Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 15, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1903
Page 5
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•**iliiWF' lfi»; ' Itariek ->ft4 her sto. ^ %— •r- -—• ^ =^ Saturday, July i8, aiid Mohday, July 20. If yeii buy 81.00 or more you have your choice of lieautiful GIasB> ware worth up to 25c on those days for 5c. Glassware in south window. I Now la your chance to get Glassware almost for nothing. DON'T FORGET fHE DATE. 1 I DRUG STORE, j ^ «*3 « a ^ a ^ a i i « a * i 4 ^ « ^ a Be Wise Buy your Groceries of us during July. We will make it prolUable for you. We constantly ondoavor to give our ciistooicrs the very best service possible. A satisfied cxs- tomer is the best icind of an advertisement. Knowing; this we make your interests ours. - WE OFFER TO-DAY: 2pkgs Cero-Fruto 25c 2pkBS Effg-O-See 20c 2 pkgs Kord Krisp 20c 7 bars D. C. Soap 25c 10 oz pkg Our Xavy Soda ..Oifc 20 oz pkg Our Navy Soda 05c i lb, i lb. and 1 lb cans F. Bros. Baking Powder 5, 10 and 15c Fryer Bras. Phone 308 a West Jackion D. A. liOUSER Expert Machinest Repairs Vour Typewriter, Sewing flachines, Bicycles, Lawn flowers,! Gas Engines, Door Locks, Etc* nt • NOPYH S/£>E fiARP^yJif^e LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter, Donllst. J. E. ChasUIn, Dentist Dr. O. R. Bushflctld, Dentist. Kodaks and supplies at Mjjler's. A. Cook went to Humboldt on busl- nesB; • II. A. Keller went to Humboldt on bu.sincss. Ivco Cockcrill returned home this morning. Northrup's quit business. A dollar for fifty cents. I). U. D. Smeltzcr made a business trill to Humboldt. C. C. McCarty and J. E. Jones went to Emporia on business. No. 11 East Madison, up-stalrs. Henderson & Powell's office. .7. \V. Fisher, of kansas Cfty, Mo!, l.s vi.siting friends in this city. Mrs. L. F. Chinn, of Gas City, went to Ottawa for a few days' visit. Mrs. Clara Swartz returned to her home in Coffej-ville this afternoon. Mrs. J. R. Miller went to Humboldt to spend a few days with relJatlves. Dr. Herschel Hendricks Is home ready to attend old and new patients. G. E. Gabriel left this aftemooii for Chanute for a few days on business. Mr. C. E. Hair left this afternoon for Clierryvale for a few days on business. Wm. II. Jones, of Nevada, Mo., is in the city looking afior some personal interests. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Suchor returned home today from their trip through the cast. F. S. Savage, the Santa Fe general passenger agent, went to. Chanute on business. Sigmund Wing came in this morning from a business trip In the south part of llio state. ^ Mr. and Mrs. K. Ashcr left* this afternoon for Chanute where they will visit »ricnds. ' Mrs. S. A. Card went to Bronson this morning where she will visit her father and mother. Tlirce freight cars went through on the Santa Fe this afternoon with the Edgar lock on them. P. W. Coleman left this afternoon for Harris, Kansas, for a few day?' visit with his friends. Wanted—A dining room girl at the Pennsylvania. Wanted—At once, a kilchen girl, Endicoit House. Wanted Rooms—Two or three rooms for light housekeeping. Call or address 307 West Jacksop. J. B. Bowles. A middle aged woman wanted at the "Our-Way" to operate dishwashing machine. Wanted—Experienced girl for general housework. Good wages, small family. Apply 203 South State stret For Sale—Two horses, surrey, big spring wagon, harness and a lot of chickens. A. L. Harmon, 704 East Lincoln. ~To Rent—Five room house nearly new; plenty of living water. Inquire at S03 South Walnut street. §f^era.-!efrfor73ai'6fi3o^ the goininer.' I Shirts cat and mmde to order. Fit j ,j;aanu^teed. Mra. L. H. Endlcott, 210 Bast /street. Strayed—Black and tan pnp, two jnontbs old. Reward if returned to 621 -North Washington. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the Rest Room Friday, July 17, at 2:30 Vd^ock. Prograkn' wlil be given. Bob Fry, Charley Richardson, Clyde Guinn and Art Trowbridge left last night foj! a few days' visit in Old ifiexlco. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Russell returned to their home in Barton county. Mo., this afternoon after visiting friends In this city. Mrs, Jane Grizzel and F, P. Grlzzel wont to Johnson county, Mo., for a few weeks' visit with their friends and relatives. Lallarpc is to have a meeting of her foot ball enthusiasts on Friday evening to decide whether they are to havo a' team again this fall. I The wages of the M., K. & T. agent at LaHarpe have* been increased from $40 to 155 per month. This makes the office noV pay about $70 a month. .There will be a' tea at the home of Mrs. Ludwlck, 322 South uBckeye St., Thursday afternoon from thre to five and an ice cream social in the even- ini^. The friends of Mrs. Ruth Ewing Hanson will be inte/'ested in the announcement of the birth to her of A daughter which occurred at her summer home in Minnesota on Tuesday of this week. A great bargain for sale or trade. Twenty-five thousand Shares of oil stock in a splendid conrpany. Chance to make big money 7nd big income. Investigate this at once. C. M. H., Box 627, lola. Mr. W. A. Cowan, who has lived in Tola since 1860 and who Is now sixty- one years" of age, has never been sick enough to go to bed or to miss a meal in his life. Can any other health resort match that record? W. O. Dresbach, of Los Angeles, Cal., Is ,the guest of his son, Dr. Dresbach, of this city. Mr. I^resbach^is Interested in the Colorado Gold & Copper Mining Co. and is on his way to New York City on business for the [company. The K. C. Plumbing & Supply Co., located at the northeast corner of the isquare,' will give a nlcklc plated soap tray to every purchaser of 50 feet of hose. Wo carry a big Assortment of hose, nozzles, sprayers and water supplies. Phono C5. Earnest Pancoast came in last evening from Stroud, Ok., where he has been engaged in business for several years. He will visit his parents and friends iju this city for several days and then leave for La Junta, Colo., where hfc expects to make' his future home. An effort is being made by some of the Nevada base ball fans 10 get the ball team l)ack thero. Webb City has no park. Joplin objects to furnishing the grounds and crowd for another team. Topeka wants in and so there may be a change yet. The matter is being considered in Kansas City today. Pittsburg Headlight: Robert Rat- lift and wife left this morning for Gas City whcr<^ they will take up theii- home again. It was their Intention to move to Granite, Colorado, where Mr. Ratliff had a 'position with the Pacific Mining Co.. of which W. A. Swan of this city is one of the owners. They fbtrnd however, that the altitude of that country was too high for them and gave it up. Granite, Colorado, is nearly a mile higher than Colorado Springs and the atmosphere is very Hghf. J. W. Phillips, secretary of the Con- For Rent—Four nicely unfurnished rooms close in. Call at Roqm 9, Bar- tcls' 'building. For Rent—A shop 20 by 30. at 217 West Madison. Apply SappIIedl to the Trade ; Direct at the factory or from onr deUvery wagons. All delivery wagons have iQiir name on them. | ^ lola Ice & Cold Stoirage Co. PRANK RIDDLE. Mcr. fi<. ' niotoi7 «BW #st8|rMt. I I For Rentr^A well furnished room, bath room on the same floor, gentleman preferred. 201 S. Cottonwood. keeping. 810 S. Washington. For Sale—Full Seabright bantams, nip. blooded Golden Loraine North- For Sale or Exchange—New grocery stock and building. Call at, Room 9, Bartels' building. V Thd Sale of all S^tefg i- i tral Trades Union of Coffeyville, was in the city today consulting with the members of the various unions in re- gar| to their plans for Labor Day. Cofteji'ille is to have a celebration and has offered several nice prizes to ^induce the attendance of the bands of Southeastern Kansas. Prizes of $75, $50 and $25 are offered for the three best bands. Mr. Mitchell has made a liberal offer to the lola band but they have decided to Wait and see if the For Rent—Rooms for light house- Hocai unions want them before contract- hese afiE^ ateblote bai^£as. Gomis m add see tof yoti^clf. Bijg:gcir batgains, beU^ values than you eyef bbiii^t before. Read and be cox^inced: You yeara el 'em Out ounp Mens Suits asres 17 to 20 tf» tif\ worth double the prica. Shov-»4JA,»>J V Mens Suits a 'em out big harRftin. 44" Out. .Mens 11!lie DonliriOvei-alls Shovel era'f 'A 25c Mens Suits Jlo.Oo, 812 and SI4 fl» 7 77 Shovel 'em out ' • / / Mens Suits worth il.oo to IT.oo CO QQ Shovel em out J • J y Mens WhjltJ llandkorchlcifs, Shovel Vtn out. I. 2 for 5c Men's 2ri ocnl Snsvcnders 'ctnout '-. Shovel IS Out. Mens Sweaters w6rlh 5o c ShoVel'em Men's SHOES Worth $2.50 and $3.00, Slioyet SOUTH WEST CORNER SQUARE We Want to Figure That PLUMBING JOB For You. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 1 --X'v -x «vvv->-X":--:">:":~:-v^<-<":-<~:~:-->-:":^'«^^ ...SEE US FOR,.. Ribbon sate at Miss . Prihoth's, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Mr', and Mrs. Rolla Bennett went tn Independence for a visit with rcla- tlmcs. Attend the ribbon sale at MitK Pribolh's Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The lola base ball team took a vacation today and wont up the river (o cnjo}- the day fishing. E. R. Prime rclurnod home this morning from a three v .-eekR' visit with friends in Nebraska. Charley Gardner came in thi.s afitT- noon from Parson.s and will spend a few da)'s vj.siiing friends. ' Dr. R. A. Light, of Chanute. IJcfrt and Fred Stamper, of Alton, IN, arc visiting their cousin. Dr. Ladga. Dr. Garlinghouse reports the birth of a girl baby at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Edwards, 211 North Buckeye street. The Yates Center base Ball club came over this morning and are playing the Gas City team on their, homo grounds this afternoon. A household ncccssitj-,- Dr. Thoma.-.' Eciectric Oil. Heals buru.s, cuts, wounds of any sort; cures sore throat, croup, catarrh, asthma; never fails. Years of suffering relieved in a night. Itching piles yield at. on.-^c to the ciirativc properties of Doan's Ointment. Never fails. At any drug store, 50 cents. The little infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tackett, at Gas City dio.l last evening and the funeral was held this afternoon at the homo. Interment was made in the lola cemetery. The condition of William Yacpaor i.s practically unchanged from yesterday evening. He was able last night for the first time lo answer a few quis- tion^ in a brief manner. His recovr;y is very slow and chances are veiy much against I^im. Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Fine! 5urrey and Driiving Harness, Whips, Fly Nets, Ousters, Summer Goods and Lav/n Swjing-s. ^1 * NKXT TO Cirv GAi OH-ICK No. iiyt West Majdfs^^ie. \ "^ii SALE; ; Or^ arre oi.ofuurth milo west Pubiic square, Tola. No uI! :ca.-'>, {rice>.330. of One acre on south Kentucky St. yas or j Price §200. Easy ternvi. • • 4o acres one mile southwest iof •About \Z acres adjoining Tola, ! lola, nice bottoakland, no paa or ^ lo {.'as or oil lease. Price SJSOO. • oil lease on ibis.j Price 84,000 • I'errjs cn llii >. - ' Also a 400 acre ranch 35 miles ."•0 acrc -5 mile east of city. , southwest of lola, 65 acres in col- ;-'iicc .-i-i!-" j-er acre. Makei us an tivaiion, hous?, b^rn and orchard. ' Price *l.00O. Terms. offer on liiis. FARM U0AN5, LOWEST RATES. CALL ON OR WRIie D.W. BOSTWICK, io!a .iK« :^.;..:..^.:..^.:..^.:.<.•^•^•;.<..^.x•^~^•^•^•^•x-Xr^K^ J. L. Adamson. iwo miles north and one mile west of Santa Fe depot, has timothy hay for sale In the field, $5 a ton. Furnished. rooms for light housekeeping, inquire at 311 S. Sycaknore. Lost—Ladies ^Id watch, with the name "Dora" engraved thereon. The finder will receive a reward of f 10. Notify the Register. Ing with any out-side city. Fort Scott 3J [onltor: John Schrant, the big Sedaliaj catcher, who was taken oft the field yesterday afternoon for using indecent language, was arraigned for preUmlAary' hearing in Judge Smith's court this afternoon and plead; .ed guilty to the charge of disturbing the poice by a'sing profane and inde; cent language. John . acknowledge <i that he had' done wrong. Said he was nngry and allowed his temper to get the batter of his senses. He declared he wan, sorry for his actions and was wUIIng to ^lead guilty." Judge &nltli administered a lecture to the'ball player and ass ^ed a Sne of >5 and iiosts aiaiiistiiinu ;A Pirfeet WaU Coatljig- Comb'rnes Cleanliness and Durability Any one can brush It on No one caTt rub tt off PUstico 13 a pure, poananent and porous wall coating, and dd«sinot reqiiire takTng off to rene ^asddallkalBOmines. It is a dry powder, ready for nse by --'i watM- and can be -Jicid on by any one. vvfaite and fourteen ^ tints. iUOWIECO. for fan ptrflcnian v/A -~Mfifl«etf#a«ii-. mm BROS Relieves Instaotlz of Money Refunded* MUSQUIBP I ^heum0 Sore Mtiscles» Sore J<$nts and Neur^ia* The only External Remedy %lifcli will Syeat Out the Fever and Loflanunatton* j Sold only In 2Sc,SOc & til.OOBotUes. i aOl gop»Ptqggtate? CHAS. B. SPENCER & CO., loJa, kginsas. Sai I Wiley Potter Has moved from tie stbae barn on Ea^f M^di- J son avenue toy ^ |Tbe Star Barn Z on West street, where llo will continue to^ 1>^J' y.our horses and mules .paying-at highest market price. / ^ all tim^ l^e J C. L. WHITAKiR> Re^ |state, up 5talrs In Tttrj|er Building. Thi rear y«-t>«y will byy • better hoose tbaa tbe one you' are ' rei^Iiijf- C «ai«aBd Mc'iM. w

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