Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 10, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1889
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STEELING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 1380. NUMBER 203. • FLO ATI V/RAPPER5 (USiE 2121.) end receive i HANDSOMEs PC & N, W. TIME TABLE, OOINO BART. . Atlantic Ex 1:12 a. m Sterling Piws...6::)6 a- ni Limited Pass. 8:53 a. m (jllnton " 1:66 p. m .Denver " 3:40 a. in. OOINO WRHT. Pacific Kt 2:22 a. m Sterling I'M"-8 fl<> P. m Limited I'ass. 4:04 ClIntonl'aBS Denver " 8:53 FSKIOHT TBAINB THAT OABBT QOINO KA8T. OOINO WKBT, No le i . ............ 8.15 p. m.lNo. 35 .......... -7:40 a, m N!>! ie..._- . ..... 0:60 a. ro No. 17 ..... -...10:62 a. m :30 a.ra. t-8— .. . Vo-FruigUt _____ «:«8 i).m.|l1— -FrelKht ...... 6:00 a.m OOIN3 WKflT. *nniv« rnoM KAIIT. IAIIHTVH ' •ESTIYE TEMPLARS They Storm th ? President's Mansion 20,000 Strong. iADIANT SCENE AT A RECEPTION. . 7ll-l'iumnnK«r.,.«:UWp.m. U«-l'iwfl«n8<>rlO;3"».in 77— I?rvr'^> I- ..... -?;J';:'..!::.|!2 -Freitilit ----- 6:33t'.:i;>; KFassengorNo. soconnecwwith trains east an* west on Clinton Branch: with O.K. I &P-B-B- »t Kock Island east and west; with main line fur points west, Council liliiira, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City and points beyond. —SPECIALTIES.— The finest, Mott Durable, und holds Us shape the beat of any whip In the market. Sir Knights unit Thnlr Lnillon Kaluto the Clilnf MBKlmrnte—Two-third', of tho TlirooK Full to Rnurh tlio Itncpptlun Hoom—Kxcnrslon of Thousnnds to tho Tomb »t tiio Fiitlmr of His Country— Mnnonlo Orphan HOTS Carry *)IT the Drill Honors—lown Reinstated. AVASUINOTON CITY, Oct 10.—The reception tendered tho sir knights nn-! their Indies by President Harrison at tlio White House Inst night, was, as usiml on similar occasions, •cry brilliant affair. Tho sidewalks by 7 o'clock in the vicinity of tho mansion were thronged with sir knights and lady companions, nnd long linos of p3Ople two nnd four abreast extended for squares in different directions waiting-Tor tho reception to begin. AtH:".0 the doors of tho Whitn House were opened, nnd tho people bo^an to enter. Tho mansion wns handsomely d-vnratod for tho occasion, potted plants, tropical flowers, nnd beds of roses being everywhere hi pro- rufiinn. Tho spacious K ist, room was brilliantly illuminated, and perhaps uevsr lw- lor'e, with tho gorgeous uniforms of tho sir knights and the handsomn costumes of their ladies, hns it presented a mare animated op- pearanco. Kecclvod In the Hod Itoom. The president reroivu 1 in tho Ko 1 room, nsaistod by Mm. Harrison, Mrs. Wlndom, Mrs. Mtllor, Mrs, Nobl>, Mrs. Rusk and'all tbe momlwrs of the cabinet, except Secretary Proctor, who is out of tho city. They wero at first intrndiuwl t.i i.ho (irnsidnnt by- B.I.I.I—.•_"!-.II,-.!^ht Myron M. I'arkor, of ;ii^i ami ho shook hands with each; but as tho throng in waiting seemed ondles? tbe president soon abandoned hand-shaking, to expedite tho passage of tho crowd. The sir knights and ladies then passed along rapidly, saluting tho president ns they passed by. IW^-jpaests entered tho front doorway and pnssed out on the renr portico into the grounds south of the White House, which were brilliantly illumbm'.ed with Chines) lanterns and colored lamps. -A stream poured 111 and out of tho niansio i until 11 o'clock, when tho front doors wero closed. Thousands Disappointed. There were perhaps 20,000 people fu line, waiting to shake hands with or got a glimpse of President Harrison, but not more than one-third of this number reached him. It wns a lovely moonlight night, and uviny of the commnndory bands escorted ^nieir members to and from the White House— the ladies nccimpnnying tho sir knights, BUSSEY AGAINST TANNER. Tho A.ieifttnnl Sfrri'tnry Hit-* Down I'JHMI Ilio SI IVr MoulJi-Orili'r. WARHISliTDN L'TTV, Oct. 111. —A^SlHtailt Recnitnry Husii-y yi-i'i-rdnv n-iideivd n do- cisiosi in tl 1 .*) pfMision np[t"al case of Lnndo- villc, lat.» n private in tho Vermont volunteer service, in which he reviews and . r?- prinili tho order issue! by Commissioner TnniKT on the LTith of last April, almlishing the rating of $:J per month nirl * .tabliHhing in its stem! thu MUII of 8-1 ppr nu<nth, in nil cases dnting from March L'7, 1S<'.I. Tho assistant secretary in his review of thin order snys thnt Urn only authority for the increase to (4 per month is found in the order of ComrniKsionor Tanner above mentioned, nnd that, it wai in pmvnanc-' of this order, with- FAIR'S HARD TASK. He Rescues the Great Nevada Bank from Ruin. A. GOOD FRIEND IN URGENT NEED, DEATH IN THE EUCHARIST. Wnn Pi Ar-srnlrln My S if: Mile » It..111:111 < ntli' ONKIHA. N. Y., Ort Jtun'-s IvMlly, of Urn J'l: nnd tho cin'uinst.'inres i!ln«w point to a criino He rolobruted mns>i in .. Father c.\ i'i s'.Tiivjsly ill, 2 mn<'oti::l with hia f nuird'!rous intent, tin; rink Tins'.lsy out reference to a medlcul board, tho pension WOK BO illCrio.iRi'd. Not Cmnistriil with l.nw or Pmolloe, Mr. Busscy thon goes on to nay thnt tho ordor is inconsistent with law and precedent, ns nil ro-rati I^H lira by law to bo baser! upon medlcul ex:i niimtions that show an increase of disability, exopt "'here congress 8|icclOcally nets upon u c isi>. Upon this principle nlono c;in a systojn bo enforced which will bo emiitnble and jtiar. It it were admissible that pensii:ns could b'.i Increased upon the moro ordor of the commissioner "the'whole schedule .of ratings for such disabilities might, bo obliterated or revolutionized by a similar order, fin I as n cmvtn- quonco the gros'st inequalities, not to sny the most flagrant injuslic 1 , might bo »Htab- lished in Ilio practice, o. tbu p-nsion ollici 1 . And it may be proporly added horn that if such nn order might bo logitiimtiily unforced by tho eonmiUsibnor in ono caso he might, by a stroke of tlio pan, increase nnd ro-rnto »'l pensioner* for "non-specific disabiliti"s Rithout any restraint excepting his own discretion. Timnnr'H Error Mlllllti-sl. "The orror of tho nhovn-ninnltomnl^iii-ilor. Issued April Sli, .18SBj-,_,br......tbclati> commissioner of pensions, Is manifest, and tho rescinding of it necessarily follows. It ha.s neither tho color of law nor the authority of precedent. If. however, it, appears to yoii In the light of a modicai'examination thnt tho pensioner is entitled to an increased ratine for an increase of disability from chro:iic dlorrbeon, yon will procood to adjudicate his claim nceoi ilingly." Tho Easiest Dumped, Easiest Kun- nlng and Latest Jmproved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, ?1.CO. Two sacks $2.80 Half Patent, " 1 -*°- " " 2-fl ° Some of the oldest residents of this city clalmlthis to bo tho best Hour they ever used In the State of Illinois.' CJream of Patent., (Sim, Daisy aii'd Minn. JRoiler in stock. Tin A Good Stock of _Tomato Cans, ,* =r: Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofj C MASON'S. GUiSS FRUIT JABS AND JELL TOMBLEES LEFT AT I,. I,. JOHNSON'S. marching with them along the smooth as- plinltum-covered streets. VUlt to Mount V»rnoTi. One of the features of the day wns the trip of the Illinois nnd other commanderies to tho tomb of Washington at Mount Vernon. There were about 1,000 Illinoisans and hundreds of others and tho river was full of summers for awhile, carrying the crowds to Mount Veruou. :. They all landed safely after a pleasant trip, tho nir resounding with the music of tha bands taken- along. Altogether there were about 7.000 excursionists, many of them ladies. 'Upon arriving at tho tomb impressive ceremonies were held, ni.d Commander Gussetto and Dr. Lorimer, of Chicago, mudo ok quent addresses iu honor of tho memory of Washington. Tlie Iowa Maudlin Forgiven. ., At tho Bjssiou of thu grand encampment iu the afternoon tha Iowa caso cams up. Past Grand Master James H. Hopkins, of Pittsburg, Iowa, chairman of tho committee on jurisprudence, brought in a report 'which recommended tho 'adoption of a resolution sustaining the grand master 'in declaring the lown comtiiandery in rebellion, nnd then expressed the opinion that tho Io»va members had been punished sufficiently, an 1 recommended that tlu> order 'interdicting ull Tom- plar Intercourse with the granil cornmandery of Iowa and the other Knights 'Templars of the United States bo no longer considered in force. A love-feast prevailed on all sides, and nmid consid Table enthusiasm tho resolution of the committee; was adopted and the grand commttiidery of Iowa wns cordially' welcomed back into full fellowohip. Gave Soiuo Exhibition Drltlfl. .WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 10.— Tho exhibition drill of Knlghis Templar comraander- ios at the cupttol bas3 ball grounds yesterday was witnessed by more than 4, 000 people. The gay attire of tbe knights was conspicu- pus among the crowd, while tha attendance 'ot ladies was very lnr.;a. Tin d.iy was bright and broozy. As euch coinnuuidery marched on tbe ground it reeaived liberal applause. [SUCCESSOKS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyominp-, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of tho WIST AND NORTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the Lino embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New. Wagniir and Puliwr,in Sleepurs, Superb day Coaches and FAST VBTiBULiB TRAINS "! Cn v«, P\. •Among-tliose_toklus_par±_were_ApoJlo_com-_ mandery, Uticu, N. .Y. ; tho Louisville and Do Malay eoimnand?ries, ot Louisville, Ky. ; Detroit commaudory; St. Bernard, from Chicago, and a number ot others. Tho evolutions wore beautifully executed, and elicited continued exclamations of surprise and delight. The "Kids" Wear the Honor*. But it was "tbe boys" who carried the day by storm. When "the liltlo commaudory" from thu Masonic Home at Louisville, Ky., came upon the Bold, accompanied by tho DeMolay and Louisville commaudoriea, with their bands playing "Old Kentucky Home," the spectators cheered vociferously. Tho boys executed the mos.t difficult manoeu- vres known to the Knights Templar manual drill and the various figures with such perfection in detail that it was dinlcull to discover a flaw of nuy movement. The applause that followed each movement fairly kept thaboyi drilling to the a mud of constant chnorins. •What I» the Moaiilug of Tills T -ALBANY. N. Y,, Oct. ..JO.— The Now York l!as>> Ball club was incorporated yesterday by John & D ly, Charles P. Abboy, Frederick J. Davis, William E Dubois, nnd Frank M. Sponcer. The club proposes to give public exhibitions of Athletic sports, including games of'buse l«ti and tennis, and to lease grounds in New York county on which to erect bulta lo stiu-lurea. In capital stock m $70,000, Jivided into seventy shares. Vuluulilu l'«i>i>r» In I'urll. Oct. W. — A slight Ure lu tho i- yesterday hlra^o l'o«toiflce. CITY, O.:U IU.—Tho report of thu postal c mini siion, of which First Assistant Postmaster General Clnrkson is chairman, rnct'nlly appointed by tho postmaster general to examine into and report upon tho postal needs of Chicago, was made public yesterday. , It says thnt in 1S:H Chicago was a village of twelve houses; ten years later It was an incorporated city with n population of 0,000, which hi 1870 hint increased .to iiufl, 000. The m-xt year 17,/KK) buildings woro destroyed by lire, while now tho city covers nn area of 175 fquaro miles, with.^a population of upward of 1,000,000. The increase In postal rocelpta has kept pace with tho city's marvelous growth, and last year It was nearly 2 per cunt.' greater than at Now York, Tho report then says that the present building is too small, and implies that before long it will have to bo enlarged. Additional help is recommended to tho extent of 115 moro carriers, 5'. olorks nnd 22 horses. ConBriifciitUmull9t« In Council. WoncKSTKH, Mass., Oct. 10.—The triennial national council of Congregational churches mot in Plymouth church yesterday forenoon. Moderator Cook, ot Connecticut, called tiro assemblage to ordor, and after thu usual preliminary exorcises Dr. Cyrus Northrop, president ot the Minnesota State university, was made permanent moderator. Tho secretary's report was road, and the proposition of . E igllsh and Welsh Congrogutioiialists to hold a general Congrexationulist council was urge! upon the council for rc:ion. Tho report showed that during the past three years Illl!) churches had besn added to tho roll and 2US lost. The increase of membership was 3115. There were 8,838 infant baptisms and the benevo- lont contributions amounted to $'3,205,!)(H, nn Increase of over $500,000. Ilotll Enveil tlie Same Widow. PIQUA, 0., Oct. 10.— Henry Huffman and Lawrence Kuter, both men of 45 years of age, courted the sanio woman—a young •widow named I^erzor. Hutor was the favored suitor. Huffman bocam-J jnalous, and called on Huter yesterjday morning shortly after 6 o'clock. Tho men exchanged a fow words, when Huffman drew a revolver and flred. Huter full nt the first allot Huffman stood over him and tired a second time. Huffman thon shot himself in tho neck, killing himself. Huter still lives, but cannot recover. J . . Forded Lauor In Toxai. " H (>t in —Tim Picayune's I)r«pornta Condition of the Punk %T Ho TVnnt to Its Assistance—Kfsht to T<m Millions Lost In u Wlivnt I>c:it. tn- clU'ltin; MlM Jennie Flood'* Fortune— The Inntltutlon on Its Foot Acaln—Tiilk of u Carpet Trust—ISnnlneM Notes. BAN KHANCISCO, Oct. 10. —At n meeting of the stockholders ot the Nevada bunk yen- terdny er-Kcnutor Janios G. Fair resigned IM president and director, giving press of business ns his rrason. Tho resignation wivi accepted and James L. Flood wns elected president of the bank. Mr. Fair's resignation brings to mi end tlv' last clmpter. in the wheat deal of 1SW, which cist tho bonanza crowd several million dollars. In the early part of IBS", during the absence ot John W. Mackny, and owing to tho inability of James G. Flool, who was then seriously ill, to attund to it* niT-iin), tho bank pot spriou.sly involved in ^1 disastrous wheat sp'.culution through Cashier George Bramlcr'd poor judgmcn', whic'i nearly wrecked the enormous fortunes of its stockholders. Fair WHS Flush of FunrtH. It wns then that Senator Fair came to the rescue. Well provided with funds, which ho had just realized from tho s;ilo ot the South Pacific Cwt railroad, ho camo to the reliof of his old timn partners and placedTm spare millions nt their disposal. Ha also do- voted bis personal attention to the rehabilitation of tho bank's affairs, asiurninR the po- Itioij hf president, which ho has since filled. Tim Kiiormmn Ixisn In Whoiit. The IONWH Incurred by tho different wheat factions a'ro entininted at. f rum $8,000,000 fr> ?10,000,I.OO, which Includuil n million' in- govornnlent bonds belonging to Miffi Jenni«'~ Flood, nnd tho private resources of the firm were trenched on heavily to rnako thorn good. Business has run along smoothly. On the death of James C. Flood, bis son took bis placo, atul notv assumes the presidency of tho Nevada bank, it bi-hig understood tiiut the loans advanced by Fair have lioon paid. mornlnp; nnd partook of nlioui two t":i«poon- fuls of Iho wiiii-, whon ho wns at incpseizod with great pain and a burnins; s-.-ns.ition nt tlio stninnch, whicli ho regarded as symptoms of poisoning. Ho quickly retired from the nltar nnd sent, to a drug store fur nn an ti'lote. Tho emetic liad the desired e relieving his stomach, bvit none too soon. A physician wns Biimnioncd and applied the best known remedies for poison. Father Kelly wns doathly sick when conveyed to his home. A I)i>ii'lly Urns In the VTInc. One ot the parishioners wont to Syracuse yesterday to linvo tho wine analyzed. Bov- enil test* wi-re made, euch di-closing the presence of arsy|iic.-in largo qunntities. Ti^ theory is that some ono entered tho rink by means of a fnlsi key Sunday or Monday night nnd put the deadly drug in the email bottle of wine left tbero, ns arsenic wo* found scuttfM-ol on the altar. AN INDIANA MANSION BURNED. II.> iilc iil llD nl < li-m Rt n»tl — I'.tt Tliv Si lmh, S<-x-or«-ly I^nrn^H. f-'ui'TH r.FXD, Ind., Ort. 10.— Tim Hon. Clem St irl"K'iU"i '* mnin ifir'-jit. stfno inna- Rion, vnlui'd nt t"-'!>,!Hii l , wns nhnost entirely d"stroyed by Ihv nnd ruinnd by water yor.lcrday iiinrniiii?. The whole of tho into- rior wns mined, und many art trsosnrps, with which the mansl'-.n was staked, were destroyed. Mr. Studebakor is absent n» • momlicr of tho international American con- crew, nn<I wns to havo entertained thnt body • nn an- r , . , ,. . « >. f in his Indiana hnme on ITect (.f _ . _, ., . , ..... .... W<>|-|1 lll' infill! in: Wr-nl y)in''- 17 >. iV. II I" II" in Hin nt (h ' c:i>> hnd inin-lo thn t'Mir antic nnd South Man' •• B ' MAJOR BURKE IS GUILTY. A Stnti-miint. Tlmt Sluy Explain Hln Sad- clcm Knturii to London. NEW OKI.RANS, Oct. 10.—Attorney General Rigors sai 1 Tuesday: "Maj. E. A. liiirkn has committed a most grievous outrage against a pnaplj who bad honored and trusted him. Mnj. Burko is guilty. He has drawn out of tho state treasury and from a special fund $-10,880 without right,™ and "covered up" his act by depositing false vouchers. Ho has ] ut upon tin) markot $.'•()!!, O'M of state bond* which had beuii doclared void, and which bad been been intrusted to him to be destroyed. Ho rep.irtod that they had toon destroyed. H) dulilwrately nindo a further issue of • $7(1.000 of other securities, anil -.through othors placed them in tho various blinks of Uio rlty, aii'I iminojr.- has b.-en IlFAlllteil III II Llillll Slllt. tho IMth Inst. Tlio rest of the family, except Mrs. Studcbokor and hor grandchild, are away from home. Ci»nn« of th« Confl:ij;r»tlono Mrs. Ktudebakcr discovered tho flro at 'i o'clock in the morning in a closet opposite Mr. Rlndobaker'B "don" nnd under ths rear itnirwny. The flam is were caused by tlie ppontanr-oiis oombiistiuii of sonn oil rngB which painters had been uoing. Next to the closet was the elevator shaft reaching to the roof, and through tbi* the flames shot «nd spread all over the building in an incredibly short time. The domestics hod a narrow escape, and Mrs. Studebaker hersolf was found upon tho terrace nearly insensible, dangerously burned, nnd clasping her grandchild In her arnn. Mrs. Studobaker tml heroioilly rushed through the flumes to the fourth floor, where hor grandson was asleep, and carried him to tho terrace. n'f-Kcrtptlon of tho Mnn*ton. Tho house was ono of the finest in Indiana. The material was native cobble-stone, irregular in form and varied in color. It had many broad porches paved with tile and supported by marbla pillars. The main en- tranca was nt tho northwest corner. A flight of «:nps led into n mahogany-paneled veiti- bulo paved with mosaic. Tho walls and cail- Ing of tho main hall were paneled with solid oak and the polished fl'jor was covered with thick Turkish rugs. An elegant oak table occupied tho cantor of the hall and beyond it was the grand staircase.- This wai ono of the most beautiful features of the house. T Tho Gruml Staircase. 'There-ware .. three flights of broad, low Bteps, the IhiiHfngs coVerwI witli~rugn, nnT -~\ on Uin m-i-iind floor was a high balustrade of poakrinlrto-ateljtiairvnrt. AH the oirvings in Will r.lve llif T WM n Mo*«nra. ST. ,U)i!NHUHY, Vt., C)-t. U).—Col. Franklin FHlrb.mki "ill -ive to ihii twwn hw orj- tiro collection of bir !i. min»r.i!s, a ! i';li-i, soil ciiriositien, ami < r c. u vu ; i,-;i(>!vj nm-'^ii'n to contain them. T ,e foiU'clio-.i of h!r-i.», especially, is niif* of t in (Viost in the conr.try. , Piin.Al)KI,i'iiiA. Oct. 10,-Elward E4ier, the hall-wnru ,.x ( -*H]i, il< |y- t Tm;- T lha _.b^w-_ ' i-as finished In* culnmal style ami A CiirpKl Munufaiituroni' Trust. UOHTON, Oct. 10.—The American Wool RepnrUT says: A meeting was hell at th.; Fifth Avenue.hotel, Now York, yosterday to consider a proposition to form a carpet manufacturers' trust Many o£ tlio largest carpet manufacturers wore present. The real object ot this meeting, whicli Wat held with closed doors, wns to disc.m tho situn- tion, nnd if practicable to take initial steps- toward forming a trust 'or clo-ij combination. Many people interested consider scheme visionary, but it is said that German and other capitalists are ready to put »25,000,000 into it Western Union Affairs. NEW YonK, Oct. 10.—At tho annual moot- fug of Iho Western Union Telegraph company tho old board of directors was re-elected without opposition. Tho statement for the fiscal-year ended June 30 shows gross receipts of •?:», 783,101; operating expenses, $14,505,152; net earnings, $0,Blb,041, an increase of $1,147,470 over last year. After payment of dividends and all charges thoro was a surplus from tho year's business of $l,072,S()ti. which makes tho total surplus ot June 30 ?8,011,401, Will Go Into Liquidation. BOSTON, Oct. 8.—Tho American Wool Reporter says: "Another farm mortgage company has gone into liquidation. The Anthony Loan and Trust company, of Anthony, Kan., with pn office also at 4 Post- offlce square, Boston, has decided to stop business. It wns started in 1880 with a nominal capital of .*2.}0,fJ93, only a portion of which, however, was paid in, 'and tho company has'dona but a moderate business," A Tin-Plate Mill nt Plttshurg. PlTTSBUlio, Oct. 10.—Arrangements have boon perfected for the establishment in this city ot an extensive tin plate mill. F6ur and a half acres of ground have been purchased upon which the plant will be erected within ono year. )f Cuicngu, a partner i'i the law firm which S. Corning J'ud I, Into postmaster of Chicago, is a member, brought suit in tho United .Stuti's court In-iv yesterday fur $50,•JOO damages for lib-1 against II. K Hart- idnr and Samuel L. Wi-ist, of tho Evangelical Publishing conipiiiy. The suit is the .lutcome of n quarrel in tho religions denomination known ns tho Evangelical church. Iliirtsoler wns nt ono Tho Kplsoopnl Convention. NEW YORK,;—In tho house of biisoment or the register' j ,iiHioii e nil tuu vto. , I'.jhitivtt n> jimpT it w'na feal-ill Hint Kl- dun'.-. Fur umiii'ly t! th.» InivMiieut an I th-j c iniitv, and ! would be ctmtluod tu —N Austin, Tex., spicial says: E ; ghleen com- plainU luwo Iwen lodgal iigainHt cotton planters living ill Caldwell and Hayes counties for importing cotton-pickers from Mox- ico, and they will bu brought to Austin for trial. Heretofore during good crop years planters havo brought large numbers of Mexicans into Texas to pick cotton. Tho operation of tha foreign labor law is working groat hardship and much cotton will be lost lu conscquencj. ' Sufety_D«vice» lor Kiiltway*. NEW YOUK, Oct. 10.—The general railroad timo con voution was hold yosU-rday at tho Hotel Brunswick. Ttie memb:rship of tho convention was reported us 170 companies, representing 130,8'J1 miles of road. It was docld«l to appoint a committoa on safety appliances, to consider what are the essential requisites in all devices for power brakes, automatic couplHM, intor- lockingsswitches, block systems and boating and lighting.^ ChtcHgo Workiiisaiun Subnorlblus'. * CHICAGO, Oct. 10.—Subscriptions were opened yesterday iu tho thousands of workshops and business establishments of this city to give tho workingnwn an opportuuity to tnkn stock in the world's fuiiv Bo far as heard from tho schema was n success, Tho amount subscribed cannot b« given at this time, but it will, when all Is reported, bo a largo sum, 3fn*. Mlku RlcUoiiuld. NEW-YOUK, Oct. 10.—Mrs. Miko McDonald U still at tbo Fifth Avotiuo hotel She has not uiiulci up hor mind yut what she U goiii," to do to earn u living, and still says. ilmtsliL- is not going bat-is to bar husband's hum •. Who tun iiyt hoard fruiu him y»t, but deputies of the Episcopal convention yester : day the committee to whom waa referred tho proposition t<t divide the diocesea of Michigan and Nebraska, reported unfavorably and were discharged. The house next refused to recede from its rejection of resolution 8 of tho prayer book TavKlon. . which—provldoir—for—the—re- recitation of tho litany at morning prayer otT Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and every day in in Lout The proposition to give clergymen an appeal outside of their dioceses was rejected—104 to 19. Another proposition for an appellate court in each diocese was under discussion when the convention adjourned to participate in memorial exorcises in honor of Bishop Vail. The Mob Alter tlie Mlaoreant. WAPAKONETA, O., Oct 10.—Word was received hero yesterday morning that a 14- year-old girl was outraged while on her way to school at Olynnwood, near here. She was so badly injured that it is feared she will die. The child recognised hor ravisher, who is ono of tho well-known citizens, Jim Glynn, a relative of the man otter whom the place is named. The whole community are now out bunting for Glynn, and if he iscap- tured he will surely bo lynched by the mob. Th» IndltiuapolU Election. " lNDTAXAroi.rer Oct. "10.—Tuesday's election hero resulted in returning fifteen Democrats to the council out of twouty-flve, and Ave members of the board of aldermen of the same party. They also elected tho mayor and city clerk, the mayor, Sullivan, by l,7ySniajority. There was a very small Protdbiliui vote. Among the councilman elected was Sim Coy. Chicago Hotter Look a Little Out. NEW YUHK, Oot. 10.—W. W. ABtorgav« a banquet ycsU-rday to the committees promoting tho worl i's fair ontsrpriao. Reporters V.ITO rxcliultsl, but it it reported that Mr. Astor informed bis guftat* that the fair must bo a sucivs>, and that if necessary ho would f'x>t liio entire bill, .5-itlmatod at $3),000,000, line senior editor of tin ollkittl organ of tlio "bhurch, and by his violent attacks on the lending men of the denomination brought upon liinuulf the wrath of the body, and was tried nn 1 dopoioil. Mr. E-shei- was employed as a lawyer in the cus-s, and latterly llartselor hns turned his atiention to him, dually chnrging him w ! th forging n cablegram at tha. time of Harts.'ler's trial.'This is the came of tho suit. There are half a million m-Jinb'rs of tho church in this country and Cunadn, anil tho suit is a causa.cole- bra to thorn. • Tho K. ol 1- i;irctillvo llo.inl Rund. Pnii,ADKr.rniA, Oct 10.—Messrs. West & Rommel, on bulialf of William Whitf.y, yesterday brought suit n-;ainst Terencj V. I'owderly and nlher ofllcers of thu general i-xecutivo board of the order of Knights of Labor. When tho strike occurred nmong the knitting-goods workers in eastern New York it was indoVsed by th'S gn leral executive board, who or.lero I the plaintiff to furnish any members of the ordor with such neceasnri'S as they inliht need. Wliitty furnislud about f-I.Od) worth of groceries, and has boon paid n'Jt bat a balance of f'jM, which he claims thi) cx-jcutivo board guaranteed. • rr«nld«nt I)uy and tlie llrutherhnoil. NEW YonK b Got. 10. —In an interview with a United Press reporter yesterday President Day denied tho report that he contsmplated joining the Brothel-hood league. Mr. Day was very indignant over tho i-oport, and de- clared'that the Ktory wns a lie, that it was made out of whole cloth, and that tho writer of it knew It. Mr. Day, continuing, said: "I told tho writer of -thu-story that I had no communication with Mr. Ward or Mr. Coogan, and that I hud as much intention of joining the Brotherhood league as I had of changing my name to Boiudict Arnold by petitioning Iho legislature." Gootl Discipline on » lliver Stennier. NEW OIILBANH, Oct. 10.—Tho Times-Democrat's St. Joseph (Li) special says: About 5 o'clock last evening, while the steamer T. P. Leathers was rounding to at Bouduraut's landing, lire broko out in tho cotton on tho teFbuiU'il- gn;irrt:—It-spread-rnpldly;—but-as- O t ! ine-rooiii wi the woodwork Bild fnr^ii^vin/i*- were of pure white iiiiiU'gqkj. Tfio library floor, walli and ceilins'wero'of 'niatiflgany, with book- onsca of tho sSinie hiatorlal. Hnhognny was also us?d extonsivoly in tho dining-room, 'which WIN so largo, tout 100 persons could dino In it nt tlio same timo. Pnck of thii was a spacious breakfast room, with ft but- Icr'H pnntry separating it from tha servants' hall beyond. The chambers wore on suite, Absolutely Pure Till* powder never T»rie». A marrel strength and wholeflomeoess. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and can not ba sold In competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, s.timn m |iiiu«pbate jmwfisni, sold o iiv i i cans. ICUTAL BAXIKO FOWDRK Co., 408 Wall rft.. .».'w lork J»n31fl-wly my w.wt to-d«r7 Ifcel mteerAMo. he«d. d.Vnlirinnif bm:* r i,iy .food w«pt lU^rt, liola body ttxtva nut of order.. Via «msw»r nder you are Insiioh ft Mokffn dnwn IUT that It Is no wo with dressing and bath rooms adjoining. On the top floor was a fine art gallery, celled and paiioled'in oak. Tho All-America Dcleentei. HAHTVOIID, Conn., Oct 10.—The train bearing tho delegates to the All-America convention arrived hero at 3:25 p. m. yesterday and th« distinguished visitors were appropriately received and welcomed. They condition, and you \rlll ki»p getting worse uut««a TOU can cure your LlVEEt, This toportsut orgta IB out of order and you must cure It °y| > ^^^,J' using those uever fallinginUNHWItHBKflBBraBHVilA IITHI Or, C, McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. fhey will restore you and give rigor and health to KOUT wholo system, making you strong Una 'fifsji Only 25 cents a bor.and tupy m»y nave yoia life, oak your druggist for tho genuine XJr. O. 3VCoXi^JlKnBl r a> UELEBRA TEH LIVER PILL8 — MADB nr— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. •3-Look out for Cotnrntararrs made In St PEBFUMES THE BREATH, We are now prepared to do First-Class in all the latest styles.G : / Give us a call, one and all, and if yon km- any Re-iholsteriBg to do we will attend to :• ' .. : it there was no wind thu captain and crew, by throwing tho seventy burning bales overboard, wore ulilo to' savj tho boat undamaged. It was u quick piece of work, showing great presence of mind, good judgment, and excellent discipline on the part of tbe odieors and men. t'uptitlu Hliittery'ii Condition. ST. Louts, Oct. 10.— Cap*. D. P. Slnttery, tho victim of the brutal msault at Jefferson and Cnss nveniii'S la<it Sunday morning, was worse yesterday un 1 thoro was somo anxiety among his friends as to his ultimate recovery. lie issuff iriii-i more thai; at any timo since he was so cruelly b'jat^n. His wounds consist of a long cut-in tlio back of tho head, a badly battered fnc.', and a number ot bruises on the body. The diamonds, of which lu was robUjd have not yet been found. _ ; __ Thnt nirCnv-IIutUtilil Atioolty. LOUISVILLE, Kv., O>-t 10.— Tho Mouiv tain Monitor,- of I'iUvviile, in tlie -region --uf the McCoy-Hatfleld K"»B, s "y a !t h " 3 heard of the alleged murder of a bridal coiinlo and tho ofllciutiui; minister, suid lo have occurred in Piko county ten days n^ an ac.-ount of which wns telegraphed to tin new«pa|>ers o£ til-- north, and by thi-m semintilcd throirjli inn press Ks-sociations. MoiiumiMit t» <ire«n Moiintilin Hoy». Gia'TY.sauiui, Pa., Ojt. 10.— Th> inonu miint erected by tliu nlnta (if Vti-inont ii memory of tht- Ou-i-n ' Mnuiitiiiii boys wl fell in the gi' b:» tl • "f iSil! w:n delicate. yesterday, rlumiti.r K uuiiii'l-* d.-liv«riiu; tlj or.ition. mi 1 it p > -Hi !>.- Jidi:i I'. IK.rr Usn ilii-r |.ro.iiinoul Vji-numterj, mill aUo HH»k part, in tha o Reynolds Bros., WKST UNO 'PVBM1TUKB STOIiK, BTKBUHG. R. LOT Graham Brae.' Fancy Toilet Snaps Just in, to bs sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A Can now give you a One flavored Gn*en Jap Tea. 4 its. for 81. An elegant FROG CHOP U. 0., usually sold at 05: for 600. le Symp Mil Haple Sajar Now Hi Uverythiug in our stock has been stslfeoted with eara—t'r«rts aa«J-aeat. AS01HI 0? HiYAUl FLOOB JOS1 prtcoa

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