Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 15, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1903
Page 1
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JSTC'/C^.3- ^V ^#^:si'1 ?tJ v>^^'iSa>:^ TIL YI MO 227. WHOLE NDWEt Ifli lOLA, KANSAS, JULY $5, i903"-WEI>NESDAY. SIX PAGES PRICE FIVE CENT S v> THE NEWS ON THIS PAGE COMES DIRECT TO THE REGISTER BY PRESS POPE PASSED A COMPARATIVELY QUIET NIGHT BUT WAS RESTLESS DURING FORENOON. MHY LIIICEB JR DliyS e NO RECURRENCE OF THE DELI. RIOUS PERIODS WHICH CAUSED ANXIETY YESTERDAY. Doctors Say That all Symptoms of Pneumonia Have •Entirely Disappeared. Rome, July 15, 4:15 p. m.^Porfect calm Rrevails aboutrtho Vatican. change is reported In the condition o£ the pope. ' • ^ Rome, July 15., 2 p. m.—^The pope's condition shows practically no change sliico yesterday. ' After, a compat -a- tiyely quiet nlRht, lie became restless during the forenoon hours and complained of bis inability to sleep. He turned uneasily from side to side and seemed unable to sol lie himself in. a comfortable posture, but there was no recurrence of those dangerous periods of deiiriimi. which aroused such appifa- henslon yesterday. The doctors con- itinuo to feel that the patient's condition is extremely dangerous,j btjit. they say he may still lingor for days. Tboy repeat that all ordinary calcula- .tions are quite likely to fail in tbc present extraordinary case. In speaking of specific conditions, the doctors say they think pne^imonia has practically disappeared: A rcgatliering of liquid in the pleura is so slight as to cause the patient no trouble. The chief remaining "danger lies in an r almost complete prostration succeeding acute stages of disease. FOUR APPOINTMENTS MADE. Places Created by the Recent Legislature Filled. .Grover Schilling Paroled. Hutchinson, Kan., July 14.—The board of managers of the state reformatory was in session today and paroled Grover Shilling, who was sent up from Shawnee county. Superintendent Simmons announces the following appointments for places created at tlie recent session of the legislature: M. H. Taylor, of Rice county, assistant engineer; Cash Myse, Ck)wley -county, stone cutters' fore |ian; William Bentson. Scott county, and George B. Hanna, Miami county, guards. The appointment of chaplain, and assistant chaplain have not yet been apnounced. RIOTING IN CHICAGO. Nearly a Thousand Men and Boys Chase Freight Wagon Two Miles. Chicago, July 15.—Riotous scenes were reported today when a mob of nearly a thousand men and boys chased for two miles a wagon loaded with freight. Many persons were struck by missiles hurled; at the mien in charge of the wagon. Five men were arrested and at times a.score of police forming an escort for the, wagon charged the crowd and beat the rioters back with clubs. All along the route blockades were formed by sympathizing truck drivers and the way was cleared j'jy the police with great difficult^-. The freight was unloaded at the freight house by the special officers employed, the flight handlers refusing to touch It. , THE WEATHER Chicago, July 15.— Missouri—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday with probably local • showers; southerly winds. Kansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday with possibly local thunderstorms; southerly winds. H KENTUCKY HIINGING WILLIAM THACKER UNDER SENTENCE FOR LIFE HANGED AT MAYSVILLE. Mob Afraid to Trust the Courts Takes Law Into Its Hands. ' Maysvllle. Ky., July 15.—Enraged at the courts, a mob broke into the Flom- Ingsburg jail early today'and hanged William Thacker, white, who had been given a life sentence' for the murder of John Gordon two years ago. Thacker in a quarrel with Gordon, shot and killed.him and then sat on the body rifle in hand, while he smoked his pipe and dared anyone to attempt to arrest him. At the time Thacker escaped but was later arrested and after two trials he was sen^ tenced to life Imprisonment. After being sentenced Thacker appealed to the court and was a\raiting another trial. Thacker had money and was able to Command the support of influential men and it was feared he might escape punishment altogether. .JThc mob collected at Mount Carmcl, where Gordon once lived and came irj- txj Flemingsburg by twos and threes iu order not to arouse suspicion- The jailer was overpowered arid the keys taken from him. Thacker was given time iy which to say his prayers, which he refused to do, 1/it begi;ed f(\ his life. To hush his crfos he was hit on the head with a roclc and his unconscious body strung up until life became extinct. ASSAULTED THREE NUNS. And Narrowly Escapes From Mob- Believed to Be Insane. San Francisco, July 15.—William II. Selbec, a dentist of Columbus, Ohio, assaulted throe , nuns wearing the black and white robes of the domini- can order on Marlict stredt ami narrowly escaped serious injury from an incensed mob. He was rescued by the police after he had been badly beaten and taken to the city prison. A dra!ft for a lar.go sum of money was found in his possession which he says came from the sale'of his business In the cast. He is believed to be demented. ASSAULTED LITTLE GIRL. James Little, a Negro, in Danger of Being Lynched. For His j Crime. Albany, N. "ij. July 15.—James Little. ,a negro, \yho assaulted a little girl near New Haltimorc yesterday and who was removed to the Catskill jail would lynch him, was New Baltimore today, an abject wreck. for fear a mob taken back to The negro was by an espec IKJsse. At Newl through fear, alkhough he was guarded jally , strong sheriff's Baltimore a mob con> posed of farmers, striking moulders and boat hands had gathered. The favorable condition of the assaulted child has sometvhat allayed the excitfc- ment although there is still danger of an outbreak. . MRS./JAMES G. SLAIN DEAD. The Widow of the Famous Statesman and Politician Passes Away. Augusta', Me., July 15.— Mrs. James 0. Blala died at the Blaine homestead here today. Her serious Illness was first announced several days ago. For A time it was hoped that she would recover, but her illness took a more serious turn, resulting fatally this mom- ipg.' Mrs. Blaine wa^ a woman of great beauty and much force of character, and was always. Intensely proud el and ambitious for dlstiii|^ii£heii ^\i8liandl BUxce his, itfHWth^ VwiMdrawn entirely from society, ^"bst ^j ^^p^ ttme -iii ^ng .qai ^Qf at thei ol!d i lllilllGREIISE NOT II DECREASE i • A KANSAS CITY STOCK JOURNAL PUBLISHES ERRONEOUS REPORTS. The State Board of Agriculture Very Promptly Sends Out Correct Figures, 'j Topeka, July 15.-^A very erroneous and damaging statemeht concerning the alleged decrease Iii the number of cattle, swine and hin-ses in Kansas during the past ycai* has appeared In a prominent stock Journal of Kan sas City and has called jforth vigorous denial from the Kansas jstate board of agriculture. Correct rejums show ao Increase of 216,000 cattl<^ over the 1902 relqrns. There Is also fen Increase of 100,000 In the number of swine and 10,000'In the list of hbrses. The stiDck Journal abov^ mentioned makes this l^a^ent: "Com^iared with the ais- sessment for preriofu years flgar«8 '9t 1903 gbow a decrease of 71,915 hdrseik; ^ J.: .vj»^#i^.3^g' came- jm^ NEW YORK KRIS M. liOBET HAS SCHEME WHICH WILL CONNECT THE OLD AND NEW WORLD. IITRUNS-HUI Kt-SIOERIH ROAD MANY WEALTHY MEN OF EUROPE ARE INTERESTED IN THE ENTERPRISE. Big Company Has Been Formed and Lobet Says They Have Ample Funds. San Francisco, July 15.—M. Locqui Lobet, a';member of tlie Geographical society is here. He has conceived the idea of building a trans-Alaska-Siberia railroad iand thereby affording an all rail route from New York to Paris^ shifting the commercial axis from the Suez canal at the Dehring straits. I |i 1898 Lobet visited Alaska on a scientific mission, and it was there he first thought of the great scheme that has since interested many wealthy men of Europe and resulted in the formation of a big company, which he says has Pledged Ijim ample funds to carry it It. Ik; Is now making; a tour of the orld ih the interest of this railroad scheme and it is this motive that has l)reught him to San Francisco. In the proposed route over the America', continent Canada is eliminated. The present plans outline a road across the United States from New York to San Francisco, thence northward through California, Oregon and Washington, along the coast to Juneau, thence to Fort Cudahy, and thence to the most westerly point in Alaska extending into the Behring sea. Here a tunnel will connect the two mainlands and thence through Siberia to Petersburg and pen finally through Europe to Berlin and Paris. TO COPY AFTER KANSAS. Missouri Will Build a Twine Plant to Be Patterned After the One at Lansing, Kansas. Jefferson City, July 15.—State Auditor Albert O. Allen, Stale Treasurer II. P. Williams and Warden Wooldridge. of the Missouri penitentiary, left last night for Lansing. Kansas, where they will examine the twine factory operated by the slate, employing convicts. The Missouri state legislature mavio an api>roi)riation for a twine fa<'ii)ry in tlie penitentiary and the prison buard is investigating as to how lo operate such a factory. tim MAK^ DISCOVERY FINDS THAT I NPLACES MEN ARE : ASKED FOR WHEN NOT NEEDED. Ness County Merchants Caught in the Act—Did it to Reduce Wages. Topeka. July 15.—T. B. Gerow. the state free cnii)loymont agent, has discovered a number of unscrupulous merchants "and wheat growers in the state, who have purposely exaggerated the number of harvest hands needed in their sections with the intention of getting laborers at less than the average daily, wages. One of the most flagrant Instances of this character carue to light this morning from Ness county. A firm of merchants there wrote Gerow yesterday that Ness county needed 200 more laborers and that the wheat would be greatly damaged unless they could come at once. An hour later Mr. Gerow received a telegram fr^m the secretary of the farmers' association of that county, to the effect that Ness county is overstocked with, laborers. GENERAL MILES AT TOPEKA. Refuses to Leave His Car and Denies Audience to all Visitors. Topeka, July 15.— Lieutenant General Miles arrived In Topeka at Ave o'clock ;in a special car enroute to Fort Riley. The distinguished visitor refused to leave bis car and denied himself to visitors and| reporters. At 10,o'clock the car was^ a westbound train. \After a day's inspection of the post at Fort Riley, General .> resume bJfi Journey! east D[ NA NCTON SECRETARY HAY HAS COMMUNICATED WITH MR. RIDDLE REGARDING! IT. jisRGDIViiiTTEE SATISFIED i WERE ENTIRELY PLkASED WITH PLANS FORMED BY PRESIDENT AND HAY. Mr. Riddle is to Notify Russian Government of the Existence of Such Petition. Washington, July iR.—Tlie Jewish petition laid before the president yes­ terday'by the B'Nai B'Rlth committee has been received hero and Secretary Hay has communicated by cable with Mr. Riddle, the American charge, at St. Petersburg, respecting the means to be employed in bringing it to the attention of the czar. It is believed Mr. Riddle's Instructions are to notify tlie Russian government of the existence of the petition : and aRcorlaln whetlier It is willing to, receive It. The Jewish committee, it i^ stated, is entirely satisfied, with the plans, framed by the president and Secretary Hay for the presentation of the matter to the Russion government. No further announcement will be made here until Mr. Riddle has been hoard from. IDE SCALE GmiTTEE BDSY ENDEAVORING TO ADJUST DIFFERENCE IN TWO SCALES PRESENTED. Operators Are Preparing' to Answer Miners' Demands With Compromise. I'ittsburg. Kan., July 15.—The miners and operators' scale committee is now busy endeavoring to adjust the diJTcrenco in tlie two scales as presented I)y President Mitchell at a joint conference yesterday and referred to the conference committee. The joint convention slands adjourned subject to a call of the chairman of the con- ferehce committee. The operators are preparing to answer the mintr.s' demands which assume the form of a compromise and this will be submitted to conferenci! probalWy this evening or in the morning. It is believed now tliat an agreement will be readied l>y the conference Ijcfore the week closes although there are some who believe that it will require two long tedious weeks. KANSAS SENATOR WEDS. Louis H. Waufekuhler^ Married to the Daughter of Judge VVellhouse, the Kansas "Apple King," Topeka, July 15.—|state Senator Louis H. Wulfekuhler, of Leavenworth and Miss Callie \yollhouse. daughter uf Judge Fred Wellhousc, the Kansas •'apjilo king," were married hero last night. The ceremony was performed at tlie home of the bride's parents, by Dr. Countermine. The wedding was a quiet affair, only relatives being present. Senator and Mrs. Wulfekuhler left on the night train for CcBorado lo spend their honeymoon. NINETY-FIVE MILES AN HOUR. That is to Be the Speed of a Proposed Air Line From New York to Buffalo. Newark, July . 15.—A company has been organized here to build a line of railway from New York to Buffalo, which It is proposed to be operated by compressed air. The projectors assert that a speed of ninety-five, miles an hour will be achieved. . RUSSIA AND JAPAN TO QUIT. Now -Belijeved That the Two Governments Will Soon Arrive at a Complete Understanding.' THE MAfiKETS BY TEL Kansas City, July 15.—Cattle—^7,000, steady to lower. Native steers, $4@ 5.15; cows and heifers, ?1.75@4.3:0; stockers and feeders, $2,50@4.2o; bulls J2@3.60; calves, $2.25 (gr5. Hogs—9,000, steady to shade lower; Heavy, $5.20@5.30; packers, ?5.20@ 5.25; medium, ?5.20@5.25; light, 5.17%@5.32%; yorkers, $5.20@5.50; pigs, $5.25@5.40. • • Sheep^l,000. Steady to shade lower. Muttons, $3@4.95: Iambs, |3.20@G.' Wheat—Cash, No. 2. hard, ' 71 %@ 72%; Sept., 6714@%; Dec, GS'/s; No, 3, 69%@71; No. 4, C5@67; rejected, G2@(53; No. 2, red, 72%@73; No. JS. 7014@71%. Corn—Sept.. 4C; Dec., 44; cash. No. 2, mixed. 48V&; No. 2, white, 50%; No. 3, 50. j Butter—Creamery, 16%@18%, dairy fancy, IG. ' Eggs^Fresh, 12. Receipts of wheat, 108 cars. Chicago, July 15.—Cattle—IS.OQlt). Native steers, $4 (5 )5.50; stockers ayd feeders, $2.50@4.50; cows and heifeijs, $1.50@5. . i Hogs—28,000. Top, $5.00; buH<, 5.20@5.35. Butter—Creamery, 15 (0 )20; dairy, 14 (9 )18. Eggs—ISffpll^- ' St. Louis, July 1(5.—Cittle—5.000. Beef steers, $3.90 (5 )5.25; stockers and feeders, $2.C0Q)4; cows and hciferjs, $2.25{jp4.25. Hogs—500. Pij^fl, light, $5(f?5.73.; pacltdrs, $5.25^5.50!; butchers, 5.25# 5.40. Wheat—No. -2. red, cash elevator, 78; track, 81(?l)S2; July, 77%; Septl, 77-%; Dec, 7S%; No. 2, hard, 77@7?>. Corn—No. 2, cash, 48; track, iO;; July, 48; Sept., 49%. Pork—$14.83. Lard-Higher, $8.00. Lead—Firm, $4.07%. Spelter—Firm, $5.50. . ; KiTOCKY HARD FIGHT BETWEEN CON STENDING FACTIONS iN^THE • LO|JISVILLE CONVEN-nON. RiOSEVELTTO DE ENDORSED CONVENTION SEEMS TO; BE FA VORABLE FOR HIM TOSUC* CEED HIMSELF. T Neither Faction Will Jeopai^dlw tl[o Chances of Their Candidati by Opposing Him. • TO PROSECUTE CATTLEMEN. Those Who Have Been Violating tlie Anti-Fence Law to Be • Prosecuted. Topeka, July 15.—United States District Attorney Dean left laKt night f0r Colorado Springs to tfonfcr with a spcp- ial agent from the interior department in regard to the bringing of proceedings against. Western Kansas cattlemen for violating the anti-fence Jaw. The special agent has made a tour of the range country and secured a list pf cattlemen who have fenced government lands, lie will turn it over .to Dean. PROPERTY SOLD FOR TAXES. First Sale Under tfie New Foreclosure Law at Concordia—Thirty- Nine Sales Made. A NEBRASKA TORNADO. One Person Killed and Three Injured Concordia, Kan., July 15.—The fir.-;t sale of real estate in this county under the new tax foreclosure law was held at the courthouse in this pity yesKir- day afternoon. Thirty-nine^ales >ve^e made of town lots, chiefly unimproved property, in Concordia, Clyde and Miltonvale. The taxes due on ^e several properties amounted to $2,020.26, and'the sales brought in $1,330.75. Considerable property remains'to be sold' under the same law. The Venezuelan Situation. Spledad, Venezuela, July 15.—Ciudad Bolivar| presents an extraordinary appearance.^ On all government buildings a white flag, the emblem of the revolutionists, is hoisted and moi-e than 225 American, German, Frenc^. British and other ensigns are flying over private houses. At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon firing was heard, north of Ciudad Bolivar and Iii- mediatoly afterwards five river steamers recently captured' by the revoui- tlonlsts hoisted the American fla^. Ten minutes after, however, the flags were lowered by order of the re'voly- tionlsts. Shortly before six o 'clock this morning (TucsdaV) the goverji- mon't troops were under arms about fifteen minutes march from Ciudad Bolivar, ready for ah attack on tlie city. A strong battery of guns had been established on~ a hill overlooking Ciudad Bolivar arid was preparin-^ Paris, July 13.—Dispatches received open fire in that part of the city jwhcfe at the foreign office here from St. Pet- all the ammunition recently i;eceiv^i ersburgi an4 Tokio indicate that the by the revolutionary commander is relations between Russia and Japan stored.'^ It has be^n • learned th ^t have greatly improved within the past many women and children escapdid fbrtnig;ht ;and it is now believed that from Cli^dad Boliyaij jyesterday before ji^ji-em^ Ed. Carson so ba^tha - i _ —»rrf«ai nt tha msttmmant tmntnt. i-in proliably die,tilghtly inloj: the two goveirnmente wIU soon arrive the anlral of yi? gojrei:ninent trooj^ at a^wmplete underatandin^.^,^^,^, ^^o^-^Me ,wj^^ l .oHisville, July 15.—This i momii g : the republican state convention flfmls the Belknap forces still claiming tl Q vtitos necessary to nnminatei on . tl e fir)5t ballot. It is admitted by many, ; however, that if the supporters it \ JVilson and attorney general tratt »'e ; able to prevent the nomination! it Bcfiknap on the first ballot, tbcy ha ^o • a fair chance of nominating ;Pratt <ir. wilson with former governor; BraJIcy- ar^^ Judge Burnham as possIlillltlcB In a itruggie of any length. AWork wIlL b(%in with meetings by conglrcsslon il dljjlrictH to select meml)qrs of -the co v- _ v.?ntion committee. The convention be called to order at 2 this afternoon. A temporary chairman will th<n appoint members at large for^he cqii- mlttocs. At this point the 'BelkilEp supporters hope! to score by; the-^p-j pointment of a ^majority of their ntim-' her to the committee on credentials, thereby assuring themselves that 249 . contested Belknap votes, comprising the entire Louisville delegation wHI be seated. The nominations vflll come last and may not be reached ;until tonight, and possibly a session t9morrov/ will be necessary. Former|Senatop - Debo^yilljreefet»6JiiS&'^gBepbF^ ing for^iTcrmancnt chaii-man. %herei& not enough anti-administration 'sentiment to make a show of strength. The. endorsement of Roosevelt's candidacy' now seems assured. TO DEGIN TOAAORROW —:— - ^ DR. GRAY MUST SHOW REASON ; FOR RETAINING HIS CER- ' TIFICATE. . / Is Charged With Causing Deat,h of With Causing Garden City ; ' Girls. .Topeka, July 15.—The trial of Dr. Gray, of Garden City, befor^ the state board of medical examination aria registration. will begin here tomorrow. The board has informed Dr. Gray that he must show cause why his license to practice medicine shpuld no^ be revoked. • Th.c specific charge agftinst Gray is that he eaused the deaith in Chicago last year of Iripa Br^wn, a Garden City girl. It is Said ihit other charges of this character will be made against him. , —Much Property Was . Destroyed. . Cozad, Neb., July 15.—A tornado . passed eight miles north of here yesterday afternoon, killing one person r\ and injuring three others. The dead: i • ' Samuel Henry, a farm hand. •The injured: Two children; of Mr. and Mrs. Griffith?. Miss Apdcrson, a nurse. The dead and injured were in the residence of Griffith that was completely ;destroycd. f • The storm passed from northwest to southeast for a distance of ten miles, devastating a strip of country throe miles wide, destroying almost every house and- barn in Its com^so. The loss is estimated at $100,000. The' growing crjbps were completely destroyed^ ip the area over which the tornado passed. - - J FREIGHT ENGINE BLOWS UP. Fireman Scalded so Badly That Ho Will Probably Cheyenne, Wyo., July 15.— A freight eiigine on the Union Paciflc iall <oad blew upat Otto this morning,-seal linff: «5 ^

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