Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 24, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1912
Page 2
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with^Biittofi Neck, only THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENlNq OCTOBER 24! 1912. •• A Vagabond al-fhr dales. What is this strife and worry all . about. This building up and loarinK down • of tilings? I know a wood whero birds (lit in •ad out, And the west wind sings. What of the-.8ol)s and liato words that ;. i hear. This shouting and mad barrier In : • the street ? I know a calm bill whcrr Ibr stars seem near J And the airs are sweet. - What of the power that passes in a breath. This dlBKlng (for.the hurried gates ^ of Doonj .7 i know a vale where echoes laugh at Death, And the wild flowers bloom. ' What of this learning, all this wond- Tona lore. This making kites for winds to : break the string? i .1. know the fields where men have learned before. '' How the heart can sing. ' Yet if 1 had not lived this strife and pain. . Nor shed hot tears now le:\rned "f hate at last. 1 could not love so well tin- n<ii*'t . plain And the skies so vast • Had I not learned how power soon grows old. Nor KHthered fro nithe lori> of every land, r * . j could not srorn the things of dross and gold. For A grain of sand. —Glenn Ward Dresbach.. in Ainslee's Magazine. ^ Mrs. . U Travis and Miss Louise Hj-de-were hostesses to the Priscilla : club yesterday afternoon at th«! residence of Mrs. Travis. After an hour at needlework there was4i social hour during which a dainty luncheon was eerved »<«rlhe members in attendance were: Mrs. O. U Cox, Mr?. J. F. De- • —You Can Get— Fine Chocolates -AT- mm licii TICKET BILL WUrrK, THIRD PARTY BOHS, HUjiS THING* Tolls Rfpnhltean!! and Drfflncrat!) (o Scratch ThHr TfrkHM /or the Hull Mnoitera. • WATCH Half as tliick «.s the ordlnar>- watch—tight, compaet. perfectly proporiioncrt. In any gathering the Oruen Verlthin will always be the most admired of watches. It is , Indeed a triumph of watchmaking. All other attempts to secure this much dcsir »Hi watch thinness, have resulted in a kiss of accuracy and durability. But tlio owner of a Gruen Verlthin snb- . mits it with confidence to any timekeeping test, and knows that becau .'ic of its compartness. It is even more durable than the old style thick model watch. PRICES: Gruen A*eriihin Model, adjusted, at fiio to *60 Grades marked •Precision' are priced at io «50 Lady Verithin Model Uo np • Lady Gruen i ^lT ^VI up Highest perfection attained in grades marked "Precision." lap, Mrs. J. B. Kirk, Mrs. A. W. Beck, Mrs. A. \V. Rowland, Mrs. J. T. Allen, Mrs. lAJwry, .Mrs. W. E. Lyons, Mrs. Lanyon, Mrs. Bowlus, Mrs. J. BalHett. The guests of the afternoon were Mrs. l-:arl Rosebush and Mrs. J. B. Chastain. * «• « —You will lose money If you don't buy your Suit fr6m the New York Store. * * + The members of Miss Ix>ui8e H.vde's class of the Episcopal Sunday school will hold an exchange iii the K. C. Ijlumbing store on Saturday. Cakes, Pies and other food stuffs will be on sale. * • * There will be no meeting of the Friday card club this week, * * * The oratorio arranged by the choir of the Christian church will be given tomorrow evening in the church. All those who will take part are local musicians except the members of the ladies' quartette which Is to sing "List Ye Cherubic Hosts." who are from Humboldt. The chorus has been rehearsing for some time under the direction of Mr. A. L. Boatright. The program for the evening follows: Chorus—"I'nfold Ye Portals" by Gounod. Solo-^"Rolllng and Foaming Billow." by Hayden—-V L. Boatright. Uuett—"In His Hands." by Mendelssohn—Mrs. L. W. McKeever, A. L. Boatright. Chorus—"Achieved in His Glorious Wortos," hy Haydeii. l«-.ciies Quartetf<^"l .l8t Ye Cherubic Hosts." by Gaul—Mrs. O. C. Payne. Mrs L W. McKeever. Mrs. J. V l.lnd- mer. Mrs. H. W. Webb. Soli—"These are They," by Gaul— Miss Eva Hall. Solb—(a) "And God Created .Man," ih> -In .N.nthe Worth." Hnyden—F. B. Brotherton. Chorus—"The Heavens are Telling." hy Hayden. Quartette Mixed—"Lift I'p Thine rCyes." Mendelssohn—Mrs. Fred Steele. Miss Setterstrom, Mr. W. R. Freeman Mr. Fred Steele, Saloi—"O, Rest In the Lord." Mendelssohn—Miss Williams, Chorus—"Thanks Be tc God." b^ Mendelssohn. * * • —Wonderful bargains In Ladles' and Misses Suits at the New York •^tore, * * • The tea which circle number 7 of i the Methodist Ladies Aid society gave ! on Tuesday afternoon at the residence I of Mrs. S. L. Holmes was a decided \ success both socially and financially, j The house had been decorated liK au! tumn leaves and musical selections j both vocal and instrumental were j given at intervals during the ufier- ' noon. * • • —Handsome Cutaway Suits worti f::."..<"•, on sale at the .New York Store for iicon. + * * Word was received this morning that Mr. and Mrs, C, M*, Nau have arrived in America and are visiting in Washington, I). C. They will arrive in lola Octobt«r 81st. * •> * —Remarks made by every one: how- can the New York Store sell ladles' and misses' Suits at prices less tJiau half usually sold for. •> s«- * Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Holcomb, are giving an informal dinner this evening for a number of the city teachers I and Suviday school teachers of th< I Presbyterian church. Covers wore 1 laid for Miss Annabel Paddock, Mrs. O. T. LaOrangp, Mrs. Longshore, Miss Margaret Utngsfoid. Miss Ina Mc- Knlght, Miss lr«np Hale. Miss Murlal Holcomb and Baird Holcomb. * * * The Thursday Whist club m «K«t8 tomorrow with Mrs. F J. Honon. * + The Violet club will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Bishop. t>16 .\orth Walnut street. * • • —Every one Is talking about the j Bargain Suit Sale at the New York I Store. 1 >. * * * j >i [l^$ Delia Hall was hostess to the I members of the B. O. M. club last night for the regular weekly meeting. Games and fortune telling were the VMW 8u(a Ft ui X. I. ft I. DON'T ENVY A GLORIOUS HEAD OF HAIR Your hair may not be as heavy as ^otber women's. Young Lady: it may not radiate its lustrous splendor; it may not be free from dandruff; but that's no reastin why you should worry. ^ ( •" • In Paris ikli':i.«romen who care have fascinating'bl^ In America all women, ronilg'ladles and girls who know about PARISIAN SAGE have a wealth of brilliant hair and give credit where credit is due; to wonderful, delightful PARISIAN SAGE, the ideal hair tonic: grower, dandruff remover and beantifler. Sold by dealers e>'erywhere for only 50 cents.^ C. B. Spencer & Co. tells it on money back plan. It stops scalp Mdivlnataally «nd preser\-es the nat- «^«9or,juid bMtttr ot the bair. Tcii.Xa. net.- -23.— William Allen White. Br,:; Moose national committeeman for Kansas, Is getting out another list of "hand-picked" candidates. Before rhe primary he made up.a list of Bull Moosers tin the Republican ticket. No\v he '^8 getting out a list for the Republicans and Democnits and third partyltes at the Noroinber general election. White is preparing to send out 3B0. 000 sample ballots to Republicans, Democrats and Bull Moosers in: Kan- .sas. He wants the Republicans to make a cross under the eagle in the circle and then go over Into the Ii>dependent column and make marks in the squares after each of the ten Roosevelt felectors. He wants the Democrats to make a cross under the rooster in the circle, then to vote for the ten Roosevelt electors in the Independent c6lumn, tlien to go over into the Republican column and vote for Stubbs aiid Capper, and tor six Hull Moose congressional candidates. Should a Democrat follow this suggcs- Mon he would vote for all on his own •Icket except the Democratic electors, •he Democratic candidates for Governor nnlte<l States Senator and six Con gressmen. Mr. Dean, in referring to these Instructions made It clear that he cannot understand the source of White's authority to make a hand-picked lis! for Kansas voters. "Who is this man White anyhow?" he asked. "What authority has he, a national committeeman for a new and third party to tell either Republicans M- Democrats how they should vote? Why should he tell a Republican to ote against his party nominee for 'Tresident? Why should Democrats b« •old to leave their ticket and vote for Capper for governor and Stuhbs for Senator, when they have candidates 'or these ofhces of tlieir own? Why should he recommend that they vote 'or the Repuhllcnn nominees for con- tress In six districts and not In the other two? Why should he thus at- 'empt to sacrlflce Charlie Sessions anc' lohn Dnwr:u, W. E. Davis and other •\omlne<>!» r-\ <1 •> Republican state tick <t? Does Mr. While believe In his vlld desperation to save Stubba an<' "apper and the fading chances o! •loosevelt that he can Indueo the vot- M-8 of Kansas to forsake thelf party •)rlnci)»Ies iind • sacrifice their party lionor?" liverslons of the evening after which I Hallowe'en supper was served. 4. .> —Suits at $12.9.7. worth $2i;.00. You vill admit that the New York Store * + • Anno.uncement of . the wedding of Miss Ida Cross to Mr. Van Montgom- •ry of Collinsvllle have been received lere. Mrs. Montgomery is quite well mown in this city, having lived here 'or some time and having visiletS her' frequently since her removal to Fort Scott several years ago. * + • Miss Louise Hyde will entertain the ilrls of her Sunday school class at llnner on Friday e%'ening. + • + Thr h lends of Mrs. Keithley whr vas operatt>d on at St. .Tohn's hospll- '1 abo\it two weeks ago will be glac' o know that she was able to be taken •o her home on Tuesday. • • The ChanutP council of the Sons ind Daughters of .lustlee will be en ertalned by the local council on th« lin'^icrntli of November. . It Is exiiecl- ^ thai at least two hundretl d <>legnteF Aill come on a special train. * • * The Fraternallstic circle met last evening In regular session. • At the -lose or the business meeting then- was a social hour during which the HIshop brothers - gave several vocal duetts after which oysters and Ice .•ream -were served In the dining room to a large crowed. + • * - Miss Rose Marr left this morning for K:<"sas City for a few days visit with friends. AT TIIK (JR.4XD. A largo audience greeted the play- •rs In tabloid stock at the Grand last night and the performance was de- •lared to be one of the best of the sea•on. The plav entltled-"The Grafters' •A-as a story of modern politics an** ibotinded In strong situations whlcl' <alled for the best talent of the com>any. This company Is winning new 'riends nightly and large houses are -iredlcfed for every night during the emslnder <iT their engaeement Tonight the *lll will be "The Great Divide." New siieclaltles. Eqnal Snffrafro Deparlmrat. A crowd of three thousand neool*- heard Dn Anna Shaw, noted Suffrage •soeaker at Convention Hall in Hutchnson on Tuesd-ny e^-fming accordlnc tn .the Kansax City Times. Thl* extract frorti her speech was printed: "When economic conditions forced Tomen ont of the home and put them •o work in the f.tetories and sweatshops woman lost the power to regulate her own labor conditions. Nr greater injustice was ever done thar to take women's ioba ont of the hom^ and to deprive them of; the right to regulate contlitions of| wbmen's lalwr If the working woman- ia forced Into the labor market of the world she must be aivcn-the balot to protect-her self. Women dont want fo vote; they want to do things and they have, to vote to get to do them. As long ns the toiling woman has no vote she must '•ompete against the laboring man. dve her-the ballot and place the work <ng man and woman on an equal basis." ECOLLEGT! We have hundreds of satisfied customers who hi^ii^fe bought Pianos of us. They, are your neighbors. We guarantee you the same satisfaction. Now is Piano Time. John V. Roberts Music Co. tOi;A, KANSAS OOWN COMES THE WHEAT i MIST KXJW HISTORY. Pre!*ciit Day CAKLED >KWS I.XSPIREB TiOX OF .V.VRKET. —Majestic tonight. Two vaudeville acts and three reels pictures. Any seat 6c. - j Stndenl.H Ignorant of ' History. ' University of Kansas, Oct. '23.—The '- ' ' I ignorance of the average college student about pjesent day history was . demonstrated today at the University 'of Kansas wl:cn an examination cov- I'jilHo .Market U 'lis Slow Rut Slojidy': crle.g recent news iu politics, religion Today —Hogs .More Mvoly and i music and similar topics was given -Made » Guliu ! a class in jourr.ailsm. Not one of the [ students was able to answer half of the twenty-eight questions correctly,'] (ll>- tin- .\ss.Mlal« il t1 -.!.5) Chicago, Oct. 24.—Wheat received ndlfferent supi'ort and declined be- anse of lower cables. The opening was V^c fo ?4<ffT <ic down. December started at 93'.h to *gc and dropped to WHEAT—Close: Dec 93c; .May 379(.€97- T ;C. CORN—Close: Oct. 64^e; Dec. Z^r: .May .">2TiC» '•2Vi:e. OATS—De:-. ;»2 -'Si "'i32>ic; .May 134 4e. KansuM City (iniln. City. {)ct. 24—Ca.^h Wheat, uarket unchanged to ic lower. No 2 •lard, 87M:(ft~91Ue; .\o. 3. STiffSSti: Xo. J red. $l.04«i l.i»;; No. 3. 9S>S;«j l.iC, •lose—Dec. ST>s; .May 92Vi ,(ir92 «i. CORN—Mai kei I to 2c lower. No. 2 mixed, old .-•n «CO .npw .".SUFfSOc; No. :. old risffir.n. new .le©"?"; No. 2 while, ^Id T-mCn. new .-..Sff.'.9;4|»o. 3, old .".Stfj •9. new ."ififi.*.? Close—.luly 49v*i Dee. 4S-J,; May 49V4c. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white. ;Mili3r>c; .\o. 2 mixed, 34^ti3-"'*-4C, CANE SUGAR I8i lbs. $1.00 In addition to the usual profit-sharing checks, with Spices. Baking Powder. Teas and Coffee. U/ye Union Pacific Tea Co. I„ B. GI.ADKKLTEIJ. .Miir. Is'o. 7 North .Icffcrson lola, Kas. Phone 336 Kansas CH T I .lTestnrk. Kansas City. Oct. 24.— CATTI.K. receipts .Market steady. Native -teers $B ."">0?llO.7 ."i;-.c<?w8 and heifers $3 .4 (i(S7.">0; stockers and feeilers J4.60 «77.-.0; bulls $3.7.".5 |:i.2.">; calvci $,->.i)0 a 9.00. HOGS—Receipts 7000. ..Market was .-strong to ,Sc higher. Ilipavy $s .4 ')'ri .S.,'.r); packers and butchers J.S 2 .'«i S50. f'hirngo Lhcslork. Chicago, Oct. 24.— CATTliK, rc- -elpts fi,ono. Market slow but steady, '{epves $.140tf?nori; stockers and feed em $4.2r .^".,50; cows and heifers %2.'» HOGS—Receipts 20.000 Market, trong; mostly 10c higher. Light J.S.OO 'iS.ti.">: mixed JS .l .'iffiS.SO; heavy JS.l .i "(8.80; pigs $4.45@7.5(», Kan,<ia!) City Prodnrr. Kansas City, Oct. 24.~B(TTTKR— 'rcamury 2Se; firsts 2t>c; seconds 24; packing stock 2 :'.»r4e. EGOS —Kxtras 26c; firsts 21e: see- >nds iSc. ( HAY- Market steady. Uhnice tim- >t1)v $12.."Ofj 13.00; oholre pralrlc '!12.7.-.(fi'13.2r.. IIROOM CORN—|.iO to $100 jier ton Lend and Spelter. ^ St. Ixjuls, 0<t. 24— Lead, nmrkcf dull Hi $4.90; spelter, market quiet at $7.40 Lonil MarfcelK. Product quotations furnisliei! dally 'ly Coghlll Commission (Vuiipany: nUTTKR—21c per pound. KGGS—22c per dor.en POULTRY—Mens. loUe; cocks. 4c; fiprlngs lO'.^c; ducks. K'c; geese. :>c; turkeys. lOc; guineas. 20c each. HOR8K MIOKS—$2.00 to $2 7:.. i RKKP HIDES—lOc. and non*^could give all the candidates for Governor of Kansas or for vice- president of the United States. ^Veekly tests of student knowledge of news events will he given in ail classes of journalism during the year and no student will be passed In the courses who fails to read the newspapers. Here are the questions that, puzzlinl the students: 1. Who shot Roosevelt'/ In wh.1t city'/ 2. What great trial is now going on in New York? 3With wlia; country has Turkey just concluded peace? 4. What, war is slarl- 'ng now? What was Its caus"? r.. Wh-it team W(in the world's br.selci'! championship? Name the olHcers of the President's cabinet. 7 What is the dale of the national election? S. Who are the three candidates for gov- ernoi- of New York? *« What ar- thej Archbold letters? lO. Name the llvei candidates for jiresldent. 11. .Name, •he ilv)' candidates for vice-president. 12 A'hai AmerlcaiT strike Is now (m?i 13. Who Is president of the R'ti , Cross? 14. How many electoral vole? : are there? How manv In Kansas?; Why wnre the Roosevelt electors i |WUhdrawu from Uie Republican column in Kansas? IS. Who arc lia- can didotes for governor In Kansas? Fo.- - Unlt<-.1 States Senati-r? V.K What mu- 'nave tl;;- regular .Sunday School le.-; nk-ipiil row !s now on in Kansas City'; ^f>ns tliree Thuvs.iay in the Month,; 20. What Kansas City singer who hwr- < with a di-eussion pi-i;>il on the n-riiiin j iWon fame abroad has Just returned :iug ThurKtiay. -•••-•>• - — SEPCIAL SATURDAY Granulated 25 lb. bag $1.35 lUl.l.lJK Ti:\< HKS A ( l.\SS, (las lias Charge of Sluilruls* HMv At ilip V. M. r. v. Grant IJIllbe has l»-en eho .-en teiii-u- er of the hii;h sehool stmlents" Uihic 1 (•In >s. which meets at tl;c V. M C. .\. j every Thiir .=(l!iy noon. Iji; t -.v.-.-k Mr. j r.illhe simply "i:ot aeqn.-'.intcMl" v.'t;i I thelicy;;. tint tiulay the lea .-on was; Etudleil. It U ilio plan of the c-Iass (<»' Today there -vi-.-e i'>r- home? 21. When will the parcels post : ty-one present. t -ompare.I wuh f(i.-v- iaw f.0 into offecf 22. What federal i live oi I:;.-; week. law aiTecting the m ..-spapers has been j ~ -~ — enforce;! recently? 2.t. Who was .lulcs [ Mrs Lillian Stevens <tf (*ortI;ipfl v.';is re-elected president of th- W. C. T. U.. at tlK; national ':<• : -Inv:.] . in Ponlauii. Dre.. WANTS .Massanet and In v/hat month did he die? 24. Who wrote Pierre Loti? 25 What is the latest play of Gi -rrgc Ber- j that oreanlzalion nard Shaw to arrive in .America? 2»; i yesterday. Wlio wag Samuel Colrldge Taylor? j' " 27. What great religious leader died i erkiLfC TimUf iu E:igland last month? 'JS. What i ftUMCi IUUKE J ..-.^ j great o.-der did he found? I roil S.A LK-.'lUTO.MOniLIC SUIT-; jab !i' for tnrrinf: ear. ninahout or <!e-! Ac ment huildlng. The lockers, which have ,,.,...p,.,, ^.,^^,^\••rn\\,^VK l\ formerly occupied a plaCc off to them ! " \'<>-\''^-^ ro WfiKK IN MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM Vaudeville and Pictures !!.\Yi;.S K- UAYKS in In tlifir $.VMi Challenge .\ct-^ OCTILI/E.H --KKKLS PIUTIKK.S --3. ".Vnir.ialed Weekly Sii. SS" "Karly's Awakening" c.ooii . MUSIC: -A\Y SKAT- -50 .•\ resident of Carlyle. who was here iliange Is being made In the hate- j v service.'! In fair ecmditirn Y- ry thi.s afternoon, stated that the work on arrangement of the Y. M. ('.A. l--'":'!' <";'ll at Marrs-r.akery. ^^.j,,^,,, , sr -elvos, will now be placed at the liead Mi'il'T -1"'1> I"!-' Tailoring C... of the swlmmlhg JMJO I , and enclosed | -'^''-l^-^"" •jy wnll.s. fluis making a locker room. The room, which has Iwen occupied liy the lockers,,will now be converted into a store r(M>ni. louse L<; being delayed "n a(-<oiint of the shortage of brick, ins ; The wi .rk lin.'c heon pro'gressing nicely, i l-iii IM- now !n-cn delayed for over a I v.e. k. Tli'> ••(•MiPiit jilant is still turn- KOK SALK CIIKAP—IK KI:\ 1 ini: oio :iiioul .'even cars of cement per <-olt well lireil; .'.i:: .\' j'lay. hilt on account of ^he lack of soon, mare r ;:estrtif. Phone 1t»;2. ears, can ship but about five cars This HontB'MadB Cough Syrup Will Surprise rou Qalvklr. A Faatllr Sapyly •t Small Coat, Here" is a home-made remedy that Ukc« lioM at,a. cough inetantly. and will usually- cure tbo moAt stul>U>'m ca.<i« ia 24 hours. This recipe make» a pint—' >nongh for a whole family. You couldn't bur as mudi or as good ready-made couch syrup for $2.50. Mix one pint of granulated suglr with % pint oi warm water, and stir 2 minutes. Put 2^ ountes of Pinex (fifty cents'- worth) in a pint bottle, and add the Sugar Sxrvp. This keep* perfeetli &nd has a pleaMnt taste—cnilaren like it. Braces up the appetite andisslightlTil Jaxativc^ which helps end a ooogh. Ton probably- knorr tho medical rtiva pine is treatiag asthma, bronchitis and otiter tbroat^tfoubles, sore lunOr etc. There is nottOnjr better. Finer tS; (bemostraloaUe coneatrated oompoond 31 Norway white pine extract^ rich in gnalaeol and all the natural healing pine elements. Other preparations will not work in tbit formula. ,, The prompt results from tlb inexpriH aiy» remedy ba^ made friend* for it in thousands, of homes in the Fnited SUtes-I and Owiada. which explain? why tte plan has been indtated often, but nev^ snceessfnlhr. A gnafanty of abaolote satisfaction, or money prampthr reAnded. goe* withtHi recipe. Vnur dmggitit baa Pinex, or m\tl pt it for vnu. If not send to Th« Flnex Ctk, TU Waync^ Ind, Now Wffl Be a Good Time For You to Pick Out That FaU Suit I nni showinjr the lines thai will apjieal to you a.s clothes that deserve credit for beini:: up to now on .style, tailoring, patterns and quality. My three spe- ^ ^ j$18.0»-$2»).00--$25.0a and they are made for me uy SOPHOMOKE PERFEClr CLOTHES IU;iLI)ERS and AI,FREI) BENJAMIN & CO., CORRECT CLOTHES FOR MEN. Vou don't want to miss the demon.stration of these clothes this evening at 7:30. I will' take the Automaton fi'om the window and will attach one hundred feet of electric wire and turn him loose, and he will parade—or rather promen- ' ade—^from the front of the store to the rear. Pon'l miss it! You will enjoy the demonstration. Tonight is the last appearance of the Mechanical Man and the Sophomore Girl dressed in Her Brother's Clothes.TsI^want vou all to come earlv and remain for the finish. FOR MEN. - lOLA, KAS.

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