The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APKII. 30, 1895S. BILL NYE IN OHIO. ME WRITE8 ABOUT SOME OF THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE STATE. l.U>K, the B!rth)iUo« of tho Kloetrle Car. Borne of the Joy* and Sorrows of Get! ting a Draft Cashed—A Beautiful Play That William Saw. ICopjTight, 1892, by Edgar W. Nye.] I N O HIO. The snccess and prosperity of the Ohio society, of New York, is ample proof of the great -wealth and intelligence of the Buckeye State, but after all it is better to travel through the great stuto and observe her countless avenues of wealth, « from her beautiful and well kempt f anna to her statesmen, from her cabbages to her natural gas. You understand it tetter. Tho middle states have one peculiarity that they are beginning almost to wish they did not have, although it was started AT THE BANK. •ut to bo a charm. Charms, however, when neglected, beconio at times nuisances. Wo wore visiting Lima not long since, a thrifty town with all the snap and vigor of a new gold camp in tho west, yet with tho shrowd and cool headed business tact of a Cape Cod town. Sho has thin characteristic, however, towhioh I have darkly alluded. It in a public square The public square was of course intonded to bo on tho Bturt a thing of beauty, but it has in too many of tho middlo state towns becomo an opon air livery Btable, covered with tho choice decorations of a badly farmed farm. Tho square is of course geographically in tho center of the town, nud is distinctly visiblo from every direction. The idea is a good one, but when it becomes tho grazing ground of the motheaton horso and tho homo of tho watermelon rind, tho Bpring of tho year adds no beauties to it and Taxpayor and Veritas write pieces about it. It is also in many cases a hay and wood market. Here tho man in the blue army ovorcoat (ho has never boon in tho urmy or ho would not be wearing it) moots the man in tho buffulo overcoat, and they borrow tobacco of each other, chew somo u it, spit eight times, water thoir stock n go homo. Poople come to tho editor and say: "That square is getting to bo a blamed nuisance. You ought to roast it. Go for it." Thou tho editor says in his paper, provided tho man who im»lo Hit- suggestion has paid for his advertising promptly: "Wo rcgrot greatly to aeo our beautiful public squaro in such a neglected condition. Will not some ono movo in tho matter? It is a sin and u shame, and UB a matter of fact it is high tiuio to cull a halt." Teams not actually engaged in traffic on tho streets ought not to bo permitted to stand hitched inside tho business part of any city whatever. Even Minneapolis, big and prosperous as sho ia, still permits hundreds of farm teams to Bland tied along its main avenues, not only by the hour, but by tho day, a vast fringe of starvation, colio aud botts in tho very heart of a great, thriving and beautiful city. Tho farmer would not want the gas worka on his farm. Why does he oxpect to bring liis nuisances into town? Because tho form is too often in the spring of the year u vast, humiliating exposure, that is no roason why those sanitary methods should bo brought into town, i8 it? Lima has about tho earliest electric car lino in America. It is u double trolly system, aud the cars aro getting old an'' childish. The rolling stock is to be renewed very soon. At all these towns nearly every ono's room is heated by natural gas. It holds out very well. I was through this state early in the discovery business, and I then prophesied that gas from tho interior of the earth would continue to manifest itself up to the present time, aud possibly oven later. Subsequent history lias shown that I was right. The electric street cars of Lima are sadly out of repair, as I said. They have tho odor of u cheap lodging house on the Bowery, ns nearly as 1 can recall it now. They are shabby in the oxtromo. Also iu the middle. Next Lent 1 shall abstain from tho use of these cars. Lima is ono of tho thrifty and prosper ous cities of Ohio, aud is also the home of the Lima beau. Li Cincinnati tho other day we tried to buy a New York draft. The first four bankB wore just out of Now York drafts, and the fifth one hud jUBt beeu plagiarized by a "gentleman with a cough' who downed the bank for some (37.1)5, I believe, aud so it did not fool like sell ing New York exehango to "strangers. The bank had just offered a reward of suveuty-ilve cents for the arrest and Hp prehension of the fiend who had "did it up" in that bold way. It seoms thut some months ago a man from Chattuuooga caine in "with cough" and presented a draft for payment. It was pretty large, and the cashier looked suspiciously ut the owner of th* paper, but ha kept bis hand up to his month with that steady, dry, hacking cough, which they Bay carried him off pretty soon. Something did, anyhow. Posaibly it was tho cors. When the draft was sont on for payment to tho bank on which it was drawn it was discovered, alas! too lato, that the man with the cough was one of those practical engineers who can put a pair of jockscrows under a ten dollar draft and raise it to any required denomination while you wait. He hod a preparation of pulp and a powerful press, with which he filled up the | mark generally cut out of the paper at the end of the amount of tho draft. Then ho could easily cut out such other figures us his desire for ready money seemed to justify. I had the misfortune to drop into several banks in Cincinnati soon after this affair, and having, as 1 do, the air of a plausible, unhung hellion from Toinp- kinsville, Staten Island, of course I was at once spotted by tho eagle eyed man behind the wires, who had resolved that no stranger should steal the bank's funds anyhow. Finally, at the German National bank, I was received kindly and a draft was sold to mo at a reasonable price, with the understanding that I would be careful of it. A Cincinnati merchant said to me, however, that it was not fear of my ultimate intention to raise the draft that led the other banks to be rude. It was probably quite another reason. But even if that wero the case, why couldn't thoy say at once that they had no do- posits with tho New York banks and so could not sell a draft? I would not have told any ono. I would have respected their squalor and misery. Now of course I am under no obligations. On tho street yesterday I rati into a young man who was admiring his new Bpring suit in tho gloss store fronts as he passed along the street I hurt him quite severely. He reproached me, but 1 am accnBtomod to that. A little reproach in the spring of the year does me good I saw him coming a square away and regarding himself with ill disguised affection in the big windows and allowing ladies and children to got out of his way or have a wing knocked off, so 1 said to my companion, "See me knock a little North Carolina etiquette into that mollusk that we see yonder." When I got up speed 1 steered for him with a newspaper in my hand, reading it carefully and trying to figure out what show there was for a premature presidential boom which has tho dressing removed from it a mouth too early. I got up pretty good steam, for I weigh ovor 185 pounds now, and living at first class hotels all winter has given me fresh vitality and filled mo with animal spirits and high purposes. There was a sort of crunching sound, such as one hears when tho lion tamer inserts his hoad into tho open jaws of tho wrong lion by mistake. The young man staggered back over a dressed hog and tho two lay there together, as it wero, ono dressed hog besido tho other dressed hog. It was a touching sight. Tho ovordressod hog did not look so peaceful as tho other one did. Ho had a troubled look which was not shared by tho ono that had the forced smile and a chip in his mouth, also o stick to prop his bosom open. Thero are sovorul streot nuisances of this kiud who mako it dangerous for people to walk much in town. One walks along tho street rovoling iii tho view of himself in tho Btoro fronts; another reads tho papor on tho street, and anothor goes along counting his chnngo, ever and anon stealing a ride on some lady's train. I shook hands with Governor McKinley at Columbus tho other day and added him to my handsomo and growing list of eminent acquaintances. He looks more like a statesman than any other American 1 have been at all intimate with sinco the untimely death of Daniel Webster. Govoruor McKinley is an ideal statesman in appearance and bearing. His head is well shaped, his carriage is dignified and easy and his manner comfortable and refined. Gentlenoss and repose constitute tho two great primary elements of tho gentleman, and Governor McKinley has these. The truo gentleman does not like to make anybody feel uncomfortable. Tho prig does. We did not talk long, as I am a very busy man and cannot pause in the groat battle of lifo to visit with tho various governors with whom 1 om tlirown in contact, so wo merely passed tho time of day, aud when 1 had taken iu a good eatod at Columbus, and supplies a num- I ber of tho smaller hotels with goods. I ' At Columbus I went to see a melodrama. It was called, "A Woman's Vengeance, or Tho Guilty Crime." It was a thrilling piece. It supplies eleven distinct thrills and three opportunities to go out and got an anodyne. The heroine of the play may be observed in the center of the stage at all times. That is how you know she is the star. She appears first as a lowly girl in a gingham dress and diamond ring. In this garb she is betrayed and ruthlessly jollied into a bogus marriage with a low, coarse man, who laughs hoarsely, spurns her from him, speaks coarsely through his hat and goes away. She then resolves to become an heiress. Her father dies on tho stage, losing his life and his artificial whiskers at the same time. His death leavos her wealthy, as her father, though poor, has invented a machine for boring holes in macaroni, thus reducing the cost of its production over 75 per cent., and so the girl, with entirely new clothing and a desire for revenge, goes abroad ond acquires the French language. When sho returns she goes to work systematically to ruin the man who so ruthlessly jolted her. affections and then went elsewhere. She goes into tho stock market and by means of n cheap boy, who knows how to buy iu such a way as to make money and yet rnin her old paramour, she has inside of a few weeks shaken Wall street so has to be replurabed throughout, and then sho gets tho job of doing it herself. Toward the close of tho play she gets ready for tho denouement. If I ever write another play I shall by all means have a donouement. I did not think of it before, but it is certainly a good thing. All along through the play she is getting ready and issuing invitations for this denouement. It is very well attended, indeed, and passes off pleasantly. For the denouement she changes hor dross, appearing in a scarlet plush cloak which envelops her entirely. When she gets ready to forbid tho wedding of her old and tough lover, who haB made arrangements to marry a stoop shouldered heiress whose family extends back among the Ptolemys, sho throws this cloak nsido as a boy would cast aside his garments before going in swimming, and stands before him dressed as she was when ho so basely wooed and then deserted her. I hato a man who will do that and then brag about it. A man who will basely deceive a girl that way and then laugh about it ought to be written up iu the papers, aud I was glad to see that the play turned out that way. I always like to seo a play like that. It elovateB me. Ono man was killed in tho play, but it was not so sickening as somo deaths are on tho stage. 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"yyHITESIDE & GLEASON Attorneys at Law, Offlce, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. less treasure of good health, wMch he can gain and preaft-ve by the use of those iHafe, effective and unfailing CHINESE VEGETABLE REMEDIES with which the great Lee Wing Brothers speedily and permanently cure erery form I ot nervous, chronic, private and sexual dis- 1 ease, lost manhood, seminal weakness, errors of yovth, urinary, kidney and liver troubles, diseases of the heart, lunes and throat, diseases of the blood orskln, dfseases I Xfpnt in tliA hull Til ,.n „i„ „ of the stomach and .bowels, rheumatism, I 01 m - ne ? a l 1 . 0 ? McClurg s store, at (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, vcaj and all kinds of sausage, oysters^ fish and game. John Hartman, cutter. Telephone 32. rjUYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys at Law, Office, up-stalrs, Masonic Temple. ODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA . HI. LI II Lt & l »U., 188 8. WATER 6T. CHICAGO XXiXlv COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN BROOM CORN c. Pol* ft ?.twU, ttraln rmoHUflMh CM'Xtft Spra.ii., W.rnrr & to.; UtvMrtt " W. A. AH«n Jt Co., Wool, '* *cr\'li»iiLIUtloiulBuil(. " neuralgia, paralysis, dlspcpsia, constipation, syphilis, ghoncrhea, gleet and all weaknesses and diseases of any organ of the body. LEE WING'S remediescurewhere all other means fall. Consultation and examination free, and only a Bmall sum for the remedies. Call for consultation, or write symptoms fully, enclosing stamp for reply. LEE WING BROS., 15ia Larimer street, Dever.Col. No. 20 South Main street, every Mon day evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. M ARSHALL, Clerk. A. M. H UTCHINSON, V. C. CTJSON & WATSON Grocery and °*%r Confectionery. 315 North Main, 0ZMANLIS ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILUS Burt, PraBptt FoiHlvo O HM for /xpottnci, Lw of IfuJtoerf, StmliuU tmluloat, tptrmatorrhia, ffwMUMMi, MfDUtruit, Uu of Mmory, dc. Will makiuou a 8TR0N9, Vlqar- ou§ man. Prlct tt.00. 9 Boat, $600. So4t>lnl Olrtctlont Ualltit wlthtachBox. Ming ItlllltBuvTtalmut Q«.| 8MB LUOA1 Avf. ST. LOUIS, • Ma MIDLAND HOTEL Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men solicted. Iitu, tl.OMlMi SI.50aDa>. "WE CURE MEN". of Debility M»rrl»g«,B>~'E:-"7: »sspoa<l<!>icy.'Ku n J! Agjjjfveuj /I Impolicy, Weakuess, i>r,u ^retains. Losses, Evil Foreb'j ... --*' r pnjwtua,etc..r— M ;houun<ls oi,« Uuanoived Teattmanltls lh»» . "MBit , STAY CURED."

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