Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 5
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Thursday, January 14, t9S4 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARYANSAS Who Killed Children Is Insane Hfla: SPRINGS MM — Mrs. Velma lOrene Swafford, whc is accused f killing her two small children I the Choir of the Presbyterian vith injections of poison has been Church will practice fhursdfly eV- djudged insane and will be corii- ening at 7 o'clock, nitted indefinite!/ to the State PRESCOTT NEWS Hospital at Little Rock instead of eing .ried here for rriurder, The BenjSrrtih Gulp Chapter D. A. it. will have a slipper on Thurs- Tnis was ahounced pestefday i day evening in the home of Mrs. y Prosecuting Attorney ti. A.U- W. teeter Mrs. H. A. Knorf of \icker. [Pine Sluff, state regent will be a ( Tucker said .State Hospithl jihy-1 gUest ' icians found that Mrs. Swafford, jt 3<§j/car-old registered,nurse was satij at the time of the children's eaths on Nov. 1C and still is in- |nhe. Tucker said Mrs. Swafford re- ated she pumped a deadly nar- otic into the bloodstreams of her ion Mitchael 8 and his sister Jonna Ruth, 2. She was quoted as saying she Billed the- children and had planted to kill herscH because her msjjgnd had deserted her and be- •ausC" she believed the boy was uttering from an incurable dis- •ase. The children \vere dead and 'Irs. Swafford was unconscious vhen her locked tipartment here >>as forced Open. She hid taken an overdose of ileeping pills, from which she re- overod, .Mr-,. Swafford -was sent to State iosnital on Nov. 18 for a 30-day i*il examination by order of -ircuit Judge C. Floyd Huff. The iXernination period later was ex- ended at request of the hospital lalf. Until the end of the 17th Century Ippor people in England were bur Irled without coffins, wrapped in hlpth or even merely covered with liay and flowers. E. S. A. Has Kitchen Party Sixteen members 0£ the Alpha Omicron Chanter of E. S. A. donned jeans and slacks oh Friday afternooh in answer to invitations written with red pencil on paper, napkins to attend a kitchen party in the home of Mrs. Bob Reynolds with Mrs. Dudley Rouse assisting hostess. The newly redecorated kitchen was gay and shiny for the occasion. Kitchen games were played wim prizes oemg won by Mrs. Joe Paul Crane, Mrs. Mllford Daniel and Mrs. C. R. Gray Jr. Pictures were taken during the afternoon. Refreshments were served buffet style from the table with appointments of paper. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds Entertain Following the christening service for their little' daughter, Helen Kathryn on Sunday morning at the First Presbyterian Church, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds had as their luncheon guests Mr. and Mrs. jTilman Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dalrymple and Carl Jr. Mr, and Mrs. W. P. Gumming, maternal grandparents Mrs. R. W. Reynolds Sr. of Conway, paternal grand mother, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buch- anan of Magnolia, god barents of Little Miss Reynolds artd Mr. and Mr. John Masey and David of Atkin. During the afternoon 30 guests called for coffee. Graceful arrangements of • yellow mums wdre placed at vantage points in the living room. White mums and carnations were placed on the book shelf and the dining table was centered with white mums and gladiolus. • Mrs. J. W. Teeter s£>ent a part of last week in Little Rock with her daughter, Mrs. Jitn Sloan and family. Mrs. Robbie Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. John W..Davis spent the weekend in Little flock as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith. Mrs. L. C. Dill of Hot Springs was the guest Saturday of her mother, Mrs. Brad Hamilton. Miss Blllie Ann Taylor has returned to Little Rock where she is a student nurse at St Vincents In- firmnry after a visit With her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Taylor. .George Howard and Red Haynie have resumed their 'studies at Southern State College, Magnolia after a • weekend visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thurrhan Haynie. Miss Ida Rae Hamilton of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia visited relatives during the weekend. • : Jackie Bolls, student at Southern State College, Magnolia has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolls. Miss Florence Gousley and Miss Ellen Gousley have had .as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Carpenter and son of Mexia, Texas. Jim Dill, who has been visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Brad Hamilton and his parents, Col and Mrs. L. C. Dill in Hot Springs, is now- enrolled at Vanderbilt College. Nashville Tenn. He ^as recently been discharged from the Army and was in active service in Korea, Friends ot Tiieii Manning will be glad to know he is able to be out again after a recent •illness. Okays Tradin Cfantihiied from Page One • much as 100,000 tons each of butter and cottonseed oil might be Bold to the Red's. 3. As i-. startr, pending a policy decision, Andreas has applied for permission to buy 20,000 tons of butter and 3,000 tons of cottonseed oil from the Commodity Credit Corporation which buys up surplus fa''tn products to support farm prices. The CCC has 435,000 tons of cottonsed oil and 100,000 tons of surplus butter. 4. Andreas offered to buy cottonseed oil. at 12'/2 cents a pound—the price CCC pays U. S. farmers and the goinjr export rate. 5. For the b-itter, Andreas offered thu' "world market price, near. 50'cents "a pound." CCC pays U. S. farmers 65 cents a pound, and cottonseed oil to the Soviet. Antarctica is the only one of the seven continents not inhabited. Would Add 10 Continued trom Page Oo» gross the President Said the age benefit payment to retired workers is. now 30 a mottth, with rt minimum of $25 nnd a maximum of $85. for social security to "fulfill Its purpflse of holpihg to Combat de 1 ?- tiltttioii, trrese bfeiiefitS HHS tbo low," EisehhoWer raicL fidtn the itiaXimutrt and mihl- mtiin shoulld be. ihtifeaSfed he Said but proposed ho figures. A tot-muln oh thnt will be presented later b? Secretary of Welfare" Hobby,.' ite told legislators. The President feet forth a six- point program fo.- "jitipi-bVement" of the sc-cial seelivity system. 1. Expansion of Insurance pro* lection to about ten million more people not presently Covered — including self empioyed farmers; many mbre frti-m workers and domestic workers; doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects, accountants, and other self employed professional people; members of state and local retirement systems and clergymen, on a 'voluntary basis: and several smaller groups. : 2. Liberalization of the present "retirement test 1 '' to permit retired workers to/earn more at regular parttime jobs Without dis 1 qualifying themselves for social security' benefits. At yresent, a man or woman over 05 years of age, and under ,75, cannot draw 'social •security payments if earnings are.more ' than 75 a month. Similarly, a .widow •of ah' insured worker loses her payment if she takes a job and earns rnore than $75 a month. 3. The increase in;the monthly benefits which Secretary Hobby is to detail later. 4; BrOading t>f the ;current base U* S. Taking Less From Arkansas Lt1"fL£ ROCK — Internal Revenue Director Olin S. Godwin Family; 8:35 Eddie Cantor; 9 •-jsftys federal tax collections in Arkansas last year were more than" a million dollars le.'s than Jh 19§2, Godwin said collections 1H 1953 totaled 158,982,993, as compared With tho $160,297,652 collected the previous year. Godwin said corporation Income taxes declined more than six million dollars, from $39,705,78? to Personal income tax collections dropped from F5,OOG,508 In 1S2 to 53,254,458 in 1953. Godwin said most cve.ry Other category of federal revenue also showed declines, but he attributed the reductions mostly on a general decrease in business. ' Top Radio Program* YOMK If) — t»iSt%hi« hight: NfiC — 6:45 One ber McGee and, Molly ess Mafet Millie: 8 MSet-Mtf Me* 8:St) Time lof Love, whfi Mat-lene Oiettich . . . ' " CUj- Syllnej 7:80 } ! 8 Geflrge Jessel . . . Crime Plghtets; SiStt Little Mafttte? 9fSO " Concavl. CLEARANCE SAVE $1.00 fro $3.00 Clearance of nationally advertised shirts, for men. Values to $5.98. Corduroy and 'washable rayons, CLEARANCE BOYS JACKETS Boys Zel'dn and Poplin jackets. Water repellant, lined or u'nlined. Assorted colors. Sizes 4 to 18. Values to 5.98 Save at Rephah's. : CLEARANCE Three tables of these shoes for Uadies and Children. Values kr$6.98. Suedes and leathers. Priced to save you money. ALL SIZES of the social security tax —th&t is levying on the first $4,200 of income. 5. Computation cf benefits "on a fairer basis." The President said ihe level of old age benefits now is related to ah average of a worker's past earnings; and that under the present • law terms of abnormally low earnings 01 none at all, are averaged in with periods of noimal caininps, "thereby reduc* ing the benefits received by the retired worker.' 1 He recommendd a new forula fo rcomputatton of benefits to provide what he called a fewer return. KCM6 televlal&n Friday January 16 8:00 Test Pattern TSA Love oC Life Oh Your 1 Accoilnt Hajjpy Hoh16 ShftV Movie Pf6Vlfe\Vs TV Cisco kid Western Theatre Doug Edwards 0:4S "Evfehihg News 7:00 Bishop Sheen, 7:30 Invitation Playhouse 8:00 Chicago WrestlUifi 8:00 My Friend Irma 9:So Dillard's; Musical Varieties 10:00 News Headlines 10:05 (Jhahnel 6 Thehtfe 11:18 Sign Off * , rt-une.n-<t<uiv.ncJ, N. M lyrist thot'g the , way d «u<;.u K rn ah spelled it when he-wrote!'-j l««>d.iK^.j-la»jM ti,lH.\fftta wAWJiDk<£ r tliiSi» *% 2: 3:13 3:30 4:00 4:30 4:3$ 5:00 5:30 6:30 DIES IN ACCIDENT TEKARKANA 1*1 — Robert J, Sootev, 23, of 'Jj'exarkana, .was killed in ,n collision of his light truck and a Cotton Belt freight train at & Texas rulfni gra'ttb ing near here i&aiifet*" tit " ., moeni ojfef^^ .«,„ -.-iftJftM ^Wfc, rep.. r jrdtay Iffi&i &8,§& ^otlrLStSt* red foH%lirk ffteilltles'lft-;l it was ¥ft ihcredse of lt,'8d{»l tn% JS^Ibtal. " y t $ \? ^^ ., Ms . ft find hri foetid lMs* give you tha ftte »»r Wh* et »Mff*rtn* ftbtw fabtlthiy CurdUl tnth dhv nt Ihouaa ,„„ Lot 11 h«1tt bufld »t«)rtgtli fthd'rtiMariw ft eaeH Some 'an* any iiuedmrorojtatau. Am hepi.rtU. Jltftry *«rvffiHeyM^l^Wi* yoiiriKfr, ,moV« hWhiai All hiotitli. 'A»k fo r<Ai.,l.«t /QwUi Hj^AJv.^....!.^..,!* u yt\.*.,^ FREE Delivery Moore Serving You Since, . 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