Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 8
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•Vf - ^>Mtf H u t- fc 4 1 A ft , HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, JahiMH-y 14, :lli pf,%ti1eh would fix ths 'e . a) J6f mctft at ftfir miiii&n less xwutt'set by f/ the Sotl6e passed .1 lhfe figure at 22^ tall. u fhe' two bills differ in ier. isstwcts io the con&. AViiflc out a measure it!fr<fl]«irrW!ti-iSife bill att- i'^euthtarn find 4 we»torft KCU88 its Affects on their areas. Both; groups said exactly lo their arid Senate can't the national allot- ,*-«mattt at 17,' 7— ihc-llgurcfl set of Agriculture > Beii- called 1 for production l054 because of the big 'reconW>ended riels raiefe the total to ,»gfcres, to cushion ahat:«w%lld 1>e imposed ' .allotment. Ho said 5 to reach ^y.tilll "containsla pro- ibh'southerners snid thep tefSenate bin -ffifid. giv- .y^eottton 1 cftmmitte'es n Mibcating»the $ouhty al- l;fa?rjMs dither oh the bait ..'plantings'- or on the JEafclor.-'Uhder this .factor, |lu!3lJican''plBnt" no more ti^^fanj.coitirt'J'than * the ra- Ifcottpii/land h the county land In the the con- this tat Scratch Fsver Case at Memphis f#)-3ftie first ease 4 of v.«vavir,v.... -fever" frVef positively diagnosed in, Memphis' was ic- p&rted festerdfcj. ¥hcit-c have been only 117 other ktiowii ca.ses in the world since medical literature began reporting the -Slsef.se if» 1&50, a physician said, twenty-one ef these were in the ttnitc-d Stales. The physician ffcfd there is "no RntJWft ,<»f,Cective -treatlnent. "Cafcscratch fever is a self- limiting disease, running its course like measles and mumps. No one dies jfocrm iti While not serious it can be severe enough to incapacitate a patietil for Several weeks. "One' individual can't transrhit the RiSe&se to another individual but a cat can. The cat himself does hot have to be sick." The majority of cases that have come to medical attention have teen due t! the scratch occurs the a cat. When contamination occurs, the scratch more or less heals and often goes unnoticed A week or iQ days later, the area of the Scratch becomes reactivated. Victim of the disease here was Jtiheiic Taylor, 12. Sh<i is recovering but spent several days in ChildTert's Hospital and had fluctuating, unabated feVer ' for five weeks. • Dulles Rejects Deal for World Division NEW VdftK (X\ —''Secretary of State Dulles will meet , the Russians In Berlin sobn, firmly pledged against any deal to divide* the world between the'rule of Moscow ahd ttt&t of the Western Powers. There is no plat- for a "partnership division of jWoi'id power with thostJ Who suppress freedom." the secretary said last .night irt ah .address to the CtJuHcil of Foreign Relations here. tteViewing teisehhower administration work in foreign and se- cuilty affairs during its first year, and faking a quick look at the future, Dulles made these basic points: . Future diplomacy — a The United State-s, Britain and '"'France will negotiate at Berlin fpi the Unification of Germany ' and the liberation of Austria. The aim is lo "advance the cause of human welfare." The way to a cold war victory — If the free nations devote Ihctn- selves to prbmoting freedom thep will effectively demonstrate ils ad- prove social security. They suggested five changes as; a "minimum programs" Dean Suggests Better Training COLtlMBtiS, Ga.. (Uf) — Maj. Geh William Dean, a prisoner of the Communists for three years, suggests that belter home and school -training v/ould prevent in the future cases r.uch as those of American soldiers who have refused to come home from Korea. Demi said in a speech last night (hat he has "utmost sympathy for the 21 soldiers who have refused repatriation, . . "you will find, that- not one ef them Triad any advantages in ,this country/ Dean raid. He said that as a former prisoner of the Reds, "t know the pressure they (the Americans) were under and Ihe persuasion that was used. ' To tburteract "mis type of Communist victory," Dean suggested thai American principles be laught in the homes and schools to future soldiers before they enter military service. British Wont Surplus Meat LONDON W> Rationend Britain is dickering with the United States for the purchase ot .surplus meat to help fill pirichud kitchen larders, the Treasury said today. A spokesman said the meat Would bo imported "in excess of our normal buying and won't diS: place our regular suppliers." At prosent, this country gets most of her meat from Argentina land the Commonwealth countries, especially Australia. The Treasury spokesman' told newsmen the amcricah moat would really be a "gift working this way: "It would come to us under the Mutual Security Act. Payments would bo made in sterling. 6ut the sterling would be returnable for use in conection with our defense effort." Meat is still rationed in Britain at two shillings' two p pehce 30 cents or about two chops per person weekly. But the government hopes to end rationing next summer. vantages to people behind the Iron Curtain, thus offering "our greatest hope" for solution of the Soviet 1 problem. Dulles said there is nowi even within Russia, a lest of slrenglh between the people and "the powerful rulcl-s." . - TO SPEAK AT DALLAS .DALLAS, Tex. I/P — Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) has accepted an invitation to spenk here Feb. 11 -at a Lincoln-Day banquet. z Close Out of HEATERS We have a good stock to select from. Get your Heater today. Installed Including Labor . . Let us install a Used or Re-Conditiohed MOTOR In your car or truck. Now Is the tirtie to get that motor for.your car or truck. We have one for any make or model. We will FINANCE AH or Part of it. See us now. GLASS & SALVAGE West 3rd Phone 7-6781 "READ A MAGAZINE TONIGHT" We Carry & Complete Stock of MA0AZIN Every .member- of the family will enjoy reading a good magazine. We. have just the magazine you'll want, for men, women and the kiddies. Come in ahd get yours now. We Carry a Complete Stock of Cigarettes* Tobacco, Lighters, Pipes and Everything for the Smoker. • DELICIOUS ICE CREAM « JACK'S NEWS STAND "Your Arkansas Gflzette Agent" 100 S. Main Phone 7-2110 Demos Ask Broad S. S. Benefits WDASHINGTON (UP) — Sixty two Democralic members of the House joined today in urging Congress to broaden social secitrity covering and increase benefits. The Dcmacrals also proposed lhat the Iwo per cent old age insurance tax be levied On Ihe first $4,600 of income, instead of on- Ihe first 3,00i5 as al present.. They noted thai President Eisenhower, in his slate of Ihe union message to Congress lasl week, recommended revision and improve ment of Ihe social securily program. The President plans lo send a special messagn to Congress Thursday dealing with social se- curily. The Democrals said in a stale- ment Ihey were "pleased to note" that Mr. Eisenhower wants lo im- %®W Mk$fe "^jap.m &<t •fi.j'xSSsXi. *ii 4 » f * Sk. >,,»> x -. * . , T^ -^ T ^ \^. -i* . *Y*C* ' #£',' - V • devils love it; iililiiiii: STYLE DIVIDEND With its trend-setting advances . . . Ford's worth even more for 7 54 3 New Body Styles . ... 28 models Ford offers you three brand new body styles in its .line of newly created models. There's a new traiispUrent-r.oofed Crestline Skyliner ... a sparkling new Crestline Fordor . . . and a smart'new Customline Ranch Wagon. There, are .28 models in all, for each of Ford's 14 body styles is available with the new Y-block V-8 or the new I-block Six engine. New Astra-Dial Control Panel It's designed both for beauty and practicality. The speedometer is placed high on the panel where you can quickly spot the figures almost without taking your eyes off the road. Like the '54 Ford's beautiful new upholsteries and trim, the Astra-Dial Control Panel is color-harmonized with the sparkling new outside body color of your choice. Its the ; / ' t J ~'-'Hf * ^ *C s ' v*Sv PERFORMANCE DIVIDEND RIDE DIVIDEND * New Ball-Joint Front Suspension This revolutionary new suspension is the greatest chassis advance in 20 years ... and its exclusive to Ford in its field. It gives front- wheels greater lip and down travel to smooth out the going on rough roads. And it helps keep the wheels in true alignment for consistently easy handling. .Movement of the wheels is on ball joints whether in up and down motion,'as wheels travel over rough spots, or in steering motion as wheels turn right or left. Ball joints are sealed against dirt and water. Lubrication points are cut from sixteen to four. The Y-block V-8 has on extra-deep skirt extending below the crankshaft to give greater rigidity for smoother, quieter operation, longer engine life. Free-turning overhead valves, Double-Deck Intake Manifold and high-turbulence combustion chambers give brilliant new responsiveness. These, plus low-friction design and Automatic Power Pilot give you 18/o more • power, greater economy. Like the' now V-8, this new Six has an extra-deep block for greater rigidity . . . smoother, quieter performance . .. and longer engine life. It's the industry's most modern Six. Free-turning overhead valves, high-turbulence combustion chambers, low-friction design and Ford's Automatic Power Pilot help produce \i,% more power—with finer performance on even less gas. ' 0 4- DIVIDEND IN DRIVING EASE ' Ford offers five optional power assists* you might expect to find only In America's costliest cars power steering does up to 7556 of your steering work, yet leaves you with natural steering * ( f<=ier orftbe straightaways. Stuf/f Sure Power Btukei 'do up to one-third of the work in stopping. Fordomativ JWue gives torque converter smoothness imd the "Go" pf automatic mechanical gears. Awl only Ford in its field offers Power-Lift Window?, both front and rear. that open or plpse at a button's,toui'h . , . and a 4-W<i\i Power Seyt that adjusts up ami down, us well as front l^ek, »i» touch of tHeSfroiT'TjicyVe.n optional s^ro* available i\\ tho 1Q54 ^^™*" i^^^* NO CAH in the low-price field 1ms ever offered so many "Worth More" features as the '54 Ford, jn addition to all the features that have already established Ford as the "Worth More" car, you now get a host of brand new dividends. These include a choice of two new deep-block engines . .... the most modern engines in the industry. You also get Ford's new Ball-Joint Front'Suspension ., . beautiful new interiors ,,. and styling that will make your heart beat faster. And, remember, Ford also makes available to you all the optional power assists , , , features you might expect to find only in the costliest cars, If you have not yet seen the now Ford models for 1954"come in and inspect them today. Then Test Drive a '54 Ford . . . and once you dp, you'll want to drive it home! More than evsr . ,\ THE STANDARD for THE AMERICAN ROAD ^jfff |V ^W ^^^r ^^ ^^P ^^B^ A W If P*BW| ^^"^^ ^Fni ^"^^ AUTO CO, WP^ ^^T ^9^^T ^^K ^^jj^rt ^^Bpw ^^^P^ ^^ ' , >.< ^-^il **$..''> . J *.-3 * .. v "* - Come in t , ; It fpc/ay/ F . C . A .

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