Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1974 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1974
Page 7
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Monday, August 26, 1071 MOPE (ARK.) STAR Page Seven Formal opening of Holiday Inn expected this week Knievel is finished with skycycle tests TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) Stuntman Evel Knievel says he won't launch another test sky- cycle across the Snake River before making his promised Sept. 8 jump. Knievel watched on Sunday as the second skycycle tested in the past year plunged to the bottom of the 500-foot-deep canyon in southern Idaho. A helicopter later retrieved the craft from the water. The test firing ended when a parachute malfunctioned at about 2,000 feet. The rocket- powered vehicle nosedived into the canyon. "The combined cost of both vehicles which have now gone into the Snake River is almost $500,000," Knievel said. "This makes the Snake River the richest river in the state of Idaho. In fact, there is a rumor that all the trout are turning to gold." The first skycycle landed in the canyon last November and was not recovered until last month. Sunday's launch came without fanfare or advance warning. A spokesman for the Knievel stunt said a third skycycle was being completed in Sacramento, Calif. "I feel that under circumstances like this, when vou arc trying to do something that nobody else has attempted, you must have failures to achieve success," said Knievel. "And WIN AT BRIDGE NORTH 43 4 K Q1086 * 1083 2 WKST KAST 4 A K 10 7 2 4 y .1 ii ¥8542 ¥ ti It * A 5 4 U 7 4 * 6 4 4» K C,! " 7 SOUTH (1)1 48654 ¥ A K J '.) 4 J 32 + AJ Both vuliit'i atilt I West North Kast l Soul I) IV U 2V 24 1'ass 3T 1'u 3* 4f I'u I'ass Opening lead- K< By Oswald & James .hu".>l>\ Jim: "We haven't diM-u.-.sed four- and five-card majm suit openings for a uhiU Maybe we should iln •" aga'in." Oswald: "In our Imldm.- we practically never open .1 four-card spade sun m In ' or second position ami \\ <• i: to avoid opening a foui > •" i; heart suit ' Jim: "We also w.i'.u l| '' partners to assume ue hi 1 • > five-card suit when \<e "I : a major in hist 01 >>•. n;; ! seat, but not quite to th 1 < •• tent that today's Noi th UM Apparently each tune tin <r ponents bid spade;, >«:ii the third time is the charm. So, there will be no more tests and everything is go for Sept. 8." The Montana daredevil plans to reach 3,000 feet over the 1,500-foot-wide canyon, landing by parachute on the north side. Three traffic fatalities over weekend By The Associated Press Clifford Dean Ward, 22, of Watts, Okla., was one of three persons who died as a result of Arkansas traffic accidents this weekend. Trooper John Watson of the State Police said Ward died Sunday of injuries received Saturday in a one-car accident on U.S. 59 near Siloam Springs. Watson said Ward lost control of the car in a curve. The car overturned, and Ward was thrown from the vehicle. Donald Brewer, 34, of Judsonia was killed early Sunday when his motorcycle ran through the intersection of Arkansas 385 and U.S. 67 and struck a utility poll, State Police said. Henry Eugene Foote, 17, of Hamburg was killed Saturday ni«ht when he lost control of his car while trying to round a curve near the intersection of U.S. 82 and a Chicot County road, Trooper J. R. Henson of the State Police said. thought his hand had become heller." Oswald: "West opened the kmy of spades and shifted to a trump. After this start South knocked out West's ace of diamonds; ruffed one of his spades in dummy some time along the way and made his contract." Jim "This result does not prove the value of opening some four-card heart suits. A club shift by West at trick two would have beaten the hand unless South let East hold the first club. An opening club lead would have beaten the hand irrespective of South's play " \l AM • \l-l-l; I Mf-.UrUISK AS.SN | The formal opening announcement of Holiday Inn at Interstate 30 and Hy. 4 is expected some time this week. The Star's wide-angle photograph of the inn, originally published in the Holiday Inn special section Friday, Aug. 23, is being reprinted today from the same negative because of a bad print in the first publication. A blanket failed on the press—the equivalent of a flat tire on a car—resulting in white splotches on the picture. Management had no option but to continue with the press run, since replacement of the blanket would have delayed the Frijday edition for hours. The blanket was replaced over the week-end- along with rollers—and the picture above does justice to the original wide-angle photograph, made with the 100-degree German Schneider 65mm. Super Angulon lens on a 4x5 Speed Graphic camera. Dr. Lamb Outdated studies quoted on diet 'lii' luilding '"as been st North Kast South 14 i \ T Pass 'l . ,|< MUllll. Illll'l 4\Kg.JlU 5 4*85*32474 >A li.il tin - till lit' IHIVS \ -I5ul tliri-f iiotrump in diipliiatr whfi'f honors don't Miuat utul lour spades in rubber liiulKr vvluTf the> do. 1D1JAV SQIESTION 1 ., ,;, ,nl nl (.lidding out- nutruiiip ,...: ji.niiii-1 has raised yuu to .|i.iiU-.-- V\hal clu sou do now' 1 \ n s « i- 1 Tomorrow __ MODERN Bridge Ic'o PO Bo* 489 Ai We«v York By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - On recent interview on television Dr. Atkins stated that 100 people were put on 1,000 calories a day of pure carbohydrates, then put on a diet of 1,000 calories of all fats and finally on 1,000 calories of pure protein. The biggest weight loss was recorded on the pure fat diet. Next in line of weight loss was the diet consisting of all protein. But on the pure carbohydrate diet, no weight loss whatsoever was recorded. Remember, these diets were tested in the same 100 people. How then can you explain your statement that a calorie is a calorie and that all calories count? DEAR READER - 1 didn't see the T.V. program, but if it is a recent one Dr. Atkins should, and I am sure does, know better. No doubt he is referring, as he did in his book, to the work reported by Kekwick and Pawan in 1956 in Lancet, a British Medical Journal. This outdated study was repeated by other scientists and extended to 24 days. The original study you quote was a short term study. In the longer study the weight loss was exactly the same for carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The experiment has been repeated several times by oilier investigators who have also confirmed that if you eat the same number of calories each day for 24 days or longer you will lose the saire amount of weight, regardless of whether the calories are from protein, carbohydrate or fat. Now. why does it make any difference whether it is for 10 days or 24 days'' The whole question revolves around losing weight or losing fat. On the protein and fat diets the dieters initially lost a lot of water — not fat — because they didn't have enough carbohydrate in the diet — they had essentially none That is not fat loss and is temporary. Carbohydrates help the kidney retain normal amounts of needed salt and hence water. So, you are just telling me again about the old water loss gimmick for low carbohydrate diets. There is a practical point in this. When you are on a diet other than a low carbohydrate diet, don't expect to be washed out and run and jump on the scales and see a dramatic weight loss. You should wait three or four weeks to see a good result. Many impatient people can't stay on a diet three or four weeks and never see the results of their efforts. As the excess body fat is converted back into energy it releases water. At intervals it is filtered out by the kidneys. Many people lose weight by plateaus. A sudden loss, then a lag of even two to four weeks before the next meaningful results are apparent on the scales. Meanwhile as the water is retained you are safely and sanely losing fat everyday. Remember, that is the real goal. You want to lose fat and stay healthy. If the goal was just to wring out your body and watch the scales, any doctor could give you some of our powerful new diuretics and have instant dried human. But, most doctors are far more sensible than that So, a calorie is a calorie, the basic laws of nature remain intact not withstanding what you have heard on T.V. Dr. Atkins's quotation of an old and long since clarified experiment doesn't change that one bit. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y 10019. For a copy of Dr Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Balanced Diet" booklet. 'NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN i TG&Y family center OPEN 9-9, MONDAY THRU SATVROAY* SCHOOO BUS 600 N. _HERVEY SQUARE HOPE, ARK. PRICES GOOD MON-THRU-JHURS AUG. 28th IN FABRICS FROM TG&Y 100% POLYESTER DOUBLE KNIT REG. *2.97 Yd. Create your own wardrobe with 100% polyester double knit. All guaranteed first quality on lull bolts. Machine wash on warm setting. Tumble dry and remove promptly. So easy to care lor 1 Ideal for your back to school wardrobe Select from a beautiful array of the season's current fashion colors. No ironing at all SOFT TOUCH PRINTS 45 in. Wide bO" puiye-jt-f SO Uyijll Ideal loi d'e e and blouseb Di :--i'. L >•)<' Machine Ad ,' A i i CHATTER CLOTH FROSTEES 45 in. Wide Sf> i- i- • , . blj tutl , !•!• i' 1 '-' Jlld Jpi. ' .fti'j' M.JI M.: Ad >H Ad/l'i 1 J'"! *' • 1 (• illujr- pi ill', 2 79 Yaid SQUARE DANCE QUILTS 42-43 in. Wide iuU i.unoii Id, « 1UU 1 ') (l,ii,r VI Ml dlld 100 11 rt-iii: rmii.i,^ Mjtnme f, t I f, (lif: $998 A*'Vard SUTTA SET LACE PRINTS 45 in. Wide id Avln' r i, n ' [or Md. '"lie A j- n A • tumble d'/ rrmov ;>'u' $!»« Yard REMNANTS RfMNANT$ LARGfASSORJMtMJO CHOOSE FROM PRfCf

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