Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 4, 1952 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 20
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, »M ew York Stock Quotations 4fcbOf! L ,,„„ Allied CTWffl ,, Allied StM ,.,. 40(8 CM] .MM 89 Altf Cafi .*,.,, 31 ArnORSAEl.. Aim Am Had St S.15% AftT Sffielt .... 40% Affl Tel & Tel.165^1 4m Tobacco .. 56 1 ,* Art Zinc i..... 19% Attacdn Cop .. 43% Arrtteo Stl 36% Armour & Co 10 Atchison ....... 84% Avcd Mfg ..... 6% Bendix Av .... 51% Beth Stl 49 Bdrden ....... 61 # Borg Warn .... 69% Briggs Mfg .. 34% Budd Co ...... 13% Canad Pac ... 36% Case (Jl) 25% Cater T pf ....10/% Ches & Oh.... nu Chi & NW .... 19 Chi RI & Pac 63'/£ Chrysler 75% Cities Svc , Comw EdJs Con Edis . Con N Gas Container . Cont Can .. Copper Rng . Corn Prod Crane Co.... Curtiss Wr Doug Airc Du Pont ., 31% 34% 56 7 /s 34'i 47 23 33>,i 8% 60U 1 85 , Eaten Mfg .... 39 El Auto Lite ... 4m • Q@fl £166 in.. 59% 8eH FOods .... 44!k Sen Motors ... 55 Self'Tlme .... 29 3oodricl. ..... 64 , Oobdyear .... 40% !lt N tf Ore Qt Nor Ry pf Greyhound .... 11% Hbmestake .... 37 Hotid Hersh . Hudson Mot Dl Cent 72% Inland Sty ... 44% tnsplr Cop .... 23% fnt Harv .... 32% fnt Harf pf (7) 170% fnt Nick 42% tnt Tel & Tel 17% Jewel Tea .... 66% Johns Manv .. 7414 Kennecott .... 75% Keystone S&W -20% Kirhb Clark .. L-O-F Glass .. Lim McN&L Marsh Field Montg Ward Nash Kelv . Nat Bisc ... Nat Cont ... Nat Dairy .. Nat Steel .. N Y Central . Nia M Pw .. No Am Avia No Amer Co Nor Pac ... Ohio Oil 56% Owens HI Gl ... 72 Packard 4% Pan Ant W Air .ft Param Plot .. 23% Penney (J C) . 6?& Pa RR 19% Pepsi Cola ... 9% Phelps Dod ... 35% Philip Mor ... 44% Phillips Pet .. 56% Pure 0(1 .... 62% Radio Corf) .. 25 Reo Motors .. 20% Repub Stl .... 41 Schenley Ind .. 25% Scott Pap .... 51% Sears Roeb ... 53% 45 35*4 7',4 25 19 !i 31% 11 51% 43% 20 27% 17% 21% 76% Shell Oil .... Simmons Co Sinclair Oil , Socony Vac . South Pac .. Spiegel Std Brands .. Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oi! NJ Starrett .... Stert Drug .. Studebaker . Swift & Co Texas Co .. Timk Det Ax fransamer .. Qn Carbide Un Pac .... Unit Air Lin Unit Airc ... U S Rubber 76 28% 45% 37% ... 7.9% .. 9% ... 24% .. 56% .. 82% .. 75% ... 37% ... 38% ... 37 .. 31% ... 55% .. 20% .. 26% .. 63% . .117% .. 26% .. 31% .. 23% U S Steel 38% West Un Tel .. 40% West Elec 36% (Voolworth .... 43% Zenith Rad ... 73% Zonife Pd 4% Market Reaches New High for Year NEW YORK, June 4, K— The stock market reached a new high average for the year today under "the stimulation of demand for railroads. Price were around their best at the close. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad was the center of strength and closed At 7% at'115%, its highest price of the day and a new high for the year. A number of other railroads in the higher priced category gained from 1 to around 3 points. Others added good fractions. The remainder of the list spread out over a range of between 1 and 2 points higher to fractions lower with the great bulk of the list on the upside. ; There was no boom tendency in the advance, however, with the volume of business restricted to an .estimated 1,100,000 shares. Steels held steady. Higher were U.S. Steel, Studebaker, Johns-Manville, Douglas Aircraft, Standard Oil (NJ), and Allied Chemical. U. S. government bonds in the over-the-counter market were steady. Soybeans on Spree CHICAGO, June 4, .a*—'Soybeans shot up as much as 10 cents, the daily limit, in a wild buying spree on the Board of Trade today. All soybean contracts made new seasonal highs. The 10-cent gain was recorded about an hour before the close of both the July and September contracts. Crude soybean oil gained % to 11 cents a pound. Bean oil futures and lard also were higher, but only by small amounts. Meanwhile, the basic grains could get nowhere. For most of the session they were fractionally to about a cent under the previous close. They climbed a bit after beans had jumped 10 cents, largely in sympathy with ,that market. Heavy covering by previous short sellers was behind the soybean advance. They feared a scarcity of beans here for delivery purposes when it became known that 166 cars were loaded out of this market overnight. It also was reported a steamer was loading 111,000 bushels for lake shipment. Selling in the major grains reflected a private crop forecast of .enormous wheat, corn and oats crops. All wheat deliveries except December sank to new lows on the crop in the early trade. December touched its previous low. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlots: wheat 4, corn 107, oats 6, rye 5, barley 7 and soybeans 17. A Punjab Queue Sooiety has been formed in Lahore, Pakistan, "to inculcate self-discipline and self-organization." Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, June 4 — UP>— (USDA)— Hogs 12,000; fairly active- barrows and gilts 180 Ibi. up SO to 65 lower than Tuesday'! average; lighter weights 50 to 1.00, mostly 79 lower; sows IS to 50 lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ibi full width of grade 21.00-25; latter paid freely by shippers and butchers, mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 225 Ibs.; choice Nos. 1. 2 and 3 240-270 Ibs. 20.00-83; 280-300 Ibs. 10.25-75; 150-170 Ibs. 19.75-21.00; mostly 20.75 down; 120140 Ibs. 17.50-19.50; sows 400 Ibs. down 18.00-50; few 18.75; heavier sows 16.7517.75; few 18.00; stags 14.00-16.00; boars 13.50-15.50. Cattle 2000; calves 800; few small lots heifers and mixed butcher yearlings about steady; good and choice 30 0033.75; little down on cows; bulls steady; utility and commercial buUs 23.50-26.50; cutter bulls 20.00-22.50; vealers unchanged; sorted primes 38.00; with good and choice mostly 30.00-36.00; utility and commercial 23.00-29.00. . Sheep 700; spring lambs strong; two sizeable lots choice and prime 31.00; other classes generally unchanged; mar- net not fully established oh clipped lambs; part deck choice to prime No. 1 skins 29.00; short deck good and choice No. 2 skin 27.75; numerous smaller lots unsold; slaughter ewes steady; cull to good ewes 6.00-11.00; shorn aged bucks 8.00. Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, June 4, Of — WHEAT —'None. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.84%; No. 3, 1.82*4-83%; No. 4, 1.79-81; No. 5, 1.66&-76; sample grade 1.55%-75. OATS — None. BARLEY - Nominal: Malting 1.28-65; feed 1.20-30. SOYBEANS— None. Chicago Grain Futures High WHEAT— July .... 2.33% Sep ..... 2.35% Dec ..... 2.40% Mar ..... 2.43% CORN— July .... Sept ..... Dec ..... Mar. .... OATS— July .... Sep ..... Dec ..... Mar ..... RYE— July .... Sep ..... Dec ..... SOYBEANS- July .... 3.23% Sep ..... 3.02% Nov ..... 2.95% Jan ..... 2.97% Mar ..... 2.0a Low Close 1.81% 1.81 1.73% 1.77 76'i 78% 82?4 85% 2.05 1 ,i 2.03 J ,i 2.07»,i 2.20% 2.33% 2.38% 2.417 8 1.80% 1.79% 1.72' 8 1.75% 75% 78 81% 84 % 1.99% 1.97% 2.021J.. 2.94 2.85% 2.88 2.89i/ B 2.31%-% 2.34^-% 2.39%-% 2.42%-% 1.81V 8 -% 1.80% 1.73%-73 1.76% 76i s -% 78%-% 82%-% 85% 2.04-04% 2.02% 2.07 3.28% 3.02% 2.95% 2.97%-% 2.99 St. Louis Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, June 4, ff — WHEAT — Receipts 3 cars, none sold. CORN — Receipts 16 cars, sold 3, No. 1 yellow 1.86%, No. 2 yellow 1.86, No. 3 yellow 1.83%. OATS — Receipts none, sold none. Telegraph Want Ads Click! East Alton Pentecostal Church Corner St, Louis and Kingshighwuy PRESENTING REV, FLOYD E, HEADY Nationally knuwn KvungelUt Camp Meeting unit Convention Speaker Each Evtninc at 7:30 Exetpt Monday Vacation Bible School is now in progress each morning from « to 11:45. Heglttlnitian i* open for children between (be ages of S and 16, Officer* arc: factor M. W. WiUun. Dean: Mr. Jatper Holyficld, Supt.; Mr». Kert Suodgr»n, principal; Mrs. ,rne>t Whalen, Ai«Utant; Mri. Hurie Short, Seo'y. and Trent. Far further lofur«n»tioD call 4-33U. ROUA'HEAD P.H.A. t STO-A-CO t { ALUMINUM STORM SASH t FOIDOORS • y t ALUMINUM AWNINGS t f t We Repaint—Berape—Repair fili«4« t Pial 4-3939 Dial 4-39^ ALTON VENETIAN BLIND CO* T*«BS *»| ST. P«H« 4VP. EAST ALTON Business Mirror Manufacturers Changing Faces fly 8AM DAWSO\ NEW VORK, June 4, X - The big fellow in the manufacturing ield keeps growing right along. But his make-up has been chang. ng even faster than his size. The largest manufacturing companies are likely to have more hareholders nowadays than enr iloyes—the days of the bfg Indr Idual shareholdings are number- d. They are likely to pa/ almost as much In taxes as they do in wages nd salaries—and four times as much in taxes as in dividends. And they have anywhere from 7000 to $50, assets for each mploye. The 100 largest manufacturing ompanies — that excludes rail- oads, communications, banks, in- urance companies, retail and ervice companies—are listed by he National City Bank of New ork on the basis of total 1951 as- ets after deducting reserves for epreciation. Getting Bigger They range from Jersey Standrd Oil with almost five billion ollars in assets to Crane Co. with 72 million dollars. They are the op among 100,000 manufacturing orporations and 200,000 manufac- urlng plants owned by individuals nd partnerships in the United tates. These 100 employ 4,200,000 per- ons and have 5,400,000 sharehold- rs. But it must be remembered hat many of the shareholders may e duplications—one man may own :ock in several of the 100 corpora- ons. Thirty-one of the 100 have more than 50,000 registered share- olders; and 52 have more share- olders than employes. The shareholders own a total of 16 million shares, representing an quity in the companies of almost 0 billion dollars. The average investment per em- loye is $14,000 — ranging from 7000 in the auto industry to $50,000 n tobacco companies. The 100 pay 17V 2 billion in wags, salaries and such labor bene- ts as pensions, insurance and aid vacations. This,averages $4100 year per employe. The bank also looks into the bal- nce sheets of these top 100. Their ital assets top 60 billion dollars— 1 billion for land, plant and equip- icnt, and 35 billion for cash, se- irities, inventories and receiv- bles. Sales Total 78 Billion Their sales and other receipts .st year totalled more than 78 illion dollars. Costs ate up 93.1 ercent of that, leaving less than •i billion as net income after tax- s, or 6.9 percent of sales. This income was divided up almost evenly between dividends and einvestments in the business. But federal income and excess rofits taxes totalled almost seven llion dollars, and other federal, ate, local, and foreign, taxes add- more than four billion dollars r a total of around 11 billion. The bank philosophizes on what icse balance sheets of the big fel- ws show, as follows: "The figures show how there is o inherent conflict, but instead a ose partnership relation between he interests of employes and hareholders, with some people upplying the brains and labor, nd others ihe tools ad capital, lach group is necessary to t v oth- r. "In addition, the reports for 1P"1 low the rapid ascendancy of a hird 'partner' in business — gov- rnment—which although contribut- ng neither capital nor labor now akes a lion's share of the profits. D roduce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, June 4 — (fP\— Produce nd live poultry: Eggs, extras 37-38, standards 33Vi-34',i,, nclassified 31-32, AA large 38-39. B rge 30-33. Fowl, barebacks 31-32. Other prices unchanged. Britain sent two submarines on n experimental cruise in Arctic aters to study the effect of cli- late and temperature. Area Death* Mrs. D. Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Lucille Johnson 45, wife of Ray Johnson of Route 1, Bethaito, died at 6 a.m. today in Alton Memorial Hospital. She had been in ill health for severa months and a patient in the hospital for six days. A native of Mena, Ark., she was born Oct. 16, 1966. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hill of Irving 1)1., survive her. She had resided in the Bethalto* Wood River area for the past 12 years, moving there from Decatur Surviving, in addition to her hus band and parents, are two daugh ters, Barbara, who was graduated last April from Independence San atorium Nursing School, Independ 'nee, Mo., and June, who resides at home. Mrs. Johnson was a member o Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day • Saints in Wood River, and funeral rites Sat urday at 2 p.m. will be conducted n the church by the Rev. Clar ence Archibald of St. Louis. Tlr y is at Streeper funeral home od^ River, where friends ma> call from noon Friday until noon Saturday, when it will be taken to the church. Burial will be in Up per Alton cemetery. Mrs. B. Lawrence Mrs. Bertha Lawrence, 72, a pio neer resident of Roxana, whose husband, the late J. 7. Lawrence drew the blue prints when the vil age was laid out, and who had been one of the early members o he Roxana School board, died un expectediy Tuesday of a heart ail ment. Mrs. Lawrence had been under care of a doctor for high blooc iressure, but her de*.th Tuesday came unexpectedly. She became 11 early in the afternoon and was pronounced dead on arrival a tVood River Township Hospital a p.m. She was born June 21, 1879, a tendon, Mo., and while residing a: vlendon, she affiliated with the Methodist Church, but after com ng to Roxana she attended the 'resbyterian Church and was barter member of the Aid society here. Mrs. Lawrence had resided all oi 14 years she had been in Roxana at 144 West First street. Her hus >and, a farmer Shell Oil Co. em/ ploye, preceded her in death IS I'ears ago. . Surviving are three sons, Joseph of Northwoods addition, East Al on; Clyde of Roxana, and Harry if Edwardsville; three daughters VIrs. Ethel Miller, and Mrs. Grace Jowler, Roxana, and Mrs. Eva lay, Collinsville; three sisters Mrs. Anna Caswell and Mrs. Ethe McCluhan ' of Independence, Mo. and Mrs. Mattie McQueen, Men Ion, Mo.; 14 grandchildren, anc ne great grandchild, v The body is at Streeper funera lome in Wood River, where fu neral rites will be conducted at 2 .m. Thursday by the Rev. E. E JeLong, pastor of Roxana Pres >yterian Church. Burial will be in 3ethalto city cemetery. Friends may visit the funeral home after 6 p.m., today. VIrs. Pauline Halbe EDWARDSVILLE. — Mrs. Paul ne Halbe, 66, of Hamel, died a' 5:25 a.m. today at St. Francis Hos jital, Litchfield, where she hac jeen a patient the past severa days. . She was bom Sept. 23; 1885, in Hamel township, a daughter of the ate Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schlechte. On June 23, 1907, she ,vas married near Hamel to Ed vard Halbe, who survives. Nine children surviving are Wil fred (Pete) H a 1 b L , Mrs. A !Frieda) Carter, and Norman Halbe, all of Edwardsville; Elmer Alfred, Lester, and Allen Halbe all of Hamel; Mrs. Oscar (Alice Wildgrube and Mrs. Vernon (El sie) Harris, both of Worden. Also surviving, in addition to nine grandchildren, are four bro thers and five sisters: Martin, Ed LIMITED AMOUNT PAID UP STOCK FOR SALE 3% Dividends PAID SEMIANNUALLY July 1st and January 1st Keep Your Funds SAFELY PROTECTED Against Loss CITIZENS Building £ Loan Ass'n, SMITH AV& EAST ALTON Use Our Parking Area—Right at Our Front Peer. [/TON, C. ELLtSOM. Tnuttt, attendants. Public nolle* Is h«re&» «!v«n tha.1 M pursuance to » decree frtid* and enWfed by Mid court. In the Above entitled caul., on the 17th day of ABM! 1982, i Paul D. Davey. Matt*!* in chancery of MM court, win, on t«* aara day of June 1053 at the hour ot 10:00 o'clock A. M.. Central Standard Time, or at 11:00 O'clock A> M. Daylight sivUtf Time, at the .front et North Door of the city nail in the City of Alton, lliinou, s«n at public auction to the hlftheit and beit bidder for cash, all M the following described real estate: Lett two (3). Three i3>, and Four In and Out of Service With Men of Area Pvt. Campion In West PVT. ROBERT CAMPION, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Creeling of Godfrey, and husband of Mrs. Campion, the former Joeanna Chambers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chambers of Godis at Ft. Law ?° n ' Wa f h " awn | t j ng assignment overseas. He left Alton June 1, after visiting with relatives. Pvt. Campion, 21, went into ser- Pvt. R. Campionv ice at Camp Gordon, Ga. Aug. 24, 1951, where he studied radio. A graduate of Edwardsville High School in 1947, he was employed at Owens-Illinois Glass Co., and the Graul- Seago garage, prior to military service. To Name Election Officials Monday EDWARDSVILLE — Judges' and clerks to serve at polling places throughout the county at the November general election are to be appointed by the Madison county board of supervisors at its June session Monday. The judge-clerk appointments are made from nominations submitted by the 24 township supervisors. Madison county now has a record total of 125 precincts. Any changes in precinct boundaries, or creation of additional voting districts, are to be made at the board's regular June meeting, set by statute. Two new precincts, one each in Moro and Chouteau townships, were created by action of the board last year. The board's county tuberculosis sanatorium and judiciary committee met here today. Other committee meetings in advance of Monday's board-session, as announced by County Auditor M. G. Ryan, are: June 5, finance and zoning committees; Friday, June 6, courthouse, county home, jail, printing and state charity committees. The mines-minerals committee met Tuesday. ward, and William Schlechte, Mrs. Dave Martin, sr'., Misses Martha and Louise Schlechte, all of Hamel; Ferdinand Schlechte, Livingston; Mrs. Fred Gihring of Staunton, and Mrs. Dave Forehand, Litchfield. Mrs. Halbe was a member of Zion Lutheran Church at Carpenter and the Ladies' Aid. The body will remain at Weber (Marks-Weber) funeral home until 11 a.m. Saturday, when it is to be taken to Zion Lutheran Church for funeral services at 2 p.m. (DST), in charge of the pastor, the Rev. R. G. Kurz, followed by interment in St. Paul's Lutheran cemetery near Hamel. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Thursday. ID ffl ittet «* i* et Addition to Alton, Mrtisoti County. Illinois! Mini tfit tell nttu deienistd tit thi deem in the iBcmt «nmiM eiuw, or nt mtrch tMftftt it mm bt ratfletent ts satisfy Mid deerM, an ai U prwid« in «aid decree: with right of tedeimuon to Hairy r. Metneniii and Mary Bern*. hill, at tnwrtded in Mid «*cwe. Bated at Alton, niinoii, this iftt day of May, 1653. PAOt B. OAVfY. Master In Chancery of the City court «f Alton. Illinois. May Jl. 36. June 4. r CLAIM DAT* liven to in July, 10s2, is the an Notice U hereby that first Monday ________ ______ ._ Claim Date in the estate of D. A Meiowen. Deceased, pending m the Probate court ot Madison County, tin- nois, and that claims may be tiled aftlnst the Mid estate on or before Mid date without issuance ot summon*. Dated this 7th day of May, 1683. MILDRED L. MKGOWXN, Attest: DALB HlLf, Probate Clerk. W. H. THOMAS, Attorney. June 4. 11, 1ft. 9TATB OF ILLINOIS, I COUNTV OF MADISON, I Us. IN THE CITY COURT Of ALTON, MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS. WILLIAM FRANCIS STORY ) Plaintiff,) vi ) LOLA STORY, ) • Defendant) DIVORCE CHANCERY No. 67S4 Notice Is hereby given of the pend ency of a suit in the City Court of Alton, Madison County, Illinois, wherein WILLIAM FRANCIS STORY is Plaintiff and LOLA STORY Is Defendant which suit lg Chancery No. 67S4 and Is for Divorce, Defendant LOLA STORY is to be served by publication. Summons has been issued returnable on the 1st Monday of July, 1952, being July 7. 1952, and default may be taken on or after the 1st Monday in July 1952, being July 7. 1952 in the Court House in Alton, Illinois. FELIX T. BOSCHERT. Clerk of the City Court of Alton, WISEMAN & BERRY. Attorney for Plaintiff. June 4, 11, 18. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS The Board of Review of Macoupin County will meet on Tuesday, June 10, 1952, for the purpose of reviewing the assessment of property for the tax year of 1952. This Board cannot consider matters involving the past tax years. The Board will be In session dally, excepting Sundays and legal holidays, from 9:00 A. M. to 4:00 P. M., Daylight Saving Time, and excepting Saturdays when they will adjourn at Noon. AH complaints concerning the over or under assessment of real estate or personalty, claims of exemption from taxation, complaints as to the inequalities in assessments between townships, or any other errors or omissions of assessments, shall be filed by the com plaining party in writing upon forms supplied by the Board. All complaints shall be verified, and must be in duplicate. If property is assessed in two or more townships, complaints must be filed for each township. The proper form may be obtained from the Clerk of the Board upon application, either in person or by mail. It must give In detail all information required. Such Information will be treated as confidential insofar as is possible. All complaints relating to real estate shall be classified by townships or by tax districts by the Clerk of the Board and complaints relating to personal property shall be classified in such manner as the Board of Review may determine. All complaints shall be docketed numerically, each in Its own class in the order in which they are presented, in books kept for that purpose, which books shall always be open for public inspection. No complaints may be filed after 12:00 Noon on July 31. 1952. Complaints in proper font.' will be set for hearing by the Board, and all parties Interested will be given due notice thereof. Any party may appear either in per son or by attorney. All parties appearing and testifying shall first be sworn. The assessor of the township where such property shall have been assessed shall have notice of any proposed Increase or reduction, and the Board shall hew said assessor or any other person upon request, in opposition to the proposed Increase or reduction in the assessment 01 any person, firm or corporation. All meetings of the Board of Review shall be held in their room In the Northeast corner of the basement of the Court House In Carlinvllle. Illinois. Board of Review of Macoupin County. MATT KATICH, Chairman; Herman F. Dubbclde, Member, Joe C. Buehling, Member, Gilbert Redfern. Clerk. ANNOUNCEMENTS IN MEMOBIAM IN LOVING MEMORY—Of John Schulte, who passed away on June 4th, 1950: Though your smile is gone forever. And your hands we cannot touch, We shall never lose sweet memories Of the one we loved so much. Every hour we shall miss you, Sadly do we feel your loss. Lonely are our hearts without you, God help us bear the cross. Sadly missed by Wife and Son. IN LOVING MEMORY—Of our dear son, Roy Medlock, who died June 4, 1937: Nothing can ever take away The love a heart holds dear; Fond memories linger every day, Remembrance keeps him near. Sadly missed by the Family. The LOVELIEST CAW Of t WISH TO THAN^C — My rtliUVW, ffieW* dirt, ft«1|hfc0f* fOT thtft MH| *nd Visit* dufifit ffl? lHn*« »t Wood Rivet Township HOfpllal. A . MM. wm. V6iit. tw 'titt DEAR "DRfcAD" DAYS - ft*. yond recall, hminwntt waxed linoleum. NOW <h*f ute Oil**, fidck't Paint Storey (B5 Bait Bfoadwiy. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - oi»•• help to pwfclem drlnk«H, OU) 1*738 flf WMM P. O. Box WT. WELCOME STRANGER II BiV* Jutt moved to Alton ot know of • n«w family in Alton will you call Mill to our hostess «an contact thim? Welcome Btftngtr Service, RUMMAGE AND PASTRY SAL* RUMMAGE SALE—Friday «t 004 Bell* street. Open at 9 «. m. ... BIO RUMMAGE SALE—604 B*ll«. Cloth- Itif, dishes, miscellaneous, Saturday, 9 a.m. Bethaito Assembly of Ood. SOCIETIES — LODGES WESTERN STAR tODOE—No. 1, T. O. O. .r. Regular meeting Wednesday, June 4. Election of officers. John Starbuck, N. O. BETHALTO LODGE-No. 406. Annual stated communication, Thursday, June S, 7:15 p. m. Also annual meeting of Temple Board. Visiting brethren welcome. B. J. Smith, W. M. FRANKLIN LODGE—No 25 Special meeting Thursday, June 5th. at 6:00 p. m. Work In 3rd degree. TV prizefight. Refreshments. Visiting brethren welcome. R. E. Mitchell, W. M. WOOD RIVER LODGE NO. 1062—Stated meeting Wednesday, June 4th, 7:30 p.m Business. Visiting brethren welcome C. L. Radmacher, W.M. n mtt vouito iiAb— on to as tftttalttt tftnefiiUty, tot* tt»M , fait &W«. Apply inoetsOn, *Ji« Budl«* Plan, Ml wan Tfiitd HMH. Alton. COUNTER GIRL WA Wtm. Hl'Wiy Qtlll, BOOKKEEPING — And ffTOfil Offlet work. Permanent position, week. Sinpe, aft 9MO, Box 7*0, cart Telttrattn. _ NATIONAL KNOWN CONCERN — Will appoint 9 ambitious women with ears lot special AAiet work In Alton it ad' latent towns. Previous latea work not neeesiaty as thorough training will bt liven, lad • week narantee to start Opportunity fot advancement. For in« terview phone ot tee Carl Curtis, Stratford Hotel. WANTED—Woman fot houiekaepet and care fot children, stay ot go. Write Box 730. cate Telegraph. TYPIST—Beginner ot experienced. 3fl>/4- hout week, no shorthand, ideal working condHlona. Apply or write John 8. Swift Company, inc., 2100 Locust St.. St. Loutg a. Mo. CASHIER—And Assistant Cashier, high school graduate, under 30: Must know typing, Experience preferred, but will consider beginner. B'A day week. Air conditioned office, group hospital and other employee benefits, Apply In person. Mid-States Finance CO, 686 E. Broadway CASHIER WANTED — Accounting end NCR No. 2000. Experience preferred. See Mr. Moore, at Bledermans. IgA HELP WANTED—MISC. WANTED — Experienced woo! spotter. Apply National Cleaners, B. Alton. 19 HELP WANTED—MALE • FEMALE OFFICE HELP—And bookkeeper. High school education required. Experience helpful but not necessary. Phone Mr. , Budde. 2-1231 or write 819 Belle St. SALESWOMAN & SALESMAN — Age 25-45. Hospltalizatlon and life insurance debit. No experience necessary. Training will be provided. Salary plus commission. Apply 311 Commercial building. MAN OF WOMAN—To install it operate small fruit stand. 2614 State. SALES PROMOTION JOB OPEN—N« outside solicitation but direct mall contact with selling and limited offic* work, Good opportunity for someone to learn retail business. See William Thompson, Schwartz Furniture Co., Wood River. 111. Please do not telephone. .. IDA SALESLADIES 10 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN LOST—Black Labrador retriever along Fosterburg road. Answers to name o "Laddie." Phone 3-8328. MAN'S BULOVA—Wrist watch."lnitial P.J.B. on wrist band. Lost near Y.W. C.A. Phone 3-7171. II NOTICES DO YOU HAVE SPOTS — Before you eyes? Clean them off the rugs with Flna Foam. Buck's Paint Store, 65 East Broadway. LARGE COMFORTABLE ROOM — Fo 1 or 2 gentlemen. Inquire 1914 Wash ing ton avenue. Dial 3-9154. WANTED — Chair seat weaving. Dia 2-3808. LET ME HELP YOU—With your hear ing problem. Free information and ex amlnation by a registered acoustician Call Wood River 4-4985. NOTICE—I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. June 2, 1952. Ear Tomblingson, 726 E. Broadway, Alton EAT At Sadie's Lunch Room Kampsville, 111. Home-Cooked Meals Fish Daily. Rt 100 FOSTER-FLANNEHY STUDIO—Will be closed from May 23 to 'Aug. 15 Indus lye. 622 E._3j-d. STATE LICENSE Auto Chauffeurs. Driven. Etc. CHARLIE CLARK 605 E. Broadway LICENSE & NOTARY SERVICE BIRTH CERTIFICATES Now—Two Places to Serve You 1504 E. BDWY - 2520 STATE EARL W. MANNS MA RIDERS WANTED—2 riders, Alton to St. Lout: & return. Leave Alton 7:20. Leave St Louis 5:15. 5 days week. 2-9960. WANTED—Ride from East Alton to St Louis U.S.* Defense Corporation on 4 p.m.-12 p.m. shift, starting June 9th Call before 2:30 p.m. Phone 4-7728. WANTED—Riders to St. Louis. Leave bridge at 6:50 a. m., one way only Phone 2-0483 after 6 p. m. WANTED—Dally ride to downtown St Louis via McArthur Bridge. Dial 4-7896 WANTED—Riders to New Mexico: share expenses. Leave June 7. Call 4-4753. EDUCATIONAL 14 MUSIC, DANCING, DRAMA MUSICAL INSTRUCTION in all tnstru ments and voice and baton twirling Gould Music Co.. 551 E. Broadway Alton. EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED—MALI MAN TO TRAIN — For assistant manager. Must be neat appnaring, No experience necessary. Transportation furnished. Opportunities for advance ment. Interviews from 9-10 a. m. Apply Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 212 State street, Alton. 111. YOUNG MAN—To work in Wholesal. Agency. Apply Ochs News Agency 1622 Bozza ctreet. WANTED 2 EXPERIENCED BODY MEN APPLY LUKEN PONTIAC FRONT & ALBY, ALTON PAPER CARRIERS WANTED—In Wood Rivea. Call 4-CJ714, or apply 303 Third, between 3 & 6 p.m. NATIONAL KNOWN CONCERN - Will appoint 2 ambitious men with cars for special sales work in Alton tc adjacent towns. Previous sales work not necessary as thorough training will be given ¥50 a week guarantee to start. Opportunity for advancement. For Interview phone or Hotel. see Carl Curtis, Stratford DRIVER SALESMAN - For beverage route. Ages 20-40. Married preferred. High school education, good opportun- Uy U qualified. Box 720, e!o Telegraph. MAN OR BOY—To install and operate shoe shine parlor in pool hall in North Alton. 2614 State. Thousands of colors, all faithfully reproduced in the new, ex. elusive Morris Color-Guide. There's an exotic Tropic Tones to niatch, too—yours without messy tubes or pow. ders with which to fuss! Just select the color you want ,,, there'* a lovely hue of Morris Tropic Tones ready to glorify the walls of your home. Save too, with a genuine oil paint that covers in one coat, never more thfcn two; • flat enamel that's really scrubbable! SEC THE MORRIS COLOR-CUIDE An fXClUS/Vf at - - MORRIS-ALTON PAINT STORE 50 I. BROADWAY A. R, RICH ALTON PIAL 2-7312 SOPA WATER DISTRIBUTOR — For Hire's root beer and Mission Flavors. Apply 1329 St. Clair. East St. Louis. Phone Upton 50589. II WANTED—White high school girl; st«y on place, for summer. Assist with light housework. Dial 3-3715. WHITE ELDERLY LADY — For light housework & care of one child. Stay. 2-4786 before 7. LADIES—$30 weekly, spare time, making studio roses at home. Easy. LOOKS, , smells real. Write STUDIO ROSE CO. Greenville, Pa. MAID—Colored, capable, reliable; references. Apply Lincoln Hotel. FOUNTAIN CIRL-Ag* 18-25. Expert enc«4 not necessary. Apply in person. DAVID'S ICE CREAM BAR 1644 Washington WAITRESS — For Roy's Lunch Room. Evenings. 1110 Broadway. YOUR FUTURE STARTS NOW — Well groomed woman with pleasing personality, who needs to add $45 to 175 ot more every week; to family income. C(T necessary. Out oi town opportunities also available. Age 25 to 48. Flexible working hours. Permanent position with national organization. No collecting or delivering. A pleasant and profitable career awaits you. Opportunity (or promotion. Write now (or "Get acquainted" interview application. A. L. Kitchen, Empire Crafts Corporation Newark. New York State. WANTED—Maid for general Bo* eao, c,o TclcgrapU. SALESWOMEN—For steady and «xtr« work. Women'j ready-to-wear dept. In one of Alton's finest stores. Good working conditions. Salary and commission. Write Box 730. care Telegraph SALESMEN SELL SHOES DIRECT—Excellent opportunity with leading manufacturer. Up to $23 dally comm. Sell part or" full time. Over 100 fast selling cushion styles for entire family. Fast deliveries. Write for free 1952 Spring catalog, etc. JOHN NEIL SHOE, 131 Enterprise, Brockton, Mass. EXPERIENCED SALESMAN WANTED— Can exceed $7500 or more after 1st year. Call after 10 a.m. Wed., Thurs.. Fri. 3-5944. Ask for Mr. Nolle. 21 SITUATION WANTED—MALE BOY, 15—Desires job for summer, Se« Robert Dale. Wood River Ave., Cottage- Hills, . SITUATION WANTED—FEMALE HIGH SCHOOL GIRL—Will care for one or two children while mother works. Phone 3-9201. HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR—Desires work in office during summer vacation. Have completed one year in shorthand and typing. Position desired more for ex- perlence than salary. Please call 4-7037 MIDDLEAGED WOMAN—Wants job as companion to elderly woman; light housekeeping. Mrs. Hazel Lemons, 521 North 8th street. Quiney, 111. COLORED 2-7875. LADY—Wishes day work. POSITION WANTED — Experienced clerk-typist. Can start June 9. Phon< 2-84SO. FINANCIAL 83 BUSINESS OtTORTIINITlEa ROSS' TAVERN Grafton, (II. Fixtures, stock and bulldlnl with living quarters and space for additional apt. Established business Terms. Consider trade for farm. JOH^I BERIGAN, REALTOR—4-8614 '' Evening: 2-4276 FOR SALE—Milk route, between Marine and Edwardsville. 125 cans. Write Box 700, c!o Telegraph. FOR GALE—At a reasonable price, small thriving T. V. and appliance store, near Alton and Wood River. Excellent franchises. Low overhead. Call 4-5668. FOR SALE—Small cafe. Swell for middle-aged couple. Susie's Cafe. Brighton. III. 31 INVESTMENTS—STOCKS 75 SHARES—Of Citizen Coach Co. preferred stock; «% interest semi. 3-3273. PERSONAL SERVICE .<> DRESSMAKING— TATI.OKINO SEWING & ALTERING WANTED— Bj seamstress with many years experience. 2021 Chapln Place (upstairs). 2-4457. SLIP COVERS-And draperies expertlj made. Free estimates and •amplet. 4-5242. COVERED BUTTONS _ Belts and hut. tonholes. 24-hour service. Centra! Sewing^ Supply Co., 18 W. Broadway. Dial L.AUNDEBINO WANTED - Washings, Ironings, at m; home. 839 Pine street, East Alton. Phone 4-7854. WANTED—Washings & ironings. Bring and take back. Joe Stout, 608 Sheppard. i LAUNDRY—Done in my home. Experienced, 60c per hour, Phone 2-2D97. WANTED—Washings and ironings. Also men s laundry; experienced. Dial 4-7866 WASHINGS WANTED—Phone 4-9233. WANTED—Ironings in your home or mine. S-5178. WANTED - WASHINGS Phone 3-eaoi. & IRONINGS. BUSINESS SERVTCT i BUSINESS" SPECIAL INVITATION" You are invited to try our new lervlet department for your needs in repairinj of televisions, toabters, irons, mixers vacuum sweepers, fans, and all elec- trlcal appliances. Our men are hlghlj trained to serve you. EBBLEH ELECTRIC 2312 State. Phone 3-75811 LAWN MOWERS — Machine sharpened S l iopE ep8lrwli A- Stupperlch, 3106 Alby. 4-4.JB8. ICE CREAM — And quick lunch room, "aspnable, doing good business. Phont LE'iMJS CLEAN your attic, basement or garage. Usually your odds and ends or what have you will pay the bill. Quick and efficient service, Day or evenings. FOR RENT—Power tools for refinishing floors, woodwork, furniture, etc. Day and hourly rates. Sanders and edger, M.OO day. Car polishers, $1.25 a day. AUTOMATIC SAW FILING — Lawn aVv h er rPelUn '- * *** *""""• LAWN MOWERS—Machinu sharpened * repaired Expert workmanship. IS years experience. Delivery service. Blanker ft Krepel, 739 Park Drive. 2-3770. AUTHORIZED—Pmcor service for Dial 2-5036°. ** ***' Roedale. LAWN MOWERS-Sharpened <tncj re"paired. Schuelte residence, 713 Lin- coin. Phone 2-2782 or 3-7808. GUTTERING Spouting, metal chimney cover*. Fr«* estimates. White't. Tin Shop. 3-H24 Red & White Sanitary Service" Cesspools. Septic Tanks and Ouuldt. Vault* Cleaned. Day or Night Call Wood Rlvw 4-8062 or 4-3465 MINNOWS Jim Bak >r Service Station. 3rd »nd Edwardsville Road, Wood River. CENTURY TEKMITE ft PEST CONTROL For inspection »nd advice phone 1B2, Edw«rdsvill*. Owner * Manager. rr*4 An<J CI5SPOOLS Tanks pumped and repaired Dl»l 4-3281 or 4-8380 TRii SPECIALIST ED KBAUT 4-8343 HAND « POWE8 LAWN MOWEBS — Machine rfwpened. repaired; «awa filed, grinding. 448 E. 3rd. UBNACE & STOKER CLSANINO — Fnc» {«. GUtowater. 3-830*.

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