Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 9, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1889
Page 3
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on When you are around town looking for Please call In at the E.^ST 3rd STREET HARDWARE STORE And look at my BUTCHER KNIVEB ' They cut keen and hold their ed|;e well. Prices Always Right. Yours Respectfully, Right side up, LEWIS D. WYNN, Evening Gazette. TH» BVMirnra OAjarrra o&n De bad »t all the newi stands. Price TWO owns. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. —O. Al. Over has gone west on a vacation. —J. 0. Fitzgerald is here; from Ta ma, Iowa. —James Anderson left yesterday for Nebraska. —Mrs. Elizabeth Carolus left yesterday for Om^ha. —Miss Clara Wilson, of Elgin, is here on a visit, i —Awnings are being taken down by some merchants. ' —Penny HiiVuLii.U.^ t--"" ••" I^"«"'-" to visit relatives. —I mac Dillon, of Washington State, is here on a visit. —W. H. Whlpple has gone to Nebraska on business. —Mr. George H. Ellis has returned here from Alabama. —Boss Hull has sold his bakery to Dave and Ed. Crelder. —Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Russell have gone to Nebraska on a visit. —Mrs. Dr. Dyer left this morning for her home, Grand Rapids, Mich. ' —M. 13. Fitzgerald has bought the E. M. Wright place on flth street. —Ed. Dillon and wife, of Elm wood, III., are visiting friends here. —Levl It. Rutt, also a relative, Mrs. Butt, left yesterday for Butler county, Neb. ' —A number of new dwellings are to be. erected In the First ward next spring. —The room recently vacated by the Singer Co. is being fitted up lor Marks, thedyer. -G. E. Bishop, editor of the Musical Guest, of Dixon, was here on business thl» week. -The wedding of Dr. G. B. Dillon and Mies Lizzie Carpenter will occur thli evening. —Mrs Wm. Carolus .ad Mrs. Reese, of Empire, left yesterday for Craig, Mo., on a visit. . —Professor Kolley says that the Deestrlck Bfcuie exhibition at Polo was a grand success. —J. Fluelllng, of Sanborn, Texas, has been visiting his brother, B.Pluelling, for several days. —Mrs. Jewett, sister of Mra. C. C. Buelland Capt. Niles, has returned to —The Illinois Miwns madfl a fine showing in the parade at Washington yesterday. —Mrs. (JenniR W. Elliott Ins i ist returned from Chicago, where she was buying good?. —Mrs. Adair Pleasants, of Hock Island, who has been visiting her mother Mrs. 1). M. Crawford, has returned home. —Dixon Telegraph: Mrs. J. H. and Mrs; Jennie Howland.of Sterling, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Todd, of north Dixon. •—Tfl9 rieceasaiy materials having arrived for-the street railway tracks, the laying of rails will begin tomorrow in Rock Falls, —The Northern Illinois Teachers' association meets at Englewood (Chicago) III., Friday and Saturday, October llth and 12th. —Wm. M. Lightcap is again very sick. For awhile he hai been recovering, and bis friends thought he would soon be out again. —The §50,000 Y. M. C. A. building at Freeport will be dedicated this week Rev. Mr, Moody is expected to .make the principal address. —J. M. Martin is about to remove his stock of dry goods from the Brooklleld building In ROCK Falls to the Farwell hall building, In this city. —Late potatoes are BOW in market and the forehanded Citizen isordering in his winter supply. They are excellent in quality antf low in price. —A 814,000 'ireal estate deal was made through the agency ef Sterling brokers yesterday, In western lands, an Amboy party being the purchaser. —Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Millnr left last evening on the limited for Omaha and other poin's in Nebraska; they expect to be absent about thirty days. —Mrs. Norby, wife of Wm. Norby, who was klll«d in Chicago a year ago returned home this morning, after vir- itlng here. They at one time lived here. Yesterday was the 27th annivflr- sary of iheTbattlo of Terryville, -Ken- of the 75th Illinois regiment particapa ted- —The practice of leaving teams without hitching them is a violation of the city ordinance. The police are keeping a sharp lookout for persons careless in this regard. —The report is that the Northwestern will build a large hotel and depot combined at Dixon next year. In that case the Waverlv Hotel will be torn down or removed away. —The authorities of Dixon refused to grant a license to a party of thug?, who wished to give a public exhibition of the "manly art" in the Opera House., 'Tis well. ' ,—Will county has just completed a $10,000 monument erected in honor of soldiers and sallora of the county which will be dedicated October 10. The occasion will be quite a large time. —Just before the close of the M. E. c inference Ex-Presiding Elder Lewis Curts waa called to the bar and present ed with a sum of money with which to purchases gold watch for his good wife. —The Clinton police yesterday captured a tramp who had nis pockets loaded with jewels, gold watches and other valuables, which were no doubt stolen. He was placed in jail to await particulars. —The people of our neighboring city of Dixon, are clamoring loudly for a new depot on the Northwestern road. The officials of the road have been petitioned, and a new depot is expected next summer. —Martin Karl desires to thank the generous people who have done him so many kindnesses since the unfortunate breaking of his leg. Especially he wishes to thank those who got up the ' — It would be a bifr improvement H t.lif> Northwestern snrl Q. roads wou'd buy tliH property'betwe-m thmr depots in thin city, find then have nil the unsightly buildings torn down. —The street house in to be built on the grounds formerly owned by the Odd Fellows, just north of the cemetery grounds, and which were recently Col. Watson. The site waa staked oil this morning, and Mr. Vanllorn will begin work on the building immediately. Excavating was commenced this afternoon. -Rev. G. R. Vanhorne, D. D., recently appointed presiding elder of Dixon district of the M. E. conference, has oeen for five yeirsatthe head of the Rockford district. He had formed many pleasant associations at Rockford and desired to remain there the remainder of his term, one year longer, but Bishop Newman decreed otherwise. The Doctor is an able man, and- will no doubt soon feel at home in Dixon district. It is not yet known where he will make his home- He should come here, as Sterling is about the most central point in the district. —We were in error in announcing yesterday that Dr. J. B. Robinson had entered another line of Christian work besides the ministry. A bungle in the dispatches caused the mistake. Dr. llobi son was regularly appointed to the work at Lamont, in the Joliet District. Lamont is K pleasant city of 5,000 inhabitants, and is on two rail roads, only twenty-live miles south of Chicago, in Cook county. During his two years here Dr. Robinson has done much good at 4th street chirch, leading the people into the higher planes of Christian life and work. He expects to remove to Lnmont within two weeks. —Jacob Schwartz and his wife have been having trouble again. His treatment of his wife has come to the notice of the neighbors where he has been living in the First Ward, and they declare they will not allow him to live in that neighborhood any longer with .hor.-Tany any he has neglected to properly support.her.r....-l ;•:::.i!.ll!-~i,.^;-I that she gets along much better when heislaway. He was absent for two weeks recently and a day or two ago returned, and wanted to live there a?aia and it is said wanted to eat some of the provisions provided by neitjli bors far the wife and children. The neighbors this morning drove him away.- They threatened him with the White Caps, it is said, if he returns. \ow I* the Time To buy nu-n's gloves, hosiery and un ilerwear; my good-i nro reliable; my prices rciinonablo nnd the variety of my stock is nnequaled, replete TvUh everything the most fastidious could OIAS. A. CI.AHK. Special sale of 100 trimmed hats, for one week from to-day, at Mrs. (Jennie W. Elliott's. i!U Health, comfort and abound in homes where Stoves are used. happiness "Uariand." 2 to' New stylos in lace and chenll'e curtains, cheap, at J. K Chester's. Child'« velvet and plush capa, very cheap at SI 00 and very pretty at Mrs. G. W. Elliott's. 2t4 Fresh cream puffa every Wednes day and Friday at C. Eisele'a bakery. 1 to Nothing makes home so bright and comfortable as a "Garland" Stove. 2 1C t\\" npw AnrUnnrrr. The Dutch nnd English auctioneer .itill a'ive and ready to attend to city and country stiles on short notice. Can eave orders at A. H. Hendrick's Drug •^t.ore or at my residence en l.'ith avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 73 .171 f D. H. MEYEKS, Anct. October's croods Are like tliewooos, So wa,rm nd In autumn light. in Crawford Ilros. Are on the top shelf in the stove line, Call on them and see their large assortment You can surely find something to suit you. 07 to If you want handsome styles cloaks call at J. K. Chester's. Children's school hats cheap at Mrs. Geunie W. Elliott's. , 214 . Marriage is not a failure in homes where "Garland" Stoves are uaed. 210 E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Kye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinttil Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rajs of light, makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "I. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w The old reliable Stewart surface burners on exhibition and for sale by Davis & Wilkinson The Stewart heaters, for hard coal, have stood the teat of many years and today leads them all. OOtO Hanson 1 The "Bismarck" and "Sure Luck ranges are the best the market affords. Get one and see if this is not a fact. ' CRAWFOIID BROS. MUledgevllle Flour. Equal to the beat at $1.25 and $1.30 >er sack. New corn and all kinds of eed at Lewis Reitzel's Feed Store 200 to Splendid stove polish, Burnishing for nickle, No. 1 mica, at 02-tf L. L. JOHNSON'S. Homemade bed comfortables at J K.Chester's. The Aladdin Hard coal heater is having a large sale and it is not to be wondered at for as a heater it is hard to beat. Y on can see it by calling on Crawford Bros •..;_'„ ._..•__....1)7 10_ but never equaled. OOK. 2 to Bargains! bargains! bargains! in underwear, at J. K. Chester's. The Aladdin Cook stove is used for wood or coal and is acknowledged to be one of the best baker's the market affords.- 97-to CRAWFORD BEOS. Happy Indeed are the homes which contain' Garland" Stoves. 2 to Miss Helen Hooker, niece of Gen. Joe Hooker, will assist in an entertainment given by trie young people of the Jongregational church next Friday evening, October llth. G.A.R. members especially invited. Admission 25 cents. _______ 9 °~ tf You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'s, Rock Falls. tf (latest style). her home in Ohio. —J. T. Clemens, of Fairbury, III, and G. A. Boad, of Chicago.Jare guests Q£ W. C. Clemens. —Miss Jeanette Murdoch, guest of Misa Mabel McPherran, has gone to Denver on a visit. —The street railroad will bring a large amount of Rock Falls trade to Sterling merchants. —Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Todd, of New York, are visiting Mr. J. H. Howland and other friends here. —Mr. Frank Burnham and Mrs. Henderson, of Plattevlile, Wis., are guests at Mr. N. Carpenter's. —Itwaa Conoway's mother instead of brother fromColeta who balled him out of jail yesterday morning. —The advertising carnival by the Christian church, society will be given about the middle of this month. —F. W. Walzer has gone to Mendota and Chicago to magistrate real estate deals. He will return Monday. —It la claimed that the Northwestern will soon build another bridge over the Mississippi river at Clinton.!! —Many of the teacheis of this city will go to the Northern Teachers' Association near Chicago on Friday. -Excavation for the pipe sewers has begun on 3rd atreet with a large force. The brick sewer Is about completed, —Mrs. C. J. Gronis and sisters Mrs. William MoCue and Mrs, John Ford returned from thsir visit iu Kansas. —A very large number of people from this vicinity left yesterday on the Q and Northwestern excursion trains for western points. There was so much travel on the Northwestern that the Omaha train at 4:04 had to run In two sections with an engine each. —'Tisnowthe season of man's discontent, when in sooth the frost bitten atmosphere behooves him to c»pe with the unruly base burner and wrestle with refractory stove pipe and perverse and obstinate elbows. Verily the only man who maintaineth a decorous equilibrium in setting up the parlor stove and the only being who can with silence flt a seven-Inch pipe into a six- inch elbow is the deaf mut<. —The Grant Co.-Herald, of Elbow Lake, Minnesota, has the following item regarding a gentleman well known here: This season General Barrett will harvest the most magnificent crop since opening his Ranch. This statement is made from the standpoints of quality, total quantity and average yield per acre. Judging from the yield of the fields already threshed, the Gen. eral's total wheat crop will be about 25,000 bushels. Several hundred acres averaged over 30 bushels per acre. His crop of oats and barley was alse very large. Altogether the harvest will be sucb a bountiful one for him that he can enter upon the observance of Thanksgiving with more of the true spirit'of the occasion than baa been possible for years. -t-Miss Lena Tumblesoa is convalescent, i -+-Mr. Leslie Sheldon, of Sterling, is c'erking for J. M. Martin., -t-Mr. Wm, Richardson left this afternoon for Comanche, Iowa. -t-Mr. S. T. Davison left this morning for Iowa, where he will look after his land. Mrs. C. N. Harris and Mrs. Vanberg, of Gait, are visiting Mra. T. A. SVorman. -t-Mr. and Mrs.Giger from Humboldt, Iowa, are here visiting her sister, Mrs- Joseph Wagley. -t-Mr, William Morrison left yesterday afternoon for Algona. Iowa, where he expects to stay. •4-Mrs. W. L. Lfindis, of Jackson, Mich., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Fowler. . Jamea Wickens and Mr. Smith, of Tamplco, have gone to Lincoln, Neb,, on an excursion trip. -t-The Rock Falls High School raised their llae yesterday in memory of the battle of Perryville. -»-Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey, of Waterman, 111., are visitlug their daughter, Mrs. J. J. A. Zeller. -t-The C. B. & Q. R'y Co. have built a Qve foot sidewalk .in front of their property on Elm street which is a great to the town. ._ Kelley Charles Wlndom says that he has the cheapest baby wagons on earth. 2 tO Davis & Wilkinson, West End Stove and Hardware merchants, can do you good for anything in their line. Every body invited. 09-tO Baby wagons at Winddm'a. less than cost. at 2-t6 YoucanTnd the "Garland" Stovea at Reynolds' Hardware Store, on First Avenue, south of Davis & Weber's, Sterling,!»._ 210 Dill * Co, Rock Falls, have all the leading styles in millinery. tf Go and see those new styles in chamber suits atWindom's. 2 to Call at E. W. Hlossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Wlndom can sell you new goods cheaper than you can upholster old. 2-16 Notlrr. The Pennsylvania bakery has been sold to Mr. Ed. Creider, who will carry on the business and bake the same goods as Hull & Son did, keeping the aamo bivkerT Mr." Wm MeAlftuney, ,„. -- . j. ; ....< _^ _...».*>.-.(,..-1. »-- i. uuuiviiijfc- UJJ- y.-i.i't-.—.— — - ' i their kindness, I remain yours respectfully. Ross B. HULL. You are invited to attend the entertainment at the Congregational church Friday evening, October llth. 'See press notices and lithographs. Reserved seats 25 cents. M>-tf The mammoth Restaurant is now open for business and when~ you want a good square meal, or a good lunch, at any time of day or night, call at No. 105 East Third street and yon will be sure to get a good meal or lunch. 99-to GEORGE PFISTERER. The Good Luck oak heater, for soft coal and wood; cheap in price and a splendid heater. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson 00-16 The Red Cross range; the most artistic and best working stove in the city. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 09-tO Please Don't forget That I am prepared, as usual, to do all kinds of painting and paper banging, notwithstanding my contract to paint the electric light polea.. T. G. WRIGHT. » PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cloaks and Sacques. Each additional line will sertion. or 15 cents a week. -i-Mrs. Tine and Mr. Jas, Kelley are adding great Improvements to their property by having the lots Ulled with dirt which they get from the Eureka Co. -t- Messrs. Keeney & Harrison have shipped a fine bedroom set, made of oak, to Dr. Patterson, of Omaha, Neb. Mr. Patterson was a resident of Sterling several years ago. -t-Mr. M. G. Mouck, the janitor of the Rock Kails high school, says that the E*W process of warming and ventilating, is a grand success, and don't see how it could be improved, . After the young people's meeting intheM.E. church last evening, the young folks entered the parsonage and extended their congratulations to Rev M. M. Bales on being returned to them for another year. Leave all proper items for the EVE The Gem and Diamond cook stoves are reliable and first-class in every respect. Get one and be happy. For sale only by Davis & Wilkinson. 99-tO A good assortment of beads in liver and genuine wax. Call and see ihem. E. E. Sheetz. Dill & Co. have one of the finest rimmers in their milliuery department n the west. Call and see her work. ~ — tf- WAHiTKP. Only 10 cents for 3 Un cs \undcr this Heading. \U>1! W ANTKD-Two ladles or cent emen bo.ird- era wanted, by private Family, n « ar ""ft 1 ; ness portion. Knqulre at Gazette olllcg. SOO-U" 002 W. for housework. street. ply at W ANTED -A tuorougbly compel nt ^IrjI for ceneruL housework. Good WHKOS Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th 8 tre«taud I>» v ""' e - Q-oods now rustle Clerks do hustle. Selling fast—the genuine Foster kidl gloves at $1.00 and «l 50, usual prices 51.25 and 31.75; every pair warranted,] E. E. Sueetz. Jllen'a Collars and Cuff*. The very best made. AH the new Styles in gents' scarfs, just received at j W. C. Kier's. . ' Something 91 ice. If you want to make money read my 'ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CHAMBELIN. 88-tf FOU »AI,K- Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. TTIOR SALK-Bargiiln in good uouso on W Oh ! JD street and O ave.; B rooms and kltenen, city water ana other linproven.eats.jao down and 510 monthly on balance. K. W. Walzer. 1-12 I F OUBALK-A bargain In three fine real dunces in 4ih ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. HKR1T. Notice E. E. Sheetz' of page. ad. on bottom Only 10 cents for j lines I under this Heading. NING GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins, new dealer and confectioner, in the post office building. tf Marks, the IHyer, Has rented the building formerly occupied by the Singer Sewing Machine Co., next to Elsele's tailoring establishment, and will remove there by Oct. 16th. » t4 Finest display of pattern hats in the city, also elegant display of ribbons, including loup edged ribbons iu black and white, for the neck, at Mra. G. W- Elliott's. 2t4 Ladies Call and see the beautiful trimmed hats and bonnets. Also the very latest in misses and children's hats at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 08 to I moil I JJ Our Boy'a and Children's Clothing Is just as good in quality, Qt and finish as the men's only it doesn't come so high. High enough, however, to secure the finest that any one cares for, and as low as clothing ought to be to render the right service. 200-3 J. R. BELL & SON. -House Tor rent In West Hock Falls. A. Morse. »tfi» F OH KENT—4 houses to rent aud ft number ot houses for sale by Adam Smith. US-US' T lj~LE ASE—Power and room lor inanuftictur In* purposes, In the bullalug formerly occupied by Church & rmtcreoii. Address B. C. ! Church, Dulutu. Minn. **•« Carpets. Rugs. Only JO cents far 3 lines under this Heading. The beat assortment of "Jamestown dress goods" In plain and fancies in the city. Prices the lowest, E E. Sneetz. Home mado hoarhouud candies at C. Elsele's, 1 tt> Northwest*™ deput mid j. *„,»,..-.;...<.. v. lube teeth. Owu?r can tiavo same by proving property and paying for i his ad. F OUND—Between ..- 4tu street. *»t of lube teeth. Money to loan-»l,SO» at a per o.'iil..«'il'»rm aivui'lty. I. 1. Mn»u. I." 1 *'* i^ iLi-tl for Ladies and Children, in Natural Wool, Scarlet, Merino, and Jersey- (Bibbed) v m-WQQl^and Cotton. Call and.Examine Before Buying. A Full Line of Dry Goods an<motions Ea*r Tliinl *<?

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