Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1889
Page 3
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(yR r i% Hl'iui'l*, f?4jHiS/Ji . ;! -i ?i _l_^;' '"'-••'•^ on W lion you are around town looking tor In nt tlio EUSTSnl STREET IMbWME STORE And look at my BUTCHER KNIVES They cut keen and hold their ed|?B well. PRICES ALWAY».-Ill«HT. Yours Respectfully, Right side up, LEWIS D. WYNN. Evening Gazette. THB KVBNINO OAKKTTB can be had at &11 tlie new« stands. Price TWO oawrs. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —Charles Hoag has gone to Chicago. —Mr. and Mr*. Dennis Boyers re turned last night fiom Chicago. —City Attorney Wolfersperger has gone to Rock Island on business. —About 300 bushels of potatoes to the acre seems to be the average yield—Miss Emma Belnhe went to Chicago this morning to visit a slater who is ill. . Six and Mrs. II. Rife It (lUlilig went to Chicago to attend Ihe exposition. —D. L. Moody, the evangelist, is holding meetings in Freeport this week, —The Presbyterian Synod of Illinois meets at Rochelle, October 15th to 17th. •. ... ....... --0. Keefe, of Maptl'••P.-.rk, TH.T lias been the guest of T. J. Terryell for several days, .' , Lloyd ilawley, Kagle Pleln and Richard Burk, of Dixon, were on our streets last evening. —Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Smith entertained a number of their friends at progressive cinque last night. ~^—Mrs. Sawyer, the materializing medium, has returned to Sterling, and is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Seely. —The Sterling wheeling party reached Beloit last evening, making the 10 milesrfrom Rockford in about an hour. —Members of Lincoln Canton of Patriarchs Militant are requested to attend a meeting to be held tomorrow, (Friday) evening, in Odd Fellows' hall. —d B. Abbott had his right arm broken a few days ago in A. S. Todi's manufactory in Rock Falls. It is healing rapidly. He gets an Insurance of 810.50 per week. —J. C. Nefl, of Rochelle, purchased 24,000 sheep one day last week. He now has ID all about 30,000 head. If Neff succeeds in caring for so large a herd he can certainly be called a good shepherd —Mr. and Mrs. C. Burkholder celebrated their china or twentieth wedding anniversary on Tuesday night. A number of friends were invited, who surprised Mr. and Mrs: B. with a very handsome china set of dishes. •—The city of 'Amboy has voted to issue bonds to the amount ot $5,000 for the purpose of boring for artesian water. There has also been organized in that city an electric light company with_a_capital stock of 310,000. — Mrs. G"o. L. Wpmi7 has gone to Iowa fur a sh->rt v'.sit. — W..T. .lohnaton, count; superintendent of »cnools, w,-w ln're. on bminPHS yesterday. —Tlie ponai'in medical hoard meets in this city every Wednesday, .to ex- iiminn applicants for pension. —Kilward Spelltnan, of Pcoria, came here last night, ami this morning accompanied his wife, who hna been via- tins here, to Chicago. —Sterling would be greatly improved if next year a do7. ?n of the frame bnildings on our main business streets are replaced with attractive brick buildings. —Dr. Aldrlch and family and Will McBride, from .Galesburg, are guests of Mr. A. D. McBride. Mr. McBride haa just completed a new residence on Oth avenue, and has invited the mem- bars of his family to help celebrate the moving into it. —Werntz & Co. have sold an interest In their music store to J. L. Mahan, a music dealer of Clinton, Iowa, who has several retail stores throughout the west. It is thought he will occupy the new store building recently built by Harvey French. Mrs. Werntz and Miss Jessie Leonard will remain in the store for the present, as also ffill II. W. Aldrich. —Miss Clara Potter, of Scheuectady, N. Y., who has been the guest of Mrs. E. E. Andrews, for several days, has lett for California, where she has stayed for two years for her health. On next Tuesday she is to be married to Fred Gushing, who formerly lived here. He is to be congratulated upon securing a bride so intelligent, refined and wealthy as Miss Potter. —Grant Taylor, of Wesslrifctou, Beadle Co., Dakota, is here on a visit at the residence of his slater, Mrs. Wm. I'. Ross. He says that his wheat nev- 25 bu. vvit'i point, hir.n, cors.i!?<; bourp'iot of | Till' whit" rust.*, and Dr. Dillon is to \<f I nutnh •y;iigratiilati'd on winning RD harul- yirne find cultivate 1 a lady for Inn WitiTFii for Oct 'Ucr contnins a r ot v;\Ur\b]n and it)*'* tides, inc'ii'.lii'.K ' J,iaht in "About Hiiud Writitis:," Tim groom is a popular young | Newspaper Clippings," "The •l.-ntiat of this city, find ting prown rnp- dly into favor with our people. May they live long and prosper is the heart felt wish of their hosts of friends. . S'iix* Hrwer*. i tvlitor Evp.NiNn tJA/i-vrrK: la it not time to c.ill a halt to the foolish and wasteful [expenditure |pf the put.lic money, which is particularly aoticeable'Jn thu expense incurred in digging the trench in thu sewer on Third street, went of Licust street? Tbe idea of putting in a 10 inch sewer pipe to drain the stores and adjacent buildings, seems more like boy's play than the work of level headed business men. I have a 9 inch drain from my house alone, the trap of which will fill up every year 01 two and necessitates digging up to relieve It. There is no property owner, owning property abutting on Third street, which-is expected to be drained by this sewer pipe, who would think of putting in less than a 0 inch connecting drain pipe, and to make connection with the sewer r pipe in the street would necessitate cutting out nearly the whole side of the 10 inch pipe. After going to the great expense of digging the trench would it not have been wiser to nave put in a 10 or IS inch pipe, when = the cost would only have been the difference in the cost of ihe pipe? I am not complaining about public improvements, but have always f ivored them, but I do object to the waste of public money. Yours respectfully," THOMAS A. GAI.T. num- phy of Description." alsi a lurfje ber of Helpful [lints and SiiKR.'wtions to literary people. Address, The Writer, Boston, Mais. Special sale 'of ion trimmed hats, for one wet'k from to-day, at Mrs. (iennie W. Elliott 1 *. - t! Th« Dutch and Knfjlish anct!.->npc-r ?ttll a!iv« and rci'.uy tn attend to ci'y and country SMles on short notice. Can at A. If! Hcndrlrk'fl Dniff •iirp on li'.th ave- Philoso- ' More or at my r nun north of -4Mi at. ('hargp, . (Jive me a call. D. H. MKTFU er was better arid~ will average to the acre and his corn crop was nev- ei better and he knows what he is talking about, as be has been there several years. His county is probably a favored locality this year, if reports from other parts of Dakota are true. ._._— Rock ford Star; G. II. Hooyer, II. F. FmulorBmith and John Lawrie are a trio of Sterling you!'£v>T' r ! '"*" rorfo t-.n Rock ford yesterday. They left Sterling at 7 o'clock in the morning, took breakfast at Dixon, dinner at Oregon and arrived at Kockford in time to partake of a satisfying supper spread by Landlord Tom Chick. They stop over here until this morning and then proceed to Beloit and enjoy a spin through Wisconsin's prettiest towns for a week of enjoyment. The young men are representatives of Sterling's best society, are gentlemanly and courteous and merit an entertaining welcome wherever they linger, Health, comfort and happiness bound in homes where "Garland" loves are used. . 2 tii Alt the Now Styles and shapes in gentleman's .ats for autumn; absolutely perfect hapes; decided saving in price. W. C. KIEII, Child's velvet and plush caps, very heap at »1 00 and very pretty at Mrs. . W. Elliott's. . _ 2t4 Fresh cream puffs every Wednesday and Friday at C. Eisele'a bakery. i to Mr*. Bartholomew Has returned from the city, wheie she has become conversant with all ;he latest styles in Fall and Winter dressmaking and would be pleased to lave the ladies of Sterling call upon her for anything desired in the dressmaking line, feeling assured- that she :an give perfect satisfaction. Rooms in the Bell Block. * ",-i ",7tf , Anct. Nothing makes home so bright comfortable as a "Garland" Stove. and (lateat style). —Capitalists are after the Street railway of Aurora, and have offered the stockholders 75 cents ou the dollar for the stock, which has baen refused. The proposition Is to organize a new company and adopt the electric system as a motive power. —A Clinton paper yesterday complained that there had not been a fire there for three days and feared that the hose would become rusty for want of use. After the paper had gone to press, however, the chaos was broken, the clanging of the fire bell was heard and the local editor again made happy. » —Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver were very nicely surprised at their home last evening by a party of Lutheran folks. A happy social evening was spent with the newly wedded couple. Their home is fitted up very comfortifbly, and won the admiration of their friends. —Freight conductor Street, of the 0. &N. W., who frequently made trips through this city, was killed last night at Spring Valley. He caught his foot in a "frog" at the intersection of two tracks, and was unable to get out of the way of a train which ran over him, killiug him almost instantly. —This morning track laying for the street railroad bogan la front of the Brewer House on Main street in Hock Palls, with thirty men. Win. McDonald is foreman of construction and Thoa. Wilkinson and Mr. Burgess are assistant forewou. The soil is soft and sandy and work progresses very rapid —Program for the Sunday school convention to be held next Sunday Oct. 13th at the U B church in Coleta: 10 A.M. Devotional service; discussion; 1st "Temperance in the School," opened by Rev. John Deets, followed by D. 0. Overholser. 2nd "What Can I do to Help in Sunday School Work," opened by Mrs. N. G. Van Sant, J. B. Feuton and others. ,., Afternoon session, 2:30:—1st "Sowing the Seed, opened by G. J. Longsdon, followed by C. Crumb and others. 2nd "Reaping the Harvest," opened by Ir- wln Green, followed by John Peugh and O. W. Terpeny. 3rd "The Use of the Bible in the Sunday School," by E. LeRoy Gait. Evening session, 7:00:—Pralae and song service led by J. P. Overholser. 7:30 Influence by and against the Spirit with Cymbal illustration, by H. K. Hostetter. "Better Work and Rettsr Schools," by N. G. Van Sant. Rev. W. H. Post and Rev. Drew are expected 10 be present to help in the convention, also the Sunday School Quartette will helpia.BOPg t _ : On the Wheel. IlOCKFOllD, ILL., Oct. 8, 1880. Sppcliil Correspondence. - This morning about 0:30 A. M. Ilarrj Fondersmith, Graff Hoover and J. 1' Lawrlestarted fora trip by bicycle We arrived at Dixon 7:45 A. M and hai breakfast. After waiting about hal an hour in Dixori we started for Gram Detour and arrived within sight o Grand Detour in about one hour and : half, but had to get across the river The ferry-man said as the river wa low he could only get within two rod of shore and wanted us to ride out n the water wss-fihr.lloc—ir-' "'.L'r!:..^ a small row boat and by mnktug oovor- al trips got us over. We soon left Grand Detour and arrived in Oregon about noon and after dinner waited till about 2 r. si., when we started for Byron. The road from Dixon to Byron follows the river nearly all the way and the bluffs and scenery are grand. We arrived In Uy'ron about 4 P. M . and then started for Rockford, after getting pointers as to the best road. We climbed only one hill about two miles loug and soon struck tine roads resembling a ploughed Deld with two f-set of sand on. We had the pleasure of walking four miles, so got into Rockford a little later than we expected, as it was 'dark when we were five miles out. We arrived in Rockford »t 7 P. M. Had sapper and were in time to take in "The Fakir" at the Opera House and It was Immense. Had the pleasure of meet- Ing Sidney Oamer this evening. To morrow we takp in Rockford and then leave for Beloit, Wis. , L. 2 to at Mrs. 214 Marriage is not a failure in homes where "Garland" Stoves are used. 2 1C Children's school hats cheap Gennie W.;Elli.)tt's, OUT Clothing For men, boys and children is made from-honeat, servicable -fabrics, -ent fashionably, llttintc perfectly, and put together by D rat-class tailoring. They are the highest style of workmanship. Our men's business suits are tlie marvel of all who see them. They are made for service, of stylish patterns of cheviots, cassimeres and worsteds. 313 J. H. BELT. &SON. Splendid stove polish. r'T'irV-'i.-i-rii'-HT'fr for T)icUU^-_ -_-_-.__ No, 1 mica, fit ;;_-__ ; L. L. JOHNSON'S. Monument Fund. Heretofore Reported Mas. Cyrenus Stewart Gordon M Pierce llob't Gait .847004 A. BAYlliss, Sec'y 02-tf "Garland" Stoves are.of ten imitated, iut never equaled. 2 to Happy indeed are the homes which contain ' Garland" Stoves. 2 to Fresh butter and eggs at Zimmer's meat markec, 115 First Ave. 3-tf Charles Windom nn.ys that lie has the cheapest baby wagons on earth. 2 to E. W. I' hag taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles aro different from ordinary Rlaspei, in that the lenses an* ground from & Fre.m-h Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. "O-J&w The old reliable Stewart surface burners on exhibition and for sale by Davis & Wilkinson The Stewart beaters, for harci coal, have stood the test of many years and today leads them all. OOtO !Uilledce-vill« Flonr. Equal to the best at $1.25 and 81.30 per sack. New corn and all kinds of feed at Lewis Reitzel's Feed Store ' 200 tO Miss Helen Hooker, niece of Gen. Joe Hooker, will assist in an entertainment given by tne young people of the Jongregational church next Friday evening, October llth. G. A. R. members especially invited. Admission 25 cents. ' 09-tf You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'s, Rock Falls. • 2tf Jttarku, the »yer, Has rented the building formerly occupied by the Singer Sewing Machine Co., next to Eisela's tailoring establishment, and will remove there by Oct. 15th. 2t4 Finest display of pattern hats in the city, also elegant display of ribbons, fn- cluding loup edged ribbons in black and white, for the neck, at Mrs. G. W. Elliott's. —2U— . Notice. The Pennsylvania bakery has been sold to Mr Ed. Creider, who will carry on the business and bake the same goods as Hull & Son did, keeping the same baker, Mr. Win McAtauney. Thanking my patrons and friends for their kindness, I remain vours respectfully. Ross B. HULL. -Yon are Invited to attend the entertainment ut the ^uLiijrt-si''-' 1 -'"'"-'' •-••''--' '-••'• Friday evening, October llth. -Bee press notices and lithographs. Reserved seats 25 cents. , 80-tf The Mammoth Restaurant Is, now open for business and when you want a good square meal, or a good lunch, at any time of day or night, call at No. 105 Eaet Third street and you will be sure to get a good meal or lunch. on-to GEOBOE PFISTERER. Cheapness, So strong their make, They take the cake. Davis & Wilkinson, West End Stove and Hardware merchants, can do you ;ood for anything in their line. Every body invited. 09 to Baby wagons at less than cost at Windom's. ' • '• 2-t8 You can find the "Garland" Stoves at Reynolds' Hardware Store, on First Avenue, south of Davis & Weber's, Sterling, 111. ^ 2 to all the 2tf Dill & Co, Rock Falls, have leading styles in millinery. The Good Luck oak heater, for soft coal and wood; cheap In price and a splendid heater. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 09-16 The Red Cross range; the most artistic and best working stove in the city. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. - 99-tO IMeaae Won't Forget That I am prepared, as usual, to do all kinds of painting and paper banging, notwithstanding my contract to paint the electric light poles. T, G. WIUOHT. 9fltO« New- markets, Sacques, Modjes- Go and see those new styles in.cham- ber suits at Windom's. 2 to Call at E. W. Mossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. lO-d&w Windom can sell you new goods cheaper than you can upholster old. 2-tO PEOPLE'S COLUMN KOCH. -j-Mlss Jessie Lukena, who has been in Chicago, is home on a visit. -*-Mr. and Mrs. John Whitman are happy over the arrival of a little girl. —There was an unostentatious wedding at the comfortable and elegant residence of Mr. N. Carpenter, In this city on yesterdriy evening, when Dr. G. B.Dillon and Elizabeth'W. Carpenter were united in the bonds of matrimony, by Rev. I. Dillon, of Washington, assisted by Rev. Martin Post, of this city. The house was decorated with flowers and potted^plants, and the mantles masses of fragrant bloom. The company was confined exclusively to the relatives of the contracting parties, and a few very intimate friends. It was shortly after eight o'clock when the couple were pronounced man and wife. The clergyman then introduced 3r. and Mrs. G. B. Dillon to the com- mny present, and the newly made Jeuedict gave the bride u hearty, many salute, and the relatives and friends Dressed forward to offer their hearty jongratulatlons, and wish them Godspeed. Congratulatory telegrams were also received from distant friends. All then sat down to a wedding repast, which was satisfactorily discussed. The wedding presents were numerous and useful, and showed the high esteem in which the contracting parties are held throughout the community. About tea o'clock, the bride left the paternal rnunaiou, and accompanied her husband to a cosy little nest of a home which he haa had Htted up at 50a Locust street. They were followed from the door with a shower of rice. The bride looked lovely in her chaste wedding dreas of white faille silk, trimmed — t-Mrs. Hawkins, of Galesburg, Is vla=_ The Gem and Diamond cook stoves re reliable and first-class in every respect. Get one and be happy. For sale inly by Davis & Wilkinson. 90-tO Dill & Co. have one of the finest trimmers in their millinery department ~~~ Itlng her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lr II. Wood worth. -t-The street railway track layers are rushing things on Main street, and with "green" men laid over a block in half a day. -t-Mr. C. W. Cole, of Harbor Springs, is visiting bia brother, Warren Cole. Mr. Cole Is an engineer and wheelwright. •4-The W. C. T. U, will give a temperance tea Friday afternoon, Oct. llth, in the M. E. parsonage, at 3:30 o'clock. A program will be given, taking up the different lines of work. All ladies interested are invited. -t-A. Rock Falls man says: If the Sterling merchants expect a large trad* from the south side of the river on ac count ot the street railroad they wil have to move and join Rock Falls, a the farmers will not walk from here ti Sterling and cannot drive over th bridge. We are not afraid of losing trade. We think, instead, we will retain much here. -^Leava all proper items for the EVENING GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins, news dealer aud confectioner, in the post oilice building. tf |w-We will Insert three line* In tUlB col-^B umn one time tor 10 eents, or lor 40 cents a week. Kaon additional line will be 5 cent* a single Insertion, or 16 cents a week.. WAXTKO. Only 10 cents for J tin cs under this Heading. W ANTED—Position as bookkeeper, for general onice work, or as salesman. Addres« H, Gazette olllce. s-" How fine they fit! Oh, what a hit! n the west. Call and see her work. ^^__ 2tf Momcthlnc Nice. If you want to make money read my •ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CUAMBELIN. 88-tf . , L tidies .Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest in misses and children's hats at Mrs. F.C. Woodruff's. 08 W W ANTED—two ladles or gentlemen boarders wanted, by private Inmlly, uearbiisl' •ne»s~jiorirbu~Eiiqulc« at Gazelle ulllce. '200-tti* W ANTED—Girl lor houaework. Apply a 1KB W. 3rd street. »?•" W ANTKD-A thoroughly compet-nt girl for ueneral housework.' .Clood WOKUS Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4tU street aud Dawnue. ~ fr'OK MALE. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. Now ig the Time To buy men's gloves, hosiery aud underwear; my goods are reliable; my prices reasonable aud the variety of my stock is unequaled, replete with evovythiuu'tlm most fastidious could CHAS. A. CI.AUK. Home made hoarhound candies at C. Eisele's. 1 to Or Forty-live Years' (Htnudlni. RHEUSIATIOSYRUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For forty-flve years I have been afflicted with blood poison, liver and rheumatic difficulties.. Part of the time conilned to my bed. My blood was badly diseased. Six bottles of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup did me more good than all the other medicines I have taken. My friends have used it and In every case it haa proven a won derful remedy. I have known of some wonderful cures of dyspepsia and neu ralgia. Mus. MARY BIDULE. Hibbard'fl Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters are remedies of *t>"«>t merit. I believe they have no equaTh^lhe cure of rheumatism and all blood diseases. tths I>K. H. RKICUARD, Uruggist, Mitchillville, Iowa. See the new ad of N. Carpenter A Co. K SALE— Two carloads «ood baled hay, at 85 60 per ton, by the bale ortipwards. J. v • ' - Kmmilt. F o"u8ALK-A bargain In three flue residences In 4lU ward. Inquire ol 1. 1. Bush. 61-tl POll BKNT. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. KKNT— Hood lar.'i for rent; under cultivation, 4 miles from Kock Kails. quire of Charles b, Uawson, K«k Kails, 111. . IS-lb In- O. F OK UI'.Nf—House for rent In West Falls. A. Morse. . Hock | 88 IB* T71OK KENT—4 houses to rent and a number ot j -C houses lor sale by Adam Smith. "* T o"LEA8E—Power »ud room Iorinano!iw:tur Ins purposes, lu the Imilalug formerly occu- '"» •",,,_'._,_ 'o. .... .v, ,__,,-„ A-.lllp.ltlU It f! Our Plush 'Cloaks; all warranted. pled by Church '& 1'atterson. Church. Dulutu, Mmu. 11. O. T7iiiNANCIAL-Montyloloan-$l,!JOO at 0 pet JC e«nl.,un(anu security. I. I. hush.JlooU Falls. 311 MCKL.LAK r.OUB*. S VUArt" I'.lHiS 1'Il.l.KO-I nil every Tuesday. 1 , . It ytw wiuitaiiy llllfddri)p mt,«»iio»tal. "• B. Kramons, Hock Valla. "*•'" In Fall Underwear for Ladies and Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merino, T and Jersey (Bibbed), in Wool and Cotton, Call and Examine Before Buying. ' A Full I lino of Drv G-cmd- c-nd Notions ahvnys in SUvk. .£>, i- l.til i_JiiiV \^* A. 1 _* » • -» ._ ____ . _ jm ^_i«, rt »« J «o«w~E.*»>MI»»lt« *(» i.j.- ' I < p '-'*i -"'» * ,H.

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