Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 26, 1968 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1968
Page 9
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DEAR ABBY The Thrill Is —Throw Him Out! " . r Abigail Vcn Buren (Richard Clark Photo) iVR. AND AIRS. JAMES W. HAMLIN Miss Terry Lee Guthrie and James W. Hamlin were united in marraige Saturday, December 7, at seven o'clock in the evening. The ceremony was performed at the Logan Street B a ptist church, with the Rev. Frank; Trotter officiating before an altar decorated* with candelabras, palms and baskets of carna- j tions. The tapers were lighted! by Dave Owens and Dave Ren-! ninger. The bride, given in marriage' by her - father was lovely in a floor length wedding gown fashioned in traditional C h a ntilly lace over taffeta with fitted bodice and she carried a cascade bouquet of white roses interspersed with Holly. Her veil of illusion and those of her attendants were designed by Jean Gowler. Miss Sharon Guthrie, sister of the bride, .wearing an olive green dress with full length sleeves, served as maid of honor. The bridesmaid 1 , Brenda Swofford, wore a similar dress and each carried a single long stemmed yellow rose. Little Miss Sandy Reeney, a cousin of the bridegroom and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Reeney, was flower girl. Master Chris Todd. Carter, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Carter and a cousin of the bride, was ring bearer. Leon Hamlin of Cape Girardeau, Mo., brother, of the bridegroom, served as best man. The ushers were Dave Owens and Dave Renninger. Mrs. Eunice Snyder, organist, accompanied Mrs. / Peggy Will­ iams as she sang "Always/' "I Love You Trulyand "The Lord's Prayer." She also played a medley of nuptial selections. A.reception was held at the church; with Paula Moore, Mrs. Connie Carter, both cousins of the bride, and Mrs. P h y His Flanrtagan serving. The four- tiered wedding cake on a table holding olive candles, was baked by Mrs. Elmer Nolan of Dix. It was diamond 5 - shaped with each layer on a pedistick and it was beautifully decorated with white wedding belts and white doves with gold rings. On either side were baskets filled with tiny yellow and white flowers and the cake was topped with a miniature bride and bridegroom. Sandra Newelll and Denise Biggerstaff were in charge of the gifts. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Guthrie of this city. The bridegroom's parents, now deceased, were Mrs. Betty (Hamlin) Lisenby and Roy Hamlin. The mother of the bride wore an olive-toned suit. The bridegroom's aunt, Mrs. Rosemary Reeney, wore a beige suit. Each wore harmonizing accessories and a corsage of yellow roses. For a wedding trip, the bride changed to an off-while ensemble with red accessories. The bride is a 1968 graduate of the Mt..' Vernon Township High School and the bridegroom graduated from the local high school in 1967. Both are employed at Uncle Charley's. They are making their home at 208 Main street. I ' DEAR .ABBY:- 1 am 27, have been marriecb' and divorced twice*: I have two small children who are being raised by my. mother. About a year -ago I started going" with a man. He was married) with a family, but' he said he was getting a divorce so we started making plans. He moved in with me to save oh expenses. His wife found but about us and now she's giving him-a bad time. She won't take him back, but he has to support her and the kids anyway. He doesn't help me financially and with him living here it keeps me from seeing other guys. To tell you the truth, the thrill has worn off, and I'd like to get rid of him. He's a very weak man. I feel responsible for this mess, but why should I be' stuck with this guy? What should I do? STUCK DEAR STUCK: Throw him out. If he has nowhere else to go, he'll probably go home arid beg his wife to take him back. And if you're in the mai'- ket for a man, next time choose a single one. They make the best husbands. DEAR ABBY :My 45- year- old wife came home all smiles and said, "A*-truck driver whistled at me today!" Why is it that when a truck driver whistles at a, lady she takes it as a compliment and doesn't get mad, but just let any other strange man lean out of a car window and whistle at her and she turns up her nose and gets insulted? SOLLY DEAR SOLLY: In the first place, truck drivers are a handsome, masculine, good humored breed of men who enjoy a reputation for being a good judge of women. Also, when a truck driver whistles at a lady she feels safe. She knows he's not going to leave his rig and pursue her. DEAR ABBY: In the beginning it was fun to have a "young looking" mother, but now it has become a problem. I have two children which makes my mother a grandmother . She is 51 years old, and let's face it she :s eld cnou.'.h to gray hair ' and to look like a < Tatdmother bvit s"he rcf-ifcs 'o p.e-cnt it. .She wen'. ; to 1c !: 1 : !\< a tr; n.! agcr. . Mti;hcr tints h • he.'r arc.I cuts it short (like mine) and she uses as much make - up as I use. and she bracts that she can still -.ear a size 10. (I wear a 14.) And Abby, even tho she docs have a nice figure, i those fhovt, iitlle-girl clothes • look ridiculous on a woman with a 51- year- old face, i How- can a daughter tell her j mother to look her age? I am sure my children would prefer a more grandmotherly image for their grandmother. BUGGED DEAR BUGGED :I'm not sure I know what a "grandmother" is supposed to look like. I suspect if you were more satis- jfie'd with your own "image" you wouldn't be so "bugged" by your mother's. CONFIDENTIAL TO "DISGUSTED IN ASHTABULA": I am ail for helping people in their hour of need, but I, too, am disgusted with this business of handing over my tax dollars for the welfare of women wHb have one illegitimate baby after another for the purpose of picking up the welfare check. At the risk of being thought "hard- hearted and insensitive" I must? say that I think a woman who bears more than one child out of wedlock should automatically become ineligible for welfare. I know that Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees who brought^ Him a woman who had committed adultery, "He that is without sin among you, let him first, cast a stone at her." Bu did He not also say, "Go and sin no more"? Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed enbelope. For Abby's Booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," Send $1.00 To Abby, Box 69700,' Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 26, lUGS DURING THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON, all babies born at Good Samaritan Hospital will be taken home in one of Santa's giant size Christmas stockings made of red bonded knit and lined with snowly white flannel. The first little "stocking stuffer" was Miss Kimberley Sue Cates, first born child of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gates, 108 S. 34th Street. BETTY CANARY Rod, Ma, Don't Spare It' PERSONALS Mr. and Mrs. Jack Story of 103 S. 34th street, Belleville are the parents of a son born at 12:41 o'clock Christmas Day, in Memorial Hospital in Belleville. He weighed nine pounds and nine ounces and has been named Goeffrey Scott. The father is a former resident of this city. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Story of Mt. Vernon and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tripp of Dixon, 111. Some good cooks like to add ai suspicion of sugar to their pas- 1 try for dessert pies. WEEKEND SPECIAL FRIDAY and SATURDAY, DEC. 27—28 I HAVE MILK AVAILABLE IN PLASTIC CARTONS WE NOW HAVE EGG NOG FOR THE HOLIDAYS £ARM FRESH ' CHOCOLATE MILK 39* BORDEN'S VANILLA 1 99f STORES 110 No. 3rd — 1702 So. 10th Open Open > 12:00 -6;00 P.M. ll:0Q-6:00 P.M -"4, M*. Vernon, Jll. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mm^mmmmmmimmm JIM KAUFMAN By BETTY CANARY Often "and copiously have I written about little children an.; the indignities they must suffer from adults. Remember that. I have questioned the morals and menta 1 facilities of adults Who would scold, slap and humiliate the small ones. However, if you will just wait until I have, washed the mayonnaise from my hair, sent my coat to the cleaners and taken a couple of aspirin tablets, I'd like to state that I'm not in favor of adults being their victims either. I am not saying it was the little girl's fault when she smeared her hamburger in my hair, but I know she deliberately speared mo with her straw. That was after she blew the paper straw envelope into my coffee, of course. I just wish her mother would teach the child some manners, or, preferably, keep her at home in a nice, dry crate. I had lots of errands and I was in, a hurry, so that's why 1 stopped at the coffee shop for a sandwich. I don't know why the mother and daughter had stopped there. Possibly it was because the child had wrecked their kitchen at home. • I sat in the booth behind .them and ordered my sandwich, ac­ companied by the thudding of child against leatherette, "don't do that, Mary -Ruth," the mother said sweetly. The thudding. stopped and a thick, wet plop on the back of my head told me- Mary Ruth was now standing behind me oaring a hamburger. I moved to the other side of my table and smiled tolerantly. Mary Ruth leaned over the booth and blew her straw cover into my coffee. "Mary Ruth!" her mother said. "I'm sure it was an accident," I lied. Mary Ruth joined me in my booth. "She's just the friendliest tning," her mother cooed. "Isn't she?" I answered, hold-; ing my sandwich out of reach, i "Go back and drink your milk shake, Mary Ruth," I hissed kindly. She stahbed me in the eye with her straw and turned over my coffee cup. "Mary Ruth" Her mother said [ "It needed cleaning anyway," • I said, swabbing at my coat. : "You'd better sit down, dear,", I said to Mary Ruth. "Santa's I elves might be watching!" • Mary Ruth started to cry. "Honesly," Her mother said, | 'scaring a baby! I simply don't understand some people!" Socially Yours 8y NADINE Mr. and Mrs. Loren Dodson of Mt. Vernon spent Saturday and Saturday night with their ' son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Joey Dodson in Batavia. Enroute home they spent Sunday and Sunday night with another son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gale Dodson in Edwardsville, for a pre- Christmas visit. « « * Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reid spent Monday evening in Gray- vllle, where they enjoyed a pre- Christmas dinner and gift exchange with Mrs. Reid's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giwn of Chester and brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Given of Evansville, Ind. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Duane Allison and sons, Jeffery and Steven, Mrs. Ora Bumpus, Mi's. Lynn McKinney and daughter, Maria, and Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Allison spent Christmas • Day' with Mr. and Mrs, George Schweri- ninger and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schwenninger and daughter, Rena Gai of Opdyke. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Guy Henry II and sons, Guy III, Ward, and daughter, Letitia of Carbondale spent Christmas with relatives in Mt. ! Vernon. | * * * I Mrs. Rosemary Barber and i sons, John and Jim of St. Louis, Mo., spent the Christmas Holidays with h?r sister Mrs. Guy 'lenry : nd f: -"lily. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Bob Forbes and • son, Derek spent Christmas Day with relatives in Herri n and : Johnston Ci*,\ Antique. Autos SHOWN ABOVE ARE FIVE GENERATIONS. They are from left to right, Mrs. Sharon (Hines) Sigwerth of Mt Vernon, holding baby, Stephanie Ann Sigwerth; Mrs. Margaret. (McCoy Hines of Mayer, Ariz.; Mrs. Beatrice (Page) McCoy and Mrs. Birchel Page, both of Mt. Vernon. $bPP<0RT RSP CROSS DOWNTOWN ELKS CLUB MISS JOYCE R. EASLEY Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Easley of Mt. Vernon arc announcing the engagement of their daughter, Joyce R. Easley, to Tommy G. Jones, son of Mrs. Irene Jones | of this city and the late Henry E. Jones. A June wedding is being planned. FINAL CLEARANCE SALE YARN PRICES SLASHED 45% BOOKS ..........................................50% NEEDLES 50% THE KNIT SHOP Open Weekdays 4:30 To 6:30 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. To 4 PM. 822 North 10th Phone 242-5470; Polly's Pointers , Model Car Glue I Creates Problems | by POLLY CRAMER j DEAR POLLY — Please ask | the readers how they get model : car glue out of their children's [ clothes. Washing does not do i it, nor spot removers nor finger- i nail polish remover. The glue j leaves white spots on their j pants and shirts. With four boys ! making ' model cars, I really I need help. —CAROLE | DEAR POLLY — Sometime ago, Mrs. M.C.K. wanted to know j what she could do with the ma\ ny empty spools left from her i sewing thread. Save them for 1 next Christmas and spray with : silver or gold, cover with bright 1 ribbon and hang them on the Christmas tree. They are beautiful. -JUDY DEAR POLLY - Like Mrs. M.C.K., I, too, do a lot of sew! ing and I put my many empty | spools to work as Christmas I tree decorations. I painted the ] spools the bright traditional cc: lors, ran a string through the spool and then through a big bead, broken earring or glittery button, larger than the hole in the ^spool. Doubled the string back through the spool and added another bead, button, etc., at the top. Allowed enough string or ribbon at the top to hang this on the tree. With a little imagination you can go a long way with this basic idea. —MRS. H.W.N. DEAR POLLY -Mrs. P.N.M. wanted to know how to brighten a stainless steel spoon that had accidentally been burned and from which the bad discoloration has been removed, I suggest cleaning the spoon with copper cleaner. This also works on stainless steel sinks and restores their original satiny finish. —MRS. R. C. You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite home making idea, Polly's Problem or solution to a problem. W#te. Polly in care of this newspa« 1B33 D LI RYE A 7243 190+ STUDEBAKER 190+ STUDEBAKER 1908 FORD <7\ Create a "conversation series" of pictures, pillows, towels with these motifs. Antique cars fascinate everybody! Embroider in gay colors, quick cross-stitch. Pattern 7243: transfer of 6 motifs 4x6% to 6x7 inches. FIFTY CENTS (coins) for each pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Alice Brooks (Mt. Vernon Register-News), Needlecraft Dept., Box 163, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip,,'.Pattern Number. ' J.; Giant, new 1969 Needlecraft Catalog — over 200 designs, 'to choose, 3 free ^patterns vprtqted inside. Send 5Qc now. ,. '- 7 NEW! "50 INSTANT*. — fabulous fashions, '.-toys, 1 . <3[e>' orator accessories.'.' Make,-' it day, all chet, weave,- s'ewj.Jiopjs.•50e. 1 v,j r Book of 12 Prize 'Afghans, 'SPc BaigQin' Quilt Bco ^l bugM beautiful 'patterns,., 50e r f\»vS&; *

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