Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 24, 1912. •t SUIT SALE TOMORROW AND SATURDAY Our buyer, Mi*. U.-jmsay. is now in the eastern markets scarchinjt'for the best that ean IMJ found, and buying—as we do— in such enormous qucmliles for our five big stores he was able to secure these beautiful Suits at just about one-half wluit we would have had to pay fur them six weeks ago. These Suits wouldl In; worth in a regular way from $22 to $25. ^ . / ; No matter what you want—whether you want a plain tailored suit or a fancy trimmed one, it is here. Whether you want a cutaway model, straight front'effect or a Iwlted effect, it is here. You will find them here in all the most wanted materials and colorings. THIS IS BEYOND DOUBT THE GREATEST VALUE EVER; OFFERED. YOU IN LADIES' FINE SUITS AT THIS SEASON OF THE YEAR. Remember the One Big Suit Sale of tlie Season TOMORROW ANP SATURDAY. BE ON HAND EARLY. A Small Charge wiU be made for Altera- fion. We Pay Your Mileage 101 East Madison FORM It DAMAGE SUIT GLOB iviKxoNs ,sr> j>vrri ;s nn: mu 10 Its 10 ,>H:I:T. Toilny fhr Suits loin I it;i,INNl, iif WMvh HIP >V.<irtli) l.cinil Mriii llo|i(>>< to (ir{ iiWuMW. Tho. IViPKons Sun, in imnlioniifg riii- llttip suK for $:,.('(iit (I.-imiicos filnl • apinst it by tlm finn of Slicrfilan. Mauser ^- SliiMid.-ni mi lirlmll .if llarvi- McCoy, notes thai the lawyrrs in HUM case havo taken it on a •"continBont: fee," which liioniis ilial they arc to pot | oflp-half of all the money awaideil to • McCoy by reason of the liurt he siis-; tained throuKh the false report alioiit { him. "Tho Sun i)roi )OF .'s,' acids the paper, "thai the defendant newsjiapers in this case organize an exclusive clirt), the roeniber.'ship of which .shall be. confined to the (!efendants in the case, an dthc Sun offers Parsons as a iilace for the organization of such a cliih" WTiich is a very hainiy idea and might lead to some timely consideration of the libel law as it stands and the Rrafl •which the "continpent fee" system legalizes. Oown in Xeosho county recently a man who sought redress In the court because his name had been besmirched and his business Injured by the notoriety given him in 8 petition filed by lawyer.s in the district court, did not get far. .Another lawyer was put on the bench and the redress which the citizen sought was duly con.sidered and a.s a restilt he was comiielled to write a written aiiolosy to ccurt and lawyers or ?;o to jail for contempt of ccirt To :nake a lawyer liable for damages l)o;-atise the statements «:et forth iji a i>etitiou which he files prove unfounded, said the ruling, would endanger <'very lawyer who filed a case. Now, pray, in what way does that situation differ from the newspaper's plight? Yet the law as- sessci; dnmages against the paper for an error, though corjected. and intimates that no editor should print any Item that he cannot jirove In court. Really such H meeting as the Sun sug- KestR might prove «:pll wor^h while and »he Rccister iiromises to 8tten <i. The amended list, as it is added to day by day, of suits filed is now as follow-s: Kansas Oily Star $:{0 .(iuii: Topeka Capital $l,"(.flii'i: Hegister $.'..IHI0; Ft. Scott Repuhlicata t'.'""': f'ars.'ms .«un 5r.,000; Chanute Tribune SC.dOn; and THIS WOMAN'S TROUBLES GONF. Terrible Cramps, Dizzy Spoils Nervousness, Misery—Her Story of How She Got WeU Again. nind .<!horo. 111. —"Your remedies have relieved me of all my troubles. 1 wouhl have such bearing down mi .sery and cramps and such weak, nervous, dizzy spells that I wxiuld have to po to bed. Some days I couid hardly stay up long enough to pet a meal. . "The doctor's medicine did me no poo<l so I changed to Lydia E. Pinkham'.s Vegetable Compound and got good results from the first bottle. I kept on taking it and used the Sanative Wash with it, until I was well I think every woman who suffers a.s I have, could take no , better medicine. "—Mrs. CHARLKS MATTISON, Box 58, Hindsboro, 111. Xestimony of Trained Xurso. Cathlamet,Wa.«!h.— "I am a nurse and when I do much lifting I bav a female weakness, but I take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I cannot say enough in praise of it, I always recommend it for female troubles. " — Mrs. ELVA; BARBER EDWARDS, BO.X i>4, Cathlamet, Wash. The makers of Lydia-E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound have thousands of such letters as those above—they tell tho truth, else they could not have been ob- ttuned for love or money. This medicine is no stranger— it has stood the Ufst for vears. report, bill reeehex eHch morning xl\ I ciilitiiinx i»r pliiie. miidi' up In Knnsixn | city by.ji plate hoiine which Uritt the' ttewH frniii ilii< I'lly pnperx. The .McCoy story wiiH llfled iinil the Uepilb. i li'-iii printed li. In ii roluiiin of pinn',' mi nil Innlde page The editor dCehireH llilil he did nr)l evi'li know the nlory ; v.:is III ilie paper. Iliii he I h aHk <>d to' p.iy liii- four miuli-lnjiired benefb I.KflAI.S. SIIKIIIKF'SSAI.i: I'll I piihllHheil In the tola Daily I! >ler .September 'JUih. I'.UU The Hliiie of Kiiimiis. Allen C(Minly. HS. In the lilslrlct Court. Thlily-.^ev- .enth .Iiidlrlnl Circuit. Silling In and i .","..',"ii,"„f i for Allen Coiiiit^-. Sidle of Kansas. larles of Ihe suit $.-..0110. In the case of : "T Alien , oiim;. ...e •>'•^"•''^''• Mimller papers, using siwh }.late. nee- i A lien Coimiy ,^t. e Hank. I'hilnllff. essilv for paynirnt would spell bank-1 v^ I "HiH <' .M.-..vln K. n.plev and confiscation of properly. Mutehlnson and J. h. Powell. D.-fend- IWVr K>OWTHKY HAVK AlTKMUriTIS ants. lly virtue of an Order of Sale issued by Ihe Clerk of Ihe Tliirty-Sev- enlli .Indlcial DlKtriet Court. In and .Many lola peopl.. have chr.mic ap-, ^^^^ ^^1,^.^^ ; j,,.,,^ „f Kansas, in ,en.:irilis <which is not xery painful j,^^^.,^ ,.n,i„p,, ^„,„.,.. „„,, ,„ ;<nd lliink it is just bowel or .stomach | trouble. Some h.ave doctored for years for gas on the stomach, sour sloniach directed and delivered. 1 will on tho 2Sth day of October. A. ft. i:il2 at 10 , , „ ,, . I o'elock. A. .M.. of .said day. at Ihe south j.r consl.palion and M<"ri-s * Howard, 1 the court house in the City .stales if thy will try simple,,,^ ^^„^„ r„„„ty. .Stale of Kan- : iKirsi I'lii.ihii.d (1. I.I mt L'I, r.n-: > , Niillre of A |i|io|iiliiM-iil, \dniiiils|riilor. .mate of KanHiix, Alli'H ( (iuiii.\. In lie- iniilli-r l«r III!' •••I:ile 111 lOlfli l*rlcl;ell. |a(e nf .Mfcri (•.,ii(ll>, Kmi Hit- .vriTICK nc .M'fnivi Mi;\T Nollie I h llrr^-liy f!iv<-li. Thai on the L'.ti'il (Iriv .if tl'lolKT. .\ H ll'i:!. Ihe j lini|erNlt;n'-d Wll.-! Iiy Ihe I'rnltale Cniirt of .Mien C'litiily. 1iiiiv-:iH. duly appoltil- ed and ipiallfled a.s \dinliiist ratnr. with llie will aniieved. "I lh<- Kslale of ; Kllen J'rickeii. int.- i.f Allen Coimt>. dec-nsed. ,\ll pariii-s inl"T">sti'd in ', saiil i -slale will lak.- iioii .i- an.l ;;'>v..Tn (hemselvi-.'' airordini:!v LK().\Ai;n MOfVMKY. ,\dii)inisirator. Ewing. Card R Card. Att.rrne\s tlOt-ai-.-il-iID-T I buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc. as compounded in .\dler-i-ka. the (ier- nian apiiendit itis remedy, they will be surprised at the QUICK benefit. A PI.\C.1>K nOSK stops these troubles l.NSTA.NTI.Y. FOirriNK .S TO HAM, ST A US, IHJ,' .Salarlr.s and Other IVnjiiIsitcs ti> Them. Kxcelence is rewarded in this commercial age with generous hand, no better illustration being afforded llian in baseball. Jake' Slalil. manager of tlie champion Ketl Sox. pocketed about ?35,000 this season. $10,000 was sala- ' ry, 4,024.69 was his share of the cham I pionship series, and the rest was his I manager's percentage of the $300,000 I club earnings for the year. Jce WootI, Cris S;>oaker and other stars, earned ! about SIS.OOO. Salary $G.000; news-1 paiier stori3s $1,000; lending name to sas. offer for sale and sell to Ihe highest bidder, for cash in liaml. tin- following described real estate towit: I.ot Kloven (11) in Hlock Two (2) Xortlirup's re-survey of .lones Addition to the Cily of lola, Allen Connty, Kansas. Said lands and fenenient.<: will bo sold without appraisement to patisfy said Order of Sale. HOOVKR KKRH, Sheriff of Allen (bounty, Kansas. Hy Kl) ,1. nC .NFKK. Under Sheriff. Sheriffs Oflice. lola. Kansas. September 2.">lh, 1912. (9l-26-(10)-3-10-17-24. (First Published October 3, 1912.) OCTOBER SALE. .VOTICE is hereby given that so much of each tract of land and town lots described in the annexed list as may be necessary for the purpose. will on the POl.'RTH MO.VDAY of OC; advf-rtisiag $2,000: post-season share I TOBER, A. D. 1912, and next succeed: 14.024.fio. Hugh Jennings, manager of} ing days, be sold by tne at my office. : the Detroit Tigers is to co on the at public auction for the taxes and stag?, in a blackface stunt of baseball charges remaining unpaid thereto for at S8 "f» a week. Mucgsy .McCraw, j the year 1911: manager i.'f the .Vew A'ork Giants dre\v $20,000 salary, and has a vauile- vill'» engagement to do a monologue oti "inside baseball," :it not less than sr .,'i"'0 ii we<dc. proiiably tlie Ijjwrence Journal for $."..oeii. Total $71,oim. of which sum the much-Injured and highly-deserving and hard-working law firm Is to receive $:)i..'i00. And there are several hundred-other papers to hear from. The case of the Kort Scott Republican is interesting. It takes no wire HAPPY THO' MARRIED ? There are nnhappr married lives, but a large percenU)Ce of these unhappy bontes are due to the illness of the wife, mother or daui^ttcr. The (eelini* o£ nervooaaess, the befo4;!eil mind, the ilS-tempcr, the pale and wrinkled face, itollow mod circled eyes, result most oiten from thcic disorders peculiar to women. For die woman to be, happy and good-lookin]i she must naturally have <ood health. Dra£jiog-down feelings, hpteria, hot-flashes or constantly retumini( pains and •dies—are too j^reat a drain upon a woman's vitality and stren)(th. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription restores weak and sick women to sound health by- re^u* latinl and correcting the local disorders which arc generally responsible for '.he .above distressing symptoms. ^ ' "I eufTcird srraU;.- fT a numhor of rm" frnd for llic p».«t thrre >-car» wtui M ba/i iliat !=fc- was a mixry to mc." \vrii« Uns. B. K. DlCS- tivER, .if Utii-a, Ohio, Iki-ilc A. "Tho doctors told mc I would have to r." to a hospital before I -vould ever be better. A year njro this wrintcr and spring; I va» worse It Jin ever before. At imrh period I wjtTrred lilre one in torment, I am t.he mother of •ix children. I was to bad for five month"! that I knew Mmcthinc must be I wrote to Cr. R. V. I'icrcc, tcllin? h:m as neariy as I could bow I suffered. He outlined a course cf treatment which I followed to the letter. I took two bottles , of Favorite Pntacription' .and one of ' (Soldcn Medical Discovery' and a ' fiftyn^nt ilMttle of Smart-Weed,' and have nc\-cr suirered oiuch unoe. I wish I could tell every autTerinir woman the world over what a boon Dr. Pierce's laedieines arc There » no uk wasting time and money doctorins with anrthine dse or any otie else." The Medical Adviser by R.V. Pierce,-M. D., Buffalo, N. Y., answers Iiosts of delicate questions about wfaieh every woman, single or iii*rri«d ought to know. Sent fret on reo <3pt of 3l\ tnuapi to pay for irrappiac and mailing ooljr. W.VI.TKK JOH>.<OX HO.HK. Star PKrher U In CoftVyWIle and ,Snj> lit"!! PItrh. Walter .Johnson, the greatest pitcher in baseball today—more than Cof- feyvllle fans believe this—came home Tpesday morning on tho Katy. spent an hour or so «haklng hand^ /with friends down town and drove out to the farm with his father. "New XOrk should have won the series," said Walter,, who saw all the games, a .Vew York iiaper paying him $12.^ a game for his description of each. "It was luck that won for the Red Soy. "I'm ready for the game next Sunday,"^ he said when the subject was brought up. "and I hone Cheney is here hy that time."—CoffeyviUe Journal. —If .\rthur Capper is elected Governor he will be the first native Kansan to occupy the executive chair. He was bom 47 years ago In Gamett. Anderson county, and has lived in Kansas ajl his life. His parents were Quakers and were Kansas pioneers. No man in the state is better acquainted With Kansas and Ho one know« more of the needs of her people than Capper. He has been engaged in the newspaper business at Topeka for the past 27 years and. his lonK residence at the state capital gives him unusual opportunities for making himself tborpughly familiar with the busineea affairs of the state.—Advertisement. f lOL.l TOHXSHIP. Ltnraln Park Addition. y. p., lot 7 block 3. Urn nty. J. O. Frazcl, Iqt 13 block 19. LaGranffe. J. McFall, lot 7 block 32. OTPTstreetV 2nd Addition. A. n. & S. E. Adatns. lot 16 block 1'3. «)LA rlTT. EdwardV Addition. S. P. Behler, lot 11 block 5. Hiirbland Plar<>. J. P. Biasetl, lot 13 block 21. J. P. BIssett.'Iot 14 block 21. J. P. Bissett, lot 13 block 21. J. P. Bissett, lot 16 block 21. W. U Haines, lot 10 block 10. Joneii' Addition. Unknown, lot 6 block 1. ^rclluitclfi's A'iiltion. H. P. Adams, lot 6 b'ock 1, Given under lily hand this .'rd day of Octob.»r, 1912. C. C. AL'SHERMAN, Treasurer of Allen County, Kansas. fPirst Published October 17,1912) >°otIrc of Appointment, Administrator State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the Estate of J. W, l.owe, late of Allen County, Kansas. .NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. ^ Notice Is Hereby Given, That<m the 17th day of October, A. D. 1912. :he undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen-County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as .Adminis­ tratrix of the Estate of J. W. Lowe. !ate of Alien County, deceased. All oartiee Interested in «aid estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. CAROLINE LOWE. Administratrix. Ewing. Sard & Card. Attorneys. aOj-17:24.3t |^'>(*'. - - - ' (Fimt Piihlished October 21. i:tI2 > PiBI ,1CATI0> .\OTH-K. .State of, .Allen County, .ss. In | the District Court for said County. , .1. W. WilKiiK. Plaintiff. v.< .1 W [ Patton. R. W. C.iirwell and Ed Pottit, [ nefendant.i. Said defendant. Ed Petlit. will take notice that he ha.> been sued in the above named Court upon a promissory note executed by said defendants to lilaintiff. dated June 2ft. 19<li;. for $((i.(in with 111 per cent per annum interest from date at Gas. Kansas, and due fi months after date That in said above entitled action on fjetober I lib. I!il2. plaintiff has procured an onler of attachment to issue out of .said di.slrict court against the property of said defendant, Ed Pettit, and that under -said onler tde sheriff of .Mien County has ataclied and levied said order of attachment upon l »t ;i, Fllock 2, of ('ruse's 2nd Addition to the City of Ijillarpe, Allen County, Kansas, said property being attached and lev- led upon as the property of said defendant Ed Petlit, and said defendant Ed Pettit must answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the Tth day of December, A 1). 1912, or said i)etition will be taken as true, and judgnient for idaintiff in said action for .said sum of f4(i,0(M) to; gelher with ten per cent interest thereon per annum from Jun»»- 2«th, 19IK!. and for costs, and will be rendered accordingly. .And said attachment proceedings >vill be eonfirmed said lands will be ordered sold there­ under an diiroceeds i>f .^^ale will be | app^ietl to payment of plaintiff's said claim. fSealr JOHN BROW.V, Clerk of Said Court Ewing, Gard & Gard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. i!"i-2-«-;{i -tn»-: -taha.-..RJ Wil's b BLANKET AND COMFORT SALE Saturday, One Day Qnly Yoii are ^oing to lieed f)oth I{lankk?(s and (Comforts, and expei-t to bdth soon —why not make your purchases now, while .vou can .save 20 per cent. Cotton niankcts, .si'/o MxlS, I'ejriilar $l.oO, at. .$1^0 Clotton Filanket.s, size 6G.x78, regular .$2.00. at. .$1.60 Wool Finish Blanket, white wjtli blue aiul pink bbr- fler, re^'^ular price $2.7-}. special .$2.20 Wool Rlanket, ^I 'a.v, size 66x78 and 66x80—" regular price $3.50, special $2.80 All Wool IJlanket, size 70.\80; extra heavy quality; regular price .$5.00, special $41,00 Children's Crib Blankets in blue, pink and white- size 36x50, special price ... 75c -A.11 Comforts will be discounted 20 per cent. Garnett-Review: .Mrs. F. '••:. White, who has been visiting at Hugh Sco'fs retun»e'd home to lola totiay. * *. • Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Marple fame up from lola this morning, and went out I fo Mount Ida this afternoon to visit | their sons, J. W. and Wesley SJarple. | GIVE IT ATRIAL HO DUST SHINE STAYS GET A CAW TODAY Cat Oirt A« ceapoo. with elbm i>f cooMcativ* date*, aad I tK«m at tM» ctRcm with A» mviHm* twnn. »ma «nt h«»ta .ctapporit. mmrfttHm •fDiclieaary Mkcted (which cerera the itemm of cart of paddos^ cspnn ftva II m r««<t>rr. chcckm*. clerk bir* ud oAcr occwmit EXPENSE ttmmtK .- aad ncanW yoor choic* of them tbrea books: Tke $4.00 i (Like illustrations in the ann«Mmrcmcntff.r73ni day to day.) M ff^yg This dictionary is KOT piibi^hcd oy tlv<. original pul>- Vk WEBSTEKIAN Ushers of Webster's dictr M A.f A It is the OXLY cntircl V- •* X«f Rreatest authorities fro a DtCnONAllYfull Limp Leather. fle-Ahlc] niostnted sides, printed on Bible papi roandcd; beautiful, strong, durable. Bcsid are maps and over 600 subjects l)c.-jtnitul!y color plates, numerous subjects by mnp' ^ . . jTf.— 16 InT ^iiMf educational charts and the latest United St«es Census. .Present •IXS^ at this office SIX CoosecctiTe Dictloaa^.Coopons and t&a •FfH* by their successors. , ^. lation by tfte world's < ftnivcrsitjes; is bound in | d in gold on b^Iq.and , i red. edges and cprnierS < 1 le general contienti. there • ' --ated bythtee--^-' '•— t The SSkOO - It ts^exactfy the same WEBSTEHIAN e?pt_ m «t>le o{ «019 bmdmc — irhicti is m ti^^..^^ biH lather, Ulutnled ^ edges jn>d |Boaa*of "ni^iZmOO Is ta pbm eVMh bind- .. WEBSTEKMM »»d ViMck; hu^tmna^ •01 o paper, tame ' tuoxtrs. with pqaare comers. SIX' (C >4 _ a»"t charts are cnnitted. OTC • jy^^_T| CuMicatw. CoapaM pad thm 9].Cl Coasacotm Coopopa pad U- .^OC^ Viar Boofc fcr MaO.' 22c Extra for Postapa * After a long season of usefuliies.'? the Y. M. C. A. bowling alleys are getting ready to be u.-=ed. ' The alleys are being cleaned and th" room in which they are locat«l. is being overhauled. Secretary W^alker states that nextl" week a man from Kansas City will be ' W:. here and give the balls s good clean7 ins up J,. ^ J. i^f^

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