Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 15, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1903
Page 2
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< Harris' $tiitemint , Someone baalsald tbat I had more neipre.thaa.bralxir.ana wim© tto ,|. be. true, tbe Lord has said *7hat an \opeii confeBsion is'^good lor the*«ottL<' Mine Isanopeij boot Briefly I owe the • Chattel .Invesfaneit ' Coinpai^ 15,000 foF borrowed >m(^ney on 107 stock, tbe paymeit o£ wilcbhas tem-i por^IIy em ^iT&saed me but only temporarily. • i Nlie- thousand of my own nionej; : and this ^,000 loan represent my stock,. fixtures and expenses. The pan company ortdly agreed to extend he time of paym^t uhtirthe holiday ^ jrade^ opened^ as the j flood had delayed my plans. One- thousand of this |5,000 loan iras due! July 1st, but the mortgage ' ras made so~ that default in one payment ioaade the whole |5,000 due at one time. I could have raised the $1,000 in this' 1 ' city but was assured bf the loan company that more time would be given and my reliance upon this promise, Which was not kept, caused a default In the July paljonent and consequent .. d|emand and action under thisir mortgage for the Vhole ?5jO0O which I could not ralsel at one time and there- , fore they closed my store and will bff^ gin Thursday to sell enough of my stock at public auction; to pay this 15,000 and costs. I have between $14,060 and $15,000 worth of .goods in s 'tock at this time. How much of it will be sacrlflced to ralsia this money remains to be seen, butli shall have a pretty good stock left and can assure the people of lola that though I will have thus descended a few rounds on the ladder leading to success, I will take a firmer hold, retain my nerve and continue to carry only the best goods. j Thanking you for past.favors, I am. Sincerely Yours, Stephen Harris, 11 South Jefferson. The Jeweler ^ M tMs season of ^he year I ami bdund to stani ablg^ {os0 To oAvettis^J^iis fpn^d j^Me; and if gpssib^ 017 best gQod|$ frpm %ei^g gobbled uphy a LQa^jQf I oy^ no ii^q|je^^a|e! ^ a 4 MMS and tuid^k 26xjf 10 or cn^2x^ City of Ipla selling goods and adyertlsiiig ^em purstfanttp ffloJKfn met£od^ i Wfme I may lose the bolk'of my pfoperty, I will never lose my nerve, my self respeibt ^d m^ Inte^rityl TBtaraoNa NO 1$. CHA8. F. SCOTT. • 4 8UBSCBIPTION RATBS: One week - - - - - Ten Cent* OneMontb - - Forty-four Cents One year • - Five Dollars and .Twenty Cts •auna «t Xoia,^ Kansas, -Postofflo* aa '' Second Class Katterl I ildvertlsins rates made known on isppll •.. , cation- ,r Member of the Associated Press. The Idla Daily .Register Is a mem' ber of the Associated Press and receives the day telegraph report of that great news organization for exclusive afternoon publication in lola. ; . ^^^^^^ \ HOMI^ NE^S WHfLE AWAY. ..sjHpftcribers • of the Daily 'Register ; awnycftiring the summer may have Yithefiaper matted regularly each day to any address at the rate of forty-five !iceiits a month. Address changed as often as desired. While out of town the Daily Register will be to you like a daily letter from home. EXTREME UNCTION. Congressman. Charlie Scbtt though one of "them literary fellers," frankly confesses .that he does not know how . to pronounce B 'Nai B 'Rith, nor what it means. When he finds, out and has a little leisure we would be obliged if he • would tell us what "administering ex. treme uiuclion" to a dying man, m.eans —Bfarion Record. , Miothlng affords us -more pleasure than to imi^rt Instruction to an earnest inquirer'-^artlcular^ly-when the Information desired ^ay be found ready*siade In our office encyclopedia ; "Extifeme uhctlon,"| according to the : BJncyclopedla Britannjica, Is one of the BeT|«D sacram^ntfl of the Romish obureb, now to be administered only |. afljQr thoae .of penance and the Eu- obaritt^ to peraohs whlo are suppofod topte^n the poiijt of de^th. The cere- ' ino&y la pcrforned ,tn the following < WKy: When a person's recovery Is '•• detpatred of, hi s eyes, oars, nose, : aouth, hands, f< et an4 rehis are sue- cetslreiy^anointf d wltih thai sacred oil by the priest iit each anointing the mriei^flaye:.. " ly thhi holy anqtloii; : and ithrongh H a great i mercy, 'mighty, God foi s ^ve ' theb whatever ' cba .-^^u hastv committed ^by sight" ^litf^^fO^; imri «. touch, etc.) The • " i ;|ii:)Mrtre ne nnc^n [Is suppoi- cd to represent the grace of God poured down into the soul, and conferring pardon and spiritual strength. It is blessed by" the Bishop on Maundy Thursday, and delivered to the parochial clergy to be used by them tSrough out the year. If any oil Is left at thfe end of the year, it is burned, and if the supply threatens to become ex' hausted, other oil may be added to that which has been consecrated, but only a small proportion of new oil may be added. For very interesting particulars as to the manner in which what was in the beginning but the common use of oil as a medicine in cases of ordinary illness grew into one of the most sacred and solemn rites of the church, see any good encyclopedia. dur- MR. WARE'S FIRST YEAR. Pension Commissioner Ware ing-* the first year of his work which has just been completed has succeeded in winning praise from the Natipnal Tribune, the organ of the old soldier, published at Washington. The Tribune l^ys: Commissioner Ware closes his first year of administration of the pension bureau with the most creditable showing of 132,829 claims allowed, or 13.005 more than last year and a far greater number of ^lowances'than any year in the past ten years. This has Involved incomparably greater work than has been done ini the bureau since Geniwal Raum's administration, because it has .required much harder labor in examination. It was comparatively plain-sailing under Genenil Raum's admiiiistra- tlon, but a number of complicated 'cases were left over, and these involved; patient and continued eramina- tion. "The number of rejections was 113,720, or^about 6,000 less than under the last year of Evans. These rejections were mainly confined to Ihose of applications for increases. In spite of the great advance In the number of al lowancea. the total of the pension roll la ifttiir under the million mark, owing to the great increase In mortality. Tbo loss to the pbiulon roll dnrlng the yeat win prdbably come close to 40,000. Commissiloner Ware has succeeded in Skiing more good work out of the clerical force of the pension; bureau than liny ipfhlB.predecessors. And this wftlibiatlomwork. but by proper man- ent and the exercise of Tmusdal executive ability^" Som^ idea of the diffionlties that would have attended the equitable dis- triibution of a direct appropriation by the Legislature to the fiood sufferers may be gained by occasional reports that have come in from Wyandotte County. From the first a book-keeper has been employed at $15 a week to keep the accounts of the committee. He has nothing else whatever to do. In the beginning the gj^thering of information was done in/a hap-hazard ipanner, and it ^ proved very unsatisfactory. Men were then hired at $2 a day to collect the data, and an average of twenty men have been kept at work on this task ever since, making an expenditure of $40 a day for work along this line. It has been found necessary wherever tlh relief work was undertaken on a large scale t» employ men to do it and to get the right kind df men, and pay them sufficiently to make their work of value. And with all this the work of distributing relief has been so slow and unsatisfactorj' that the people are grumbling mightily. The refusal of the Legislature to mak3 an appropriation created a good deal of a storm, but it was as a balmy zephyr to a cyclone compared with what would be transpiring about now if the appropriation had been made. drowned by the flood have but recently been taken out of the Neosho river at Council Grove. There is no telling how many carcasses remain between Emporia and lola. It ll a mighty safe rule to boil your hydrant water before [, drinking it. Our worst days are our best.. If Madame Tsilka had not been kidnapped by the brigands of Macedonia she couldn't have drawn, an audience of five thousand people at Ottawa, and her baby would not have attracted any more attention than a thousand I others. % • ' . [ ——• • Pope L^;o XIII W3s no doubt a great and good man; but! was the popular interest in him sufficient to warrant the great amount of space w^hich the newspapers have given to him for the past two weeks, to the exclusion of ot^r news? PHONE ~ ; I I 479 ^ ^ 479 I ForYiur J Gas Fitting and I I Light Hardware 1^ I t lE.S.EAKINii III2S.Kentncky. | 1 J. Fi; DAVIESi If General Miles really made his ninety mile| ride in the hope tbat ^such a demonstration of his vigor would convince the President that he ought not to be retired in August from the head of the army, then Indeed is his hope vikn. The President is convinced that the General ought to have been retired a year ago, -and it took a team of wild horses to restrain him from officially telling him so. The space cate througtj protest ineft to! so mucjh firmed dent tol JReglstei's view that all the devoted to discussing the "deli- sijtuatlon" which was to arise the presentation of the Jewish against the outrages at KIsh- the Russian government, was good spac^ wasted, is; con)>y the conclusion of the Presl- not send the petition. < What with the harvest fields tilling and the Kaw river towns hunting for somebody (o dig them but of'the^mud and the railroads hurrying to get their traiekB;: back ;in shape, and the bersen- nlal demand in Southeast Kanstjs for men to keep things'goiifg,'the.fellow who fails to bump up aeal&Bt some Job or other must be a ml^ty artftU'dod- j^ii-' i • i' ger. • : . • ^T" <• " • The Emporia Repiubllcan Says that more than 200 carcasses of., animals Mr. Bryan hardly ever makes a speech these days without roasting Grover Cleveland. But you will notice Mr. Cleveland never so much as alludes to the distinguished Colonel. And the difference is signifigant. It Is the under dog that kicks. I I t business. First class wort v giiaranteed. i 5* Underrfdker an'd Lieensled Embaifner .J. Twenty years experience in the • • ^> Cost Side of < Square, , lola Phone, 306. Thp old reliable, tow , est prices, best quality. Telephone 159. : | |H. W.STEYER. 1; When'; you want your Glothing Cleaned and Pressed in good ityle f bring it to - t .: TUI ^f ^Eft^S DYE WOfeKS. 309 West street. Talking about prosperity, the Par-, sons Herald calls attention to the • fact that even giraffes' are higher, than they used to be. A few years ago you could buy One for $400 or $500, and now you have to pay |3500; or $4000 for one. • . The editor of this paper has received' a letter stating that he is likely to': be assassinated at any time and pleading with him to be on his gdard. l^he let-! ter is from a firm which manufactures; bullet proof^ cloth which is sold very cheap for icash. - An advertisement In the home Is worth a hundretji on the highway. itVOMll.., JBollers, ! Englhet, Bfaaa Castings. Drilling Too^ Gray Iron Cntings, Belting, Packlngi Mnaatactqrera «t jlactalnatr PUSiojoige Autojn^atlc |)|id Pi|> Siijeetirpn yi^fi ^l Structu^ Wiu4(, \ Rptafy Ore Jto ^w^ ll PujPg «6f: j.» f •••itT.r;--r The Parsons $un has changed to an evening paper. The Filnest Line In NOW FOR COnppRT Dress Qoodj tli^t ^re'goocl andbeau- we aire sh4win^.r Ifriices tl^ Not ForgiBt bwr OROlEfiy JEPAR^^ t OC^HK^ CHroM S^rleir

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