Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 27, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered afthe PostofTicc Covina, Cal. as second-class matter. Publinhed every Saturday by the Co vina Argus Publishing Company, f.ic SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months .. Single Copies . fl.Sf .7. ..S< .0. AIlVKRTISI'.MKVTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Change* made as per contract. Liners ."Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch firs insertion, FA) cents each subsequent in scrtion. COVINA. June 27. 1908. CommoneiriK with our noxt i.smu the Ar^ns will inako a special feature each week of the automobile news of the valley. Thl« column will hfl crliled by Mr. 11. M. (Jivon, H Kifteii nnd hnrnorotiH writer. This gentleman, a« Heorotury of the Covina OarHRo AffHocifition, Iff in touch with all riewH of this character. In nrl. dftlon to purely Joc«J matter he will deal briefly on all Hiibjecta of interest to The taxpayers of the Covina Uri lori High .School UiHtricfc will bo cfl to vote upon a 800,000 bond JHHUO on July 17, for the erection of a new high Hcbool building. The neceHHity for better high Hchool facilities IB too apparent to need comment and the Argun tniHts that every oiti/.en having the welfare of this city at heart will wwrk enthusiastically for the bonds. No ligitimutc reason can be shown why they should not carry. The Han IlimiiH Kagln in of the wi/idom of retiihilriK good men in ConKroHH, says: "MoLanhlan (this district,) has aerv- od four terniH, has won a place of position and power, hiiH made good and IH Hlated for more important places in the next CongroHH. Kfcmem- ber the tariff is to be revised, a matter of vital importance to California, and a Congressman jlwho Las 'won a place of position and power 1 in the kind needed." The orange and lemon associations of San Dimns li'ive ondorHcd Mo- Luchlan for another term by resolution. Covina in to have a second impcr. C. C. Mann, formerly of KHIIHIIH City, Mo., but inoro recently of Kialto, Cal., will be the now editor and proprietor of the venture. The Argus, which IIMH long held the Held alone, oxtendu a hearty welcome to the now paper. They Hay that opposition is the life of trade, but it is usually the case whore two pa pern (ire published in a small town, that nekhcr 0110 of thorn makes n fair living, and iiolh nro piibllshed at a ION.H. This is true in Monrovia, aw well as in most other towns. Monrovia MoNSOllger. Covina's now paper will bo named "The Wave." (ileiulnle District [indorses Parker. Judge C 1 . l (1 . I'arkcr, formerly of Covina, \van unanimouHly endorsed by the (ilcndalc, Club at their mooting Wednesday evening, an their candidaU' fur Niipcr- visur of th« Fifth Suporvi.Horlal Dis triol. Valley IndopemJunl. L.onjf Reach Chautauqua. The program now being prepare'] for thf) sessions of the Southern Call fornin ClinnUiiir|iin Association, to bo hold in Long Beach July ] .'5 U. '2o Inclusively, prornipes t.o bo tho strongest of its kind over given i" this section of the state, A landing feature of t.ho two weeks of erit taimnent and instruction will bo the lectures by Hun. John .Sharp Williams, whose name has recently become familiar throughout tho mirion because of the diHt.lngnished ability he has shown In the conduct, of the democratic minority in Congress. In addition to being a statftflrmm of standing with the thoughtful men of both pHrties and a student of all the great ((iiestions before tho people of tho nation today, Mr. Williams is possessed of a genial humor which illumines his presentment of tho most abstract truths and makes him one of the most popular lecturers in the country. The following from the Washington Post shows how he stamls'with the leaders of thought in the nation's capital: The House Democrats have made no mistake in choosing for their leader upon the floor the Hon. John Sharp Williams, of Miflsissippl. It, lias been said of this office, 'at various times In the past, that it is an iinpty honor, carrying with it neither [lower nor opportunity. The truth is, however, that, the leadership of he minority Is just, what ihe individual incumbent sees fit or is able to make it. The function may be iiu- ligniflod arid foolish, or respectful tnd authoritative, according to the character of tho man who represents it. Ho we say that the Democrats IHVO done well to select Mr. Wiliams as their guide. This is not a man of froth and gesture,. He is no country crossroads fomagoguc or sophomore orator. He IMB brains, and ^tbroo of the finest iniversities in the world—Tennessee, Virginia and Heidelberg —have in- 'ormed arid trained his mind. When lohn H. Williams gets upon his feet ri the House of Repro8antativ<;s--and t is by no means an hourly or even lally demonstration- he in always ns mired of a respectful audience on jofch sides of tho aisle, for it ha» oorne to be known that bo is not iti ovo wltb the sound of bis own voice, jut that ho speaks in truth and soberness. His aro serious aims. He is if conservative and grave purpose, iu a word, the 'Democrats bavc taken 0 themselves a leader who con lead— 1 chieftain whose title rends entirely jlear. Wo congratulate them. UMBRELLAS For Your Buggy and Surrey. Also Handsome Adjustable Sun- Shades to Keep Out the Hot Sun in the Afternoon. We Put Them on Por Vou. O UR 5TORE will be closed all day TWOMEY & DILLER Opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 29 COVINA Spring Tooth Harrows $18 CHAS. H. MORRIS Azusa, Cal. You Just Have to Visit Our Store BroUiron Church: Kumlay-Hohool 0 a.m. Proudhing a'. 11 a, ID. wul :!H) p. in. Chi'iHtian WorkorH 1 inunt- ng (!:j, r > p. mi. JOvtiryoiii) wolouinu. in the (Ilniroh <il' UKI Holy Vinlty--H(!0iind Hnnday after Trlnty: Holy doiniininion 7:45 a.m. lorniiiK prayor 11; Hiilijiuit, "A Wit,- Olnirch. " J'lvenmiiiK 7:liO p. fur tliu Desirable School Situs Wanted. All pnrl.liiH having (hiHiral)lo H'I\I>H pnHi-d new lu^li noli»i>l are jriiurnlrd tu submit tho .siunc to DID clerk nl' (.ho Nohnul Ijoiird, Cuviiiu 1 , ('nl., with jirion ami full juirl iinilurw in writiiiK, "ii or lirfurn .Inly '.I. Thr i|iirstiuii nt tin- Niilt'ittion of nito will ihrn lio siiliniillril to thr vulrrw at thn lnuul t'lont inn millrd I'm m, Oll'ortory anthem by MINH Hodel. Presbyterian Hcrviees: Sunday- !>:4rj. Preaching by pastor 11 a.m. Subject "The I'osit ivciienfl of Scripture. " Junior Kndeavor •! :IH). V. P.S.C. 10. <i:lf>. Preaching 7:45. Subject, "Seek and Ye Shall Kind." All invited to these Herviecti. Paul O. Steveiin, pastor. Worship at the liaptist, Chinch: iiiblo-Hohnid i):lf) a. m. Preaching Horvicos 11 a.m. and !:•{{> p.m. Morning subject, "Th« Holy Spirit." Hiib.ject, ''h'cpentence Helps to see how thoroughly well prepared we are to fill •your wants in drugs, stationery and toilet articles. We are filling the s-helves and cases with the best lines of clean, fresh goods. Experience has taught us how to provide best to serve you. We cater to the trade of particular people—wish to gain your confidence, and then hold it. W. W. NASH Rrescrlptlon Druggist J uly 4th Brown & Bohri Phone 43 Covina, Cal. (01A TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling- and .. Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move.piknos PROMPT SERVICE. PRICES RIGHT. Ollke on Citrus Ave. (ovina, (al. Home Phone 108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The ritfht goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 THE NEW IRamblcr /\L4tomofc>ile Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. We c;in "show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN H.W S. Broadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California Howell & Howell, BREAD Light, Sweet |i and Wholesome FRUSH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Equally Good Service For All This Bank renders the same prompt, courteous and obliging service to the smallest as well as the largest depositor. It wishes to promote the interests of all its customers. Let us be of service to you. Make the First National Bank your depositary. Capital $50,000 Surplus $30,000 Money to Loan on real estate, privilege to pay $100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paving date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and first mortgages. At ArtruV office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Puente St., except Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 3259. OSCAR MIL/LER Our llnmuH. II. V. P. {:. 7 p.m. Topic, "Fmelyn .Ml.sHimis. " Leudi«r, U'uhlo L. Smith. A cordial invita- July 17. All ]ini[iiisitiniiN nuinL tiuhiniltril li.vaotuiil nvviiurs uf hit ]iruji Unit \ti extended ti viceM. all to these ser- (Nunmittff S. \V. .). 11. ii|i|iuiiitt>il by liiiiiril IRWINDALE. Misi I'll u-lif Hrown frirnds in Ki vci .sidr. llir Th; iv u i 11 lie it ,-|n the Misrrllanv Club on 'I'liesday lir\l al tin- honu- oi' Mi s. Krieliiii d. Mr. an.I Mr.-. K. K. WjtsMnirn ., S'litth i'asiid' na, v.iih t.i.i ii i AH dun ghlei>, air \\eck i lid guest? nl I hei parents. M,. ami Mis. 1.'. I;. Cull luaii. Thr twii young ladies \\ill n main t\\u v.i.i,-, \\jth id, ii ^rand 1 ai ruts. Christian Church services: Sun day schiml !<:li"i. I'rcaching al 11 by pastor; snbjlHU, "'I'hr Christ ut Id'- Kvcry Day VVurld. " Junior :i; Senior llndravor '!: ITi. l'reai>liiiii; 7:l.~i; Hiib.jcct, "Tin- 1'eril ol (Jivat I Ippuriuniiicsi. " l>net liy Mrs. Hrj-. tha liciith and .Mrs. U'yeth. A cur dial welcome. At Ihe Methodist Church tlu« pastor \\ill pira.'h boili morning aiul even- ill).;. Topic al t 1 a. in., " I'hr Slain less l-'lii^'," and al 7.1;") p.m., "The 'ii,'' I he llrst cermiin • >f a .-rr ill ihe (lid Test iillU III lnlisli-r Siinday si-hoi d at ''I •"> . I n ^llri l ei ined iat r and Srni>.r T. . I ,"i. I 'lass nirel jilt,' • IIP 'i n i ng -ei v ier. \ . ii > lii\ id djlo attend llirtf Hairy \V. While, piisl^r l Covina French hand Laundry Kerran A: Co., Props. Al.l, WDKK I)i)NK HY HAN'D I,aee curtains, tine silks, flannels and l.tce gouds, our specialty. All work called for and delivered. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you give us a fair trial you tvill not regret it. Financial Representative Wanted. A I,os Angeles Corporation pursue in^ .in exceedingly :>ate aiul pr»fit.ili'e business. tk>>ireSa local represontaiivo ot siaiuiiiii, r ,uul alitlits' to act as it.s representative in securing subscrip- ti 'iis lor its rajiit.ti sl.ick. pa\.il:|e .it oiir time or in niontli'.y pa> inenls. N-'t 011K \\ i Ii ' t'onunissioi,.s b; p.iiil, lint sii.'.-essfnl men will sm n .-i-'urc salarieil positions. Aililri'ss i'!' i ali u pi nl HKXK'Y M. Mcln »NA1.1>. l'rr.s. ' oS.-curity lUiiMi i, L; . l.os A ngeles i.'.ii GET 'EM WET a dozen times— dry 'em out by the stove over night— the next morning- your Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Work Shoes will be just as soft and pliable and easy on your feet as when you first put 'em on in our store. Is it any wonder that Men/.- "Ease" Elk Skin Shoes are always easy and comfortable? Just put a pair on your feet, try 'em out for six months and you will come in our store with a smile on your face and tell us of your own free will— "After this a genuine Menz-"Ease" is good enough for me." Dozens and dozens of men tell us that very thing. .Some have worn Menz"Ease" shoes six months, some for a year, others for a year and a half and quite a number whoi,e names we can mention have worn them two vears and longer- We never guarantee that a pair of Menz-"Ease" will give you any certain length of service. We simply show you the shoes and, if they don't look better to you than any shoes you have seen, just leave your money in your pocket and we will keep the shoes. Broadwell Store Covina, California 1

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