH, n" fee without MANUfACTURERS or GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Ratterns KELLAR & THOMASON Shop ami Office opposite S. I'. lh:\>A ll<>mt: IMiom; 2H'J Covi na , Cal vina in particular, that he will settle i HiicceHH. AddreHH M KICCANTILK up his interests there and return in L.\WOO,, '.\'i\ Summit Ave. I'ami August with bin wife, and children. 'dena, Cal. 41.p Vivian. Miss Wiuuifred Wilkinn <if High lands, who is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. R. Evans, is visiting friends in Los Angeles. Owing to the fresh outbreak of diptheria at Patton and Highlands, she and her sister Beatrice will be unable to return home for some time. Tbe Baptist Bible-school observed Children's l)av Sunday evening. The children did credit to them hel'.esand who drilled them. Th« marching "f the little tots in I he Sunday-vho 4 song fc-i(.eci;«l ly eh-ctrd applause, and the rendition . of the story of the ten virgins in M.H<^ Ly \t-n .voting ladir.- ua^ irnpre.-sive. The pro^rbtii wa^ dti'lbred i<iji: >>t the Le = l yivt-u by the b .'Lool. his aged mother at St. Louis. The first annual convention of the Southern California Kpworth Leagues will be held at Huntington Beach on tbe ,'uh, lurh and llth of .July. A very strong and interesting I w '"' k The LadieH' Aid of the Presbyter ian Church held a Hocial gathering in the social ball on Thursday afternoon over fifty being present. An excel lent program wan given under the leadernhip of Mm. .Jennings. Mr«. ',V. M. (iriHWold V-HH elected preside.nt in place of M!HH Pomeroy, resigned. Punch am 1 wafi-rs were nerved and the for tho ensuing year. program has l,e< n prepared by the j cabinet. Ani'int' 'be speakers nti the program v. ill be lii->h..]> 1,'ul.ert .M<'. lnt.vre, recently elected to the bi.-hopij,: a> I he gt-nci'ul conference at jjn!?i:u ;ie. Biehop Warner of India, Dr. L. 'i'. i/uild of San Diegn and .). ('. Hart, the ev ange I iat. wh'. later has charge of the camp meeting. It i:-i ant i'-ij.ated that. ]h()i; leaguers ti'iiii all .~-,'.ul hei 11 ( Xiifoi niri will t.e in btU-ndst.Mce. Th<! ,Jun ior Kndeavor Society of the ChrJHtiwn Church held an icf> cream social on Thmsday afteurion in !lie social halj of the choich lo conclude the spirited nicinl.ei fehi p vtont.ent. which has been willing be tv,een the. "pinks" and the "KliK-s. " Several r.ew memheis v. vie added ai.d the "(/inks-." vvoii l.y a lev, points. Mrs. lifjSS is !!.<• -il| ei j i, tenden t of the cla-ih ni.d o'.ii \,('i n.imi.eis v.en- I n bfclit. KOK SALK 10 aci-en of TJ year old navel*. (iood house and other improvements. A/.usa water ri[/ht, HO shares. Will lake ci,tl;.gn in (,'ovirm. Price # lU.dOO. TennH. Austin Warner. I'Oli SALI-; Two of the finest lots in the city cheap. . r j ro-oin house and ••. lots, rjOx 170, fi(J orangr- t.r«:es, close in, prii e ^-JtJOO. for invest na . t U in (.;on List .Volll |.l .|,ei ! i'--., \: |l li ial< <-r t() lei. A I- - lei u.- kn want.", and see if v. i: cannot, them. Money i«, loan. ' o 1 . ina wnlei si ock foi .-ale, (.OVINA lil. M.'l V CO. Clai k t. us lol w youi riipply Foot Comfort isn't something you mu;<l to look forward to notiit!- tliintj to he had as a for a wL-c:k or more of torture. Not if you wear Hanan Shoes 'lMu:y herein to IM coiulortable with tin- day of fnirc.liasr am! remain so until worn out. The Ilatiati last, the result of years of study of the true proportions of the human foot, is the, cause of this. Your day-after-day sal i-.faction is the result. Smart style-,? They an- created in the llanati factory. Try tbe Ilatiati Slioe thi^ time for the sake of your BROADWKLL Covina, Cal.

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