Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1912
Page 6
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or Taft ItN ESCAPE FOB THE EDITORS .MKXICAV PI.A\ MHJIIT 8ATE Til KANSAS .\EWSPAPEIOrEN. ; By Hiring an "Editor KcKponsiblv'' go to Juil. tile Editor Coold Feel Free. .• No matter which is p;.' • r. •! the 'cost of living will sti'.i 'i- high if you trade at free deM> -re- idlt Btoresrwe arc tlir 'buyers of provisions In Eastf-m iKansas and soil nun-.' urti-les jtor less money limn, -onie r • r- ithants pay foi-.M;-A visit *o pur busy store -wli nvincc vi jthrce cars lllpu-'f i'jiiont Fl-^i.r :f per sack i'Two sBcksi I'lt- ^i:>.:, Fire sack Jot . i .sisi.Ii ifW bushels line Norihra Fota. ; toes, bushel 70t Five bushels or more, bu. ^ »i.'»c }9,000 lbs. line Vorthern rflltbii^e I'-e - S?!^.-. " — :/ <>vtii S«eel Corn, r 3oc ..I Tie *i.:.o ;j»er lb. ' 100 lbs. for 190 cases n<\^ Four cans >•> i ^I>oien cans • •;J»er rase SS castes netr Set'ltd Raisins— »fonr puckugres for 2.">c 160 boxes Silk ai>ll Lenox Soap, • -eight bars for . 2.'»c I 7 bars Pearl White SLUP 25^ T.iars White Naptha Soap—25c 4 Ibars Wild Rose Soap 2ric Graham Flour, sack 2r>o 3 ibs. Fancy Head Rice 2.'»c 4 '{bs. Japan Rice— 25c 6-ibs. Flake Hominy 1 25c lbs. Navy Beans 344 lbs. Pink Beans 2y' lbs. Lima Beans 6'ibs. Rolled Oats LEirge pkgB. Oats 3 i»8ckages Rolled Oats _ I 3 Ipkgs. Pancake Flour 2 pkgs. Post Toasties 2 jjkgs. Grape-Nuts 2 '^kgs.-Shredded Wheat--. S^cans Oil Sacdines ' 3 iCans MustaTd Sardines . Tail cans Pink Salmon T^iil cans Red salmon. 2 cans 35c t ;C<|rn Starch, ptckase— 5c r3 ipans Kidney Beans 3 Cans Pork & Bfi'iis •3 tans Hominy Z j .ans Pumpkin ... ' 3 jeans Kraut 8 New Kraut 3 ^oz. S»«et or Sour I';, i ! £tOn« Jar .Apple ^Butter. Lairge Jar Olives .. 3 targe Cana Mflk 6 analLMlIk — is Cans Oysters Gallon Jar Tomato- Cath Ga^on Jar Mustard North Pole Syrup, pal! |.White Syrup, rail „ Puro Country ^orghuiM |-6o9d' Broom.s. I -HCH 6 rolls Toilet I'ntKi .. •iOo'Clothes Pit.. 3 Oana Greenwki- '. ,,• ... « jVkJBB. Rub-No-.M' . 5 Piounds BuJk .. _ . 5 Ponhds Sal S:-<-:. 4 Pounds So<la Mb. Black PejJi.r 11 lb. Baking Ch- ui. i lb, ^weet Chwxii!;. % Pound Cocoa . .. '2 piiundB Good- Coii • Punch Package CoC •• Arbkickles' Coffee, Ih: . Morning Glory Coffe*;, !b.. I Imiteria Tc>i, lb Japan Tea, Jb. •i W, G..P. Tea ---1 lb. Mixed Tea Fr.iiil- Sfoft, who for years before heb- 111' 1 b.iiikor and settled down todouie.siic r», was a] dweller in Old .Mexico, employed in th« express business, has tendered a suggestion which might "be profitably fol- i lowed by th© newspapers in this part j of the countrj- which aro being threat ened with confiscation of their strong boxes by damage suits. In Mexico, where the newspapers reflect the fiery tempers of their Latin editors, suits are common and necea- ! sity caused the editors to fait upon I some means of safety. This was fln- .nlly reached by tlic selection of an "ICditor Responsible." wliose name was prominently shown in the- fronr office. This -person was not connected in any othor way with the paper, not workins on the job nor having any editorial or roi»ertorial work to <lo. Only when something uoiit wrong, when a suit was filed or an irate citizen wanted to "lick the editor." were his jservicc.s reiniired. In ease of r. suit, it was the duty of the Kdiior Resiion.sible to allmv himself to bo taken to prison, there to remain until the grlovjMi party despaired of collecting dam!ig«-s. Th«v job of beiUK an Sditor Resi)oiisi- ble to a newspaper developed into a recular profession, and when one wan liiekod up another would tender hi-; rvicos. . There weri> so many of tliim in tl;e iivi^on all the lime that i'le newspapers contributed to a general tuiiil for the purpose of eqniit- ,iliig aiui maintaining luxurious rooms 1 the prison for the gentlemanly edl- Mrial prisoners. - ; The idea is not iiasji'nied and it is stibmitti'd to the sundry newspapers iioreabouts as a |>ossibie esi-ape from the law's rigid penalty for newspa|M>r errors and the watchful greed of the grced.v, needy lawyer. On Your Cook Stove Proposition. Buy a Combinatipn Coal arid Gas Range and Be Sure and Buy a Good One. We .sell a good, heavy Combination. 6-holc Range with large wood or coal,fire I>ox heavy front an<l ends. Bo<ly of heavy polished steel. The top and ilds arc heavy, pure en^t iron. There are f >tH- rf the latt star burners und(: • :o four right hand lids. There a large burner with small (ii-ifices running clear thnivt:!! Im'tom of the pver. ' Ijiir; er yo.: ran heat you:- liven in live minutes witli o!i(;-foi!rtli the gas nei-e.-<sarv v.i:;i eoal stove v.ith gas burn-' (i- la it .••.!! t'lese burners are instfit!:- r.-invaiile when you wish III b.:rn eoal i>r wood. There is also a double broiling a:id toast!-':; !.i:rii« r and broiling pan in tin' \>::rt of the oven. Thi.-^ rai:ge does not set on the floor but st:;nds on logs. Lei i's SliOH You I will sen at labile Anctton on my farm 2 uiilex east and lU miles sooth of lola, or Hi miles sonth of the Electric K. H. Power Honte, on Wednesday, October BOth, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni„ the following described property: LAWS FOR THE "UEAU HEATS." FIVE HEAD HORSES A>D MULES. 1 T-year-oId bay horse, wt. 1200; 1 i-ynar-old.brown mule. wt. Il."i0; I 12- year-old bay mule. wt. 10r»0; 1 12-year- old bay mare. wt. lO.'.O; 1 bay uiare. nt. 12i>C'. 13 IIEAII F1>E H»LSTE1\ CATTLE. This is the right kind of dairy .^tock tor ti:e farmer. One pure bred yearling bull, with paper.-:; \ s-year-oid grade 'c-ow. giving milk; -» 4-year-old pure bred cows, giving ni!ll<; 2 coming 2 year old juire bred heifers with calf; ti.ming 2-ye3r-0'Id grade heifers with calf; 1 lf'-nionl;!s old jiure bred h»:fer ealf: 1 4-months-ol'i imre bred bull calf. .Vone of the ab;>ve pure bretl rattle.are registered except'ihe Sull. 2» HKA1» OF SELECT YOlMi SHKOP SHIRE .SHEEP. Nine, breeding ewes, coming years old; S I'we lainbs; :', wether lambs. ( IIICKEXS. TIKKEVS .VM» l»H KS. Kigiity-iive imre bred . White J{ock chickens: l-"> nii.xed ehiiken>: 4'i! HAR>ESS. ETC. Two .-pts double work harness; 1 set single driving harness; 2 saddles and bridles; e.xtra collars, straps, etc. llorSEHOLD. DAIRY A.M» OTHER ARTICLES. One Majestic 6-hnle steel range;"! me ill- box; ! barrel churn; ! wash ing uiai-liino: 1 No 4 Sliarpless sepa- ;.i:or: 1 4-!tott!e IJahcock milk test with acid and sample bottles, com- plnte; 1 S-gallnn milk can: 1 4-galloa milk can; 1 2t0-egg Ciphers incubator, ! Ciphers brooder: 1 tireless brotKler; wire feeding crate.-; 1 2-horse power Denister gps engine; 1 block and tack- and 7.". fe«-t •''^i-inch rope: 4 liay slings: !7'i feet -^-inch hay rojie; IT.'i- !b. dinner bell: 2 feed tronghs; 1 sick- j !e grinder; 1 ai'ple parer; 1 foot-power "grind >ion>': 2-"« gallons vinegar in li.Trrel; I hog irate; 1 wagon hog crate 1 hog shutc: 1 large iron-covered fetMl box: wood, lumber. ladder, woven wire feneinu; 7"" feet and 1 and 2-inch iro'i pipe; iron hiieit posts and railing: llronze turkeys, old and young: ::' ' " -"-P"'""" copper bet- bied I'ekin duck.-. l""'"jile; iirain saeks; luall-box. clamps for js;retehing wovei) wire feii;-e, rope and VEHICLES AMI I.MP!.E.ME\TS. ; pulley: wire streteherand many other One spring wagon; 1 sin.sle buguy: j ii--""f'il article.-'. 1 high wheeled wagon; 1 handy farm BEE MVTEKIVI.. tiink: I f'alloway manure spreader: 1 ' .\lioiit $2'> wortli of .\ f (toot'.x l>e,i .Moline cang plow: Iwalkitig idow : 1 ! material, in.-ludini: time tailed hives, ;5-.-ec;ic.n harrow; I di.-^k eiitter; 1 disk j .<i:pers. lii\e siands. f lers. frames. e-..itivaior; 1 f.-shovel eultivatnr: Ij FEED. II AY A Ml lilt \ I.\. eorn iihinter with M' rods check wire; I -. ,, ,.t„^,„. f_;,v 2i»> bales al- 1 hay I'ake; 2 hay frames: 2 old ! triage frames; 2 junk mowers,and iL f lira hay; leo bal!junk I).fering binder: I wauon or stoel !! '"T: '7 '""'V" -"' .seales; several hundred i;ood jrrulTru ! , " " "-•'"'•'f'' '•^n: =^ ! l.asts; >a-pound platform-sca'/s. I.-,;';;,';. ""^il'^tto be iri«-liea hay: 2ft hHsheis ;il>Oiit be rut Retailers AVill Ask .Aleasures From Ihc >ext Legislature. Within the next few days the retail merchants of Kansas will'jmake the "dead beat" a campaign issue in tiie different representative and senatorial districts of the state. They wish to sound the doom of the ""dead beat" by !'.^"isiatire acts and will hic'ach DISAPPEARS—2.5 CExNT "DANDERINE" their issue through T. Arthur Rector.' HAIR STOPS FALLING, DANDRUFF of Wichita, swretary of the Stale Retailers and Merchants Association anil K. J. Fischer of Wamego, its president. They are after the man who never pays his store bills and who when his credit is exhausted at one place allowing tile burden of paying for liis necessities to fall on the nterehani., or his customers who pay their bills through profits fixed high enough to take care of the loss from "dead ; hair anfi^your scalp will npt itch, hat betas."—Topeka Capital. what will please you most, will be (OL. (HAS. BISHOP. Aiidionccr. ;J. H. C\MPBEI.L, (lerk. WALUS EWING Save Your Hair! Beautify it! Invigorate Your Scalp! Danderine Grows Hair and We Can Prove It. LU.N'CII 0.\- -illK (-.ItOUND.S. Try as you will, aften an application of Danderine. ycm cannot find a single trace of dandruff or a loose or falling "ROrXD-ri"' DAY IN S( HOOI.. .\eiT Day in Country Calendar Set for November 15. Manhattan. Kas.. Oet. 2:^—"Roundup Day"—Friday afternoon, Noveiiiber li>. Ifs for boys and girls who live in the country only. C. 1). Steiner, superintendent of boys apd girls club j _ work in the extension department of' after a few weeks" use. when you will actually see new hair, fine and downv at firsr—-yes—but really new hair— giowing all over the scalp. A little Danderine now will immediately double the beauty of your hair. No difference how dull, faded, brittle ••'•^"'P^it—now-that your and :icragey. just moisten a cloth with pretty and soft as any- Danderine and carefully draw it tlirougli yr.ur liaii". taking one! ^Irand at a time The effect is imnie- (»iate and amazing- your hair will lie liglii, fluffy and wavy and have an ance, ihi- beauty and shimmer of true parable In.-tre. suftne.'s and luxuriance, the heautv an dshimraer of true hair health fJel a 2.'-cent bottle of Knowlton's j ;— Danderine from any drug store or toilet cirtinter. and prove t<; yourself iiair is as thai it lias PubltG SBIBI I will sell at Public Auction, at whal is kimiui a- (he Tort Faru. 1-^4 miles east and 1 mile .south of loi.i. ou Monday, October 28, 1912 Beginninir at 10 o'clock, a. ra„ the following described ir^pcriy: hetn ne.ilected or injured by careless _treaiment -that's all. FAK.MI.\<; I.MPLE.MENTS. « HEAD HORSES AND Ml LES. I five year old mules, about lii .. „,„„, „.;,. .j ... hands iMgh; 1 bav horse. 7 vears old nrTv-^ T''*'""'* ^ old. wt. n.M. Il,.s.; 1 i,av horse 10 ''"^^•V. ^ I>!Kl>tn.r.g hay press; 1 Mc- he agricultural college, has asked ev-,f'^ni Callforniti the llrst of the week, of Ori:i Hough for ii„. first of the l-' years old. ery school in Kansas to set aside this afternoon for a round-up of boys and gi'rls who will agree to i-nti-r a garden contest, a corn growing contest, .1 potato contest, a pig-rearing <ontest. a flower garden contest, a brt^d-bak-I"'""y know there is a consMtu- ing contest or any one o fthe many!''°""l amendmnit to give ih.- women .vears oiil. wt. KMKI lbs.; 1 .-^or;.-! i'ony, i ^j,^" j_. This has been a very rpiie; cam-; week. He is preiir.ring to move to i!ie paign. No excitement west of the riv- I old Snivelv faim soon Me has renter and not two weeks until election, i ed the place for n.xt year There hns not b'-en a political speech made in this district and we woiider planned for next y-ar. "Kound-up Day" has th<- approval of K. T. Fairchild, state sui>erintendent, who has asked the teachers to co-operate with Mr. Steiner in making it justly siie- <essful. I For this afternoon a dlsjday of agricultural iiroducis by the boys and of domestic handiwork by the girls, is to lie made in the school liouse. There will be contests in judging eorn and bieail. and a liter.iry program. These will be followed by an • xplanailoti of the contests for Iwys aiicl girls dubs by the teacher. Kv- ery pui)il will be asked to enter his or hi-r ntiiue |n one or more of the i-nntests. Where it is desired clubs for boys and girls inten-sn-d in Ih'- contest work will \w organix.ed. the ballot to be vo!i>d on at ibis election. Two of .Mr.<!. Clarks nieces visited her Tuesday. Catarrh CaniiQt Be Cured Charley SToh has puri-hascxl a threshing machine with which • to thresh kallir ••orii. oats eu-. It is a small (icvice aiid he runs it with the pas engine which he uses to run his h.iy baler. Kilist Towles ha« irurchased a span of youiif mules vhich he thinks will si:ind his V;'ri'i work bett- r than the horses he has been using. 7 HEAD OF CATTLE. 2 4-ycar-nId cow.s. giving milk, will be fresh 1st of .Mar<h: ! cow !" years <dd. giving milk, will be fresh .Marcli I'lth: 1 t;-year-old cow. uill l,e \xi>\\ by date of sale; :! calves. 1 sow ai;d 4 IHM.-.S. shoats. ft.; 1 buck rake; 2 14-inch walking plows: 1 Dutch Cncle 6-shovel cultivator: 1 liarrow: "J flat racks; 4 sets double work harness. 3 sets almost new; 1 ."-barrel water tank: 1 saddle: 1 ten llxl*;. fi-foot walls; 1 gr.nd.stone; !'. acre.-t kaffir com in shock; .'hii' shf"-l-s coin fodder; ion bushels corn in crib: i-bouf 100 tons cood l>ai"d.h!iy in iia.n; some loose iiay; .1 ricklbound kaffir: some chicic- ens and seme otyier articles. with UW.VI. .\I 'fl .lC .\rlO .\S. »!> e.i.-y m;rn .>l m.rh liir ».Mt ot the tIJta'.i*,-," CnLirrti !•« A lil«NNi .tr <-->v-'i- tutiuajU OliK'.m'. uml lit «>rOcr t'* rtih* a ii"i*i i-»^*' lat.nuU ci -inrdiiK IHUH tuutrti i"iir.. u« ukiu m- (i«iully. tttiil nrlK illriTlly IIIKKI thr l >.i "Ml iinl mui ^iii'< L»ur;i>n-«. ll .iU* CalsiTti «"iirr l« n-t i> Cllll-. II «»» |inl<Ttl>r<l bj- elh- <il Illi- IJOM |ill>»lrl .iil'< In Ihl, r«iillitr\- Iiir yitini ninl I., :i n-i:til;ir iiriwrliid 'Hi. It H c(imp <«?d i"t \t» tx»i lonir* kii.i«-ii. •-.iiiii.inr.i Willi ihr b.-!.! lil .KKl inirinrm. arinc ilin-. ilv 'I"' | , l«t» iitifniltcTiiH 1^ whnl imKliH-rK ^ttrh wmiilrrfiil tr. I K. .1. fiii:si:Y A CO.. i'r"ii«. Kriiat'.<» a healthy Stilil In- Ilrii »i :f"M. prirr T'e. •Inkf JIall a KaiulljItllH lor roJullp^iUim. lUIEAKS (tILD MITIIOIT IIEI.P. J CALUMET 3 Packages Maearon8.-:..„2Sc #9 BAKING POWDER 3 lbs. Soda Cn^ckers Lawe box Sod3 Crackers-.f 1.25 I 3 1^. Ginger Snaps ^25c lO-lbs. Gingc: .vnaps 75c GideV Vinegar, cailon 25c White Vineg»4. sallon 18c « Gas Mantles 25c J iO lbs.-. Pure Lar i *1.«H» I.Drj|SBlt Meat, !L I5c fi. lbs. ^Hex Bacon -*L10 bleOroargarine. lb.. 15c. 20c, 25c ; 2! llifc. 20c Oleoma; 1" .-ine. ..Sic "8 lbs. Jersey .Sweet I'otatoes 25c ^ saecks $alt 15c .10 lbs. Bulk Salt - . -l«c '60 lb. .sack Salt , . _ »lc 3! boxes Matches- Wc 5ilroxep.Alatches . . -!5c 1<) bbxes Matches . .25c litvergallons Coal (y |.*»c lfFl*'s*gallon C-oal Oil .v (''an \Wr • IWbs. Bran ... .*l.l'l FWDAT, SATIRDAY AMI n MCIAJDAV! P-t^ fb«. Ctidab/x ni^iite liib. ftioBtd<MHp«iiii4. Brim; >oiic imck. litis.i|Bd.«H tbeiu filled: per lli. I Ibitabfor ..... . $5,i.*i — .^nd it does better work. Simply follow your customary method of preparation — add a little less of Calumet< than when using" ordinary baking powder. Then watch the result. Lij^iii, /iufry. and evenly raised — the baking comes from the oven more tempting, tastier, more wli ^jlcsome. Ca!'ju;cl if.fnrrr thehakinf; of an cxi>c"^t. Ask your grocer to-day. RE;CEIVED HIGHEST AWARPS . World'* Pure Food ' Expositton. Chicago, m. I I'aiie'v Cold Compound Cure* Colds and (•'ripiic In a Fen Hour>, ' l! Is a positive fact llial a ilo .-ie of Cipes Cold Compound, taken every two hours until three consecutive .'c.Kfui are taken, will end the grippe and break up The mo.-it severe crdd. ei'her In the iiead. <-!ieyt. back. >t<iiii- ;;-h. limbs or any i>art of the body. It iiromptly relieves the niost mi.-er- jiide heada'-he. dtilllness. liead and nn .-it stuffed nti. feverishness. sneezing • ere throat, running of the nose, mucous catarrhal dls-.-harges. roreness, .•tiffiiess and rheumatic twinges. Take this wonderful Compound as (':recifd with the knowledge that there !-• nothing else in the wr.-rld. which ".ill cure your cold or end grii>ite iiiis- •.••y as promptly and without any other a?-;stauce or bad .ifter-eftecrs as a •-"•-cent package of Pape's ("old Com; u'.iud, which any druggist c.-in supply -•.u -cept no substif.ite—<-ontains no ;i;'nlne. Belongs in e \c.-y home Tii.-te.s nice—acts gtntly. TKK.MS OF SALK—All sum.-i of JlOtHi and under, cash in ;i;'nd. Ail sums over $10,111). a credit of 12 months will b- given. |..iicliasci giving note with If not —Mr. .las. V. Churchill. ;m Wall .«t ,1 Anbiiin. N. Y.. has b>-en bothered wlt'i, "PProved security, bearing «'? interest from datu if pai.l when due. and bladder IrouMe' pihl when due to draw 10, from date of sale. 4'; discount for cash on serious kidney as they had cured so iiiaiiy people and COI-. C. S. liiSIIOI', Aiictiiineer. soon found they wi>ie jiisl the thinp. H. CA.III'HKLL, Clerk.- My kidneys and bladder are again In,' LU.NCH O.V TlilC CROCN'DS. O.MOX CIIKFK. eondllloli. I gladly rei o -i- j mend them.". For, sale at llurrell's \ Drug Store. tOtder^ Bi^Urered for 10c AVKST «IF THE ItlVEK. \ (Sarah PrestonK Oct 23.—Baby Turner has Ixen i':ii;ic sick but is belter at present. .Mrs. Shepard was ealh-l lunne .u- I iiMsi a Week booner than she expt^ct-: irii to come owihg to the Illness of '•• 'ler granddaughter 1 Mr and Mrs C 11. I'eck, Opal Pe«k. Mis KImer Peck and baby drove out Mildred Siirurday nfternonn'to vi«it j Alevander's and see Charlie and •'•hcir Ptck before ihey move to Ar- l.:<lli<iii> .-"a'ah Pms'en visited Friday even, li g with Mrs. C. P. Clark (Juy Beaty and wife r«MuriieiS from iheri trip to Missouri last Sunday. .1 M. Preston and sons are dean, iiK out an old pond now while the dry , ••' cHther is on. Mr. Bassett has a force of men at v.cik on thn road between KIme'r Peck's and John Smith's. Fred Beaty Is hauling piiH" from the pipe line to town. We expect uncle Jesse Riggs home (Mrs. F. C Klli;-^ Dct. 2:!.-i.Mrs. Will Vii! S . home from Johnson county tin.-, ui-i ;v where she has been TTsilinv tier parents. Her daughter, .Mrs Towle.s attended to her work while she was gone. Art llil" has a cood job in Oklahoma where hi went some lim^. ago. and is now thinking of moving his family there. I!, v.. Brown's cows which were made sick by eating green cane foilih-r all got well with the help of ilie Veterinary. .Mrs. I.izzie Baxl-.'y received a letter from her mother .Mrs. J." H. Ross, of Titlare, Cal.. which she thought read very miu-li like the latter was homchick. .Mrs. KOSE is in poor health which would naturally maice her long I lor hfr old liomeand nelghlHjrs. ~ Harry Stotler bought a nice cow ivoKhiMi Tin; M;>VSPAI'F|{.S. .Hail Full of Poll)leal Junk lo he Published Free. l-:\ery K.-iiis.-is idiior liiids his mail, box sitilfed ..oil iiioniiiig Willi long i envelopes Hlled wiih countless col-' iiiiiiis of no|iari>'l "dope" from ihe} ".Nationtil Progressive CocMniltee." • :he "De'iiocrati'- .N;ilioiial Coiiimitiee" j and the "Kepiiblicaii .\aliotiai Commit j :e--."' So:ii<- < dltors hive been o'pening | Ih,- ••iiM -lopes <-:ir^-li'.ll> for tnoiiiMs in, Ihe hope that soine of the content.s ot I those mueii talk'-d of barrels might j tlii't<-r OHIO tin desk. It .<e<'ms to be ihe oiijuion of ilie writ-rs. - however, ihi'.t ii 'W ;')aii' rs t >:ist on wind - I.e.ivcnwortli I'ofi The C)ltawa Itepublir notes ih<' issuing of a niarriage liceiiM- by tlie probate jiiiIcV there to Kdgar D. I'at- lerson and Miss Dean Frances Powell both of Vates Center Albert Gray THE NORTHRUP NATIONAl BANK lOLA, KANSAS OVKK FOL'TY YKAKS OF (OASEKTATIVK BANKIXJ? I> I0L4 lleposilnry for Ibii Inilcd Slates Stale of Kau>as, aud Allen Coonlj OFFICERS: K. .1. MII.LKH, President ^ I, \.. NrtUTIim'P, Viee-Pr-st MI'.I,\ l.\ FKOXK. Cashier K. A. NORTIIRI'P. A'ice-Prest R. .1. COI-FKA' Asst.,Cashicr D. P. .N'OllTllRirP, Vir.-Presl. CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 Torn BtfsijfESs SOLICITED r Interest Paid on Tim* ftcposlts ' Safctj Deposit B*xes for Beat HEADACHY, CONSTIPATED, BILIOUS. TAKE DELICIOUS "SYRUP OF FIGS" Removes the Scum from the Ton^nie, Sweetens a Sour, Gassy, Bilious Stomach; Cleanses Your Liver and 30 Feet of Bowels without Gripe or Nausea. If heiuiachy. bilious, dizzy, tongue coated, stomach sour and full of gas. >on beh-li und!grate<l f«K>d anil feel sick and miserable. It means that your liver i.- choked with *<nir bile and your thirty feet i/f bowels are clogged with elfete wa.ite matter not piioperly eiir- ried off. Constipation is wirrse t'aaii most folk/ helle\e It meano Hint this WBhtP :natt.-r in the tlilrty feei of lumels dernys inio poisons, gsses and iicid* and that these i>oliionK are then sucke<! int- the hItHHl thrnngli the wry riuct.s whirh should suck only n mr- i-hment to sUBtain the body Most people diead physic. They think of «:a*Tor oil. salts and cathartic pills. They shrink from the after effects—so tney i>oiitpone the until they get sick; then they do this liver and iKiwel cleansing la a heroic way—they have a bowel f|Bhday— Tiiat is all wr-ng 1:" you will tak'}- .-i ! teasiiiie-ni'i! of de!icimis Syrup of { lonifiht. yoti will never realize you | have tnkyn anything until morning. , when Will th.- j><>lsMioiis iiiiitter, sour bile ahd clocued-up waste will be i iiioie-! on and out of your syi-'em, j tlr roiichly but j;"ntl>~ii.i triplng—! no nausea• no weakness Taking Sy-n nip of Figs 1- u r4-a! pleasure Don I '. think you are dritm;lng your-e!f; It 1? ' composed entirely of lubcious tigs, feiina and aromatli;-•. .ti:d '-onxtnnt UM' ;an n'>t <a«ise injury. \>k your druggist for ".Syrup of Figs and Kltxir of Senna." and look for th" name, California Fig Syriip' Company, on the label. This is the genuine—old reliable. .\ny other Fig NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on lumtl at 109 North JefTer- .son Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. HunKcrford, A^ent No Deliveries Made on Lej;s Than Harrel Lots The Sahntion Army, We will !ia\e Rummage Sale at 214 W .Madison street on Friday and Saturday All kinds of clothes. Come and we »i!l help you The Command- Syrup ! Ing Officer. MKI:T. X PEDERSO.V. .-\sseni Delos Clark. Syrup offered as good should he re- p„„ P,,^ , fused. With contempt. Don't be '^^^ Vr^^^'U::^^^'^^Zr^'''^^^^^^ Strong, 9 1-2 W. Madison. |)osed ui»on. Electric Wiring! Done by exi>erlenced mcli! Prices reasonable. . | ^ Canf ield &*Thompson With the L. H. Wlshard Hdw. -- Phone 881 X.:

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