Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1912
Page 3
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>^;imiQlADAg>y;BEGlSggRi^ JHX^^ OCTOBER 24, 1912. Make Big Business Extra Special Friday, Saturday and Monday COATS $7.o0 Coats . .:^r,.oo Coats ..SI 0.00 $15.00 Coats. .. ? 12.50 S17.50 Coats.. . . .SI 5.00 S20.00 Coats .. . .S17..50 S22.50 Coats. . . . S20.00 S12.50 Suit^ .. . . •SI 0.00 $15.00 Suits .. . . SI 2.50 $17.50 Suits . .. . ..SI 5.00 $20.00 Suits . .. . ..Si7..50 $22.50 Suits .. . . ..S20.00 .S25.00 Suits . . . .822..50 S27.50 Suits .^25.00 Heavy 12' ._.c Ten- 1 The best Tal.le Chih —all colors per yard . I5c A woman said to us the other day: "What is the reason you seem to be doing so much Whenever I come to this store you are always busy." This was our answer: "Big Bargains M a k e Big lousiness." The facts are the.^e: We have loo much sto(?k on hand. We are compelled to unload. Although the goods are all new and desii-able. we have made the prices so low that the good news spivads from t«ne per.^^on to another l)y word of mouth, and because no one is disappointed when they come to this store. THE CROWDS KEEP COMING AM) THE GOODS KEEP GOING: These prices will look good to you when you read them over, but they will look better still when y(ui see the goods. Price is not the only rea.^on why you can do better here. Quality and style are pi'om- inont reasons also. FURS $6.50 Furs .$5.00 $7.50 Furs S6.00 $10.00 Furs $8.75 $12.50 Furs $10.00 $15.00 Inirs $12..>0 $20.00 Furs $17.50 BI.ANKETS P'rom 1.5<- to .|7.50 I I Artistic Millincrp- Mai'ked special for P'ri- day, Saturday and Monday. DRESS GOODS All marked special for three days. The best Standard Prints, special < .5c Tk Above Prices for Friday, Saturcfay and Monday. Come &nd See ior Yourself RIGHARDSON'« 113 L Madison 113 E. Madison SELBY SHOE Tlir .v aro li-v i;;.-.;- on tlie m.Trk .i. Tii'> l.v.ld .!-h!ii>o. fit r r>.,,: i.T.t;- <han oilipr ^iio-s. Tl!> y aro s"hi 1> fPERSONM, MENltON. j or County Treasurer : r 1t;:r;:>s. o:' Ca•.•'..^«.ls a r.''>!i vi^i••>r Ui'.f This a! l-Tnoiin. - iinvo vou tried Boichs? v:-!ror i -.iT.- This aforn.xn - n- :o!-.s Candy at Miindi.- Store .\ V MurriV'n. of Kar.^a* <'i'y. «a.- i.':ir .r5.- \!--ii ;"r I '.or." t u 'lV .1 O Wilson, of Toi'oVa. ulio bar!>• •.'II '•••VP \'.<'.t'\n^ :iirti<is. itTiirn'.! ::. 'j's ;»;'!orn<^'n. xl.-- :;no>t randy m.Kic Go- i; .1 who has tirpti '..rro I 'li '-ir<s-. : <''n :r ''i! To !ii> lioiiic in Coi- iT> •!;i- .'.:i''rr .'"'n. - nr. H. I.. Hendrlrks. OM Tonrl j Hiiiior. Culls iinsivrred Any or nighl.: i y.r ani! >!r>-- .! II Sj -rncT. of t«T- i Jnr.Ta. i""N'raiio. «ho iiavo hron hort- vir ^iiiTiL: Mr and Mr.>: C.-'orc.- (Vior ] n!-.ff :'r> ni!<. ri'f.irn-Ml hoir.o aftor-! Horn I - ti2 J H ; f'.'. $21 . l*r;.-':"or Suit.* a; tiic .Now York Store : I I Mr-^ M;ir;<- Sliaf.-r. o: Oirar.;. ar-! rivo,} ( [i-is at'Tr-rn'ion for a br:t>! •. i?i- wit-U Mrs W\\\ Tcitoy ai;d friends > -Ur. McHIllrn. Phonos .12 and 232. i T S'uaron >ft this af 'i -rnoon ^ r •• i;;ni'a:i:. I'tah. w ..oro h-^ will work' r'..:rinc t'.-.o winti'r * ] —Gr .Tdiiafo Nurse: t.^r::ii: roason- J - t i -'.n .Mi.'I'^r. o: rcii'<>. n':«> f,a~ I i ',.'.-n !:• re • i-;'ir.2 .tr-.^nd-. return"'i i ;. : . -hi.- attorn<-os i j lao l:a-.:t any i>cr;;on found trospas.-'inj; ;/.n any of my prfini.xos on HalIowe=t»n : Die:.: A. I. Townsend 1 Til,- WiohiJa Natural lino and trar.. hi-o :-.a-- bo'^n sold to Honry 1. l<->;. r-y i^f Ohio, a Jl'i.OOi.t.fMio or... rn will d'-volop now pas 'r. Oklahoma an rioporatp tlio ;-no 1- -upjdi-'s Wichita. H«tohin-on. : \.->"-tr.i7 an da i ;o7 :i 'n or!;or suiallor Mwn- --.«>•• ii". $12 *•". iu: :>:.. ^24 ?" , iv;.for Suits at t!ic Now York Store. n. A .tnd Mr.< Car! W. Nau arrivod a .V- York. <•( i<ih. r 2- on tiio i:n«"- ••r ..iii( "• T'l-'y V '|i arriv,- in tola on o,r,.h.-r :'.l iiid ili v .Van will rosiinn' l;is iutit* as ro*?or of TimoMiy's - >«tirr—C'riinty ica»ln rs" oxaniin- a'irn> V'riday and Saturday of this w.'fk iu lounty i-u; oriniondcntV of- fico JOHN T. TYLER Pres. lola Business College. Your Support Solicited i —nr. O. L. C«x. Onjllst j , Mr :-.r.,: .Mr; W .\ N .?-b:*:. of Klodo. | ll'liit!;-. who isave !>»'f>n hor*- \i.=iiin5 I ;a:.n:-. .Mr and Mrs. C I Sinin- f:^r. r.'t'irn'-i horho this aftorcoon —T^oa"t miss the Suit Sale at th«> [N^ W York Store 1 Mr and Mrs. S X .V.-illois. of Hiittf. , ; Montana, '.vlio l ;3 \e been horo visiting! Mr and .Mrs. 0«»orRe Howard, return-' f-d h>-IE" this afternooti Mr- R M Potts, of Clay Center, wi.n has been here visitinp friends, re- jturrod home this afternoon. .\frs Percy Gra.hani went to Kmporta j . tJ.4-= afternoon for a visit with friends. ' .4 0 Waierson. of Cberryvale. who, has been here on btieiness. went to ' C.arnett this afternoon. ' Perfectly Balanced Nerves ai'e necessary to the successful operation of the Mind and Body. Grape-Nuts FOOD —made of wheat and barley, supplies the necessary elements for i)er- fect human nutrition. This includes Phosphate of Potash (grown in the grain) which Nature requires for rebuilding worn-out brain ar.d nerce cells. And thje food is delicious served with cream. ! f« 'There's a Reason*' Postum Cereal Company. Umlted Battle Creek, Mich. I'risi:i.>ni C H. CoU' oi the lnit »?i! Iron Works was li -ro today on busi- n.'ss with the local plant Fr'iik Pen ni:iiai: of Ft Sect, was also hi-ro on biis'Loss «iih that ctmp.ipy. —Dns. IlnU & Hull. 0 !i |eopatb!i. ieleplionc!! IM. Ml. ' H. F. HiTchcock. district ib -puiy of • the .-^otis and Daiiphtors of Justic.' nie* Tuosday niitht with the io<'aI cour. ci! Ho passed through lola on his «ay iroin Chanuto to hoailquartors ai Wichita and stopped for one ai.cht. cortinuins his journey on Wcdnos- dax . --Farm and City I.oan.= 11. M Ciin- ninchain. A Croat of -,iit .*rpst is ln'jns man ifest(^ in the revival services «t Trio ity rnnrcli of Kast lola. The attond- i:nc(. at both tin- daily prayer and the evrnine services is splendid r.nd tliose in charpe are onthusiastic about the rosults The meetinRs havt biM-n hid since the boRinninu of this we- k.and will continue at Ii >ast a week lon?<r. - -If vou wnnr a real automobile, buy a .Max 'AcU R M Cunninpfiam, the apent. Mr. I.oyd Mriuiiam. of Chanule. and Mios Florence Kwell. <>f lo 'a. were married on Wfdn.-silay e\eninp at the hom- of til-' brides parcnis on South Chtst'iut str .i 't. The ceremony was performed by Rev C. A Wood - Fxtra low prices on new and useti Has and Coal Stoves Ed Henninger West Madison. rii.- fferiff '.s office h<ars frequently of Frank Marsalis the man who es- capeil several months aco from the county iail while awaiting trial f>n a charse of at'omntei) fraud. Each tltiie. however. Marsalis. und »r another name. >ias jus? escape.! from some one. fomewher? and th-. sheriffs office is asjked to apprehend the man if ;)ossible This sheriff Kerr would iiki- very much to do but if the fugi- tt\e ahoi'Id !>" found by local officers, others who have a claim on the youn? man wouli! .lave to wait indefinitely tor a chance to try him in court. —tut Flowers, chrysanthemums, yellow, white and lavender, at 11 .30 .^nd t2 <»> per dozen. Phone 93.5-5 Pecklcrs Greenhouse .»5iies Thornton .a co-ed at Beloit college, chased a burglar and made hi:n drop her violin, though .she was dail only in her pajaniias and was armed only with a hat pin. which she thrust vigorously —JS. 9.-.. »12.9.S. $10 9.-;. S20.93. $24.93. Prices for Suits at the New York Store. Wlliam Buetiinger. aged 79. of Ger- manbirtb and a member of the Third ! Mai >9acbu5ett8 rolunieer cavalry, died ! in I.eavenworth the other day. He was one of the'last survivors of those wiio guarded the bier of President {Lincoln. Mrs. George Anderson, of Carlyle, was a business visitor here this nfter- [ noon. —Majestic tonight. Hayes & Hayes In their $.">00 challenge act, Octillzem: Any seat .>c. W. S. Hamm returned from Coffey- vllle tbia morning. J v. Merchant was a bnsiness visitor in Piqua yesterday afternoon. The lecture- course tickets are selling quite freely and th students are i working wlth,ii will. Tickets m.ny be; had at Merchants or from any Lyceum AfioclaUon member. Mrs .Jennie L Risden. of Toronto.^ Canada, who has been here vlsitinc her brother. Or. A. .1. Fulton, and friends, returned home this afternoon. W. W. WhMler of Chanute. was a business visitor here yesterday. G.-orpe Street, formerly a clerk in \'orth-up's Hank arrive,! here todav from his home in Seattle for a visit with friends. .1. 1) Catuac. of Chanute. in the ' i;y lod;:\ - R M Cunningham inade a driv • into' Woodson county this afternoon. -I will be read.v to de!i\er tree.« •-••iturday Have all kinds of nur-ery •roi' for sale .V II Ilrown. ."l .'i S. •••itonwiMid. .Mrs O H Hou .se. of Ft Sci^ri who hac be,-n here visl'inp friends, return••! !iniue this morninc. Mrs r N Flower?, of Topeka. who has been here visitlnp iriends. returned home this morninp. Mrs U .M Hadan. of Chanute. wh.j iiris t«een here visifinc .1 F Uissitt and friends, returned horn*; this af- .esiioou. F T. Sweet, of north of Girard. who lias l>een here visiting friends, went to Oswepo this afternoon. .1. .1. Barrett, of Chanute. who has been here on business, returned home this afternoon. Wm. Brillhart of north of the city, went to Mrazelto nthis afternoon for a visit with friends. .! n Bmlke. of Independence, who has hoen here and in F'irt Scott on business, returne<l home today. .1 Simmons and Will Bauui of Cha- ti'i'o. who have been bere '\ '.siting friends, returned home today Mrs O Weston, of (•herry\a!<'. '.vho has been here visltinc friend.s. nturnrd home this afternoon Mrs C L pelhart. of Tulsa. Okia •xl'i has l)e;'n here visiting friemls reii:rned honi" this aftern «Hin. Mrs H K Patterson of .\!:.««na who has been here visitinp wlib <d i fri" nds. returneil home this afternoon — t G Criswel!. a jvilnter livln.: :•" .4" North Mulberry St., Hagerstowr Md states: "1 had kidney troubie vii'i a severe pain across my back, ind could hardly get up after sitting town I took Foley Kidney Pills and oon found the i>ain left tny bacK, I .ould get up and down with ease, a d the bladder action was more rogula; md normal"' Try the. For sale at ";;:rreU"s Drug Store. Superintendent .'V H. Webb, of tli«' Mi-'souri Paeittc was in tola yesterday and spent fh.> day ptttinp acquaini- d with business men and shippers r-nd talking over matters of mutual interest. He is seeking to. keep jn 'ouch with the needs and wishes of ;he patrons of the road with an eye o better service and larger business, md it poeg without saying that the »>airons of the line like to have tb>' •jflifhils keep in personal touch with ih- town -Agent K. K. Munper es-- eorted Mr. Webb about town. Mt |{e<^tanrant and l.nnrh Room, tobac -ro, <ipars. canned goods. Soiirh St. Opposite Majestic The- irre M. I^-Valley, Propr H -I Mill.r candidate for covernor on the Repuijiican ticket in 19ftJ, died v.s'erdav at 'he home of his son Clyde Mil!- r in Topeka. and the burial will lotnorrow- at Osjipe Cit.v. He was •M .xear.- old. a native of Cuyahoga county. Ohio. I'nd came to Kansas in •he early fiOs. He engaged in business in Osire City, bought land and grew \>i.-Iihv. owning a fine IS.fiOO acre .-a rch ir Osage county 3t the time of J.i.x de, He served several terms i>» state senator and was prominen' in Republican ix>liti<s. ALL THIS WEEK ^ United .imasement ("o.'s ' 'Company C"i TABLOID TONIGHT! "Across the Divide A.ND 2 Reels Best Pictures Plays Change Nightly W. L Newcomb GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our Prices Are Right our deliveries are right, our groceries arc right Call on Us utterly JWretched Nervous Prostration Long Endured Before Remedy wras Found. Miss Minerva Reminger. Upper Bern, Pa. writes: "For several years I nervous prostration, and wa-s utt-rly wretched. 1 lived on bread ar.d beef tea because my stomach would roi retain anything else- I took many rem- ed'*s, but obtained no relief t:ntll i took Hood's Sarsaparilla. when I b^s^tr . to gain at once. Am now cured." I Pure, rich Wood make.* goo I. .«rror;.- nerves. and this is why Hoods Sar «.i paril'.a. which purifles and enriches tr. biood. cures so many nervous <ii«>;vse: Get it today in usual liquid fo-rn < ' -hojoUted tablets called Sarsatabt More oi the NEW BOOKS -A WALL OF .MKN" !:v .Margaret Hill .Mct.arter. ~THK IM»LL«MV of IIKK IIA>n- Itv t;.>o Harr .McCurcheon. •*\ Komanre nf nillT.(Miat Hill" l!y .Mice lleagan H;re. -s.MoKK IU:LLKM~ Hy .(a'k London. ~THK \F>V PHIKll"' Uy llert-ert How l :,inLroii. T^ierear' two sjdendid books in this Idi—if we know book^. Kvery author is good, so their biMiks uinst be. Evans Bros. BOOKSTORE. Many .\cw Hooks un iOc Connfer buy your Groceries us and save money: Cut-^ doA^^ni the high cost ofl| living. Compare thi9-iist«5i with" your own grQcerf| and be convinced: ?| - • - - --——4 :t i!o,:en Pour Pickles . 35- Pure Cider Vinegar. gallon -_45 He?t Ory :>alT .Meat. !b.„ 15 Kex Best Uacon. lb Pure Ijird J>er ll« ...14 ComiMMind. |ier lb ---,1* •J cans Blackberries ... .,20 :'. can> Puir.iikin . ..35 :; cans Hominy . " I nuti Kidney Beans 35 :: cans Lima Beanfi . ;; can .-i Hose Peas . ...35 cans Best Peas . i ,35 J cans l.jirge Tomatoes ---:-35 cans (.•(Hiselierries .-35 •i cans Oy.sters ' -.:-25 .'. lbs. Bulk Starch iJO •^ lbs Sal Soda . ^^10 3 boxes Toy Oats 35 2 boNCR Shre<ldcd Wheat . ..35 Best Brooms SO :t iKixe.s .MaciiEonI ...-.35 3 boxes Spaghetti - _.2S S lio\e.< Soup Rings- — S3 .-.o Salt -.85 Tail can.« Salmon. _.lfl *> ' o\fs Matches ... Ji5 :: f.a.s Mantles ... -.23 lo :h i>ail Red Syrup — 4rf 1<' lb (lail White Syrui'. 5fl OaMon .si/.e Peaches —U tJallon size Apricot.s -.<H Gallon sir.e-Apples ... .3^ 3 boxes best Uaisirs . ..35 Kancy Pry Peaches. lb... . .-.M Coffee, per lb : .35 .\rbuckles' Coffee, lb. .-. -.3." Best Coffee. Steel Cut ..M 0 glasses Pure .lelly -.3i .', ]"c l.oxes Corn Starch 2* Be.-t White Hominy, lb 2* . 2 i>airs Gloves 2Sei:| :! lbs. Soda Crackers 25©' is oz plug Battle .\x Tob .._40 «fl 1 lb llor.'^eshoe Tobacco ^-^t^T^ |1 lb Star Tobacco 45 (J"" Be-t Gunpowder, Imi>erial or tip.ti Tea. per lb ...50ex| Piccalilli. |.er jar IGc* Green t7age Plums, can JSc Polar fSear Flour HJiSi* r. S. Flour ftJKk .Moonligh' Flour . <t.S01:B 17 lbs. best Cane Sugar- -.41.00^ If'K lbs. line Cabbage 11.35; Special for Friday an^^ Saturday. •.M» lb !i. fane Sngar for «I.Ofl with :• iiCi.tHi (Jrorery OrdPr. ' * Buck 's Grocery^ 3<»» S. W:isliloptoB.,.^fh^|ie,3&. An Kxceptl»n»ll.f Keantlfiil ^ Line of .i Dinner Ware = and all sold In open' vtorfc. ' Start a Set Todajp, , MME. LOUISE PERIN lines as if it w »rc' the news of the morning. It cowainsno secrets hidden from her vision no mystery she .'lurse laid out tor them by the stars , Many of the most SIK ces-,[;:i <>t mod-: •rn merchants and brok- r.- er .n- "er upon an important b;:sine.s dea' without first ascertainins if tije hfiav-i ens augur well. .\dde«l to ai^trolouy are ri;. siti..-; sciences of phrenology and iialiKi.stry [ •)oth of which individually andlollee-' '.ively [loint cjt human characteristics Groceries^ and Meats THE BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICES We Deliver to Any Part of City R.LHART 116 X. TVa .«hlusteB Ph*ne 496 This Famous Psychic and Clairvoyant Has Perfected a System by Which She Reads Your Life Story. Tlii-re are iwisons who; at ^^oii!'- known the troubled heart cornea to iuie or other h;.ve no! wished •*liai for relief. Mme.- Pcrin, herself, hey might know what the future ha.- feels the [>angs of agony, that dSstiirb II .store tor them; to have some guid- the one who has come to her-for con- »nce in -some matter; to solation. and as rM ^dily as on« may !earn as to what !o< ali;y i.s most fa\- re;id a bw)k. docs tms* supremely wbn- orable for their residence, to forsee if'derful clairvoyant perceive the future I journey should i>e taken, or i>»'r-' of the one Who sffs before her. Time !iai)s. to kn <iw- it the one m-on whoi'i, to her is but a thought. She reads its their affection is ce:iTi.Ted will ray y,;s" or 'no." Human naTwre bas I'ver been th- .-:p.ii:e. tllancing iiack tliroiiph the c-annot divine I .3ges of history we find that in an- j,^^ lowers are so illiniit- cient da>s the a.srro'ogers nnd sooth- j^bU- that her counsels will unite the .•=ayers studied th - hea^en.s, noitd th-, sepi,raiej i,ring tranquility and peace- chaos, and where there Indeed, she is a star in the diadem In 'latter dnvs. manv of the f„re- I'^^f*^*!"" Few- have achieved most .statesuien. military lea/iers an!:'"-^^ '."at she has earned or b»sines.s men ha-.e planned their Hxes ''^ i^'" di.stmction that has been md action.s in accordance with the 'Ya ^i'^d 1" '/f "rcle in which sh- ii:ov.-s her station is as lofty as t\- saow-cai'i-ed moi)ntains which •ow r above tae hillocks nestling at their feet; ye; the sunbeam of gen- 'ility [i.anries hT every act. and wlien she; has removed the veil of mystery frotii some beclouded life, she ina]u>s no more of the blesain? conferred upon her visitor, than if the act w^re of tlie most ordinary evei .v day affjiir Viid"\^s1 ^:biHti-.s"'and "Vuppieine^ ~ notwithstanding that her unparalleled earlier scb-nce of astrology. ; P<i»'?;;s are a grace that is priceless. Perin. the most successful of. " possible to sell would ma *e n.odem psychics, has formulated and ^'^^^J^ch as Croesus of the dellghlfuUv lerfected a sy.stem which not only em-. >races all the merits of th-^; older sys-j • Such is Mme. I^ouise Perin one of em. but which ha.s been e.xtended so .the most celebrated clairvoyants and IS to include a realm the higher men- j liisb priestesses of occult science al. iDfinite in its boundaries aiid far I '•'ithin the present purvey of hnman reaching in its possibilities tor beneii;" knowledge. She is gracioas in her jf mankind, and is now sutcessfuliv , <le^**°o'"- honest in her every act or deu'on.otrating it at .\o. -Zl-Z W-ft Jiad- i expression. Mme. Perin gfves just as ison St.. lola. ,Kans. direful and co^iplete a revelaUon of .\ .satisfactory, reading can onl.v b»-, Joiur business, love and domestic af- -had from one who has thoroughly fairs for 5oc as she would, for her mastered the laws of these wordf rfi:! regular fee of $2 and $5. She is' taK- sclences through vears of critical ing the reduced fee plan to IstrOdatce 8tudv. herself and her work more eitenal^ Every day. almost, manifestaiions oi : ly to the ciiir.ens of this TicIiil^;'->: Mme. Perin 's goodness come to the. Her reading rooms at 212 Mftdlsoi ' knowledge of those who follow h«r in'Ave. are open to hercalfefaCh)air9i;ft tba course of life's jouraey. Ouce siieia. m. imtU S o'clock is Ifefi tmfeCr:^

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