Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 4, 1952 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, I9M ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sidewalk Order Time Is Extended Eflst Alton Board Gives Owners Easement EAST ALTON, June 4,—Properly owners along Niagara avenue from St. Louis avenue to Center street who have been ordered to construct new sidewalks In front of their property, were granted a 30-day extension Tuesday evening at tho bi-monthly village board meeting. The new ordinance called for construction within 30 days after notice of passage. Several owners appeared before the board and presented a petition calling for an extension because many of them had not received a notice as they had purchased the property since the last tax statements had been mailed out. They requested the extension so as to give them ample time to secure the services of a general contractor to construct the sidewalks. Havelka Road Oil Co., East Alton, and the Mississippi Lime Co.. Alton, were low bidders on materials to resurface arterial and non-arterial streets In the village and on motions by Trustee Link both bids submitted were accepted. Road oil from Havelka will cosl the village 12 1 ,& cents per gallon, asphalt will cost 35 V 2 cents per gallon and crushed stone will cost. J4 per ton. .Mississippi Lime Co. submitted a bid of $1.55 per ton for 250 tons of crushed rock. Only two other companies submitted bids on the materials. A resolution that the village annex a strip of land between the defense housing area and Wilshire Woods and Wilshire Annex belonging to H. Frank Yoder and Aria Yoder was tabled until the next meeting so the village attorney and streets superintendent can discuss the street maintenance problem with the owners. The new territory in question Is almost surrounded by the village and Is contiguous to present boundaries of village on north, east, west and part of south. Other action taken by the board was the allowing of bills for May. Two members of the board, Orvil Oglesby and Curt Robertson, were absent. PTA Chairman Appointed For Brushy Grov.e PTA ROXANA—Committee chairmen for the Brushy Grove Parent- Teacher Association were appointed Tuesday night by board members meeting at the home of the president, Mrs. Clifton Seymour, Rosewood Heights The chairmen are Mrs. Odie Nichols, room mothers; Mrs. Roscoe Baxter, program; William Cox, by-laws; Wayne Barrow, international relations; Mrs. Duane Huss, home and family; Mrs. Fred Graham, publicity; Mrs. Gilmore Helmkamp, ways and means: Mrs. Delmar Monken, health and safety, and Mrs. Dave H. Chadwick, magazine. Plans were made for the yearbook. Officers at the meeting were: Mrs. Adam Ivanuck, vice president; Mrs: Herman Kuehnel, secretary, and Mrs. Phillip Schoppet, treasurer. East Alton Daughters of America Feted at Banquet In find Out of Wiffi /Hen of EAST ALTON- Cpl. Paul R. Cox is spending a 30-dny leave with his family, Mr. and Mrs. Reed Cox, 631 Bowman avenue. Cpl. Cox was with the third infantry division in Korea where he has spent, the past year. He arrived in East Alton May 23. Upon termination of his leave he will report to Fort Sheridan for reassignment. He expects to be separated from service soon, Veterans Back Home The transport "Gen. Edgar T. Collins" arrived in San Francisco, Calif., Tuesday with combat veterans from Korea, among whom were the following local area men: Pfc. Harold E. Bennett, 1317 East Fourth street; Cpl. George'A. Evanoff, 254 Lorena avenue, Wood River, Cpl. Edward E. F. Frillman, Route 1, Edwardsville, and Cpl. George G. Manns, Route 2, Godfrey. T'vt. Long 1 In Korra i Word was received Tuesday by i Mrs. Florence Long, 3407 College | avenue, that her son, Pvt. Donald A. Long, 23, arrived in Korea early in May. As a member of the 298th Eng. Co. (EBD), he works as a clerk-typist in a battery company at an engineers' depot at Pusan, Korea. He entered service July 19nl at Camp Chaffee, Ark., after graduation from Shurtleff College in 1950 with a BS degree, and a master's degree in education at Washington University. After transfer lo Camp Sfoneman, Calif., Pvt. Lang embarked for Japan April 27. The family received several letters from Don on Tuesday. A brother, Arthur., served in World War II. Wood River Club Chairmen Named Automotive Hint Worn valve stems and guides should not be overlooked ,as a possible reason for an engine using a great deal of gas, pumping oil, missing, and lacking power. Warm Hive Bees keep warm in winter by going into a "huddle." The temperature inside a cluster of bees is 15 degrees warmer than on the outside. Read Telegraph Want Ads WOOD RIVER. — Mrs. E. L. GiUis,. president of the Woman's Club, has announced committee chairmen and department heads for the coming year. They are: Mrs. Karl Fulp, American citizenship; Mrs. L. L. Baker, American Home; Mrs. John Boswill, art; Mrs. Willard Kuethe, civic; Mrs. Sophie Prager, and Miss Dorothy Hart, education; Mrs. William Knetzer, garden; Mps. Isabelle McBride, international relations; Mrs. L. F. Dildine, legislation; Mrs. R. S. Lane, literature; Mrs. E. L. Barnett, music; Mrs. H. T. Nichols, public health; Mrs. R. E. Weihe, public welfare; Mrs. G. S. Beckham, television, radio and movies, and Mrs. Charles Summers, youth conservation. Standing committee chairmen are: Mrs. R. M. Bell, auditing; Mrs. W. F. Stevens, budget and finance; Mrs. E. L. KimmeJ, Chamber of Commerce; Mrs. T. W. Bolds, club banquet; Mrs. G. M. Harvey, custodian; Mrs. R. E. Uhl, Girl Scouts; Mrs. Ralph Volz, historian; Mrs. R. II. Schindewolf, Junior Club contact; Mrs. F. W. Bauer, Lincoln Lodge; Mrs. Arthur Curfman, and Mrs. Mary J. Collins, publicity and press; Mrs. George Louvier, Red Cross; Mrs. R. H. Hord, and Mrs. Omar Lyon, Social Planning Council; Mrs. William Bacheldor, sr., visiting and cards; and Mrs. Mary J. Collins, Mrs. H. A. Warren and Mrs. John Boswell, scrapbook. • East Alton Junior Women Committee Chairmen Named EAST ALTON — Mrs. Cecil Crosnoe, president of the Junior Woman's Club, announced today her department chairmen for the coming year. They will include Mrs. Lorell P. Hicks, youth conservation; Mrs. Bruce Hazen, Lincoln Lodge; Mrs. Ray Blazier, citizenship; Mrs. Fr- vin Haydon, Parke Ridge School for Girls; Mrs. Ross Nessler, public health and public welfare; Mrs. Charles Towey, fine arts; Mrs. Cecil Harlan, internalional relations; Mrs. Fred Long, aid to exceptional children; Mrs. Armoncl Hutchens, Illinois Magazine. Mrs. Paul Trickey, motion pictures, radio and television; Mrs. Thomas DeGerlia, jr., gardens; Mrs. Miles Lynch, American Home; Mrs. Curtis Rlster, education; Mrs. Robert McManus, jr.. Indian welfare; Mrs. Charles Leonard, Red Cross; Mrs. Gilbert Whitten, penny art fund; Mrs. John Howden, law; Mrs. Douglas P«r- ker, literature; Mrs. Harold Colo, Veteran's service, and Mrs. Lloyd Slaughter, civil defense. Chairmen of standing committees are: Mrs. Donald Ott, membership; Mrs. Charles Towey, hospitality; Mrs. Fred Long, budget and finance, Mrs. Ervin Haydon. press and publicity; Mrs. Haydon and Mrs. Milton Mason, scrap book; Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Vernon Fisii- PI-, program; Mrs. John Muclcl, parliamentarian; Mrs. Parker, cards and flowers; Mrs. Hutchens. Mrs. Rister, Mrs. Clinton Root and Mrs, Degeriia, telephone committee. Mrs. Trickey, Mrs. Blazier, Mrs. Howden and Mrs. Lynch, housekeeper; Mrs. Slaughter and Mrs. Whitten, civic and community pro jecls; Mrs. Hazen, historian; Mrs. Robert Norris, Mrs. Nossler and Mrs. Towey, ways and means; Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Fisher and Mrs, McManus, nominating committee; Mrs. Brazier and Mrs. Howden, auditing committee; Mrs. Donald Ott. banquet chairman; Mrs, Haydon and Mrs. Nesslnr. square dance committee, and Mrs. Whitten and Mrs. Mason, amateur committee. The official board of the club met Tuesday evening at the Community Building to complete the committees. The next meeting of the board will be Aug. 12 and the first regular club meeting will be Sept. 2. A get-together for members of the club has been planned for July 17. Time and place to be announced later. EAST ALTON. - Mrs. George Ringerlng. charter member, was honored by the Daughters of America Lodge, Mayflower Council, during their banquet Tuesday evening at ihe Lodge Hall hold in connection with the observance of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the chapter, fhe only other charier members of the lodge who | are still living are Mr. and Mrs. i C. L. Holden, Mason City, Ohio. Following the dinner, a program | was given. Mrs. Leo Wools, program chairman, introduced Miss Adelc McDonald, who gave a brief history of the club. Mrs. Ansel Smith gave the Invocation, and Mrs. C. M. Brown sang a solo. Janet Sue Wools played a piano solo. A period of silence was observed for Herman H. Werges, Bethaltd, a member of the lodge, who died Saturday. Several members of the lodge visited the funeral home in Bethalto after the meeting. Mrs. Leo Wools war elected councilor of the lodge for 1952-53 during the business session. She succeeds Mrs. Howell Barnett, retiring councilor. Other officei's elected were: Mrs. Frank Keasler, associate councilor; Mrs. Martin Ward, vice-councilor; Mrs. Myrtle Edgar, associate vice-councilor; Mrs. A. E. Jones, conductor; Mrs, Edward Bickmore, warden; Mrs. Zola Rayburn, inside sentinel; Mrs. Sidney DeLong, outside sentinel; Mrs. Earl Lawrence, treasurer; Mrs. Nettie Keil, financial secretary; MrSj Fred Williams, recording secretary; Mrs, John Hendrick, assisting recording secretary; Mrs. Clifford' Cooper, trustee for 18 months; Mrs. Laurence Darr, trustee for six months; Mrs. Barnett, representative delegate to the national session, and Mrs. Earl Lawrence, alternate representative. The Ea. e >t Alton chapter of the Daughters of America Lodge was founded in 1912. Area pel-sons who have been members of the order for the past 30 years include Mrs. William Gentry, Mrs. George F. Smith, jr., Mrs. Laura Werges, Mrs. Matilda Upple, Mrs. Ivalene Jones, Mrs. Bessie Thomae, Mrs. Sallie Price, Mrs. Gertrude Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Haven, Myrtle Edgar, Miss Pauline Unterbrink, Mrs. Daisy Bartz, Mrs. Myrtle Page, Mrs. Dorothy Ray, Mrs. Sarah Lawman, Mrs. Lucy Eardley, Mrs. Bertha Campbell, Mrs. Nettie Keil, Mrs. Esther Wassman, Miss Jessie McDonald, Mrs. Stella Luman, Miss Adele McDonald, Mrs. Lillian Hill, Mrs. Amelia Daniels, Mrs. Katie Meyer, Mrs. Lena Simon and the charter members, Mrs. Ringering and Mr. and Mrs. Holden. A gift was presented to Mi's. Ringering by members of the lodge, Tuesday evening. The banquet committee was composed of Mrs. Keil, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. DeLong and Mrs. Bickmore. East Altoniaiis Attend Rites at Glen Allen, Mo. EAST ALTON. — Those from here who attended memorial services at McGee Chapel, Glen Allen, Mo., Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Beasley and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Abernathy and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. Lee McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Williams and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Rea and family, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Rea and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford VanWinkle and family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Porter, Mr. and Mrs .Roscoe Mouser, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Kinder and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sitze and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Kitchen and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Rea and daughter, Eula; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Simmons and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Barnett and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vurel McGee and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Ercel Liiey and family, Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Kern and family, Mrs. Tina McGee, Mrs. Rose Farmer, Mrs. Tennessee Farmer. Mrs. Charles Sin-urn, Miss Joyce Shi-urn, Lcroy Williams, Eldon Liley, Leo and Cleo Beasley, and Allen Farmer, A basket dinner was served at Ihe noon hour. Plan Drive for Blood at Roxana Unit to Visit Community Building June 16,17 ' ROXANA - Shell refinery em- ployes will sponsor ft blood collection program In Roxann Juno 18 and 1?, it was announced today by Marley Sparks, chairman of ihe Wood River Township blood donor's unit. The blood unit will be set up in the Roxana Community Building from 1 to 7 p. m. on the two days. The support of people in the entire area as well as those in Hartford. Roxana and South Roxana areas Is being solicited. Employ- es of (he Sinclair Wood River refinery and International Shoe Co. tannery are also Invited 1o donate blood. The blood unit in Roxana will be in support of the armed forces and American National Red Cross programs. The need for blood In the armed services has been so pressing that many soldiers have become blood donors. The need for blood in local hospitals continues to be critical. Two Brown's baseball game tickets will be given to each donor. Hartford Civic League Auxiliary Entertained HARTFORlr The Civic League Auxiliary met Monday evening with Mrs; Dorothy feubftnk*. president, In charge. ( Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Mrs. IVfurial Sparks and Mrs. Irene Gilllland. Mrs. Marie Parker will be hostess next month. Attend Rmtnion HARTFORD-Mr. and Mrs. Paul Condray of South Delmar returned home Sunday after visiting on their fflrm at Salem, Mo., Friday and Saturday. They attended tfte Rhinehart family wrartlttfi SttrMay at Merameo Spring, s FALSE TEEtH Thtt Uwift N«ed Not Embirrati Many w««r*t» of («l«e teeth n«vt «H- ftred re*! emturtawmetit ttteauw tntft Plate dropped, slipped « wobbled, it Hut the wrong time. Da not live In Mir of tni* happening lo you Junt ipMBfcl* i little fASTEETH, the alkaline inon acidi oowder. on your Olatei. Hold* f*l«* teeth more flrfnfy, »6 they feel mm* comfortable. Ooe» not tour Checkf "plate odor" identurt breath). G»t FASTtfcTH at any druf ilore. (Adv.i Wt Htvt lerfptura Mil •feto School Hindwork, poiurs, dodgers, e«f»lflc*t«, iwirrff, a»C, H Ydtt'ft CtfujM Short Sit tto, u ,",, Alton Bible and Book Ston 808 tacslefte St.— Phone MK)Bt—2 block* cftit at Main, Off Roxana Aid Group Postpones Meet ROXANA—The meeting of the Ladies Aid Society of the First Presbyterian Church which was scheduled Thursday at the home of Mrs. S. W. Frey, has been post poned. due to the death of a member, Mrs. J. C. Lawrence. Members of the society will attend the funeral Thursday in a body. They are to meet Thursday at 2 p.m. at Streeper's funeral home in Wood River. Home From Fishing Trip ROXANA—Mr. and Mrs. Jack Buchanan of West Fifth street, Mr. and Mrs, Alvin Barr of Doerr avenue, Mr. and Mrs. Mai-ion Pivoda of near Edwardsville, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Dinwiddie, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Nessler of East Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Swan and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nessler of Wood River, have returned after spending the holiday weekend at Norfolk Lake in Arkansas on a fishing trip. Returns to I'eoria ROXANA—Mr. and Mrs. Orville Cannedy and infant son, Carl Wilson, of Peoria, have returned to their home after visiting Mrs. Cannedy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sheppard and daughter Helen, of West Sixth street, and with Cannedy's relatives in East Alton. To Display Tables ROXANA — The Woman's Club will have the card tables they recently donated to the Community building on display at the Community building, Thursday. 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