Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 15, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1903
Page 3
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It is the best Oil Stock to buy. There is nothing'.on.them^ket to equ^ it. Let us tell you why? It is only capitalized at $^00,000 while nearly eveiy company in the fi^dis <»pitalized'.at $1,000,000 therefore one share of the jf^inleyORTEFDE^tQCKi worthrfiveleliares of the Million Dollar Company's Stock or'two and lone half shared of the half ibiilion Company's stock. Stock seliing in a million dollar company kt 10 cents per share would be equal to M^Einley Crude at 50 ceiits peishare ' EverftMOQ' will pay a One Cent Dividend on the McKinley Crude. We have two splendid Oil Wells now, No. 3 drilling. i ! . ' ' *; .^yiiidard Oil Company pipe line goes right by our wells. We believe these^two wells will pump 50 barrels per day or $1500 per month or $18,000 per year^ or 9 pte ce ^fiTon- par value of the stock, or 36 per cent on the price of out stock today. *if we can do this from two wells now in, what can we pay our shareholders when we get'ten'wells. • . ^ ' / - - ^- ^ . ; ^ ^ 1 *01 kfew days only you can buy Treasury stock at 25 cents per seare, par value $100. This is only equal to 5 cents per share in Million Dollar Compkn^. Buy stock where there is oil where is now an established market waiting you. In order to buy a Pumping Plant 20,000 shares will be sold, then prices go up. He nest carefid and conservative management. , We invite your inspection of our property. Subscriptions received by F. S. PENNETT, Prcst, - GEO. McKINLEY, Ttes't JOE Mc^INLEY, SecV lola, Kansas. Humboldt^ Kansas. tola, Kaiisas. OR THE Af-LEN COUNTY INVESTMENT CO., lola, Kansas. Promoters of this Company Qroand Floor Bartels Bufldjing. BUSH & LEFFLER, Waitchrhakers and Opticians. Watches, Iciockn, Jewelry, Musical and Kodak Supplies. Spectacles 25c to fl.OOl Watch repairing a specialty. "West side. Ida, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGI^GNS. A. V. LODGE, , I Physician and 8u^geon. Chronic diseases successfully treat •d. OflScie over "Our Way" restaurant Phone 461. Res. 901 Bast St. Office Phone 147 D. W. 9eid. Jas.T. Reid. • REID & REID, * Physicians and Surgeons. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Special attention given to surgery and all ohronic diseases. Office, room 14, Northrup Building. ,Phone 357. DR. B. E. JONES, Head Phy8lc |ap M., W.^ .; > Female Diseases and Obstretrics a Specialty. Office over Barclay-Shields Glo. Co., Phone390. Residence 502 S. "Washington, phone 389. IVIADE THE IVIINERS A GIFT. Joplln Got One Unearned Run 'In First Three Games ar|d the Last Game i Was Handed to Them. . In the iloublc-hcndor yesterday nftor- noon lohi won llie flrsl game from Jop­ lln by the-score of 4 to 0 and lost the second l)y Iho] score of 9 to 5. Tho two games were extremes of their kind. Root pitched both games for lola. In the first game he lot the visitors down with five hits, but was steady and effective all the time and the team played well behind him. Lowell pitched for Joplln and established a reputation here of being about the headiest left-handed twirler in the league, unless Kane is his superior, lola got but four safe hits. But lola played the game. We got our first run on clever base running, a runner scoring from third after two men were out while Joplin's second baseman was trying to catch and tag Armstrong who ran down from first. Our second run was scored after a long hit to tho outfield. In the eighth with two mjcn on bases Milsap hit a hard single and both runners scored. Joplin came near scoring in the ninth. A runner scored from third when one man was out judging that a scratch hit over short was safe. Scroggin came in second floor Northrup Building. C C. GLYiNN, IV!. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office In New Yoric Store Building. •») DR. A. N. MINEAR, OSTEOPATH. [ Chronic and Nervous diseases a fpeclalty. Office over "Our Way" res- taurimt.; jOffice phone 147. Residence phoiie 464;F. M. ANDERSON, Practical Architect. ^ .. Plans, Specifications and Estimates fast and made a fine catch, throwing on aU classes of buildings. Special at-; to third and cinching the shutout, tention given to modem improvements ' First game: and fluperlntendlng. Office, room : 17,' lola .0 001 1002 *—1 4 2 Joplin...! 0 00 00 0000—0 5 4 Batteries—Root and Armstrong; Lowell and Stt»ner. Thie Second Game. Root had done so we!i in tifcflrst game, it was such easy money, and he was so anxious to repeat the dose, that he went in on the second game. But it was not to be. Joplin got two be?n hard chance which he piclied off the top cf the grass. Later he dropped one that he ran baclc for. This started the trouble and the boj's all seemed determined to cover up Scroggin's confusion. Seven errors were m^de and the neat playing of the first game was sadly lacking. Here is the score: Second game: i lola.... 1 0100030 0-^5 6 7 Joplin. 2 2 000 4001—9 8 4 Batteries—Root and Armstrong; Allen and Stoner. Captain Tax Allen pitched the second game for Joplin. The game started with Wilson getting a two-baggf|f and scoring on Riseiey's single. But lola only got two other hits. Allen was foxy and effective, having Milsap on the string ail the time, and others nearly as much so. It was a vertiable balloon ascension and was a sad sight. I>R. McMILLEN, Office Phonp 32. Specjlal attention given to the treat- ; runs when she should have ment of all CHRONIC^ISEASES and ] blanked. Scroggin dropped a Diseases of. Children. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg. West Madison. Residence 219 fee. Walnut Beaidence Phone 232. See Our sand Sflireys Before Buying /YO/rr/Y S/DE HAffDWJ}R£ -*<r ^^<2) A GUARANTEED —-» PlLEXATRRRHandECZEMACUSg F -<2^v5> PI%ICE25snd SOcti «rfKr*»' " MAriBY tiOWELL .MFG. CO.,JOPLIN , MOs for the fans granted to see the game in the percentago column. Bnt It should bo homo in mind that tho locals took three games from Sprin^i- flcld and lost the fourth out of five on hard luck and thoy nearly sliut out Joplin, fouriji team !ln the league, three limes. Wo cannot win them all and every, tet^ni has its i)ad day. Its tlie best base ball team In tho league yet and there are a lot of games between us and the pennant still to bo played. Tomorrow Sedaiia comes hero. Se- dalifi is reorganized and is coming fast. She' drubbed Fort Scott two games at Fort Scott and will make a fight over here. Springfield goes to Webb City; Nevada to Fort Scott; Joplin to Leavenworth. Then loia leaves for Nevada, Sedaiia and Fort Scott before playing at home again. Sedaiia 6, Fort Scott 2. Fort Scott, July 14.—^Dumb work, both in the ^eld and base running, lost the game to Sedaiia In the sixth inning today. The feature was the work of both pitchers, Lawson receiving the best support, accepting seven chances himself. The score: Fort Scott ...0 0 00 00110—2 6 2 Sedaiia ......010 0 05 000—6 7 Z Batteries—Craig and Cheek; Lawson and Schrant. Pittsburg 7, Webb City 5. Joplin, July 14.—PittsH'.rg took the last game of the series with Webb City today by a score of 7 to 5. The scorjj^: Pittslnirg ... 20020100 2—7 8 " 4 Webb City 00 1 100.003—5 5 C Batteries—Webb City, Taylor and King; Pittsburg, Weaver and McDonald. Umpire—Busch. ' Agency For the OUYERTYPtelTERS At ii Springfield lole ... 43 41 20 23 6S3 041 Fort Scott 41 24 631 Joplin ... CC 28 563 Sedaiia Pittsburg 25 ;4i «Jv/ f 379 Webb City 20 42 323 Leavenworth ... . 15 50 231 Other Makes Cleaned « and Repaired a short time ago announcing that he would sink back into obschrity of private citizenship rather than pitch his wing off for the fosBil bunch gotten together by the late Claude East. As soon as ^eiihan'* ultimatum became current, several clubs opened up negp- tiations with tho Pittsburg management for the player's services. Among the teams anxious to land Relihan was Joplin but Fort Scott has stolen a march on all the other bidders and it was authoratively stated last night that the Giants has fiecured Relihan's name to a contract. Another Gasser for Humboldt. Another good vrell was added to the Humboldt field yesterday when the Humboldt National brongbt in a. well on the Capt. DeWitt land two miles west of Humboldt. This land is a mil east of the Goloby well, which is a first-class gusher and it proves concln sively that there is a good gas field west of Humboldt. As thej development proceeds a territory is'likely to be opened there that will insure tbe location of some desirable manitfac- tukng concerns in Humboldt. By a Score of 19 to 9. The north end of town was the scene of an exciting game of ball yesterday afternoon between two ball teams, composed of young lads under the leadersip of Murrel Kessler and Young IvicCIain. The final score w^as 19 to 9 in favor of Kessler's nine. The batteries were Fulienv.idei» and Kessler. Jones and Army. Both teams are reported to have played g90d ball at tho critical points of the game but Fullcnwider's curves were too much for McClain's aggregation. Another game is to lie played in the near fd- ture. Fort Scott Signs Relihan. Chanute Sun: Pitcher Relihan, formerly of the Pittsburg team, has been scooped up by Fort Scott. Relihan in sheer disgust quit the Pittsburg team Entertained Her Friends. Verl Morrison, daughter of Mr: and Mrs. W. H. Mgrrison, entertained her little friends l^>nday afternoon at her parents' home, 604 North Sycamore street, in honor of her seventh birth- daj-. The evening was spent with games; such as little folks enjoy, after whichj refreshments were served. Several presaots were presented to her as tokens of remembrance from her little' friends. j Those present were: Hazel and Bessie Morris, Ruby Keliey, Nola and Earl Ballard. Lettie Dugan,i Sylvia and Cio Smith. Nettie Morrisofl, Agnes Wagner, Lois Woods, Margaret Merchant, Myma Morrison and Marion Morrison. At:the I. K. & T. Depot 1 ilok, Kans., Jfme S903. To the people of lola andfAIIen County: The tfndersi^ed fLismhzt ^.Company has opened op a yard 0^ north Jefferson aventre, ad- toialng the M. jK. ^ T* depot, w^ere yoi/will find a complete ^stock on hand"at all times, "vf e ask for a share of yoor trade and hope to merit the same by fair prices and good material*: Come and see us and jgetfttices^before yotf h«y. Yotf^ Respectfully, S. C. VARNER ImW Tlie Booklovers' Tabard Inn Library list is now 85. The club Is limited to 100. All desiring to join may drop a card to Rev. J. W. Love. lola. or leave address at Spencer's store before Saturday. Annual fee $1.50. Each exchange 5 cents. All late; books. M OTFEEBHtOOD is the rewanl ijatnre - bestows upon haolthv womanhood. Women whose vitality has been sapped b )r; disease cannot safely give bir^ to cnil- drJ5n. In- pregnancy anci in childbirth weak- Qc ^s of the mother is revealed in:the pain and agony she suffers. This great medicine drives out every ves- ti^.of inflammation and weakness, and gifea tone and strength to the delicate or:. -. ^; ,; gtUXH which matuTC tlw cniid. The pains of pircgiu*ncy ar^ banished by Wine of Cardui, and: miscarriages, whfeh blast so many fond mother |8 hopes, I are prevented.; Flooding, which so often occhrs jafter childbirth, is corrected'-when Wine of Cardai is used during pregnancy. Wine of Cardui Ibabiea.^e healthy babies, because, aufing the months of pregnancy, the mother is able to give them necessary vflality and strength. < , ' j Wim these- facts pres^ted to American w;omen no «cpectant mother should be satiafifjd without th\ re-inforcement that-Wine of Cardui •will gijve her. Every mother aliouldibe able to treat herself in her tome with t^ia valuable medicine, r i ' Wine of Cardui can be secured from any druggist at $1.00 a b )ttle. i Polycarp, N. C, Jan. 11,1903. I am tho mother 6£ seven children and while] in pregnancy with the first six suffered untold mikery until theywere boruj One month before the Bcventh was bom I began to take a bottle of Wine of Cardui ,wbich jsaye me relief after talcing three doses. 1 used the remainder of the bottle nntii the birth of the child,and was ptont^: in three days after the birth thanj -was in a.moath after the birth o£ eitl^r of the first six. I am ^ years toldl ' MRS. V. ELIZABETH STAFFORD. T THE RE6ISTEIII8G PER tEEK 4INIITI0N TO MELROSE PLACE. A beaifiiftf! sHe lot a borne on tlie Electric R. R., within a few minute^ i^ide of LaJElatpe, Gas City, o^' {ok.; to the Smelters, and new Gemeirt^pliw^ it has the a^vaflfrg^ healfl^fiif Ibcatioii/sti«et car facij(itie& aJp natiiral ga^. No place better for a hpni^ In AJQfen cpuiity. iJbt^ ^0. | f V PRICE, $75 to $100. Small Monthly Payments. Title quarante^d. Office ai Terminus Electric Line ......

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