Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1889
Page 4
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is sold by all - Made by flr(.ffliRBftNK$<Co ' JACOB E1SELE, THE LEADING ferclit Bailor, IJIs now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits aud overcoats for fall and winter. Now in stock all kinds, of cloths, cas- Bimere'and overcoatings and the finest stock of pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave yonr orders to have them- made up in the latest eastern styles and at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having no rent to pay, his customers get ^he bene- The corner stone of a $30,000 Methodist church was laid at Rock Island. . For"run-down."(l"lnlil:it''il ni'.'i nvi-i-ivnrkri! women. Dr. PU'rcn - R.l-':ivurliv I'-i-siTli'tinii 1; thotx-stof all n-storiilivcloj'.i'.--.. It niu-oti-nl SiwolHo for all UK*" \\'< al.r,- VVBKIV.. Dlseasr-s ppculiar to V."oi;i:-n: n i'"'-'.-i i-iiil. t-'i'»- cral as well na iiti-rinc. totiii- i;;«l m-ivitu-. it Imparts vipornnilntn'iiir It promptly cures \vnil:: It to carefully compounded by: n i-.\po'i physician, nnd adapted to wor:>:i:rn <]< organization. Purely veji table nnd prt harmless in any condition r.t ti.e M.-i"n *ma**ma^^^m '• fnvori !0 l-reri J iHHffliEBJ^^o^.:^!';^ 1 ,; mmmmf^mmS umlcr :~. l,--:'.lvc I nnteo of Batlsfaction In c\e:v CUM--, m ($1.00) refunded. This pvarnnt The American No people in the world are BO subject to nervous diseases, such as nervous ethauBtion, physical or mental overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americans. Every part of the body ia controlled by its nerves, and when they are weakened by overwork or disease the part is also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Restorative Ner vinp, a concentrated nerve food and medicine, is the best remedy in the world for these diseases. Ask for. a trial bottle at A. R. Hendricks' or,J. M I3ickfords' Drug Store. The man of whom society makes a lion is never inclined to growl.. Htiirtllni; FnctB. Physiologists state that .with each contraction the heart exerts fifty .bs of force. This amounts to 8,000 a min ute, 210,000 an hour, and the enormous number of 5 164,000 pounds in a day No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead. I exercise makes you short of breath; i ! you have fluttnrinu, pain in side, -fain or hungry spells, swollen anklco; )„„,- .4 1 . ^ - ____ l.iuuuui«"i.jittii lu )r, Miles' New Cure. Sold at A U. lendricks' or J. M. Uiokfords' Drug tore. Many a man considers himself a reatgun when in fact he is nothing ut a smooth bore. Ttlf'SP Tills lournJf'J. unifimi) in action. tit; pain ?o r-imuuiiily following t!m i>» of Pills. They arc adapted to both (lulls and children with perfect patr-ty. Ye Riiiinmtpp tlipy have no equal iu the •ure of pi<'k hpadfichc, ronstipalion, lynpi-'psin, biliousness, and, u3 an appo i; r -->r, they '\-ccl any other prfpunition. Of making innny books there is no end; afd much study ia n weariness of he fle.-.h. •_ Hnrklon'H Arnica rtalvr. The best salvo in the world for Cut,'), JruiBos, tN.-rcB, Uk'.erfl, Salt Hhcum, .''ever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, .'hilblains, Corns, and all Shin Erup- .lona, and poativfily cures 1'iles, or no iay required. It is Kuarnntoed to give >f-rfect satisfaction, or money refund- I'rice 2'> cents per box. For sale bv n. B. Stvinkler. The slothful man saith: ion without; 1 shall be street." "There ia a slalu in the CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Cat- irrh Remedy. I'rice 50 cents. Nasal Injeciflwfrep. For sale by Perry, the frgisr,, aud J. M. liickford, Roclt Falls. 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Lloyd Bryce is now" sole owner The JMortii Ai^u;l ; :._ P.: : I;.,.... rcnr-vri - •-•,<'r.'. i'tji thron;;h tli CHAI'TKIl AT Hr'.l! '-! £ "*•• # f ?.< .; "-..,*" '' K f. •> c ; >?!!l"'.l t'l i:U ;!•' very tlir'on •'Oh.our e-n liitl.) th!n-:<; loll!;p.,nd I)"-.! ''Hirrh," sn "ilircli b.-irl, if. thoii! Ire'i. h'nl! printed on the b carried out for ninny ynar». For law. Illustrated Trratise. on rii.-"«ws ol Women (ll» pinres, v,-itli full .!,rcc(ioi;s for liomo-trentment), send ten ci-ntii In ptnmpn: Address, Woiti.n'f, Disi'r.NSAnv MI-.IIIUAJ. ASSOCIATION. OH Main Street. liiiffulii. N. ^ . EIGHTH POINT You sliouM rend Tn'r CHICAGO DAILY Nims I>CC:HI*I. > -;.VT- tmdy likes it— il uill nut ills- appoint your nenis. U lakes into Its purpose the farmer and mechanic, as well ss the merchant and professional m:in. Every farmer can now have daily market reports instead of weekly, and at little more than the old-time price of his weekly. 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All U •--.. >o crpilal ni|tiii«I. Plnlo, •lial MwUuUlana «!»«». 'I hoM wh» vrtile to tu at (met e*o aa- rcr» A-ee ib« M*t aawloK-machina la lha world, aod Iba REGULATOR MENSTRUATION •, . Bit MONTHLY BICKNESII ' 'it TRWIH DURXNQ CHhHQt n? v\»t • fiRtM.OKHStR"* BVif FERSHQWiaBE WD1DUI ^ JI00K TO"WOMAN'^*2£!)7>P£f tSAOmiD REGUUTDH Cfl ATLANTA SA, J3LTJE OUNNING THERE WAGONS .. JLV All goods promptly delivered to uny part 01 the city. Specialty of removing bouaelioli sooda and plsnos, [ruliliiylj JE. II. W1LUA8IN The right hand thumb of a hote waiter is most unfortunate, it ia fre quently in the soup. 1OO I>adle« Wanted. And 100 men to call on any di uggls ifor a/r«« triul package of Lane's Faaj ily Medicine, the great root and herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Bilaa Lan while in the Hocky Mountaina. Fo diseases of the blood, liver and kidney it is a positive curs. For constiuatioi aad clearing up the complexion it doe wondsrs. UhtWren like it. Everyou praise it. Large size package, & ceuts. 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Ralston, the ec centric "London writer, was known among his friends'as "the Russian Don -Quixote^! • Tonight and Tomorrow Night, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever sold tov the cure of CougUs, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can check vour cold at once. Price 50c and §1.00 Sample buttles free. la Will Carleton's last volume, "City Ballads, " is dedicated to his wife, in these words; "To Adora, friend, comrade, lover, wife." ., FITS. -All Ota stopped free by Dr Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No lits after first day's use. ° Marvellous cures Treatise and 82.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Phila., Pa. d&w A Scrautonian who has Just returnee from Lako Carey tellu a good story at the expense of a Wilkesbarre young taan. Tho Wiikosbarro chap took a lady oui boat riding. When quite a distance from ohore the teat was overturned. The man called loudly for help, and when arrived and the lady had been lifted Into another boat the WUkesbarrean deuie- that it wiis tho Bamo lady that ho hac taken out with him. She lifted her han to her head and was horrified to find that her wig had bcon washed away and thai her gray hair was exposed. lu one m-ight»orhood la Dakota las week thrro wero only two lucifi.T match?:) to go around among twelve families, I.UK tx'iw>UH wt'i-o <ietiiiied to build tires tu kei-p tii.-m aiivo night ami day uitlil tupjsJy cuuU Lw had. U<«1 on has a gre*t in s. ilttl 154 ' •"• It D B Waggoner is editor of the Childen's Page, so popular in The Philadel- >hia Sunday Press. A Woman's IHseovcrjv "Another wonderful discovery has >een made and that too by a lady in this country. Disease fastened its clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three rtonths she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a x>ttle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has ieen miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N» C,—Get a free trial bottle at D. 1!. Strickler's Drug Store. Dr. Charles Mackay, who for sixty years has written verses and songs, ia now a confirmed invalid. SHILOIl'S COUGH and Consump- ;ion Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. Lt cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, aud J.M.Bickfortl Rock Falls Oacar Wilde has resigned the editorship of Cassell's AVoman's World, and, t is reported, will start a magazine o) h's own. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon, 1 nd., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. from JlllledsrevUle. i. E. Burwell, of Goodland, Kansas, was calling on old friends In this vicinity last week. Mrs. Catharine Davis, of Rock ford, Is visiting her old friends in town for a few days. Mrs. W. O Millard 'and daughter, Mrs. G. W, Cheeseonn, aad Mrs. Albert Healey returned home from their I. \-. i;h l,H«:ia di i ly up p <>s i to. win.rv hi'r fiu-u ";is him till tho while. Mnrj;o snl fit tlio ri;:lit "f Ilia IHH-^O'-S, vvhoro ho could closuly ob- snrvo ' llio young man from tlu> cnunti-v, and. not ks-s hnpor- tnnt, Trmnliiy's IIKIUIII.T inward Iho yoiniRiir guest, llueould nlso nolu lln- I'lffet i.'f tlio yoims man iiud liis w:iysu|mn Mi'^ Trnmlay; for diil ho ncit know Imw to Irnnslato every OTpi'ession of lior fncu' It WHS Ills own fault if ho did not, for ho had been OHO of her suitors nearly a qunrtiT of o century before, and tho Imly had never rensed to 1 be mildly grateful for fliis compliment, and to repose us much conlldenco iu him as a loyal wifomight without harm grant nn aci'jiu'.liiLanco who never hnd been oirensivo. That Mrs. Tramlay wnnted I,ncia to bo- conio Mrs Mai'^c was ouu of these confidences—not s|Hiken. lull none the less distinctly understood—nnd il had taken all of Marge's adroitness to maintain his jtosition with tho family, since Lucia's "coming out," to avoid tx'in^'brou^iit to propose^ Several .years earlier iio lia'd fully inti'iidiM to malic Lucia his own when she should reach marriageable age, and many aud acceptable had btfii tho attentions by which hu Imd endeavored to secure the first' place in tho girl's regard. Rut, somehow, ns his prospects gradually yet distinctly brightened, the profits of tbo iron trndu as gradually and distinctly waned; Murgo was not in the Iron trade himself, but Lucia's father way, nnd bachelors at 45 generally expect Romothlup, with a bride besides a father's blessing. \Ylmt the girl's father thought of him Margo hud never taken time to wonder, for if,..Ue WM.S satisfactory to Irs fastidious self how could he bo otherwise to a plodding family nmnf I! is social position was good: his name had never been part of a scandal, he had no debts, ho never borrowed money, and, although a clnb man,'no one had over *"i'U him jlrunli or li-'nrd ff hit being fond of tit-tresses. If nil this did not imilto a 'j-;Ji f cpi oauhablo, but highly desirable nso nou-in-law. what did parents expect) The arrangement of seats at the table suited Lucia also. Who knew her mother's matrimonial intentions regarding her Slio was not in love with Margo. but girls in her set did not think it good fonn to be very fond of nen whom they probably would have to narry. If, however, Margo meant business, fiho wished he would be more attentive to it. She felt that slio was missing u great deal of pleasure for lack of projier escort. Twico in the course of the lust season Margo had taken Uer and her mother to tho opera, Lucia adored opera—that Is, sho liked to look about tho house, and tee who was with who, and bow the prltim donna dressed, and to have gentlemen call at her box between ucU—but. two o)wras were merely sips .tit a cup sho longed to drain, and only once hail sho been ablo to persuade her father to mitigato the privation.' If apparent interest in [Mill at table could have any effect upon Marge's languid purpose, tho provoking follow should not lack stimulus. To have to devote herself for a whole hour to one young man. In tho long ''air and country garb which regained their awkwardrie-^^iii IKM' mind's eye when her father announced that I'uil was coming to dinner, soemod a hard task, hut when the young man mnde his appearance Lucia was so agreeably surprised thai what had seemed a task at once, became by anticipation a positive pleasure Thoovening soon opened promisingly for Mat-go, for I'liil took soup a second time—a proceeding which inflicted upon Mm. Tram- lay several moments of unmntroUud annoy- auco and causw.1 profound silence around tho table. But Lucia rapidly recovered, des peratocases required desperate remedies; BO she said"Phil, do you remember that dinner you onco mado us in the grove by the beauhJ" Indeed I do, 1 ' said Phil "I n over shall forgot it.'' And ho told tho truth, for Lucia's look of horror when he brought from tho fire a piecoof board piled high with roasted clams had been ono of the few great mental dampers of his life. You made us forks from dried twigs," said Lucia "I kept mine as a memento,- it U hanging over my mantel now, with a bow of blue ribbon around it.'' Marge frowned, perceptibly, Mrs. Tram- lay looked horrified, but Phil's face liglifc- ened so quickly that l.uciu's littlo heart gav» Ba, boimd. morning. The manager of the Dew store of F. G. Jones, of Oregon, 1 ia Albert n Knodle, and his assistant ia Albert Higlin, formerly with Brown Bros. Dr. Wynn, of Sterling, was in town on Thursday of last week. J. O. Wolfe is in Washington attending the conclave'of the Knights of Templars. "We are glad to announce the recov* ery of Mrs. J. P. Hull, who has been sick for some time. Mrs. Pearson Ruth, who has been visiting friends at Red Oak and Co burn, Iowa, returned home on Friday Mrs. J. M. Sowles and daughters Lulu, Bertha and Mary, visited a num ber of their friends the iast of the week,:returning home on Sunday eveu ing. Quite a number are on the eicklist in this vicinity. Rev. Sharnbaugh is attending con ference at Ottawa. Wt notice by the Great Bend, Kan sas, Register, that Frank Millard, for morly of Sterling, has received thi nomination for county treasurer o Barton county. George McElhany, of Elktrorn Grove while moving a building on Monday bad the misfortune to break his leg Thin is a very severe blow to Mr. Me Klhauy as he i« building a new nous uiul with bin fall work to do it oert.Uu ly put* uitu iu bad shape. Ttiti Uood Templars lutld a so*;iab! at Mrs. Uncles Fletcher's on MoucJa; Tha Fott MmsiUon, Iowa, PUladsai- T, •> i>J Id it t a>ft. Vf II tt ii i • • •' " Why didu't you ever givo a clam bake on Sunday— tho only day 1 could be there)" asked Tramlay. "I'd givo more for Btich u meal out of doors than for the best dinner that Delmonico could spread." VEdgarl" gasped ; Mrs. Tramlay. It did. not reach him, though tho look that accoin- auicdjt passed in Its full force trotnJUeilQQt, of the tablo to the head. "Why, .Sunday)" said Phil, with some hesitation. "Sunday is — Suuda}'," "Quite true," said tho' host. "It is in, tho country, at letuit; 1 wish 'twas BO hero." "Edgar," said Jlrn. Tramlay, "don't make Mr. Uayn think we are heathens. You know we never full to go to service on Sunday." ', "YeH,"saidTrainlay; "we're us good Pharisees as any other family in New York," "And after that dinner in the woods," continued Lucia, "we weutfor pond lilies, don't you remember f 1 do behove I should havo been drowned iu that awful pond if jou hadn't caught mo." Again Marge's brows gathered perceptibly. "lie merely drew hyr aside from a muddy place," whispered Mrs. Tramlay. "Well, this ia interestiug,"said Traialay,at tho other end of tho tablo, "Hayn, are thero umiiy places out j'our way where silly- girls ore likely to bo drowned if they oro allowed to roam about without a keeper!" "Quito .a number," said Phil, as aeriously as if his host exyeeted a libt of the HayiiUm ~ ponds and their relative depths. "For instance, Boddybanks pond is iilwut" "Oh, that was tho pond where we went canoeing — that pond with the funny nmnol My I I wish I was in that very canoe, on that very pond, this very minute." "Lucia!" exclaimed Mrs. Tramlay. "I know' 'twas dreadfully impolite to sny before company," said Lucia, with a pretty ailectation of. penitence, "but; everybody kiiowg I can't bo there, ami that Hwould bo too cold for comfort; to it doesn't do any harm to wL-h it. And 1 should liko that Ciiiioo trip over again; iihuuldu't you, Phil)" "I ivrtainly should," wild Phil. "That pond U very protty in <uimm>r, whun every- \Uing around it U grecii. Theru aru u great Uiiiuy Hliiuic.* of gn.-on tbtM'o, ou account of lht.Tu b«'i:i^ a j-^ivut variety uf trcva unU t»u hi H lu t \ a H u' I i t kti rt t'lt, | ii o at tli b.u.i i m . i tt < i »a,, i.»t it .' ;iui u'>l-. t''!' <•'"," h"!y." „«•- W.-lMl't ..UIM.f t!'.' --.n-lVt-hf.! \v;r, it, Phil? "!'•'-:;•< :i ere.-it f, urn!.' of }". h iiMri;" m. — r-fe,l 1'ilil. lot! :, nirl wj.hi'avy t!i-i! 1 ce.uMn't :h I tri-'il iny hrinl' ->." aii'l 1; Th.o Vuii'.;. wn-: Mr-s. Tr:un!/iy'^. be l-Mi;? of cour-c. "Uh. •'Why, maniniii, th-:- \vat'--r «';v.n't knee dwp; I men-un") it iviih th" ji-nli.!!"." Mrs. Tr.-iir'.ay snnl; Iwk in hi r rhnir, ntnl v\-hi^i'K'r^l ihiit if t'»e f:nni!y ever "'rnt to tin- country a^ sh" \vo'ilil not. ilare 1; av;-Hint child out of her si-^ht for a ':!iu;ie instant, but s'j.e hnd lmpe,| that i\ i;irl 'J I years of as;e wotilil ImvoeiiouHh ,'»'n~o not lo imperil her own life. As for that fiirni'.'r fellow, sho ha«l supposed ho ivas s:'iHibK' eti'iu^h to "You wouldn't bavo.tried that trick if 1 Imd been in tho eanoe, Miss Tramlay," said I'hil. "\V1iy notr afikod Imcia. She knew how to look delian t without cea?ing to bo pretty. "Woll, I would havo b(.-en re.-uon>-iblo for you, you Unow—your instructor in navigation, BO to B[H-ak, anil it's 0110 of thn Urst principles of that art not to tnko any risks nnloss KOinothint's to ln> Rainod by il." "Good!" exclaimed Tramlny. "Not bad," assented Mar^e. , "But I'd havo got somi'thinglf I'd succeeded in upsetting tho boat," said Lucia; "I'd havo got a din-king.?' Then everybody laughed,—everybody btit Mrs. Tramlay, who Intimated to Margo that Lucia was simply bvinp; mined by her fa- ther'8.1ndul;!'.'nce. Tho dinner ended, tho host and Marge retired to tho library to smoke. Phil was invited to accompany them, but Lucia exclaimed: "Phil haa been too well brought, up to have such Bad habits, lie U Roinp; to keep me from feeling stupid, as ladies always do while gentlemen smoke after dinner." yho took Phil's arm nnd led him to tbo drawing room, whero 1h« young man soon showed fcigna of belli;: more lutcrc.stcd in tho pictures on tho wall than in the girl by his bide. • "These arc very different from the pictures you used to BOO in our littlo parlor in Hayn- ton," said Phil. "Different from any in our town, in fact." "Are they)" said Lueia. "But you might bo loyal to homo, nnd insist that yotira wm-u unllko any In "Now York: bcewisO they were, you know." _ . — "I didn't su'piJuM). they vrefo anything unusual," eaid Phil, quitu innocently. "Oh, they were, though," insisted Lucia, •with much earnestness. "I'm sure yon couldn't find ono of them In HUV parlor in New York. Let mo see; I do bclievo I could namo them all If I wero lo c)"so my eyes a moment. Thoro was 'Gen. Taylorat tho Battleof Buona Vista,' 'Tho Destruction of Jerusalem,' the 'Declaration of Indfp.Midenco,' 'Nnpoleon'.s Tomb at Kt. Helena,'-Hoc.!; of Age.!."George Washington,' 1'ealo's 'C.mrt of . Death,' 'Abraham Lincoln and His Family' and 'Rum's Deadly Upas Tree.' Therel" "Your memory is remarkable," said Phil. "I didu't suppose any one had oven noticed our pictures at nil; for I'm sure they are old fashioned." •'Old fashioned things—why, they're all the fashion"now, don't you know," wild Lucia, with a pretty laugh. Phil did not reply, for ho WAS quite overpowered by what seemed to him Ihe elegance of the Tramlay pictures.- lie eouk 1 easily see that tho engravings were superior in quality to those to which h-j wus accustomed; ho wns most profoundly impressed by Hi" paintings —real oil paintings, signed by artists some of whoso names ho had Mi'ti in art reviews in New York papers. " lie studied them closol}', ono after another, with tho earnestness uf thy person whoso tastes ore in advance, of his op portunities; in his interest ho was almost forgetful of Lucia's presence. But tho young woman did not intend to bo forgotten, so sho;, found something to say about each picture over which Phil lingered. Among tho paintings was one which had been seen, in tho original or replicas, in almost nil tho picture auctions which wero frequently held in the New York business district for tho purpose of llecc'ing men who havo more money than ta-te. Sometimes the artist's name is (Jornian, oftcner French, and occasionally Italiim; tho'figures and background also differ from time to time as to tho nationality, and the', picture is variably liamed "The I'm-ting." "Hood-By," "Auf Wiederselien," "Good Night 1 ' or "Adieu," but tlio cauvaswi all resemble one another in displaying a young man respectfully kissing the hand of a young wonc-.n. 'IVioTramlajV. copy of this auctioneer's tilim'.lbj was called "Adieu," tho namo being lettered in black on tho margin of tho frame. "Why," exclaimed Phil, with tho air of a man in tho act of riiakin.-; a discovery, "I am sure I have seen a woo.t engraving of that painting in one of the Illustrated papers." "I don't boo why I hey should do it," said Lucia; "it's dreadfully old fashioned. People don't say 'adieu' in t hat way nowadays except on the stage." * '*! thought you said a moment ago that old fashioned things were all the fashion," Lucia shruggi.d her shoulders and said: "Kissing hands may coine lu again." Then -she raided oiHM*mtt^--+>wti--lft^-!tr-hnnd:Htlhj:Ut-ly~ and looked at it. Phil's eyes followed hers, and then the young tnim became conscious of a wbh that the old form of salutation might be revived, on special occasions at least. The thought suciveded that such a wish was not entirely proper, nnd while he reasoned about it Lucia caught his eye und compelled him to blush—an act which the young womanjK-rhaps thought pretty, for the immediately imitated it, the imitation being much more graceful ami effective than tho original. The situation was awkward, and Phil instantly lost his self possession; but not so Lucia. "Hero," she said, turning so as to faco the wall opposite that on which tho mischief making picture hung, "is papa's favorite picture. He thinks everything of it; but 1 say it's simply dreadful." It certainly was. The center of the canvas, which was enormous, was tilled with several columns and a portion of the entablature of a ruined Greek temple. "It is as largo as all the other pictures combined, you see; all Uio~llnes in it aroslralght, nnd there isn't anywhere in it a dress, or n tit of furniture, or evi-n bric-a-brac." Phil imagined hishu'-t must have seen other |ualities than those naaied by Lucia, and he .seated himself on a sofa to study the picture iu detail. Liieia also wtt down, and continued : "There is color in II, to be sure; bit's of the columns whore tho llpbt is most subdued are tts lovely as—a.-* a ri ! ul Turkish rug." Much though I'hil had endeavored to keep himself in communication .'slid sympathy with thi) stronger et'iitinu-ats of the world outside of Haynton, he hud neve: re:di/ed even the outer L-dgo of tSu.- uusSerie* und t.-i-i.tiL>it;H of ru:>. So 1.ui-iii'., compari- niKU, uiui i'hii iiuuts. 1 . lin- n' nil d"" •,'un!nv to t: friend rivoii'i ! hiun 1 , .I'M : ler their lin liljp... I U "II (, , l l: ,"wiid J'hil. him fit mv ehib sr>:ircH-.- w;i Phil yet, |. tions."' "Plenty of ti-ii" fr.r ll'.a!," the in'Ti-iinnt replied. ""We'll s~- him often; eh, I!ny;ir' '-I s-.hiill l.edelight'.-.-l "8iippo?.« you drop bo there.'" "(tool! thanks; very kind of yon. He"d see. ::oni" men nearer l;is own age; all our membei-s ure middle c.gcd and stupid." "I thijik it's'i'eal m"i-.n of- you both," said Lucia, with a pretty pout. loolied us if he thought PO too. At Hiivntnn it was thi'oussd.ii. wh..'n one went, out to dinner—or Mippi-r, "!iir!i ivus Ihu eveniiM-: meal—to s\> >nd Iho evening with I ho enlvrtnill''!'. P.nt ohji.^.'tiiin seemed out of plaee; the ni'-n-hant had KOIII! f 'f*his lint and coat, nud /.Inr;:ei nvadi! his ndieus nnd w.-is donnitip; his ov;-rco;it at the mirror in tho hall. "I'm very sorry to go," said Phil to Lucia. His eyes wandered about tho room, tis if to taken distinct picture of it'with him; they finally rested on the picture of "Tho Adieu." "You shall take my forgiveness with you," said tho girl, "if you will solemnly promise never, never to laugh at me again." "I never will." said Phil, solemnly; then Lucia laughed and offered him her hand. Perhaps it was because Phil had just removed his eyes from ".The Adieu 1 ' aud was himself about to say good-by, that he raised the little hand to his lip. Fortunately for her own peace of mind, Mrs. Tramhy did not seo the act, for sho had stepped into the library to speak .to her husband; Marge, however, was amazed at what, he saw in the mirror, and, a second or two later, at Phil's entire composure. Lucia's manner, however, piis-Kled him; for she seemed, somewhat disconcerted, and her complexion had suddenly become more brilliant than usual. [CONT1NUK!) ] 'Btirni I w;-.s B|I ',< in the I'M! "f l-'-s wi'l i :i I'ii ni i ni! :\n-l Itolnrj: f" !>:nl lh:it in thrc.-w-eli* I v;ii .-.n-en-il •>^!t l 'i anr^i. and feuii! iini-'e.-p ni::'-is </r svek •la>s. j-'omeilwtorn lln.i:-.:l-1 It ini-lil In- •'.-It rhcinii (eivcuia). ami saiil ll»-.v !i:l'l ni-vr-r :« en niiythiiu; lila: il heiore. I lei'oiv.'d no !l--ht freiu any ot them, or from any rr-'iin-ine that I emiid Ki-t hold of unill I trl'-i! ynv.r CrniT!:-\ HVMI-:- iitit-i. Alter th roe weeks'use 1 wns,i!'ie i.iv, ;.i t, uul better, until 1 inn now cniiri-lv cured. I roceinnu'lul lle-ii: to aii su"-,-ri:)ir \'.iill sRln diseases. C. if. OSMKIt, Taltsvllle. \ t. Most Intfens^ Itohing 1 have used the C'i'TicuitA I!F.M:-.I>TI-SMIITI-:--;- fully for niv t)nbv, w'Sio wasatllieteil wit!i ei-/en;:t. mid" h;ul sn"i:h Iniunsu Itchini; that he 1:01 no re--l iliiy or night The Itching Is i;i»iu. ami mv hiil>y (s uirt-d, anil is now a ln i :i!thy, rnsy.'.'licek cd I my. MA11Y KELl.HllM'AN, Ill-lull, Knii. Cntiotira Resolvent The new Hiood I'lirllU'r and purest and hr'st of Humor Cured, Intt'inully, nut* I.UTK;UIIA. tlio IT'-iit Skin Cure nnd tjtr'i ICUUA BoAl". an oxijiil- site HKhi llciiuliller, esteniMlly, Instiuitly relieve and speedilv aurt pcnntineiilly cure ihe most aROiil/.InK, ftclilnff, buitilng. bleeding, sc.;i!y, cru-iti-d and pimply discuses »tnl Inuiiurs of Iho skin,scalp,and olood, with loss of ludr, Iron pimples to scrofula. Sold everywhere. Vrlco, CvrrictniA. 60e,.; ROAI-, Kc.; KKSOLVK.VT, SI. Prepared by the rOTTKH DltUU ANUt'llKMICAL COBI'OIIATION, Uoston. lend for "How to Cure Skin Dlscimes,"(U 5» Illustrations, imd IHO testlinnul iU. SOAf. and oily iekiiciis >wl, skin prevented by [i, chappt-d CUTICUHA MUSCULAR SI RAINS iml pains, bnck ni-he. weak kidneys, rheumatism, and che.-.t.jialnsiv]ievi ii In one. inimitn by the t'ntlritrn Aiiti-l'uln I'loncer. iBcc.iit.1. • In 10 can UU working forus. Aden's preferred who can furnished ami give Ihelr wb-»lo tHno. to the business Spare moni'-nis nmy 1)0 proflmbly rinnloycU al?n.- A. fi-w vtu-nncitt-i in towns niul cities. H. V. JOHNSON & CO., 100!) Main Kt., llli tmionrt, Va. JV". B. — Please, state age and business experience. AVrcr mint! about scniling stamp /or rf- ply. B. f. f. <£ Co. lt»C-tt . . From t'olcin. _ -Mr. find Mrs, It. T. St .Volin, of .Ster- jliirr, «7<- ••;.-)'^ 1 , wu i. ji; i,nifa; Mlas Lizzie Deets baa just returned from an extended visit to fricnda in Iowa und Missouri. Mrs. Win. LJeeta has gone to Iowa to visit Iier sister, Mrs.Sumner Cobt>. Mr. 1). Overholar-r's son Elery met with a serious' accident last week, as he was going he me, driving two Iiorses to a bujj^y. The horses became frightened at a dog, plunged forward, and broke the hold-back straps. After lunuing some distance .the tongue came down, upset the buggy, threw him out, breaking his leg just above the ankle. Dr. MdBride'd reduced the fracture. Mrs. 11. Silliman, of Iowa, is visiting friends and relatives. •Mr. 0. John was in Coleta last week, looking up the interests of the old reliable Sterling GAZETTE. Mr. E. Crouch has returned to his home in Iowa. Farmers.ard hauling clover. They report the crop very good. lira. W. II. Oolcord is on the sick- list. Dr. Mclkido has a young son. Mr. Linorode IB turnlahlng Coleta with hay at fourtoite3~FerU5ur~" The young men who are suspected of taking the cigars frotn the barber shop o£ Win. Fenton, hearing they were to be arrested, skipped out hiding themselves until Sunday night, when Constable Gould arrested Al. Conaway at his home and took him to Sterling, where he was bound over to appear at court and is at present in the jail at Sterling. Sam Miller's mother seut him ten dollars and his clothe) by a friend, and with this he boarded the train at Cliadwick, bound for the west. On account of strong diiuk our constable was unlit foi business or Sam would not have escaped. When next election day cornea put the right man in the right place and we will be troubled no more by what is c illed "the boys." We are glad to see Miss Rachel Crouch at her post in her father's store. 0. Shank is visiting his father in TowE ; George Fleming aud Libbie Patch were married last Wednesday. i u ui t . H« U <*», 1 a u a 1 I ti 't ui adoration of old son ftUtrtrd him ir &ui pris^^l and off tuiiihb-,1 into tli tntkm. I !«-, % .,1 , K I' Jilsscs. A prominent physician calls the kisa "An elegant disseminator of disease." lie maintains that if tho kissing custom were driven out of the laud ''it would save one-tenth of one per cent, of human lives," which ar» uuw sacrificed. Out upon the gnarled and sap- iesa vagabond} Evidently kisses ure not for such as he and the old fox says, the grapes are sour. Let him devote himself to making our women healthy and blooming that kisses may be kisses. This can surely be done by Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription which is magical in its effect upon all diseases peculiar to females. After taking it there will be no more irregularity, no more backache, .no more nervous prostration, no more general debility. All druggists. To regulate toe stomach, liver ami bowuls, JDr. Pierce's Pellets excel. 25 vial; one a dose. u I i i lit' , tU Hi i.r c t I 1 £ U i VS SlOPHft FREE i Sttfciw. Tnafttio Pors<m« Reatored. 9Dr. KLINB'8 GREAT NERVE RESTORER —,..' an BEAM * N«»rl Di'iKnM Only tart SCurff far Ktrvt jlfftc'ieni, ptr), Ei»lrt*n t «rc. ilifrAl.unLl If tafccD M dtrectfd. ..Vo Fill qfctr Sfirtt day'i u-V. Tn.'nili« end 9'^ trlkl bottle frea la 3Fltp«tlcutt, tht.Jr parluf; rx]>ret« charge! on bot wb<B frccclTetf. btmt unmet, I 1 , o. tntl exi'rfti addrtei of iclxl to CH. KL1NK. Ml Anil St f-liK>dtl|iM>. P.. According to Tour '. ..TAJ1IE3 S JEANS S4 STTOK J, MEANS A: CO., Hostcn. full HUGH of tho above shoes 1'ur tmlo by •J.-B.-BEI.X.&SONJ. Htorltue. IHx Is a monthly magazine dovotcd to the. hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that portalns to the routine of tho nursery. It Is now In its fifth year. The Congrcgation- aliit recently said ol It; "BiBTnooD aoema almost Indlspeiuabto to tho housoUoUl la whlub tlitre ar« youns cbUdron. It la for tlio rarenu and tlio nune, nnrt IB packet! full of lmix>rtantnug- gefltloufi of a fract'ci'l olioructiT. From per- •onal tixperleaco of Ma uaulalaefia, wa oom- ' moud U warmly.". No mother but must »p_prcclat« Ita wls« bcljiful eu^^cBtloun, anu be Rratufu! for tho solving of pei'i'lexitloa oiid tlio hcljilng over hard places which every 0110 cornea to •who has tho caro of young chlldron. \V» oommouil It to every niother In tlio laud." • Also tho New York Graphic,;' " Th fiuccosi of this jirrloiilcal has bw-n encrnious. It mnkui j'oiiug luothert feel that tlio only eubject worthy or attention !• at laai being recognized." Every Intelligent father and mother should read it regularly. Their children will be healthier and happier. It vrlll reduce tho -work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letters from subscribers frequently contain, such testlnvpaiea a3 these, lately received: am grateful to BABYHOOD; J have seen but two nuinbord, bat have learned ao rmicll from thos<t (hat I foyl 1 ehviul'l bo doli'K my !! ft wroue If I Hhoulil fall of the <>p- txjrtvmlty to learn :iioro." "The hrfp it has bi-au to us would Jiiivu tfttontaUcd mo hud it b«en jiriwlJutt-d bofiircbitud." "I'hyslciaa ns 1 am, your inu.s'BElnc to tho most wctcomtt rii-riudlotil tliat cunK'B tomv table, ftud tmlie one I rtiftd Itrbt." " i c&uaut Rjieiik tuoiilKbly or DUIYUOOD, Durlny tha thi^,> vfiarR ti'ii 1 -1 - - bnvo subseribod tulc.I liavo felt r*tra1d » liuadriid tlnioi for tbn outlny by the relict nncl ooiindotico It him Kl r t-tt uie ui tbe luuu- B^omout ol uiy children." You want a sample copy— Prica 16 ccuta, Or to subscribe lor a your—• fi..50. On our part •wo,-wish, to know that you havo seen this advertisement; and In order to luduco you to mention this paper when •H'ritlug us, ^ye ha\'« Rrrsni:e.I to ttaro maniUActurcrt for us a Itiifv quaotnjr oC Huduut's ct-lebruted Sachet Powilcr, and will givu u packet, frtxj (either " Violet "White Lilac," ea preferred), Oiurfut'ty Ruft^i 1 at to *.'t«Rftf!y j^rf i a I ^> i !1' Hirf t i t i i t' a) tu t * r, i ( j, t V,l n 1 UJ il h ! Jl LJ f r f.] A, , ~ ' >" ' « t t t it » Us 1 it ! ' i -I I t I 1 I I ! 1 11 p Jlx 1, 1 U ! I t» I I lit I U I I t II If I 1 i,,l 01 f f . is 5

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